Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 328: Arifureta After IIIbTortus Travel Journal ⑧

Chapter 328: Arifureta After IIIbTortus Travel Journal ⑧

Hajime papa who managed to fix the humor of Myuu somehow or other showed a tired look like right after his transformation from eating the monster meat the first time.

「About from here on ahead, it will only be a repetition of me single-mindedly fighting and eating monsters until floor 50. The sun will goes down if we are going to watch all of those, and it’s not really entertaining anyway. I’m thinking to go right away to floor 50 so……」

‘Is there any objection?’, Hajime asked with his gaze. Shuu and others replied that they didn’t mind.

「……Nna. We teleport?」

Yue raised her face with a slightly lascivious expression from Hajime Hajime’s neck and asked.

She was replenishing her magic power that was decreasing from consecutive use of regeneration magic by bite and chuu~. It looked like she was biting from behind while getting carried on his back.

Yue habitually bit and chuu~ at everywhere on Hajime’s body if there was a chance, so her movement was so natural just like how grass swayed from blowing wind. It was to the degree that there was no ground for making tsukkomi at it.

Yue was going to crawl her tongue on Hajime’s nape looking like she wanted to have a bit more, but Kaori tore her off from him and tossed her away. Hajime glanced at that while saying.

「Before that, this is a good chance, there is something that I want to take a look for a bit beforehand.」

「Hajime, what could it be?」

Shuu tilted his head in puzzlement. The one who knew this place the best was Hajime, and there wouldn’t be anyone else than Hajime who was doing anything here. It was natural to wonder what in the world he would want to see.

Hajime carried Myuu on his shoulder while starting to walk ahead. At the same time, he took out a sunglass from his Treasure Warehouse and put it on.

Sumire’s gaze became excessively gentle.


「Stop it Kaa-san. That gaze which is saying 『Putting on sunglass in a dark cave like this, geez, really this kid! He still isn’t able to graduate huh!』, don’t look at me with that gaze.」

This sunglass was an artifact to look at the past image――Urd Glass. Hajime explained while walking through the cave searching for something.

「Hajime-san, what are you searching for?」

Everyone walked behind Hajime. There Shia asked as their representative.

「A rabbit.」

「A rabbit is right here you know?」

*Pyon pyon!*, Shia rabbit hopped up and down while placing both her hands beside her rabbit ears. Attracted by that, above the shoulder Myuu was also mimicking rabbit ears with both her hands while going pyon pyon!

Hajime smiled warmly while adjusting the Urd Glass and looking around,

「Ah, there it is.」

Saying that, he sent a gaze at Yue asking her to execute regeneration magic. Yue consented and snapped her finger.

What was projected was……

「That’s, a kick rabbit? Ah, could it be!」

Shia went *pyon!* with a comprehending expression. Right after her Kaori continued with the answer.


Yes, what was being projected before everyone was Inaba-san in his younger days with his splendid rabbit ears twitching around, no, this was the origin of Inaba-san!

「Kaori, what is this Inaba-san you are saying?」

In respond to Tomoichi’s question, Kaori explained in a way so that everyone else could also understand.

She explained, that Inaba was a monster of this floor, a kick rabbit, but he accidentally consumed the god water that Hajime spilled behind, which strengthened his magic power and physical body further. From that he became an existence that deviated from a normal monster.

「It seemed that he was watching Hajime-kun defeat the lord of this floor, the claw bear. He said that if he too can still become stronger, then he want to chase after Hajime-kun! So he departed to a training trip while going down the floor with his own strength, that’s the kind of rabbit he was.」

Tomoichi and others made admiring voice ‘hoee~’ hearing Kaori’s explanation. Ahead of their gaze, Inaba-san was searching for the slightly remaining god water in the ground’s depression and drank it while casually kicking and killing its brethren and two tailed wolf.

Shizuku smiled wryly while adding more explanation.

「before the final battle, Suzu who came here to obtain subordinate monsters accidentally discovered him and she formed a contract of employment with him.」

「Co, contract of employment……」

――Full guarantee of all necessities of life. Three meals a day. No, four meals with afternoon nap included, five days work a week with two days off. Paid vacation provided! In addition, free time also could be negotiated! Furthermore! If the offer was taken right now, oh my, a special magic stone of Suzu would come along free of charge! With this you could say good bye to yourself of yesterday! Now, in this chance, wouldn’t you take this status up surrounded by happy comrades in a lovely workplace!?

Surely, Suzu at that time wasn’t right in the head. Because the monsters that obeyed her were nothing but insects, her heart became somewhat ill. She was desperate. It was for the sake so that Eri who was her opponent in the decisive battle wouldn’t say「Ee, what’s with this insect woman. It’s disgusting……」 to her.

While hearing that explanation, Inaba-san finally had an encounter.

Yes, an encounter with the claw bear-san that was revived by the dungeon’s characteristic function. The rabbit face was totally anxious looking like it was saying「This is bad-, totally badd-」.

The claw bear made the gaze of a predator and didn’t doubt that it was absolutely the stronger monster. It approached as though to show off that dignity.

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There was no place to escape. Death would be a certainty if he showed his back.

His instinct was ringing, insisting to run away immediately, but the thinking ability that was bestowed by the god water was thrusting that fact before Inaba.

There was no path of survival other than fighting, it said. Nothing but death was waiting if he escaped, it said.


「Oo! He resolved himself!」

「Inaba-san! Do your best nanoooo!!」

‘Rather than resolve, it’s more like a complete desperation though……’, everyone starting from Shia who were watching the sight were thinking so, but the father and daughter who reconciled with each other were getting excited for some reason, so they were staying quiet.

