Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 350 Arifureta After III School Festival Third Part

Chapter 350 Arifureta After III School Festival Third Part

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There was a crimson tent boasting a majestic appearance that was too splendid for something in a school’s courtyard.

The audience seating in stairway shape set up inside it was filled to the brim. Myuu and others were also sitting at the front row with eyes that were filled with expectation.

Among them, there were people who were making serious expression.

「It’s amazing that they built this kind of facility. This isn’t at the level of school festival.」

「Yeah. Besides……don’t you think it feels strangely spacious? I got the feeling that it doesn’t match with its outside appearance……」

「Perhaps, it’s their way of using space? I won’t doubt it even if I’m told that this is the work of pro. Perhaps it might even be the government that gave them the referral?」

The people who were talking with each other like that were the reporters――a senior and a junior of a certain weekly magazine. The senior reporter was someone who was famous in their business circle. His sharp assessment and investigation were acknowledged. Perhaps because of that, there were a lot of people of the same profession sitting near the senior reporter in order to pay attention to his behavior.

Inside the noisy tent where various sentiments wondering what in the world would happen were mingled, the buzzer that notified of the curtain raising finally rang. The lighting was turned off and a spotlight illuminated the back of the stage.

When they followed the source of the spotlight, there was the figure of Kouki there. From the appearance, the light was exceedingly splendid. There wasn’t any doubt that the equipment could be used even in theater or the like.

No one would even think that the lighting at the level of pro was only the outward appearance. In actuality Kouki who possessed unparalleled attribute in light element magic was in charge of the lighting using magical mean as well as camouflage.

The audiences focused at the spotlight.


――No, no way-. I never heard about this! Why should I!

――To be more precise it’s not you. What we need is the “lord”.

――In the scenario it’s clearly written “Opening: South Cloud leader”!

――Endo……that’s a lie

――You, you guys, you schemed this!? Don’t screw around-, I absolutely won’t do it! Ah, this is binding light chain!? Shirasaki!?

――Nn, Endo. Will you relax?

――Even Yue-san……do, don’t tell me, you’ll force me with Divine Statement? No, no way-, stop-, stop itttttttt-

A scream burst out from within the darkness.

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The venue fell completely silent in a good way.

A beat later, someone came out with an amaziiing rotation! Kouki’s lighting hurriedly chased after the silhouette that moved to the center of the stage while rotating in succession with high speed.

「Ladii~~es & gentlemeeen! Welcome, to South Cloud Circus group! To the world of dream!!」

A trademark pose while making the sound *kyu kyu* from the floor! The butterfly mask that was replacing the sunglass was pushed up smartly-. Without a pause the person brushed up his hair with a smooth hand motion while breathing 「Fuh」 with a superb leaning posture!

「Your guide of the waking dream――Kousuke E Abyssgate……no」

Another 「fuh」 was leaked out! One hand brushed up the front hair and stayed up while the other hand pointed sharply at the audience seats! The audiences jerked and shivered. In various senses.

「The Abyss Lord.」

*Dodododo-* A drum roll resounded and a music that sounded excessively solemn for some reason danced in the air.

「Today in this time, in this place, everyone here will surely taste the mystery of the world.」

Another meaningless rotation.

「Everyone will surely sense a fragment of the abyss and put a lid on your common sense!!」

Lighting, come onn-.

Kouki desperately responded to the instruction that wasn’t in the plan. As the captain of the people in charge of the lighting, he gave instruction without delay and produced spotlights of seven color in conjunction with the other classmates.

In that instant, 「Ooo!?」 commotion spread.

From behind the guide of waking dream――Abyss Lord, another Abyss Lord with exactly the same appearance showed up as though they had split.

「「But, rest assured!」」

The voices that were in harmony were also completely the same. ‘What trick is this!?’ the senior reporter stared hard with his eyes opened wide like a dinner plate.

