Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 343 Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc Epilogue Desu!

Chapter 343 Arifureta After III Brutal Hero Shia Arc Epilogue Desu!

「Geez, what’s with that look. Didn’t I say that I won’t do anything like destroying Lutria-san?」


Something warm gently wrapped around her body. And those words. When she directed her consciousness to the outside world in her state of faint white light, she noticed that she was being gently wrapped on the palms of Shia’s hands.


「Actually, I only planned to hold you back while the words of Eric-san and others reached for you but……if I’m assaulted with the resolve to die honorable death while you made that kind of face, I couldn’t just leave you alone.」

While the star tree Lutria turned speechless, a voice called at her.

「Yo, looks like you’re safe.」

「Ah, Hajime-san!」

Hajime opened a gate and appeared. Shia smiled brightly at him, at the same time her lips slightly spasmed.

『Ah, stop it! Don’t rub me like that! Ah』

『Thi, this damn monster! Treating a divine spirit like me this roughly-』

『Mo, mother, are you safe!? I have no face to meet you with in this kind of state-』


As though to say「Punishment for this cheeky girl who don’t know when to shut up」, Hajime’s right hand was thoroughly rubbing the divine spirit of flowing sky Entithe green slime. For some reason, the movement of Hajime-san’s right hand looked really obscene.

At the same time, slime Lailablack, Barahutransparent, and Mereeslight blue were getting juggled *pon pon* by the left hand.

「Hajime-san, the divine spirits and the spirit beasts are……」

「They are wallowing in pool of blood. Of course they’re safe.」

That was, absolutely not safe. Shia thought, but they were alive so let’s just say that they were alive.

『……So you cannot be stopped even by those children and an army of tens of thousands.』

An atmosphere of losing strength drifted from star tree Lutria. From the way she spoke she was relieved that there was no death, at the same time she was also ruled by resignation of having running out of plan.

Shia arrived at the root of the star tree accompanied by Lutria, Hajime, and others. There Eric and others ran toward them.

Every single one of them was wounded all over. It could be clearly seen that they were only barely surviving the situation just now.

Shia raised her guard toward Arogan and the others just in case. She pulled Lutria close to her chest in case the worst happened. Lutria focused her consciousness toward Shia and flickered. But before she could show her intention, Eric and others of the kingdom side came forward.

「Star tree Lutria-sam! Our deepest apologies. Human was foolish-」

The people of Balted simply bowed deeply without asking any forgiveness or wishing for the future of mankind.

『……I will accept that feeling.』

The feeling was received――however, there was no salvation. Those words of Lutria implicitly conveyed that.

Even with them exhausted to this point, the star tree and the divine spirits were enormous existence as far as human was concerned. If Shia and Hajime didn’t meddle further than this and returned home, then they would be able to destroy human after a bit of time passed.

There, Arogan moved. He didn’t react to the wary gaze of Shia and Eric and others. He kneeled in front of Lutria with a bitter expression.

And then, he rubbed his forehead on the ground.

A beat later, his underlings also simultaneously bent their knee and lowered their head.

「I believed that it’s the power to advance forward that is the power of human. But, it seems that without noticing it we became unable to look anywhere else but forward.」

The past where it was the demon race that was the existence nearest to spirit. The lamentation of the star tree Lutria who continued to get wounded. The fact that they kept getting loved even when the situation had become like this. All of those was a shock that pierced through Arogan’s heart.

He believed that human’s future should be created by nobody else but human. He thought that gods unreasonably controlled human’s future on their own convenience, that was why he considered them enemy that couldn’t be forgiven.

But, now that he had seen, had learned the feeling in her heart……

「Forgive us……is something that we can’t say even if you tear open our mouth. But, I beg you, please give us one more chance. Even our people, surely will be able to become like the people of Balted! Everything is the result of my leadership-, that’s why please at least give only the people a chance-. I don’t mind if you use my life as an example of the most foolish king in history!」

Those were words with ambition hidden behind them, said only to pull through this situation……was something that no one could possibly think of after hearing his yell.

The divine spirits who were making ruckus also fell silent. The place was filled with silence.

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Amidst that, someone made a crunching sound from stepping on the ground and kneeled beside Arogan. It was Gruelle.

「Just as the demon king said, please hand down the divine punishment to my life. However, I’m begging you, please grant a future to my people-. I swear that we will absolutely, absolutely become the people who love the nature the most once more-. Therefore, please-」

The voice was covered in guilt without any trickery.

Both of them were unable to apologize without any regard about the future like Balted’s king. However, anyone was able to become convinced that their feeling of repentance was something definite.

『……I wanted, to hear those words sooner.』

The voice of star tree Lutria was shaking. The words that she really wanted to hear all this time from her beloved children made the emotion that was unclear whether it was a moved feeling or sadness to well up from inside. Her voice sounded like she was desperately pushing down that feeling.

No further word came out. Hesitation could be seen intermittently. Conflicted feeling was further driving her to the wall.