Hajime and Myuu were completely transformed into cheering audiences. Everyone else glanced at the two of them who were like that while also directing their focus toward Inaba’s do-or-die battle.

Inaba-san made use of his speed and did everything he could to leap around the claw bear. From a distance that should be said to be a super close range, he evaded the claw and fang of the claw bear and landed a low kick.

「Ah, that’s dangerous nano-. Inaba-san! Put some more distance nano!」

Myuu reflexively covered her eyes with both her hands, however, she was properly watching the battle from the gap of her fingers while yelling.

「……No, it’s fine like that.」

「What do you mean papa, nano?」

「Listen Myuu. The claw bear, even though its body is big like that, it’s a speed fighter. In a straight fight, it’s faster than a kick rabbit. It will be a checkmate if that big body approach with that speed. It will be impossible to get out from it’s attack range.」

There was the extending wind claw, and also the flying slash.

In other words,

「It’s only blind spot is right beside that big body! A super close infighting is the only path of survival for Inaba!」

「Oh gosh nano! It’s a single high risk high return gamble! Inaaba-san, what a man nano!」

The father and daughter were absurdly heated up.

「AA! Inaba-san’s midair spinning kick hit the claw bear-san’s head nanoo!」

Taking advantage of an instantaneous opening, Inaba leaped using a claw that was slashing at him as a foothold and his fierce spinning kick caught the claw bear’s head. The claw bear staggered and pitched forward.


「It’s not working nano! Inaba-san! He got hit by a severe counterattack and got sent flyinggg! His stomach is seriously damaged nano! Papa, why is the claw bear alright nano?」

「At the moment of the impact, the damn bear shifted the hit spot slightly. That super reflex is also the claw bear’s strong point. After all even my railgun too, as expected it couldn’t be dodged if the enemy reacted after confirming the attack by sight, but it dodged it by sensing the killing intent the moment it fired.」

「I see nano.」

While they were speaking like that, Inaba narrowly escaped from that due to the continuation of the god water’s effect. He raised a battle cry「Kyuuu~~~-」 while standing up. It looked like he was saying「Not yet……ain’t no way, I’ll die hereeeee-」.

「Wo~ah! Inaba-san’s speed is increasing nano! What’s more! He is accelerating further within acceleration nano! What could that be, papa!」

「That’s……Ground Shrinker and, Stacked Ground Shrinker. That guy, he awakened the derivative skill at this instant……」

「Say, Myuu and Goshujin-sama. Somehow, both of thee hath become like commentators……」

Myuu and Hajime looked at each other in respond to Tio’s half smiling pointing out,

「No good nano! Even with him getting faster the claw bear-san is going even further than that! A sharp turn using the claw stabbing on the ground! The claw bear-san’s mobility is monstrous! Nano! Inaba-san, he received a fierce tackle and got blow awayyyy! Commentator papa-san, is there any chance of victory for Inaba-san? Nano.」

「Broadcaster Myuu-san, let me answer. If it stay like this, Inaba-san’s chance of victory is zero desu!」

「Both of thee art having fun!?」

When everyone noticed Myuu was even holding a mike. Above her broadcasting seat which was Hajime papa’s shoulder, she shook around her small fist while continuing with her passionate broadcasting.

「Inaba-san fell! Can’t he stand-, can’t he stand anymore!? No, he stand up-, he is standing up, Inabaaaaaa-! Nano!」

「Standing! Inaba is standing! This is really soul stirring!」

Inaba-san was vomiting blood, even so he stood up. In his eyes the color of resignation was nonexistent. Rather, the flame of fighting spirit was burning up even more fiercely there!

And then, Hajime papa and Myuu were also blazing up! Somehow that spirited mood spread out, so that not only Sumire and other parents, even Yue and the others were also letting out feverish cheering.

Like that, Inaba got sent flying many times, he were slashed up many times, even so he held on to his thread of life by desperately moving to avoid fatal wound with the god water’s recovery only barely holding on. Even while his whole body became covered in wounds and blood……

「Inaba-san! Fast! He’s fast! Only his afterimages can be seen nano!」

「I’ll explain. That is a movement of variegated and free tempo using the skill Rhythmless. The braking and acceleration that are too drastic surpassing the focused acceleration and produced afterimages!」

「Thank you nano, commentator papa-san! Ah, when Inaba-san swung his feet at empty air, the claw bear-san got sent flying nano!」

「Fuh, it looks like he finally also learned the flying kicking attack――Rank○ku. That cheeky bastard, he is rapidly growing in this battle……no, he is evolving-」(TN: One Piece reference)

「○ankyaku! Evolution in the middle of battle! Powerful words are coming out! Oooohh! What could that be, commentator papa-san! When Inaba-san crossed his feet while headstanding right below the claw bear-san, the neck of claw bear-san who should have dodged burst out and blood spurt like fountain nano!」

「Holy cow……is that Dragon Sla○……」(TN: Slayers reference)

「○gon Slave? Commentator papa-san, what could that be? Nano.」

「It’s the martial art that boasted undefeated in the history of a thousand years……the opponent will die!」

「Commentator papa-san who is getting lazy with the explanation, thank you very much nano! Just search the explanation in google okay! Nano!」

Kaori spoke 「Myuu-chan!? Who are you talking at!?」 in bewilderment, Shia was saying 「That bastard, he was hiding his technique……how impertinent. Next time, I’ll make him taste my Mu○ha desuu」enthusiastically, while Shuu and the parents were cheering in high spirits. Right after that, Inaba made his last dance. (TN: Search for 無空波 in google for the reference of Shia’s word)

The claw bear’s balance crumbled from consecutive flying kicks, furthermore Inaba-san leaped up using Rhythmless and vanished from the claw bear’s field of vision. He landed on the ceiling right above.

