Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 347 Arifureta After III Valentine Day Planning ②

Chapter 347 Arifureta After III Valentine Day Planning ②

Inside a dimly lit room, there were vague silhouettes of people forming from the darkness.

The one who was putting both elbows on the table and taking a pose with two hands joined to hide the mouth――the so called Gendo○ pose was,

「……Ladies, thank you for coming.」

「Say, Yue. What character you’re acting out? Also, why is the curtain closed?」

Yes, it was Yue-sama. It was Yue-sama with a grave atmosphere for some reason.

Kaori let out a tsukkomi and a question without reading the mood. Yue-sama whose mood was harmed launched a fist of wind. Dodged!

「I can’t really see with the room this dark, and it’s already evening so turn on the light.」

When the switch was pushed *click* like it was nothing, finally everyone who were gathered at the dining table――or rather, the people kidnapped by Yue came into view.

「Say, Yue. I and Remia still hath work remaining though……or rather, I was in the middle of inside a toilet. Art not this too forceful?」

「There was only document sorting left but……is this an emergency situation?」

Tio and Remia were working a job related with clothing and attire, but Yue who popped out when they were in the middle of working took them away with a pop too.

Especially Tio was in the middle of relieving herself so her lower body was in an awful state……of course, she was panting ‘haa haa’.

Also, the toile naturally was becoming a room that couldn’t be entered. It was the toilet of a venue where things like fashion show and the like were held. Ordinary people were also using it, so sooner or later the toilet would be opened up but, over there they would only find a piece of panties.

It was a mystery.

「Say~, I was also working though……I want to return to school……」

Similarly, Aiko was smiling wryly. She was in the middle of receiving the vice principal’s nagging preaching. She was teleported the moment he looked back, so it would be scary for her after this. No matter how he saw it, it looked like she ran away the moment he turned around because she hated his preaching.

But, Yue-sama only shortly said to those working adults.

「……I and work, which one is more important!」

Tio and others together let out exasperated voice 「Ee~~」. ‘What a really troublesome attention seeker……’ they thought.

「Yes yes, Yue-san is more important, so let’s talk about what your business is.」

Yue, you, since coming to earth aren’t you gradually regressing mentally?]

「Ah, that, I also thought that a bit.」

Shia soothed her down, while Shizuku and Liliana were looking at her as though they were facing a pain in the ass. Yue averted her eyes, perhaps she was slightly aware of it herself. She coughed once and then straightened up herself.

「……Ladies, next week it will finally come. This year’s Valentine Day.」

Yue took the Gendo○ pose once more and started talking while her expression was turning grave.

「……Do you all remember? Of the defeat last year.」

「Yue, is your head fine? I don’t know what you mean――ah, dangerous! Geez-, don’t attack me every single time!」

Yue didn’t even give a glance at Kaori who dodged the wind fist by a hair’s breadth and continued her speech.

「……Yes, that defeat. Hajime who was asked by Ryutaro, whose chocolate he want the most, answered instantly! That it’s Myuu!」

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There, Shai and others raised their voice 「Aa~」.

Certainly there was something like that at the Valentine last year. Yue who was convinced without any basis that ‘It’s impossible that the chocolate Hajime want the most isn’t mine!’ crumbled at that time on all four inside the class when Hajime gave his answer without any hesitation.

After that, it went without saying that a mini war occurred with Kaori who was grandly provoking Yue 「Heey, right now, how are you feeling?」 behind the gym. At the end both sides harmoniously entered double KO with cross counter.

By the way, last year it was their last Valentine Day at high school, so the classmates including Lily were university students right now. And so, Myuu who was a kindergartener was also already a first year elementary school student.

In other words,

「……There is a risk that Myuu has also powered up.」

In the end, for the chocolate itself, Myuu’s quarter choco cake was number one.

Her pride as the first wife wouldn’t allow for the first rank of Hajime both in expectation and taste to be stolen two years in a row! It seemed to be something like that.

「I think Yue who is trying to seriously win against an elementary school student in a sense is already los――wait, I told you already that’s dangerous! Stop firing them in barrage like that!」

The wind fists that came flying like machine gun was avoided with godspeed while generating afterimages like Matri○ agent. Kaori was complaining, however, Yue didn’t even turn her gaze at her.

