Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 33 — Haulia was Shameless as Expected

Chapter 33: Haulia was Shameless as Expected

Humans and demi-humans walking together inside the Sea of Trees.

Having seen that, those tiger-like demi-humans looked at Kam and his tribe as if they are traitors. They readied their double-edged sword while taking a stance. Tens of demi-humans come to surround them while emitting killing intent.

“W-we are…”

Kam who drenched in cold-sweat tried to find them some excuse, at the same time the tiger-like demihumans catches a glance at shia then their eyes opened wide.

“Isn’t that… the white-haired RabbitMan? … … bastard… so you are the Haulia tribe… a disgrace to demi-human race! For years, you’ve deceived us to raised that taboo child, and this time you brought humans here! What treason! I won’t hear any excuses! Everyone will be executed here! Everyone ge-!?”


At the time the tiger-like demi-human said no more negotiations and tried to command an attack, Hajime’s arm moved, a gunshot along with its flash can be heard then something grazed his cheek, leaving traces of gouged trees as it disappear into depth of the forest.

The tiger-like demi-human that was grazed, froze in place unable to understand what happened. If his ears were located at the side just like human’s, it surely would have been blown away. Everyone was stunned by the unknown explosive sound added with an attack so fast they are unable to react.

At that place, Hajime’s voice can be heard accompanied by an extraordinary pressure. It was the result of special magic called “Pressure” that directly apply physical pressure to the enemy.

“That attack just now, I can fire it tens times in succession. I already knew how many of you that are surrounding us. You’re already in my Kill zone”

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“Wh,wh… … the chant…”

Without chanting, to be able to fire invisible attack in succession and to know his comrade’s location made that tiger-like demi-human stutter unintentionally. To prove that, Hajime easily pull Schlag and aimed at a certain direction. The tiger-like demi-humans subordinate was in that direction. From the fog a sign of unrest can be felt.

“I won’t show any mercy to anyone who tries to interfere. Until they have fulfilled their promise, their lives are under my protection… … don’t even think you will get even one of them”

Aside from the pressure, Hajime start to emit his killing intent. The tiger-like demi-humans who was known as thick-headed and war-like were drenched in cold sweat, started to panic and screamed while one of them tried to desperately keep his calm.

(It must be a joke! How, how is this a human! He must be a monster!)

To the tiger-like demi-human who think hard so that he won’t lose to the fear, Hajime continued his words while setting up Donner-Schlag.

“However, if you retreat now I won’t give chase. If you’re not an enemy then there is no reason for me to kill. Well, now choose. Are you gonna be my enemy and meaninglessly annihilated or will you quietly go home?”

The tiger-like demi-human was convinced that the moment he give the order to attack, that flash he saw a while ago will be back. If that happen, there were no chances for them to survive.

The tiger-like demi-human is the captain of the Second Guard of Faea Belgaen. His work was to guard between Faea Belgaen and the surrounding village, it was his pride and resolution in this work to protect his brethren from intruders and demonic beasts. Therefore, it was not easy for him to decide between retreating and his subordinate’s lives.

“… &... before that, I want to know one thing”

The tiger-like demi-human desperately tried to ask Hajime with his hoarse voice. Hajime urged him to talk with his eyes.

“… … what’s your purpose?”

A straightforward question. However, depending on the answer, he implied that he has the resolution to fight even if it’ll put a risk to his life. For the tiger-like demi-humans, it was impossible for him to let go anyone who tries to hurt demi-humans living in Faea Belgaen and its surrounding villages, so he bravely stared at Hajime with unyielding eyes.

“The depth of the Sea of Trees, I want to go underneath the Great Tree”

“Underneath the Great Tree… you say? For what purpose?”

The tiger-like demihuman thought whether his purpose was trying to enslave demi-humans, but when he heard his purpose was the sacred place “the Great Tree” he can only give out perplexed look. “The Great Tree” for demi-humans was just one of many place inside the Sea of Trees.

“Over there might be where the true entrance to the Great Dungeon resides. We are traveling to conquer the Seven Great Dungeon. And that is why we employ the Haulia as our guide.”

“The real dungeon? Just what are you trying to say? This Sea of Trees is one of the Seven Great Dungeon. The dungeon where no one except the demi-humans can advanced without getting lost.”

“Well, that is weird.”


The tiger-like demi-humans dubiously tried to ask Hajime who confidently declared that.

“For a Great Dungeon, the demonic beasts here are too weak”


“That’s right. For a Great Dungeon’s demonic beasts, all of them are suppose to be monstrously strong. At the very least around the level of “Orcus Great Dungeon”‘s Abyss. Also…”

“What is it?”

“A Great Dungeons is the place of trial that the “Liberators” left behind. For demi-humans to easily enter the depth, you said? That can’t be called a trial. That’s why it’s weird for the Sea of Trees itself as a Great Dungeon.”