In exchange, unable to watch her mother in that state, the divine spirit of everlasting darkness Laila spoke.

『There is no way we can trust you.』

The equilibrium of the world couldn’t be taken back anymore with just the repentance of the people of a single country. If they were forgiven in this place, and the result was the people of demon kingdom and the beast kingdom were unable to reform themselves? If the people concluded that the change of heart of Arogan and Gruelle was a betrayal and the pushed on the path that was making light of nature?

This time for sure the spirit would become extinct, the equilibrium of the world crumbled, and the lives of every living thing would be threatened.

The situation now came to be because the heart of god that believed in the children of man was broken. There was no way they could pardon the danger of breaking the world with just words.

Arogan and Gruelle, along with their subordinates made an expression of despair together.

Eric and others also couldn’t say anything.

Their words of repentance reached.

Their heart also connected with each other.

Even so as expected, the decision of divine punishment was really the last way that couldn’t possibly be overturned. That fact was thrust before them.

That was the conclusion in regard to this world.




And so, a man tried speaking out the conclusion of another world.




「Oi, we’re pressed for time for dinner here. Stop being repetitive, just take the spirit element from human already and resolve this.」

The bewildered gaze of everyone including Shia stabbed at the voice’s owner――Hajime. Hajime seemed to get tired of it and tossed away the divine spirit slimes like they were trash while continuing his words.

「You guys are saying that the problem is the consumption of spirit element without giving any consideration to the world, and even if they said that they’re going to live green there ain’t no way they can be trusted, that’s it right? Then, you can just confiscate the spirit element from human, then god and spirit can just draw back to this island and completely sever relationship from each other.」

Like that,

「What kind of path human will walk in a world now that they have lost the thing that they have been given for free as though it’s only obvious until now. You gods can just become spectator of that.」

Noticing how important something was for the first time only after they lost it……such story was common.

Would they just forget it? Or would they be able to treasure what remained to them? That would depend on the person.

『……What are, what are you saying?』

The star tree Lutria asked in bewilderment.

That was only normal. In the first place the premise was strange. Spirit element existed within nature and also within people. It was impossible to separate them.

『There is no way such thing is――』

「What if it’s possible?」

Impossible……it was not? Was such absurd talk possible to be realized for this man of another world who dropped star down, and suppressed an army of tens of thousands without causing a single casualty?

Even a talk that sounded like a joke couldn’t be denied when it was said by the demon king of another world that was Hajime.

「Ha, Hajime-san?」

Shia was also bewildered. She found it a bit hard to believe that Hajime would lend a hand for the sake of a world that was unrelated with him, no, it wasn’t just unrelated, it was a world that kidnapped Shia and tried to harm her even.

Hajime shrugged while,

「It’s because it feels like there’ll be a lot of compensation for me, like spirit stone, or spirit armament, or spirit, or hell even the divine spirit itself.」

The divine spirits simultaneously twitched and jiggled. ‘No way, are we going to get sold to an evil god of another world?’, they snuggled close to each other while shaking from such thought.

But, looking at Hajime’s appearance, Shia immediately saw through that it was nothing more than an excuse on the surface.

「What is your true intention?」

「I want to take measure so that Shia won’t get summoned for the second time.」

That seemed to be the case.

If Shia was just teleported due to an accidental incident, then he could leave it alone. However, it was a summoning. And then, the reason why it was Shia was also unclear.

Actually Hajime wanted to bring Shia home and ensured her safety, after that he would go fully prepared to destroy everything and crushed the possibility of another summoning, but there was no way he could do that in consideration of Shia’s feeling.

And so, he guessed that it would be fine if he solved the problem of this world with a salvation plan or whatever to make any summoning became unnecessary. But this plan was also doubtful.

No one could guarantee that there wouldn’t be any more person in this world who wouldn’t perform the summoning ceremony again.

And so, the plan that Hajime thought up to sever the worry of the future after taking Shia’s feeling into consideration was the suggestion just now.

「Well, in reality I don’t know whether it’s possible or not. At the very least I’ll need Yue and Kaori’s cooperation. But, if it’s possible, that will be the best way to make you go home with a refreshed feeling right?」


Even though she didn’t have the intention to offer her life for the sake of this world, her personality wouldn’t allow her to be able to go home with a smile while knowing that people she knew were dying.

Because Hajime knew that, he suggested this in order for Shia to be able to talk about this other world summoning incident at dinner with a smile.

Realizing Hajime’s thinking, Shia’s feeling already became「Waaa――」 and without delay she leaped onto Hajime’s chest.

Hajime embraced Shia who was rubbing herself on him while asking 「So what’ll you do?」 with his gaze. His gaze was testing them, especially Eric and others.

In a manner of speaking, it was a way that was like telling the society of the present earth to not use electricity at all anymore. It was a deed that would cause unavoidable collapse of the current society.

