Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 338: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc Desuu Cannot Be Forgotten Desuu

Chapter 338: Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc Desuu Cannot Be Forgotten Desuu

A person oozed out from inside the darkness along with crimson sparks.

The metallic arm embraced Shia’s waist and strongly pulled her closer. Shia showed not the slightest resistance and settled on the person’s chest as though that was extremely natural.

She who refused to even get touched now showed a completely relieved expression. That expression……

But, there wasn’t even the slightest leeway to be charmed by that expression. Because the moment the white haired and eye patched man completely came out, a pressure descended. It caused all living things to hold their breath in mute amazement.

「Shia, I’m glad you are safe……」

「Yes-, yes desu! Hajime-san!」

The released pressure was an atrocity that denied all life. And yet, the words that were spoken to Shia on his chest were meltingly sweet. The voice was oozing with relief from her heart. Shia’s rabbit ears wrapped around Hajime’s neck affectionately. Her soft cheeks were rubbing on her beloved person’s chest as though there was no tomorrow.

Regardless of the space that was continuing to twist in frenzy even now to expulse the target and the super gravitational field enveloping the area that wouldn’t allow any escape, what was drifting in the air was an extremely sweet atmosphere.


「Chih. What a gloomy air.」

And so,

「──”Limit Break”」

The crimson magic power exploded. Forgot about the atmosphere, the very space itself felt like it would be blown to smithereens from the shockwave that detonated around Hajime and Shia. That phenomenon that looked like a red moon instantly scattered away the twisting space and gravitational field.

The crimson shock wave blew away all the dumbfounded people. They were tossed around like a cloth flapping inside a bomb blast. Arogan, Gruelle, and Louis laid out their barrier with amazing reaction speed in order to protect their respective comrades and lords who were relatively near, but they were blown away along with their barrier.

The use of the “Limit Break” was only for an instant. Be that as it may, everyone there felt it. Everyone comprehended it.

That wasn’t human. It was something terrifying that exceeded such framework.

──What in the world……new child of another world. To think that you would cross over worlds with your own strength, and repel my power!

The voice of the star tree who returned to her sense descended once more.

The eyes of Hajime who looked up to the sky narrowed quietly.

──As I thought children of another world are dangerous. Vanish for the sake of this world!

The spirit beasts leaped as though they had received divine revelation. The tens of thousands nature that took form as beasts heard their mother’s wish and seethed with killing intent. The celestial people were also the same. They shook off the fear and awe they felt and raised their fighting spirit in order to exterminate the new harmful insect that was another worlder.

「……I see I see I see. This situation, those words, I guess this is a very pressing emergency situation. Do you have someone who you want to save? Do you have something that you want to protect? All of you must you’re your own unavoidable circumstance.」

Hajime didn’t know the situation in detail. He teleported to this side, however, the gap between worlds was too powerful and he got shifted to very far away from Shia’s coordinate. And so, after he arrived in this world, he adjusted the coordinate once more and teleported again here.

Although, the hostile supernatural existences and people, the gaze they directed toward Shia, the situation Shia was placed in, the words coming from the sky, when he was considering the situation from those factors, he was able to guess it to a certain degree.

He also understood enough that this existence wasn’t some evil mastermind who took delight in other people’s suffering like that Ehitorujue.

But, however,


The crimson light burst out once more. The treasure warehouse shined brilliantly.

Instantly, as though in a revenge──the sky was completely covered.

Those were crimson and jet black crosses──a thousand of Cross Velt.

Those were death gods made from special metal alloy──a thousand Grim Reapers.

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The crosses of funeral that were loaded with fang that would pulverize steel with one attack rotated their muzzles all at once.

Griffons that were fully loaded with weapons had their back split open and two gatling guns came out. Their jaws opened and anti material rifle sparked. Pencil missiles cartridge unfolded under the wings.

The opponent was trying to have their way using number against the godslayer whose specialty was in material resource battle. It was truly highly ridiculous.

The atrocious “things” clad in crimson aura that instantly appeared from thin air. Even without knowing their true identity, the spirit beasts and the celestial people comprehended it in their instinct.

──That right now, death was right before their eyes.

「──Slaughter them all.」

There was no mercy. The world’s fate and Shia’s life. They mistook the thing that they put on the scale.

Consequently the demon king’s imperial command was given.

