Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 339 Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc In The Middle of Recovery Desuu

Chapter 339 Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc In The Middle of Recovery Desuu

In a room inside the demon king castle. In the dining hall that was extravagant but filled with countless cracks, the figure of Hajime and others could be found.

At the seat of honor of a long table that was also extravagant――at the place that originally was reserved for the demon king who was the master of this palace to sit at, a demon king was sitting there as expected.

It was Hajime.

If people who didn’t know anything saw this scene, first they would surely think that Hajime was the master of this palace without holding any doubt about it. That was just how brazen Hajime was sitting on that seat. He crossed his legs and supported his cheek with his hand that rested on the armchair. His figure lording over the inside of the room truly looked appropriate……

Beside him, Shia was snuggling close to him like the queen, however, her mouth was energetically getting stuffed with food while chewing *mokyu mokyu* looking like a girl that could be found anywhere.

「Shia-sama, I’ll refill your water.」

「Thank you very much, Dahlia-san.」

Shia smiled with a slacken expression. Dahlia also gave a slackened smile back.

Inside the space that was filled with tension without any sound at all other than the *mokyu mokyu* sound from Shia, the smiling face of the two beautiful girls that was like a breath of fresh air spread out.

Yes, it was only Shia who was eating. The people other than Dahlia who was serving Shia helpfully――Eric and others of the kingdom group, Arogan and others of the demon kingdom group, Gruelle and others of the beast kingdom group, and then the divine spirit of thunder cloud Udar, the divine spirit of earth Oros, the divine spirit of fire circle Soare, they were all sitting at the lower seat of the table while holding their breath like rabbit in the presence of lion.

*Mokyu mokyu*.

「Does the taste suit your palate, Shia-sama?」

「It’s really delicious, Dahlia-san! I want you to teach me the recipe later!」

「But of course! I’ll look forward cooking together with Shia-sama!」

「Sheesh Dahlia-san, even though you are a daughter of a duke, you can even cook on top of being a prodigious spirit art. You are really a perfect lady desuu」

「Ge, geez Shia-sama……that’s a really excessive praise~」

The conversation of the two beautiful girls that was really warm and fluffy echoed inside the quiet and tense space. Dahlia-san who was fidgeting bashfully and restlessly was extremely adorable.

Apparently with Shia keeping her promise and kept Hajime in check, her positivity level toward Shia had reached the counter stop.

Shia hadn’t eaten anything since noon, on top of that she even used body strengthening Level X. Toward such horribly starving rabbit Shia, Dahlia wanted to serve her so much that she even physically silenced the people of demon kingdom (the palace cook and staff, etc) so that she could serve her handmade cooking.

By the way, after hearing the circumstance from the kings and gods who became obedient after the 「I won’t say just once, want to try dying no matter how many times?」 at the summit of rubble, why then everyone gathered in the dining hall of the demon king palace? It was simply to wait for Hajime and Shia’s magic power to recover.

But, there, *tap tap* a small sound rang out.

Hajime who was glaring at the lower seats even while softening when glancing at his bunny wife who was yummily eating was making knocking sound on the table with his finger. In front of him was a glass that had turned empty.

*Snap-*, tension ran through the room as though lightning had struck!

Amidst that, Dahlia-san instantly moved. She calmly, elegantly, but swiftly, poured chilled water using spirit art into the empty glass.

She bowed, then quietly backed away.

Hajime who put the water into his mouth as though it was only natural went 「Hm?」 and squinted his eyes.

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「Lemon water huh?」

When he looked back across his shoulder and asked, Dahlia-san reverently lowered her head while answering.

「I thought that it would be wearisome to keep drinking the same water, so I took the liberty to add taste and scent.」

At first coffee or tea was recommended to Hajime, however he refused saying 「Just water is fine」. This was Dahlia’s meager consideration to such him.

While the kings were making face that seemed to want to say 「Do, doing that without asking! You’re going to get killed you know!? Around ten times!」, Dahlia was standing quietly without particularly turning pale.

「My deepest apologies if that displeased demon king-sama. I will accept any punishment.」

「……No, let me thank you for your consideration. Shia has opened herself to you after all.」

「It’s my deepest pleasure.」

Dahlia’s expression loosened happily, however, she lowered her head reverently once more. Shia stuffed her cheeks with meat while conveying 「The cooking is also delicious~」 with her gaze. Seeing that Hajime made a thinking expression for a bit.

