Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 330: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc That Place is The Front Line City

Chapter 330: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc That Place is The Front Line City

(Note: In the raw it was Ousatsu yuusha Shia, translated literally it means Shia, hero who beat the enemy to death with her bare hand. Something like that, so I just shorten it using brutal. Or perhaps brutalizer is more fitting? Anyway I might change the term later if the author shade some more light on the naming)

Author Note: Warning

This work is a fiction. It has no relation with the person, group, and city in reality.

In other words it isn’t Akihabara, till the end it’s the city of Akiba.

That’s how it is, please remember it.

One day after several months had passed since Hajime and co returned to earth.

「Shia……you are really going alone?」

The worried voice of Hajime resounded in the living room of Nagumo house.

Shia replied with a troubled expression while putting things like wallet and accessory into a rabbit bag that was embroidered with deformed rabbit mark.

「Geez-. Hajime-san is really a worrywart desuu! How old do you think I am?」

「Even if you say that……you still haven’t gotten completely used to the culture and sense of values here right? I don’t think it’s alright for you to go everywhere alone.」

「Now see here~. That’s exaggeration when I’m only going shopping for a bit! I’m not a little kid you know?」

「But still, Shia. This is your “first time visiting Akiba” you know?」

The reason why Hajime was showing concern to an overprotective degree for Shia who was going shopping alone seemed to be that.

In front of Shia who was somewhat exasperated, Hajime showed a difficult expression and raised his voice 「No good. As expected I’m worried. I’m also going!」.

「Just what are you worried about…… It’s a lovely city that is overflowing with the subculture that Hajime-san loves right? It’s even get called as the holy land of the people with the same hobby like Hajime-san. And yet, why is Hajime-san acting like I’m getting send off into a battlefield?」

「Battlefield, huh. ……In a sense, you aren’t wrong.」

Hajime muttered lowly. Shia tilted her rabbit ears limply hearing those words and made a doubtful face.

Hajime cleared his throat with a cough and declared once more with a serious face.

「Anyway! I’m also going with you!」

「Gee~~z. That’s just no goood」

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Shia’s rabbit ears were flapping *funya funya* with delight and also embarrassment at Hajime’s obstinate announcement.

Although, there was no way she could bring Hajime along right now.

「Someone with shadow that large under his eyes cannot come along! Hajime-san haven’t sleep in these few days from running around to do information control for the sake of helping Aiko-san and creating new artifacts right? Please rest properly today!」

「No, I’m used to have all-nighter. If it’s the current me who was trained in another world, I can go without sleep for a month easy.」

「Please don’t familiarize yourself with not sleeping for a month.」

Shia hit Hajime’s head lightly to scold him. She let out a long sigh, however she was happy that he was worried for her so she tried giving an alternative plan.

「Then, I will go together with Yue-san. Hajime-san will be relieved if it’s the two of us right? Yue-san is generally a person with nothing to do in the house since coming here anyway.」


Yue-sama who was watching the conversation of Hajime and Shia from the sofa in the living room with amusement got hit. She pressed her chest saying 「Hauu」 as though she got pierced by arrow from an unexpected place.

「No good. Rather, that’s even more no good. Listen to me Shia. You don’t understand at all about the place called Akiba. You or Yue going to that town, yes, it’s like throwing raw meat in the middle of a pack of hungry lions.」

「I don’t really understand what you are saying.」

「……Then, I should also compromise here. Shia, in the first place your business isn’t anything big right? Then, how about going together with me at the next holiday?」

「For me it’s an important business desuu!」

‘Upsetting!’ Shia-san’s rabbit ears bristled up as though to say that.

By the way, Shia wanted to go to the town of Akiba because today she coincidentally had free time, there was nobody else to play with than Yue-san who mostly had nothing to do, Hajime was in a state where he should sleep right away, and so it occurred to her to try taking a walk in the city of Japan that she still hadn’t known much about.

And then, if she was asked why Akiba, it was for the sake of researching rabbit eared girls.

In earth, or rather in Japan, there was a kind of culture of loving animal ears. It was a preference for their animal ears that were a target of persecution until only recently.

