Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 331: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc Fly Until The Moon-! Desuu!

Chapter 331: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc Fly Until The Moon-! Desuu!

The silence was deafening. It was like the time had stopped.

「Err……I don’t wanna do it though.」

She made doubly sure! It was important so she said it twice!

The place finally turned noisy because of Shia’s words.

Looking closer, this room had beautiful cylinder shape, the width was around the same with gymnasium in general, and inside it there were about thirty people.

Complicated geometrical patterns was carved under Shia’s feet. There were the people who were calling out to her just now surrounding the pattern, and further around them there were people wearing robe or armor surrounding them. Although, there was just one person who seemed to be out of place due to the maid uniform that she was wearing……

Anyway, their expressions were all similarly distorted with bewilderment, sorrow, and also indignation.

Among them, a young man who seemed to recover from the unrest earlier than others took a step forward.

It was the silver haired, blue eyed, intellectual looking glasses young man who was called Louis just now.

「Hero-sama. I am the chief spirit priest of Balted Kingdom’s royal court――Louis Lektor. I am the one who summoned you here.」

Louis’s robe swayed gently while he kneeled on one knee with a courteous manner. He then silently bowed his head.

「Your anger is only natural. My deepest apologies. But, I beg you, please understand that we don’t have any other way. We don’t have the slightest intention to be rude. If we have a method to contact you beforehand then we would dispatch a messenger first to ask for your consent――」

「Err, I’m not angry you know?」


The intellectual looking young man slipped out a stupid voice that didn’t suit his face. Perhaps it was just her imagination, but it felt like his glasses also slipped down slightly.

「Bu, but, just now, you said that you refuse to come to our aid……」

Didn’t that mean that she was feeling offended because she suddenly got summoned here without any explanation whatsoever beforehand? Louis asked that, but Shia spoke with a troubled look while tapping Vire Drucken on her shoulder.

「Well, certainly I’m thinking that this is really troublesome, but I’m not thinking that you all are rude or anything. If what you are saying about the danger to the world is real and you are grasping at straw as your last hope, that’s, it’s only natural for someone in your place to do whatever you can. ……I have memory doing the same thing myself, so it will become a boomerang if I get angry here.」

「I, I see.」

What came to mind was her figure in the past clinging on someone else with all her strength without any reservation at all. Shia’s gaze became slightly distant.

「While it was an act that I did myself, the way I clung on someone else in the past was really something. I got elbowed on the stomach, showered with electricity, got kicked, and in the end I was sent flying into a swarm of magic beasts, even so I believed without a doubt that person surely would help me!」

「……In other words, you are saying that if I get elbowed, electrified, kicked, and in the end get send flying into a swarm of magic beast……is that, some type of monster? If I get send flying into a swarm of them, you will help……」

The intellectual type handsome guy Louis-san was trembling weakly while his face was turning pale. He was oozing out cold sweat like a waterfall.

The expression of the golden haired high-spirited young man called Eric shuddered as though to say 「Are you……a demon」, the frivolous green haired youth Phil said 「I, is the girl from another world all like this」 with his expression twitching greatly, the black haired and taciturn young man Greg was closing his eyes while praying for Louis’s happiness in the next world.

And then, the other people were also saying 「Te, terrifying……」 while looking at Shia like they were looking at a demon. They were backing away.

「No no no! That’s not it! I’m just recounting my experience! A long time ago I too was asking for help and the other party did that to me, that’s all I’m saying!」

「That in itself, I think that person is a savage or something……doing something like that to a beautiful girl asking for help is……」

「Tha, that is, well, it’s……」

Her beloved person was called a savage but, Shia-chan, she was unable to object.

Thinking back, certainly she couldn’t help but thinking 「What a thing that was done to me at that time……」.

Shia got a faraway look once more while mumbling 「Come to think of it, even Tio-san suddenly got pile bunkered in her ass……Yue-san also got her scalp shaved……Hajime-san is merciless even toward girl isn’t he……」.

There, Eric cleared his throat and stood beside Louis.

「I am Eric Luxeed Balted. The king of Balted Kingdom. Let me ask you. What do you wish for? You who said that you understand our feeling stated that you refused to aid us, then you must mean that we need to compensate you! What do you wish from us who are facing our destruction!?」

It appeared that Eric who resembled a golden lion was a young king of a country.