「I don’t intend to eat because it will be dinner when we go home though……」

「I have also prepared some variety of light meal.」

「You’re really prepared huh.」

「Because from demon king-sama’s talk with Shia-sama, it seems the difference of time of your world with this world is really big.」

It seemed that she judged that if they would pass some time at this world, then she should at least prepare some light meal even if he said that he didn’t need to eat.

Dahlia-san, truly capable.

Also, Arogan reacted when hearing the words demon king-sama but he then averted his gaze as thought to say 「Ah, right, it’s not me isn’t it. That’s right isn’t it」.

「In that case I’ll have a bit then. If possible I don’t want something too heavy, you have anything like that?」

「Let me bring a salmon sandwich.」

「Yeah, that’s fine. Also, as I thought give me coffee too. No need for sugar.」

「By your will.」

Eric thought, 「Eh? Dahlia’s master should be me though……somehow, doesn’t she act like a servant more than before there?」. Of course, he didn’t say it out loud. Because, it was scary.

「E, eh? Dahlia-san, somehow your atmosphere is different compared to with me……」

「? What’s that about? Or rather, Shia. You too don’t eat too much. You won’t be able to eat dinner. Everyone is waiting for you to return back home.」

「It’s fine. I will work out as much as I ate. My stomach will be empty when returning home. It was said that you cannot even fight if you don’t eat meat.」

「You, it feels like soon you will master something like the secret skill of “fully immersion to eating” Shoku○ huh.」(TN: Don’t know what reference is this)

She was the rabbit that was principally evaluated as bugged in regard to physical ability. She could even manipulate her hair and blood, that was why it felt like something like changing the meal that she ate wholly into energy was something she would do normally.

「Even so, I have to apologize to everyone when we returned. Especially Yue-san, it feels like she will scold me at how did I get kidnapped so easily.」

The rabbit ears drooped down powerlessly.

「No, hm, I wonder about that. That Yue, she was seriously damaged because of your nonchalant remark, so she might not be in the state of doing that.」

「Eh? Did I say something to Yue-san?」

It was because she was like that, that her true feeling got needlessly conveyed and the vampire princess ended up hugging her knees for several hours.

Hajime smiled wryly while caressing Shia’s astonished rabbit ears. Shia’s expression instantly brightened.

But, there, Eric who was unable to bear with the atmosphere of the two raised a trembling voice.

「Ca, can I ask something」


No compromise. His Excellency Hajime’s dismissal bullet.

「About how the two of you are husband and wife, is that really true-」

The young king of the human race with established reputation of not getting discouraged even after getting beaten black and blue resolutely charged forward as expected. A gaze that seemed to say 「You, are you a hero……」 came from the demon kingArogan and the beast kingGruelle.

「If so then what?」

「It’s nothing-」

‘What’s with that tsundere reaction’, Hajime sent him a suspicious gaze.

Eric’s face looked like he had swallowed a ton of sour grapes and gulped them all. The other people were also glancing at Shia before making bitter expression.

「Hmph? Shia, looks like you are really popular huh?」

Shia made a dry expression at Hajime’s teasing gaze. In exchange,

「It’s exactly as you say!」


Dahlia-san who swiftly appeared immediately set the table, and strongly confirmed with her usual clenched fists pose. Hajime was subtly surprised by that. It was really rare for him to be like that.

「Not only the men of our country, even his majesty Arogan and his majesty and Gruelle, and not only them but even Udar-sama over there, everyone is madly in love with Shia-sama. Especially someone like his majesty Eric, no matter how many times he was rejected he wouldn’t stop calling her without honorific, and if there was a chance he would try touch Shia-sama from start to end.」


The unbelievable betrayal from his vassal and childhood friend.

「Furthermore, in the case of his majesty Arogan he even tried to steal her lips……it was truly a heinous deed.」


Arogan looked at Dahlia with eyes that wanted to say 「Don’t say more than that!」.

The kingdom group was in the middle of flustered state due to the unexpected traitorous tattling by their friend, however, the duke’s daughter maid-san who seemed to have completely changed the allegiance of her heart made guts pose with both her hands and emphasized 「However-」.

