Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 337: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc I Am A Married Woman Desuu!

Chapter 337: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc I Am A Married Woman Desuu!

The rabbit eared girl dignifiedly threw out her chest above the pale bluish white ripple.

Even the divine spirit of earth couldn’t take the next action immediately in front of that. Confusion, shock, ……the thought of 「A talk, isn’t that impossible?」, putting aside all of those, it took all he had to return to normal the iron hammer that was deflected by a small girl who was like an insect from his point of view.

The celestial people too, the demon king too, and then even every single one of the demon kingdom’s people, they were completely speechless.

In that blank period of time that was brought about by that dumbfoundment and charm, the yellow slime……not, the divine spirit of lightning cloud who was catching up plopped in front of Shia and started hopping.

『Oros, it’s fine even if only briefly, please lay down your arms.』

With a piercing glare, a sharp glint came from the far 600 meter above. In the head of the gigantic golem, there was certainly a pair of light that although small was visible.

『Udar……that’s some state you are in.』

There was no objection. Because his appearance was completely a slime. But, he wished to be allowed to groan ‘muu’ in protest at least. Udar flickered flashily in order to express the inside of his heart while forming his words for the sake of his promise with the girl who he deemed worthy.

『Won’t you lend your ear to what the children of man have to say?』


Oros didn’t answer. But, he also wasn’t ignoring those words. He also wasn’t ruminating. What could be felt from him was shock and anguish, and then rage.

『We are sometimes liable to forget. That lives have as many color as its number in existence. The “children of man” are also included in that.』

“Children of man” didn’t consist of a single living thing. There were many lives that were born, and so there were also as many different will, sense of values, and then the way of changing, and the speed of that change in accordance to that. That was what Udar said.

‘That’s why’, Udar continued……

However, before that,

『So you have fallen, lightning cloud.』

‘How truly pitiful, what a tragedy. Oh my brethren, that state of yours that I cannot bear to even look at, there I already no right or wrong in it. If you say that you are going to turn your back on mother, then perish together with them.’

Even without words, the torrent of killing intent that shook the land was thrust before them.

It was expressed by the shape of the iron hammer. Although it only came from a single arm, it wasn’t inferior compared to a gigantic falling meteor just like before. It was more than enough to crush a divine spirit who had been weakened.


Of course, such future wouldn’t be approved by the bugged rabbit.

A thunderous roar stirred the air, at the same time Oros’s crushing hammer was deflected once more.

But, this time he didn’t display an unsightly dumbfounded look. If one attack was impossible, then two attacks. If two attacks were no good then three attacks. He would attack no matter how many times, until they fell, until they perished.

*GOU-* The wind howled.

That was truly a battering that was like a storm. The two arms of Oros who was firmly stepping on the ground were unleashing consecutive attacks in order to destroy the small rebel and his fallen brethren.

The crushing hammer of the combined two arms that was falling like a meteor was nothing but a nightmare seen from the view point of the demon kingdom’s populace who were targeted by it.

But, that nightmare, it could be regarded as just a nightmare if they survived it.

「Level VII!! Come at me with all you gooot-, desuu!!」

It was like a barrier. The meteors of crushing hammer, all of them were deflected the instant it reached a point in the sky.

Each time that happened a thunderous roar reverberated, shock waves shook the land, and the air was blown away in radiating direction.

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A swing of war hammer.*PAANN* It smashed the wall of air and struck dead the death with a blow moving in the speed of sound. Against the meteor shower that was increasing in speed, the war hammer also increased in speed moment by moment, intercepting the calamity right from the front.

『Damn hero of another world……annoying.』

His hands didn’t stop even while saying that. The rage toward the irregular existence that made his brethren fell and brought danger closer to his mother was stirring up Oros more than his sense of mission.

『The land isn’t as light as the lightning cloud. Attempting to save the children of man……realize your own hubris.』

The storm of crushing hammer increased further in intensity. As though to say that the strikes would continue attacking eternally until the hero who worked for the salvation of man was crushed.