And then, there was also a lot of tales with rabbit eared girls playing active part in it. That was why Shia thought 「In that case, I have to study it desuu!」. Yes, in order to become a rabbit that was loved even more by Hajime!

For the time being, her plan today was to buy up all the product about the work where an absurdly powerful rabbit eared girl that was troubled by problem children rampaging in another world was playing active role, and the work of a uniformed rabbit eared girl who was controlling madness in a fantasy land.

Both rabbits in those works were skilled in housework and surrounded by many people with excellent capability but with problem children trait. Those points caused feeling of affinity to rise up inside Shia.

Also, she planned to buy anything she could get about works related to genuine hand-to-hand fighting. She already finished reading everything inside the book collection Hajime owned, and even though it was only half playing around she had finished learning most of the techniques that came out in them.

She was still unable to learn techniques from work with strong fantasy setting――for example the techniques of a certain bugged character like Shia Impac○ or Shia Feve○. But Shia’s body was really accustomed to techniques that were realistic to a certain degree.

Back to the topic.

Hajime who realized how firm Shia’s determination (?) was let out a sigh.

His hand suddenly reached toward Shia’s rabbit ears. He petted them *mofu mofu*.

「Nnh, nnu~. What is it, Hajime-san?」

Hajime said with a serious face toward Shia who was narrowing her eyes in pleasure.

「Shia, have a self-awareness. Your rabbit ears are the most valuable treasure of mankind.」

「What are you saying?」

「Mankind won’t hesitate to go to war if it’s for this.」

「Hajime-san, you are tired. Never mind that, please just go rest already.」

Hajime ignored Shia who was giving him an unblinking stare and put on ear cuffs on Shia’s rabbit ears. The rabbit ears instantly looked like it melted into thin air and became invisible.

「You are tired with the usual hair band artifact to hide your rabbit ears right? I tried making ear cuffs type too. I improved it so it apply recognition obstruction on your appearance too. After all if you are strolling alone in the city, you will get hit on by men like there is no tomorrow.」

The rabbit ears flapped *myon myon*! The rabbit ears were as expressive as words coming from her mouth!

But, Hajime’s face was serious in front of the bashful Shia. He grasped both of Shia’s shoulders with a serious face that even looked a bit scary.

「Ha, Hajime-san?」

「Listen well Shia. That ear cuff is your lifeline. Be really, really careful in the town of Akiba. Don’t you dare taking it off no matter what. ……After all Akiba is rough. No, perhaps it’s the world that is stormy……anyway, it will become really troublesome.」

「Ye, yes. That’s, well, I won’t take it off……」

‘Isn’t this a bit too exaggerated when I’m just going to a lovely town that is overflowing with subculture?’, Shia’s expression became really doubtful.

She self-concluded that as expected Hajime’s head became a little strange like this because of the lack of sleep. Shia shouldered her rabbit bag and displayed her will to depart.

Shia who possessed a treasure warehouse was purposefully carrying the rabbit bag was in consideration when she had to take in and out item in the public.

At the entrance, Hajime was coming along with her to see her off. She wondered what Yue was doing, but Shia’s excellent rabbit ears picked up mumbling 「……A vampire princess who mostly got nothing to do……a vampire princess who is always in the house……NEET vampire princess full speed ahead? ……There is no way……」, so she ignored it while letting out a bit of cold sweat.

She decided to buy Yue’s favorite sweets when going home.

「Then Hajime-san, I’m going.」

「Yeah. …You bring your wallet? You know the direction?」

「Yes, no problem.」

「What about handkerchief and tissue? You don’t forget your smartphone right?」

「……I bring them. I’m telling you there is no need to be that worried.」

As expected, the sentences that were really like a parent acting worried for his little child going at her “first errand” made Shia felt a bit weary but……

「You bring your Drucken? You have enough hand grenades?」

「I, I’m properly carrying my treasure warehouse you know?」

「Are your bullet magazines sufficient? Is your war preparation okay?」

「Who are you talking to!? Akiba is electronic item quarter isn’t it!? It’s not a battlefield isn’t it!?」

Shia-chan suddenly became anxious. She came to think that Akiba was the front line with bloody wind blowing.