Anyway, it seemed Yue wanted to win against Myuu at this year’s Valentine Day.

「And, why art thou gathered us too for a meeting? Yue want to be number one correct?」

「……Honestly, I can’t see any chance of victory!」

The destructive power of Myuu who gave her all to make everyone happy whether it was birthday, or Christmas, or other events rivaled or even surpassed the age of god magic.

The purity that the dirty adult didn’t have pierced straight into Hajime’s papa heart! Like a pile bunker!

And so, it seemed Yue wanted to work out idea together with the wive~s in order to liven up this year’s Valentine Day too.

「……Also, Myuu’s chocolate was really delicious. Her cherry choco for personal use was also extremely delightful. And yet, my choco is completely normal……the sense of defeat is also severe in that sense too. This year I want to make Myuu to be the one dancing in wild joy instead.」

It seemed she wanted to win against Myuu in that kind of meaning too.

Certainly, the chocolates that were modeled after every single one of the Onee-chans had the shape and quality that were completely unthinkable coming from a kindergartener, so Shia and others were dancing in wild joy receiving the choco that was filled with heart.

Just as Yue said, it wasn’t only about Hajime, it could be said that Myuu was the sole winner even against them.

「……What about everyone? Are you okay with Myuu being the sole winner this year too?」

Yue sighed ‘fuh’ while asking with a provoking smile. Kaori and others looked at each other’s face.

A beat later, everyone’s face was starting to be filled with motivation. ‘Preparing a chocolate that would secure Hajime’s number one and made Myuu danced in wild joy at the same time! Ain’t that interesting!’ They thought.

But, there, a voice that dashed cold water to the heating up mood was……

「He, hey. I understand the flow of the talk but……why am I also here?」

Actually, there was one other person here. A girl who wasn’t one of the wive~s. Yes, she was kidnapped by adult mode Yue-sama in princess carry from the vocational school that she enrolled at in order to obtain a chef license, which caused the classroom to be in commotion. She was wondering just what kind of face should she make tomorrow……the one who was at her wits’ end like that was――Sonobe Yuuka.

Yue-sama’s eyes pierced into Yuuka who was bewildered and getting headache like that.

「……Yuuka is a person requiring special attention.」


「……Dance like a butterfly, and sting like a bee.」

「We’re talking about Valentine right!? Right now you’re talking about Valentine right!?」

Yuuka made a tsukkomi asking just what in the world with this. But Kaori went 「Aa~」 and made an understanding face.

「That’s right isn’t it. Yuuka-chan, last year you were actually the one whose chocolate got eaten by Hajime-kun first wasn’t it?」

「!? Tha, that was just me asking him to sample the new product of the restaurant by chance……」

Her speech was faltering. Her gaze was swimming around like migratory fish without stopping.

「Now that you mention it, recently Hajime-san often go to Yuuka-san’s restaurant.」

「Sonobe-san’s restaurant is delicious after all.」

「It looks like Hajime is especially pleased with the coffee though……」


「……The possibility of Yuuka who met with Hajime with nobody else present quite frequently coming with a surprise attack this year too is big.」

「Can you stop calling it a surprise attack!? It wasn’t like I was aiming for it! Also, Otou-san and Okaa-san were also there! So we weren’t alone!」

「Yuuka, still have popularity among the palace’s servants or knights I think……your girl power is extremely high……」

「Lily!? Why did you say that now!?」

Her desperate excuse ended in vain. For the wive~s it became settled that Yuuka was an opponent that they couldn’t let their guard down against.

Also, Yuuka’s popularity in Heiligh Kingdom was a fact. After the invasion of the demon race to the kingdom and the departure of Hajime’s party and Kouki’s party to the sea of trees, to be frank it was Yuuka who became the center of the classmates and ran around making every effort.

The security of the royal capital that was in the middle of restoration was enormously hard and busy, in addition the knights and soldiers also lost a lot of their colleagues and their wounds weren’t healed. At that kind of time, the one who took the initiative to help them was also Yuuka.

On top of that, she also became an advisor of the new pope and even encouraged the citizens by performing street performance like juggling and the like.

She never make a single reluctant face, she also didn’t act high and mighty even while she had the status as an apostle of god publicly, on the other hand, she had a candid personality that didn’t show any of currying favor with anyone.

