Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 325: Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ⑤

Chapter 325: Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ⑤


After finishing the luncheon meeting with the queen, Hajime’s group that was joined by Liliana who was acting as guide set out to the new capital that was in the middle of reconstruction.

The sound of craftsmen exercising their skill was resounding from everywhere. Furthermore magic power lights of various colors were surging from the surrounding.

It seemed the magic used wasn’t mainly transmutation magic, but body strengthening magic and wind element magic to assist with material transport were also being used. The fantastical scene that couldn’t be found at earth caused the eyes of Sumire and others to shine.

Especially someone like Tomoichi who was a first class architect, as expected the stimulation to him was strong due to the nature of his occupation. When other noticed he was already getting drawn toward the dazzling sight ahead of his gaze with unsteady steps.

His figure was like a lost child wandering around following his curiosity. Kaori smiled wryly while grasping Tomoichi’s hand firmly.

「Looks like the recognition obstruction is working properly……」

「……Nn. No problem.」

In respond to Hajime’s words, Yue coolly pushed up her red framed glasses while nodding.

If the demon king’s group was walking at the capital, obviously the people would instantly mob them. Because of that, right now everyone was wearing Hajime’s quality product, the recognition obstruction artifact.

「So, Hajime-san. Where are we going?」

Liliana imitated Yue with coolly pushing her glasses while asking. Perhaps because she was the princess who was making work as her priority, that gesture looked excessively appropriate on her. If she was also wearing earth’s ladies suit, it would make her look like a female director that seemed really capable. She would be the director princess.

「We haven’t really decided. I was only thinking of getting them experiencing the fantasy world for now…… It also depends on how much the reconstruction has progressed.」

「I guess that’s understandable. Everyone, do you have any request――」

「I want to go to the adventurer guild!」

「I want to go to the adventurer guild though!」

The two people who were splendidly raising their hand swiftly in harmony were as expected, the Nagumo couple. They had bright smile on their face.

「Adventurer guild……if my memory isn’t mistaken, it is the organization of people who make fighting in this world as their occupation huh.」

「Hmm, that’s certainly interesting.」

「I wish to see what kind of weapons they are using there.」

‘Eh? Suddenly the guild? There are other places we can go sightseeing to you know?’ Liliana almost said that, but before she could, the members of Yaegashi family displayed strong approval. With fierce smile on their face.

「I’m sorry Lily. Can I ask you to take us to the adventurer guild first? If we postpone it, Ojii-chan and others might assault that place on their own instead.」

「I agree with Shizuku. It looks like Tou-san and others were talking with each other last night, that it’s the custom for earthling that arrive in other world to go to the adventurer guild first. They might rush there on their own if we ignore them.」

The eyes of Shizuku and Hajime looked distant. They were thoroughly familiar with their parents’ behavior…… Their ability to take action sometimes could slip through even the awareness of the demon king and the swordswoman who would sometimes argue in the other world.

「I, I understand. The requests that are coming to the adventurer guild is in rapid increase because of the ongoing reconstruction, so we had prioritized its reorganization. I believe that everyone will be able to see it in a state that is no different from before.」

‘Yahoo!’ The intimate spouses Sumire and Shuu high-fived with each other. And then there was also the intimate (?) spouses of Koichi and Kirino who were making dangerous statements like 「I’m itching to have a go」「I’ll have them show us the degree of their strength」 for some reason. Their daughter was sending them a fixed gaze hearing that.

And so, Hajime and co went to the adventurer guild that was newly set up slightly to the eastern side from the center of the capital.

Previously the guild’s building made from wood with solemnity that gave the impression of its long history, but the new guild headquarter now was a building with a lot of metals used in its construction, giving it a solemnity in a different sense from before. Perhaps because the building’s solidness had increased, its height had increased by three times, from the previous two floors into six floors right now.

There was a large double-leaf door at the front entrance, but surprisingly there was a very thick iron bars above that door. From its construction, it seemed that it was something like a shutter that could be dropped down or lifted up.

「It has really changed huh……」

「Yes. It was the idea of the headquarters’ guild master. He said that previously we were overestimating the capital’s great barrier. He intended for the guild to serve the role of a fortress when push comes to shove.」

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Hajime and others were listening to that explanation while getting hurried on by Sumire and others who looked like they were going to charge in anytime.

Due to the requests regarding the reconstruction or being the guard of the people who were coming and going because of the progressing cooperation with other countries, it seemed that it was the truth that works were rapidly increasing here. The enlarged request board was fully covered with request forms.