At that instant, the lid of hell was opened. Explosive roar and flash flew wildly about in the sky. Crimson firing line drilled through the beasts in just one attack, bursting them apart and exterminating them.

「Sheet-, what-, what the hell is this!?」

The celestial person who called Shia a harmful insect desperately ran away from the dark gray monster that closed the distance in an instant. But, the griffon that was performing pseudo flight with bullsheet method of gravity control couldn’t possibly be beaten by a mere flying method by manipulating wind, as long as it wasn’t at the level of supersonic black dragon.

「Sto, stop-――gupeh」

He let out a really stupid voice and his head was bitten off like a paper scrap.

「Co, commandeeer――」

The subordinate celestial person let out a scream, but at that instant the griffon that was biting off the head of the so called commander fired the electromagnetically accelerated anti material rifle right away. Flesh and blood were blown out from its mouth as though it was vomiting blood and immediately after that the yelling celestial person was blown to bits by the rifle bullet.

The dragon type, the eagle type, the winged lion spirit beasts became like a tsunami that approached Hajime, but in front of the bullet barrage of Cross Velt, they were scattered away as though hitting a mud wall and crumbling.

Although it was a fight of thousands versus tens of thousands, it was Burst Bullets fired with electromagnetic acceleration at the rate of 1500 shot per minute. The moment it hit, everything within the range of ten meter diameter would be blasted off by the installed shock wave in the bullet. Rather than calling it a bullet barrage, it was an air carpet bombing.

Inevitably the spirit stone of the spirit beasts and the flesh and blood of the celestial people became heavy rain and poured on the ground. A nightmarish battlefield――no, curb stomping ground was created.

『What in the world……unforgivable!』

The sight of his trampled allies, the battlefield that was just too gruesome, they drove the divine spirit of fire ring Soare into anxiety and rage. She climbed high to the sky and instantly created light overhead that was like a sun. That was exactly the solar flash that was fired at Shia.

『Burn in the light of sun and vanish!』

「Right back at you」

When Hajime grinned widely what appeared was the artifact――”Burst Hyperion”. The charging took an instant. The light of judgment that was falling from the sky was met by the demon king’s fang right from the other side.

The raining down flash clashed with the bursting up flash at the midair. Intense heat wave and shock wave were spreading in radiating shape.

The world was dyed by the light of sun, the world of dusk with the curtain of night in the process of falling down was illuminated as though it was noon.

In front of the sight that was like in legend, Arogan and others were already unable to do anything except protecting their own tiny self.

The judgment of god and the demon king’s killing intent were competing for supremacy.

『Tsu, impossible. This much power, from mere human-』

Sores’s output increased. Perhaps it was her obstinacy as god. The pillar of light swelled further, becoming an extremely huge flash that approached to swallow Hajime.

And so, the second Burst Hyperion was summoned.


There wasn’t even any time to feel shocked. Third summoning. Still holding on? Okay, fourth summoning.

『Impo, ssiblee-!?』

The flash that pierced to the sky swallowed the light of the sun, and the god that ought to be called as the personification of sun.

『Monster of another world……you will perish here』

The earth was swelling. The earth was roused up seeing the danger to the fire circle.

「A mere lump of dirt, who do you think you are opening your mouth at?」

Hajime’s hand was holding the super large electromagnetically accelerated anti material sniper cannon――”Schlag AAAcht Acht”. The 88 mm bursting cannon shells of romance pierced Oros’s body from its head until its length of the leg with one shot.

It was truly like lightly crushing a lump of dirt. A mere golem that was simply gathering soil couldn’t possibly stop the romance. It was as though telling him to come again after he became a romance golem wholly made of metal armor at the very least.

Oros immediately starting to regenerate again, but before he could completely regain his huge body, the romance cannon would shoot and blast through him at the spots on the ground where he was trying to regenerate from. Throughout that the regeneration speed was visibly dropping down.

It was Udar who lost his presence of mind. He floated to the sky and offered prayer to the sky.

『O mother ! Lutria! Please call back the fire circle and the earth! At this rate they will-!』

The personification of the sun that was continuously getting burned in sunlight. The personification of earth that was continuously getting smashed with steel. At this rate they wouldn’t be able to avoid annihilation. Even if they didn’t die, they wouldn’t be able to manifest in this world for several hundred years. And then, when they revived, it was unknown whether it would be the same personality that came back.