From the start he seemed to be strangely tense against Shia. From that it seemed that the opinion of the summoner side wasn’t united.

Shia didn’t really understand why the king was opposing the hero summoning but……

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In any case, if the summoning was still carried out despite the king’s opposition, the only possible hypothesis was that most of his subordinates were at the agreeing side.

In other words, it was a situation so pressing that they couldn’t help but doing this even despite the king’s protest.

Shia formed that conjecture while answering frankly.

「I don’t want anything.」

「Wha, what did you say?」

Eric spontaneously revealed his bewilderment.

「Ah, if I’m forced to say, I want to be returned home but……」

Shia said that as though she had just remembered it. Louis fixed the position of his glasses while speaking with a grave expression in respond.

「……My apologies. We are only able to reconstruct the summoning formula from the old literature. The return method is……」

Louis answered while getting cold sweat. But Shia only shrugged her shoulders casually. ‘It’s the golden pattern isn’t it!’ She said.

Eric questioned her once more while frowning.

「If you say that you don’t even have anything you want then, why……in the literature, it’s said that the hero will lend their strength on their own will……」

「I’ve never proclaimed myself as a hero. Besides, I don’t know what do you want me to do but, something like saving the world is a serious affair. Wouldn’t it be accompanied by great danger? Furthermore it should be at the level that is beyond all of you.」

「What? In other words, you are saying that you are scared?」

‘Getting cold feet even before hearing the full story……’, Eric questioned somewhat provocatively and also with exasperation coloring his expression, in respond Shia――

「Yes! Exactly!」


She immediately answered bluntly without any hesitation.

Eric and everyone else lost their words. Shia smiled wryly toward them while saying.

「Now see here, even I have important people you know?」

「Important, people?」

Correct, she had a family. An important family of important people who treasured Shia above all else.

「My life, it doesn’t belong to me alone.」


Her life that was treasured by them, there was no way that she herself could treat it so casually. An act that easily put her life at stake was like she herself was treating the family that was treasuring her irresponsibly.

「That’s why, first I have to prioritize myself above everything else. I cannot risk my life for the sake of a world and people that I don’t even really know. Of course, if there is someone asking for help and the situation isn’t that dangerous, I will lend them a helping hand but……in a situation where there isn’t even a way to return back, in another world where I don’t know what could be here, I have to protect my own life above everything else.」

For the sake of her family. For the sake of her beloved people. For the sake of the people who loved her.

That was why,

「I’m sorry. I’m going to abandon all of you to protect myself!」

No one ever heard an abandoning statement this decisively. They could only become speechless.

If it was just a mere fright or self-protection that came from calculation, a ground for negotiation would still exist no matter how difficult it was.

They had done their best to prepare the material for such negotiation beforehand.

However, for someone to be this driven for their own protection so wholeheartedly and straightforwardly……

「Fufufu……you are a kind person.」

A tiny laugh and voice resounded inside the dead silent room. It was Louis.

He stood and walked in front of Shia. Shia went 「Heh?」 and tilted her head.

「Just now, you said that you are going to abandon us but……」

Shia frowned in displeasure, wondering if this person was the occasional oblivious person who interpreted everything to fit their own convenience.

However, Louis kept gazing gently at Shia while even his comrades were looking at him strangely.

「For you who spoke that you will fully focus on your own protection, the proclamation just now is a poor move isn’t it? The best way for you would be to pretend that you are cooperating with us.」

It was Shia herself who said that she had no one and nowhere to depend on in this other world. In that case, then certainly that would be the best way for her in order to secure the basic necessities for herself.

Eric and others gasped and looked at Shia after hearing that.

「And yet, you made your declaration even while still knowing nothing of the situation. That is……your sincerity isn’t it?」

She didn’t want to trick them and imprudently give them hope.

That was why, first she conveyed her own will while knowing that it was a poor move.

While being aware of the possibility of getting thrown out into the world where she had no one to depend on.

「……That’s because a promise that is made has to be kept. My dignity, and my family’s dignity is on the line.」

Just like he who responded to Shia’s request for help at that time. Even when the elders offered a new and better offer which made Shia and Hauria clan became unnecessary, her most beloved person made his declaration without any hesitation of making a country into his enemy, just because of the reason “because that’s the promise”.

That was an important rule for the powerful, in order to not fall into heresy even if they were called a monster.