Adventurers with various appearances were tearing off those request forms one after another. The guild staffs were putting up new request forms continuously.

The place was extremely busy……it was clear that the guild was filled with energy.

Sumire and Shuu cheered ‘waaaaaah’ and rushed toward the request board. It looked like they were somewhat regressing to become kids after seeing the basic staple of the fantasy in other world that they yearned for. They were completely like kids getting highly spirited in an amusement park.

The two were hopping up and down behind the many tough looking adventurers gathering in front of the board while staring at said board. Tomoichi was getting concerned with the attention from the surrounding while raising his voice toward the two.

「O, oi Nagumo Shuu! You’re too high spirited! It’s embarrassing so restrain yourself!」

「Tomoichi-kun! There is a request for construction work see! In order to produce a novel architectural style that is worthy for the new capital, they are recruiting people who are knowledgeable about the architectural style of foreign country!」

「Secure that request!」

Tomoichi-san raised a cheer ‘waaaaah’ and rushed toward Shuu. Kaori’s hand was shaken off and she raised her voice 「Ah!」.

Kaoruko put her hands on her cheeks seeing her husband’s childish act and her face blushed.

「Tha, that person, really-. How embarrassi――」

「Kaoruko! There is a request about cooking here! Looks like it’s looking for assistant, but it’s written that if you want then the shop’s original recipe will be added as the reward too!」


Kaoruko-san wordlessly moved with soundless footsteps smoothly. The woman who was also a researcher in the level where she could open her own cooking class used Sumire’s shoulder as support while hopping up and down to confirm the request.

「E, even Okaa-san」

「Kaori. State of emptiness. Empty your heart and then count prime numbers in your head.」

The high spirit of the two groups of spouses that didn’t look like adventurer at all no matter how you looked at them bewildered the surrounding adventurers and caused them to look at the spouses with warm gaze. Kaori covered her face with both hands seeing that.

Hajime kindly patted the shoulder of such Kaori. He was showing a clear smile like somehow whose mind had opened to enlightenment.

Shizuku suddenly gasped and looked around. The Nagumo spouses and Shirasaki spouses were like that. There was no way her hopeless family would just stay still!

As she expected.

「Hou. You guys have the atmosphere of really “capable” people……your weapons are also really something.」

「You yourself have a sword that is quite high quality. If you don’t mind can you tell me the workshop where you got that?」

There, Koichi and an unfamiliar adventurer were showing to each other their kunai and long sword,

「You……you ain’t a normal person. It’s like your footsteps ain’t making sound at all.」

「Fuh. Just as I claimed, I have taken your back. Now teach me about that special short sword.」

And, there was also Shuuzou who was placing his ninja sword on the neck of a coldly sweating adventurer from behind,

「Fufu, this is just a side show, so please calm down, the two of you.」

「I, I get it! I get it already so untie this!」

「It’s digging into me! It’s digging into me I’m telling youuu!」

And, Kirino were with two adventurers that were tied with superfine string which forced them into the posture seiza……

‘WAAAAAAH’, Shizuku raised her voice angrily while dashing forward. She dealt a blow to her family that had too much freedom using her black katana (sheathed).

Just where in the world they were hiding weapons like ninja sword or kunai? She should have made them toss away those when departing from home, and yet……

「Ojii-chan, Otou-san, Okaa-san. Try jumping for a bit over there. Jump quickly, now! Come on, quick!」

「Oh my, Shizuku. It sounds like extortion you know?」

「Okaa-san, shut up!」

‘Come on, just jump already!’ Shizuku pressed with a fixed gaze. Everyone of Yaegashi family shrugged their shoulders and jumped up and down.

Instantly, flashes of slashes ran through the air. Shizuku’s exquisite skill that only cut what she wished to cut caressed the body of her grandpa and parents.

Immediately, *drop drop clang* the sound of things dropping――caltrop, throwing star, dozens of type of bundle filled with unknown powder, sickle and chain, blowgun set, retractable claw, camouflaged thin fabric, log――from many kinds of ninja tool.

「Log!? Where did you keep something like log on you!?」

「It’s just a bit of storage technique. We were thinking of teaching it to Shizuku too but, you know, that. You received treasure warehouse from Hajime-kun so we thought you must have no need for it.」

「That’s not the problem! Ojii-chan you idiot!」

Just where in the world they were storing that many hidden weapons and dangerous looking drugs and even a log inside their clothing that wasn’t really that loose?