That was why, Shia yelled. She raised her voice, undaunted against the thunderous roar.

「I won’t save anyone!!」

Damn straight. Shia wouldn’t save. She wouldn’t save the people of this world or anything. Because there was no meaning in them being saved. Because they had to save themselves by their own.

「Exactly!! Please, listen to our words-, divine spirit of the earth!!」

Because Shia left behind Schutaif and rushed ahead alone, Eric got left behind and only caught up now. It seemed that he came ahead with only Louis using Louis’s spirit art.

「We are foolish-. So foolish that we aren’t able to unite our heart even at this late hour.」

The words of the young king of the human race resounded in the interval of the thunderous roars.

Even the people who were scared out of their wits by the fight between fellow supernatural existences like in legend finally returned to their senses hearing that voice that was raised until the throat was almost torn up.

The eyes of the people of the demon kingdom brightened when they finally keenly realized that the reinforcement had arrived. The celestial people fired up themselves to remove the threat that was opposing the divine spirit.

「However, even so-, please I beg you to listen! To the prayer of the people who are trying to reform, trying to take back the goodness of heart from the old day! Please I beg you to ascertain it with your own eyes! Of our repenting figure!」

Oros didn’t answer. As though to proclaim that something like words to say had been exhausted already since a long time ago.

Even so, Eric continued to scream. Because that was the only thing that he, humans could do, no, should do.

「How idiotic. Something like the words of harmful insect crawling on the ground won’t reach the ear of the great ones.」

It wasn’t Oros who replied. It was the celestial people. A portion of them who came back to their senses spread out. Above they created sparking mass of lightning. Their aim was Eric and Louis below. The fired spear of roaring lightning became an intense rain that poured on them.

「I won’t allow that. Prompt execution――”Water Wall”」

Just as Louis’s words meant, barrier of water that was casted with abbreviated chanting enveloped the two. The lightning spears couldn’t pierce the water barrier. The lightning ran along the water flow and scattered to different direction.

As expected from the strongest caster of the kingdom. Apparently even the killing intent of ten-odd celestial people wouldn’t reach him when he was in perfect readiness.

Although, that attack certainly became the signal of resuming battle. The army of celestial people, two thousand people who believed without a doubt in their own superiority started attacking the barrier-less demon kingdom once more.

Shia was still in the middle of exchanging blows against Oros right from the front.

It was hard to imagine that the bugged rabbit would lose in a one-on-one straight fight. However, that was because she possessed the strongest strength in close quarter combat. She who couldn’t use magic properly was lacking in annihilating power.

For a moment, the thought of advancing to Level X crossed her mind. If she subdued Oros quickly and fought with the style of throwing exploding slug bullet like grenade, she would be able to take one a mere two thousand.

Although, the problem was whether she would be able to beat unconscious a divine spirit who was nearly immortal, furthermore a divine spirit of the earth who was boiling in rage in a short time or not……

Thinking of the demerit of Level X’s limited usage time, she couldn’t help but hesitate.

The current Level VII was the maximum level that she could use without feeling any demerit. More than this would burden her body more or less.

(But, I cannot say that in this situation.)

Her rabbit ears were twitching *piko piko*. Agonizing cries were resounding from the capital. Not only the attack of the celestial people, apparently the great army of golems that should be called as small sized Oros were overflowing from the underground of the cracked earth.

Eric and Louis were also under the concentrated fire of celestial people who had drastically increased until a force of several hundred.

Even so Louis was still continuing to endure. One couldn’t help but to admire his skill that surpassed the imagination, however, he couldn’t be expected to do more. He was unable to launch a counterattack, he had his hands full with simply protecting the king. In front of the violence of number, his mental strength and spirit element were shaved away bit by bit.

Greg and others were rushing closer with body reinforcement, but they would need a bit more time.

(I’ve promised.)

She promised to Eric and others of wanting to deliver the feeling of human to the mother the star tree no matter what resulted from it.