“… …”

The tiger-like demi-humans was unable to hide his confusion after hearing Hajime’s words. That was because he was unable to understand what Hajime means. The Sea of Trees’ demonic beasts’ were weak, “Orcus Great Dungeon”‘s Abyss, the Liberators, trial of the dungeon… were something unknown to him. If it was the usual, he will just say it was “nonsense”.

But, now, in this place, what Hajime said was appropriate. For Hajime who capable to overwhelming them, there is no need to make any excuses. In addition, his words itself strangely made them convinced. The truth is if his objective really was the Great Tree not the demi-humans or Faea Belgaen, rather than meaninglessly throwing his subordinates’ life, it was better for him to reach his objective then leave.

The tiger-like demi-human already decided that. But, he can’t just leave Hajime wander around freely like that. For this matter was already in his hand, therefore the tiger-like demi-human give a proposal to Hajime.

“… … if, you are not planning to harm my country and brethren, I don’t care if you go to the Great Tree, that’s my decision. There is no meaning to meaninglessly throwing my subordinates’ lives after all.”

Having heard his words, there were signs of commotion in the surrounding demi-humans. Because he was overlooking human intruders inside the Sea of Trees.

“However, I also need to ask the First Guard’s captain. In addition I must report to my country. The elder might also know something about your story. If that place truly exist or not, until that known, wait here with us.”

While drenched in cold sweat, the tiger-like demi-humans then stared with strong will that can be seen in his eyes and to his words, Hajime tried to think about it.

It was probably the limit for the tiger-like demihumans. It was heard that intruder coming into the Sea of Trees will be killed without the need to talk. Even now, they must still want to punish Hajime and his party. However, his subordinates’ lives will be lost for sure. To avoid it, and for the sake of not letting a potential danger like Hajime loose he made that proposal.

Hajime was a little impressed by his rational judgement under this situation. After comparing the merit between advancing after annihilating them and having permission thus losing the risk of surrounded by Faea Belgaen… he chose the latter. If the Great Tree isn’t the entrance to the Great Dungeon, it was necessary to continue searching for it. In doing so, it was more convenient to have permission from Faea Belgaen. Of course, there is the risk of them becoming hostile, but that is only if there were no other way. It was not a human-like judgment, it was just too troublesome to search while annihilating them.

“… … I accept it. Your words, report them without any distortion, okay?”

“Of course. Zam! You heard it right! Report it to the elders!”

“Yes, sir!”

Under the tiger-like demi-human’s command, one of the presence was gone. After confirming that, Hajime return Donner-Schlag into their holsters on his thighs while releasing his “Pressure”. The air become normal. Because of this, the tiger-like demi-human who previously looked at Hajime dubiously start to relax while feeling relieved. In their mind, “If it is now!” was the thing some of the demi-humans thought while ready to attack. Hajime who noticed that only fearlessly laughed while giving them a glance.

“Between your attack and mine… do you want try it?”

“… … well. Don’t make any sudden movement you know. We just can’t help but react to it.”

“I know.”

Even though they are still surrounded, finally they arrived at conclusion, Kam and his tribe finally able to sigh in relieved. However, the glance turned to them, a more severe and evil than the one directed at Hajime.

For a while, the oppressive atmosphere filled their surrounding, but maybe because they got tired of it, Yue began to tried to take care of Hajime. Shia who sees their harmony, finally unable to take it then mutter “Me too~”, Hajime can only reveal a forced smile, and the atmosphere start to soften. Inside the enemy territory, suddenly they began to flirt (from demi-humans’ perspective), Hajime can feel their amazed glance pierced at him.

After around one hour. Shia was, currently have her joint locked by Yue saying “Give! I give up~! ” while desperately tap her hand, while the surrounding demi-humans watched them with half-amazed and half-warm gaze, then presences can be felt approaching them quickly.

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Tension start to appear again. While Shia was feeling the pain in her joint.

From the fog, several new figures of demi-humans appear. The elderly man who was in the middle especially attracted their attention. Beautifully flowing blonde hair along with his blue eyes that show great knowledge, his body was thin, as if it’ll blow along with the wind. To that dignified appearance, some wrinkles was carved, but that contrast only accentuate his beauty. Above all of that, his ear was long and pointed. He was from the Forest tribe (the so called Elf).

Instantaneously, Hajime guessed he was the existence that was called “Elder”. That guess was right on the spot.

“Fumu, are you that human? What is your name?”

“Hajime. Nagumo Hajime. You?”

Having heard Hajime’s words, the surrounding demi-humans was like “how dare you treat elder like that!” and their resent can be seen. With one hand the man from the Forest tribe calm them down and start to introduced himself.

“I am Alfrerick Hypist. One of elder of Faea Belgaen. Well then, I have heard your request but… before that, I have something to ask. Where did find out about the “Liberators”?”

“Un? From the Abyss of Orcus Great Dungeon, one of Liberators, Oscar Orcus’s hideout.”