Shia averted her gaze awkwardly. Her gesture and words made Eric and others blinked with surprise. Her rabbit ears were swaying up and down *funyon funyon*. Several people blushed seeing Shia like that.

Louis’s expression became even more gentle and he turned his gaze toward Eric.

「Your majesty. In any case, let’s return to the palace. It’s the fact that we are calling hero-dono here for our own convenience. We won’t be able to talk about the matter ahead without first proving our sincerity to hero-dono.」

「Nuh……got it.」

Eric looked reluctant, but looking at the way he was looking at Shia, it seemed that his severity toward Shia had lessened compared to before.

Certainly they were too impatient in their talk. First they should move to a place where they could calm down. Eric who was convinced like that offered his hand in order to welcome Shia to the palace――

At that time,

「For now, I’ll show you to the palace. You should put down that dangerous weapon already――」

「!? This is too sudden!」

Suddenly Shia’s rabbit ears stood straight, then right away with a terrific speed Shia rushed toward Erik who was offering his hand to her.

The sudden action of the girl from another world who was holding a gigantic war hammer was responded by the royal guard captain Greg who was showing an amazing reaction speed.

He grasped Eric’s collar and switched their position so that he was between Eric and Shia.

But, Shia didn’t pause in her charge. Her palm pressed on Greg’s chest and,


「Please stand back!」

With the overwhelming arm strength that was unthinkable coming from the slender girl, Eric wasn’t even allowed to brace himself and he was sent flying backward.

‘Is the hero rampaging!? Is she rampaging because she think that she is going to be dragged to the palace!?’ The knights and mages were bewildered while thinking that. It happened at that instant.

Thunderous sound.

Dazzling flash.

The ceiling was annihilated, furthermore a light pillar pierced into the room.

The spot where Shia and Eric were at just a moment ago was completely swallowed by the gigantic light pillar along with the surrounding. The impact sent the people around flying.

(Electricity! It’s an extra large lightning attack!)

Shia immediately deflected the shockwave that was assaulting her with a single wave of Vire Drucken while analyzing what happened in her mind.

It was just as she analyzed, the light pillar was emitting electrifying sparks which showed that it was a lightning strike.

Although, seeing how it was continuing to pour down without pause and the impact zone that was too accurate, it was impossible that this was a natural phenomenon.

As though to prove that, Louis who was similarly blocking the impact like Shia using some kind of method yelled with a pained voice.

「Celestial people!? So our action is noticed!」

The lightning was getting thinner. But they couldn’t sigh in relieve yet.

Because Shia’s excellent senses detected great torrent of power converging in the sky.

But, Eric yelled fearfully before she could say anything about it.

「Everyone, form the formation!! Something is coming!! Louis-, protect the hero!」

Not only Greg, Phil and other knights and mages were also gathering toward Eric’s position all at once. Those who judged that they wouldn’t get in position in time took anti-impact posture on the spot.

Louis who responded immediately to Eric’s words muttered something while sliding toward Shia.

「Hero-dono! Don’t move from there!」

Right after that, Louis’s gnarled cane was tinged with light, then a half-spherical barrier was created.

Shia slipped out an admiring voice「Oo~」 that was out of place, at the same time Eric at the rear pulled out the large sword on his back and stabbed it into the floor. By doing that, a barrier of faint golden vortex was produced.

The next moment.

The ceiling collapsed and fell like cannonball.



The large stone of the ceiling impacted the barrier. Groaning voices enduring the attack reached Shia’s rabbit ears from everywhere.

(This isn’t a mere collapse. This is……wind’s sound? Is this a more powerful version of “Wind Hammer”?)

Shia looked up to the sky. Her superior rabbit ears accurately perceived the phenomenon occurring outside the barrier.

The wind element magic “Wind Hammer” that Tio and Yue sometimes used. It was a magic that blew powerful gale to strike downward.

Right now what was attacking Shia was something more powerful than that. In a manner of speaking it was like a downburst.

「Kuh, no good-. The building won’t hold! Hero-dono!」

「Wawa, oops!」

Cracks ran through the whole room like spider web. It seemed the building wouldn’t endure even before the endurance of the barrier.

At this rate they would be blown away along with the barrier……

Louis seemed to judge so. He tried to carry Shia by quickly leaping toward her.