Because the star tree was the origin of all divine spirits, they could be reverse summoned the same like teleporting the spirit beasts here. Udar called out to his mother with the wish for the two divine spirits’ emergency evacuation.


『Wh, why won’t you answer, o mother……』

Thinking back it was strange. Why when it wasn’t just the spirit beasts, even the divine spirits were falling into danger Lutria wasn’t doing anything?

A bad premonition was filling Udar’s heart, however, the mother answered. There was some distance but, if there was dozens of minutes, they would surely arrive, the second wave of “land spirit beasts” in the number that could fully cover the whole demon kingdom. Although it was different from Udar’s wish, the mother Lutria had certainly responded.

At the same time, the answer why the star tree didn’t summon, no, unable to summon the divine spirits back was also given.

「You asked why? Well, that’s because she must be desperate to survive right now.」

From the sky, a calamitous star was falling. A gigantic lump of stone that changed into red hot color with white smoke rising from it――meteor.

It passed above the head of Hajime who was grinning devilishly toward the approaching new great swarm of spirit beasts that was approaching from the other side……and impacted.

A fierce quake attacked the planet. The ground was turned inside up, undulating like a sea, and earth and sand covered the sky. The shock wave and explosion blast reached until this place that was two kilometer away from the impact site.

――Meteor Impact

The star of calamity that fell from the sky wasn’t an accident by any means. This too was also one of the destruction’s brought about by the demon king.

『Don’t tell me-』

It was exactly that. It wasn’t that star tree Lutria didn’t want to back up the divine spirits. It was the best she could do to send the spirit beasts their way.

Because it would be troublesome if she used the power of expulsion again, Hajime had already sent Meteor Impact to the lone island at the distant sea far in the north.

He had already grasped something like the location of the star tree using the compass. The Meteor Impact too, right after he teleported to this world, he finished preparing them thinking that something like this could possibly happen.

Right now the star tree was in the middle of desperately dealing with the danger to her continuing existence.

『You bastard-, do you understand what are you doing!? Lutria is the very will of this planet itself! She is the mother of all lives in this planet! All creations are――』

The destruction of star tree would surely influence many lives heavily. Udar yelled about the gravity of that, however, as for Hajime himself,

「Quit yapping」

He cut him off with a short sentence. 『Wha-』 Udar was at a loss of words, and then, Hajime spoke to all the people in the battlefield that was ravaged by bloody wind.

「You kidnapped someone’s woman, and then in the end, you tried to kill her, what importance of life are you talking about」

Killing intent, rage, they became crimson storm that dyed the world.

「Rather than the lives of everything in this planet, the life of Shia alone is heavier. That’s obvious isn’t it?」

No one could answer with anything. Because they were exposed to physical tyranny, and a will of steel that was just too much steeped in insanity, but an unshakeable one at that.

「I won’t let you lay your hand on her for the second time. Whether humans or imitation gods, you all can perish together.」

That was the demon king’s decision. The proclamation of monster.

They had stepped on the tail of not tiger, but the demon itself, they had incurred the imperial wrath of not dragon, but a monster. The fate of the world was decided like this just too easily――

「Ha, Hajime-saa~~n-, please calm down a biiit! Though I’m happy with your feeling! I’m really super happy with your feeling thouugh!」

Shia went to a trip from the relieve of her pickup arriving and the bliss of getting embraced, but she returned to her senses in front of the danger to the world. She fluffied Hajime’s brutality with her rabbit ears.

「Oi stop that Shia. Right now is a serious scene, have a bit of prudence. I’m going to a fluffy paradise trip like this.」

「No, have some prudence is exactly my line though.」

Anyway just stoo~p! The insistence of the bunny wife turned Hajime’s expression into a doubtful one.

「But you know, Shia. This is the bunch who kidnapped and then tried to kill you.」

「The one who kidnapped me was the human side, and the one who tried to kill me was the god side. So they are separate matters.」

「In that case ain’t it just fine to beat up both sides and obliterate them all? They tried something on Shia. What else there is for them other than to apologize with their death?」

「Ah, it’s hard being too loved……no, well, I was also really irritated in general though……」

Even so, Shia’s nerve wasn’t so bold that she could laugh nonchalantly if a world got destroyed just because of her alone. Surely even Kaori, Tio, and Shizuku were the same. Only people like Hajime or Yue who could do that. The type of people who could carry out annihilation without any hesitation. These two were truly the evilest couple……

「Hmm? Slaughtering them all will just weigh your mind, huh……」

There was no way Shia would go banzai happily if tens of thousands of lives scattered away because of her. The cold blood that was rushing to Hajime’s brain finally lowered down.