His bending legs caused a great crack to occur on the ceiling, the next moment, 「KyukyuuUUUUUUU (With this……IT’S OVERRRRRRR-)」 along with such battle cry, a crater was formed on the ceiling while he fell like a comet.

The crown of the head of the claw bear that had just adjusted its balance was pulverized when the strong kick with maximum power landed.





「He did well despite his injury! Thank you for the moving scene!」

Loud hip-hip-hurray applause was echoing inside the cave. Even the demon rangers who had returned when anyone noticed were stomping the ground with their many legs and giving grand applause.

Ahead of the gazes of Hajime and co who were as though they were looking at a Hollywood masterpiece action movie, was Inaba-san looking up to the sky in front of the formidable enemy he defeated.

Even without any words, from his strongly clenched fist, his rabbit ears that were standing up straight toward the sky, and his rabbit tail that was shaking with warrior’s excitement, it was easy to guess the inside of his heart.

Right now, he understood his wish. That wish was to train himself, and ran up toward the faraway height. It was the wish to go out to the wide world, fight against a the line up of powerful opponents, and then one day, to reunite with the new king!

With his front leg he brushed away his rabbit ears *fuasa-*!

Like that Inaba-san started walking. Toward the dark path ahead.

「……Somehow I’m feeling déjà vu.」

「Before this, it’s exactly like what my son had done.」

Hajime pretended to not hear the words of Shuu and Sumire and looked aside.

Sumire mama and Shuu papa grinned widely toward such son while attacking further.

「Or rather, compared to a certain somehow who was messily eating various things that mustn’t be eaten……」

「While chanting kill kill disturbingly, while laughing like a psycho……」

「He is, far more like a main character isn’t he!」

「He is, far more like a main character!」

‘Certainly!’ Tomoichi and the others also nodded.

In respond to the parents who were like that, Hajime screamed ‘This is why, I don’t want to show my black history at all!’ inside his heart while yelling back 「My bad okay! For not being like a main character!」 with slightly reddened cheeks.




The party that was greatly heated up from the beginning of Inaba-san’s adventure directly teleported to floor 50 also because of Hajime’s shame.

In that place, there was a large door that was in an opened state, and large human shaped depression at both sides.

In front of that sight, Hajime turned a worried expression toward Yue.

「Are you alright, Yue?」

「……Nn. No problem.」

This was, the place where Yue was imprisoned for three hundred years. Ordinary person wouldn’t even be able to guess what she was feeling inside her heart.

Guessing Hajime’s concern, Sumire and the others were also giving her worried look.

「Yue-chan. If it’s painful for you, you don’t need to force yourself you know?」

「It’s just as Sumire said. Yue-chan, if you like we don’t mind if we just go already to the hideout at the lowest floor.」


The concerned Sumire and Shuu, and then Tomoichi and others who were also feeling the same were directing gaze of consideration toward Yue. However, Yue was showing a perplexed expression that seemed to say 「Eh? What’s with this atmosphere……」. But, she immediately guessed the circumstance and smiled wryly while opening her mouth.

「……It’s misunderstanding, Otou-sama. Okaa-sama.」


「……Nn. Hajime is worried, not because this is the place where I was sealed. Ahead from here, I was mostly stark naked, that’s why.」


When Yue said that shyly with blushing cheeks while fidgeting, not just Shuu and Sumire, everyone there leaked out 「Ah」 from their mouth.

Correct, Yue-sama, from here on ahead, she would be mostly wearing only a coat with opened front while being stark naked underneath. She would be in such truly outrageous appearance all along from here. When there was battle, it was a coat with defensive power that was lower that a wet tissue. This was the same like a lavish panty shot……no, it was a dreadful appearance that was normally exhibiting this and that completely.

「Tha, that is certainly, it’s understandable that Hajime-kun would worry……」

Tomoichi’s words that had no composure at all was responded by Yue with the shaking of her head.

「……No, what Hajime is worrying about, is not me but the eyes of Otou-sama and everyone else.」


「……Nn. The meaning of his worry is 『Are your countermeasure really effective? Depending on the situation, the eyes of Tou-san and others will get crushed but even so, is it really okay, Yue?』, like that.」


Knowing that his eyes were in the verge of danger, Tomoichi turned in a flash toward Hajime. Shuuzou and Koichi were also taking slight distance away from him in wariness.

In the home, when they almost got a look of various things from a happening that was like lucky pervert event (mainly caused by Yue and others running wild), Shuu often got hit with eye crushing or electric attack. Because of that right now he was making a comprehending look.

Hajime was showing a really surprised look seeing the slightly scared Tomoichi. Seeing that, Tomoichi said 「As expected, it must be Yue-chan’s joke isn’t it」 and he was going to sigh in relief……

「There is regeneration magic so it’s fine.」

「It’s not fine at all!」

It looked like, regeneration magic would give bad influence in various senses.

Hajime coughed while watching Shuuzou and Koichi who were taking even more distance from him.

