Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 351 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ⑩

Chapter 351 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ⑩

A du~~ull atmosphere was hanging in the air at the terrifying execution place that would make even brutal criminal to sob――at the bottom of Raisen Grand Canyon.

The fixed stare of the parents was staggering. Kaori and Shizuku were hugging Shia tightly as though to sandwich her.

「I see. So this is the encounter that is so sensational it shakes the brain――」

「As well as paralyzing, that it make you feel like flying in the sky, isn’t it.」

The eyes of the Nagumo husband and wife that were looking at their son were truly cold. The son in question was looking at the sky saying 「It will be evening soon huuh」. He was obstinately avoiding to meet their gaze.

As expected Yue also didn’t show any sign of meeting their gaze anytime soon, however, she was trying to make excuse desperately.

「……Tha, that’s, Otou-sama! Okaa-sama! I also had the door almost closed on me! My scalp was also scraped! How should I say it, this couldn’t be helped for Hajime at this time so!」

「Yue-chan said that, but your attitude was also really cold there. You pulled the rabbit ears too hard that Shia-chan became like onion.」

「……Nn-. ……She clung close to Hajime so……」

Yue was mumbling excuse with small voice in respond to what her mother-in-lawSumire pointed out while turning her gaze to the sky. The sky was also pretty like this at that time huuh……her expression seemed to say that.

Now then, Hajime’s group that came to travel in Tortus. Why were they falling into complicated atmosphere like this at the bottom of the canyon of death……

After taking a break for the sake of the parents who learned various shocking scenes and past at Orcus Great Labyrinth, Hajime and co departed to Raisen Great Canyon.

The majestic sight that was like Grand Canyon and the brutal monsters that swiftly attacked made the parents to shudder and their heart beating fast in excitement.

Like that, Hajime and co swept away the monsters in a flash while showing the “past playback” due to Shia’s strong request. Of course, it was the scene of their encounter with Shia.

Hajime understood that the atmosphere would become like this, so he was extremely reluctant to show the playback, but Shia herself was,

「Tou-sama-, Kaa-sama-! It’s here desu! Here! We met each other here! Now now, Yue-san! It’s the long awaited turn of me! Please replay the moving scene! Come, do it quickly!」

Shia said while hopping around like rabbit. Her rabbit ears were flapping *wassa wassa*, her rabbit tail was swaying *bun bun* while she requested with her tension at the max. Not just Sumire and other parents, even Kaori and other wives also became interested in seeing it and in the end, the past was replayed.

Yes, the figure of Haijme elbowing, electrifying, and at the end throwing Shia who was desperately asking for help toward a flock of Hyveriaflying dragon was displayed.

And, the atmosphere became like this.

「It’s really nostalgic desu~. Hajime-san who helped us in the end no matter whatever he said in the beginning was seriously tsundere! Isn’t it desuu~」



「Don’t call me tsundere.」

「……Nn. Hajime at that time was completely tsun.」

Seeing Shia dodging the bullet normally even while saying such thing, both Hajime and Yue said 「Even though she was a hopeless rabbit at that time……」 with an expression that was a mix of loneliness and nostalgia.

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Kaori and Shizuku were still hugging Shia while,

「Uu, this kind of encounter is just too much. I can understand why Shia will beautify her memory.」

「Really, just what part of this kind of man that made you fell in love with him?」

「Shizuku-san, those words are seriously a boomerang to yourself you know?」

They were moved to tears full of sympathy that her encounter was so harsh she changed the memory inside her brain. Shia’s cheeks were twitching. It was as though they were treating her like a pitiful person trying to overcome her trauma by convincing herself of something that wasn’t true. For Shia it was really upsetting.

「Shia, thy art actually mine comrade. I’m happy.」

「I’ll pile bunker your ass you know?」

Tio smiled happily. Shia’s disdainful gaze stabbed Tio’s heart like pile bunker. She couldn’t help but panted ‘haa haa’.

Shia’s expression was displeased. Then next a small hand patted her.

「Shia-oneechan. “Problem is the future. That’s why I don’t look back at the past” nano.」 (TN: Seems to be a Bill Gates quote, but I can’t find the English original.)

「What could you mean by that! Myuu-chan!」

Myuu’s expression was kind. Her smile was like an adult woman filled with love. The saying that seemed to be obtained from TV or internet and that expression said it more eloquently than anything. It was a compassionate heart that said 「It must be a sad affair. Let’s forget it? Nano」. Her rabbit ears stood straight in protest.