After his emotion of rage chilled down somewhat, Hajime looked over the battlefield. The spirit beasts of the sky were already reduced to a degree where they could be counted, while the celestial people were at the brink of total annihilation. The spirit beasts were the personification of nature, so as long as they still had their spirit stone somewhere, they could revive using that as core, but at present they couldn’t even do that.

For the time being, when Hajime stopped Hyperion and Schlag AA that he was firing repeatedly in his spare time, a slime that looked like a ball of red fire fell to the ground, while an amber colored slime was splattered inside a crater.

But, at that time with his compass Hajime noticed that the presence the compass was pointing at was still going strong.

(Hou, this imitation god pulled through huh. Just to be sure I sent three waves of meteor that way but……)

It seemed the star tree barely endured against the three consecutive Meteor Impacts. Seeing from how she wasn’t talking from the sky much less counterattacking, there was no doubt that she had no leeway but……

(I ran out of meteors that I prepared beforehand. It’s possible to prepare them once more but……)

The use of meteor that was equal to intercontinental ballistic missile consumed considerable magic power. Shia was also relatively exhausted. The enemy’s remaining war potential was unknown. The magic power portion for going home was only barely enough. It would be a different story if Shia and Hajime’s magic power was at full tank, it would take time for natural recovery in this world that had no natural magic power.

The conclusion.

「Can’t be helped. You guys narrowly escaped death. Cry tears of gratitude for Shia’s kindness that is deeper than sea.」

They would return home to earth for the moment and secured Shia’s safety, then depending on the situation……without Shia knowing maybe he would once more Kill them All……if Shia got summoned again it would be troubling after all……

Without even any way to know that such thing was going on inside Hajime’s heart, the people of the demon kingdom that was mostly in a crumbling state due to the tyrannical after wave and the impact of the Meteor Impact were trembling in fear wondering when that tyranny would be directed to them while they all thought together.

「「「「He, Hero Shia-sama! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!」」」」

The one who stopped the demon king was always the hero. In a sense that hero was the one who summoned the demon king, but for the time being they set that aside due to the threat before their eyes leaving for the moment.

「Don’t look down on us celestial people-. The far and high land of ours will surely devote their all to exterminate all of you vermin! This world filled with only the gods and us celestial people is exactly the ideal――」

The celestial person who finally became the last floated in the sky with his body wounded all over while yelling. His bloodshot eyes weren’t filled with fear toward Hajime, but with madness that was denying reality.


Without even glancing at the falling thing that was previously a celestial person, Hajime turned his gaze to Shia.

Even while feeling relieved from avoiding a situation that couldn’t be taken as either tragedy or comedy if the world that she was helping to reach salvation got destroyed by the hand of her husband, Shia once more got deeply emotional that Hajime properly accepted her words like this and,



Gave him a kis *muchuu~~*. Her hands went around his neck, and her legs also clung tightly around his body while giving a passionate kiss that was as though to embody her feeling of ‘I won’t let go anymoreee~~~’. In respond to that, Hajime also received her with a gentle expression. He hugged her back tightly as to not let her go away.

The two piled up on top of each other without paying attention to anyone else on the sky above the battlefield that had been left behind by the storm of madness and tragedy.

The atmosphere changed, at the same time strange groaning voice 「Uboa」 slipped out from a portion of the people. It was Eric. He fell on all four with a face as though the world was ending.

Louis’s face was also spasming, Greg was in an absurdly depressed state, Phil averted his face with all his strength, and the other knights were also making eyes like rotten dead fish. The heart of the Balted force was dying. Though only one person, Dahlia was looking with sparkling eyes.

But, there,

「Can I interrupt for a bit?」

There was one person rising to the sky and called out to the two. It was Arogan.

「Nn~, Hajime-shaan~, I wanted to meet youuu」

「Aa, my bad. I was a bit late.」

He tried clearing his throat ‘cough-‘. I am more or less demon king you know? I’m right here.

「It’s not just a bit desuu! It’s almost one full day! Just what have you been doiiing」

「Ha? One whole day? ……Is the time axis out of sync? Was the teleport coordination shifted because of that too?」

Arogan tried clearing his throat grandly *coouughh-*. Right beside the two.