「No, it’s really alright. Because Yue want Tou-san and Kaa-san to watch the time when she met me no matter what, it seems she has already prepared a countermeasure properly.」

「……Nn. Leave it to me.」

Yue-sama was full of confidence. Seeing that attitude in this situation where it was involving the possibility that her nakedness could get seen, Shuu and the others felt tension leaving their shoulders thinking that it would be fine in that case. The seriously wanted to be spared from getting their eyes crushed, and also from the situation where their wife would give off frightening air that would be accompanied with some kind of physical violence.

「……Then, let’s start.」

Yue’s finger snap echoed clearly. The past playback began.

The past Hajime appeared, and two pseudo Cyclops manifested from the wall’s depression. Hajime took care of them with his gun.

「By the way, these monsters don’t resurrect because only the monsters related to this sealing room have a different origin.」

Hajime’s explanation was given while the past Hajime was fighting the other remaining pseudo Cyclops.

In other words, while the great labyrinth’s monsters were prepared by Oscar Orcus and his comrades the liberators, the pseudo Cylops and pseudo scorpion were monsters created by Yue’s uncle, Denreed, so they wouldn’t resurrect again.

Denreed was a user of creation magic and metamorphosis magic, but he couldn’t use regeneration magic or soul magic, so it was only natural that it was like this.

「……Nn! It’s here! Everyone attention! Here! Here!」

At the same time when the explanation ended, Yue-sama was greatly excited for some reason. She extended her finger straight and urged for attention.

Inside the projection, Yue who was imprisoned within a gigantic sealing stone was desperately saying 「Help」 with a hoarse voice……

――’No way’

And there was the figure of Hajime-san who was going to close the door mercilessly.

Everyone’s gaze turned toward Hajime.

Seeing an imprisoned beautiful girl desperately asking for help, Hajime looked absurdly suspicious and absurdly irritated.

Even Shia and others who knew about this already were making look that said 「This is just not done isn’t it~」 or 「Demon~」 once more. As for the parents, it went without saying.

However, when it came to Yue-sama herself who was the person who got abandoned,

「……Nnh, this lack of hesitation. Hajime right now who is extremely sweet is also great for me, but Hajime of this time who was relatively merciless was also great. Kufu-」

She looked slightly intoxicated. She was already, or rather, as expected, this person, if it was regarding Hajime then it seemed anything would be fine.

「Yu, Yue. Acting like that, art not that mine character? I wish that you wouldst not take away mine setting.」

「Tio-san, I think it’s not that kind of problem though.」

Tio was speaking with troubled look. Aiko too was giving a tsukkomi with even more troubled look after that.

「That time at the encounter with me, Hajime-san was also completely merciless though……although I sometimes talked about it with beautification, even so I won’t get intoxicated while remembering about it. Yue-san is too much of an advanced level. As expected from someone who is able to hit it off with Kaori-san.」

「Shia!? What do you mean by that!? I wonder!?」

「The meaning is exactly like it sounds. Kaori, you, remember like the time when Hajime dropped his fist on your head because you played around with Yue too much, you were grinning for a bit from that weren’t you? Both of you are two of a kind.」


When Shizuku pointed that out, Kaori turned her gaze to far away. Tomoichi was crying seeing his daughter wasn’t denying that.

「……Nnh. Quiet! It will be the important scene after this! It’s Hajime and my, yes, Ha - ji - me - and - my! Scene of the beginning!」

「You don’t need to emphasize it like that! Yue you idiot!」

Inside the sealing room where Kaori’s angry yell echoed, Yue’s pained scream 「I was only betrayed!」 resounded.

Hearing those words, the light from the gap of the door that was becoming a thin line kept shining in just barely before it completely vanished.

Hajime looked up to the ceiling.

A painful silence was enveloping the area.

At this time, what could be happening inside the heart of Hajime who was betrayed and fell into the bottom of the abyss.

For the sake of living, he shaved off all superfluous parts and swore in his heart to make his wish came true even if he had to get off from humane path.

And yet, with that single sentence, he stopped moving the door that he should close. His expression turned like he had just bit a sour grape.

His heart vehemently argued to not get involved with something unnecessary, however, his body wouldn’t obey.

When he noticed, he was opening the door.

As though to buy time in order to ascertain his heart, Hajime asked Yue’s circumstance.

And then, Yue was simply earnestly staring at such Hajime continuously.

She looked as though, she was a person who was witnessing a miracle itself. Or perhaps, like a person who finally came across someone she had been waiting all this time by chance.

Like that, it gushed out.

Hajime should have cut off everything, removed anything that would be a hindrance, and swore to live only for himself, but he then poured all his strength in order to save only a single girl.

Vivid crimson color filling the room. Red sparks brushing away the darkness.

The cage of three hundred years, melting down like mud.

Like that seeing the liberated Yue, Hajime was……

「No, this just ain’t right, Yue.」


A tsukkomi came with a greatly twitching expression. Yue-sama, a shocked face was on her face as though to say 「That’s impossible!?」.

「Right, this isn’t right at all, Yue.」

「It’s disappointing nano, Yue-oneechan.」


Kaori and Myuu launched their exasperated tsukkomi. Yue-sama, her face was twitching as though to say 「You’re lying right!?」.

「Yue-chan, can you perhaps make it a bit better?」

「Okaa-san, is sad. Yue-chan’s sense, perhaps it’ll be better if I personally polish it.」


Tsukkomi mixed with a sigh also came from Shuu and Sumire. Yue-sama, her face was blank as though to say 「I don’t understand」.

She believed in hope and looked around but……there wasn’t even a single ally for her.

If it was said that it couldn’t be helped, perhaps it really couldn’t be helped.