But, from behind that senior reporter……

「You can simply, simply, enjoy this moment to your heart’s content!」

An Abyss Lord with exactly the same appearance appeared. Since when he was at the audience seating? Of course, the instant Abyss Lord appeared, the clones normally came. Without really hiding, the clones came normally.

The audiences were dumbfounded and the reporters were overcome with surprise. Even amidst that, Abyss Lord’s multiplication didn’t stop. Abyss Lords appeared from two more places. They went 「Oh, isn’t this my beloved little sister and big brother」 and 「Fuh」 toward the middle school female student and the male university student who were nearby, but the two of them looked down until the limit and wouldn’t meet the lord’s gaze.

「「「「「An experience that will be only once in your life. This is the stage of wonder that you won’t be able to see for the second time!!」」」」」

The outside appearance of the person who was smoothly multiplying was exactly the same. Even when it was seen from nearby no one could guess what kind of trick was behind it.

By the way, looking at how clones were further making more clones, it went without saying how deep the depth level of the lord was. Our vampire princess-sama was without mercy.

Right after that, scream rose from the audience seating. It wasn’t because of synchronization with scathing opinion of 「Looking at the multiplication process once more……it’s a bit scary huh」 from the classmates behind the stage.

It was because flame was suddenly spreading on the stage. A wing that was starting to blow from somewhere whirled and swept away the flame. It was as though the flame itself was spreading like it was dancing.

Then, a single young man appeared from inside the flame. With a way of walking that was like a model, he walked to the center of the stage while making a look that might be the best posed look the person himself could do――

Before he arrived at the center, he vanished. It was as though the young man received a tackle from a certain someone who flew out with godspeed and got sent flying.

‘What is he showing up for……’ The audiences questioned in their mind. The answer for that was, 「……Even I wanted to stand out……I saw you on the stage! Please go out with me! I wanted someone to tell me that……」. With how the audiences couldn’t listen to that testimony of a certain Shinji, the answer would be forever covered in darkness.

The Abyss Lords pulled themselves together and gathered on the stage with acrobatic movements. While astonished voices were raised seeing the midair leaps, Abyss Lords became one once more on the stage and he spread put both his arms in a flash.

「Now, carve it into your memory! It’s the time of mystery!!」

With those words as the signal, the Abyss Lord vanished behind the curtain with super consecutive back somersault that would be impossible for most people. The one who leaped out as replacement was――

「Wha, what’s that-」

Someone yelled. Everyone held their breath. After all, what appeared by breaking through the wall of flame was a huge wolf. The howling figure was like the king of beast. The huge body and pressure that were impossible for existing organism in this world made the audiences to make noise ‘waa’ and ‘kyaa’.

That was why, no one hear any sound like the sobbing voice of a person who seemed to be the Abyss Lord resounding from behind the curtain.


『Everyone, please don’t worry! The name of that wolf is “Karashio”-chan. He is a pet doggie that can be found anywhere.』

The heavenly voice in the role as presenter and commentary――Nana emphasized. 「No matter how you looked at it, that’s a monster like Fenrir or Cerberus isn’t it!?」「If there is any pet like that it will be an immediate report to the police!」 Right after those rapid pounding of tsukkomi from the audiences,

――Ka, Karashio she said!? Ah, metamorphosis magic huh!? I don’t know anything about this y’know!? Shouldn’t it be substitution using Grim Reaper or something!?

――Sakagami……that was a lie.

――So you schemed this huuuh-. Wait, Suzu, why won’t you meet my gaze since some time ago. Don’t tell me, it’s you!? What the hell have you done to our Karashio!

――Ka, Karashio-chan also said that he want to become wolf! More importantly look! It’s your turn now!

――God dammit-

Such voices also resounded, but even those yells weren’t noticed.

Ryutaro leaped out from behind the curtain.

「Karashio-. I’m gonna return you to normal now!」

『It’s the entrance of the owner! The two of them are always together! They’re like close siblings!』

Ryutaro quietly held out his hand.