However the two apparently could only look at each other. Their lips kept meeting each other even while talking. Right before his eyes.

「The time was? Err, what about Yue-san and others?」

「The magic power of everyone was completely used up in order to come here. There was no way I could take those guys to this place where we don’t know what might be here while they are in exhausted state.」

「This world is really that far huh……」

「Can I-, interrupt for a bit!?」

‘I can’t be patient! Since I was born I never got ignored like this for even once! I’m hurt!’ Arogan’s voice was raised with that kind of feeling.

Hajime and Shia finally noticed and went 「Aa?」「Yes?」. Even during that time Shia was still clinging all over Hajime.

Arogan faltered for a moment at Hajime who was looking at him like he was a pebble at roadside, but he had seen Hajime’s strength. He suppressed his expectation and feeling and firmly observed Hajime in order to attempt conversing with him.

And then, after a moment, he smiled widely and offered his hand.

「My gratitude for the reinforcement Shia and company. There was also a misunderstanding so first let’s have――」

‘A talk’, was what he was going to say, however, Arogan stopped talking. No, he was stopped.

By the pain from his tightly grasped wrist. Who was it that grasped the wrist? Hajime? No, it was Shia.


Shia who got down from Hajime when anyone noticed casted her gaze down. And then she let out a murky voice that even Hajime never heard before.

「Tsu, wha, what are――」

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「You, just now, you compared yourself with Hajime-san right? You were searching for some area where you won right? And, you thought that you won in manly charm right?」

*Hyuh* Arogan caught his breath. Because he was a king he was good at hiding what was inside his heart, and yet regardless of that he was completely seen through.

*Bekyo-* A raw sound rang out. At the same time a soundless scream 「-!?」 also came out. Shia’s hand crushed Arogan’s wrist inside her grasp.

Arogan immediately tried to pull back, but Shia’s hand didn’t even twitch. Her expression was hidden by her long beautiful hair and couldn’t be confirmed.

「I have various things I want to say to you. Like, your an idiot without even a shred of remorse. Like, both your appearance and action are all disgusting without exception. Like, I’ll turn you to mince meat you bastard, treating me as your queen as you please……but, well, putting aside those things」

*DOO-* Magic power flared up. The eyes of Shia who lifted up her face was shining faintly bluish white. At the same time her rage was seething.

Arogan’s instinct was ringing out the alarm bell loudly. He tried to escape by using spirit art. But, it was already too late.

The tightly clenched fist, moved behind like a drawn out bow.

「Against my husband, there is no way in hell there is even a fragment of area where you can win! You misunderstanding narcissist bastaaarddddd-――――desuu」

Thunderous boom. Shia’s right fist ran straight into Arogan’s face. The fist that was filled with so much rage to the degree Shia inadvertently forgot her 「desuu」 pulverized Arogan’s jaw and cheek bone with one attack and he fainted.

But, with just him fainting, Shia’s feeling that had continuously piled up resentment in addition of him looking down at her beloved at the end wouldn’t be settled down! The crushed wrist still hadn’t been let go!


Rush! Rush! Rush! Shia’s right fist hit consecutively so fast her fist looked blurry! After getting blown away Arogan would get pulled back by his broken wrist and received the storm of punch once more. He completely became a sandbag.

「O, oi, Shia?」


「It’s fine even if you don’t force yourself to add “desuu” you know?」

Looking at Shia’s excessively savage figure to making a handsome man from somewhere starting to turn into a tattered rag, even Hajime got slightly taken aback. Also, he tried to say that if she was so angry she even forgot then it was fine to go without 「desuu」, but that might be a fixation of Shia because 「desuu」 would appear in between occasionally.

「You, your majestyy——」

「Please stoooooppp, hero-samaaaaaa-」

Arogan’s confidants screamed in panic. The populace too were dumbfounded seeing their king gotten beaten up black and blue while having abuse 「This misunderstanding narcissist bastard-」 hurled at him.

Like that, after getting beaten up until a level that couldn’t be cutely called something like getting rabbit up anymore, at the end of Arogan’s pleading 「Ple, please stop it alrea――」 after he repeatedly fainted and awakened by the pain,

「Go, cross the Sanzu river-!! ――Desuu!」

Shia released Arogan with a giant swing.