「……Come back safely Shia. Show a good fight out there!」

「Is it a battlefield just as I thought!? Right in the middle of the city!? Japan is scary!」

Turning her back toward Hajime who made a sharp salute with a serious face, Shia departed while twitching.

While thinking for a bit that perhaps it would be better to just cancel this trip.





A few hours after that.

「Haa haa, kuu~, how persistent. So this is what Hajime-san was worried about!」

There was a silhouette nimbly running at the back alley of Akiba while their beautiful light blue hair was fluttering behind.

It was Shia who was cursing while her pure white miniskirt was flapping.

Her usual innocent smile couldn’t be seen on her face. She looked bitter due to her own blunder and the demonic hand that was cornering herself exactly at this time. The rabbit ears she was proud of were also twitching around busily *piko piko* in vigilance to the surrounding.

Shia dodged trash can and piping lightly like an acrobat while rushing through the narrow alley between buildings.

She looked like someone who was attempting to escape desperately……

No, in reality, unbelievably, at present Shia was being forced to escape.

There was no existence that could become a threat to Shia who was in the same inhuman group like Hajime and others. It was to the degree that all who knew Shia dubbed her as 「Real certain bugged character」.

She could pluck fired normal bullet from the air, on top of that recently she would say 「Please watch this Hajime-san! I finally mastered it!」 while perceiving railgun bullet by sight and dodged it like an agent from the Matr○x. It caused Hajime to let out a bizarre groan 「Uboa」.

Such bugged rabbit was being forced to escape one-sidedly. The existence that forced her to do so was……

「Fo, found heeer! Rabbit eared missyyyyy!」


Carrying a backpack on their back, clad in T-shirt that had the sentence 「This is my life」 skillfully written on it, blazing eye glint peeking out from between the long hair, while that hand was holding a solid looking camera――the “Akiba warrior”, was right there.

Just a bit before Shia could rush out from the back alley, the door of a building’s rear entrance was slammed open. The young Akiba warrior who appeared from there made Shia spontaneously screamed pathetically.

That was natural. After all just a moment ago Shia’s rabbit ears detected that his presence was at the other side of the building. And yet, within an instant, right after she diverted her attention the young man appeared before her eyes.

‘This is earth isn’t it!? The peaceful country, Japan isn’t it!?’ Shia made a tsukkomi with a scream inside her heart.

The Akiba warrior young man faced Shia whose face was shuddering and raised his camera. Then he suddenly lowered his head in a flash.

「Ple, please let me take a photo!!」

「I told you already no-!」

Shia replied reflexively.

However, the young man was completely not discouraged! He didn’t draw back! He didn’t flinch! He didn’t look back! 「E, even so please-!」, even though he was stammering slightly, he bowed his head even lower with a posture that strangely radiated a strong will.

Seeing that there would be no end to it, Shia jumped to the building’s wall and kicked on it to jump over the young man’s head. She came out on a street somewhere.

Then, it seemed that Shia’s angry yell just now got heard, the bunch who were chasing after Shia before this――the group of warrior and gentleman was gathering in drove.

「Ra, rabbit ear-san-, please, allow us to take a pictureee!」

「One shot, just one shot is fine, so-」

「Tha, that gaze, please turn it over here!」

「Is it okay to request a pose? I, if possible please take a gun finger pose. Also, can you make the rabbit ears to look a bit wilting? Or rather, I, I have a uniform right here, i, is it okay to ask you to change into it?」

In the blink of eye Shia was surrounded by warriors and gentlemen. The youngest of them were at their teen while the oldest of them were at their 60. Swiftly a formation was formed with praiseworthy skillfulness. On top of that, there were even curious onlookers gathering thinking that there was some kind of event, finally even a crowd was starting to form.

「Uu, just what are you all saying. Even though there are also people wearing cat ears or dog ears. Even someone like the rabbit eared maid-san just now, somehow she was making an amazing movement, and yet why is it only me…… What Hajime-san said that 『Akiba is rough』 is completely right on the mark desuu」

Shia’s face contorted looking like she was going to cry. Finally her surrounding was filled with Akiba’s warriors, gentlemen, and ladies. They were eagerly aiming for the photo timing while waiting for Shia’s permission.