The risk of Level X was too high. It wasn’t realistic. But, if she ignored the burden to her body, she would manage somehow until Level VIII, or IX with her guts! Shia thought with her rabbit ears standing straight, it was then.

「!? What!?」

『You bastards……』

The air was shaking unnaturally. The land was vibrating, and unpleasantness that was crawling stickily on the skin was attacking.

When they looked with a taken aback expression, the structure that looked like a tuning fork had been standing erect without anyone noticing.

Yes, it was the ultimate weapon of the demon kingdom――the Tyrant.

The faint illumination it was radiating was giving a graphic account how it was activating.

Eric and others opened their eyes wide in disbelief, while the celestial people fanned up their fighting spirit to attempt to destroy it this time for sure. During that time, Arogan who had recovered slightly floated in the air while raising his voice.

It was a foolish voice, in various senses.

「Listen-, my people! The foolish divine spirits! She is the one and only savior of mankind, the hope of us “human”, the hero Shia! ――My queen!」

‘Haa!?’ Such shocked voice resounded. That was Shia’s voice, and also the voice of Eric, and also the voice of a portion of the demon kingdom’s people.

「Shia! You are the first one to come running here in our predicament and protect me like this, that love, I have certainly received it! if your strength is combined with my strength, no, my country’s strength, there is no need to fear the likes of god! Let’s go together toward the new world that is filled with glory! My people! Observe carefully! The moment of us the strongest husband and wife defeat the god!」

The demon king’s speech didn’t stop. Tyrant growled in concert. In less than a few seconds, all the spirit elements in the surrounding would be thoroughly stolen and an act that should be reviled would resume.

The reason of Arogan’s eccentric behavior. In a sense, it was exactly just as his words meant. After witnessing Shia’s true strength, he saw the hope of winning against divine spirit, however, he despaired because Shia was unable to also handle the fierce attack of the celestial people and the golems, because of that he formed a plan.

That was a plan to draw in Shia to his side and made it into an established fact. He made it as though Shia fell in love with him and came running to their help because of love, then he proclaimed that he accepted that love.

Like that, by pulling in Shia from her neutral position completely into demon kingdom’s side, she would be brought into an absolutely hostile relationship against the divine spirits, making it into a situation where she wouldn’t be able to survive without joining hand with them.

Later, after overcoming this emergency situation, it would be fine if he just made Shia fell for him.

Arogan didn’t have any doubt. Of his own charm, that eventually there would be no way she would be able to resist him. If he obtained Shia in his hand, there would be no need to wait for mankind’s technology to reach the divine territory. And above all else, a radiant girl like Shia was the only one worthy for him.

Because the demon king who was human’s ambition taking form was completely cornered and saw hope in that desperate situation, he didn’t harbor any doubt that this was the method to overturn the table in this hopeless situation.

「Wai-, what are you prattling abou――」

Naturally, Shia raised an objection, but before she could finish,

――Queen Shia! Queen Shia! Rated Demon Kingdom banzai!

The loud cheers of the populace reverberated in a volume that didn’t lose at all against the roar of the battlefield, drowning Shia’s voice.


「Oros-sama! The union of hero of another world with the demon king is the worst situation that cannot be ignored! Please give permission for us to give you reinforcement!」

Even the celestial people were greatly misunderstanding just like Arogan planned. They didn’t intrude until now believing that Oros would defeat Shia and entrusted exterminating her to Oros, but now they sought for permission to give help.

「That’s why I’m saying that’s not――」

『As I thought you will save mankind even if the world will be destroyed in the process, you demon’s child-』

Even Oros was saying such thing. Perhaps he was feeling impatient seeing Shia facing him right from the front undaunted no matter how many times he swung down his crushing hammer and seeing Tyrant was activating. His attacks became even more severe and he also gave permission to the celestial people’s request.