And yet she was good at cooking, treated not only the classmates but also the knights in order to cheer them up, and she was also good at sewing so she remodeled her clothing by herself, and that fashion slightly became a fad……

And so, in reality, at that time the knights, soldiers, and then the servants endlessly confessed to her.

Kaori stared at Yuuka fixedly.

「Hey, Yuuka-chan.」

「Wha, what」

「Actually, this year too perhaps I will secretly make him eat it again~, are you perhaps thinking something like that?」

Yuuka quickly averted her gaze. Yuuka-chan was a honest person.

「So it’s the correct action to apprehend her. As expected Yue! Good job!」

「……Stop that, you’re making me embarrassed like that.」

*Clap* Yue and Kaori high-fived. They were really in harmony at this kind of time.

「……Now then, because of that, let’s talk of idea with each other.」

Everyone made a pondering face at Yue’s order.

「……By the way, a method unrelated with chocolate like Tio and Remia last year is rejected.」


Remia opened her eyes wide. A black history that she didn’t want to remember was showing up underneath her heart. ‘You call? I don’t call!’

「Remia-san……if I’m not wrong, you wore sailor uniform……」

「Please stop! Something was wrong with me at that time! Just like Tio-san!」


When Aiko recalled Remia’s black history that she heard afterwards and spoke it, Remia covered her ears and went ‘no no’ while yelling 「I don’t want to hearrrr!」

Her daughter’s warm gaze while asking her 「Mama, you’re tired」consolingly was creating a deep scar in Remia’s heart even now.

At the same time, she who let herself got persuaded by Tio to dress in sailor uniform like that and arrived at the kindergarten after that was……


「Remia-san gone made!? It’s Tio-san’s fault! Remia-san isn’t like Tio-san, she is very much a normal person! Now, quickly apply the soul magic! Hurryyy-, hurryyy-」

「Shi, Shia. Recently thy words art getting sharp. Even though I hath only changed underwear just now……nnh」

The light of soul magic was showering Remia from the hopeless dragon who was exposing an ecstatic expression. Remia-san was filled with light. It was really rare that the woman who was usually making “my my, ufufu” smile and wouldn’t be agitated by most things would go mad like this.

「……Nn. Think seriously if you don’t want to become like Remia. Then, idea! Idea, now! An unprecedented! Never to be seen again! Unparalleled! Valentine Day idea!」

Ignoring Remia who was hugging her knees at the corner of the room while covering her face and then stopped moving at the slightest, the meeting of the wive~s + alpha began.

Also, the time limit today was until Hajime who went to pick up Myuu returned home.



The homeroom after school was over. The elementary school students went out of school.

There were also a lot of children who played at the courtyard after that, but the majority was going home. They headed home as quick as possible and then went out to play.

Among such going hope group, there was a strange crowd. Nearly twenty children at the center of the courtyard became one group to go hime.

Thos children were passionately talking to the person at the center of the group.

「Hey hey, Myuu-chan. Will you come to my home today?」

「Ee~, come to my house~」

「Rather than that let’s go play somewhere! Myuu-chan, do you have anywhere you want to go at?」

Yes, it was Myuu. The youngest princess of Nagumo family.

Her blonde hair that was mixed with a little bit of emerald color was sparkling like a dream each time it was fluttering from wind. Those jade eyes looked like gems, and her cheeks were rose colored. She was unmistakably a beautiful girl.

It often happened. In a place like school, often just because someone was “different from themselves” a kid became a target of exclusion.

But, in regard to Myuu, such thing never happened. Rather, she was too popular that no matter where she went it would become like a daimyo’s procession.

One of the reason for that was that her friends from the kindergarten where she was acting as elder sister were also advancing to elementary school together with her, and,


「Myu! Rie-chan, you alright?」

「Tha, thank you……」

Even after she entered elementary school, her handsome man personality was going strong.

Even now, the moment a girl who was at the edge of the circle stumbled, Myuu weaved through the kids and leaped to support her. Her figure with her hand going around the girl’s waist and smiling while saying 「I’m glad nano」 was……it made anyone wanted to make tsukkomi ’I see, are you a main character huh’.

She was someone who already received combat training from the demon king and his cheat wive~s. In addition, she was also someone who piled up overly thick experience at another world.