The surrounding adventurers were taking steps back for about ten steps. 「These guys, they’re absolute bad news!」 was written on their face.

In contrast, there was a single man who was getting excited.

「I, is that for substitution technique!? Is that log for that!? Shuuzou-san! Please show me the substitution technique in the flesh at least once!」


Shizuku was taken aback. Hajime’s eyes that seemed to have opened to enlightenment now were sparkling with curiosity and romance. And then, Myuu beside him was also……

「Myuu too! Myuu also want to see substitution technique nano! Or rather, Myuu want to do it nano! Shuuzou-ojiichan! Please teach it to Myuu too!」

「No way, Myuu-chan!? These similar father daughter!」

Hajime and Myuu were going to rush toward Shuuzou while going ‘waaaaaah’, but Shizuku put herself on the line to not let them pass. Shuuzou-san, he didn’t look that dissatisfied to be asked so by the two.

‘These guys, they are already hopeless!’ With expression that seemed like that, Shizuku sent a gaze that was asking for help.

「Right right, Hajime-san. Let’s calm down.」

「My my, Myuu. Let’s try asking again at night okay?」

Hajime, Shia put him in choke sleeper while dragging him back.

Myuu, she was carried up in Remia mama’s arm and got brought back.

Shuuzou-san, he got dejected because he couldn’t show his technique to the two while storing away the log.

As expected, it was unclear where and how he stored away the log.

Perhaps because they were making ruckus like that, someone called out to them.

「Oh myy! Isn’t this the demon king-sama! Long time no seee. What are you doing at this kind of place?」


A voice that sounded familiar made Hajime to tap on the arm of Shia that was around his neck and he turned his gaze toward the voice……


It made him blink.

Ahead of his gaze, there was a beautiful woman of blooming age that he didn’t recognize. Although she seemed to be of considerable age, her exceptional figure and her unique atmosphere that was bewitching even while giving the impression of liveliness and coolness made her a woman that was attracting much attention.

She was middle aged woman that looked really young for her age as though through magic. It was clear she was a staff of the guild from the uniform she was wearing.

She should be an acquaintance from how she was saying long time no see, but frankly speaking Hajime had no recollection of her.

「My bad, who are you?」

Hajime who was released from the choke sleeper tilted his head while asking. Just in case he also looked around to Yue and others, but they too were only tilting their head. As expected it seemed they also didn’t know this woman.

The bewitching middle-aged guild staff folded her arms and shook her head toward Hajime and co who were like that. The twin hills that rivaled even Tio’s got emphasized which spontaneously drawn in the gaze of the adventurers whose attention was caught because of the words “demon king”.

「What is this. Could it be you don’t remember me? How heartless. Who do you think took care of the adventurer registration of you all?」

「? It was the granny guild staff in Brook city whose appearance show the harshness of time progression though?」

「What, so you actually remember.」


Hajime was getting increasingly bewildered at the talk that didn’t mesh with each other, but Yue and Shia looked like they noticed something. Their eyes opened widely and then they asked with a trembling voice that seemed to say ‘that’s impossible’.

「……Co, could it be, you are Catherine?」

「Are you Catherine-san?」

「That’s right you know?」

‘What did you saaay――!?’ Hajime’s yell resounded. Sumire and others gathered toward them wondering what was going on.

「Ahahah, you children are talking strangely. Who else can I be other than Catherine.」

「Rather, you look like someone who cannot possibly be Catherine! Is this metamorphosis magic? Are you using metamorphosis magic!? You have completely metamorphed here!」

‘This kind of before-after is impossible!’ Hajime yelled.

「H~m, well, certainly, Brook was tranquil, I was also putting on a bit of weight from the good life there. The busy time in the headquarter here made me lost a lot of weight, so perhaps now I’m giving different impression from before.」

「No no no, this ain’t at the level of different impression. This is in the level of Moo○n turning into Shia.」

「Moomi○? I don’t know what is that, but you are really exaggerating there.」

The transformation that was like a lovable chubby character turning into a lovable peerless beauty with extraordinary figure gave Hajime a great agitation.

Although, her current figure was understandable if he recalled the talk of the branch guild leader of neutral commercial city Fhuren, Iruwa Chang――that Catherine was an existence that was like the Madonna of the guild staffs, who were idolized and called as “teacher” due to her position as the guild master’s private secretary and also her guidance to the staffs.

