Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 333: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc I’m Opposed to Violence! Desuu!

Chapter 333: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc I’m Opposed to Violence! Desuu!

『……This is really something. Also, pitiful.』

The divine spirit said that seeing the faint bluish white torrent piercing the sky and opened a hole in the black thunder clouds.

That was all.

It was a great power for a human, if she kept living there was no doubt that she surely would become a heroic figure.

However, it was meaningless because she would perish.

How pitiful that was.

That was why, at the very least he would end this instantly……he thought.

『Dance, children of heaven.』

Lightning flash ran through the thunder cloud and thunderous sound rang out. It was exactly as though gods were roaring in anger.


The rabbit ears stood straight! The vision of death assaulted Shia!

Shia unconsciously groaned.

Because although she tried to dodge, however there wasn’t any place to dodge from the start!

Instantly, extremely huge lighting that covered the sky descended from right above.

Sparks burst out from empty air and high waves of lightning manifested.

It was an attack that enveloped Shia.

The flash painted the world white.

It was an overwhelming lightning storm that seemed to say if the enemy would evade, then they simply needed to provide no place to escape from the start.

That was truly an absolute death that couldn’t be escaped from even if she could see it.

The unreasonableness of god.

And so,

――Level V

The thunder roared a beat later than the lightning flash. A cute voice that shouldn’t be audible resounded through the interval.

And then, the moment the storm of divine lightning that had finished its role was about to disperse,



This time the expression of the divine spirit definitely changed clearly.

The attack that should deliver absolute death.

As though to break through that light, that despair, the approaching rabbit eared girl was――unharmed!

The fierce shock delayed his reaction by a beat.

Even though he possessed perception ability that was worthy for a god, when he returned to his senses in surprise he was inside a kill zone that was impossible to escape from.

What filled his field of vision was the huge war hammer’s hitting surface.

The attack of the war hammer that surpassed the speed of sound caught the divine spirit along with a sound that split through the air.

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At the instant of the impact, the divine spirit was assaulted with fright and immediately crossed his arms.

Impact!! The divine spirit who seemed immovable was sent flying like a pebble.

He was spinning in the air before stopping somehow while sparks surged from him.

『Guuh. Impossible-. A mere blow is injuring me-』

An agitated voice echoed at the sky of the capital.

He was lightning itself. If he transformed into lightning instantly, every physical damage would be nullified.

Attack from spirit art would be effective, but even that wouldn’t be able to catch his lightning speed movement.

Since his birth, throughout the ten thousand years of history, he had no experience of getting hit hard.

The girl before his eyes stepped on the air and charged forward to deal even more blow. The divine spirit unleashed lightning attack to all direction once more.


「Explode! Smash! Desuu!!」

Shia who was swallowed into the lightning was as expected, she was only stopped for a brief time. The lightning’s effect was lessened, at the same time she charged forward as though smashing through the flash.


The divine spirit immediately took distance with lightning speed.

Yes, one of the gods that was the avatar of thunder cloud chose to escape from human opponent.

Without even any time to realize his impossible action, the divine spirit agitatedly yelled toward Shia who was still rushing toward him.

『Why aren’t you harmed!?』


‘That’s absurd!’ Divine spirit-san’s face seemed to say that. Even though he was a handsome man, that expression made his expression looked somewhat like a disappointment.

Shia instantly closed the distance and swung down an attack to the divine spirit from overhead.


Surely his perception ability was also at godly territory. The divine spirit didn’t show unsightliness for the second time.

He vanished with a light sound *pashi-*. Right after that, several dozen divine spirits appeared around Shia who hit empty air.

『It’s the end for sure this time.』

The arm of the divine spirit emitted spark while enlarging. Furthermore it transformed into the shape of spear. It became spear wall from all directions and attacked Shia.

He didn’t know what kind of method she used to dodge inside the ultimate lightning attack before this. But, in that case, he would just finish her with his own hand directly without fail. It was an attack that was truly filled with the determination of certain kill.

But, Shia didn’t dodge or anything from the beginning.

Shia didn’t move from that place and silently closed her eyes. The divine spirit who thought that she finally gave up was,

『Impossible-. What is that!?』

The agitated voice that came out from who knew how many times echoed in the night sky once more.

――Shia-style space magic Half Transition

That magic that could also be called as a failed space magic was a method of absolute defense that worked by forcefully shifting one’s own phase to neutralize all attacks.