Without any purpose, Hajime answered Alfrerick who seems to be interested in the word Liberators. On his side, Alfrerick was astonished although it wasn’t shown on his face. The reason is the word Liberator and Oscar Orcus’ name, only known by some of the elders.

“Fumu, from the Abyss huh… … I haven’t heard it for a long time… … can you prove it?”

Alfrerick asked Hajime that question because there is a possibility where the information was leaked by the upper layer of demi-human. Hajime reveal a difficult expression. Because even though he was told to prove it, he can only show his strength. Yue while tilted her head give Hajime a suggestion.

“… … Hajime, what about Orcus’ relic such as magic stone?”

“Aah! That’s right, if it was that…”

With “Pon” he clasped his hand, and he took out the magic stone with quality that was unobtainable the surface demonic beasts from the “Treasure Box”, then passed it to Alfrerick.

“Th-this is… Magic stone with such purity, I have never seen…”

Even though Alfrerick hide his surprise, the demi-human next to him unintentionally raised his surprised voice.

“Now, this. Once it was ring that used by Orcus…”

As he said it, he showed him Orcus’ ring. Having seen the symbol carved into the ring, Alfrerick eyes were wide opened. And he start to breath slowly to control to his emotion.

“Indeed… … certainly, you have reached Oscar Orkus’ hideout. Even though there are other think I want to ask… … alright. For now it’s okay for you to come to Faea Belgaen. Aah, of course Haulia too.”

Having heard Alfrerick’s words, not only the surrounding demi-humans but also Kam and his Haulia tribe was surprised. Led by the tiger-like demi-human, they started to protest furiously. Well, that’s only natural. One of it was because of humans were invited into the Faeea Belgaen.

“They must be treated as guest. Well they are qualified for that. Also, this is one of the rule that’s been decided by the one with elder’s seat.”

Alfrerick calmed the surrounding with his stern look. However, this time Hajime was the one who protested.

“Wait. Why the hell did you decided my schedule? I am going to the Great Tree, also I have no interest on Faea Belgaen. If there are no others questions, then I’ll go to the Great Tree now.”

“Well, did you know. That is impossible.”

“What did you say?”

In the end, are you going to interfere? is what Hajime thought, but it make Alfrerick look perplexed.

“The fog around the Great Tree is especially thick, even demi-human will be lost there. But there are cycle when the fog become thinner, that’s why you should go there at that time. The next time you can go will be in 10 days. … … even though it was supposed to be known by all of the demi-humans…”

Alfrerick was looking at Hajime saying, “To go there in such time, what were you think?” then Kam the guide was seen. Hajime who heard this fact finally understood and just like Alfrerick stared at Kam. Speaking of Kam…


Exactly, he looks like he just remember it. A vein appear on Hajime.


“Ah, well, what can I say… … look, a lot has happened, I just forgot about it… I’ve only been there when I was a child, so I was not aware about the cycle…”

Kam who desperately tried to find an excuses start to become flustered, because they can’t take it Hajime and Yue stared at him intently and they became blame the others.

“Eei, Shia, the others too! Why, you are telling us the way! You know about the cycle right!”

“Wh, father, that’s misplaced anger! I was, because father was so confidence, so I thought the cycle must be near… … in other words, it’s father’s fault~!”

“That’s right, even we, Huh? Isn’t that weird? think that, but the chief was so confident about it, so we thought it was our that wrong…”

“Chief, it was because you’re to excited about a random thing…”

Kam who was blamed by Shia who also blamed, while the other RabbitMans try to avert their eyes and casually push the responsibility to other.

“Y-you lot! Is that how family is! This, that, that is! Joint responsibility! Hajime-dono, not only me but please punish all of us!”

“Ah, how dirty! Father is dirty~! Because it’s scary to be punished alone, you tried to drag others!”

“Chief! Please don’t involve us!”

“Idiot! On our way, you’re already see how Hajime-dono is. I absolutely don’t want to be punished alone!”

“You, how can you call yourself a chief!”

RabbitMan tribe was known to have the greatest affection compared to other demi-humans. They are noisily tried to push the responsibility to the other. Just where did their affection go… … as expected of Shia’s family. All of them were shameless rabbits.

With a vein appear, Hajime muttered a word.

“… … Yue”


Having heard Hajime, Yue take a step forward then hold out her right hand. Having noticed that the Haulia tribe’s expression cramped.

“Wa, please wait, Yue-san! If you want to do it just take it to father!”

“Ha Ha ha, we’ll always be together!”

“The hell with together!”

“Yue-dono, please only hit the chief!”

“It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault, the one at fault was the chief!”

To the Haulia tribe who was in chaos, Yue quietly muttered.

“‘Storm Emperor’”

—— Agh——!!!

Those rabbit-ears were flown to the sky. Their screams echoes in the Sea of Trees. Even though their brethren was attacked, Alfrerick and the surrounding demi-humans weren’t mad at all. In fact, they looked at the sky with amazement. From their expression, it seems Haulia tribe’s shamelessness was widely known.

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