Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 334: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc I Killed Him, Desu?

Chapter 334: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc I Killed Him, Desu?

「……Hajime, wake up. Hajime.」

A voice that was like a breath of fresh air entered inside his very heavy head.

「……Hajime. Shia is……Shia is……wake up, Hajime.」

The familiar lovely voice had a reverberation that sounded vaguely agitated.

*Shake shake* The small hand was shaking him. The sensation felt like he was in a cradle that invited sleepiness instead.

「……Hajimeee. Wake uuup. Shia is~」

*Shake shake*. In addition, *bum!* a weight came down on his stomach……

Sleepy. He was really sleepy. But, it seemed his beloved vampire princess wanted Hajime to wake up no matter what.

It wasn’t a trivial matter for her to be this agitated. Even his brain that was working dully from sleepiness’s attack could sense that at least.

With hardship, Hajime faintly opened his eyelids that were transforming into powerful magnet.

「Aa~, Yue?」

「……Nn, Yue here.」

It was Yue-sama. Yue-sama who looked like she was fretful for some reason, or perhaps looking troubled, was straddling Hajime’s stomach with expression that was hard to describe.

「What’s wrong, why are you making that face? Did something happen?」

His voice was filled with heavy sleepiness, however, Hajime asked while caressing Yue’s head with extremely gentle hand motion.

Yue narrowed her eyes pleasantly for a brief moment, but she immediately renewed her expression as though to say 「This isn’t the time for this!」.

「……Hajime, trouble.」

「Huh? Did I make some trouble?」

「……Nn, wrong. Hajime didn’t cause any trouble. You were just sleeping normally. Rather, thank you for the wonderful sleeping face.」

「Ah, right. So? What is it?」

「……About Shia.」


It seemed there was a trouble that happened to Shia.

Hajime focused his eyes and kicked his awakening brain into gear while asking what Yue meant.

The straddling Yue-sama made a really serious expression.

Hajime was filled with bad premonition. ‘Don’t tell me……’ he thought.

Did Shia turned the city of Akiba into a scene of carnage?

Did the warriors raised their howl?

Did Shia’s rabbit ears get targeted by them whose boundary was broken?

Or perhaps, had the world already moved?

Every possibility formed and vanished, formed and vanished……

In that case, this might be bad even if this was Shia they were talking about.

In the end, would she be able to escape from that city that had been transformed into a wicked haunt with her own strength?

No, Yue was making a grave expression like this, perhaps the SOS had already arrived!

The battle strength of that city’s warriors, gentlemen, ladies, etc. when finding prey was something that couldn’t be measured with logic.

After all, it surpassed the agents under every country government at the very least!

「……Hajime, listen calmly.」


Hajime gulped while staring back at Yue’s eyes that looked like they were going to burst into tears and listened.

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「……Shia is, Shia is-」

「What happened!?」

「……possibly thinking that I’m a NEET!!」

Yue’s voice echoed like a scream.

*Tick tock tick tock*, the sound of the clock’s hand was echoing excessively clearly. The room was deathly silent like a grave.

The tearful Yue was making a really grave expression just as before.

「For now, calm down.」

That was Hajime’s first sentence after calmly listening.

「Whatever……」 was written on Hajime-san’s face. The completely spoiling Hajime-san who would forgive almost anything as long it was Yue made a still stare that was reminiscent of Yue. Furthermore, he immediately put back the blanket over himself and moved to shut out Yue from his mind. It felt like the voice of his heart 「I’m sleepy here, stupid idiot」 could be heard.

Yue’s face turned into one where it looked like she had received the biggest shock of her life. If this was in a manga then a sound effect word *GAAAN!* would be drawn behind her. Or perhaps there would be lightning strike and sound effect *PISHAA!!* on the background.

Yue grabbed the blanket barrier that covered Hajime until his head and started pulling insistently.

「……Hajime! Hajimee! Listen ! Listen to mee!」


「……If Shia thought of me as a NEET, I, might die from shock.」

「You are immortal.」

「……The wound of heart cannot be automatically regenerated.」

「…………Is your mental soft like tofu huh?」

Most likely it was like that because the other party was Shia. The strongest vampire princess-sama was unexpectedly weak against a blow from someone she liked.

Hajime insistently tugged on the blanket to pull it back on him while answering half-heartedly.

Yue insistently tugged on the blanket to pull it away while speaking with a serious face.

「……I, have a thought. That rather than being told right from the front, being told from words that appeared inside a casual conversation is more damaging.」

‘Generally a person with nothing to do in the house……’, certainly, it sounded like a true feeling that inadvertently leaked out.