And so, Shia swiftly dodged.

Louis-san made a face that seemed to say「Eh? It’s a lie right?」 while passing through in front of Shia.

In that instant, the whole building was blown away in radiating direction. Naturally the people who were forming barrier and also the people enduring using shield and the like were similarly blown away.

Shia was sent flying by the violent squall and got thrown into air. Louis reached out his hand yelling「Hero-dono!」 but……

For Shia, it wasn’t the time for that so she turned away her gaze.

「The killing intent is high desuu」

Her rabbit ears were twitching *piko piko!*. Sharp wind slicing sound that was different from before entered her rabbit ears!

A stone that was the material of the former building was flying at her at that timing. Shia lightly hopped using it as her stepping stone and then an invisible wind passed through right beside her.

Furthermore! Even more wind slicing sound in great number! There was even flashs of lightning visible far above!

Countless wind blades poured down like heavy rain. In addition they were not visible to the eye. There was no way they could be evaded, and even if it was possible, most likely the lightning rain that fell in the speed of lightning after that would be inescapable……

And so, Shia took a peek into the future.

「The safe zone is~, here!」

Shia stepped on empty air with a casual step and walked three steps ahead. The countless wind blades that rained down in an instant passed through around Shia in vain.

Without pause Shia took a step backward like a leaf swaying in the air. A flash passed through in front of her with lightning speed like a spear.

When she twirled as though dancing, it was like the wind blades and lightning themselves were falling while avoiding her.

*Ton-* She stepped on the air with light footsteps. However, in contrast with that lightness, Shia’s body leaped backward like a bullet. The guillotine that was falling from the sky after that was hot on her heels, but Shia wasn’t even grazed.

She easily got out of the attack range and landed on the ground, there she finally witnessed what kind of place she was at.

A round moon that was far bigger than the one at earth was floating.

What the moonlight shining down from the clouds’ interval illuminated was dilapidated buildings……no, many obsolete buildings that ought to be called an abandoned or ruin.

It seemed that all of them were made from stone. Half of them were crumbling, there was an arch that looked like it could collapse anytime, and straight stone pillars with unknown utility were standing in a disorderly fashion.

The cylinder building where Shia was summoned seemed to be a splendid building that was conspicuously big even among these buildings. Though there was already nothing remained of it except a crater.

A forest was visible at far away. At every direction. It seemed this bunch of abandoned buildings that were like ruins were located in the middle of a forest.


A groan reached her rabbit ears. When she turned her gaze there, the maid-san wearing maid uniform who looked out of place was lying on the ground right nearby. Blood was flowing from her forehead. It looked like her consciousness was also hazy. She must have gotten hit by stone and received light concussion.

Then, the night sky suddenly became bright. It was a dazzling brightness that was different from moonlight or lightning flash.

「Ugeh, this time it’s flame!? They are really brimming with killing intent!」

Even while she was cursing, countless lump of flame fell down as though a volcano had erupted.

Shia glanced at the maid, then she sighed deeply and said「It can’t be helped」. She quickly carried her in her arms and leaped behind a large stone pillar.

A beat later.

Tremendous explosive sound resounded. The flaming lumps impacted and exploded, scattering flame and shockwave abundantly everywhere.

It was truly something that ought to be called a carpet bombing.

Shia peeked out from behind the stone pillar and looked around. She could see Eric and others enduring the attack desperately.

Shia immediately withdrew behind the stone pillar and lightly slapped the cheeks of the maid who was groaning「Uu~n」.

「Onee-sa~n! This isn’t the time for sleeping you knooow~. It become really troubling right now you knooow~. Come on, please wake up!」

「Uu~, don’t slap my facee~……hah!? Where is here!? I am Dahlia!?」

‘Who am I!?’ That might be what she wanted to say before she bit her tongue. Or perhaps that was her saying her name properly? (TN: I don’t know how to translate this one. In Japan ‘who am I?’ is ‘watashi wa dare da?’. Here the maid said ‘watashi was daria!?’, it can sound like she isn’t talking clearly because she bit her tongue, or it can be interpreted that she is speaking her name Dahlia.)

The maid-san with blond hair and golden eyes, her hair bundled up with a barrette looking like she was in the first half of her twenties had beautiful face even from Shia’s perspective. That beautiful face was flashing through many different comical expressions.