「Wait Hajime, don’t just stand there alone making funny faces, introduce her to us. She is your acquaintance right?」

Sumire sharply slapped the back of her son who was in the middle of confusion and said that. In respond Hajime introduced Catherine half in a daze.

In the city that they first visited after getting out of the abyss, this woman was the person who took care of his adventurer registration. He explained that after that, she also wrote introduction letter for their convenience in other guild branches and gave them a lot of help.

Sumire nodded in understanding and then quickly bowed her head to Catherine who could even make RIZA○ seriously went white in the face from her dramatic before-after. (TN: RIZAP, it seems to be a famous private gym in Japan)

「My son is really indebted to you. Catherine-san, please let me express my gratitude for that to you as his mother.」

「Don’t mention it. It is my side instead that received the favor of having the world got saved. Rather it’s us who have to say thanks. If I was able to become of help to your son, then there is no greater honor than that.」

Catherine made a charming smile and grasped Sumire’s hand.

Hajime thought. This was a scam. Catherine’s outer face was made from scam, he thought.

Incidentally, he also wondered that perhaps Brook city was really a den of devils just as he expected.

After that, Catherine also exchanged brief greeting with Shuu and others. Sumire and others were completely pleased with the lively woman who was completely open without hiding anything and they hit it off.

But, it would also be troubling if they hit it off too much with each other……

「That’s right. That demon king-sama, even while he was being served by two beautiful girls like Yue-chan and Shia-chan, he was really disappointed seeing it was me who acted as the receptionist.」

「Wai-, that’s misunderstand――」

「Aa~, that sounds likely. That son of mine, he is a child who love the templates of another world, so there is no doubt that he would want to hear the guild’s receptionist saying things like 『Amazing-, you aren’t an ordinary person!』 when seeing his ability or the material that he sold.」

「Kaa-san!? I didn’t think anything like――」

「It will be troubling if you are underestimating woman’s instinct. Yue-chan also noticed at that time, after all she was tightly grasping demon king-sama’s hand to the limit at that time.」

「Stooop! That’s a groundless――」

「……Nn. Hajime, he was also holding expectation for the receptionist girl in the capital’s guild.」


With what Catherine, his mother, and his first wife pointed out, Hajime ended up in a state where his soul was going to escape from his mouth.

Shuu gave a thumb up saying 「That’s how a boy is!」 with an understanding gaze. Tomoichi’s murderous gaze was stabbing into Hajime, while the surrounding adventurers――especially the men were making highly sympathetic gaze that seemed to say 「I understand that」 toward the demon king’s unexpected side.

But, at that timing, a voice called out to Catherine. For Hajime who wished to divert away this topic, it was truly a salvation.

He sent a grateful gaze that said ‘Who is the one that is my savior!?’,

「Myyy? Temporary manager Catherine-samaa! What are you doing in that kind of place I wonderr? The work is piling up you knoow?」

「God dammit! There is no salvation!」

Hajime despaired seeing the arriving savior.

The one who appeared from the guild’s stair was a mass of muscle that was nearly two meter high. It was a pseudo human with grim face, short mustache, braided hair, wearing guild staff uniform’s mini skirt version.

「Oh, Alabell, sorry about that. I’ll return right away.」

「Please do soo. ……Oh? Ohooh? Could it be, the person over there is Yue-oneesama!?」


The girl (?)――Alabell’s movement was showing excessive wiggling and swaying. She was undoubtedly one of the group that was being mass produced by a certain monster of clothing shop.

One of that mass produced manly women was calling Yue as “onee-sama”. That mean she was without a doubt one of the person who received Yue’s smash.


「It’s understandable for Onee-sama to not remember. I was the stupid youngster who tried to make a pass at Yue-oneesama and Shizuku-oneesama in the past.」

‘I really don’t want to remember it, the mistake I committed due to my youth……’ the manly man became melancholic. It didn’t matter but, she/he was standing still on the stair, so it felt like the inside of the extremely short skirt could be seen.

The area between the extremely muscular thighs was almost visible!

Several people among the adventurers were already collapsing with pitiful expression as though they had seen something that mustn’t be seen. They were like the people who got done in by a certain cursed video.

As a matter of fact, it was truly a brutal brief glimpse.