「Listen to――」

「What lies are you spewing! Oros-dono! Don’t listen to that libel!」

As expected from the king of Balted Kingdom. He properly……

「Even if for argument’s sake she is looking for a spouse, it absolutely won’t be the demon king! It is our Balted Kingdom who summoned her, the one who is worthy for her is our country that has taken back the goodness of heart of the olden days! In other words the one who should be her spouse i, is, me!」

‘What is this bastard saying amidst the confusion’, such tsukkomi came from Louis who raised his voice in rivalrly, and,

『Don’t make me say it so many times, you fools. Shia is already an existence in the divine territory. In that case, it’s a self evident truth that I who am a divine spirit is the only one worthy for her.』

「You guys really should stop screwi――」

When her eyes glinted with burning flame, a thunderous sound that could burst the eardrum erased Shia’s voice. When Shia turned her gaze thinking ‘What is it this time you bastard!’, over there of all thing was

「Please witness it clearly, o great divine spirit of the earth. Our beast kingdom will hand down the death penalty to the demon kingdom. And then, please listen to our voice in respect to our deed of destroying that weapon.」

It was the red dragon――the figure of the beast king Gruelle. In addition, there was also Tyrant that was slightly tilting once more.

It seemed he fired a breath attack toward Tyrant. It seemed Arogan’s elite force desperately defended the weapon and avoided its destruction, but its activation was now got reset again.

With the repeated attack from the celestial people too, the elite force fell on their knees across the board. It was doubtful whether they would be able to endure the next attack.

「Just as you can see, Shia is our brethren. That strength isn’t something that oppose the gods. She is just like us beastmen, someone who love the world. If her marriage with me is recognized before the gods, then together with me we will become guardian of the world and build a magnificent future!」

The turncoat dragon was a turncoat as expected. It was really outrageous of him to aim for profiting amidst the confusion. For him to have a skin so thick until this level made it felt refreshing instead.

Greed and ulterior motive swirled with Shia as the center.

「Listen to what I have to sa――」

「Now, Shia! Take my hand! Let’s share the world between the two of us! It’s possible if it’s you! I will give you glory and pleasure as much as life permitted!」

「Shia! I’ll daringly say it now! I love you! Stay together with me in this world!」

『Although I am a divine spirit, I know of love. Shia, accept my affection.』

「Shia-dono, your words left deep impression in me. My heart belongs to you. Let’s go together toward a beneficial future.」

The demon king, the human king, the divine spirit, the beast king, they were unanimously asking for her agreement. The celestial people were boiling with hatred and fighting spirit and hurled down abusive words, the people’s eyes shined bright in hope of being able to rid themselves from the rule of the gods and shouted “Queen Shia” as though it was a done deal.

And then, Oros judged that the cause of the chaos in the battlefield was wholly the fault of the irregular that was the hero of another world and said 『You cannot be left alive!』 in refusal of her survival.

The divine spirit of the earth joined his hands once more and created a crushing hammer.

Tyrant activated once more and worked toward the reproducing of the nightmare.

The demon king and the beast king schemed to bring her to their side, while the young human king was acting desperately doing everything he could at the moment.

All the celestial people responded to Oros’s killing intent and focused the fatal art of sure kill in front of their hands toward Shia.



Even though she was lending a help in order for the people of this world to reach salvation by themselves.

No one was listening to Shia.



*Snap*, there was that sound.

「Level X」

Shia’s figure vanished. No one, not even the divine spirit’s perception was allowed to sense the overwhelming speed.

When anyone noticed, a gigantic shadow was covering the sky. Oros who looked up to the sky saw that.

The figure of a rabbit turning in the sky far above, brandishing a super large war hammer.

The god’s crushing hammer?

Very well, in that case this side would use――100 ton hammer!!

Shia stepped on the sky, and from upside down posture she fell in super speed. She surpassed the sound barrier instantly and further increased the gravity. In addition she performed pseudo weight increase. Super increase! Her body was truly like a meteor!


「Become a stain on the ground-, desuu-!!」

The ground raised a scream. Sound instantaneously vanished, right after everyone thought that a shock wave that was like explosive wind surged.