「Onee-san Onee-san. I understand you got your head hit and feel confused, but right now we are in the middle of extravagant bombardment. Please return to your senses quickly.」

「You are……hero-sama!?」

*Bang-*, explosive sound shook the air. Pebbles and dusts flew along with the impact. The stone pillar guard was going strong, but all of those flying at both sides woke up the maid completely this time.

「Hero-sama, you saved me? I’m grateful!」

「Your welcome. More importantly, what is going on? That glasses person said something about celestial people or something.」

「He, hero-sama, what composure……as expected!」

「Ah, yes, let’s set that aside for a bit now.」

The maid-san seemed moved for some reason. This person too was relatively composed or perhaps she had thick nerve……Shia was thinking that while making a gesture of putting an object to the side.

The maid-san――when Shia asked to check, she didn’t bite her tongue, instead it seemed her name was really Dahlia――looked up to the sky with an expression that was filled with unease and loathing.

「It’s the celestial clan, hero-sama. They are arrogant bunches living far above in the sky pretending as the messenger of god.」

「God’s messenger……」

Shia’s voice spontaneously slipped out「Uhee」. She had no good memory at all in regard of such existence.

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「Most likely that bunch sensed hero-sama’s summoning. They intend to obliterate hero-sama along with all of us!」

Shia’s rabbit ears jerked in respond. From the falling sound of the flame lumps raining down from the sky, the attack was in a direct course toward them.

Shia lifted up Dahlia into a princess carry and rushed away from that place.

Dahlia was surprised, but right after that she saw the place they were at just now got swallowed by flame blast and she gulped.

Shia immediately hid herself behind a half-destroyed building.

「Obliterating, that doesn’t sound peaceful. Besides, that’s strange. From what all of you said, aren’t you all wishing to save the world? Why are they trying to kill you all who are intending to save the world?」

Shia implicitly asked ‘Are you all lying?’. Dahlia quickly shook her head left and right in respond.

「You are wrong-, hero-sama! Please trust us! We are certainly wishing to save the world!」

「H~mm, then why? What is the objective of this celestial clan whatever?」

‘She doesn’t look like she is lying huh’, Shia thought while asking so. Dahlia then informed a truly unpleasant information to Shia.

「The one trying to end the world is god――the divine spirits, that’s why-」

「So it’s that kind of pattern again!」

It seemed that it was that pattern again. Shia went ‘Oh my god-‘ while looking up to the sky with both hands covering her face.

「The various divine spirits has given up on mankind. Indeed, mankind had done something to the extent that caused that decision. However, even if that is the case there is no way we can just allow ourselves to be destroyed obediently-」

「Somehow concerning words are flowing out like flood.」

Even when she appealed「I don’t want to hear anymoore!」 by flopping down her rabbit ears flat on her head, Dahlia-san’s high speed explanation that was overwhelmingly lacking in detail continued rapidly like machine gun.

And then, Shia’s excellent rabbit ears caught all her words without missing anything!

「The celestial clan obey the decision of divine spirit absolutely. That’s because they are worshipping divine spirit. What’s more, even if the people on the ground are destroyed, they alone are living in the sky. There is no way they won’t help the divine spirits-」

「Aa~, so that’s why. I who was summoned for salvation also become erasure target like this.」

「Hero-sama is a target to be erased!」

Even if she strongly said it like that…… Even if she clenched both of her small fists and strongly said that looking a bit cute……

She wanted to punch that pretty face. Shia couldn’t help but laughing drily.

Then, at that timing several people slid to where the two of them were at.

「Dahlia! You are safe! The hero!?」

「Your majesty! Hero-sama is safe!」

The one who arrived with a grave look was his majesty Eric and Greg, Phil, and then several knights.

「We are running into the forest now. We’ll return to the palace somehow.」

「But, your majesty. The celestial people are……」

「Louis is holding them back for us……we’re going to retreat by ourselves.」

The mouth of Eric who said that was gritted tightly looking like he was enduring something that was hard to bear.

「No way……even if it is Louis-sama who is called as the kingdom’s strongest, he won’t be able to face that many celestial people! Furthermore he is also terribly exhausted right now due to the summoning ceremony!」

「Don’t say that-. I know it already-」

Shia guessed from that conversation.

Most likely, that glasses young man chose to use himself as sacrificial pawn in order to hold back the enemy.