Although, Kaoruko, Kirino, and then Aiko and Akiko the female camps were also sending her gaze that looked comforting and cheering up as though to say ‘Let’s live in the future!’, that she was losing confidence 「Eh? Could it be my encounter was too pitiful? That’s impossible……」.

Tomoichi dealt another blow using his words with eyes that looked like a hitman.

「Hajime-kun. I don’t think it’s possible but, you didn’t treat Kaori the same like this right? If that’s actually the case, then I’ll have to turn into Asura.」

「No, it’s just as shown in Horuad, I rejected her normally.」

「I’ll have to turn into Asura!」

Ignoring the conversation between Tomoichi-san who only had Asura route remaining for him and Hajime who was attempting to preserve the human route, Sumire who seemed to have pulled herself together patted Shia’s head.


「I’m really sorry for my son, Shia-chan. You’ve really worked hard.」

She didn’t speak in more detail. But everyone understood the true meaning of her words.

In order to save her family, she didn’t give up no matter how harsh the treatment she received. She believed that the future could surely be changed if she did her best.

She was told that it was a sin for her to be born. Her existence cornered her family to a predicament and made her lost some of them. Anyone realized that Shia herself had those things carved deeply into her heart more than anyone. She was called things like hopeless rabbit and acted somewhat comically, even so the desperation deep inside her eyes was conveyed fully.


Shia grinned sweetly in embarrassment and also happiness from the bottom of her heart.

The dry atmosphere was moistening along with the warm gaze from the parents and the other wives.

And so,

「Yosh, everything is alright. Let’s go to the next one.」

Hajime clapped his hand and gave the order. Everyone sent him gaze that said 「Read the atmosphere」.

It seemed he really couldn’t stand to be present at the atmosphere right now. Hajime-san wished to run away. The problem was the future. Hajime-san wouldn’t look back at the past.

「Wait wait, Hajime. Why are you that hurried? There are things that we still haven’t heard――」

「There isn’t anything like that. One hopeless rabbit showed her guts. That’s all.」

He drowned out those words. It was as though he was being ‘I won’t allow further question than that!’. Or perhaps he was being ‘I don’t want to touch the topic ahead of that!’.

The parents were taken aback by that. Even Yue, Kaori, Shizuku, Aiko, and then Shia herself and even Myuu, they all averted their gaze simultaneously. It was as though they understood Hajime’s feeling.

「The father of Shia-chan, he seemed like a kind person~. I’m looking forward to meeting him.」

She said it. Sumire-okaasan said it.

「How should I say it, the image of father and daughter is different. You know, Shia-chan gave the feeling of annoyi――cough. I mean aggressiveness and challenger spirit in the playback.」

「Tou-sama? Just now, were you about to say that I was a muscle brain? You almost said that!」

Ignoring Shia who was pressing the question on Shuu, Tomoichi also expressed his impression.

「Yeah, I thought that the rabbit people race will be more brimming with curiosity with character of fortitude but……」

Hajime and Yue looked at each other. They were making face that was saying 「Certainly, they’re brimming with curiosity with character of fortitude, right now」.

「They’re actually peaceful people with kind personality. I feels like they’re liking things like flower or animal.」

Kaoruko’s impression made Kaori and Shizuku to look at each other. Their face seemed to say「Right on. It seemed they loved those things, a long time ago」.

「Shia-san is special isn’t it.」

「She is truly the hero of her race.」

「The father and everyone else protect Shia-kun’s family, while Shia protect the body of her family who cannot fight. That’s how it is huh.」

Kirino, Koichi, and Shuuzou’s impressions made Shia and Tio to look at each other. Their face wanted to say「Rather they’re dealing damage to my heart though. Everyone is frontline addict though」.

「All of them are handsome man and beautiful woman. The small children are also really cute. Fufu, when I imagined that this kind of people are living in the house inside a forest, it reminds you of Sylvania○ isn’t it~」

Akiko’s dreamy impression made Aiko and Myuu and Remia to look at each other with an expression that said 「Certainly it’s already just a dream」. Next, Hajime’s expression changed as though to say 「If I have to say they’re Shiryuubania死流刃仁悪 instead, I guess?」. (TN: Hajime changed the word Sylvania with kanji that has similar sound with it where the kanji has the meaning of ‘death style blade evil and good’.)

It couldn’t be helped that they looked like that. That “cute small kid” right now introduced himself with name like “Baltfeld of Certain Death” and found his meaning of life from shooting through his prey’s head, while the other child introduced herself as “Neastadtrm of Outside Massacre” who if there was a chance would compete ruthlessly with the older women of the same clan daily in order to receive the affection of the boss.

