Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 340 Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc Police Officer, It’s This Guy Desuu!

Arifureta Chapter 340 Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc Police Officer, It’s This Guy Desuu!

「This is really one flashy welcome.」

An amused chuckle resounded.

Eric, Arogan, Gruelle, te three kings along with Louis and others, the elite forces accompanying each king were taken aback by that.

Floating in the sky, the stronghold of the celestial people, the giant floating island’s majestic appearance went without saying. Then there was the great swarm of spirit beasts covering the land and sky, and the figures of multiple divine spirits.

Strong pressure and killing intent that were shaking the atmosphere were welcoming them. Coupled with the cloudy sky, it was like the end of the world.

Because it was clear that all of them were the dam of rejection to the visitor, they as the people living in this world couldn’t help but held their breath. Their throat was dry, their heart shrunk, their waist lost strength, and their spirit was in the verge of breaking.

That was how much the welcome committee was displaying their rage, and their preparedness for death that it wouldn’t be out of place at all to describe them as suicidal soldier.

「Or rather, the teleport destination, it got slightly shifted……this star tree something, not bad.」

Hajime who grumbled that looked around and smiled wryly.

The place they teleported to seemed to be the edge of the star tree’s solitary island――above a cliff. They planned to teleport directly to the star tree’s location, but apparently the space was interfered with and they ended up on the island’s edge.

In the end, was it the star tree that was absurd with how it obstructed the Crystal Key’s teleportation ability, or was it the Crystal Key that was absurd with how it overcame the obstruction of a god of a world and teleported the user through even if it was only to the edge of the stronghold?

In any case, looking at the present situation objectively, they were now truly people who were cornered to the edge of a precipitous cliff but……

「Looks like they’re really in high spirit, did something happen?」

The tension of Eric and others completely didn’t matter. Everyone’s expression turned really complicated at the joke Hajime cracked. It couldn’t be helped, so Shia poked at Hajime’s cheek and said.

「Hajime-san, are you waiting for tsukkomi to that? No matter how you look at it, this is caused by Hajime-san’s meteor party.」

It’s exactly like Shia said. Obviously the other side would be angry & scared because of that. After all this person tossed a meteor to their sacred ground.

The island that originally should be lushly green had black smoke rising from here and there. A part of the verdant mountain was collapsing. It was already like that just from the visible range. There was no doubt that the center of the island, the surrounding of the star tree was even more tragic than this.

Then, at that timing the explosive sound of waterfall suddenly resounded behind Hajime and others.

Hajime and others went ‘Oh?’ and turned around. There, they saw a giant silhouette that was dropping sea water like waterfall――a figure of a monster lifting its long neck. Its length might reach 300 meter. Considering the height of the cliff that was around 100 meter, its whole length might be in the unit of kilometer.

「Di, divine spirit of ocean current-, Meeres――」

When Eric yelled, that monster――with a figure like a giant dragon enveloped with water current that looked like tentacles and accompanied with water tornado behind it, the divine spirit of ocean current “Meeres” opened their mouth at the same time.

What was fired right after that was a breath attack without any preceding conversation. The furious water current that would swallow and pressured everything to death with its mass attacked Hajime and co.

Due to the breath attack that was fired from right above their head, the figures of Hajime and co vanished inside the water current. The surrounding was blown away, and the cliff cracked from being unable to endure the pressure.

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In front of such destruction that wholly broke a part of the cliff,

「Close your mouth a bit.」

A crimson spark surged. Right after that, in the next instant, like a rising dragon climbing a waterfall, the crimson light split the water current breath into two right from the front.


A voiceless scream and surprise.

The crimson flash blown away the upper jaw of Meeres without stopping and also blew open a circle shape on a part of the cloudy sky before vanishing to the faraway sky.

While the water splash of the water current breath that was burst open scattered around, what appeared was the unharmed figures of Eric and others along with Hajime who was grinning fearlessly. And then, the Cross Velts that were deploying barrier and the long weapon that was still emitting spark――Schlagen AA.

「Somehow it reminds me of Tio-san isn’t it~」

「That’s another nostalgic story huh.」

Hajime made a light talk with Shia while placing Schlagen on his shoulder. Seeing that, Eric and others instantly resolved themselves and returned to their senses.