*Haup*, there was such sound. Karashio’s jaws were snugly covering Ryutaro’s hand. It was exactly the scene of a pet dog biting the hand of its owner.

*Splurt* The blood that was spurting out was surely paint, no doubt about it.

『Oops! Karashio-chan is trying to overthrow his owner! What will the owner do!?』

Nana was getting into the mood. Even though it was circus, she was becoming like a live commentator.

Originally it was a scenario of Grim Reaper versus werewolf, so Ryutaro transformed half in desperation.

「You’re being disobedient huh, KARASHIOOOOOOO-」

A stir surged from the audience seats. A high school boy was transforming before their eyes. That appearance was exactly like the werewolf in story.

「Se, senpai-, just what is this!?」

「The, the flame must be projection mapping or something! The clones and the wolf and the werewolf, they’re all special makeup!」

「That’s too forced-」

The reporters were also in chaos. In any case the gazes of everyone were fixed on the stage. It was truly just like the Abyss Lord said, it was like they were pulled into a world of dream. In addition, the vice principal who came to monitor the situation collapsed with the white of his eyes showing. Aiko who was also came to supervise hurriedly supported him.

「Garururu- (I won’t return to be dog-)」

「Stupid idiot!」

Karashio who became a wolf that was his dearest wish and the werewolf Ryutaro clashed on the stage. Even the audiences who were in daze at the beginning, after hearing the voices like 「Both sides do your best~~」 from Myuu and others who conveniently turned into hired applauder, they gradually threw away their common sense 「Who cares about the detail!」 and began to get excited.

『Strong-, Karashio-chan is strong! As expected from the partner of the wolf boy! At this rate this might get out of hand!』

Nana might have talent as a live commentator. Sparked by her yell, the audiences sent out words of encouragement to Karashio and his owner in loud voices.

Nana raised her voice following the scenario of South Cloud leader toward those audiences.

『Is there any wild-animal tamer among the audiences!? Or perhaps, is there any zoo caretaker here who can manage somehow if they’re against something at the level of Fenrir or werewolf!?』

Everyone thought, ‘No way there’s anyone like that!’ and ‘You raise the hurdle of zoo caretaker too much!’.

「There is!」

‘There is one!?’ while such tsukkomi echoed, the one who stood up from the audience seats was a high school girl who dressed like a gal. Or rather, it was Taeko.

Takeo got down on the stage with light and jaunty footsteps. Announcer Nana addressed her.

『Dear audience! Do you have a whippp!?』

「I have! I’m a high school girl after all!」

‘Where in the world there is high school girl who constantly carry around a whip’, such tsukkomi resounded inside everyone’s heart.

They also did their best to ignore Nana’s sales pitch 『That’s certainly natural! Whip is convenient. It can be used for taming, and also for taming, after that it can also be used for taming! If there are those who still doesn’t have one, after this show we will open a stand that display and sale the product, so please look around and purchase one there!』.

Taeko swung her whip *pishi- pishi-* loudly with a strangely good mood. Karashio’s gaze moved to behind the curtain. The leader’s thumb up came out suddenly. Karashio nodded and changed his target to Taeko while growling.


A cute shout. However, the sound of slashing through wind that the whip generated wasn’t normal. It was to a degree that Karashio leaped back quite fearfully. *Hyugoh, buruannn, shugoooo-*, the tip of the whip that made the pleasant sound moved with a speed that easily surpassed the speed of sound. It was already producing afterimages that it looked like it was splitting into many whips.



The whip flew toward the werewolf with a smile. The whip’s ferociously attacked Karashio and werewolf Ryutaro like Yamato no Orochi.

The two of them dodged with splendid combination, but seeing Ryutaro and Karashio’s desperate look, the whip handling of Taeko who was gradually looking more ecstatic was increasing in intensity……

Karashio left behind his master and quickly showed his belly. It was a posture that screamed 「I’m fine with being just a dog already」.