「Please have a peace of mind, demon king-sama. Shia-sama displayed her rejection sometimes with her fist!」

「No, well, I get it even without you insisting it with your eyes snapped wide open like that. Calm down a bit.」

「What a relationship of mutual trust……it was truly sacred.」

Duke’s daughter trippy maid. Hajime’s eye turned to Shia and he asked with his gaze 「What’s this interesting maid」, Shia used her eyes too to answer 「It looks like she inherited the teaching of the Akiba-type heroes of the past」, and Hajime-san showed his tremendous power of understanding with 「I get it. So that’s why she is a maid even though she is a duke’s daughter. She was taught about the supreme equipment huh」.

Oh Akiba-type heroes of the past……good job!

「By the way demon king-sama. Are the other family members here? This Dahlia wish to be granted the honor of greeting them if possible.」

「That’s impossible. It’s only me who come to pick up Shia. Well, perhaps you can at least give them greeting when I opened the gate to go home……」

「Is, that so……that’s unfortunate but, please let me do so at that time then. Putting that aside, that person called Yue-sama, could it be that she is Shia-sama’s mother?」

Shia burst out 「buh」 hearing that question. It was the vampire princess-sama who got damaged just from being treated as NEET. Such relationship was possible based on their age, but if she was mistaken as her best friend’s mother……she might have hugged her knees in a corner of the room for ten more hours.

Although, from the point of view of Dahlia who saw how strong Shia was, when speaking about “a family scolding” such Shia, it couldn’t be helped that she misunderstood like that.

Shia wiped clean her mouth while correcting her.

「You’re wrong. Yue-san is my best friend, and she is also like a big sister for me, and more importantly, she is the seisaifirst wife desu.」

「Restraintseisai? Is it? Is she a deterrent toward Shia-sama?」 (TN: A play of words here, the kanji of legal wife and restraint are both read as seisai, so Dahlia mistook the meaning of the word)

‘You think she is nuclear bomb huh, no, that’s also not really mistaken though……’, Hajime thought with a wry smile while Shia spoke the answer.

「No, that’s not it, it’s seisai in the meaning of the first wife.」


The replies came from inside the room. Especially from the three kings.

As expected even Dahlia turned speechless at the answer that was too much outside her expectation.

Eric’s chair clattered from the force of him standing up. He unconsciously raised his voice toward Hajime.

「Wai-, wait a second! Shia is――」


「Shia-dono is, Hajime-dono’s wife right!?」

「That’s right, so?」

「Then, what does she meant by first wife!?」

「It’s exactly like the words meant though?」

「I, I don’t think it can possible be true but……other than Shia――」

*DOPAN-*. *Splaaat-*. *Pika-*.

「You aren’t going to say that you have other wifes than Shia-dono right!?」

「She already said it right?」

*Tremble tremble, shiver shiver.* Eric shook. The expression of the other people was also turning grim.

Eric’s gaze sharply turned toward Shia who was stuffing her mouth with meat.

「Shia, dono! Why are you so calm!? This man-, he is two-timing you!」

*Mokyu-* Shia swallowed the meat and said calmly.

「It’s not two-timing you know?」

「Eh? No, but just now……he said that there is other wife than Shia, dono……」

「Yes desu. Other than me and Yue-san, there are six other so it’s not two-timing.」


The lovely woman their heart turned to was nothing more than a harem member. Eric turned into stone from that fact. Louis’s expression was hidden by his glasses’ reflection from unknown light source, while Arogan and Gruelle did their best to stay expressionless.

「Eh? Rather, I’m the one surprised here. Eric-san and others are king, rather isn’t this normal?」

Certainly that’s true. It was only Eric who was unmarried, but both Arogan and Gruelle were already keeping more than ten beautiful maidens to themselves. Just what was strange from the same thing applying to Shia in another world?

Although that was a logical point, the unmarried men here including Eric couldn’t accept it in their heart.

「I, I don’t have any intention to surround myself with multiple women!」

Arogan and Gruelle showered Eric once more with a gaze that wanted to say 「You, are you hero」.

However, Eric who was infatuated toward the hero rabbit who came from another world didn’t give a damn at such gazes. He glared angrily at Hajime.

「You bastard-, you already have Shia but you still with other woman-……unforgivable-, such thing is absolutely unforgivable-」

「……Eh? It’s like a déjà vu……」

Hajime without delay was about to move from *DOPAN* to *pika-*, but for some reason he tilted his head and searched his memory.

「Shia, dono! Are you saying that you are alright with that kind of man!? What is good about him!?」

「Eh, what is it so suddenly……geez-, it’s embarrassing to be told to speak what I like about him in front of other people~. If I’m asked what is it I like about him, it’s everything desu! No other answer……fufufu-」

Eric-san, when he got hit by Shia’s unshakeable boasting of her loved one, he pressed on his chest 「gufuh」 and crumbled. He was on all fours.