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By the way, the rabbit eared maid-san Shia mentioned. Shia only saw her from afar but……

When the maid was doing her job attracting customer on the street, it seemed she discovered the crime of taking picture sneakily. The rabbit-eared maid-san broke into a run with terrific speed and in the blink of eye she subdued the criminal who was escaping like a startled hare while yelling some kind of technique name 「Lightspeed Triden○ Tackle!」.

Shia saw a hallucination. There was the image of a trident, overlapping on the hand that the rabbit eared maid-san stretched out.

Setting that aside.

About why the situation became like this, that was simply caused by Shia’s painful blunder.

For Shia who had lived as a discriminated race for a long time, girl wearing animal ears by their own accord was a terribly rare existence. No, someone like Yue often performed “Yue-nyan, meow”, but that person was strange like that in various things, so setting that aside……

Anyway, such girl was an existence that drew in her gaze and attention very much.

That must be why. In the street that was already filled to the brim with people, Shia whose attentiveness was distracted bumped with another person, and in that instance her ear cuffs got caught on something and fell off.

Furthermore, she then acted in a way that was common for a panicked person.

When she tried to pick the ear cuffs in panic, her toes inadvertently kicked it away. That was her bitter blunder number two.

Unluckily, the ear cuffs that were tumbling away on the ground got bounced away like a pinball by the crowd and it flew away into the gutter at the side road with splendid trajectory that would make any commentator to yell 「GOAL!!」.

Shia tried to check inside the gutter in a flustered state but……

If the ear cuffs were gone, naturally, it became exposed.

Yes, Shia’s rabbit ears, and above all else, her beautiful look.

The beautiful long hair that reminded one of the pale blue moonlight, the beautiful face that would make foreign superstar to run away with their tail between their legs, the perfect body proportion that would put any model to shame.

Even though she was a super beauty but the atmosphere she was clad in was gentle and overflowing with loveliness that would make anyone wanted to look at her forever.

Such lovely girl who was already like a miracle even at the best of times, was

Of all things, wearing twitching rabbit ears *piko piko*.

At this occasion, the matter of the rabbit ears looking too realistic didn’t worth any consideration. How was it moving, how their movement was just too natural……such tsukkomi was buried deep at the bottom of everyone’s heart.

Because, if they were a man, no, even if they were of the same gender, if they were someone who loved Akiba then they could only have their heart gotten stolen away!

The rest was inevitable. The warriors, gentlemen, ladies, and wizards of Akiba crowded like hyenas.

If they acted rudely toward Shia here, if they acted forcefully toward her, Shia would mercilessly punch them flying and disappeared right away.

However, as expected from them. They properly bowed their head and asked for permission before taking picture, and even though they were throwing their demand that was filled to the brim with their zeal without any reservation, they didn’t force or threaten their target.

In the first place it was also Shia’s fault for committing the blunder of losing her artifact even after Hajime’s warning that it would cause a commotion. Conversely she was unable to bulldoze her way through them who were acting like this.

And so, she immediately ran away from the town of Akiba but……

They weren’t that soft.

They cornered Shia, just like how in the past the craftsmen of Heiligh Kingdom cornered Hajime using only their passion as their weapon!

With the astounding tracking ability and physical ability and coordination that was unthinkable to be carried out by fellows who only had met for the first time that made Shia couldn’t help to make a tsukkomi ‘Are you guys really just human!?’, they approached her and earnestly begged for their request to be granted.

It was truly a situation of “Shia escape! But the enemy cut her off!”. (TN: I think this is reference to Dragon Quest, when you try to escape from battle but the escape failed. Sadly I don’t remember the exact notification message from the game English version)

She was unable to run away from the warriors, gentlemen, ladies, wizards, hunters, and searchers of Akiba!

Shia thought, 「The station is far away……」.

「Fuu, it can’t be helped. I don’t really want to do something absurd in Hajime-san’s world but……rather, it’s you all who are absurd! Surely just this much will be fine!」

When the voice of 「Please, let us take a photo!」 was starting to become a loud chorus, she let out a long sigh while starting to walk briskly.

The crowd surrounding Shia in a circle was stirred, but she didn’t pay it any mind and advanced straight ahead and then she stopped in front of a young man.