「Ah, could it be, you are the adventurer of that time? Er~r, if I’m not wrong, you said your name at that time was Abel the “Flash Blade” or something?」

「Myy! Shizuku-oneesama! You remember!」

*Gou* There was the sound of wind roaring. When they noticed, the gigantic face that seemed only possible because of the use of metamorphosis magic was already in front of Shizuku’s eyes. Shizuku-san spontaneously screamed 「Hiih」 and backed away.

The fake gold ranked adventurer that picked a quarrel with them in the capital’s guild at the past. He was a handsome man with pompous attitude. Even such person now had evolved into a splendid abnormal creature. It was unclear why he changed job to become a guild staff, but based on his strength there was no doubt that he was gold ranked for real this time.

Yue hit her palm *pon-* and opened her mouth.

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「……Aa, the person that time. I remember. Is Mariabel healthy? Has he opened a shop in the capital?」

「I’m happy! You remembered! Yes, yees, Mariabel-neesama is also healthy! She made a lot of lovely clothes! Please be kind and visit her shop no matter what!」

「……I see, that’s good. It was worth it for me to smash him.」

Yue nodded while using barrier to block the gigantic grim face that was quickly approaching.

At the same time, the inside of the adventurer guild became noisy. The presence of the demon king’s group here was gathering people and attention, but Yue’s remark caused the male adventurers to push and shove at each other to back away.

「Do, don’t tell me……don’t tell me she is the legendary!?」

「Smasher……she is the legendary Smasher! The founder of the path of smash that wouldn’t let go of the preycrotch it aimed!」


A mark of “!?” appeared above Yue’s head. When she restlessly looked around her, she saw the male adventurers looking at her with frightened gaze.

She was feared even more than the demon king, limited to the male!

Or rather, what in the world the path of smash was……

The treatment that was treating her like she was some kind of legendary gunman was also extremely curious.

Yue was a bit shaken up while trying to know more about that but……

「Tha, that person is Smash Master Yue……the grandmaster of the path of smash……」

「That’s right-, she is the one and only peerless Smasher who made numerous men to reincarnate! The Smash GoddessGoddess of Manly Women who can’t help but going smash if she meet a crotch!」

「! ! ?」

Even more terrible title showed up. It seemed the first wife of the demon king had become a goddess without noticing it. The goddess of crotch crusher that is.


「O, Okaa-sama, this isn’t what you think. There is a bit of misunderstanding……」

Starting from Sumire, the parents’ gazes were getting really doubtful. ‘It will be a disaster if they think I’m a wife who love to crush crotch!’, Yue-san was shaken up like that while attempting to dispel the misunderstanding.

Shuu was listening to that while speaking to Hajime with a slightly twitching expression.

「Ha, Hajime. You, what in the world you made Yue-chan did……」

「No, I’m telling you that’s not it, Tou-san. I also have smashed numerous crotches to this day. Me and Yue combined were even called as “Smash Lovers”, shortened into “Sma-Love”.」

「Oi, Hajime-kun. That won’t serve as excuse at all.」

Tomoichi started to take distance from him with a creeped out expression.

To speak further, Yue was the only one whose title became expanded was because midway Hajime refrained from doing smash due to his sense of impending crisis from the mass production of the manly women.

Even after the legendary decisive battle, the whole world banding together in solidarity without any exception was obviously impossible. Among the people naturally there were those who were thinking of bad things.

Especially the fools who were trying to target the female of the beastman who tried to go out from the sea of trees.

The one who flattened their crotch flat was none other than Yue. From that, she was given the title as the grandmaster of the crotch smash, the smash goddess of the manly women.

As expected, it was a nickname that was embarrassing to be known by her relatives. Yue was unusually red faced and shaken up. However, the fact was the fact so she was at a loss for words and sought for help from Hajime with teary eyes.

「……Ha, Hajime. Hajime too say somethi――」

「Yue……I, told you before to refrain from doing smash in order to avoid their propagation too. But, you said you cannot forgive woman’s enemy and didn’t stop. That will of steel in smashing crotch……it’s worthy to be called as grandmaster!」

「! ?」

Seeing the refreshing smile and thumb up of Hajime who was always supporting her in any kind of time, Yue showed a really shocked face that made it felt like the sound effect of *GAAAAN* could be heard. And then, 「……Uu, Hajime! Idiot!」 she expressed her dissatisfaction with sulking light punches on him.

Seeing such Yue, there was one girl who approached with a refreshing smile at this perfect timing.