She got the feeling that since coming to earth, Shia’s respect toward her was fading.

Certainly there were times when she put her clothes into the washing machine while there was still tissue in her pocket (three times) and she got scolded with fury like erupting volcano……

There were also times when she forgot her turn to take out the trash (four times), it angered Shia greatly……

When she took care of the whole thing with azure dragon because it couldn’t be helped, Shia looked at her with a really exasperated gaze for some reason……

She got reminded frequently about the classification of laundry……

‘Wait a second Yue-saaan! Please don’t roll around at that kind of placeee. I cannot vacuum that place like thii~s’, she was often told like that……

However! Even with the me who am like that!

「……I want Shia to look at me with her usual respect and affection filled gaze!」

‘What should I do?’, Yue-sama turned a pleading gaze while shaking Hajime repeatedly *shake shake*.

Hajime wordlessly turned his eyes at the clock. And then, his gaze became really complicated.

「It has been two hours since Shia went out huh…… Just how much you are troubled by this?」

Yes, two hours were already passing.

During that time, this vampire princess-sama was sitting and hugging her knees on the living room’s sofa while acting dejected all this time.

Hajime let out a sigh, then he suddenly reached out to Yue and pulled her under the blanket.


「For now, let’s sleep. You will feel refreshed for sure when waking up.」

‘Perhaps’, he said inside his heart. He pulled back the blanket over himself while making Yue as his body pillow.

「……Muu. Hajime is avoiding the question……」

Sleeper’s breathing immediately came out from Hajime. Yue pouted her lips while looking up from his chest.

After staring fixedly at him for a while, Yue was also lured by sleepiness. Her eyes drooped and she squirmed in her search for the best position.

And then,

「……Nn. I’ll give Shia a firm talk when she come home.」

She wasn’t an idler by any means. She was only enjoying the time where she wasn’t doing anything!

In other words, she was always super busy at any time!

‘Will it become evening when she return home? Shia, won’t she come home quickly?’ Yue thought while entrusting her body to Hajime and joined him in his afternoon nap.

「……Good night.」



「Good morning!」

Dahlia’s energetic voice resounded in her rabbit ears.


Shia returned the greeting even while not stirring at the slightest. And then, her voice was terribly bitter.

She was imposingly standing still while crossing her arms. She was watching the morning sun completely rising to the zenith of the hill from the window of a luxurious room.

Yes, she was watching the morning sun.

The night was over and the morning arrived. Furthermore, several hours were passing.

And yet,

「My pickup hasn’t come.」

Her rabbit ears, her eyes, and also the corner of her mouth were twitching. Her eyes looked completely angry.

When looking at her wristwatch, eight hours had passed since she was summoned. She went out of the house before noon, so at this time the evening had passed since a long time ago already. It was dinner time.

Then, there should be a phone call to Shia who hadn’t returned home, at the same time they should have noticed that she couldn’t be contacted.

And yet, her pickup hadn’t come.

Could it be, that the gap between worlds were larger than she expected and the magic power requirement was harsh?

She was thinking such possibility, but she still felt a it sad due to the expectation she held at the beginning.

She couldn’t possibly imagine, that to think only two hours had passed at the other side.

And then, she also never imagined that her nonchalant words had deranged Yue.

(We, well, it must be that. Surely there is a problem with the magic power requirement, yep. Even the transfer to Tortus is still in the middle of research to make it simpler I’m told.)

Shia convinced herself somehow.

Beside such Shia, Dahlia bowed with a reserved attitude humbly.

「Udar-sama, good morning.」


The reply came from the sphere of light……the divine spirit of thunder cloud lightly floating between the rabbit ears of Shia who was standing imposingly while staring at the morning sun. His name was Udar. His true name was longer, but it seemed that was how he was called with the range of voice that human could pronounce.

『By the way Shia. Respond to me already. This is the first time I’m ignored like this. I don’t know what to do.』

*Float float, float float. Whirl-.*

Udar-san made an appeal about his own existence toward Shia with a somewhat pleasant impression.

Wonder why? It was nothing more than a light ball, but it looked sad somehow……

「Eh? What? I’m sorry, I didn’t notice at all.」

『……I’m, a divine spirit though.』

「Right now you are just a ball though……」

『……That’s, right isn’t it』

*Flo-loat~, flo-lo-lo-loat~.*

It somehow looked like it was crying.

Now then, why was the divine spirit of thunder cloud Udar was staying at Shia’s side in this state?