After all, no matter although it was so that her nakedness wouldn’t be seen……

――This can’t be shown!

There was a Self Restraint-kun appearing in front of Yue holding a signboard with those words. (TN: Ask google sensei this 自主規制君 to know what is going on)

Even though it was a serious and moving scene, it became wasted in various things because of this.

「……Ho, howeverr, in TV it’s always like this!」

「It’s mainly in variety show right? If this comes out in the emotional scene of a drama, the show will undoubtedly goes down in flame.」

「!? Blu, blunder……」

The vampire princess who sometimes just fail fell on her knees and then got on all fours.

This was the result from her thinking that from the sensitivity of Japanese than Self Restraint-kun surely wouldn’t harm an emotional scene, but actually, that sensitivity, isn’t it a bit……but, when in Rome do as the romans do……nn, it should be ok! Was what Yue thought. This was a complete lack of research on her part.

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It was like the misunderstanding of foreigner who was under the impression that in Japan there would still be someone who was styling their hair in topknot.

「……E, even though I thought, that I finally can show my emotional scene with Hajime to Otou-sama and Okaa-sama……」

「Aa~, Yue? This is an illusion laid on the past image right? Then, won’t it be fine if you just overlap clothes appropriately on your image?」

「……Hics. I’ll do that. Okaa-sama, Otou-sama, can I replay it for a bit? Is it okay to do a Take 2?」

The warm expression of the Nagumo spouses expressed their okay permission more eloquently than anything.

Take 2-!!

For now in the image Yue looked like she was wearing a dress. The figure of Hajime breathing roughly from magic power exhaustion was also projected.

The Yue in the image had faint expression that couldn’t be compared with the current her. However, she took Hajime’s hand and with a straightforward gaze,

――’Thank you’

They could see the overflowing emotion from Yue who was saying that.

「……Well, about this time」

「What is it?」

Shuu asked in respond to Hajime’s mutter. Ahead of their gaze, the moment when Yue became “Yue” for the first time was playing. Everyone was watching with a moved expression and warm gaze.

Hajime stared at the past Yue with a gentle expression. And then he turned his gaze toward the current Yue and opened his mouth.

「When Yue told me “thank you”, perhaps, it connected me to Yue. Like, even though I’ve fallen to become a monster, I didn’t fall to become a fiend.」

Saying that, Hajime turned his gaze toward the past image once more. When everyone’s gaze followed to where he was watching, there was the image of Hajime and Yue facing the pseudo scorpion.

The pseudo scorpion had terrific appearance that was in a different level from anything before.

Yue was in front of that monster, however, she was calmly staring at only Hajime.

That wasn’t a gaze that was begging for help at all.

It was a gaze that yielded herself to him.

It was the expression of her will, that no matter what option Hajime picked, she would entrust her everything to him.

Getting betrayed, and then three hundred years in the darkness at the bottom of the abyss.

Toward the determination of such girl, Hajime formed a fearless grin that bared his canine teeth.

「Thinking back, the determination at this time was the turning point. It wasn’t about walking to the future with Yue or not. It was the crossroads, whether I’ll be able to stay as me or not. Seeing Yue who entrusted her life to me even after getting betrayed and then locked into this kind of place, rather it was me who was saved.」

He was going to completely lose his human heart and be reduced into a beast that wouldn’t shirk from any inhuman act.

If he abandoned Yue, or perhaps, if Yue only begged to be saved without caring of her appearance, surely Hajime would walk through such path, and then he wouldn’t interact with Shia or anyone else, and surely he also wouldn’t be able to laugh like right now.


Yue entangled her hand to his hand and snuggled on him. Hajime’s hand gently grasped her hand back and poured an extraordinarily gentle gaze on her.

Although the past Hajime and Yue were in a mortal combat against the pseudo scorpion, however, the gazes of Shuu and others were directed to Hajime and Yue.

The two snuggling on each other looked really natural. They looked really picturesque.

It truly made anyone watching to be convinced without any reason, that the two were fated to meet and in the end they actually met with each other.

Shuu and Sumire stood before Yue.

「Yue-chan, thank you that you met with our son.」

「It was really great that in this foreign land of another world, Hajime was able to meet a girl like Yue-chan.」

「……Okaa-sama, Otou-sama.」

‘Nnu’ The sound of a small groan surely came from Yue holding back her tear.

At that time, within the past projection Hajime and Yue finished defeating the pseudo scorpion at that timing and smiled at each other.

Kaori puffed up her cheeks slightly, however she immediately formed a wry smile that seemed to express 「It can’t be helped」.

Even Kaori was feeling like that. The expression of everyone else was soft, and then, they certainly seemed to be understanding.

How Yue was special for Hajime, and how Hajime was special for Yue.

What was between the two of them was something unshakeable that no one, yes, not even god could lay their hand on.

「Kaori, you’re amazing. To charged in between these two, Okaa-san is in admiration at you once more.」

「Is that a praise……I wonder? Somehow it also sound exasperated though……」

Kaori’s expression was complicated toward Kaoruko’s words. And then, Tomoichi’s expression looked like he had stomachache, it was a hard to describe and complicated expression.

「It’s really just as you say. Aiko, since when you became that proactive? What’s more even though it’s with your student.」


Aiko-sensei. Her expression became hard to describe, as though her vital spot got stabbed through.