Although she was a little girl, from her abundant life experience and environment of education, she was certainly a cut above the other elementary school students. Whether it was physically or mentally.

The like of Rie-chan whose head was patted was already going so red until the verge of exploding.

Also, the majority of the group consisted of girls. Myuu’s popularity among the boys was also high, but her popularity was especially amazing among the girls. Myuu who was strong and gentle even though she was cute made the girls crazy about her.

Although, it didn’t mean that there wasn’t any boy among the group……

「O, oi, Myuu! I, I don’t mind if you come to my house okay! I just got a new game! I, I’ll specially allow you to play it first!」

The one who said that was a boy who looked completely like a rascal with standoffish attitude. He was brusque and talked with Myuu with his gaze not even meeting hers, but from his bright red face it was obvious that he was conscious of Myuu.

Myuu opened her mouth to give a reply. But, before that,

「Renji-kun, you know――」

「Come to think of it Myuu-chan! What’re you going to do for this year’s Valentine Day!?」

「Myu!? Nagisa-chan, your voice is loud nano……」

Myuu jumped *pyon* from the voice that was raised close to her ear. Using that chance, the other girls sent a glare to the boy――Renji-kun fiercely.

Those gazes weren’t gazes that elementary school girls should make. It was yakuza. It was a group of little girl yakuza!

However, Renji-kun who fell in love at the first sight in the day of the enrollment and blazed with the feeling of first love didn’t lose! Even though around him his friends were tucking their tail or running away while crying or starting to tremble while holding their head, he was the only one to glare back fiercely.

*Crackle crackle*, the gazes of Renji-kun VS Myuu loving girls clashed in the air!

「Of course, I’ll prepare it this year too nano! I’ll make delicious chocolates so look forward to it! Nano!」

「Wah, really!? Myuu-chan’s bite sized choco cake was delicious――」

「Oi, Myuu! If you are insisting then I’ll accept it reluctantly because it’s from you!」

‘You bastard, what the hell you’re doing cutting into the conversation aaah! I’m gonna kill youuu-……’ Nagisa-chan made a wicked look that seemed to say that. Of course it was done from an angle that she calculated to be in Myuu’s blind spot.

By the way, Nagisa-chan was normally a quiet girl who would look suited with pigtails and glasses.

「Don’t worry, I won’t forget Renji-kun’s share nano.」

「Eh!? By, by that you mean, to you I……」

「If there is only one classmate who don’t receive one……it will be a trauma nano. Myuu won’t produce that kind of tragedy!」

‘It was enough for such sad incident to happen to Endou only nano’……Myuu said with a faraway look.

And then, Renji-kun who misunderstood a bit dropped his shoulders in disappointment, while Nagisa-chan and others went 「Serves you righttt」 with a pose of a certain pirate empress who often looked down on others too excessively.

By the way, the sad incident of Mr. Endo wasn’t about the past year story, but the story of his elementary school and middle school era. Juugo and Kentaro who noticed Endo who was overcome with sadness shared half of Tiro○ Choco with him. It was something that he wouldn’t forget for his whole life. He also wouldn’t forget the bewildered faces of the girls that said 「Eh? In the first place, was there any boy like that in our class……」.

Friendship banzai!!

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Even while talking of that, Myuu’s group passed through the courtyard and arrived at the front gate.

In that instant,

「Welcome back, Myuu.」

「! Papa!!」

Myuu’s expression shined like sun hearing the voice that reached her. Right after that, she dashed with a speed like a fired arrow.

Her target was Hajime who was leaning on the power pole near the front gate.

Without even any braking, far from that she was accelerating as though to say that she wanted to leap toward her papa even for a fraction of second faster, she leaped *PYON*.

Hajime smiled wryly at Myuu who was like that while stepping aside with his one hand rotating her at midair. Myuu whose momentum was neutralized settled snugly in Hajime’s arm after that.

「You should fix that charging habit already.」

「I’ll put it under serious consideration! Nano!」

「……Recently you’re only remembering that kind of words huh.」

The greatly delighted Myuu rubbed her cheeks on Hajime’s chest with a smile that was like flower in full bloom.

While the conversation between Myuu who was famous in school and the papa who was too young was gathering attention, Nagisa-chan and others were running toward Hajime.