To explain it simply, the divine spirit who bore wound in his heart due to Shia’s blow that resounded until his soul became unable to maintain his human form and got reduced until this state of light sphere.

However, Shia had no intention to annihilate the divine spirit, so she didn’t even deal the finishing blow to Udar. Like that, Shia requested the bewildered Udar ‘I’m begging you, let’s have a talk’.

She was victorious in battle when challenging a divine spirit like him right from the front, however she mercifully (?) didn’t take away his life, far from that she said that her wish was only to have discussion. It seemed that left really deep impression on Udar.

In the first place he was the loser. In other words it was equivalent that the will and determination of a divine spirit had lost against what Shia had.

In that case, ‘It’s only right that I respond to the wish of this strong, beautiful, and noble girl!’ it turned like that.

In any case, even if they were going to talk the royal capital was in the middle of full pandemonium and the damage was enormous. The night was also late, there were a mountain of things that had to be dealt with.

And so, Shia who had rendered a distinguished contribution was to rest in a room in the palace. Eric and others would prepare a place for dialogue with the divine spirit after the sun rose, and they ran about to deal with the aftermath before that.

And, that was how they reached this point.

『Shia, Shia. When will the pickup you mentioned will come?』

*Boing boing*, Udar who landed on Shia’s head went *boing boing* while asking. Even though he was a ball of light, his movement was like a slime for some reason.

「H~m, they haven’t come at this time, so perhaps it will take a bit longer……」

『Will it be alright? Our mother Lutria is weakening moment by moment. There won’t even be ten years.』

「Ahaha, I also won’t wait that long.」

Udal bounced *boing boing* on Shia’s head. The gap from his good-looking man appearance was terrific. His appearance was practically like Puyo○yo.

By the way, the mother Lutria he mentioned referred to the will residing in the star tree. The mother of all divine spirits and spirits.

Shia put the bouncing Udar on her palm and smiled wryly while saying 「As expected from god. Their sense of time is really different」.


Dahlia who was silently watching such interaction of Shia and Udar unconsciously whispered that.

In her eyes, with the dazzling morning sunlight was illuminating them from the window, it seemed that to her it looked like a greatly exalted existence of the divine spirit and the beautiful hero were frolicking with each other.

It was as though she was witnessing a myth that was talked in the book. She watched enraptured.


Shia tilted her neck seeing Dahlia whose mind went into a trip.

「My, my apologies! I have only seen a divine spirit-sama calling human with their name and acting intimately like that only in books so, I unconsciously」

Dahlia returned to her senses in surprise and bowed respectfully.

「The preparation of breakfast will finish soon. Before that, how about taking a bath first?」

「Aa~, I see.」

She was also recommended to take a bath first before she was guided to her room, but as expected, Shia had no intention to expose her defenselessness in this place where she didn’t know what would happen and firmly refused.

However, Shia was a wholesome woman. She loved taking a bath. She didn’t feel refreshed at all with just lightly wiping her body.

She endured thinking that there would not be a problem entering the bath and relaxed after her pickup came, but now her heart shook when it looked like her pickup would come late.

Although, she didn’t know when a divine spirit like Udar would come.

Udar guessed Shia’s worry that was wondering what to do and called out.

『Shia, are you being wary?』

「Yes, well. There is no guarantee that Udar-san’s comrade won’t come after all……」

『Then leave it to me.』

「Eh? Will you stop them from coming?」

『Right. They will listen if I call out to them.』

He was really cooperative as though that situation where words wouldn’t get through to him at all was just a lie. No, rather it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was being friendly.

Shia said 「In that case……」while moving her rabbit ears back and forth *piko piko* happily……

『It also has been a long time since I took a bath.』


『It’s something unnecessary for a divine spirit. But, in the past I imitated human and often took a bath. It was really pleasant, I like taking a bath. Now, Shia, let’s go take a bath――』

Shia clenched her fist *mugyu-* with the divine spirit located above her palm.

『Shi, Shia. I’m feeling a bit of pain. My inside is going to leak slightly.』

Udal raised a complain, but the pressure that Shia’s smiling face emitted stopped his words.

「What are you doing trying to nonchalantly enter together?」

『I, is there any problem?』

「This no good god-, desuu!」

*Pugyu-!!* The clenched fist strengthened the pressure. Udal hurriedly argued vehemently.