The young man muttered 「Eh, eh? M, me? Could it be, it comes? My springtime comes?」, but as expected Shia didn’t pay it any mind and she grasped the young man’s shoulders tightly.

The young man’s face blushed bright red from having both his shoulders grasped by a lovely rabbit-eared beautiful girl who couldn’t be found even in TV right in front of him. The surround became even more stirred!

The young man’s face was vaguely filled with expectation, however, Shia heartlessly presented such young man with words that would be a reward for a minority of human with unique nature.

「I’m sorry. Can I ask you to kneel for a bit?」


「Can you, kneel for me?」

Shia smiled sweetly while strengthening her grip to just barely the limit. The young man was taken aback for a moment, but for some reason his face became even redder and he bent his knees while his breathing grew a bit rougher. It seemed this young man too was a part of that “minority human with unique nature”.

Shia stepped on the shoulder of such young man. The young man spontaneously almost looked up, but right after that a great pressure assaulted him and he instinctually lowered his head. He was like a knight swearing fealty toward the princess.

The surrounding people gulped wondering if they were going to start abnormal this and that in front of this many people. The camera lenses were sparkling here and there.

But, the next instant, they all became wide eyed.

「Well then everyone, forgive me for the commotion.」

Shia bowed her head shortly along with word of apology, then right after that she put her weight into the foot stepping on the shoulder of the young man, and then she made a big jump right after that.

The young man was surprised that the recoil from supporting the jump of a single person was shockingly lacking and he turned around with a gasp.

Then, over there was the figure of Shia making a single rotation in midair while making the bald head of an uncle at the back as her next stool.

Like that Shia was making the warrior, gentleman, lady, wizard, knight, hunter, searcher, shop owner, rabbit eared maid-san, and residence of Akiba as her stepping stool while rapidly advancing through the crowd.

「I, I’m used as stepping stooool!?」

「Thank you very much-」

「My heart is jumping pyon pyooonn」

Everyone was greatly excited seeing Shia hopping *pyon pyon* beautifully by stepping on the crowd.

The rabbit ears waving *pyoko pyoko* and the rabbit tail shaking *furi furi*, and then the brutally bouncing twin hills *barun barun* made the many people to be just one step away from madness. The warriors almost turned into berserkers!

Of course, Shia wasn’t doing this because she was aiming for it. It was something easy to leap over the whole crowd in a single leap.

However, such feat would be truly inhuman. Jumping by using people as stepping stools was just barely within the range of what could be processed as common sense.

Ignoring the noise of the people, Shia executed her last big jump along with a marvelous midair somersault that would make any gymnast went pale and landed lightly on the ground. And then without pause she dashed away like a startled hare.

The warriors who returned to their senses screamed 「HYA―HAA―!!」 and moved simultaneously. ……It seemed around half of them had transformed into berserker. Also, the rabbit eared maid-san was absurdly fast. The voice that said 「Please accept me as your pupil!」 seemed to reach Shia’s rabbit ears but, surely it was just her mishearing, no doubt about it.

「This time for suree, I will reach the station of Akiba no matter whaaat! Don’t look down on the rabbit who beat down even the god’s apostle!」

Surely the apostles of god too would cry in the shadow if they knew they got compared with the warriors of Akiba. Especially Erst-san.

Like that Shia sprinted through the last alley and caught sight of the station at the front. She resolved herself that she wouldn’t come to Akiba anymore without Hajime’s company and she relaxed her tension from the relieve――it was then.


Shia’s foot that was stepping forward wandered in empty space. She unconsciously leaked out a stupid voice.

Losing the foothold where she should step on, her body shook forward while her gaze was turning. She saw a hole like a dark black hole there.

Just a moment before, there should definitely be a street there. There wasn’t anything like a manhole with shifted cover. Above all else, the insistence of her instinct showed strongly that it wasn’t just a hole.

Shia was going to fall into the hole, however, even while feeling shaken she used the power of “Air Force” that was built into her shoes with reaction speed that was worthy for a bugged character. She created a foothold to escape to the other side of the hole.


「Wha-!? I’m getting sucked!?」

Yes, the expression of black hole really fitted to describe that hole.