Shia who became half-transparent wasn’t in this space at this instant. Thus all attacks slipped through her!

The lightning spear arm dispelled. The divine spirit was going to switch to another attack even while feeling agitated.

In that instant, Shia’s eyes snapped wide open. From being half transparent she took back a definitely corporeal body.

「Go fly-!! Desuu!!」


A single extreme strike. Vire Drucken that used impact to accelerate instantly from its standstill state sped up even more by Shia’s physical strength while rotating like a pinwheel.

The war hammer that was swung horizontally blown away the divine spirit radially.

In addition, Shia grabbed the leg of the divine spirit that was above her head and mercilessly threw it in the place of her war hammer toward the divine spirit below her.

A flash dispersed in an instant and the clones of the divine spirit vanished all at once. The main body of the divine spirit materialized a slight distance away along with a spark.

『Not just hitting me but even catching me? Just what have you done――』


It felt like a voice 『Shiiitt-』 that sounded like the divine spirit was grinding his teeth reached Shia’s rabbit ears. His appearance was barely maintaining his dignity, so surely it was just her imagination.

By the way, it wasn’t guts, but soul magic.

Even if his true body was something vague like lightning, him existing like this meant that there was soul residing in him. The essence of soul magic was interfering with existences that possessed no corporeal substance. Shia possessed no talent for magic to a sad degree, so she could only use it for grabbing and hitting the target.

Although, the divine spirit was looking really wary toward Shia who caught him even though it wasn’t even an attack of spirit art.

『……It seems, I have to recognize it.』

「Oh? You are going to be open to dialo――」

『Thou are, even more a threat than the child of another world who visited in the past.』

「Ah, so that’s what you mean.」

‘Even though I’m feeling a bit hopefulll!’ The rabbit ears raged.

『Let me revise my perception. Thou are an enemy of the world that ought to be removed!』

「……I got designated as an enemy of the world. Even though, I’m a forest bunny who love peace, it’s inscrutable desu.」

‘That self-recognition itself was inscrutable……’, surely if it was the classmates they must be thinking so.

In any case.

「Well, I’m the demon king’s wife anyway! Let’s just consider that as an honor here!」

『I will pay thou with death, for order and peace!!』

Even though she should be summoned here as hero, she was instead in a completely opposite position. Shia smiled bitterly at that while taking stance with her war hammer.

Instantly, vision of death attacked Shia like a high speed slideshow.

「Kuh, too fast desuu!!」

His tactic changed. There wasn’t any more powerful wide range attack that left big opening. He also didn’t stay at close range.

The sound of lightning firing consecutively burst out. Countless sparks flew around in empty air like sparklers.

In one second there were uncountable attacks coming.

Yes, it was a flawless hit & run in lightning speed.

(So he is getting serious! The attack’s sharpness is at a different level!)

Overwhelming speed that was incomparable from before. No, it was a phenomenon that should be called teleportation already.

(I cannot dodge completely!)

Shia screamed inside her heart. Even though it wasn’t simultaneous attacks, the speed made it looked like that even with Shia’s perception ability.

The moment she dodged by slouching her fist, a knee strike aimed at her face.

Unable to doge, she defended with Steel Garment. The impact felt like she was hit by her own Vire Drucken. Her body was forcefully thrown up and bent backward.

Throughout the pain Shia also unleashed a kick, but the divine spirit wasn’t there anymore. In exchange she was shown a vision of death. A moment when a lightning speed kick that approached from behind attacked the back of her head and exploded it.


She raised a voice of fighting spirit and forcefully rotated Vire Drucken behind her. The tough war hammer became a shield and she avoided death, but this time she was blown forward.

A presence of death approached from behind. Shia rotated her body like pinwheel by making use of the attack’s momentum and struck behind her.

As expected he wasn’t there.

And then, a heel drop kick was approaching before her.



Thunderous sound that split the air resounded. Right after that, Shia fell with several hundred million volt lightning strike swallowing her.

She was struck down as though telling her it was insolence to be in the sky with a human body.

The impact came along with a thunderous explosion. A crater was created at the plain at the capital’s outskirt.

*Pashi-* along with that sound, the divine spirit already descended at the edge of the smoky crater.

『How suprising. So thou are still alive.』

「……Haa haa, obviously.」

The smoke was blown by the wind and cleared up. Shia spat out blood ‘peh’ at the center of the crater.