『I see, I understand now Shia. You are feeling embarrassment right? I know that the child of man feel resistance when their naked body is seen by the opposite sex.』

「That’s how it is.」

『Right. But, let me say that there is no problem.』


『Certainly I have a nature as a male god. However, I like Shia. Male and female with good will toward each other will interact nakedly with each other. In other words, there is no pro――』


Udar-san fell silent. It looked like he was going to dissolve and vanish even now might be because he was just one step before annihilation from Shia-style Iron Claw. The figure of a good-looking man opening his eyes wide in fear could be seen somehow.

「I’m sorry Dahlia-san. As expected, I really want to take a bath, so can I entrust this to you?」


The divine spirit-sama was tossed away like pebble by Shia who was staring reproachfully. Dahlia’s expression shuddered while catching the ball in desperation.

After that, Shia firmly refused the assistance of the maids and took a bath at ease.




『Shia, that was horrible.』

「I’m sorry. God is fundamentally unreasonable, so I thought that I won’t be able to enter normally without making you faint.」


Inside a spacious room of the palace, Shia was sitting at a round table and replied to Udar’s complain with a blank face.

As expected it seemed Udar really intended to do that from how he was falling silent.

『Isn’t that alright? Shia, I like you. That strength which defeated me, that nobility and beauty which persisted in righteousness. I will even welcome you as my spouse.』

「Sleep talking when you are asleep, desu.」

Shia stuffed her cheeks with vegetable breakfast while making reproachful stare. Udar slime was sagging *monyon* on her head. Perhaps his words were said quite seriously.

But, there, a single man raised his voice as though to say ‘I cannot endure this anymore!’.

「Oi, Shia! Why――」

「Your way of calling.」

「Guh. Aren’t you allowing Udar-sama to do so!?」

It was his majesty Eric. The king whose face was beaten up black and blue until dawn and now his handsome face looked like a Buddha statue. Right now he had a light black and blue face due to healing using spirit art. Even now spirit art healing was being applied to him, so he would surely recover completely after dozens more minutes.

In addition, other than him Louis, Greg, Phil, and Dahlia were also present on the breakfast table.

「That’s, well, he is a god. Because he is an existence that has lived for several thousand or tens of thousands of years.」

As expected, it seemed that Shia didn’t intend to insist on the way Udar was calling her name.

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「Even so, if he is seeing me not as “child of man” but as a “woman”, there will be a need to have him rethink about the way he is calling me.」

When Shia sent a glance, Udal was lightly floating *float float* on air. He gave the impression that was like 「Eh? I cannot hear anything though?」.

Shia made a reproachful glare that seemed to say ‘This god~’ while ignoring his majesty Eric who still looked like he wanted to say something and asked.

「By the way, is the dealing with the aftermath going well? I think that the people of the capital also know that Udar-san is here but……won’t that cause a great opposition from them?」

Udar’s divine punishment came down on a lot of the populace.

Although Shia defeated him, she didn’t deal the finishing blow. That fact must have become known throughout her walk until the palace that was like a parade.

Although Udar wasn’t in human form, if there was a light of spirit drifting beside Shia, those who didn’t realize that it was the defeated divine spirit would be the strange one. Shia was amazed that riot like 「Finish off the weakened divine spirit!」 didn’t happen on the way to the palace.

「It seems, there is a bit of discrepancy in Shia-sama’s perception toward divine spirit.」

The one who answered was Louis who was watching the exchange between Udar and Shia with a smile that looked like it was pasted on his face.


「Yes,Shia-sama. First, it’s like what I said in the beginning, divine spirit isn’t evil by any means.」

Yes, they weren’t evil.

They didn’t consider life as light by all means. They were existences that watched over the world, watched over the people, and loved life. There wasn’t any existence that loved this world as much as them.

Even if they destroyed villages without giving any room for compromise, even if they rained down thousands of lightning on the capital, there wasn’t any ill will in there, they also didn’t feel any pleasure from that.

「Shia-sama, we……especially, the people of our oldest country the Balted Kingdom deeply understand that.」

『……Right. We aren’t laying our hand on the children of man by choice, the children of man are also one of the precious lives filling the world.』

「……Yes, Udar-sama. Therefore, this is what we think when the divine spirit lay their hand on us. “We are the one who made them do this”.」

「I, see?」

For Shia who didn’t have good recollection toward existence called god, it was a sense of values that was a bit hard to comprehend. She wondered whether in the end, the people who lost their precious people could be convinced like that.

Louis who guessed that nodded with a wry smile.