「If that’s possible, then please do so. Rather than a future where the consumption amount of spirit element has to be regulated to the utmost minimum, the way of surviving to a future where we aren’t using it all will surely be preferable for mankind.」

It was Eric who answered without hesitation.

And then, the next one who opened his mouth with a resolved expression was,

「I don’t have the slightest idea what has to be done to achieve such thing but, if that’s possible then I have no objection. Here I swear that we will once more live together with nature.」

Unexpectedly it was Gruelle.

The last one, Arogan who had build a society that was the most dependent to spirit element strongly closed his eyes for a moment, imagining the collapse of the current society and the chaos that would result with a pale face before he,

「The demon race will also swear once more. We will show to the gods how the demon race is also a race that can wish for coexistence with the world in the world without spirit element.」

He agreed while opening both his eyes that were filled with strong resolve.

Hajime’s gaze turned toward the star tree Lutria.

『……Are you saying that you will change the way of this world?』

「If so then so what?」

He asked with his gaze, ‘will you destroy mankind once more?’. The star tree fell silent. But, that was only for a brief time.

『……If the children of man, doesn’t need to be destroyed with that then』

She said that and weakly flickered.

Hajime nodded.

「Is that so, glad that you all agree. After all in order to cut off the worry about the future, I intended to do it even without anyone’s agreement so, in that case, it would be necessary to make all you guys die once so no one will get in the way.」

He said such terrifying thing while giving a crisp laughter.

Seeing that, the star tree Lutria, the divine spirits, and then Eric and others too were,

『You aren’t really some kind of evil god aren’t you?』

「Another world……it’s really a terrifying place.」

They all raised a terrified voice. It was the moment when the heart of the god and human became one.




After that, Hajime and Shia rose to the sky while snuggling close to each other. Hajime took out a magic crystal stone from his treasure warehouse.

「Now then, the gate can be opened for around ten minutes. We’ve got to ask Yue and Kaori to reform the world during that time.」

「Reforming the world in ten minutes. Those are really amazing words.」

Hajime-san would even change the world if it was for the sake of his wife. Shia made a dry smile to that.

「Is it really possible?」

「If it’s not possible then I also have plan B.」

Hajime was thoroughly prepared for everything, or rather he created ideas as though they were growing from tree. Even Shia who knew that this was exactly what Hajime’s strength was couldn’t help but felt bewildered.

By the way, that idea was to toss away――no, to migrate the people of this world to some random another world. The points that the star tree and company wouldn’t need to destroy mankind and the people would need to live in a place without the world’s blessing were the same.

Of course, in case the spirit element separation plan failed, Hajime had decided to send the people to another world whether they agreed or not.

「Well, we also have the cooperation of the star tree and the divine spirits. From my investigation, it seems that spirit element is like an energy that is produced from the soul of living thing, so if it’s Yue then she should manage somehow……perhaps, surely.」

「Ahaha, we’re asking Yue-san for something unreasonable here~. I’ll have to thank her a lot when returning home.」

「She is a vampire princess who is bothered about being NEET after all, I think she will feel happy and sing 『Work? Work?』.」

If possible he didn’t want to see Yue-sama who would say ‘To work is to lose!’ while puffing her chest.

「Then, let’s do this.」


Amidst the half in doubt gazes looking up at them from the ground, Hajime took out the crystal key and thrust it into the space. At the same time, a vast magic power was taken out from the magic crystal stone.

Just from that a torrent of magic power that caused the air to rumble caused Eric and others, and even the star tree Lutria and the divine spirits to gulp.

An optional illusion of solemn and grandeous double-leafed door appeared while emitting sparks. It made a heavy sound *gogogog-* which was also optional while gradually opening. From the gap of the door, an optional sublime light started to illuminate the world.

「Hajime-san, are all these necessary?」

「……Of course it’s necessary.」

Hajime-san suspiciously averted his gaze, but according to him it seemed to be necessary. Shia’s expression turned really gentle.

While they were doing that, Hajime raised his voice to the other side of the completely opened door.

「O~i! Yue~! Kaori~, come over here!」

Right after that.

From the other side of the shining gate, golden light overflowed like a raging stream. And immediately after that, even a silver and jet black magic power also overflowed.

「Wha, what……that’s」

『Is that……the family of the other world hero? ……How』

Eric and others, and also the star tree Lutria and others all gulped.

It was like the sky was covered with aurora. An aurora of gold and silver and jet black.

An enormous pressure descended on the island. It was difficult to even breath and the skin couldn’t stop feeling goosebumps. It was exactly the same sensation like when Hajime appeared……


The one who whispered that was one of the divine spirits. They unconsciously whispered that while having a goddess that was star tree Lutria as mother, was because of the appearance of the peerless beauty with golden halo of light on her back at the sky.

「Wings of light……the heavenly king of the far off past?」

That whisper came from the king of celestial people Astrus who collapsed on the outer edge of the island. All the other celestial people also thought the same thing at the back of their mind wordlessly. It was the figure of the first generation sky king that was only left in legend. Yes, it was an existence that was like a god with wings of light that were shining silver.