For the sake of protecting his master, and allowing the hero who was their hope to escape.

From the conversation right after the summoning, Shia understood well that the king Eric and his close aides had relationship as close friends. They were tied together by such strong trust to each other.

The fist of Greg and others were shaking because they had to use one such friend as a sacrificial pawn.

「Anyway we have to bring the hero to a safe place!」

Eric gave his order. Greg reached out toward Shia.

「Thi, this is heavy desuu. It’s troubling if you all are risking your life for me as you please」, Shia said with a really troubled look.

Then, in that timing a voice came from the sky. The voice sounded irritated because the opponent just wouldn’t die.

「Stop the useless struggle. It’s unsightly.」

One of the celestial people who were above the clouds descended until few dozen meter above the ground. Something like a dazzling pattern was floating on his back while he was hovering in the air. He was a bald man wearing pure white priest’s robe.

Just like his voice, his gaze that was looking down to the lower world was also colder than ice.

「Good grief, to think that there is someone who is able to revive the summoning method that should have been lost several hundred years ago……you humans are really foolish without end.」

That extremely cold gaze was directed to the building where Shia was hiding.

「I know you are there, otherworlder. So you come to disturb this world once more like in the past.」

Louis and his caster subordinates hurriedly put themselves in front of his gaze.

Eric and others said「Don’t come out!」 to Shia, but Shia shook her head saying「It’s meaningless to hide」 and showed herself resolutely. Behind her Eric and others also came out preparing to fight.

「Hah. I brought a squad here just in case because we will be facing someone called by the summon ceremony but……to think it’s just a beastman girl.」

The scorn rode the wind and resounded through the night sky. As for Shia, she said「Hee, so beastman also exist in this world~. Ah, I see. That’s why no one kicked up a fuss even after seeing my rabbit ears」 with comprehending face without even showing any displeasure.

Eric placed himself in front of Shia. He spoke vehemently toward the celestial man who was still looking grave.

「Celestial, I ask you to withdraw from here. Certainly, humans have harmed so much nature. We used the spirit element so excessively that it cornered the spirits. But, we noticed that foolishness. We are making preparation to recompense for that!」

「Hou, recompense?」

The exhibition of peculiar words that Shia didn’t really understand caused Shia to be assaulted with an intense feeling of wanting to say「Let the concerned party take care of the rest」 and left this place but……

Unlike Hajime, she didn’t happen to have the lion heart that allowed her to intentionally ignore the atmosphere. Shia’s heart was always the rabbit heart. (It was self-proclaimed though)

And so, she stayed in this place for the moment.

「That’s right. We are amassing spirit elements and all the spirit stones that the people throughout the country have in order to return them to the star tree, to return the power of the world. Certainly we human might be foolish. But, we are a race that can notice our mistake and recompense for it! That’s why, please――」

His majesty Eric desperately pleaded. But it was interrupted by a sneer.

And then,


It was dismissed with just one word.

Through the gaps of the clouds, countless dazzling light was created in the night sky. Those lights were like stars in the sky, however, they were raining down the smell of death which was too ominous toward the ground.

It seemed that the force of celestial people above the cloud was going to drop the light of judgment to the surface.

「Repent. The judgment is absolu――」

「Excuse mee~, can I interrupt for a bit?」

A voice that felt just too nonchalant was cutting across the vexed Eric and others.

The celestial man’s glare pierced into Shia.

「I’m unable to understand most of the situation though. I was suddenly summoned just now, and then suddenly designated as erasure target with no question asked. Soo, please, it will be great if you can take those factors into consideration no matter what.」


As expected it was dismissed completely with one word.

「Your circumstance is of no relevance for us. Simply because you came here from another world, you are already an evil that is harming this world’s order. Know that your existence itself is a sin.」

「Ah, now see here! Even I have family! Besides, they will come to pick me up in a day or two! Like that I think me being here won’t be any disturbance to the world order or anything!」

Shia understood that Eric and others weren’t bad people.

But, as expected it was her own life that should be prioritized. She was unable to risk her life to face unknown enemy for the sake of a world that she didn’t even knew what its circumstance was.

Besides, it wasn’t like she was completely unable to understand the reason of the celestial people. Even Hajime was called irregular and the like at Tortus. For people who treasured the world order, something like people of another world was nothing but a cause of headache.