Arogan flew like a cannon ball and it looked like he was going to crash into castle wall, but his confidants caught him with deathly desperation. But, the momentum couldn’t be killed and they harmoniously pulverized the castle wall while vanishing inside the castle.

Shia whose anger was cooling down with ‘fuu fuu’ rotated her neck in a snap then.

「Where are you going?」


The one who was caught by those shrinking pupils was Gruelle who was quietly attempting to escape. He aimed to profit while others were fighting, however, seeing Hajime’s curbstomp he felt that even the god side was dangerous, like the turncoat he was he thought to slip within the confusion to retreat and bought time while observing the situation but……

「Wait, Shia. I――」

「Excuse is futile. Those wings and scales, leave them behind――desuu」

Full beat down time once more. Gruelle screamed and tried to escape, but he was restrained by the chain Shia took out and she punched, punched, punched-. She physically destroyed his scales, tore them away, snapped his wings, and sunk his head into the ground.

「My heart belong to youu? Who do you think want that kind of rotten thing-――desuu」

The elite force of the beastmen flew near to help the beast king, but toward them in her spare time Shia shredded, punched, shredded, punched……

「I cannot stomach your guts that dare trying to escape because you are scared of Hajime-san and pushed only the responsibility to other people! Are you listening-, you turncoat bastard!」

「Wa, wai-gehah!? I am, as a king gofuh!? Besides, dragon man――」

「You bastard don’t you dare calling yourself a dragon maaan, desuu!!」

His dragonification was already dispelled. Shia mounted Gruelle’s good looking figure and made him ate her battering. He resisted for a little while, but even that was immediately gone and he became a perishable that only convulsed *twitch twitch*.

ED Note: eating his own beating means in other words forced to eat the scales and such that were ripped off…damn that is brutal.

‘Fui~~~~’ Shia-chan sighed while wiping her sweat with a truly nice smile. For some reason she looked really refreshed.

They were like fierce god married couple……the people of demon kingdom who thought like that, including the people who felt objection at Shia’s words 「Change if you are thinking about the future」 from before became really quiet.

The two divine spirits seemed to lose consciousness from their limp and flat shape, and Udar was jiggling up and down nursing after them. But there was no voice raised to attack them. Their feeling was like, yes, like the feeling of baby rabbit holding its breath desperately under the grass when in front of the king of beasts……

Hajime landed on the small mountain of rock lump that was higher than the castle wall that was the remains of Oros. Shia rushed back toward him with a refreshed smile.

「I’m sorry, Hajime-san. I was a bit irritated from the advances, and from people introducing themselves with title like demon king or dragon man or beast king.」

「Advances? ……I see, then it can’t be helped.」

Hajime shrugged and easily accepted the violent drama of the fierce god bunny wife. He recalled Shia’s words before returning that 「The kidnapper is the human side」, then in order to take over the violence he was going to ask Shia about the culprit.

But, before he could, perhaps detecting the dangerous air, or perhaps it was his intention from the start, a person quickly rushed toward Hajime to surrender……

「It’s an honor to be in your presence. I am the chief spirit artist of Balted Kingdom, Louis Lector. The summoning of Shia, dono was done by me.」


In front of Hajime who was standing imposingly on the mountain of rubble, Louis was beautifully falling prostrate into a dogeza.

Killing intent was bursting out from Hajime, but it was a bit delayed perhaps because Nagumo family held a personal opinion in regard of dogeza. If Shuu and Sumire were here, there was no doubt they would bestow the certificate「We certify you with semi first class dogeza official certification!」 to Louis. That was just how beautiful and unhesitating Louis’s dogeza was.

「I intend to obediently accept the punishment of tearing apart a family. If it is your wish, then I will atone for it with my life. But-, I beg you-, please give us your assistance!」

Hajime didn’t answer and looked down on Louis with cold eyes. There, Eric who caught up with Louis prostrated beside him after a moment of hesitation.

「I am the king of Balted Kingdom, Eric Luxeed Balted. It was me who gave the final approval for the hero summoning. All blame lies on me. That’s why, I beg you, please lay down your anger toward the star tree! Everything is because the deed of us humans!」

Behind Eric who was talking in anguish, Dahlia and others were similarly kneeling. Eric briefly explained about the sin that humans committed and about the salvation plan.