「Hey hey, Yue? Right now, how are you feeling? Grandmaster-san, how are you feeling? Vampire princess-san who is showing an abnormal obsession to man’s important part, how are you――」

「……Drop dead, Kaori!」

Yue-sama transformed her light punches into a serious punch with flowing smoothness. A golden right straight gouged into Kaori’s cheek! But, she must had anticipated it. Na?ve! Kaori’s fist that was unleashed at the same time became a cross-counter and drilled Yue’s cheek!

Both sides didn’t flinch and executed an artistic body blow! *BAM-* The graphic sound was accompanied with exhalation 「Fuguu」 that leaked out from their mouth.

「Aaa, Yue-chan! Now ow, Okaa-san isn’t put off by you so calm down!」

「Kaori, you are violent only to Yue-chan. Now, apologize! Ah, hey! Don’t kick with your feet!」

Sumire and Kaoruko each pinioned Yue and Kaori from behind and separated them from each other. The two who would quarrel (?), frolic around (?) if there was a chance made their respective mother unable to hold back their wry smile.

Each of them knew that their daughter would only take this kind of attitude only toward each other, so their expression was complicated.

The noise inside the guild was getting louder and louder. Too many people had gathered that not only moving in and out of the guild, even the work inside the guild was starting to get hindered.

They would be nothing more than hindrance if they stayed longer than this, so Hajime bid farewell with Catherine and urged everyone to go outside.

Hajime responded to the cheers of good will from the people like a celebrity appearing in front of the fans before he suddenly noticed an unpleasant fact that he spoke up.

「……Come to think of it, it feels like there was never a time where there was no commotion when I entered the guild……」

「As expected from Goshujin-sama. Thou must be born under that kind of star.」

「That’s one unpleasant star.」

Hajime was feeling down at Tio’s words that seemed to say 「What are you saying after this late」 while escaping from the guild.

After escaping from the eyes of the people for a moment, the recognition obstruction was coming into effect once more. Hajime and others talked about the commotion just now while heading to the center of the capital.

The plaza where the church of the reborn holy church was located had the size that was similar with a sports ground. There was also a fountain at the center of the plaza. Liliana explained like a tour guide that the place was set to be a place from relaxation and refreshment.

But, for some reason she was showing a strangely awkward look even while explaining, so Hajime and others tilted their head in puzzlement. Especially Aiko who kept getting glances from Liliana was feeling even more confused.

「Err……Liliana-san. Is there something that you want to tell me?」

「N, no. That’s not……」

Liliana was evasive, but when the plaza came into view, she fixed her gaze at Aiko as though she had resolved herself.

「Aiko-san……please be strong!」

「What do you mean!?」

Liliana clenched both her hands to form fists and yelled out 「Fight!」. That behavior made Aiko wanted to ask her for more detail. But, there was no need for that. The cause immediately became clear after all.

Yes, at the center of the plaza. Enshrined at the center of the fountain that was spurting water in arcs to twelve directions was……

「……Eh? Li, lies……tha, that’s, could it be……」

It was an Aiko statue.

An artistic statue that lifted both its hands to the sky as though offering a prayer to the world was there! Aiko was looking up to the sky with an expression of love! She was smiling as though she was asking for blessing to spread far and wide in the world!

Truly a goddess! It was the magnificent statue of a living god who governed over good harvest and victory!


Aiko’s scream echoed.

In the world, just how many people could see a statue of themselves while they were still alive? To say nothing of people who could see believers kneeling in front of that statue and praying wholeheartedly, how many of such people existed in the world?

Hajime and others glanced at Aiko who snapped into a frenzy while leaking out strange voice 「O, ou……」 that was unclear whether it was a voice of shock or sympathy.

But, at that timing, the door of the church that was located at the south side of the plaza was thrown open loudly.

When they spontaneously turned their gaze there, they saw multiple men clad in armor and priest robe breathing roughly.



A familiar man at the forefront raised a loud voice that shook the world. The volume of the voice that made even the windows of the church to rattle calling at her caused Aiko to scream while jumping up in surprise.



The next man was also someone who they had seen from somewhere. The look of the man who was holding back emotional tears with bloodshot eyes was guaranteed to make ten from ten people to be creeped out. Aiko jumped up in surprise once more.



‘Is that a call when dealing with intruder?’ Aiko made that tsukkomi in his heart while snapping and yelling angrily.