「Just as you guessed, not all people can be convinced like that. The prime example is the demon kingdom but……」

「Aa, I see. ‘That’s intolerable, so we’ll oppose by developing technology!’ It’s like that isn’t it.」

「Exactly. That is their root, the feeling that is their origin.」

His majesty Eric stared at Udar with an expression that hid his emotion while continuing.

「Last night, Shia was there so no one acted violently. Rather than fear and grudge toward Udar-sama, their heart was filled with hope that is you. I don’t know what will happen as time pass but……even so, all the people of my country know. The karma of human forced Udal-sama and the rest of the divine spirits into this action.」

「I see.」

Certainly, the populace of the capital raised a fervent cheer at Shia.

They witnessed her great exploit of defeating a divine spirit, and then that divine spirit recognized her and stayed close to her. Such hope had appeared for them. It wouldn’t be strange that rather than the execution of the divine punishment, it was the fact that the divine punishment had been averted that had won their heart for Shia.

Phil who was also someone in charge of intelligence must have investigated the feeling of the capital’s populace since the morning. He spoke the result.

「There is no sign of riot at the present. It’s all thanks to Shia-chan――」


「I, it’s all thanks to Shia-chi!」

Phil sweated coldly from Shia’s ominous gaze while changing the way he called Shia slightly.

「……The knight order is also considerably harmed. But, at present there is no one whose blood got into their head. Shia, it’s thanks to you.」

「……Haa. Your welcome.」

The gaze and words from Greg that were filled with sincere gratitude made Shia gave up correcting the way he called her while she let out a deep sigh. If she didn’t do that, the conversation would drag on.

She munched on a vegetable stick that was like a carrot in high speed like a rabbit.

Seeing Shia who was a bit sulky like that, the look on his majesty Eric’s eyes softened slightly while he asked.

「So, Shia. It seems your pick up hasn’t arrived, what will you do?」

「Let’s see……although they haven’t come, as expected I believe they will come for me within a few days. During that time, I will standby here while being on guard against new divine spirit-san perhaps?」

「Is, that so.」

His majesty Eric crossed his arms and fell into his thought. After a little while he lifted his face and turned his gaze toward Udar.

「Udar-sama, what do you think about our determination and atonement?」

There was unexpressed wish in those words that if Udar was in acceptance, perhaps he could assist them to reach the location of the star tree. If there was permission of divine spirit like Udar, then perhaps the hindrance of divine beasts could be removed.

However, Udar’s voice was cold.

『Our mother Lutria has despaired over you “human”. Do you think that there will be a parent whose heart won’t be chilled when turning their blade toward their child?』

「That is……」

『Even so our mother Lutria continued to be merciful toward you all. Until the brink of the collapse of the world’s equilibrium. But, what she loves isn’t just “human”. She also has to protect her other children.』


His majesty Eric bit his lower lip in shame because of their selfish and convenient wish. Louis and others were also the same.

Udar was unmoving as though fixedly watching them. He slightly flickered.

『But……after coming into contact with all of your hearts like this, I myself, think that perhaps there is hope.』


He was defeated by Shia and communicated with them from up close like this. He was able to understand that certainly a part of human had reflected on themselves. However, as expected, in the end it was “too late” already by the time the divine spirits had genuinely moved into action. That was why, divine punishment with no room for argument rained down because it was already a time where nothing could be done with just words anymore.

『……I will cooperate. This is also a request from Shia after all. However, I have lost almost all my power. I cannot do anything considerable.』

「Even the path toward the star tree?」

『Right. Even if my voice can reach, surely mother won’t listen.』

‘Above all else’, Udar continued. His tone of voice was strict.

『The root of the problem isn’t the drying up of the spirit element. It’s the heart of human who won’t balk at the drying up. You understand that aren’t you?』


『We know. That the children of man are like tree leaf that is carried by the wind. A fixed sense of values won’t change easily. It cannot be changed. You will be strongly blown, drifting, and cannot stop until arriving at the end.』

Especially, when there wasn’t an impact that could blow away even the wind.

「Our plan of salvation……is meaningless, is that what you are saying? That there is no saving the children of man?」

『As long as you don’t change.』

A sorrowful atmosphere filled the place. Their plan for salvation was denied by the divine spirit himself that was protecting the star tree. It was like their hope was cut off.

But, there an out of place light tone resounded.

「Then, we have to work hard to reach the star tree-san isn’t it?」

His majesty Eric and others were flabbergasted by the indifferent tone. They were putting on expression that was saying what is this person saying when the salvation plan had gotten rejected just now.