If the classmates looked at her appearance, they would open their eyes wide in shock. That was how great her injury was.

Her skin swelled red due to the lightning that she couldn’t dodge and even the Steel Garment couldn’t block. Her hair and rabbit ears were also burnt here and there, there were traces of hit here and there in the shape of internal bleeding.

Furthermore, due to arms and legs that were transformed into lightning spear or sword in the middle of the fight, blood was flowing from some spots that were shallowly slashed.

『……Only that much injury……it’s a power that surpassed what is tolerated for a human.』

「Haa haa……yes, it’s only this much. Your fist was really lukewarm. You are lacking in spirit.」

‘Haa fuu’, Shia caught her breath and showed a fearless grin that closely resembled a certain someone.

The divine spirit was slightly pressured and held his breath. However, he immediately sent a sharp gaze at Shia.

『But, it’s only a problem of time. You cannot catch up to me. The strange technique that neutralized my attack. You also didn’t use that. Are you unable to use it anymore? More than this and you will only prolong your agony uselessly.』


『……I wish, to grant you a tranquil death.』

That was his compassion. The divine spirit who said that was unreasonable, but surely he was someone kind.

That was why,


Shia laughed it off.

Because in this world there was nothing more despicable than giving up.

Because what that beloved person taught her, was “tenacity”.

『……How foolish.』

The divine spirit slightly closed his eyes, and then, a grand killing intent boiled up.

At the same time, Shia leaped from that place with all her strength. She escaped from the crater and moved by rolling on the plain.

Lightning consecutively stabbed the spot where she was standing just an instant ago. The several hundred million volt of lightning strike that didn’t give any sign beforehand became a squall from the lightning cloud in the sky and rained down.

Thunderbolts fell down like countless pillars lining up throughout the pillared corridor of a shrine. The divine spirit weaved through the gap of the pillars and approached near.

An instantaneous sure kill attack came at Shia.

(As I thought-, this is harshhh!)

Shia gritted her teeth, evaded the fierce attack desperately, defended, and endured through it.

A one-sided defensive battle. It was as though she couldn’t counterattack at all.

She might have died already if she wasn’t in the state of body strengthening level V.

Yes, if it wasn’t for the body strengthening “level V”.

Shia’s wound was increasing even with Vire Drucken and Steel Garment.

However, Shia wasn’t trying to strengthen her body even more no matter what.

Vision of death was rushing around inside her brain in high speed even now.

The ability that automatically showed the future that directly led to Shia’s death inevitably consumed magic power. Although the magic power consumption was exceptionally less than the original Future Sight, it couldn’t be trifled with by any means in this battlefield where dozens of visions of death were attacking in a second.

And then, the Half Transition that also consumed absurd amount of magic power had been used three times. Thinking how she had only used it once at the decisive battle against the apostles, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the magic power consumption had been drastically improved, but……

Even so, even more consecutive use than this wouldn’t be really possible even with the magic crystal she had.

Her situation was gradually getting worse.

Just as the divine spirit pointed out, it was getting worse for her.

As long as Shia didn’t finish this fight at once using the maximum body strengthening that is.

But, Shia didn’t do so. She simply endured. She determinedly endured!

Just how long she was doing that? Thunder roared each time the divine spirit moved in lightning speed. The plain already looked plough from several million thunderbolts, countless craters were created.

Just how many intense attacks that changed even the geography was sent at her?

Shia was full of wounds all over. Even Vire Drucken was already blown away and tumbled far away, right now it was like she was a boxer that was cornered into the corner, covering her head with both hands while maintaining her defensive stance……

Her expression hidden behind her guard couldn’t be seen.

Did she notice?

That before she knew it, many people were watching from the capital’s outer wall.

And then, Eric and others who finally caught up just now were staring from the hill slight distance away speechlessly.

That figure looked as if to say, that she wouldn’t let him lay his hand on the people of the capital further than this.

Seeing that girl’s appearance, a lot of people were crying.

The people who fell into despair and could only wait for death were praying!

And then, in order to try to save such girl, no, even if it was something impossible, even without the order from the king, the capital’s army couldn’t keep staying still like this and prepared to sally out!

『……Why won’t you fall』

The divine spirit muttered while scattering sure kill attacks.

It wasn’t known what he wished to obtain from his voice……even so if it had to be expressed, there was an emotion like awe included in it. Did the person himself notice that?