That was why, Shia did her best talking.

‘Let’s stop fighting. I’ll leave soon, so let’s not treat each other’s life so cheaply.’ She argued.

However, these celestial people, indeed, certainly it was just like Dahlia said, they were an existence that was like a walking lump of arrogance.

「Stop talking further. It’s filthy. A vulgar creature that cannot do anything other than crawling on the ground, who do you think you are talking to.」

「…………Regardless of your sense of value, even I have the right to live. My family is waiting for me to return home.」

「Right to live? There is no such thing. The right over life and death always belong to us, the celestial.」

No good. The talk wasn’t getting through at all……

Shia’s rabbit ears tiredly slouched down with heavy gloominess covering it.

And then,

「It’s irrelevant even if they are human from another world. This family of yours must be inferior creature just like you without a doubt. If you say that they will come to bring you back, we will exterminate them until nothing rem――」

Suddenly the celestial’s words stopped. The person himself didn’t understand why he stopped talking.


「Inferior creature? Hajime-san is? Yue-san is? Otou-sama and Okaa-sama and everyone are?」

What was sure was that the pressure emitted by the rabbit eared girl who was muttering that was causing his skin to get goosebumps.

「Those words just now, I’ll pretend that I don’t hear anything. I will ask one more time. Can you all please withdraw from this place? Can’t both sides walk the path that doesn’t endanger anyone’s life?」

The celestial man showed his answer by creating a gigantic mass of lightning above his head.

There was no more delay. It seemed that the execution was absolute, as expected. A moment later, the gigantic lighting would surely trample the ground below.


Shia leaped straight up and punched with her right!

「a, eh?」

It was like teleportation. The girl who was right below just a moment ago was in front of him. The celestial man who could do nothing except making stupid voice toward that fact, instantly, ate a hard fist that felt like there was steel inside it and he was sent flying!

The celestial man who was turned into cannonball pulverized an abandoned tower and pierced through! Without pause he opened a wind hole on the abandoned building that was on his trajectory before impacting the ground. He bounced like rubber ball while vanishing into the forest.

From the distance, several trees could be seen collapsing before finally there was a thunderous sound that was accompanied by dust smoke rising.

Perhaps that man was flying for around 400 meters.

Disturbance rode on the wind and rushed through the ruins. Through the ground below, and also through the clouds far above.

「I thought it will get blocked by someone at the level of apostle, but unexpectedly there is no resistance.」

The fist went *crack crack*. The neck went *clack clack*.

The treasure warehouse shined, an iron ball the size of a basket ball was summoned. That ball that was dragged by gravity and fell was lightly kicked up like performing football juggling. Vire Drucken was held up.

「How long you all are going to look down at heree! Fall down here-, SHAORAAAAAAAAAAAA-!! Desuu!」

The out of place「Desuu!」 echoed magnificently.

*GOGAN-* The impact sound of metal clashing sounded out, at the same time the metal ball that was hit by Vire Drucken flew vertically.

Midway it generated a membrane that looked like white air, and *paan* impact sound resounded through the night sky.

The celestial people recovered from their shock and hurriedly tried to shot down the flash but……

They were already too late.

In the next moment, the metal ball that instantly flew to above the cloud powerfully burst out and spread ripples with vivid light blue color over and over again.

A beat later fierce vibration shook the air and thunderous roar fell like waterfall.

The clouds were blown away in a round shape and a splendid hole was created in the sky.

At the center of that hole that was created in the cloud, the moon could be seen completely. Clear moonlight fell to the ground, forming a heavenly ladder with superb position as though it had been calculated.

Shadows were falling in pieces, like people losing their footing from the ladder.

It was around ten people perhaps. The force of celestial people that was one-sidedly slaughtered from the sky.

Several people fell to the ground as they were and raised cloud of dust.

Only a single person flew away to escape, but the rest barely fixed their balance and headed toward Shia.

「Divine punishment-」

Countless flame lumps and lightning attacks surged toward Shia.

「Screw off desuuu!!」

A swing of Vire Drucken. *PAN-* A sound like the air bursting rang out, then it was like the air was distorted with the shockwave surging through it, erasing all the attacks.

「That’s impossible!?」

「Don’t falter!」

One of the celestials opened his eyes wide as though he was seeing a monster.