「Shia. Aren’t you listening? There is no salvation for human, we were just gotten told that clearly.」

「Then, you are giving up?」

「Tha, that’s――」

「Impossible right? You cannot do something like giving up the live of your precious people. Then, don’t just talk pointlessly, first you need to act.」

‘In the first place’, Shia continued. The attention all gathered at Shia. It was as though they were staring at a light floating inside darkness.

「Not apologizing because you won’t be forgiven, that feels really no good. If you do something bad, apologize even if you won’t get forgiven! Isn’t that just obvious?」

「Eh, ah, tha, that’s right……」

「Yes. ……Certainly, it’s difficult for everyone to change. But, Eric-san and everyone here has changed. You all reflected from the bottom of your heart and are desperately struggling like this.」

Shia smiled brightly and spoke.

「That’s why, Udar-san’s heart is also moved. The same like that, the star tree-san might also recognize Eric-san and everyone.」

Till the end it was only “might be”. The prospect was slim. It was so bad that it wasn’t even a gamble.


「Even though it’s despairing situation, even though it’s a reality that make you want to cry, it’s not a reason at all to give up. It’s nothing more than a reason to do your best with everything you have.」


「The future, it can be changed if you do your best with everything you have. At the very least, I believe so.」

His majesty Eric and everyone thought, if spirit of word really existed, then her words must be it.

In Balted Kingdom, throughout generation it was said that the oldest spirit art was word itself. Even without spirit element filling it, word had power. That was the spirit of words. (Note: Another hard to translate phrase. There is a phrase in Japan which is called “kotodama”, it consisted of two kanji, the kanji of word and the kanji of spirit. Translated it means soul of language or power of words, translated literally it means word spirit)

Everyone forgot to even breath and they were charmed by the girl whose eyes shined like the cloudless sky.

「If your surrounding is pitch black and you cannot see anything ahead, let’s just run! It doesn’t matter where. Let’s run thinking that surely it will connect to a good future! No matter the case, first it start from there!」

Everyone somehow understood that surely that was what she had done until now. For the sake of the future she wished for, she always ran with all her strength.

‘Haa’, a shaky breath leaked out. It was his majesty Eric. Inside his chest, a burning emotion that felt like it would burn him to ash and a big emotion toward the strong girl before him which he couldn’t express in word were filling him to the brim. He let out a long sigh.

His father the previous king died early and he became a king when he was still a young boy and continued to run at the front for the salvation plan. A pressure beyond description was always weighing him down.

It was to the degree that if he learned that the hope called hero wasn’t a hope at all, he felt like he couldn’t stand up again. That fear made his body and heart screamed and he rejected the hero summoning. His whole body felt terribly heavy as though he was shouldering a giant rock.

And then somehow, he now was feeling unbelievably light from just a single sentence.

「……Yeah, you’re right. It’s just as Shia said. We have no future anyway. Then, we only have to do what we should do.」

It was a quiet voice, however, it was a voice that was far more powerful than everything until now. His majesty Eric renewed his resolve.

Then, Louis let out a sigh as long as his majesty Eric’s and turned a gaze that was filled with affection that would make anyone who saw it to feel bashful toward Shia while continuing after Eric’s words.

「Yes. In any case we have to apologize first before thinking whether mankind can continue to exist or not. In anything it’s important to take responsibility, no matter whatever the result is.」

Greg, Phil, and then Dahlia too, they were looking at Shia with a gaze that was filled with burning passion of different types while continuing.

「……First, let’s show ourselves to the star tree. I want the star tree to know that human’s sincerity hasn’t run out yet.」

「That’s right isn’t it. There is no meaning in just standing still.」

「I’m unworthy and inexperienced but, I too will do everything that I can!」

Seeing them like that, Udar flickered a bit strongly. He didn’t say anything, but he looked somewhat happy.

His majesty Eric kept gazing passionately at Shia while concluding their plan ahead.

「Then, we will concentrate at organizing the allied force while waiting for the arrival of Shia’s family.」

The allied force here referred to the elite gathering of the strongest elites from three countries, the Balted Kingdom of his majesty Eric here, and then the demon kingdom and the beast kingdom to form a mixed force.

It had been planned since long ago. Messengers were already dispatched within the night and it was arranged for the force to gather within a few days.

In addition of the mankind’s strongest battle force, there would be Shia who defeated even a divine spirit. With them the possibility to reach until the star tree was great, but it seemed his majesty Eric intended to wait until Shia’s family arrived just as he promised.