「Myuu’s papa-san, good afternoon!」

「Go, good afternoon!」

「Coming to pick up Myuu?」

Starting with Nagisa-chan, the girls who were especially close to Myuu had also come to play several times to Nagumo house. They had also met Hajime face to face, so there was no one among the girls who was doubting that he was Myuu’s papa.

Even the children who met him for the first time understood from their reaction that Hajime was Myuu’s father. Muttering was spreading among them. Voices like 「He’s completely different from my papa……」「Yes, he’s cool……」 came from here and there.

The unique atmosphere that was brought about by Hajime’s return from another world as well as his demon king personality, added with the stylish attire that was a present from Remia were enough to make the eyes of the students to shine.

「Ou, good afternoon. Nagisa-chan, Madoka-chan, and Hitomi-chan. It’s just as Hitomi-chan said, I came to pick up Myuu.」

「I, is it for some kind of business?」

Nagisa asked a bit nervously. Myuu too was tilting her head asking 「Now that you mention it, why is papa picking me up nano?」.

「Yeah, for some reason there is a discussion in the house. It seems that it’s no good if I and Myuu return before dinner.」

「Eh, Myuu and papa are locked out of the house nano?」

「Exactly right. Well, they might be planning a surprise for us. You know, next week is Valentine right?」

「Ee~~~~h, why is Myuu being left out nano!」

「Perhaps because they got forced to yield by you last year. That Yue, her mental turn into tofu when facing Myuu.」

「……I see nano. Yue-oneechan said 『……Myuu, you better resolve yourself! Next year you will dance wildly in great joy from my choco!』 with tearful eyes so……」

「Your choco was really delicious that time.」

‘You really did your best~’, Hajime said while patting Myuu’s head. Myuu was remembering Yue last year with a difficult expression, but she immediately relaxed and went ‘funya~’.

「This year I’ll prepare a special choco for papa again nano!」

「Oo, I see. I’m looking forward to that. Myuu has talent for making sweets. Perhaps you can become a patissier in the future.」

Hajime made a statement like an idiot parent with a really gentle expression. Myuu herself went 「Ehehe~」 while rubbing her cheeks even more on him.

How should it be said, a parent-daughter world where it was hard for other people to enter was spreading.

Nagisa-chan who should be asking question was at a loss of words with her face going red. Or rather, most of the girls for some reason were red faced.

Amidst that, there was a single boy who went ‘I can’t endure this!’ and stepped forward. It was Renji-kun!

「Myu, Myuu! If you insist then I’ll also receive that special choco!」

The girl beside him struck with a body blow of 「Read the atmosphere-」. But, Renji-kun only lost his breath for an instant and stood his ground!

「Hm? I’ve never seen your face. Myuu’s new friend?」

「Yep! His name is Ooyama Renji-kun nano! His sprint is fast, and he often helps Myuu like at the cleaning time for example nano!」

Renji-kun’s face went bright red hearing Myuu’s evaluation of him. At the same time the face of the girls were dyed in rage. The glint of their eyes seemed to say 「What the hell are you doing raising the affection point diligently like that, eh? If you like cleaning that much then just do it alone-」.

Hajime somehow guessed various things. As a papa, he couldn’t turn a blind eye at the harmful insect buzzing around his daughter. This was the time where he should give a single warning.

Even if for example he would end up getting told that he was an idiot parent, overprotective, like Tomoichi-san……etc, by Yue and others with an exasperated gaze, he had to do it.

Although, this was the front gate of a school with many students going home around them. If he showed his overprotectiveness too much, it would affect the school life of Myuu herself.

And so, he did his best to restrain himself!

「Myuu’s papa-san! You don’t need to worry! Us the elite guards will beat away the vermins!」

「Nagisa-chan……aa, I’ll leave Myuu to you girls.」

「Wait a second nano. Nagisa-chan, what do you mean by elite guards? Why are you having an understanding with papa nano? Myuu doesn’t know anything though!」

‘It’s something Myuu doesn’t need to know about you know……’ The girls starting from Nagisa-chan and also Hajime-papa were looking at Myuu with that kind of gaze. Let’s just say this beforehand, it was Myuu loving Nagisa-chan who formed this, and not Hajime inciting the children, not at all.

「He, hey, Myuu?」

Renji-kun who was ignored kept persisting. He tried requesting “Myuu’s special choco”.