「……I see, so that’s. Fuh, I looked so childish compared to that.」

It was Gruelle who let out the self-depreciating voice. There was an enormous and soul-stirring figure that grasped the sky and changed it into a sea of fire and lightning in the blink of eye while coiling in midair. That figure was truly the form of dragon that equaled a god.

The divine figure of the girls caused everyone to wholeheartedly harbored a feeling of awe in their heart. Then, a beat later.

「……Hajime, who should be killed?」

「Hajime-kun! Who should be disintegrated!?」

『Goshujin-sama, who is it who want to get hit with a breath?』

It was a proclamation of annihilation filled with killing intent to the max.

It seemed that Hajime and Shia unexpectedly didn’t get back for too long. Even though they thought that they had finally opened the gate. Hajime also said「Come over here」 just now, so the blood rushed to their head and they ran to this side thinking that something happened to Shia.

Yue was in her adult mode, Kaori was in her angel mode, and as for Tio, it was unclear how much pleasure she obtained in this short time but she was in her black divine dragon mode. There was a limit in even getting serious.

Also, Shizuku and others were tasked with defending Nagumo house in case the worst happened.

「Wa-wa-wa~~it a second, please calm calm down! I’m safe and sound!」

Even now, Yue and others were just a hair-trigger finger away from dealing atrocity, especially toward the splendid great tree that seemed to be familiar from somewhere and the trashes that were giving off moderately strong presence on the ground. The three of them were thinking to clean those up first thing first because they were standing out the most. But Shia’s voice made them returned to their senses.

「……Nn-, Shia!」


『Fuu, what, so thou art safe. Thou made us worry.』

Yue used “Heaven Existence” to teleport through space, while Kaori used “Godspeed” through regeneration magic’s time shortening to instantly rush to Shia’s side.


Shia spontaneously screamed from eating a tackle on the face and then a hug from Yue, while she also ate a headbutt on her solar plexus and then an embrace from Kaori. But, tears immediately spilled from her eyes because she made them so worried like this and from the happiness that she could finally meet them.

「……Uu, Yue-saaan, Kaori-saaan. I wanted to meet you all desuu」

「……Nn-, this stupid rabbit! The next time you easily got kidnapped summoning, it will be the five element dragons for you!」

「Me too! I’ll disintegrate you if this happen again!」

「Yeesss! I’m sorry! At that time I’ll do my best to defend with guts desuu!」

The three people hugged each other tightly with tear-stained face. Combined with their beauty it was truly a beautiful scene. It was so beautiful to the degree that Hajime couldn’t make the tsukkomi「It’s impossible to defend against the five element dragons and disintegration with guts……it’s impossible, right?」.

『All is good, all is good. The feeling of getting left out alone is also good, haa haa. And so goshujin-sama, just what hath happened?』

「Oi, perverted dragon. It’s not like I called for you so you can just go home, house!」

『!! Go, goshujin-sama, what art thou intending by strengthening me more than this? Haa haa, nnfuu, it’s overflowiiing~――and, is it alright to blow away the uncommon presence over there with mine breath?』

Hearing that conversation of Hajime and Tio caused the other three to return to their senses.

「……Hajime, what’s going on?」

「Ah, about that……」

Hajime explained the situation shortly, blah-blah yadda-yadda.

「How’s that, can you do it?」

「……Nn. I am Yue. A woman who make the impossible possible if it’s for Shia.」

For some reason Yue-sama winked & posed the side peace finger gesture with photo model expression. Ignoring that, Kaori and Tio also offered their cooperation.

「There is no time. We’re going to finish it before the gate closed. First Kaori, heal all those guys along with this island.」

「Leave it to me!」

Her wings flapped once. Silver magic power dyed the world. Ripples that contained gentleness somewhere within passed through the island several times.

「Oo, this is」

『How, even our strength』

Each time the power of the goddess at the far away who closely resembled the first generation sky king was spreading, the celestial people were healed as though they were liberated from the nightmare. They began to harbor a feeling that was close to worship along with feeling moved.

At the same time, the desolated island was recovering its original nature. The divine spirits that were turned into slime also recovered their former human form.

The star tree also wasn’t an exception. The exhaustion before this was like a lie and she turned into her human avatar once more.

The star tree’s expression turned tearful seeing the holy land getting regenerated in the blink of eye while she arrived at the location of Hajime and others with the divine spirits following behind her.

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Yue silently entered between Shia and the star tree Lutria. Even without words, it was clear what she wanted to say.

『……If it’s for the sake of the world, then I will do the same thing no matter how many times.』

Those words were like pouring oil on fire. Yue’s eyes were tinged with ruby light. Unconcealed anger could be seen from her narrowed eyes.