「Hajime-dono! Shia-dono! What to do!?」

The eyes of Meeres who was already finished regenerating distorted in rage. Eric watched that while asking Hajime with an expression twisted in anxiety.

「No need to ask, the plan stay the same. I’ll open the path. Just go to your star tree mom and quickly say sorry.」

「O, open the path you say……no, before that by mom you mean……」

‘Such absurdness……or rather, what did you call the star tree……’, not just Eric, Arogan and others also thought that. They did their best to ignore the way Hajime called the star tree while turning their gaze toward the front, at the center of the island.

Countless roars were raised. The roars that made the atmosphere shook belonged to tens of thousands of divine beasts. As expected from this place that should be called their sacred ground. It looked like their level was different from the spirit beasts sent to the demon kingdom.

Dragon that normally should be dealt by dispatching an army formed a flock here like mere rank and file. Huge wolf and lion that would send people into despair if they encountered even one of them were running rampant, large bug with extremely atrocious appearance that gave the impression like a master of a forest was covering the ground like they were tiny ants.

In addition, white mist was gushing out from the floating island. Which was an optical illusion from the army of the celestial people flying out. Their number was also in the unit of tens of thousands.

The condition was different from before.

Destructive attack like meteor impact or sunlight convergence laser that would also destroy the island would be putting the cart before the horse. If Hajime wasn’t careful to not destroy the spirit stone that was the core of spirit beast, to not kill the celestial people, and to not exterminate the divine spirits, then trying to persuade the star tree would be something impossible.

Doing something like opening the path under that condition, was very very……

「It will be dinner soon considering the time difference. There is no way I can let my hungry daughter to wait. Oi, charge forward quickly.」

In front of the recoiling Eric and co, Hajime inserted the Crystal Key into space and twisted. A shining gate was deployed. The gate that was its pair could be seen at afar. It was at the other side of the great swarm that was standing in their way like a wall, barely right above the forest.

Even though it was impossible to open the gate at the center of the island, it seemed that it was possible to teleport only barely if it was within sight.

「Yes yes, everyone! This isn’t the time to look dumbfounded! Hajime-san is taking charge, so we’ll rush forward full of spirit!」

「Wha-. You’re going to make Hajime-dono alone facing off that large crowd!?」

Eric yelled in doubt of Shia’s sanity. It seemed he never thought that Hajime would remain here by himself. He believed that they would forcefully breakthrough together.

Hajime leisurely sent bullet to Meeres that was going to fire another breath, in addition he met the charging spirit beasts, celestial people, and divine spirits with a swarm of Cross Velt & Grim Reaper while shrugging.

「In a sense, it wasn’t bad that the coordinate got shifted. Rather than continuously pushing back the large swarm attacking from behind while you guys are apologizing to the star tree mom, having me holding them back at a distant place is easier.」

In other words, it wouldn’t be Hajime holding back the spirit beasts and others, but it was the spirit beasts and others that would be holding back the advance of Hajime so that he wouldn’t get near to the star tree seeing that they should be considering him as the most dangerous existence here.

「Don’t tell me, Hajime-dono, you will……」

「He won’t kill them, he won’t. Hajime-san, doesn’t lie.」

‘Damn suspicious……’, everyone thought. Although, they had no ground to raise objection. Because they entrusted the possibility of carrying out this salvation plan to Hajime and Shia, then they could only follow what they said. They could only aim toward the star tree straight ahead.

「……Forgive us. Hajime-dono. Someday we will pay back this debt without fail to you and also Shia-dono.」

「Yeah, be really grateful. More specifically show your gratitude with goods. If it’s a gloomy thanks I’ll kill you.」

「Hajime-san, Hajime-san, you are forgetting to act as exemplary Japanese person. The modest heart desu! Or rather, isn’t this for my sake in the first place?」

Of course, it was for Shia. Hajime was here because Shia wished for it. But, that was that, this was this. If he didn’t get paid with the compensation that was equal with his labor, than even the god of labor would surely get enraged. It was only this time that Hajime was a pious believer of the god of labor/.

「In deference to Shia, I’ll let you go with only all you have and your country’s treasury.」

「……I think, that’s demonic enough already though.」

Arogan mumbled in a low voice. Gruelle nodded to that. Perhaps because they had experienced the hell of life and death together, it felt like they became slightly cordial with each other.