「Don’t say anything, Okaa-san!」

「It’s amazing that you got between them, Shizuku. What’s more, even though it was with a person who your best friend Kaori-chan loved……the life in another world really changed our daughter.」


Beside Aiko-sensei, Shizuku was also making a hard to describe expression, as though she just got hit with the body blow from a heavy weight boxer.

「However, if we art saying that then Shia is the most amazing one then. Thou were the first attacker right? Furthermore, at that time it was Goshujin-sama who was still eighty percent made from brutish factor, and against Yue who was the advocator of Goshujin-sama supremeacy――no, Yue who couldst be called as the founder of Hajime religion without any exaggeration. Thou art seriously a hero.」

「A, ahaha……looking back, I was really blind to any fear even if I say so myself.」

While Shia and others were laughing like that, Yue who separated herself from Hajime took the hand of Shuu and Sumire.

「……Nn! Next, over here! Otou-sama, Okaa-sama, over here! Come!」

「Oops! I get it I get it. Yue-chan, we will properly follow, so you don’t need to pull like that.」

「Fufuh, Yue-chan really, you are so high spirited……」

Seen from the side, Yue who was insistently pulling at the two was really enthusiastic. Her cheeks blushed and her eyes sparkled. She looked like a child in amusement park pulling at the hand of her parents toward a ride.

It seemed she was very happy that she could share with Shuu and Sumire her important memory with Hajime.

Starting from Hajime, everyone was stimulated by the gap moe from her childish figure and they had a warm expression. Even Kaori who usually should be ridiculing Yue right away was like that, so it could be seen how powerful the destructive power of the childish Yue.

The place that such Yue was pulling them toward, was a cave in the same floor.

「……Nn. This is the place, where I and Hajime conversed with each other slowly for the first time, after finishing the battle against the pseudo scorpion.」

The finger snap went *snap-*. The past projection started.

The two’s conversation. Before long, the scene that Yue wanted to show the most arrived.

――’Going home?’

――’To my original world? Of course I’ll go home. I want to go home. ……I have completely changed in various things but, I want to go back to my birthplace……to my home.’

Shuu’s hand messed up Hajime’s hair roughly, while Sumire placed her hand softly on his shoulder. Perhaps Hajime was slightly embarrassed, because he intentionally didn’t react and fixed his gaze toward the image.

Ahead of his gaze, shadow fell on Yue’s expression.

――’I already, don’t have……a place to go back to.’

Unlike the past Yue, the present Yue’s expression was extraordinarily sweet, and overflowing with warmth.

It was clear to anyone’s eyes, that the next words were a treasure that couldn’t be replaced by anything for Yue.

――’Then, won’t Yue come too?’

Hajime’s words asking if she would come along to his birthplace.

Yue couldn’t hide her shock, however, she asked 「Is that okay?」 along with hope and slight anxiety that couldn’t possibly be hidden.

When Hajime nodded in respond……

「He fell.」

「He fell in love there.」


The words of his mother and father made Hajime averted his gaze with all his strength this time. While getting slightly red. While thinking that the grinning face of his parents was extremely annoying.

Although, it couldn’t be helped that Hajime reacted like that. That was how charming the smiling face of Yue that was like a blooming flower after making that “promise”.

Kaori leaked out a negligent voice 「So this was it~, this was where Hajime-kun~」, Tio and Shia spoke 「Now I see」「It can’t be helped isn’t iit」 in understanding, 「……Dear?」「Yo, you’re wrong Kaoruko! It’s not like I got charmed or any――hih!?」 and the comedy skit of Shirasaki spouse played on.

「I, I’ll say this first, at this time it was still like that you know? I’m telling you I wasn’t that much in love with Yue okay? We were in the middle of survival live with our life in the line. Something like time off for romance was――」

「We get it, we get it. In other words, you fell in love, but the situation was too desperate in various senses that you “didn’t have the awareness”, that’s what you’re saying right?」

「Right, he just didn’t have the self-awareness. Even so, the factor that made Hajime fall in love with Yue-chan was “blushing smile” wasn’t it~. It was that kind of smile so if you said that it can’t be helped it can’t be denied but Shuu and Sumire were speaking together to Hajime who was making twitching expression with grinning face that couldn’t get any wider.

「「Hajime-san, you were seriously easy heroine!!」」 (TN: In the raw they called Hajime choroin, or choroi heroine, or easy heroine. It referred how in WN or LN a heroine can easily fall in love with the MC or consoled just from a single smile or the like)

「Shut up!」

Even though he was a man, the monster of the abyss, someone who was called the demon king and the like, to be like a heroine that blushed easily when getting smiled at……

Hajime couldn’t admit it by all means and objected. But Yue silently snuggled up on him and smileee-.

Hajime-san, he became quiet like a deflating balloon.

Everyone thought.

‘That’s seriously easy!!’



Yue looked delighted, and Hajime raised a groan. And then, ‘that’s some guts trying to lead me around by the nose……no, I really got led around by the nose already but, that’s that, this’s this! No way I can back away like this!’

Like that, Hajime was somewhat getting wild while in embarrassment.

He took out the Crystal key and connected the space to somewhere,

「Let’s stop by somewhere else for a bit. There is something that I want everyone to look no matter what.」

Saying that, Hajime invited everyone to the other side of the gate.

The place they arrived was a cave that was particularly gloomy. Hajime used Urd Glass to confirm the past’s time axis and place before whispering to Kaori for some reason to perform past playback magic.

When Kaori was doing the past projection just as she was told while getting bewildered……

「That’s, Yue right?」

「……Nn. That’s me but……-!?」

Inside the cave, Yue who was properly clothed was walking alone while looking around restlessly.