Myuu’s answer toward that was,

「That’s impossible.」


Renji-kun made an expression of enduring an unbearable pain, but he raised his face.

「Wh, why……」

「Because Renji-kun isn’t special.」

It was a polite wording, but it was like the words were strengthened by support magic. It broke Renji-kun’s heart.

Renji-kun was shaking. But, Renji-kun was strong. He didn’t even feel discouraged from the word’s straight punch. He didn’t even let tear came out. He was a boy!

「Do, don’t think……」


Renji-kun’s gaze caught Hajime. He glared fiercely while putting strength into his stomach~,

「Don’t think, that you’ll be able to become Myuu’s special foreverrr~~~」

The sharp parting remark echoed. And right after that he yelled 「DAMN ITTTTTTTTTT-」 while leaving with the ferocious dash of youth.

「The déjà vu is incredible……」


The prince of a certain kingdom also often acted like Renji-kun. After this there was a plan to bring him here for playing due to Liliana’s request, so perhaps it would be nice to let him met Renji-kun……they were love rival, but surely they could become good friend, it should be. Hajime was thinking of such thing.

「Papa, if we can’t go home right away, what will we do now nano?」

Hajime returned to his senses at Myuu’s words.

「I was thinking to go somewhere to play but……」

Hajime’s gaze moved to Nagisa-chan and others. If she was planning to play with her friends, it would be boorish for a parent to interfere. In that case they would part here, and he would spend time on his own somewhere.

It would also be passable to go drinking coffee at Wisteria. If Sonobe was there, she would also keep him company for talking……he thought. The thought that she was kidnapped by his own wife into their house never even crossed his mind.

At the same time,

「No no, we don’t have any plan! Please have fun together with Myuu-chan!」

「We won’t get in the way!」

「Myuu, we’re looking forward to the report.」

Actually, Nagisa-chan and others knowing about Myuu’s future dream――becoming papa’s wife――was also something that never crossed his mind at all.

And he also didn’t know about them understanding that Myuu’s papa love wasn’t just in a childish sense, but that Myuu was completely serious, and they supported her even then, not in the slightest.

「I, I see? Then I can accompany you guys you know? We can go somewhere in the city to play. I’ll contact your parents to let them know in that case.

「Myuu’s papa-san, that’s terrible!」

「Please think of Myuu’s feeling!」



He couldn’t understand the elementary school students recently……Hajime thought in perplexed.

「Myuu-chan! Have fun!」

「「「「Myuu-chan, bye by~~e」」」」

「Myu! Everyone, see you tomorrow nano~!」

The talk was progressing even while he was at his wits’ end. Hajime wasn’t completely freed from his perplexity, even so he set out to spend time with Myuu alone.



When the curtain of night was starting to lower down, Hajime and Myuu was on their way home.

「Even so, Myuu. You have become really famous huh.」

「I didn’t know that nano.」

When they went to look for Myuu’s clothes, the shop employees and guests badgered them to take Myuu’s picture. It was like she was a celebrity.

Actually, the company of Remia and Tio occasionally would hold a fashion show for children clothing. At that time Myuu would also appear as model.

Myuu didn’t know how big a deal it was, so she was really surprised when she was surrounded by people who seemed to remember her. Also, the shop employees were also taken aback by how young her papa was.

They could see the light of their house while making such talk.

What would be for dinner today……the two thought with their stomach growling while arriving in front of the house with their hands harmoniously connected. There,

「……What about this!? Five Heavenly Dragon Choco!」

「Kyaa!? Stupid Yue! Don’t use age of god magic just because you cannot think any idea!」

「……Ah!? Bakaori! Because of your disintegration magic the control is!?」

「Awawawah, that’s terrible! ――”Divine Severance”ee!」

Right after Kaori’s yell resounded and Liliana’s panicked voice echoed, *prang* the window was smashed and five brown tentacles flew out.

Looking carefully, they were dragon. Sniffing carefully, they smelled sweet. The five dragons that were made from chocolate were wriggling while trying to fly out to the neighborhood. From how the eye parts were dark red, they seemed to be monsterified using metamorphosis magic……

The choco heavenly dragons tried to escape as though to say 「Who will stay here to get eaten-」, but they were hindered by the barrier that appeared around Nagumo house. Choco breath sweetly decorated the barrier. Right after that, they were dragged back into the room.