「I heard about you――your personage from Shia. That there is possibility of your assistance if there is benefit in it. I deeply realize how selfish the matter that I am talking about is. But, we have no other path but to rely on you! If there is anything we can offer then we will over anything! That’s why, please can you lend us your strength!?」

A king of a country kept prostrating while desperately begging. That appearance was also seen by the people of the demon kingdom. Even Arogan and Gruelle who recovered their consciousness and were in the middle of receiving treatment also could see him.

The entreaty that was filled with his entire body and soul was wholly from him remembering the ancient goodness of man, repenting, and thinking once more of the future of the many people.

The appearance that was completely without any self-interest was truly touching to the heart……


「Bastard, whose wife it is that you are calling without honorific huh? I’ll shoot you.」

「Hajime-san, you already shoot.」

Intentionally Not Reading the Atmosphere!(INRA) was Hajime’s justice. Eric’s forehead was instantly shot when he raised his face saying「Can you lend us your strength!?」, the white of his eyes were showing up while he was rolling on the mountain of rubbles. The scream of Louis and others「YOUR MAJESTYYYYYY-」 were resounding. (Note: In the raw it wasn’t INRA but AKY, aete kuuki wo yomanai)

For Shia who couldn’t stop Eric from calling her name without honorific no matter how many time she told him and had half given up because the talk wouldn’t advance at the slightest if she kept beating him up, she was really happy and felt terribly refreshed on top of that seeing this. Her rabbit ears were spontaneously flapping happily.

Within such light atmosphere, Dahlia who thought Eric to be dead pressed her hand on her mouth while she unconsciously,

「Wha, what have you done」

Muttered that but,

「It was set to non lethal so it’s fine.」

Hajime-san answered so and nonchalantly looked away. He intentionally shot with rubber bullet which was the least mercy he could show.

「Now then, we are going home Shia.」

Other world’s circumstance? World danger? A king’s dogeza? ……’I’ll at least acknowledge the dogeza’, Hajime denied the request as though to say that. Shia went「Of course it is~」 seeing such Hajime and her eyes turned a bit distant.


Dahlia grasped her chest tightly and looked at Shia pleadingly. The gazes of Eric who only barely opened his eyes and everyone else were the same like her.

Those were eyes that were oozing despair. However, those were eyes that wouldn’t give up no matter what. Surely even if Hajime took Shia back just like he proclaimed, they would still struggle till the end. Because they knew a lot of people were trying to seriously change for the sake of the future and the wounded star tree and the spirits.

It was an act that was similar like tackling a huge steel wall in full speed. Even children would know which one would break.

That was why Shia smiled wryly and pinched Hajime’s sleeve with her fingers.



Hajime looked at Shia’s eyes. Just with that Hajime understood. Yes, he understood everything.

Even so, Hajime’s true feeling was that he wanted to get away quickly from this kind of world. He asked her with a wry smile.

「Why is it?」

「Annoyingly, I sympathized with them.」

Shia wished that a happy end would wait for people who struggled thinking for the future. That was why, she promised that she would put in a word when they appealed to Hajime. Just like how Yue did the same for her in the past.

「Feeling regrets, trying to manage somehow and yet failing, but unable to give up even more, and so it become a desperate feeling of what can be done by oneself, I deeply understand that feeling so……」

Her existence put her family into a dire situation, she worked hard but her family was gradually getting taken away, so she charged toward the single ray of hopeHajime and Yue that she could see with everything she had.

「I’m sorry, I cannot properly come to a clear decision, and said troublesome things. I’ll entrust the conclusion to Hajime-san. I won’t object no matter the answer.」

That was Shia’s maximum compromise after involving her family.

She fulfilled her promise. She had sent words that were far more valuable than even “benefit” to Hajime.

Shia entrusted the decision to Hajime with a straightforward gaze, however, Hajime was,

「This total idiot rabbit」


A flick on the forehead came back. 「Wh, why? You intend to not read the mood even noow!?」 Shia said with eyes that teary eyes that contained various meanings. Hajime spoke to such Shia in exasperation.

「Did you forget? In the past, I told you right, I won’t hesitate to use all my strength if it’s for your sake.」

「……There is no way I can forget that.」

That was why, she entrusted the decision to him like this. Because, if Shia wished for it, Hajime would really become her strength with everything he had anytime. That was why, prudence was necessary. That was the common understanding of the wive~s.

Hajime was pampered his tt much family. If they let their guard down, it felt like Shia and co would become no good.