Ryutaro let his guard down and the whip hit. 「Abii!?」 Ryutaro made a strange scream, however, he endured it with his inherent guts. He took a stance imposingly and grinned fearlessly,

「Come at me more! Get me even more heated up!」

Ryutaro intended to make the audiences even more excited with a lovely adlibbed line but……

When he accidentally looked, there was a small silhouette peeking out from the edge of the curtain――it was Suzu. Her eyes were expressing her feeling more eloquently than anything. It said, 「……pervert」. At the same time, there was a cheering voice that was louder than anyone from the audience seats.

「Keep going-, Ryutaro! Thy should open that door-」

It was the hopeless dragon-san. When he turned his gaze to her, she gave a thumb up with a nice smile.

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「I, I ain’t like youuuuuuu-」

At this rate he would be acknowledged as pervert. He ignored things like rousing the audiences and quickly moved to end the show of whip’s superb technique and werewolf’s godly dodging but……Taeko-san who was starting to get into the mood was unexpectedly strong!

The rampage of Taeko was really getting out of hand, so a new instruction came from South Cloud leader.

『This is a disasterrr-. Among the audiences, is there a wizard who can do something about this with just a few words of “because it’s fantasy”!?』

The audiences weren’t having any doubt anymore.

「There is one here! Today is the anniversary of the establishment Hogwar○ school of witchcraft and wizardry, so I’m accidentally here yeah!」

The one who stood up was Kentarou. He headed to the stage and waved a short wand. Instantly, thick white smoke rose up and covered the stage from view. It was the magic of petrification. Taeko and Ryutaro whose movement was forcefully stopped were recovered by Kaori in godspeed.

The flame and wind were also settling down along with the white smoke. During that time the leader gave Shia the go sign.

The one who leaped out from inside the white smoke was a rabbit eared clown riding on a giant ball. She was wearing a colorful clown costume that was arranged to look cute and a red cushion ball on her nose. It was a rabbit clown.

Cheers rose seeing the display of magnificent acrobatics that would make any acrobatic group went pale.


『Dear guests! Please look at below your seat!』

When they followed the words of announcer Nana, they found a basket there that was filled with a lot of rubber ball.

Right after that, the rabbit clown was,

「Try hitting me with that if you can desuu~~. Well, it’ll be impossible for the ordinary people thoughhh! Pugyaaa-」

She provoked with an annoying face and gesture as though she had a role model for it.

Tio who accepted the role as hired applauder stood up in order to make the guests discarded their hesitation,

「Thou shall die-」

She said and threw quite seriously. The ball that flew while making the sound of roaring wind caused the guests to instantly go pale, but the rabbit clown dodged with a nimble somersault. She grinned while standing upside down with one hand on the large ball.

「Eeeh? Did you do something just nooow? Ah, you threw just now eh! Slooo~~w! Coould it be you have stiff shoulders? Puu-giggle giggle-」

Even though she knew it was just an act, vein snapped on Tio’s forehead. The rabbit tail that was shaking left and right to make fun of her looked excessively irritating.

「Dear guests~, what are you doing hesitating like thattt~. Even though you won’t be able to even graze mee! Fuhyahyahyah」

Behind the curtain, Hajime and Yue spoke 「Uwaa, her copying rate is high~」 in admiration. One of the audiences stood up, then another……

They started to throw all at once!

「Funfufu~~n? Can’t you quickly throw alreadyy~. Ah, I’m sorry! Everyone has actually started!」

Why won’t the ball hit! You- you-! Don’t get carried away damn you!

「It’s fine for everyone to get serious soon you knoow? Ah, everyone is already serious? I’m sorry-, I never even thought that everyone’s level is only to that degreee~, pupuh」

Match the timing! What’re you all doing there! The barrage is thin!

A mysterious sense of unity was starting to form among the audiences. Even the reporters right now were getting absorbed with throwing balls.