(Ha, Hajime-san, what to do? Everyone is imagining a clan of “forest rabbit-san”! Even though in reality they’re head reaping rabbits who’re lurking in the forest! They’re a group of warmonger and assassin! They will be absolutely appalled desuu!)

(This is why I was reluctant to show those guys before their complete change.)

(It was Hajime-san who changed them though! Can’t we change the schedule? Like telling them they can’t meet my family because they’re a bit busy right now or something.)

(Try doing that and then get found out later on. We’re talking about those guys. Next time they’ll take initiative to introduce themselves. At that time it will be with an excessive show added……terrifying)

(……Certainly. This is father and everyone else. They’ll aim for our next visit and lie in ambush. No matter how many months, how many years, they will lie in wait at the palace’s gate.)

Hajime and Shia were both at their wits’ end. Shuu and others were looking puzzled seeing the two of them whispering to each other secretively.

「What’s the matter Hajime?」

「No, it’s nothing. We talked a bit about the time to introduce Hauria clan. Kaori, take care of the follow up using soul magic and regeneration magic.」

「Wait a second Hajime. What’re you saying when we’re going to meet the father and family of Shia-chan who looked that kind……wait, Kaori-chan!? Why is your expression that determined!?」

「I will protect Otou-sanfather-in-law’s heart-」

「What do you mean!?」

「It’ll be a destructive power that made even Hajime-kun shocked and fell into stupor but-, I’ll protect everyone-」

「Hajime is the godslaying demon king isn’t he!? Shia-chan’s family, what kind of people are they!?」

「Tou-san, steel yourself. Perhaps, among everyone here Tou-san’ll be the one……in most danger.」

「I’m asking one more time here-. This is Shia-chan’s family you’re talking about right!? The rabbit-san who looked kind in the playback right!?」

Shuu was filled with trepidation. Inside his brain the image of Carm and others looking like a group of psychopath flashed. In a sense he wasn’t mistaken.

By the way, it could be easily guessed that the reason Shuu was in most danger was because he was Hajime’s father. Just like his son, he had various things sealed deep inside his heart.

「Let’s put aside the matter of Tou-sama and others for now! Let’s head to the next place, next!」

Shia pointed to the west of the canyon as though to avert her gaze from the unpleasant future. The problem was that it was a future that would come sooner or later.

Shuu and others didn’t feel fully satisfied, even so they obediently went through the gate.




Their destination was of course Raisen Great Labyrinth.

「So this is……the second great labyrinth?」

Shuu’s question was only natural. Tomoichi and others also stared wide-eyed.

――Welcome! To Miledy Raisen’s exciting and thrilling great labyrinth?

「Right, of course you’ll react like that. We were also like that.」

「……Nn. It’s slightly irritating seeing this even now.」

「Right desu~. It’s already annoying right from the start.」

Hajime and others got a faraway look. Although they often heard about the story, Shizuku, Tio, and Kaori who hadn’t really experienced it themselves. The time for them to vicariously experience it had finally come and they were feeling excited and thrilled about it.

「When the story about this great labyrinth came up, the three would enter their own world so it made me curious.」

「It wouldst give us an odd sense of alienation when they art like that.」

「At the decisive battle I met with Miledy-san but……she overwhelmed the monsters with gravity magic……her voice at that time was really level-headed, so I couldn’t match her image with the character that Hajime-kun and others mentioned no matter what. Rather, she felt like a good person who was humorous――」

Kaori said such thing while staring at empty air and remembering Miledy who came as reinforcement at the decisive battle leading her golems. The instant she said those words, the eyes of Hajime and others snapped open intensely.

「Kaori, return to your sense. You’re brainwashed.」

「……Bakaori. You better polish your ability to judge people a bit more.」

「It was a really extreme situation that Kaori-san even got a strange delusion wasn’t it……」

「Why are the three of you going that far!?」

Everyone’s expression became 「Who in the world Miledy Raisen is……」 seeing the uncommon reaction of Hajime and others.

Hajime cleared his throat *cough* and pulled himself together before opening his mouth.

「From here we’ll explore this Raisen Great Labyrinth, but this place is a mountain of physical trap. We don’t know which is where, so be more careful than when you were in Orcus. Be very careful to not act by yourself and touch something carelessly.」

The parents nodded firmly after seeing the serious expression and warning of Hajime. Kaori immediately moved to begin the “past playback”. But, before she could,

「It’s still the entrance you know, Kaori-san.」

Shia grabbed her shoulder strongly.