Oros’s giant body crumbled like a joke. The ground was turned up. It was similar like when a skyscraper was demolished with explosive.

The shock wave with clouds of dust was spreading in radiating direction.

All those surged on the capital, but before that like a nightmare the super gigantic hammer was swung.

With just that the shock wave and also the dust cloud were blown away to other direction.

But, there was no way anyone could feel relieve or anything. In a flash, following the centrifugal force the 100 ton hammer was swung horizontally in a flowing motion. The swing blasted away several beautiful spires in the demon king castle as though they were tree branches, and without pause the swing literally pulverized one conspicuously high tower.

Yes, the Tyrant that was just a moment before activation was destroyed.

As though following behind the wake of the super gigantic hammer, explosive wind was generated and the three kings, their aides, Udar and the populace, and then the celestial people living in the sky, anyone and everyone without discrimination were presented with forceful tailspin rotation.

‘Overwhelming physical strength is justice!!’ In front of the unbelievable fact that seemed to say that, they rolled on the ground together harmoniously without even any leeway to split their attention to the idea of resisting.

Everyone, equally.

Like that, there was only one person in the sky.

In the center of the pale bluish white light that was drawing a spiral, the super large hammer caused the air to groan while going *tap tap* on the shoulder like usual.

However, the usual casualness was nonexistent, her expression was the same like the face that her beloved would sometime showed――a yakuza face.

Shia who had snapped took a dee~~~~~~p breath, and her voice resounded to her heart’s content in the battlefield that she had silenced with brute force.


Those words echoed boomingly.

*Shiin*, silence came as though time had stopped……a beat later.


『What……did you say?』

The three kings and one god replied with such voices.

Murmur murmur, murmur murmur. The people of demon kingdom were stirred.

‘Eh, what’s this situation……’ The celestial people were bewildered.

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Squirm squirm, squirm squirm. Oros was in the middle of regenerating.

The petrified Eric (& Louise, and Greg and others who came running at that time), Arogan whose mouth opened gaping wide stupidly, Gruelle who wrinkled his eyebrows and groaned, Udar who was hanging his head down.

It was truly, truly, a chaos of the battlefield that was brought with only a sentence.

But, the snapped Shia who activated until even Level X without even thinking about the consequence was emitting a pressure that overwhelmed even that divine spirit while making her voice resounded akin like a shock wave as though to say 「I don’t give a damn!」.

「I have a husband who I love desuu! I’ll go home when he come to pick me up!! Something like devoting my life for this world is as impossible as the heaven and earth getting overturned-. I’m not going to get together with other people even if it kills me desu-. If I do that I’ll become dog in the next life!!」

The heart of Eric and others got hit with break shot of words!! It was a destructive power that rivaled 100 ton hammer!

Ignoring Eric and others who were becoming grey colored, and Arogan and Gruelle who were narrowing their eyes, Shia raised her voice 「In the first place-」 toward the people of the demon kingdom who were looking up dumbfounded at her.

「Don’t you think it’s pathetic expecting me to clean up after all of you while calling me a queen!! There is a limit even in being shameless!」

The harsh words slapped the cheek of the people. Yes, this was truly like a mothermotherland scolding the sonpeople.

「Take responsibility of what you have done by yourselves! That’s only obvious! Not even taking responsibility, depending on other people, and only want to enjoy the benefit, that’s preposterous! I don’t have a rabbit ear to listen to the words of people who won’t struggle for the sake of the future!」

The people showed a bewildered expression. There were also people who made rebelling expression, but there weren’t that many of such people. It seemed the spoken words stabbed their heart more or less.

Shia’s intense momentum overwhelmed even the celestial people that they stopped moving. The three kings shut up and looked up, and even Oros who only recovered to a mini sized golem was focusing his gaze on her.

「I don’t have any intention at all to kill the divine spirits-san you hear! If you are saying that you all are still wishing for war even then――I’ll run away!」

All the people opened their eyes wide at that proclamation, and then they understood. That the hero of another world Shia wasn’t mankind’s ally by all means. She was merely wielding her power to mediate them with the gods.