「Although, Shia.」


Even while still feeling a bit irritated at the way she was called without honorific, Shia wiped her lips clean after finishing the breakfast and replied.

When she turned her gaze there, the expression of his majesty Eric was faintly blushing for some reason. His gaze was also being averted shyly.

‘What, acting fidgety like that. This guy just ain’t decisive huh’, Shia thought, but let’s put that aside.

His majesty Eric said 「As a king, it’s necessary to exchange opinion properly in preparation of the worst」 in advance with an unnatural attitude, then he said it.

「If, this is only a what if. If no one come to pick you――」

「They will come.」

Shia’s face was blank. But, his majesty Eric was a person with steel in his spine who wouldn’t give up calling Shia without honorific even after getting beaten up black and blue. He was doing his best believing that the future can be changeeed!

「However, you see. You said that they will surely come before dawn, but in the end they didn’t come. In that case, the worst case――」

「Won’t happen.」

「If, only if. If that happen and you don’t have any method to return――」

「I’ll return even if it kills me.」

「If there isn’t any method! It’s fine even if you stay here forever! In that case, you will surely feel lonely. It won’t be bad even if you make a new family here. In that case, at the outside you are the hero so it will be better if your partner if someone with considerable status. For example, someone of the royalty or――」

「Please wait, your majesty.」

‘It seems the beating is insufficient desu. All right, I’ll turn you into a queen with the smash I directly succeed from Yue-san.’ Shia thought while she was about to stand up from her chair. It was at that timing that Louis interrupted his majesty Eric’s words.

The glasses glinted. His mouth was forming a smile, but it was strangely pressuring.

「Shia-sama is denying that she is the hero. Perhaps it’s too rash and imprudent to state that a royalty will be worthy for her with the consideration of her being the hero.」

「……What did you say?」

「In the first place, she won’t be able to live in peace if she become a queen for example. I’m in objection of putting a heavy responsibility on Shia-sama.」

「Hou. Then, are you saying that there is other worthy partner for her?」

「That will depend on her opinion, so I cannot say anything. Ah, but please don’t worry. This is not a matter that your majesty needs to trouble yourself with. About Shia-sama, as the one who summoned her I have responsibility to look after her.」

*Twitch* A vein pulsed on his majesty Eric’s forehead. In respond Eric’s smile was also deepening. However, his eyes weren’t laughing at all though.

「……Eh, what is this, this situation.」

Shia couldn’t hide her bewilderment at the battle of words that suddenly started.

Even during then, this time Greg spoke out「She is a warrior. Then, I who am the knight order captain can also talk to her in the same language」, and in response Phil spoke out「What are you saying, Greg never talk most of the time! At that point, if it’s me I can make a lighthearted atmosphere and able to have Shia-chi enjoy herself you know」.

Then, next,

『……Hmph. Shia is a gifted woman who can defeat even me. The likes of children of man couldn’t possibly be worthy of her.』

Even Udar began to join the battle.

「Even Udar-sama……as expected from Shia-sama. You are popular!」

「Eh? Aa~, so it’s something like that?」

「It’s like that!」

Both Dahlia’s hands clenched energetically. She informed the right answer with her usual gesture.

Her attitude before this was relatively sharp, and she even beaten up his majesty Eric and Udar viciously, and yet why did it turn like this……Shia was bewildered. Or perhaps, were they Tio’s compatriot? A masochist king and god, honestly, she couldn’t bear watching something like that.

(Or rather, even though I have Hajime-san. Trying to seduce me even though I have a husband, are they looking down on me……)

Shia grimaced in distaste but, there she went「Eh?」.

(Come to think of it, have I mentioned that I have a husband?)

Thinking really carefully, she only mentioned “family” with the consideration of hiding information.

In her left ring finger, a ring that she received at Tortus before going to earth was fitted in. It was the proof that she was the demon king’s wife. She wasn’t his wife based on earth’s law, but the fact that she was a wife was generally accepted by the surrounding.

However, right now no one reacted at the ring on her finger. Perhaps, in this world there wasn’t a concept of wedding ring.

Shia thought that she should make it clear before even more meaningless thing happened and she opened her mouth.

「Say~, actually . I’m marri――」

In that instant, Shia took a single leap and landed on the opposite side.

「……Hou. Amazing reaction. I should have erased my presence completely.」

Those words were filled with admiration and interest. And then, it was a terribly sexy voice that would strongly stimulate the opposite sex.

Before anyone knew it, a single man was inside the room without any warning. He was right behind the chair Shia was sitting before this.