「Eh? But……」

「But, what?」

「I, it’s nothing.」

Shia was smiling. But, the smile was strangely pressuring. It was plainly scary. In addition her grip on Kaori’s shoulder was like a vise. A vigor like ”I’ll absolutely hinder the past playback!” could be felt.

「……nn. I’m starting the past playba~~ck」


Yue-sama unexpectedly turned traitor. She quickly stepped forward, opened the revolving stone door, casually struck down the arrow that flew out right after the door was opened, and then replayed the past with smooth and flowing motion.

「Don’t tell me-, it’s retaliation for before this!? That should be invalid already after this longgg-」

「……Nn? What did you say?」

Yue’s hearing was suddenly becoming bad. Shia went mad ‘ugaaa~h’ and leaped at her.

By the way, what Shia meant by “before this” was her line of「――I win if it’s breasts!The girl over there is flat isn’t she!」 that got replayed in the past replay at the canyon.

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In front of Shia who was trying to hold her down, Yue was,



「!? Hajime-san!?」

Shia was pinioned from behind. Her expression was saying ‘Unbelievable!’ and her rabbit ears stood on end.

「My bad, Shia. It’s my reflex.」

「Are you a trained dog!? Let goo~~, everyone don’t looook~~~」

*Struggle-struggle-*. Even though she was trying to get away from Hajime’s restrain, the past was projected before her body strengthening’s level was raised.

「Wha, what in the world it is? Hey, Yue. Shia is seriously disliking it, if it’s better not to see it then……」

「……Nn, I’m joking.」

The moment the regrettable scene of past Shia vanishing at the other side of the revolving door because of her carelessness, the image vanished at the same time. It seemed that even Yue didn’t have the intention to show Shia’s black history for real as expected. After all it was concerning a girl’s dignity.

「I, I’m glad desuu. If Yue-san was serious then I’ll have to become Asura after that.」

「There’re many people who almost become Asura huh.」

Tomoichi-san averted his gaze quickly.

「Well, if I hath to guess, Shia must hath done a great blunder. At that time Shia seemed to be still really inexperienced after all.」

Right now Shia was a person of firm character even among Nagumo family. Rather, Shia could pass as a reliable rabbit even more than Yue who was heading to become a NEET vampire princess in full speed. But here there was an embarrassing failure story of her in the past.

Everyone was terribly curious, but Shia who was folding her rabbit ears flat on her head and looking bright red until her neck was cute so no one asked further and in exchange they stopped after tasting the warm and relieved atmosphere.

But, being merciless in this kind of time was the quality of that person who was the number one most annoying person in the world.

The moment Hajime and co stepped inside the dungeon and the revolving stone door closed, behind that door bright letters floating in the air shined radiantly and brilliantly in an intensity that was never seen before.

――Were you scared? Hey, were you scared? You wet yourself.

――It’s fine you know! It’s only wetting yourself! There’s also rabbit girl that soaked herself wet so it’s fine! Ah, but remember to clean up okay! Manner is important doncha know? Pugyaaa――h

The letters were subtly different from before. Or rather, there was addition.

Everyone swallowed the voice「Ah」 that almost slipped out from their throat. It was a good work in their part of being able to immediately pretend of not understanding what the words meant. Although, within the silence that even felt terrifying, it couldn’t be helped that their gaze was slowly moving. Yes, moving toward the direction of the child who wet herself.


Shia-san was looking down. Her expression couldn’t be seen. It was extremely eerie. Her rabbit ears too weren’t moving at the slightest like the calm before the storm.

「I, I wonder what it talked about-! I don’t get it at all!」

Aiko-chan desperately gave a follow up. But it became a lethal damage instead. Seeing Aiko’s usual fruitless effort, Akiko said「You be quiet-」 and hit her daughter’s head.

「I, it might be talking about Myuu! Nano! Before Myuu met papa, Myuu often wet herself at night after all!」

「My my, mama is proud of Myuu. But, right now let’s refrain from saying anything for a bit okay?」

Myuu desperately made a follow up with the mentality of self-sacrifice. But instead it made it hard for Shia to stay here. Remia quickly collected Myuu. She buried Myuu’s face into her chest to zip close her mouth.

「Shi, Shia-chan? You know, Okaa-san and everyone else doesn’t really――」

「Just you wait」(TN: Here Shia stop using polite way of speaking. Even though she still used desu even when facing the apostles, here she doesn’t do so.)