But, there Hajime hit his hand *pon* and made a face of realization.

「Aah, that’s right! It’s his highness!」

「It’s his majesty!」

Eric corrected. ‘I’m properly a king you know, I ain’t a prince’ he insisted.

Of course, that wasn’t what Hajime meant. He understood the true form of the déjà vu he felt from Eric’s words, so he made that remark. Yes, the exchange just now, the young prince of Heiligh――Randell-kun said exactly the same speech when he recklessly challenged Hajime due to his first love for Kaori. Even his questionable self-important temperament was really similar.

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「Wha, what? Why are you looking at me with kind gaze like that!?」

Because Randell was Liliana’s little brother and also his brother-in-law, Hajime in his own was didn’t dislike Randell who came charging at him every time despite his trembling. It seemed that he saw Randell’s figure from Eric.

There was nothing more terrifying in this world than a gentle expression from a terrifying man.

Was what the trembling Eric-kun seemed to want to say.

But, there, a whispered voice was……

『This is stupid.』

『O, oi, Soare.』

It was the divine spirit of fire circle Soare. The divine spirit of thunder cloud Udar talked to her with small voice in a bit of panic to stop her. By the way, the three god slimes were too short to sit on normal chair, so they were placed on chairs for children where they were jiggling.

Everyone’s attention turned toward Soare. Shia continued going *mokyu mokyu*. Hajime too was going *mokyu mokyu* with the salmon sandwich Dahlia served him. Mu? ……Delicious. My greatest thanks!

Soare who was focused at twitched and jiggled *poyon* for a moment, then she started to jiggle restlessly. She was strangely flustered from her own remark that resounded unexpectedly.

Eric asked timidly.

「Soare-dono, by stupid you mean……」

『I, it’s stupid right? Something like hero of foreign world is just a danger factor. All of you children of man is destined to perish. Talking about a future that won’t even come can only be called as stupid.』

Soare immediately rattled on while intensely flickering. Eric argued vehemently at her.

「However Soare-dono! We are――」

『Silence! The decision of mother Lutria is the divine will, all living things obeying it is the only truth! For all of you, to struggle so far that you even summoned the monster over there! There is a limit even in being unsightly!』


『The result from that is this situation where even the voice of mother Lutria cannot be heard! To summon even evil that bring monster to this world, as expected the children of man is――』


Just a word. With only that one word from a man who had a scrap of salmon sandwich sticking out from the corner of his mouth, the place’s atmosphere changed. Soare who was heating up shut her mouth 『Fuguuh』 as though she just got splashed with cold water.

But, the instant she was fiercely glared by Hajime,

『Wha, what is it-, you want to have a go!? Aa!? AA!? I’ll take you on-, you-, you……youuu-』

『O, oi, Soare, calm down.』

Perhaps because of nervousness and fear, Soare-san who was a cool character like an overly conscious career woman somehow became like a yankee character who was a sheetty small fry but bluffed the hell out of it.

She must be wanting to hurl abuse at Hajime, but if she did that then she would be guaranteed to go *splat*, so she only ended making strange swearing 『youuu-』. She was giving off an incomprehensibly disappointing smell.

Hajime wordlessly placed Donner on the table. *Thump* a heavy sound resounded.

『Tsu!? Tsu――tsu』

She lost her nerve. The divine spirit of fire circle-san, was losing her nerve at full speed. It was to the degree that she immediately dragged out Oros and Udar on top of the table, then she wrigglingly crawled behind them to hide.

『A, AA!? Yo, you really want to have a go!? Youu-! I, it will be a disaster if I got serious you know!? Right, I wasn’t serious before! It will be really, yes, really a disaster!』

『……No, Soare, before this you were evidently fighting seriously.』

『Or rather, say something like that after getting out from behind us.』

Oros and Udar spoke somewhat apathetically. If they were in their human form, they would surely stare at Soare reproachfully.

The terror and nervousness assaulting her, her pride and obstinacy, etc, various emotions were saturating her and she became unable to control them. Hajime stared unblinking at such Soare. And then, for the time being he cocked the gun. *Click* The fiendish sound resounded.