While thinking inside her heart「I wish that Hajime-san yourself will be prudent in spoiling us desuu」, she couldn’t avoid her mouth from mumbling incomprehensibly.


Toward Hajime who was looking for her words, wish, and true feeling, Shia smiled with a troubled look while saying.

「……Their, no, a lot of people’s wish, of wanting to express their current heart toward an existence that was important, I want to grant that wish.」

They couldn’t be concerned about the result after that too. After all it wasn’t Shia who was shouldering the future of this world.

The mother had continued to remonstrate her child, but her voice didn’t reach, and for the sake of protecting her other children the mother hardened her heart. However, Shia wished to at least lead the reflecting child to the side of such mother.

「Roger. I’ll lend a hand.」

The answer was simple. However, it was filled with powerfulness that firmly promised success.

Hajime didn’t think of it as troublesome or anything. Because Hajime loved this kind of side of Shia.

Shia already had no words, she simply hugged Hajime tightly.

Hajime lightly lifted up such Shia with one hand, then he heavily sat down on the top of the mountain of rubbles. And then, he made Shia sit down on one of his knees and ran his gaze to the surrounding like a demon king lording over the lower world.

Ahead of his gaze were the three kings, the two divine spirit that had recovered until they could jiggle up and down, and then Udar who were watching his conversation with Shia.

「For now, it’s information. You guys, line up over there.」

With *poyoyon-* jiggling, the divine spirit of fire circle that was like an overly conscious carrier woman Soare reacted.

『Shut up monster of other world! Your deed will――』

*DOPAN-?* *Splat*……, the red fire slime was scattered. The attack that came when she was in the verge of annihilation and somehow maintained the slime state caused the slime to only be able to slosh around where it was difficult for her to return to normal.

『You bastard-, toward us divine spirit――』

*DOPAN-?* The divine spirit of earth Oros became a stain of earth. He only sloshed around in a state that was difficult to return to normal.

*DOPAN-?* 『Why even me!?』 Udar was scattered.

Seeing that, the three kings gathered near in a slight panic.

After Hajime’s words of 「Sit there」, Arogan with his face that was still black and blue exerted his last dignity by displaying his will to keep standing saying 「No, I’m fine」 and……

*DOPAN-?* It was lethal so no problem! He died!

Arogan-san’s brain matter was scattered and he fell.


「Wait. You――」

Gruelle made a gaze that doubted Hajime’s sanity after he so easily stole a life――*DOPAN-*. A wind hole was opened in his forehead and he fell.

Dead silence filled the place. A beat later, the aides of the two camps who understood what happened and the populace were going to scream.

But, before they could, *Pika~~* light showered down. It was the light from an object that was hovering on the sky without anyone noticing――the regeneration magic beam artifact “Bel Agartha”. If it was just a freshly dead person that was still warm and fluffy, it was possible to fish them back forcefully from the realm of hades, an unbelievable artifact.

「Hah!? What in the world!?」

「-!? Just now I!?」

The two who should have their brain matter scattered and died stood up abruptly. At the same time even the two pseudo slimes that were splattered flat also returned into slime.

『You bastard! Toward this me the incarnation of fire circle――』

*DOPAN-*, *splaaat-*, *pika-*, revive! 『You bastard――』, *DOPAN-*, *splaaat-*, *pika-*.『You bas――』, *DOPAN-*, *splaaat-*, *pika-*. 『Sto――』, *DOPAN-*, *splaaat-*, *pika-*. 『……』

The red slime-san jiggled obediently in front of Hajime.

「They say idiots won’t be cured even with death but……you guys are called god and king even for an instant. Don’t tell me that you guys aren’t able to learn?」

Eric-san and others were trembling all over.

Arogan-san and others were also trembling all over.

The divine spirit-san also wasn’t an exception, the people of the demon kingdom were shaking even more.

How many times you need to die repeatedly until you reform your heart to be docile?

So to speak that was,

――108 Harassment Demon King Style I won’t say just once, want to try dying no matter how many times?

It was a devilish harassment (?) that would make a certain girl from hell to say 「That’s wrong」 with serious face.

『Freely manipulating life and death……even mother Lutria……』

It wasn’t human. It was something more demonic, a territory that even god didn’t reach……

「And? How many times more you need to die before becoming docile?」

Aa, demon god huh.

It was the moment where all existence in this world regardless of whether they were god or human or any other species became one in heart before Hajime’s cheerful smile.



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