The star tree Lutria stared straight into Yue’s eyes that were like that and,

『But, because your important person was here, a third path might be opened……I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart. And, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.』

Saying that, the star tree Lutria bowed her head. The divine spirits all opened their eyes wide, however, after a bit of hesitation they followed their mother and lowered their head respectfully to Shia.

Gods lowered their head. The unprecedented act caused Yue to sigh once in resignation and,

「……Yue Punch!!」


She punched the face of the mother of all! It was a wonderful right straight with the twist of the waist supporting it, as though to say that everything was equal before this punch. Yue was not good at hand-to-hand fighting, but she was a master of magic that literally entered the territory of god easily. If she used the age of god magic at the same time, then she could also launch a powerful right fist.

The star tree Lutria who got punched on the stomach by Shia and on the face by Yue went through her first experience since she was born in this world twice in a row. She became a bit tearful. Her hand pressed on her cheek and she skillfully fell down in pitiful posture with both her legs pressed on each other despite on midair. It felt like her figure was saying「Even though even my parent never hit me before……」.

The divine spirits spontaneously got “!?” above their head and they took their stance, but Yue didn’t even pay attention to that and she used her punching hand to elegantly brush away her hair. And then,

「……For now I’ll satisfy myself with that. ……One day I’ll get on top of you and punch you until you cry.」


‘It’s pointless no matter where you hide. After all I already remember your face and also this world’s coordinate. Eh? Eh?’, with a yakuza face that seemed to say that, Yue-sama crouched beside the star tree Lutria and glared at her.

The star tree Lutria entered charism○guard state. Looking at her trembling while shaking, it seemed that Yue had instantly beaten into her which was the superior one between the two of them.

It seemed the NEET vampire princess obtained anger and job and became yakuza vampire princess.

『Th, the man is like this, so of course his first wife is like this, huh……』

Udar’s muttering that was shuddering in fear caused all the divine spirits, especially Choare to tremble while completely agreeing.

「Oi, star tree. What are you doing shrinking like that. Stand up and do your job right away. Yue, Tio, I’m counting on you.」

「Yue-san, Tio-san, please help-. Also, Lutria-san, that’s……fight!」

「……Nn, you can leave it to me.」

『Thou can leave assisting Yue to me.』

『……I’ll do my best.』

For some reason Yue made a posed serious look while spreading both her hands widely. Golden magic power burst up once more. Matching that gold, Tio’s jet black magic power also burst out and both mixed with each other. They formed a spiral that pierced to the sky.

――Soul magic activated

――Effect increase using sublimation magic

『I’ll connect it to the world.』

The star tree Lutria was spreading her ripple of will to the world. Just like how she was able to send her oracle, divine spirit, and spirit to anywhere in this world, there was no place or person that the star tree Lutria couldn’t grasp as long as they were in this world.

That power was making Yue’s power to permeate to the whoel world.

「……Nnh, kuu~」

As expected, even with the assistance of Tio in her black divine dragon mode, it was really difficult to grasp the whole world, whether in the aspect of magic power amount and also the thought capability. A vast amount of information was weighing Yue’s brain and soul.

「――”Time Eternal”!」

Kaori applied regeneration magic to regenerate Yue each second back to her state a second before. At the same time she was transferring her own magic power plentifully.

「Masked pink is Shizuku, so for Yue it’s this.」

Hajime supported Yue from behind with an embrace while gently placing a glasses on her.

Glasses Yue-sama descended. It was an artifact that increased the perception ability and thinking speed and so on by five times.

Furthermore he used the compass at the same time to shoulder the processing to a certain degree. In addition, Hajime took out some kind of syringe and placed it on his own neck before injecting the liquid inside with *pshew* sound.

「Come on, you can suck to your heart content.」

「……Nn, itadakimasu!」

Yue turned around and without any reservation she sucked!!

Right away, pulsating sound *dokun dokun* echoed, then crimson magic power was added even further to the mix of golden and jet black magic power.

――Yue’s personal artifact Nagumo Hajime

One of the trump cards that was used at the last decisive battle against Ehito. Hajime’s blood was already the supreme restorative medicine for Yue even at normal time thanks to the “Blood Pledge”, but by pouring Cheatmate and iron content that granted Limit Break effect into his blood, Hajime’s blood would heighten Yue’s strength explosively.

The golden light that was mixed with crimson and jet black was pulsing. It shrunk for a moment. Then it instantly spread to the whole world from the center of the island as though in explosion.

If this world had a method to observe the planet using something like a satellite, surely the sight of a wave of light crossing the sea, crossing the mountain, crossing through the continent and covering the planet could be seen.

And then, after that light ran its course, the sight of glittering particles climbing to the sky would surely become visible. Yes, it was the radiance of spirit element being forcefully extracted from inside the nature and from inside the people.

「……Nn, I’ve grasped it. Carrying out the change.」

Yue muttered with a small voice that sounded enchanted from drinking the blood of her beloved.