She wasn’t a savior or anything. Yes, so to speak, she was an aid for the people living on the ground, so that their prayer would reach toward the heaven once more.

In that case, it was only natural that those who stopped praying would lose that aid. What would be left after was only to fall to the ground.

All the people now understood the hero called Shia. Understanding permeated into them.

The people’s expression twisted as though their cheeks that was slapped by her words felt painful stingingly. This time, words that sounded like she was giving a slap on their back reverberated.

「That’s why-, if you are really thinking of the future-, don’t just chatter pointlessly and first! Change from yourselve――――s!! Desuu!!」

In the end, what would the children think of the mother’s hand that slapped their back? Would they be able to start walking toward the future due to the push of that hand?

A silence so quiet it was strange enveloped the battlefield.

The three kings held their tongue as though unable to find any words. Oros stopped regenerating and stayed in his small golem size, blinking his eyes. Without saying anything Udar descended down on his shoulder, and the two spirits looked up to the sky as though they were seeing something radiant.

The battlefield halted.

What moved it was,

「Really ridiculous.」

A single celestial person. From his outfit, the domineering aura he wore, most likely he was the commander in this place. His sagacious look froze even colder, however, his mouth displayed a scorn and disdain that he didn’t even try to hide.

「It’s not a problem of changing or not changing. The god’s verdict has been handed down. Therefore, perish. That’s all. In the first place nothing will change from the struggle of inferior species. It’s fine if there is only us, the celestial people who stay together with this world and the gods. That is exactly a pure world is.」

The bigoted attitude from extreme elitism cut down Shia’s words. Those words declared that the very existence of race other than celestial people itself was a sin.

The celestial people who were overwhelmed by Shia returned to their senses one after another and rose to the sky.

「Oros-sama! Now, please revive using this chance! We will risk our life to hold back that demon!!」

Surely there weren’t any other people than them who were more fanatic toward the gods’ decision. They who continued to live in prosperity together with the spirits on the floating island far above the sky weren’t subjected to the divine punishment. Because they were a clan who served the spirits and divine spirits as priest or shrine maiden since the ancient times, the mother the star tree wouldn’t discard them.

Exactly because of that, they absolutely wouldn’t let go of this chance of a lifetime where they would be able to monopolize the affection of the gods.

Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate the harmful insects crawling on the ground, discharging filth and devouring the blessing!

Wild joy and insanity were blending, storm of fighting spirit and killing intent blew violently. They wouldn’t loath to throw away their lives exactly like their words.

『You guys……』


A slight vibration ran in Oros’s voice. Udar didn’t say anything. Destiny, the path to the future, it had to be entrusted to the humans. A slight assistance to Shia, that was the line that Udar could only barely tiptoe around.

Eric desperately called out to Oros whose eyes were shaken. But, a beat later, determination burned in Oros’s eyes. It was a resolve toward his mission.

The ground flowed, Oros was enlarging once more. The divine punishment was the mother’s decision, it was absolute.

War cry rose from the celestial people. They surrounded Shia to back up Oros.

They would kill Shia, the cornerstone of mankind’s salvation without fail. That will whirled in the battlefield.

The god responded to that.


A vision of death. An extremely thick flash swallowed her and extinguished her without leaving even dust.

Shia instantly raised her 100 ton hammer overhead. Right after that, sun descended from the sky. The sun of annihilation that dyed the world with light. It was truly like,

(Ha, Hajime-san’s Hyperion!?)

Yes, it was the same like the sun convergence laser weapon “Burst Hyperion”.

The extremely thick pillar of light swallowed the 100 ton hammer that Shia raised. Right below it, the surrounding of Shia who was enduring the impact was showered with light that was like waterfall.

「Wawawa-, this is bad desuu!」

She was at Level X. Even the direct hit of Hyperion could be endured with physical strength as long as she had a shield. However, as for that shield――the 100 ton hammer itself?