Why, she was at this kind of place……rather, why, Yue was alone here……

Kaori was going to speak that question representing everyone, however, those words were prevented from coming out by Yue who turned toward Hajime in a flash looking like she had noticed something.

「……Ha, Hajime?」

「Hm? What’s wrong Yue? You looked shaken. I only want everyone to watch Yue’s cute aspect you know?」

「……Payback for just now!? Childish!」

「I don’t know what are you saying.」

Hajime laughed ‘ha-ha-ha-ha-‘. Yue looked at him with a slightly angry look saying 「Geez-」 while――assaulting Kaori.

「Wai-, Yue!?」

「……Resolute, prevention!」



The rushing Yue and the shaken Kaori. Hajime who handed down the order that was even accompanied with aura of supremacy. Shia who moved reflexively from her conditioned reflex.

Yue’s face crashed on the chest of Shia who stood on her way with speed that didn’t even leave behind afterimage. Without delay she then got restrained by Shia’s breast valley and both arms.

‘Fuga!? Fugafuga!’ Only that sound could be heard but, surely she was saying 「Shia!? Me and Hajime, whose ally you are!?」……perhaps.

Even while all that was going on, the image was still playing. At the same time, Hajime started explaining.

「This is image from after conquering the lowest floor and we were training using the hideout as base. I was doing hide-and-seek with Yue as training in presence isolation. Yue had the demon role. Because she is a vampire.」 (TN: In the raw, there was a play of word here. The kanji for vampire has the kanji for demon mixed in it. That’s why as the vampire Yue got the demon role)

‘You are doing wordplay there……’ Such tsukkomi was poured on Hajime from everyone’s gaze, but Hajime-san didn’t pay it any mind.

「Please look. The figure of Yue who was unable to find me and gradually become anxious.」

‘Fugaa~h’, a stifled voice resounded from Shia’s breasts, but Shia also didn’t know about this scene, so she said 「Yue-san, sorry! But, I’m curious!」 and strengthened the restrain from curiosity.

――’Ha, Hajime~? Le, let’s take a break for a bit? Come out~’

Yue-chan couldn’t find Hajime and raised her voice while walking trudgingly inside the cave.

However, in training, Hajime of this time was absurdly stoic. He was a person who would act until surpassing the limit in everything.

――’Wh, why aren’t you replying to me? Hajime~’

Her eyebrows were knitted down pathetically, her small hands were placed in front of her chest, while walking coweringly, nervously. That figure of Yue-chan was far removed from the figure of the current Yue-sama who was brimming with confidence.

She was like a lost child……

It was a figure that dangerously stimulated the protective desire, to the degree that the parents almost stepped forward reflexively altogether. If it was in the middle of city, it was guaranteed that the big friends or the self-styled gentlemen would gallantly come to protect her. Without fail!

Hajime-san who should be able to hear the voice of such Yue-chan, even so Hajime-san didn’t come out.

In everything, do it until surpassing the limit!

Like that, Yue-chan passed through the limit.

――’Hajimee~, whereee~, uwaaaahn’

It was only a matter of time until she cried, Yue-chan wiped her eyes while starting to cry normally!

As expected, it seemed Hajime couldn’t endure that and hurriedly rushed out.

While keeping such image at the corner of their eyes, everyone’s gaze moved toward Shia’s chest.

Yue who was liberated from the restrain was covering her face with both hands. It really looked like she was in a state of wanting to enter a hole if there was one! She was bright red from her ear until her neck.


「Yue-oneechan, is cute nano!」

Myuu’s words were half serious and half consoling in her own way but,

「……Please just kill me.」

Yue-sama who was immortal so she couldn’t die held her knees curled into herself!

It was a truly rare appearance.

「Hajime. You are really childish huh. Good job!」

「Really, to be happy from seeing Yue-chan’s crying face, what kind of sadist you are. I don’t remember raising up that kind of son, GJ!」

Hajime smiled with a sigh ‘fuh’. With the parents like this, the son was also like this. And then, 「Uu, Stupid Otou-sama and Okaa-sama! Also, Kaori who is grinning over there, you’ll absolutely get judgment」 Yue expressed her indignation.

Kaori raised her voice 「Why only me!?」. Completely ignoring that, Yue opened a gate with a heart that was blazing in revenge.

「……Everyone, over here.」

The pressure that wouldn’t let any objection to be said caused Hajime to let out cold sweat saying 「Crap, I might have overdone it」. While he was like that, the place they arrived at was a cave somewhere.

Right away, green spheres flew from deeper inside like buckshot.

「……Nn, Lighting Dragooon」

*GOAAAAA-* The lightning dragon raised the roar of a thunderbolt and annihilated all the green spheres while going deeper into the cave.

A beat later.

From inside the scream of 「GYAAAAAAAH!?」 could be heard, but it became silent right after that. ……Evil had left. Without even any chance to make its appearance.

Yue began the past playback as though nothing had happened.

It projected Yue who had flower blooming on her head that manipulated her, and a vexed Hajime. And then a quasi alraune appeared. A scene of Yue being turned into hostage which would be an impossible sight at the present flew into their sight.

――’Hajime! Don’t mind me……shoot!’

A tragic heroine, get. Everyone was holding their breath at the urgent situation and Yue’s self-sacrifice.

‘Where has the comedic footage just now gone to, it suddenly become too serious!’ Shuu and others wanted to say.

But, as expected serious-san was in the middle of vacation.

――’Eh, is that okay? That saved me the trouble.’