For a moment, the magic power that was a mix of three colors undulated and spread to the whole world.

――Soul - sublimation combination magic Soul Transformation

In the past, when Hajime and others were summoned to Tortus, they were granted with the skill “Language Comprehension” without their agreement. That skill that allowed them to understand all kind of language wasn’t something that was influenced by their individual ability, but something that was attached to everyone without exception. The reason was because the summoner Ehito meddled with the souls of Hajime and others when they were summoned and granted them that skill……

The current Yue could do everything that Ehito could do, and with the help of Hajime and others she could surpass him by far. Even though Ehito’s limit, the strength of the current Yue enabled her to go as far as transforming the soul.

If Shia was a bugged character in physical ability, then Yue was the one who was a cheatunfair in regard to magic.

The people who received the power of the cheat vampire princess who surpassed even the god of another world were……

「Aa, no way……this is a lie……」

The people in the demon kingdom helplessly felt the spirit element leaking out from their body. At the same time, they made an expression of despair. What was going on and what was the decision made by their king and the gods were wholly transmitted to them in the shape of an oracle.

They were dumbfounded at the fact that they were losing the foundation of their society. People falling to their knees wondering how they would live from now on appeared one after another.

「……How could this be」

The people of the beast kingdom covered their face, they also felt the emotion of the star tree Lutria that was conveyed to Gruelle and others. It was engraved into them. A lot of people fell into panic from anxiety and terror, wondering whether they would really be able to live together with nature in a world where spirit element was gone.

「One day……will we be able to obtain forgiveness after overcoming this trial?」

The pious people of Balted kneeled. They were shedding tears at the anguish of star tree Lutria. At the same time, the flame of resolve and determination dwelled inside their eyes. They intended to literally start over from the beginning again to walk on the long and harsh path from here on. And they would also do it together with the people of the demon kingdom and beast kingdom without forsaking htem.

With the interference to the soul and the power of sublimation magic to meddle with information, the power to produce spirit element was erased from inside the people and nature. The power was climbing to the sky and gathering while coloring the sky like a “river of heaven” that was flowing toward the island of star tree that was the center of the world.

The people saw the light dancing inside that river of heaven. Those were the countless spirits that were hiding themselves.

Seeing that, and feeling the sense of loss as though their other half was plucked from them, they keenly felt it.

That the world, the era was changing right in this moment.




「……Haa haa, ho, how’s that」

Yue was exhausted. She was sweating like river, her breathing was also rough, and she couldn’t even maintain her adult mode anymore. But even in that state where she was held in princess carry by Hajime, she still said that with a posed serious look.

『To think, that you really changed the world……』

The words that were said by star tree Lutria with voice that was trembling from the feeling of awe was representing the voice of the heart of the divine spirits, celestial people, and also Eric and everyone else.

「Good job Yue. Thanks for the hard work.」

「……Nn, you can praise me more.」

Yue narrowed her eyes pleasantly within the gentle embrace of Hajime.

「Yue-san, thank you very much! With this Dahlia-san and everyone else won’t need to die. Lutria-san and others also won’t need to kill everyone!」

Shia’s body covered over the carried Yue and she hugged her.

Yue’s nose slightly twitched toward such Shia.

「……Shia, I’m, amazing? A capable woman?」

「Heh? Ye, yes-, of course you are! That’s obvious!」

「……Say it specifically. Now, say it more specifically! Say it in great detail what is great about me!」

「E, err, Yue-san really is like a goddess. It’s unbelievable that you can really change the world.」


「You are always kind, paying a lot of attention to me, and reliable……」


「You’re truly the first wife of Nagumo family! Wife Number One! As long as Yue-san is here then almost everything will go well, you’re our reliable Onee-san!」

「……Correct! I’m absolutely not a NEET! Normally I’m only guarding the house! But when the time comes I’ll get serious! I’m amazing when I get serious!」

It seemed that Yue-sama’s greatest reason in cooperating was to show her cool side to Shia and erased the dishonor as NEET vampire princess. Shia herself wasn’t thinking like that at all but, Yue’s heart was unexpectedly delicate.

Hajime thought, 「You are that bothered by it huh……」

The tired Kaori and Tio who dispelled her dragon transformation were staring with an exasperated expression at Yue whose feet were swinging back and forth in good mood. While that was going on, Hajime saw that the time limit of the gate’s opening would approach soon and he sent a gaze at Yue.

Yue guessed his intention just from that and lightly waved her finger. On the ground, Eric and others who were uneasy wondering whether Shia would go home right away without saying anything to them lightly floated. They screamed 「Waaaah」 while approaching their location.

And then, the moment they were going to speak to Shia first,

「Now then, it’ll be time soon. Oi, you guys, for now leave behind everything that you have.」

Hajime-san said that with a vicious face. It was as though he was a yakuza extorting for money.