「Enough, just go quickly.」

「Go, got it. Please take care of the rest.」

Saying that, Eric and others changed their expression into one of resolve and lined up in front of the gate.

Shia jumped at Hajime and lightly kissed him.

「Then I’m going, Hajime-san.」

「Ou, be careful. Don’t bring a result that will make me snap okay?」

「That’s right isn’t it~. I have to protect the world from Hajime-san.」

The two cracked jokes at each other like that before Shia twirled around.

「Everyone, have you resolved yourself?」

This was the fork road toward the future. The turning point. The shining gate was the entrance to that.

Eric and others nodded deeply toward Shia who questioned with the light behind her.

「Then let’s go! To cut open the future!」

The reply was naturally, the powerful yell that was filled with resolve.

「By the way demon king-sama! The “daughter” you mentioned just now, is she the child between you and Shia-sama!?」

「Dahlia!? Why are you asking that now!? Even though I did my best to not ask! Even though I also pretended to not see the kiss!」

The question of Dahlia just before rushing into the gate caused Eric to scream. Anyway Shia threw the two of them together into the gate to quickly depart.

Like that, the other members also vanished to the other side of the gate with indescribable expression.

And then, Shia too hopped *pyon* and Hajime became alone in the battlefield.

「That was really lacking in tension.」

Hajime talked to himself with a wry smile.

Toward such Hajime.

*GOU-*, divine punishment descended from right above. It was a super localized downburst that was accompanied with ice and snow of absolute zero.

Hajime’s figure vanished inside the pure white wind pressure that was striking down with strength that created crater on the ground.

『Ice and snow, and then flowing sky, don’t hold back. Only this guy, we must destroy him without fail here.』

『I know that.』

『We’ll sink him down like this to the sea along with the cliff. If it’s inside the sea, then that will be Merees’s territory.』

Far above the sky, there were three divine spirits exchanging words with grave expression.

A beautiful woman of blooming age with long black hair clad in jet black dress and mist――the divine spirit of dusk who governed night and darkness, “Laila”.

A beautiful girl with appearance around the age of 16, 17 years old wearing outfit like a dancer, with fluttering her light green hair tied into twintail――the divine spirit of flowing sky who governed the world’s wind, “Enti”.

A large eagle with transparent body like a crystal that reached a total length of five meter――the divine spirit of ice and snow that governed vapor and coldness, “Barahu”.

Combined with the divine spirit of ocean current Merees, they were the last divine spirits.

All of them were launching attack that resembled a calamity while their eyes showed not even a fragment of carelessness or haughtiness. Far from that, from the it could be seen that there was even anxiety and fear as though they were praying that it would be over like this.

They were frightened even as god. That scorching star which fallen from the sky. They still didn’t even want to believe that such thing could be done by someone who wasn’t god.

A downburst that felt like it could even produce hell on earth, and absolute zero where living thing wouldn’t be able to avoid annihilation, in addition there was also the ability of abnormal status effect from Laila that submerged the target’s consciousness to darkness. They weren’t holding back at the slightest. That Laila raised her voice to the celestial people while they were still maintaining their attack.

『This is a divine decree. O king of celestial people! Run to the mother’s location and put the outlaws to death!』

In front of the army of celestial people lining up orderly in the sky, a good looking man with conspicuously extravagant outfit straddling a white horse that grew out wings like a Pegasus lowered his head reverently. His cheeks were flushed because of the happiness of receiving a divine spirit’s divine decree. The flame of mad joy were blazing up roaringly in his eyes.

「I received this decree with honor, oh our god. I, the sky king――Astrus Fin Honted will put my existence on the line to exterminate the vermi――kueh!?」

「Well, don’t be that eager, let’s play a bit.」


The cry of the sky king Astrus that sounded like a bird that got strangled and the shocked voice of the divine spirits resounded.

Of course the culprit was Hajime.

Without anyone noticing he slipped out from the inside localized disaster area and got on the rear of the Pegasus. There he tightly grasped Astrus’s neck.

The metal fingers wonderfully dug into the neck of the sky king *mekyo-*. In addition the sky king was going ‘ababa’ from the “Lightning Clad”. Hajime was thorough, he also wrapped the pegasus with electrified bola and fixed it in space.