She had received attacks that it would be strange if an ordinary person got evaporated or pulverized by several hundred of times over. And yet why, is she still able to stand tall and so imposingly?

Even though she should be completely helpless, why is it that her heart didn’t break!?

『But, you cannot move anymore. It will be the end with this.』

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He took distance and changed his arm into a spear. It rotated in a spiral and spark ran through it. Several lightning that fell from the sky converged into it.

Seeing that Shia had no spare strength left, he prepared to launch a big attack once more.

「Shia!! It’s enough-, ruuuuuuunnn-」

His majesty Eric’s scream thundered.

「Kuh, make it in time-」

Louis focused his strength into his cane with his expression distorted in impatience.


Dahlia’s sorrowful voice reverberated.

And then,

『Order to the world』

The avatar of thunder cloud became a streak of light in preparation of the one hit certain kill attack and charged.

And so,

「Don’t call me over familiarly! Desuu!!」

She punched with a right straight!!


The ultimate cross-counter beautifully, perfectly hit.

The lightning spear grazed Shia’s face and stabbed the empty air in vain. Shia’s right straight bore into the right cheek of the divine spirit.

Even though it was lightning speed that shouldn’t be possible to be confirmed by sight or anything.

Even though until now, she was only able to dodge by knowing in advance using vision of death.

The counter that Shia unleashed was so perfect it would make anyone fall in love!

The divine spirit helplessly got deflected back like a light that was reflected by a mirror!

He flew, bounced on the ground, and then without stopping he gouged a deep trench on the ground before he finally stopped.

『……Guh, impossible. That’s an accident.』

The trembling voice showed that he definitely felt the damage. The divine spirit instantly entered into the world of lightning speed from his downed posture.

And then, he circled on Shia’s back within an instant and lunged with lightning hand chop――

*Bam* A pleasant impacting sound resounded. At the same time,


The divine spirit’s scream also resounded.

He was blown away once again due to the countless impact to his face. This time he barely recovered his balance and quickly took distance. There, the divine spirit saw it.

Shia let go of her stance.

No, that was also a stance, the divine spirit sensed. It wasn’t that defensive stance of covering her head with both arms, she lowered her right fist to below her chin, and lowered her left arm to form ‘L’ shape, most likely it was a more offensive style.

Yes, that was

――Shia-style boxing Hitman Style

Another name for it was Detroit Style. The jab of the left arm that made use of snapping the arm was like a whip.

「Fumu, it’s working quite well. It’s worthwhile learning this properly from You ○ube.」

*Tap tap* Shia’s feet rhythmically stepped on the ground, then when she also launched some jabs to familiarize herself, *bam bam* a sound as though the air was ruptured rang out. That wasn’t jab anymore……it felt like earthling would say that after seeing this.

Not just once but even twice, the divine spirit was blown away.

That fact caused his majesty Eric who was about to charge forward to unconsciously stop with his mouth gaping wide open. The people of the capital also fell dead silent.

Within that atmosphere, Shia looked at the divine spirit who wasn’t moving in fear wondering if it wasn’t a coincidence……

The right fist that was held below her chin moved away.

And then, her finger crooked into inviting gesture.

It was clear even without words. Even the divine spirit understood it well.

So to speak, 「Come on, what’s wrong? Come at me」 was what she meant.

『……Don’t make light of me. No one can follow my domainspeed!』

*Pashi-* Electricity was discharged. Toward the direction of the left arm that was in unprepared state. From there he was going to strike with a kick instantly――


*Pashi-* He vanished. Aborting his attack.

This time he moved in lightning speed like teleporting to the opposite right side.

And then, a hand chop――


Another abort. He continued to move around Shia looking for an opening.

The domain of lightning speed where the surrounding lost color and even the flow of time looked slowing down was a world of only his.

In that world, there was no way anyone could perceive him as long as they didn’t have the power to peek at the future like Shia.

It was a domain that far surpassed the limit of perception ability of the race called human. It was exactly because of that it was a god’s domain!

And yet.

And yet even though that was the case.


(Our eyes met!?)

The divine spirit screamed inside his heart.

Aa, look.


The eyes of the girl who was alertly holding her stance.

They were following……

Him who was inside this absolute territory!

Even though she was definitely unable to see him just a while ago, now he couldn’t get away from her gaze!

*DON-*, the ground exploded.

When the divine spirit who was seized with fear got taken aback in surprise, the figure of Shia who took a step was before his eyes.