『We will express our gratitude to you as much as possible so, can you do something about that way of asking?』

The star tree Lutria who looked like she had aged drastically within these few minutes held out her palm. Behind her the star tree’s main body shined and light gathered toward Lutria’s palm in respond.

『It’s a precious orb filled with spirit element. ……Please don’t use it for something bad.』

For example, using it to drop meteor down. Or torturing tens of thousands people by scattering metal dust. The star tree Lutria-san seemed to want to say that.

『Muu, I greatly wish to stay at Shia’s side and become your strength but, I am the one governing the thunder cloud of this world, so I’m unable to be by your side――』

「No, rather please don’t come. It will be troubling.」


Udar’s eyes snapped wide open. Oros sighed.

『Shi, Shia! Please think of this as me and bring it with you.』

Choare suddenly thrust her hand into her own chest. And then she shrieked 『NNAAAAAH』 that was unclear whether it was a scream or a voice of anguish while taking out something――she pulled out a red slime.

『Hii hii, zee zee』

「So, Soare-san? Are you alright? Somehow you’re making a face that a god, or rather a woman must not show just now!」

『I, I’m fine! I was only making a soul fragment by shaving off my soul a little after all!』

From the expression of the star tree Lutria and the other divine spirits, it was clear that the ominous words of shaving off the soul were an act that was as bad as it sounded.

『Wi, with this we’ll always be together-. Fuhih, even if we are worlds apart, my other self will always be together with you after all……hehehe』

「……I, I’ll have to refuse. Such important thing should be properly keep inside your ches――」

『It’s fine! This me-, the divine spirit of fire circle Soare is, spe - ci - a - llyyy, giving you permission! After all, that’s how my relationship with Shia is like!』

‘What kind of relationship’, the one thinking that wasn’t just Shia but everyone. The act of tearing apart one’s own soul and then telling other person to carry it while thinking of it as them, was a really dreamy and sick thing to do.

The easy god Choare seemed to be a yandere-san too. It was really worrying if she would be able to keep her divinity while possessing that many attribute within her.

Shia was making a twitching expression at the yandere hopeless Choare who was holding out her soul fragment while smiling with bloodshot eyes. Even so, she accepted it thinking that it would surely be useful for Hajime. Right away, the soul fragment slime jiggled. She almost threw it away spontaneously.

After seeing Soare’s action, Udar displayed a sense of rivalry 「Then I too」. There was also the pressure of Hajime who was in the camp of wanting to receive anything that could be received without any reservation even if he had to pillage them. In the end, all the divine spirits handed over their soul fragment.

Like that, by the time the time limit of the gate’s opening was finally approaching.

「Shia, dono. ……I’ve never regretted the deficiency in my vocabulary as much as now.」

With a face that was about to cry, Eric took off the divine spirit arms Tarnada along with its sheath and held it forward.

「Forgive me for using this kind of simple word but……thank you. Thank you, very much. You have taught us the way to live. You taught us to walk toward the future amidst the despair. Thank you-」

His voice that was trembling from the overflowing emotion certainly proved that it was Eric’s true feeling. At the same time, he also deeply bowed his head toward Hajime and others saying 「As the representative of my country, I thank all of you」.

Next Louis and others of Balted Kingdom presented their divine spirit arms and spirit tools while speaking their thanks. Their feeling of love toward Shia almost came out from their throat, but they swallowed back those words after looking at Hajime. Because their body that was really naturally snuggling close to each other left no room for outsider to enter in between. They couldn’t help themselves from making a bitter smile.

「Perhaps we won’t meet each other anymore but……if there is a second miracle, then please let us show our gratitude with the whole country present.」

「My proud brethren from another world. I’ve learned the meaning of “pride” from you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this future that you have given us.」

Arogan and other demon kingdom’s people along with Gruelle and other beast kingdom’s people were also handing over their respective divine spirit arms and spirit tools while saying that with calm expression as though they were completely different people.

Before Shia could accept the gifts, they were all rapidly absorbed into the treasure warehouse, breaking the solemn atmosphere, but Hajime didn’t care at all. Shia glanced at such Hajime at the corner of her eyes while,

「I didn’t do anything. I was only rampaging around because I can’t stomach the future of this world.」

Shia said that with a wry smile, then before Eric and others could say 「That’s not true」 in denial toward her,

「But, if everyone can get closer to a slightly better future by me doing that, then I’m also happy!」

She said those words. With a soft that was bright like a sun, and warm like a sunny spot.

Seeing that smile, it tightly grasped the heart of the male faction and the yandere hopeless Choare who prattled 『Mother, as I thought is it alright if I come along with Shia?』.

They were doing nothing but staring earnestly at Shia, as though they were being tossed about by their overflowing emotion. But then a quiet tearful voice resounded from beside them.



She was without a doubt the person who had gotten along the best with Shia in this world. She was already a friend for Shia.

Dahlia was also one of the people of this world that had to overcome this trial, so she wouldn’t say anything like wanting to come along with Shia. But, her feeling wasn’t something that could be hidden……

When Shia gently hugged her, Dahlia also strongly hugged Shia back.