*DOPAN-?*, after a li~ght speech, the trigger was pulled with a really li~ght feeling.

Above the crown of Yue’s head burst, and the pulverized flower fluttered in the air.

Inside the projection, Yue went 「Eh?」. Even the quasi alraune went 「Eh?」.

At the same time, Shuu and others also went 「Eh?」.

「……Nn-. Everyone, do you see! Do you see!? Hajime, he shot! He shot me without hesitation! Please look! My scalp, it was shaved! The sound *pshew-*, it was the sound of my scalp getting shaved! Truly a brute! Inhuman! A super sadist!」

‘Certainly!’ Everyone nodded.

It appeared Yue brought out the “Yue-sama’s scalp *pshew-* incident* for revenge against Hajime. It seemed she was plotting to overwrite the memory of her embarrassing past using Hajime is a brute opinion.

「Hajime, you, such thing……」

「If it’s in a tale, Yue-chan is the heroine you know? I never heard something like a main character that shaved the scalp of the heroine.」

「Hajime-kun, don’t tell me, you’ve never done anything like that to Kaori too right?」

Shuu, Sumire, and Tomoichi stabbed Hajime with their creeped out gaze. In addition Kaoruko, Akiko, and Kirino too were stabbing him with gaze that was saying 「As expeted, Yue-chan is too pitiful」.

Hajime tried to cling on a ray of hope by sending his gaze to Shuuzou and Koichi, thinking that if it was them then perhaps they would recognize his method as valid when a hostage was taken? But,

「We, well, that’s. That was a nice shot.」

「Although it was in order to shot through the flower, aiming at the head is……as expected it was shocking.」

Koichi and Shuuzou, as expected they were creeped out. ‘That’s impossible!’ Hajime pleaded. ‘You two are in the lacking common sense faction right!? Here is a scene where you two should go 「Umu, splendid!」 isn’t it!?’ He insisted with his gaze.

「Ha, Hajime-kun at this period, is really merciless isn’t he……」

「Ka, Kaori, even you……」

「Look, those eyes of Goshujin-sama when saying 『saved me the trouble』 and pulling the trigger! Not calling those eyes as the eyes of a brute art――」

「Tio, you just shut up.」


「Sto, stop it, Myuu! Don’t look at papa with those eyes like you are looking at someone beyond help!」

Hajime papa who seemed to be tormented the most by Myuu’s gaze threw a sharp glare at Yue who was making a triumphant look for some reason.

「Yue, you, you are still holding a grudge huh. That’s really petty of you.」

「……Nnh!? What a remark. Even though it’s a fact that Hajime is a brute.」

「It’s in the past. Besides, you are too exaggerating just from getting your scalp shaved slightly.」

「……It’s not that kind of problem. The shooting itself is the problem.」

「You told me to shoot.」

「……You don’t understand woman’s heart too much.」

「It was because I was considerate to your woman’s heart that I even showed hesitation in the middle of combat. Or rather, in reality there was also the idea of not aiming at the flower and just shot through the face, and yet I did my best to settle it with only shaving your scalp.」

「!? ……Fi, first time I hear that. Hajime, you intended to shot my face!?」

「That will be the fastest right? You can regenerate after all, so I thought it might be alright.」

「……No way it’ll be alright! Stupid Hajime ! Brutish fiend!」

「Wah, what’s with you! Wait, dangerous! Stop with the Flame of Divine Punishment! That ain’t a joke!」

Kaori took over the past projection and repeated the image.

The projection of the manipulated Yue and Hajime battling overlapped with present Yue and Hajime getting into a fierce exchange.

Kaori led everyone to the corner of the room and activated a powerful barrier, then she spoke with a bright smile.

「Couhg-. Eee~, just now an extremely rare event of Yue VS Hajime-kun started. Please, watch till the end leisurely.」

「Kaori……you’re really」

Shizuku’s exasperated face didn’t do anything.

Something like the quarrel of Yue and Hajime, certainly, it was extremely rare to the degree everyone was thinking that perhaps this was the first time.

Even if they weren’t Kaori, it couldn’t be helped that their gaze unconsciously became fixed into the scene. In fact, even Shia, Tio, and also Aiko had their gaze fixed to it with their eyes and mouth wide open saying 「Oo~」.

「Ka, Kaori, is it alright not stopping them? Somehow Yue-chan become an adult and something like a halo is starting to appear behind her. Hajime-kun too, somehow crimson light burst out like a tornado around him.」

Tomoichi asked his daughter with twitching face. But, Kaori herself was,

「It’s fine, it’s fine. They are going to flirt with each other at the end anyway. ……Chih」

「Kaori!? Just now, did you click your tongue!? Otou-san don’t remember raising Kaori to be that kind of child you know!?」

Putting aside the Shirasaki father daughter,

「……Stupid Hajimee! Recently our alone time is too little! Spoil me moreee」

「That’s really my bad huh! This damned spoiled woman! When the Tortus travel is over, I’ll plan the travel for just us two next time so just be quiet!」

Hajime and Yue’s quarrel……quarrel (?) was getting increasingly intense. Their argument was completely off the mark, but in the end did the two of them notice it?



After that, Kaori forcefully interfered when the quarrel became something that only looked like mere flirting.

Hajime and Yue who were showered with warm gazes from everyone curled to become small together while urging the group to the next place to divert the attention.

During that time, it needn’t be said that Kaori’s clicking her tongue was mass produced.

And then it also went without saying that even from here on, Kaori’s clicking her tongue kept getting mass produced.


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