Glossy black long hair. Intellectual eyes with long slit. Bewitchingly shining pupils that were like amethyst. He was a terribly good looking man. His body was wrapped with jet black and luxurious outfit.

His reached out hand stopped above the chair. From the hand’s position, that hand must be trying to stroke Shia’s hair.

The good looking man who was smiling bewitchingly caused his majesty Eric to return to his sense a beat later and he raised his voice.

「Arogan-dono!? Why are you here!?」

「My apologies for the unannounced visit, Eric-dono. I was unable to suppress my excited heart after hearing the momentous news of the hero summoning and the defeat of a divine spirit.」

「The messenger shouldn’t have arrived already but……should I say that it’s as expected from the demon king-dono. As always, you have a long reach.」

The man called Arogan shrugged. Surprisingly, it seemed he was his majesty the demon king of Rated Demon Kingdom. Most likely he made his subordinate to monitor the capital and grasped the information earlier than anyone using some kind of method.

Although, there was a limit on being outside common sense with how he suddenly arrived in the palace, and alone on top of that.

Such preposterous his majesty demon king Arogan moved his gaze toward Shia who was behind his majesty Eric. And then, he suddenly chuckled ‘fuh’ and the next instant, his figure vanished. But right after that, he was instantly in front of Shia.

「Wawah, oops.」

The distance was too close. Shia took a few steps back. The wall was right behind her.

「Nice to meet you, hero-dono. I am the king of Rated Demon Kingdom, Arogan Spervia Rated. To think that a person with strength to defeat a divine spirit could be a woman this lovely, it’s really unimaginable. Please, allow me to ask your name.」

His majesty demon king Arogan smoothly approached while smiling. With his terribly good looking face and the bewitching atmosphere he wore, the average woman would be entranced by him.

「Ah, yes. Nice to meet you. I am Shia Hauria.」

「Shia……even your name is beautiful.」

The smile strengthened. Really this demon king seemed to be really knowledgeable on how to use his good look. He came until a distance where his hand would be able to reach if he reached out and even then his body kept closing the distance.

His majesty Eric and others spontaneously tried to stop him but,

「Wha-, barrier!? Arogan-dono, what are you planning!?」

「What, I only wish to spend time together with Shia for a bit. Eric-dono had been together with her all the time last night correct? Isn’t that unfair?」

Saying that, his majesty the demon king Arogan looked back across his shoulder and smiled charmingly at everyone who couldn’t approach due to the barrier.

And then, his hand thrust right beside Shia’s face when she was close to the wall. It was the so called wall bang. He stared into Shia’s eyes straightforwardly right from the front.

「Err, you are too close, so can you back away?」


Normally, at this point most girls would become weak kneed. He himself seemed to have absolute confidence in his charm. His eyes expressed his confidence that there was no woman who wouldn’t fall to his advance.

Seeing Shia who wasn’t just completely not agitated and instead even looked annoyed, his majesty the demon king Arogan was increasingly growing even more interested and his other hand reached out.

It seemed that the objective was Shia’s chin. So to speak he was going to attempt lifting her chin.

「If you do that, I will have to resist. Even though you are a king of a country, I won’t hold back you know?」

Suddenly a chill assaulted his majesty the demon king Arogan. His hand unconsciously stopped.

「……Then, if I overcome that resistance, will you become mine?」

His hand reached out once more as though to say ‘interesting’.

And so,



Shia’s elbow struck. To the wall behind her. With an thunderous sound the wall behind her was pulverized into dust.

――Shia-style Wall Bang

When she got wall bang done to her by anyone that wasn’t Hajime, she used this technique to pulverize the wall to erase the existence of the wall itself that was sandwiching her.

Shia who took a step back at the created space displayed herself swinging back her fist with a smile toward his majesty Eric and the others who were trying to dispel the barrier behind his majesty the demon king Arogan.

Everyone behind the barrier instantly noticed. They went 「Hyaa~~~~」 and jumped away from the line of fire.

Right after that,

「Level VII」


The pressure instantly shot up.

His majesty the demon king Arogan who underrated her due to his own good look, status, the situation and so on was,

「Narcissist should die, no mercy. Desuu!!」

He opened his eyes wide and tired to do something, but in the end he couldn’t do anything and his face ate the godspeed fist that caught even a divine spirit. It scattered him away. Even the wall behind him was also smashed up along with him, and he became scattered sparkling particles.

Shia who saw that was,

「E, eh? ……Could it be, I killed him?」

She didn’t intend to go that far though……

Shia thought while sweating coldly.

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