He desperately dodged in panic. But, the left arm that warped like a whip was already hard to predict even at the best of times due to its trajectory, what’s more it was fired constantly aiming at his future position!

Not only was she able to see. His very movement was seen through!

「I can see! Even I can see! Desuu!!」

『It’s lightning you know!? There is no way you can follow it with your eyes isn’t it!?』

It should be impossible. And yet, as expected Shia’s gaze was chasing him no matter where! She was certainly chasing the lightning speed with sight!

Even when he circled around, even when he rapidly approached from the front, the fist of unparalleled accuracy came flying! Even when he temporarily retreated, he was cut off instead at the place where he was running.

It was as though he got locked on, the barrage of fist caught the divine spirit and wouldn’t let go. The accuracy, the speed, and also the foresight, they were increasing in precision moment by moment.

Like that, finally,



The divine spirit who received ten left jabs in an instant stopped moving. In that instant, Shia’s full powered right fist dealt a severe body blow.

The fist that also used soul magic was literally a fatal attack that resounded until the divine spirit’s soul!

The divine spirit’s body bent into ‘<’ shape and he stumbled.


In contrast with the yell that gave cute impression, the might of the launched kick was completely merciless.

The divine spirit hung his head down. His face completely ate the kick that approached from right below and his head snapped up.

Yes, he was unable to maintain the lightning body and his head snapped off from his body!

The slender and long leg that vertically stretched up as though to pierce the sky was beautiful.

『Kuh, you damn――』

The divine spirit immediately sparked and regenerated, but losing his head created an instant of fatal opening in his consciousness.

*Grab-*, two arms circled around him from behind. The divine spirit’s words spontaneously stopped. When he looked across his shoulder, a grinning rabbit eared girl was there. My, how cute. And then there was nothing scarier than that.


『Wa, wai――』

She didn’t wait.

Divine spirit-san experienced his first back drop in his divine life. 『Pugya!?』 a scream that was unbecoming for a divine spirit was raised and his head snapped off once more.

*Pashi-*, the divine spirit attempted to take distance somewhat looking like he was panicked and desperate.

Rather than regenerating his head, first he got to get away from this rabbit eared girl somehow! Such will could be glimpsed from him.

The divine spirit who somehow regenerated shouldn’t feel anything like physical exhaustion, and yet he was breathing roughly 『Zee zee』.

Surely it was the fault of mental exhaustion due to damage to his soul or the unknown existence of the absurd rabbit.

Shia faced the divine spirit with vigilant Hitman Style once more. The divine spirit also faced her with a look that had lost all composure……

『Wha, what’s going on! Thou, what happened with thy wound!?』

He slipped out a voice that sounded like a shriek.

That too wasn’t unreasonable. After all, the bruises and gashes from before, and then the burn and her tattered state that should be on her body were somehow getting healed normally!

The cause was of course,

――Shia-style regeneration magic Guts Healing!

It would be impossible for fatal level heavy wound, but something at the level of bruise, broken bone, burn, and light abnormal state would be healed completely in a few minutes.

And so, naturally, her answer to the divine spirit was also,

「With guts!」

『Damn youu-, guts again!』

「Anything can be done if you have guts desuu!」

『Aren’t it too almighty!? Child of man is really terrifying huh!』

Everyone could easily guess how really terrifying it was from how the divine spirit was speaking as though making a tsukkomi which he had never done even once until now.

Perhaps he was starting to view here as an existence of equal level because dialogue was starting to form between them.

『In the first place, how can you follow me! How can you keep up with this speed!?』


『Enough with guts!!』

「I got used to it!!」

『Damn youu, that kind of reason isss』

Shia was sticking to defense determinedly while observing fixedly from the gap of her guard wasn’t just for show.

For Shia, body strengthening max was truly her trump card. With training, right now she was able to reach “Level X” with her own strength even without Cheatmate or Last Zell.

However, if she reached that state, she would be unable to move for a while, and at the very least her battle strength would decrease considerably.

She heard that there was multiple Divine Spirits, so she wanted to avoid bulldozing her way through with physical ability in case the worst happened.

In that case, she thought that the enemy’s attack itself wasn’t even disintegration attack like the god’s apostle, also it felt like she would be able to barely endure using body strengthening level V and Steel Garment, in addition there was also how she felt that she had become dull after the decisive battle due to distancing herself from real battle, so she wanted to take back her “instinct” here.