A different celestial scolded him while manifesting a sword of compressed flame in his hand.

「Tha, that’s!? Don’t tell me it’s light sa○r!?」

「Li, ligh? Eei, it’s too late to get scared now-. Die――」

*Begyo!* Such sound came out, at the same time Vire Drucken’s horizontal swing hit the celestial-san along with the light sa○r (?). He was turned into the second pinball and flew into the forest.

「A mere inferior creature dare!」

「Receive your judgment obediently!」

Two swords approached. They weren’t light sa○r (?), but physical swords. However, they weren’t normal sword. Whether it was the pressure they emitted or the blade that was reflecting the moonlight, they were sharp thing that gave off impression of terrifying sharpness.


Such sound rang out. The sound came from Shia’s hand and leg that blocked the swords.

――Shia-style metamorphosis magic Steel Garment (Nickname, Spirit Defense)



There wasn’t a single scratch on Shia-chan’s precious skin! The eyes of the two celestial-san turned into dot. Because, it’s sword you know? A really sharp sword came slashing you know? It’s so sharp it can sever a large tree with one stroke you know?

Or rather, how could *KAAN* sound came from human body?

「An opening desuu!」

Shia tossed up Vire Drucken. Aa~nddd.

――Shia-style Double Lariat!!

Pleasant sound *gokyu!* sounded from the celestials’ neck!

「Idiot! Letting go of your weapon like that!」

‘Like this, she couldn’t create shockwave like before to erase the lightning!’, another two celestials thought and fired their lightning.

「Barrier desuu!」

「Aa!? Formid! Churchila!」

Using Shia-style Barrier, the celestials whose neck made *gokyu* sound and got invited into heaven reincarnated into splendid meat barrier. They got burnt black and fell to the ground. Even the cremation was perfect.

During that time, Shia snapped the falling Vire Drucken into her grasp and then she made use of the centrifugal force to throw it.

The two celestials barely dodged, but they gasped seeing the passing war hammer.

Because there was a chain stretching with clinking sound from it.


It was a yell that was filled to the brim with charm. However, if the chain that was linked with the handle was pulled by inhuman physical strength……

Naturally, the huge war hammer was pulled back with a movement that ignored the law of inertia.


An impact came from behind right after they thought the hammer had passed through. One of the celestials was squashed as though he just got run over by a truck.

――Shia-style Rabbit Punch (War Hammer version)

「This-, this damn monster-!!」

The last celestial was covered all over with lightning spark. Shia grumbled 「Mumu-, it’s like Hajime-san’s Lightning Clad!」 and she strengthened her vigilance.

The celestial charged forward like a streak of flash. Both his hands were grasping lightning ball that looked like plasma. A pressure that could scatter human body just from touching it could be fell from them.

And so,

――Learned from Hajime Yakuza Kick!!


Shia’s kick splendidly ran into his solar plexus.

The spark vanished and the celestial man was staggered while holding his stomach.

The celestial was wordlessly closing and opening his mouth like a fish gasping for air. Ahead of his gaze Shia was twisting her body greatly. Her hand that was holding Vire Drucken was turned backward as though she was drawing a bow……

「No matter what kind of circumstance there is, no matter what kind of existence is the enemy, I won’t surrender my right to live.」

The rabbit ears stood straight. The rabbit tail also stood straight.

「If you wish to kill even after everything that I said, then there is no choice!」

「Wa, wait-」

The celestial man squeezed out his voice asking Shia to stop, but Shia hit him with her unflinching gaze……

「Fly until the moon-!! Desuu!!」

*GON-* The sound resounded and a single shadow flew.

Dancing at the center of the beautiful moon.

Shia relaxed her swinging posture and placed her war hammer on her shoulder.

She tapped the war hammer on her shoulder while looking down. There, she saw the young king and his people watching in a daze with opened mouth and stupid looking face.

From where they were standing, it was a scene of a rabbit eared girl standing in the middle of the large moon.

The light blue hair glittering from the moonlight looked far removed from reality when it was swaying by the night wind. It had mystique that stole everyone’s gaze unconsciously.

‘I see.’

Everyone was convinced.

That she was special.

Putting aside whether she was the hero that was extolled in legend, without a doubt she was a special girl.

Because, she was that terrifying,

She was so terrifyingly beautiful,

And then, because she suited the moon so much like that.

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