Shia’s tone that should be unassailable like iron wall broke. She held out her hand toward the worried Sumire to stop her, and then she started moving slowly. She equipped Vire Drucken so naturally like a flowing water.

The next moment,


Pale bluish white magic power burst up! That was the proof of the activation of body strengthening Level X! With her rabbit furs standing completely on end and bloodshot eyes, the attack of Shia who went through character breakdown HIT the revolving stone door! The area near the entrance was exploded into pieces along with a thunderous roar.

Even the gigantic boulder that was like a camouflage outside was sent flying until it impacted the cliff wall at the other side. A part of Raisen Great Canyon collapsed! Without pause she began fighting against the monsters of Raisen that got lured by the thunderous sound to vent her rage.

The fierce quake and disastrous scene that was like cataclysm made Sumire and others screamed 「Kyaaaaaah」 while yelling 「Shia-chan calm dowwnnnnn」. During that time Hajime showed a cramping expression.

「Shia should have come here just before the last decisive battle but……looking at her state right now, this is the first time she saw that huh.」

「……Nn. In other words after Shia returned from here and before she departed to battle, Miledy intentionally added in the sentence.」

That must be how it was. When Hajime recalled Shia’s state after returning from Raisen Great Labyrinth before the decisive battle, various things must have happened. This was undoubtedly Miledy’s revenge.

As expected from the formidable person who undoubtedly would be the world champion for eternity if there was an UzaAnnoyingledy World Championship. Even after her own death, she still left behind her annoyingness for future life…… He even felt like that right now Miledy was actually watching from somewhere while laughing hard holding her stomach too.

Unable to keep listening the impact sound that surged out without pause and watching Shia swearing while forgetting her 「desuu」, Tio departed to the battlefield for the time being.

「Shi, Shia. I understand thy feeling. But for now let’s calm dow――」


「Thank you very much-」

Tio vanished to faraway in the sky. Kaori was in a dither while pulling on Hajime’s sleeve.

「Ha, Hajime-kun-, what now! This is the first time I saw Shia snapped like this!」

「The time before this she also snapped completely though.」

「Hajime! Do something about this! That’s the role of a lover!」

「It’s fine Kaa-san. Even if we leave her alone, she is in Level X so her magic power will dry out while we’re talking and she’ll collapse, so for now let her vent everything inside her.」

Just like Hajime said, it became quite a few minutes later. Shia-chan was on her knees limply above the sea of blood and mountain of corpse of the monsters. If they sharpened their hearing, they could hear the sad sobbing voice faintly.

Seeing that, Hajime and others who had refined the strategy to improve Shia’s mood while she was venting looked at each other and nodded firmly.

Hajime turned his gaze to Myuu, she showed a really manly expression that said 「Leave this to Myuu! Nano」 and walked toward Shia.

At the foot of the mountain of monster corpses, she placed both her hands on her mouth like a megaphone and raised her voice.

「Shia-onee~~chaa~~n. What’s the matter so suddenly nano~~? Why are you crying nano~~?」

「Hics, sniff, everyone learned it……it might be alright if it’s only Tio-san and others……but even Kaa-sama and Tou-sama……fueh……and the families of Kaori-san and others too……」

「What did they learn nano?」

Myuu’s puzzled question made Shia went 「Eh?」. Shia showed a bewildered expression seeing Myuu’s big and round eyes staring at her in puzzlement.

「Wha, what did they learn you say……that’s of course, you know, the thing written at the entrance」

「Entrance? There was writing? What was written nano?」

「Eh? Eeh? Huuh?」

Shia tilted her head and even her tears stopped trickling in this mysterious situation. Myuu also tilted her head matching her. It was as though she really didn’t understand anything.

Shia finally looked at the direction of Hajime and others wondering what was with this situation. Sure enough Kaori and others were also making puzzled expression. Even Tio who already returned when she noticed was tilting her head as though nothing had happened.

And then, Hajime and Yue secretly made a thumb up.

「Ah, co, could it be their memory with Yue-san’s magic……」

She recalled that possibility and felt grateful as well as apologetic and various other emotions. Shia who finally returned to her senses timidly descended from the mountain of corpse.