However, the annoying rabbit clown was hopping *pyon pyon* from ball to ball, from the stage’s pillar to pillar. She moved around freely to every direction round and round, and it was just as she said, the balls didn’t even graze her. Coupled with her nonchalant face it was truly irritating.

And so, announcer Nana asked the audiences like every time.

『This is annoying! Isn’t there any master of throwing among the guests!?』

「If there is any then that clown will have been shot down already!」

「The, there is one here!」

「There is one!?」

The one who stood up was Yuuka. The angry yell of the senior reporter was only natural, so she went forward while twitching slightly.

『Do you bring anything to throoww-』

「I do!」

Yuuka crossed both her hands in a flash, and trump cards were spread out in a fanning shape.

「Go-, Funne○!!」

It was the leader’s instruction. It seemed he wanted her to say that no matter what. The trump cards were thrown all at once. Even though they were thrown simultaneously, all of them rotated in high speed while approaching from different directions. They didn’t stop there, right after the rabbit clown dodged, the cards made a U-turn and rushed from behind. The trump cards came from literally every direction.

The trump cards that returned to their owner were immediately thrown again. Two set of cards were already thrown into the storm of trump cards. A total of 108 cards were dancing wildly on the stage.

It was an omni-directional juggling by throwing more than a hundred cards.

In front of that godly feet, the audiences were watching with their anger toward the provocation vanishing without a trace.

However, as expected from the rabbit clown.

「I, is she splitting up her upper body?」

「I, is that, afterimage? That’s impossible」

The voices of the reporters were astonished. Their mouths were fully opened as though their jaw had come off from beign shown the afterimage dodging like a certain Matri○ agent in real life.

『That was close-. It seems that the speed is insufficient by throwing cards! And so, is there any greengrocer among the guests here!?』

Why greengrocer? While such question was filling the audiences, naturally,

「There’s one here!」

Kaori said while standing up and lifting up shopping bags with full capacity on both her hands.

『Next is there a master of old school of sword art here!?』

「There is one!」

Of course, Shizuku also stood up. It was really audiences seats that were filled by every kind of people.

Like that, Kaori threw vegetables――radish, carrot, celery, cucumber toward Shizuku. Shizuku shaped them into sticks with butter knife. Courteously, the vegetable sticks were then flying toward Yuuka from the impact of the cutting.

The electrifying sword art, or rather the butter knife art due to the consideration toward the swords and firearms control law didn’t even give the audiences time to raise their voice in admiration. The vegetable sticks that got settled between Yuuka’s fingers were thrown with speed that made them looked blurry.

It was the moment that the vegetable stick throwing skill that not only could pierce wooden plank, but even thin iron plate or smartphone was born.

At the same time, the side effect was activated.

「It’s a waste!」

The rabbit clown couldn’t dodge. She could only catch the sticks with her mouth and chewed *kari-kari, mokyuu-mokyuu* in high speed.

As the result, she couldn’t win against the quantity,


The rabbit clown was toppled over while holding on the vegetable sticks. It was truly comical like a buffoon. ‘Waaaaah’ The audiences cheered in excitement.

Yuuka who helped the rabbit clown to stand up, and Kaori and Shizuku, the four of them bowed gracefully toward the audiences. Everyone sent them applauses without holding back.

In front of the developments that were like raging waves from the start, there were already no one who could focus to question or doubt anything, right now anyone was boiling up to simply do nothing but enjoying the world of dream that was overflowing with godly feat.

After that.

The shows of the other classmates were completed, and at the end it was Yue.

The lighting was turned off temporarily on the stage and when the lighting showered down once more, there was the figure of a girl sitting on a chair floating there. That figure that wasn’t twitching at the slightest while sitting limply without any strength, coupled with her beautiful face caused many audiences to misunderstand that she was a life-sized bisque doll.

Using telepathy, Yue’s voice resounded directly into everyone’s head. A tale of a doll that wished to become the lover of the young man it loved was spun.

Right after that, the space glittered. It was the beginning of a time of magic.