Thanks to that, it was guaranteed that Hajime would open his eyes wide in shock when she returned to earth.

After all with her becoming able to follow lightning speed attack with sight and dodged, furthermore she even became able to land a counterattack, it meant that she became able to dodge even Hajime’s prided railgun.

The bugged rabbit was becoming even more bugged the more she fought!

『……It can’t be helped.』

The divine spirit who somehow recovered his calm muttered with small voice.

Actually, a clear death didn’t exist for divine spirit. Although, they also weren’t invincible. Because they were existence of nature phenomenon with their own will, their existence was depending on their will――in other word their mental strength.

In other words, if they were damaged to the extent they lost the willpower to regenerate, they would lose strength or get forced into dormant state for a while. They would become unable to materialize for a few years to dozens of years.

That was why the divine spirit resolved himself.

And then, Shia sensed it.

Right now, the divine spirit’s mind was certainly taken off from her. His fighting spirit, his killing intent, were averted from her. But, she was able to sense only his hostility.

In other words, the divine spirit was going to pull back from this place. At the same time, there was the possibility that he would return leading even more force.

That was why,

『We, the divine spirit protecting the mother, the great tree, will never let thy――』

「Level VII」

An impact attacked the divine spirit. It was a super fast punch that couldn’t be responded to even though he didn’t let his guard down.

However Shia accomplished it without moving from her spot. It was a flying fist that she could do for the first time in the realm of body strengthening Level VII. Yes, it was fist pressure! Just like a certain chairman of a hunter association!

The divine spirit should just run away and vanished like startled hare instead of giving tedious talk.

Because he didn’t do that, his face got blasted and he was forced into an instant of stagnation. And then, the next moment, he lost the possibility of retreat for eternity.

『Kuh, another strange technique is――!?』

When he was taken aback with surprise, it was already too late.

She wasn’t ahead of his gaze, and an unpleasant premonition came from behind.

The divine spirit looked back across his shoulder and saw it.

That was, a falling red moon……

「You won’t be able to escape from this forest rabbit! Desuu!!」

Which was the crimson colored war hammer that his eyes mistook.

――Shia-style metamorphosis magic Crimson War Hammer

A war hammer created from blood using blood manipulation.

It was mercilessly swung down as though being sucked toward the future location where the divine spirit was going to escape to with lightning transformation.

A severe tremor that resembled an earthquake shook the capital’s outskirt. A shockwave that shook even the atmosphere attacked the people of the capital and his majesty Eric and others above the hill.

Clouds of dust rose as though an explosion had gone off.

Everyone held their breath and the area fell dead silent.

Right after that, 「Ah」 a voice was raised. It was unknown whose voice it was. Everyone was lured by that voice and looked up to the sky.

And then they saw.

The dark cloud was vanishing as though melting into the night sky. At the other side, the perfectly round moon was peeking out.

Unbelievable. That was what they thought, but the phenomenon happening at the night sky was telling the fact more eloquently than anything.

The wind blew and the cloud of dust was clearing up.

The gaze of the people and his majesty Eric’s group returned from the sky to the ground.


「Fui~~, it has been a long time I’ve gotten a fight that made my blood boil and my flesh dance like this.」

There was the rabbit eared girl there wiping the sweat on her forehead while letting out a really relaxed voice.

The war hammer was vanishing like crimson petals scattering and fluttered in the air.

In exchange, Vire Drucken came flying toward the hand the she outstretched. *Pashi-* It made a pleasant sound when Shia caught it before giving it a swing. She put it on her shoulder where she tapped it *tap tap?*

Under her feet, a sparking sphere as big as a fist was rolling while pulsing. It looked like it was twitching and convulsing.

The light sphere that was most likely what the divine spirit was reduced into was stepped *mugyu!* by Shia so it didn’t escape. And then, she said 「You finally become quiet」 while her finger pointed to the light sphere in a snap, and she said with a loud voice.

「I’m opposed to violence desu! Let’s talk with each other peacefully!」

She was the true hero who accomplished the great achievement of defeating a divine spirit.

The hope of mankind.

They understood that. But, in everyone’s mind.

‘That rabbit eared girl, is dangerous as heck……’, they thought.

「Ah, also your majesty. That was the fourth time you called me so over familiarly wasn’t it?」


In his majesty Eric’s mind. ‘I’m in a heck of a trouble……’, he thought.

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