It was like the “Severance Calamity” of Yue. The extraordinary sucking power that was difficult to oppose was completely capturing Shia!

「Kuh, Hajime-san-!」

The surprise attack that was too sudden couldn’t be handled by Shia whose battle instinct seemed to have grown slightly dull due to the peaceful days after the legendary decisive battle. At the end, she called the name of her beloved while getting sucked into the bottom of the darkness.

Silence returned to the alley where Shia vanished.

*Swirl*, there was only wind blowing vainly.







After a sensation of great weightlessness, Shia felt the sensation of hard ground under her butt.

Light filled her field of vision and she couldn’t see clearly. However, her excellent presence detection ability sensed the multiple presences surrounding her at the other side of the light.

「It seems I’m spared from getting instantly killed but……the smell of troublesome thing is strong.」

Shia smiled wryly while pouring magic power into the treasure warehouse worn on her left hand’s ring finger. At the same time she held up her palm horizontally and grasped. Vire Drucken that manifested at a superb timing settled into her hand.

It was an unexpected situation, the profound weight of her partner made Shia formed a fearless smile. The self-confidence to smash through any kind of situation and the resolve to reunite with Hajime and others without fail were dwelling inside her sparkling eyes.

Like that, Shia was on her guard while observing the situation. Before long the light melted into thin air and vanished.

‘Now then, what kind of fellow is committing the foolish act of kidnapping me’, thought Shia while looking around her with her gaze dangerously narrowed.

「Oo, is it a success!?」

「As expected from the chief royal magician-dono.」

「Look at that beauty. It’s like she is the goddess of the moon.」

There were around twenty people being noisy in surprise and delight. Those people were wearing clothes like priest clothes or armor like soldier.

Shia stayed silent while her observing gaze looked around. A single youth who looked slightly exhausted walked in front of her.

The youth was wearing a magnificent robe that was decorated with geometrical pattern with ultramarine and silver color, and he was holding a cane that was made from wood that looked like twisted oak. His braided long hair had vivid silver color. He was wearing a small pince-nez glasses and his long-slitted eyes gave intellectual impression. He was a terrific handsome guy of intellectual type.

Such intellectual handsome guy faced Shia and opened his mouth, however, he was stopped by a hand grabbing his shoulder from behind.

「Wait Louise. Don’t approach her carelessly. That woman is holding a weapon. We don’t know what she will do.」

Saying that, the one who directed wary and suspecting gaze to Shia was also a terrific handsome guy. Vivid golden hair and golden eyes. Sharp gaze that was like a predator and trained body that was obvious even from above the light armor he was wearing. He was a man that gave the impression of a wild lion.

「Ee~, is that so? I think she is a really cute girl though? I want to get near her right at this very second.」

「Just shut up Phil. The opinion of a playboy doesn’t hold any weight.」

「You say that Eric, but inside your heart you also think that she is cute right? Besides, look, Greg who usually make uninterested face toward girl is completely staring in fascination there.」

The person who appeared with frivolous comment was also a handsome guy as expected. He had slovenly appearance of greatly exposed chest while his finger was casually twiddling his wavy deep green hair.

In addition there was also a man with short black hair muscular build, but, as expected he was also a handsome guy of some kind of clichéd trope. He was staring intently at Shia.

Seeing them, Shia grew impatient and opened her mouth while lightly tapping Vire Drucken on her shoulder.

「Say, I don’t know what is your objective in kidnapping me, but if you aren’t hostile, then can you all explain the situation to me already? I want to go back home quickly……」

Then, perhaps feeling irked by that attitude of Shia, the golden haired man who really looked like someone with arrogant personality――the man called Eric squinted his eyes and he was about to say something.

This time it was the silver haired and delicate looking man called Louise who stopped him. He made a gentle smile while speaking out their objective.

「Pardon our rudeness. We called you my lady to this place because we wish for you to save the world. My deepest apologies for our selfish rudeness. But, please, I beg you to save our world.」

Like that, decisively following the template, the extremely clichéd word was said.


Their words and gazes were earnestly filled with great expectation.

Seeing that, hearing that, Shia reflexively,

「Eh, I don’t wanna.」

Replied like that honestly.

A really painful atmosphere filled the place.


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