Countless fine fragments were tinged with light and glittered. Suzu who was one of lighting team produced them. It was a show using “Holy Severance - Cherry Blossom” (the technique to control the fragments of a broken up Holy Severance).

Doll Yue that received magic had life breathed into her and moved. There many audiences finally understood that she wasn’t a bisque doll but a real girl. Enraptured sighs were leaked out from them.

But, the change didn’t end. Golden light enveloped Yue, and her figure changed into an adult woman. The peerless beauty caused everyone to forget to even breathe. Then right after that, the audiences cheered ‘waaah’.

It was because the beauty floated lightly. It was as though she wasn’t restraining by anything anymore, she drifted in the air lightly like a feather. The figure that was enveloped in golden light like aurora was so beautiful it would entrance anyone.

It should even be expressed with the word divine.

It was completely silent. The quietness came as though there was a tacit understanding that they mustn’t break the mystical time.

In the middle of that, Yue sang. The voice that was smoother, more charming, and more glamorous than any musical instrument rode on the melody and spread.

Anyone was intoxicated by the gentle and calm singing voice.

But, the song was gradually rising in tempo. When anyone noticed the musical tone had changed into a joyful song that would make anyone’s body naturally followed the rhythm.

It was the finale.

The people who had been performing until now were coming up on the stage one by one.

Even Kouki and others who were in charge of lighting came up on the stage and the one who came out last was the South Cloud leader aka Hajime.

Yue showed a happy smile from the bottom of the heart that anyone understood that only this smile wasn’t an acting. She got down and took Hajime’s hand.

The sprightly song excited the audiences to the peak……

Like that,

「With this the dream time is over. Thank you very much for coming to watch the performance of us returnees. Please enjoy the continuation of the school festival.」

Hajime came forward and bowed. Following him all the classmates also bowed.

Right after that, cheers shook the air as though there was explosion. The wild enthusiasm that was reverberating like an electric shock was surely without a doubt spreading throughout the school. Whistling resounded and applauses were playing out like heavy thunder.

Hajime and others smiled wryly, however they bowed once more with a face that showed a sense of accomplishment. Yue secretly opened the tent with magic, and from there light of reality shined in.

With that the audiences finally went out in droves as though they had woken up from their dream but……

The heat inside their heart didn’t feel like it would cool down for a while.

After that, perhaps that heat propagated.

The people who learned that the performance was only for one time rushed the school festival committee to protest. The vice principal said 「Do it until your limit!」 even while almost fainting. With that go sign, Hajime and co hurriedly performed nonstop until four times.

At the post-festival event after the school festival was over, as expected even the returnees from other world became totally exhausted.

「……Haa, in the end we couldn’t look around the school festival except at the morning. Even though I wanted to show Myuu around more.」

Hajime said that while sighing. Yue who was snuggling on him let out a chuckle.

「……Nn. You regret it?」

When Hajime noticed, all the classmates were looking at him. Hajime looked to be thinking for a bit before he shrugged. And then, he lied down spread-eagled and entrusted his body to the pleasant fatigue that he hadn’t felt for so long.

「There’s a sense of accomplishment that is equal with that last decisive battle. It’s not a bad school festival.」

He said such thing along with a gentle smile.

Seeing everyone’s demon king-sama like that, Yue and others were also lying down spread-eagled one after another while laughing in agreement.

「……You’re trying to end this with a good vibes but, Nagumo, I won’t forget the resentment of turning me into Abyss Lord.」

「……Endo? So you’re here.」

「Obviously I’m here! I’ll cry you know!」

Everyone jerked for a moment. When they recognized that it was the lord――or rather Kousuke, bright laughter spread once more.




Also, this matter of school festival was greatly publicized in the mass media. It also became a great commotion in the internet and Hajime ended up running around to deal with the fallout but……

It was the fault of the performance of South Cloud leader who knew no self-restrain――in other words he reaped what he sowed, so he worked hard even while shadow was forming under his eyes.

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