The yandere hopeless Choare was making face that was saying 『Kii~h, a mere little girl dare to!』. She should just butt out already from this scene but, for some reason even Yue was making a face that said 「……Shia, even though you already have me as best friend!」, so no one could say anything.

「Oi, it will really be the limit soon. Let’s go Shia.」

Hajime called out seeing the gate was starting to flicker. From the other side of the gate, Shizuku’s voice 「Wai-, wait is you guys over there alright!?」 and the voices of Myuu and others getting noisy could be heard.

「I cannot cry or anything, for the sake of the future. Isn’t that right, Shia-sama?」

「Exactly, Dahlia-san.」

Shia imitated Dahlia and made a double clenched fist pose. Dahlia smiled happily and nodded strongly. As though to say that no matter what happened from here on, she absolutely wouldn’t forget her.

Shia let go. Yue, Kaori, and Tio leaped into the gate that was starting to shrink. Hajime was reaching out his hand from the edge.

At the end, Shia hopped *pyon* like a rabbit and turned around,

「To everyone who will be struggling for the sake of the future, good luck! Desu! Sayonara!」

Saying that, she was hugged by Hajime with one hand.

Eric and others waved their hand energetically. They were calling Shia’s name while saying their thanks many times. That was a powerful sight that made her believed they would surely be able to overcome the harsh path before them.

The star tree Lutria deeply bowed her head, Udar and Soare were staring at Shia with reluctance to part from her, while the other divine spirits were waving their hand slightly with a wry smile.

That was the last sight that Shia saw.






The air changed, and Myuu’s rocket headbutt ran into her stomach.

Remia, Shizuku, Aiko and the classmates, Shuu, and Sumire were unanimously showing expression of relieve while calling out to the returning Shia.

‘Aa, I’m home’……she keenly felt it and tear welled up once more.

「I’ve made all of you worried! I’m sorry! Thanks to everyone, Shia Hauria can return safely like this! Thank you very much!」

Shia lifted up Myuu, her rabbit ears stretched up energetically *usa-*, and her rabbit tail shook full of happiness.

‘Wah’ Cheers were raised and Shia was mobbed by everyone in the blink of eye.

Hajime smiled seeing such Shia while quietly sending telepathy to her.


『? Hajime-san?』

‘Why telepathy?’ She thought while turning her gaze to Hajime. Hajime turned a gentle gaze toward her while saying.

『The prospect to store magic power efficiently even in earth is looking bright. I’ll complete the way to easily come and go between worlds before long. For sure.』


『The time difference is four times after all……well, at the very least I’ll make it so you can meet again within one year. With the friend you made in other world.』

「! Hajime-san……」

‘Really, just how sweet he could be’, Shia thought with an entranced expression. Happiness was overflowing that she spontaneously let out her voice.

Hajime shrugged his shoulders, thinking that it was only natural to want to do something somehow if he was shown the two of them hugging at each other so closely at the end like that.

Shia was greatly moved and opened her mouth to say something……

「……Hajime. Are you aiming at that maid? You loveee maid?」

「!? Yu, Yue? What’re you saying?」

「Hajime-kun. Right now, you’re thinking about that maid-san aren’t you? Aren’t you?」

「No, well, I am but……」

「Whaaat! Son! You, even though you have this many lovely wives, you got ensnared with a maid wife at other world!?」

「Wait Hajime! What’re you doing fooling around so brazenly like that! Okaa-san doesn’t remember raising you to be this kind of child……looking back, perhaps we have failed in raising our children?」

The misunderstanding that the demon king had laid his hand on a maid of another world spread like wildfire. Kaori was approaching with eyes that were losing their light, Yue was pulling out a maid uniform from her room, while Shizuku and Aiko and the classmate bunch were demanding explanation about what was going on.

While making an expression of headache at that, Hajime started preparing “Gag Bullet” ――even though the impact was terrific, by using regeneration magic the target would be able to stand up again in three seconds as though nothing had happened, it was a bullet to make gag situation in real life――which was one of 108 harassment demon king-style.

Seeing such ruckus that was just like usual, Shia felt the feeling of happiness welling up again inside her……

「Right right-, everyone~~! The demon king of our home is going to completely snap you knoow!」

Shia said that and clapped her hands, then a beat later.

「The story of other world summoning of brutal hero Shia! If everyone want to know it so much like that, then I’ll tell it to your heart’s content!」

While eating delicious meal with everyone.

Her rabbit ears moved *myon myon*. And her rabbit tail shook once.

It went without saying that cheers ‘Wah’ rose once more.

After that, with Shia’s super physical ability that made her looked like she had made shadow clones, she made a large amount of cooking as apology for making everyone worried as well as for the number of guests that had abruptly increased.

Like that, the dinner of Nagumo family at that day became like a party with Shia’s tale of adventure and extravagant meal.


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