The eyes of the sky king along with his favorite horse rolled the white of their eyes showed. Their spasming figure was truly tragic.

『Since when……no, teleport is it.』

『Even if that’s the case he shouldn’t be unharmed right!? That guy, is he really human!?』

Laila’s expression turned like she had just bitten a sour grape, while Enti raised an angry voice with her twintail standing on end.

「You bastard-, what disrespect!」

「Take off that dirty hand!」

The celestial people also never even dreamed that their king would be instantly approached. They were shaken. Even so their face went bright red and rage flooded their expression.

The sky king was a priest and also an apostle serving the god. He was the leader of the celestial people. That was to say, he was a human whose existence was the closest to god. For the common people, he was an existence that was the equivalent of a living god. Naturally, his personal horse was also a spirit beast――no, a divine beast that was considered as sacred and noble existence.

To think that a human would step on the rear of that divine beast with dirty shoes and strangled the neck of a living god……it was an unprecedented accident in celestial people’s history.

It couldn’t be helped that they were shaken.

And so, Hajime tried something seeing that it wouldn’t cost him anything to try.

「Don’t move if you value this guy’s life! Or else do you want to see what a smashed tomato look like?」

Hajime-san pulled out Donner and grinded it to the forehead of the sky king-sama.

It was totally the scene of a criminal taking hostage.

『What vulgarity!』

『Don’t you have any tear or blood!?』

『This guy has misplaced his human emotion somewhere!』

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Reproaches flooded from the divine spirits. The celestial people too said 「This damn demon-」「Coward!」「Fight fair and square!」「When people mention brute and savage they refer to you!」 and so on. Criticism comments flew like a barrage.

In that place that was like a bed of nails, Haijme went 「Hmm」 and nodded once then,

「It doesn’t matter if you win-」

That line that felt like it would be said by a vampire princess somewhere was asserted with a smug face, full of confidence, without any shred of shame and chest puffed out proudly.

But there, Astrus who was leaking out a pained voice started to emit some kind of light.

『Divine spirit-sama! Don’t mind me, shoot down this monster! My proud and noble people of the sky! The imperial command has been given! Then fulfill your mission! That’s the way of us celestial people! Exterminate the vermin!』

It seemed he used a skill that borrowed the power of some kind of spirit――a spirit art. Even while his throat was constricted and his body’s freedom was also taken away by the electricity flowing through his body, Astrus desperately broadcasted spiritual words that resounded through the whole area.

Such readiness that didn’t value his own life……

And then, Hajime-san who was holding a gun to the head of such person, taking him hostage……

It was truly a terrible scene.

「Oy you, don’t speak like I’m the bad guy here. Even this is the result of me racking my brain in order to hold you guys back without hurting any of you.」

‘If that’s the case, then it’s even more excessively fiendish……’, surely the divine spirits and also the celestial people were thinking that.

Laila raised her voice while crying.

『It can’t be helped! O children of the sky! O devout leader of these children! Thy feeling, we will not let it go to waste no matter what!』

「It’s……my greatest……honor-」

He said the last words with his own voice. The sky king Astrus forced himself to smile.

In respond to that, one of the celestial people who was most likely the army leader, a noble youth wearing a silver armor yelled with a resolved expression that was shedding tears.

「Don’t let the will of the king to go to waste! The whole army, reverse direction! Leave that monster to the divine spirit-sama and spirit beasts, we will carry out the extermination of the vermin!」

‘UOOOOOOOOOOOH’, the whole army of celestial people chased Shia and others like suicidal soldiers who put their life on line following their dying king’s last command.

At the same time, the spirit beasts who slipped through the violence of number from Cross Velts and Grim Reapers rushed Hajime.

In addition, the divine spirit of dusk Laila changed the black mist she was clad in into several thousand spears and fired them. The divine spirit of flowing sky Enti wrenched away the air from Hajime’s surrounding, the divine spirit of ice and snow Barahu made the surrounding space into absolute zero, while the divine spirit of ocean current Merees fired his breath like lines of laser.

「It won’t be that easy as I thought……」

Hajime let out a small sigh. He pulled the trigger of Donner.

To above.

Instantly, Hajime’s figure vanished.