*ZUDODODODO-* The men’s footsteps resounded and without pausing they performed head sliding. They performed a forward roll with superb positioning and smoothly ended up kneeling on one knee sharply.

「Aiko-sama. It has been a long time! Your David is present here!」

「Similarly-. Your eternal servant, Chase, is right here![

「Joshua here! It has been like an eternity that I’m waiting for the day where I can meet you once more!」

「My goddess-. Please bestow this Jade with any divine decree of yours!」

Aiko turned on her heel with all her strength. It was the greatest turn of her life, with sharpness that spontaneously made her wanted to sing her own praise.

But, even that superhuman movement that was brought about by her feeling that wished to escape from this dangerous place for even an instant sooner didn’t work against the demon king. Hajime strongly grabbed the collar of Aiko who was trying to escape.

「Let me goo! I’m begging you please release me, Hajime-kun! I’m in front of my mother! I cannot endure this at all!」

Because of the shame.

Akiko blinked seeing the men who was handsome but a bit creepy kneeling in front of her daughter. There, Yue-san suddenly stepped forward. It seemed she still hadn’t forgotten the setting of tour guide Yue.

「……They are the people who once belonged to Aiko’s bodyguard squad. Aiko made all of them fall for her and they became the member of her reverse harem.」



Both mother and daughter raised a voice that seemed to say 「Just what have you done!?」.

「Fuh. Even that is a matter of the past. The current us are pious believers who are faithful to Aiko-sama. We are the knights who protect the goddess.」

「David-san please just shut up for a bit!」

‘By your will.’

Like that, David, the captain of templar knight order understandingly bowed his head. He had only changed the target of his faith, but it seemed his slightly dangerous fanatically faithful heart hadn’t changed at all.

While that was going on, the plaza was starting to get enveloped by a commotion.

They were too noisy, so as expected the recognition obstruction was dispelled. The people could be heard saying things like 「Oo, don’t tell me, the person over there is the goddess?」「Wha-, the living god who was sent by Ehito-sama!?」「It’s Aiko-sama in the flesh! Bless her!」「Aiko-sama in the flesh, banzai!」「Aiko-sama in the flesh! YAHAAAAAAA-!」 and so on.

Aiko went ‘Oh nooo-‘ and slowly backed away. Or rather, she hoped that they would stop with the “Aiko-sama in the flesh”.

Even though beside her there were also the demon king and the princess, the gazes of the people that were gathering in accelerated speed were fixed on Aiko.

In the occasion of the legendary decisive battle, with his incitement technique Hajime called himself as “the goddess’s sword”. That was one of the causes of this. In their point of view, the relationship between the two was something like master and servant in love with each other. Of course, the master in this case was Aiko-sama.

To say nothing of how Ehito had already got flattened in reality. In the first place the common believer would never heard their god’s voice even once in their life. But, such common sense was overturned by the living god Aiko.

It could even be said that, perhaps……it was already at the level that it was natural for them to be moved to tears and breathe roughly while staring in fixation at her.

If Aiko was left alone then she might ran away alone to the end of earth, so Hajime tightly grasped Aiko’s hand. That also caused the people to cheer.

Aiko’s face was rapidly turning red. If it came to this then she would just act in abandon like usual! ‘I’m gonna do the goddess act seriously yeaah~, I’ll super seriously do it yeaaah~’, like that she accepted her fate……

「Puh. Aiko, even in another world, this is how it always goes for you?」


Akiko-okaasan was trembling while desperately biting her lips to hold back the laughter.

Of course she was shocked by her daughter’s position, but she was her mother. She was able to accurately guess what was going on inside her daughter’s heart. She understood like the back of her own hand that his daughter was going to act as goddess in completely desperate state.

Even if her daughter was getting worshipped at another world, she was still making useless effort and charging ahead in complete desperation like usual……

And then surely after that she would hold her head while being at her wits’ end.

It seemed that the gap between her daughter that was like usual and her daughter that ended up became a living god went past through her shock and caused laughter to well up from her.

Aiko’s eyes became resentful seeing her mother laughing at her cornered self.

And then, she turned around to face the direction of the plaza and,

「Everyone in the capita~l! Good day, it’s me!」

She brazenly greeted the people while lifting both her hands to the sky just like her statue. Cheers burst out and Hajime and others focused on her half in bewilderment and half in interest while going 「Oo?」.