Because of the surface size and the volume of the mass, unlike Vire Drucken it wasn’t coated with Azantium that was a relatively rare metal. As expected, a part of the 100 ton hammer was melted. The red hot metal was struck further by the waterfall of light and it dripped down like magma.

From afar, voices that were calling Shia’s name could be heard. It must be the voices of Eric and others. From their point of view it should look like Shia had been swallowed by a pillar of light. The scream must be coming from the people of the capital. There wasn’t even any composure to think that it was fortunate that the place Shia was at was outside the rampart.

One second, two second……a full ten second.

A gigantic crater was formed right under Shia. The crater was boiling like magma.

It was the divine light that should be impossible to survive through when hitting directly.

『So its you huh……against that even the hero will die.』

『I wonder about that.』

Oros and Udar took refuge. Oros shook his head while speaking his words, while Udar denied with a wry smile. ‘What are you……’, before Oros could say that,

「Fuii~~~, that was dangerous desuu!」


『Yes. Truly.』

Shia shouldered the previous Vire Drucken while wiping her cold sweat with one hand. If Oros had a jaw, there was no doubt that it would fall down without him being able to close it from his atmosphere when whispering his words. Udar sympathized with him keenly.

Although, Shia’s magic power was taken away in large chunk due to evading with half teleportation. Her Level X state was cancelled. She cancelled it just before the breaking point, so she didn’t feel so fatigued she couldn’t move, but she used it because she snapped and didn’t think of the consequence, furthermore she consumed the majority of the activation time by not doing any battle. The reparation for such a foolish act was relatively heavy.

Though at least there was merit of the pressure from Level X increasing her word’s persuasiveness greatly but……

In any case, her cold sweat was relatively serious.

Ignoring Oros’s gaze that was as though he was witnessing a monster, Shia looked up.

Over there was the figure of a beautiful woman clad in a raiment of white flame.

――Divine spirit of fire wheel Soare

Someone muttered that. She was the divine spirit that governed over heat and light, who could even be said as the avatar of sun.

『Lightning cloud. And then even the earth. What a state you two are in.』

A voice that sounded transparent, or perhaps burning came down.

『Although, to be unharmed after receiving my light of judgment……what a monster. It’s just as mother feared.』

A burning appearance, and harsh words that sounded burning. And yet, her voice and gaze were absolute zero.

「Nice to meet you, my name is Shia Hauria――」

To suddenly go for the kill out of nowhere, well, all divine spirits so far were the same, it was too late complaining about that……Shia did her best to be understanding like that while trying to greet with twitching face. No matter what the situation, first it was important to give a greeting.

But, even those words of Shia, or rather even her will apparently didn’t garner the interest of the blazing cold lady at all. She was looking at empty air. As though she was communicating with someone else from afar with telepathy.

Right after that, it happened.

――O children of man. I don’t consider all of you as my children anymore

It was a voice of different woman. It didn’t come from the sky. It was a voice that resounded directly inside the brain of everyone there. It was a voice lacking in vitality that it was shuddering, as though it had lost color due to the emotion of sadness, resignation, anger, and resolve saturating it.


『Mother Lutria. No way……』

Oros and Udar’s voices reached Shia’s rabbit ears. In other words, it must be like that.

This voice was,

――I won’t let my childrendivine spirits be harmed further than this

The mother of everyone who possessed life, the star tree Lutria. The great noble existence located in the far lone island at the distant sea. She made the will of the world resounded.

Udar’s strength was extremely weakened, and even Oros was defeated even if only temporarily.

That fact woke up the mother.

――Let there be peace in the world with this judgment

The sky distorted. The sky with burning evening sun that was entering dusk distorted, twisted, rumbled as though it was exactly the time of the witching hour, and then,




The mother’s divine punishment took shape. The sky was filled to the brim. With a great swarm of spirit beasts.

Several hundreds? Several thousands? No, their number was in the tens of thousands.