――Special bullet Exis Bullet

It was a special bullet that completely switched the position between bullets or the position of Hajime with the bullet. The bullet moved in lightning speed. Therefore it also became possible for Hajime to move in pseudo lightning speed.

Hajime gently (?) kicked away the sky king along with the Pegasus just before teleporting, so when the attack rushed in, they only ended up becoming stain on the ground. They are still alive so it’s fine!

「Kuh, we’ll take revenge, no matter what-」

The leader of celestial people’s army was flying while gritting his teeth due to the king’s extremely tragic situation. That man was none other than the sworn fated enemy of the celestial people, he swore that after carrying out the mission he would use any kind of method to exterminate Hajime.

All the other celestial people felt the same with him. Their eyes were similarly filled with resentment.

「No matter what we have to do, no matter……」

The army leader suddenly remembered. The hero girl from another world that they were chasing. Their sworn enemy came here chasing after that woman. They also kissed before this. In other words, she was a really important existence for him.

「Kukuh, so there is actually a good way to carry out the mission and divine punishment at the same time……」

From the slight darkness in the eyes of the army leader along with the spasm on his mouth, it was obvious in a glance just what was he thinking about. Do back what others do to you. If he served that monster the retributive justice, just how satisfying that would be.

Inside the head of the army leader, the scene of him trampling down that girl and tossing her in front of that sworn enemy was spreading.

He felt amused, really amused that it was unbearable.

As he thought, carrying out divine punishment to the inferior race was truly pleasant. This special privilege that was only allowed for the celestial people, it was something extremely wonderful.

Aah, he was looking forward to it. Really, really looking forward to it……

「Kukukuh, fuhahahah――bubeh!?」

The army leader became a stain on the wall.

He crashed on an invisible wall, midair. His nose was smashed, and his face’s bone broke. He was sticking midair like an awkward pantomime.

The same phenomenon occurred to all the celestial people flying in the lead of the army. They were sticking on an invisible wall. The impact from charging on it and the pain from their broken face, shoulders, and chest caused them to faint in agony.

And then, *slid, slid* they were gradually sliding down the invisible wall with only their blood could be seen sticking on it.

――108 Harassment Demon King-style Welcome to My Battlefield

※The classmate’s naming => You cannot escape from the demon king-sama!

It was a simple harassment done by simply making several hundreds Cross Velts laying out super wide range space isolation type barrier. Currently, the space in a radius of three kilometer around Hajime as well as until the height of three kilometer was completely isolated.

Hajime feigned to take on the spirit beasts and celestial people while secretly positioning the Cross Velts inside the forest on the ground as well as moving them around the cliff.

By the way, it was first used when the illegal agents of a certain country in earth tried to make a move against the returnees. At that time, Shinji and Yoshiki who carelessly entered the range kept yelling「Let us outtt~, let us out from hereee~」 while hitting on the invisible wall.

With the cooperation of Tio who was the best in using metamorphosis magic, Hajime succeeded in developing the Grim Reaper - Bi○ Hazard version that he was completely fixated upon. And he released them inside the barrier at that time, so the two’s reaction was understandable. The Tyra○t was especially popular. To the degree that several people completely lost their SAN value.

Also, that was one of the 108 harassment demon king-style too, the name was “everyone died here you know”.

Back to the topic.

「Chief! Hang in there!」

「Guu, wha, what happened? What is going on?」

It must be healing spirit art. The army leader who was supported on other’s shoulder and got wrapped in faint light barely kept his consciousness. He shook his head while muttering. 「We cannot advance! There is an invisible wall-」 The voice of his subordinate report even through the chaotic situation, the army leader was also feeling even more confused……

The next moment, *shiver* he felt a goosebump from his back. His instinct was turning on the alarm bell loudly. He was feeling it whether he wanted it or not.

The army leader turned around stiffly like a machine that hadn’t been oiled forever.

There, a terrifying scenery was unfolding.

Everything, was red.

A crimson torrent was covering the sky. Like a muddy stream. Or perhaps, like a spreading dense fog.

And then, as though announcing the ill omen, a great number of crow flew out.

It was from the man laughing devilishly at the center of the crimson torrent. As though he was liberating the familiars he was keeping inside his body.