『-!? Tsu, tsu――e, even if you defeat me, the second and the third me will surely appear! In other words, it’s meaningless even if you defeat me right now! Meaningless thing shouldn’t be done right!? Yes, it should not! Youuu-, understand at least that much――ah, Udar! Oros! Where are you two going!? Leaving me behind, where are you going!?』

The meat shields who jumped *poyoyon* away.

In that place where the obstruction had gone away, a gaze from an existence that was evil according to Soare pierced her.

*Shake shake, fidget fidget, jiggle jiggle……*

Soare who was the focus of attention on the table was moving about in confusion for a while, then――


Unbelievably a crying voice resounded. The red slime was spreading on the table as though it had lost all consistencies. Perhaps, surely, if she was in her human form she would be showing a figure of her feet crumbling and laid prostrate on the floor while weeping uncontrollably.

The bluff of divine spirit of fire circle-san whose heart wasn’t just merely broken but completely pulverized since a long time ago seemed to only be as solid as wet toilet paper.

This figure of a divine spirit, an exalted existence that stayed really high in the sky that was just too much like this, caused sympathetic eyes to be turned toward her not just from the kingdom group, but even from Arogan who decided his country’s objective as 「God should die!」.

As expected Shia seemed unable to watch it. She also had properly finished her meal, so after she wiped her mouth clean, she stood up from her seat.

「Sheesh Hajime-san……please stop it with this much.」

「No, about that, I thought that they are unexpectedly pleasant creatures in spite of introducing themselves as god so, I went too far.」

As expected, Hajime never imagined that there would be god who would weep uncontrollably. He was looking at Soare with really deep interest.

Shia reached out toward Soare who was currently turning into a stain on the table.

『Wha, what are you-……hics……you want to have a gooo-, youuu-』

「Please calm down. We won’t do anything if you don’t act violently.」

『Yo, you said that but you want to do something horrible right!? Hics, you, youuu-』

「Yes yes, there is nothing scary heree~. It’s alright~」

『Fu, fuguu……even if you, act kind now……hiu……hics』

Shia lifted her up and patted her as though saying ‘good kid, good kid’. Soare-san was turning docile as she was doing that. She was starting to docilely turn limp on Shia’s palm.

「I see! So this is the taming style from the world of Shia-sama and demon king-sama!」

A truly scandalous word came out from Dahlia-san who was making her both hands guts pose.

The demon king’s whip, and the rabbit’s carrot……even though the two didn’t have any intention like that it was troubling because it was the fact.

『……Do you intend, to do the same to mother?』

The one who asked that with a quiet voice was the divine spirit of earth, Oros.

『Udar is moved by affection, Soare has fallen, my strength isn’t up to the task.』

It was a voice that was heavy, dark, and depressed.

『You don’t destroy us, however, are you going to subjugate us?』

Because the hero of foreign world and her spouse literally beaten their aberrant strange into him, despair could be felt from the flickering Oros.

「We won’t do such thing.」

It was Shia who said it. And then, she asked back.

「I have said it before. I won’t do anything like killing Oros-san and others no matter what. What I can do is only helping so that the voice of Eric-san and everyone reach all of you.」

『Such words, is too late now. Do you know how much the children of man has trampled on our remonstrating words before this?』

「……Oros-san, you cannot forgive the children of man anymore no matter what?」

『Why should they be forgiven? What is the reason why the children of man, who possess not a single thing except foolishness should be forgiven?』

「Eric-san and everyone said the answer to that is what they want to convey to you.」


Oros’s flickering became stronger. He must be holding back his feeling of antipathy inside.

Oros shut his mouth as though he was shutting himself behind a rock door. It was Udar who called out to him.

『Oros. Putting aside the people of this country and the beastman, I believe that the feeling of that young king and his people is genuine.』


Udar crawled close to Oros and slowly flickered as though he was driven by some kind of thought.

『Perhaps it was because I lost against Shia. I felt that my burning heart cooled down slightly.』

『What do you want to say?』

『I recalled something. The figure of the children of man of the ancient times that was locked behind my rage and determination.』


Something that only the children of man possessed. They were a race who knew how to create things, they found happiness in that and tried to progress toward the future.

But, they were obviously different from other race who entrusted themselves to nature and simply lived and died.

Since the primeval time, the children of man were the target of the mother Lutria and the divine spirits.

『It’s a sin that is hard to forgive.』

What the children of man had committed. However,

『Perhaps, it’s the mother Lutria, might be the one who actually wish for the words of the children of man once more……』

In the first place, it was the star tree Lutria who was reluctant to bring down the divine punishment toward the kind until the last moment. Rather it was the divine spirits whose rage reached the boiling point from witnessing the exhausted figure of their mother and strongly insisted to carry out the divine punishment no matter what.