Aiko whose eyes looked somewhat glassy moved her hand in a snap toward behind her dramatically――pointing at Akiko. Aiko glanced at Akiko who went 「Eh?」 and grinned widely,

「Today, I came here in order to introduce my mother! Yes, this person is none other than my mother――the mother of the goddess of bountiful harvest and victory――the holy mother Akiko!」

「Aiko!? You!」

The shocked and protesting voice of Akiko-okaasan was drowned by the loud cheer that was like an explosion right after that.

The chorus of voices that were praising the holy mother Akiko was resounding wide.

「Fu-fufufu-. A mother that is laughing on the suffering of her daughter who is treated as goddess can just become the holy mother.」

「You! You are selling away your own mother!」

「That sounds bad in people’s ear! I’m just taking you along with me!」

「Either way it’s still bad!」

In the capital’s central plaza that was enveloped in roaring cheers where even hymn was starting to resound, the ugly quarrel of mother and daughter was developing.

And then, at that timing a woman wearing a beret quietly approached Hajime.

「Demon king-sama. I am a painter called Caliope Elegy. Please, allow me to draw the beautiful frolicking of the honorable goddess and holy mother.」

It seemed she was a painter. She had tools for drawing picture set up throughout her body.

Hajime thought for a bit before looking at Aiko and Akiko who were still quarreling……he grinned.

「I allow it. Draw to your heart’s content. I don’t mind even if you dramatize it.」

「All my thanks to you!」

The female painter took distance with a movement that seemed slimy somehow, then she set up her tools in the blink of eye. She began to draw with bloodshot eyes and terrific momentum.

「I don’t care of someone like Okaa-san anymore!」

「A child like you! Even if you come home I won’t make rolled omelet or chopped burdock root for you anymore!」

「That’s harshhh!」

The two were still doing a questionable quarrel (?).

They didn’t know. That currently they were being drawn by the painter of the age.

The quarrel scene was drawn as religious painting of beautiful frolicking between the goddess and the holy mother. The duplicates later on would sell like hot cakes.

And then, with this as her stepping stone Caliope-san would attain great success instantly, she would get the job to draw a huge painting to decorate the shrine, and it would become a legacy until the later generations.

The housewife of a farmer family and her daughter would be depicted in a historical painting in another world and got worshipped religiously……

It went without saying that later on, the mother and daughter would go 「Uboo」 together with their soul coming out from their body.




After that, Hajime and others succeeded in escaping from the plaza that was in uproar.

At that time, the little sister of David who heard the commotion and arrived there exercised her shrewdness and gave them an escape but……

Hajime who recalled that her name was written in the document that Hellina wrote up smiled inside his heart at the capableness of the actual little sister nun-chan and Hellina’s capability that didn’t overlook that.

Like that, they went around at places that were unique to another world like weapon shop, magic tool shop, and shop of general good, and Sumire and others, the parent~s had a good time in the capital of the other world.


In the middle, it seemed that Hajime’s visit was detected by the artisan’s instinct of the leader of the kingdom’s exclusive transmutation masters, Wolpen, he and his happy go lucky subordinates crawled out from the woodwork to crowd Hajime, then Mariabel who heard the news from Alabell assaulted――or rather coming to give his greeting……

At the site of the demolished library, regeneration magic was used to reproduce the figure of Hajime who was working hard in the past there in order to supplement his lacking ability by learning knowledge. Shuu and Sumire felt warm seeing that, while Tomoichi and others were blinking in shock seeing the complete difference of the image with Hajime’s current atmosphere……

Everyone shivered seeing the figure of Kaori that was continuing to watch fixedly at the studying Hajime from behind bookshelves……

Each time Hajime moved between bookshelves, Kaori would swiftly and silently moved from shadow to shadow while keeping a fixed gaze on him through the gaps of the bookshelves. Seeing her daughter like that, Tomoichi escaped from reality while Kaoruko was holding her head……

When Kaori was desperately making excuse, as usual Yue raised her voice in delight 「……Proof obtained! Proof obtained! Officer, it’s this person! This person is a genuine stalker!」, and then as usual too it devolved into a scuffle……

Hajime’s group who was spending enjoyable time like that enjoyed a dinner with Luluaria once more that evening,

Like that, the next day, Hajime and co departed to the place that Shuu and Sumire strongly wished for.

It was a place that for the two of them, no, for anyone was a harsh place, however, it was a place where a happening that could even be called as fateful occurred.

Yes, they departed to Orcus Labyrinth.


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