Spirit beasts were existences born from the nature with spirit stone as their base. Therefore, they were truly the scene of the nature baring its fang toward those who made light of the nature.

Apparently it was her intention to defeat the hero with divine spirit’s overwhelming power and pure violence of number, and annihilated the demon kingdom and the key characters of mankind in this place.

――O child of calamity

Dread ran through Shia’s whole body. She didn’t see any vision of death. It was simply her instinct ringing the alarm bell noisily.

――Fall, to the interval of the worlds

The moment that sentence resounded, the space behind Shia twisted crazily.

「Wha-, this is-」

Shia immediately attempted to retreat from that place, but she was pulled in by a tremendous power and she stumbled midair.

When she looked across her shoulder, over there the twisted space and whirling darkness were……

「Don’t tell me, a gravitational field!?」

A power greatly resembling that which frequently used by the vampire princess she was so close it caught Shia and wouldn’t let go.

She desperately stood her ground using the foothold of the “Air Force”, but the twisted space and whirling darkness expanded in proportion of her effort. It was trying to envelop Shia in spherical shape.

It covered her above, spread below her too, and narrowed in from left and right.

In that situation she already had no other choice but to leap forward, however, at this point the after-effect of Level X worked against her. She could only reinforce herself until Level V, with that she was unable to get away from the gravitational field!

「Nununu-, this is a biiit bad!! Or rather, interval of worlds you said!?」

In order to recover even by a bit more, she summoned recovery medicine from her treasure warehouse and caught it in her mouth. She crunched the rim and gulped down the content while yelling. In the end, was the star tree Lutria answering her, or perhaps it was just a one-sided proclamation?

――To somewhere that is not here. Simply, because you shouldn’t exist in this world.

「That’s unreasonable! Even I didn’t come here because I want you know!? Where are you planning to send me!? At least please make it a world I can survive in you know!?」

The interval of worlds, she could only feel uneasy hearing those words. It would still be better if it was another world. But, if it was a place just like the words meant……

The distortion of space was enveloping Shia further. The whirling darkness behind Shia was getting bigger to a size that completely covered Shia, and then it approached her like a high wave.

The worried voices of Eric and others came from below. Arogan and Louis tried to attack the gravitational field using spirit art but,

「This is truly the will of god! There is no way at all for the inferior race to live! The insect should be exterminated obediently just like an insect should!!」

The celestial people launched attack to all who tried to save Shia.

『Mother! Shia isn’t our enemy! Please be merciful!』

Udar leaped in front of Shia and desperately tried to mediate. But,

――If you are going to feel resentment, resent your own misfortune

That was all the reply that came back.

It was truly like throwing a trash into a trash can. A sentiment that was truly like a god. If she was able to throw away Shia from this world, than she wouldn’t care what kind of destination that place would be.

Shia’s legs that were holding her ground on midair were getting gradually dragged behind, ‘nugigigi-‘ slipped out from her mouth while she was doing her best, but she already had nothing else that she could do. Even if she did her partial teleportation, her magic power would run out after several seconds and she would only got dragged in then.

There was nothing more that she could do.

Shia glanced at the people below her and smiled wryly. Eric and others whose eyes were opened wide raised their voice in a scream……

――Existing in this world. Know that in itself is a great sin.

A complete refusal of her existence.

That was the divine will bestowed to Shia from the god called the star tree.

That was why,





「Whose woman do you think you are barking at?」





A hand reached out from the swirling darkness.

It was an arm of jet black metal, as though darkness itself was condensing and taking shape.

That arm circled around Shia’s waist from behind.

Faster than her mind could understand the situation, her instinct, body, heart, and then her rabbit ears! They were all simply jumping with overflowing joy!

Inside the darkness that should be swallowing anything and everything, a crimson radiance came into view. Crimson that radiated sparks and, appearing as though oozing out from inside the swirling darkness, the one who made the hero rabbit into his captive――


Yes, it was the genuine “godslaying demon king”.


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