『Shia won’t break her promise. If Shia wish it, then that man also won’t break his promise. So, in that case, I won’t oppose the children of man expressing their feeling. Oros, and also Soare. What about you two?』



The earth and fire circle were silent. The two right now couldn’t deny Udar’s words and concluded that he was a traitor.

『But, even now, there are still many who won’t repent.』

There were two people in this room who were the chief perpetrator of that. Oros’s focus turned toward Arogan and Gruelle.

The two of them tried to say something, but Eric stood up before that.

「To be unable to have any change in heart even at this point of time……it’s truly something shameful.」


「Even so, apologizing for the crime we have committed, conveying our feeling to the star tree Lutria, I don’t think of it as something pointless.」

『And, you wish to be spared from divine punishment with that?』

「……That, will depend on star tree Lutria’s heart. It’s not the problem of whether we can receive forgiveness or not. What is important is sincerity. I…no, we are taught that by the hero of another world.」

The gaze of Eric and also Louis and everyone turned toward Shia. Their gaze was filled with love and affection.

Eric returned his gaze to Oros once more and spoke more.

「Thus, even if this is an unavoidable fate of destruction, as the representative of the people who regained their past goodness, I wish to meet with star tree Lutria.」

Just like how a child wished to meet with his mother.

Oros and Soare continued to stay silent. However, their slow flickering showed that the anger inside them was decreasing. At the very least, they didn’t discard Eric’s words as mere empty platitude.

Although, their emotion that was like a mist that wouldn’t clear hadn’t changed. That was why even as a god they couldn’t find any word to say.

Udar’s voice that was filled with wryness resounded there.

『Oros, Soare. Either way, mother would be in danger if that man there gets serious. Right now, how about we believe in Shia’s words and watch over where is the path the children of man is heading to?』

There was no objection.

While an air of relieve was flowing, while Hajime asked for second helping of salmon sandwich acting like it had nothing to do with him, Soare whose heart had recovered from Shia’s gentleness spoke to Udar as though she was venting.

『You are really infatuated with someone who defeated you crushingly there.』

『Fuh. There are things that can be communicated through fighting. Shia is a wonderful――』

『Even though you were knocked out when trying to bath together……』

『How do you know that!? Or rather, why are you saying that now!?』

『Good grief, that’s embarrassing as a fellow divine spirit.』

You are saying that? Anyway setting that aside, 「Hou」such voice that resounded until the stomach like the low bass of baritone sax was……

Coming from Hajime-san.

Udar twitched and jiggled. He started crawling away bit by bit from Hajime.

「Shia, did you get peeped at?」

「No no, no way! I firmly sent him flying, and I also stayed on guard so it’s fine!」

‘Is that so, then let’s stop with the mixer artifact and spare the divine spirit with simple beating……’, Hajime thought, but,

「Ah, that’s right! Because of Udar-san I remember. Hajime-san, can you take a look at my Vire Drucken later?」

「Hah? What’s wrong with it?」

「Udar-san did something without asking so the shooting mode got strange!」

『Shia! There is better way to say――』

Udar-san was thrown into mix.




After that, Hajime heard how Udar attempted to transform Vire Drucken into divine spirit armament. Hajime who got interested to spirit stone, spirit weapon, and spirit art made knowledgeable people including Louis and Arogan to spit out every knowledge and article while repairing Vire Drucken……

Through the process he heard how Shia became able to evade lightning speed by sight in the fight with Udar and his expression spasmed. In fact Shia provoked 「Hey, come on Hajime-san!」. So Hajime tried shooting at her outside her vital spot but his bullet was dodged normally. He put Udar in mix for venting 「What have you done to my wife huh」……

While that was going on, the magic power of Hajime and Shia was also completely recovered.

The preparation of Eric, Arogan, and Gruelle was also finished, and the group finally departed to the “land of beginning”, the solitary island in distant sea――the territory of the star tree.

The dinner of Nagumo family was waiting, so Hajime used crystal key to teleport abruptly to the solitary island.

Hajime and others passed through the door of light, and looked there.


Floating above the solitary island, was a huge flying island――the stronghold of the celestial people.

And then, the rest of the divine spirits and innumerable spirit beasts were lying in wait for them.

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