Hajime and Myuu were speechless. Their gazes were completely dry. The two of them looked at each other and nodded, then they approached the fence stealthily. Myuu jumped *pyon* and caught the top of the fence while bringing up her face, Hajime also quietly peered into the living room.

「Eeei-, what’s wrong with mine life-sized choco!」

「That’s completely for 18 years old above! You’re just covering yourself with choco!」

「No matter how you look at it that’s only for Hajime right!? What are you going to make Myuu eat!?」

Ahead of the gazes of Shia and Shizuku who were busily punching and slashing the rampaging choco heavenly dragons was stark naked Tio slathered with choco. Hajime’s eyes died. Myuu’s cheeks were convulsing.

Deeper inside, Aiko’s desperate face came out from the kitchen.

「Geez-, everyone! Please help a bit here! Or rather, what did you put into the choco dish!? It’s wriggling! Why did you melt meat into it!?」

「Now wait a secondd~~~. Ai-chan-sensei! The cacao beans that sensei produced also strange somehow though!? Even though they are beans they have water moisture like vegetable! Aah, it’s stale!? Is this really cocoa beans!?」

「Eee? It shouldn’t be like……certainly I procured them from cacao beans for Hajime-kun’s sake but, they were goods on the market you know? Well, I used magic so it’ll be even more tasty though……」

「You didn’t use anything like soul magic or the like right!? Aaa, somehow it’s rolling by itself see!?」

「That kind of stupid thing……ah, come to think of it, I think I used it while having delusion of Hajime-kun……」

「Kyaah, what’s this!? Something like tentacles from the pot of the choco dish are……no moree~~~~~! I’m going homee!!」

*Prang* sound resounded. Yuuka smashed through the window’s kitchen and rolled out. From behind her, somehow slushy blasphemous brown tentacles were stretching out.

Interception by throwing knives! Yuuka didn’t pause and jumped over the fence with an acrobatic movement. She then vanished while yelling 「Nagumo house is a den of evilsssssss-」.

「Everyone-, get a hold of yourself! Hajime-kun and Myuu-chan will return soon with hungry stomach! Let’s put the finishing touch to the choco prototype dishes!」

Kaori’s order resounded. Tentacles were stretching out from the kitchen. Five heavenly dragons were rampaging inside the living room. Tio was going ‘haa haa’.

Myuu silently got down on the ground, then she looked at Hajime-papa with a grim face.

「Papa. Myuu will wait ahead at Valhalla, nano.」

It seemed for Myuu the choice to not eat didn’t exist. Because, no matter what kind of cooking it was, it was created by the Onee-chans for her.

But, she had no confidence of surviving. The expression of the little girl who saluted with determination was beautiful……

Hajime sighed.

「Myuu, let’s eat outside today.」

「I want hamburger nano.」

Instant reply.

「Onee-chans……what about them?」

「Leave them.」

Instant reply.

「Papa……mama is hugging her knees at the room corner nano.」

「I guess, she remembered the black history last year and collapsed ain’t she?」

Spot on.

Hajime looked at Myuu’s troubled expression and sent arachne-san into the living room that was turned into battlefield. It closed the distance until Remia’s side undetected and opened a gate beneath her.


The teleported Remia fell from above. Hajime caught her in a princess carry.

「De, dear? And Myuu too?」

「We’re home nano, mama. We’re retreating from the battlefield right away nano.」

「Oo, swiftly, and, safely.」

While Remia was going 「Eh? Eh?」, Hajime and Myuu left that place with synchronized action.

Like that, they directly headed to a hamburger specialist restaurant in front of the station.

Also, Remia who didn’t have any composure mentally from the shock of recalling the black history and the sudden happening stayed in the princess carry posture until they arrived at the restaurant but……

The next day, in the gathering of mama friends,

「I saw it you know, Remia-san! You were carried in princess carry by your husband!」

「It really stood out in front of the station! Sheesh, showing off like that!」

「Myuu-chan really is a good kid. She didn’t pester to be carried but looked warmly at her mama instead……」

She instantly sunk once more from the witness reports.

Furthermore, Yue and others were also harmoniously getting instantly sunk from receiving the “Divine Flame” class scolding from Sumire-okaasan who went home in a tired state.

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