『I don’t know what you’re planning to do but, I’ll blow away such thing!』

A dignified voice slightly encouraged the heart of the celestial people. Looking there, the divine spirit of flowing sky Enti was trying to scatter the crimson heavy fog that was starting to cover the sky using the tornado she produced.

The crimson mist was sucked in by the tornado in the blink of eye, it was hoisted up to the sky.

「-!? Enti-sama, don’t-!」

The army leader immediately yelled. He didn’t understand it himself, but in any case he understood that it was a bad move.

He knew it instinctually. And also, because of the laugh of the sworn enemy.

However, that warning came late.

『Eh? Wh, why!?』

『Tsu, since when the space was locked!?』

Enti was shaken, while Barahu noticed and yelled.

Ahead of their gaze, the hoisted up crimson fog crashed on the invisible ceiling. The fog was carried furiously by the wind and spread out all at once.

『Just fall down already!』

Laila fired a storm of shadow spear. As though to declare that in any case, it wouldn’t matter what he was trying to do if they killed him.

But, the next instant,


Laila was dumbfounded with her mouth staying half open at the fact that she was vomiting blood.

『Ouch, wha, what? My body feels hurt-』

『What’s this? Inside my body, something……』

Enti and Barahu also stopped moving because of the bewilderment from the pain suddenly running through their body.

In addition,


The army leader also vomited a lot of blood. No, not just him, all the celestial people also started to writhe in agony.

That abnormality didn’t stop at just the celestial people and divine spirits, it also reached the spirit beasts. The enormous and powerful beasts were starting to rage in agony on the whole.

It was like they were in a nightmare. The countless crows flying around right beside or above them were furthering the disappearance of their sense of reality.

『Dispel your materialization! Reconstruct your form! Don’t inhale the fog!』

The roared advice came from Merees who spoke out words for the first time since coming here. He was the most taciturn among the divine spirits, even his brethren almost never heard his words. And now his voice was filled with anxiety.

Just as they were told, the divine spirits transformed, Laila into black fog, Enti into whirling wind, Barahu into ice and snow, and Merees into water current. Then they immediately reconstructed their physical body. After that, they shut out the mist in their respective way.

By doing that, the pain just now was gone as though it was only a lie.

Because of the barrier, even the space inside the sea became limited, so his body meandered to the land and crawled up.

And then, his eye glint stabbed at Hajime who was calmly standing in the center of a flock of crow.

『You bastard, as expected you aren’t human. What terrifying thing you’ve done』

「Hee, as expected from god. To think you’ll resist by reconstructing your body.」

Hajime didn’t sound as disappointed as his words suggested, he replied with a really leisurely tone.

「You bastaarrd, what did you doo-」

The army leader tried to throw a spear of light that he instantly constructed with spirit art. But, Hajime only gave it a glance and lightly waved his hand. In that instant the army leader fainted in agony from the pain inside his body.

Laila watched that sight loathingly while answering in exchange.

『This is……metallic fragment……so small it cannot be seen by eyes』

「Right answer」

The metal dust that had invaded into the body penetrated until inside the blood vessel, shredding the target from inside. If Hajime wanted, he could also use the crow type artifact “Ornis” as relay point to adjust the dust using “Convergence Transmutation”, making the metal dust inside the body reacted and gave only intense pain without killing the target. By the way, the crimson light was optional!

The metal dust was clad with crimson light, becoming heavy fog that covered the world. The living organism inside that territory would have the inside of their body within the grasp of the demon king, at the same time their right to live or die was also wrestled away from them.

This was named,

――108 Harassment Demon King-style The Demon King is So Red Like This

The demon king’s gentle binding that made them hovering between life and death was completed here.

At the very least, the tens of thousands of spirit beasts and the whole army of celestial people were completely neutralized =.

Shudders ran through their whole body. Everyone instinctually escape from accepting this kind of reality. The spirit beasts instinctually accepted their defeat and they could only tremble.

Amidst that,

「Don’t worry, you guys won’t die, I also won’t kill you. That’s why, accompany me for a bit more. Until those guys accomplished their objective, okay?」

The invitation of the man who was even more demonic from the demon himself reached the divine spirits who were the only ones able to move inside this crimson hell.

『……Mother. Our deepest apologies. It doesn’t look like we will be able to go to where you are.』

Those words of Laila told the state of the mind of the divine spirits more eloquently than anything.


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