「Err, Myuu-chan. You really don’t remember anything?」


Shia stared fixedly on Myuu. Myuu stared back questioningly. *Staree~~~.* *???~~~~~~?*


「I’m sorry Myuu-chan. It’s nothing desu.」

Shia grinned and walked toward Hajime and others. Myuu instantly stroked her chest and let out a breath of tension 「fuhii~h」――

Shia turned around *whoosh* in a flash. It was a truly sharp movement like “Daruma doll tumbling”.

But, even Myuu wasn’t the demon king’s daughter just for show! When Shia turned around she already started walking with a smile *grin* returning on her face. Shia nodded 「fumu」 and walked again――






*Grin grin-!!*


*Myu~~, papaa-*

「You two, what’re you playing?」

「Ah, I’m sorry Hajime-san.」

Shia responded to Hajime. Behind her Myuu was holding her chest. It seemed her heart was pounding hard even from before entering the great labyrinth. It was truly a situation that wasn’t exciting at all. A small thumb up came from Remia mama. Myuu sent back a thumb up with an expression of a warrior who had acquired accomplishment.

「Er~r, everyone, did anyone see anything at the entrance?」

Shia asked with a smile. Even though she was smiling, deep inside the eyes that were narrowly opened, there was the sharpness of a veteran detective ascertaining the truth and falsehood. Aiko and Akiko twitched. Shizuku averted her gaze reflexively. Kirino sent them rebuking gaze.

Shia’s eyes narrowed silently.

「Shia-chan, just what’s with you since just now?」

「Are you perhaps feeling unwell? Should we stop with the sightseeing today?」

「Ah, no no, nothing like that! I’m sorry Tou-sama and Kaa-sama. How should I say it, I’m really sorry for various things desu.」

It seemed Shia had somehow guessed it. In other words, their memory wasn’t actually modified, instead they were trying to make it looked like that was what happened. As expected, it was appalling to modify the memory of their own family, but they were trying to persist with the kind lie in consideration for Shia.

Shia’s cheeks reddened slightly in embarrassment, but she had even made Myuu be considerate of her. This time she took advantage of that kindness and kept her sanity.

The parent~s sent a warm gaze seeing Shia’s state. Yue and others also snuggled closer to console Shia.

With everything returning to normal, the group finally moved inside Raisen Great Labyrinth. Past playback was activated at a place where stairs formed in a complicated structure like trompe l’oeil.

But, Hajime and Kaori committed a sorrowful blunder there.

「Come to think of it, that Endo, he conquered this place by himself didn’t he?」

「Ah, certainly. Want to take a bit of look? It was slightly after the decisive battle if I remember right.」

Kaori set the time and performed “past playback”.

After a while, a man fully clothed in black outfit――Kousuke appeared in the projection.

After the decisive battle, he fell in love with a Hauria older woman――Ranainfe……Rana who perceived him even when he was in stealthy state and confessed. However, Rana gave conditions after much thought, which was a savage request of conquering a great dungeon and dealing a wound on Hajime. Kousuke came here to carry that out.

Doing such challenge that could also be called as mad in a sense, as expected Hajime and others thought that even Kousuke must be nervous. However, the image of Kousuke in the projection seemed strange. He was muttering to himself in a low voice.

Wondering what he was saying, they strained their ears and……

――A rabbit girl who soaked herself wet……the rabbit people race is originally a fainthearted race……and I think there won’t be anyone else of them coming here……eh, in other words, it’s something like that huh. Shia-san, over there she――


「Calm down Shiaaa-」

Shia-chan lost her sanity once more. She was turning around while shouldering Drucken, so Hajime hurriedly grabbed her from behind. But, in front of Shia’s physical strength he was getting dragged!

Yue and others also jumped Shia in great panic to stop her, but they were all getting dragged together. At the end even the parents also joined to become like a human rope, but the bugged rabbit whose heart was burning to seal Kousuke’s mouth couldn’t be stopped!



After that, Shia returned to her sanity after getting a promise that they would get rid of Kousuke’s memory.

Whether that measure was really carried out or not……

When the classmates asked Kousuke about his time conquering Raisen Great Labyrinth, at the beginning he would always go 「Raisen……the entrance……uh, my head-」, it could be easily guessed from there.

In any case, it seemed that Raisen Great Labyrinth was a place that couldn’t help but shave down Shia’s SAN point even though its master wasn’t there anymore. Perhaps it really should be called as the demon’s gate.

Although, they also had a bit of objective this time. And so they continued with the sightseeing of Raisen Great Labyrinth.

Hajime and co advanced deeper forward while playing the “past playback”.

※Special perk SS

- Chain store-sama『Boys talk after, disciplining』

When men gathered, naturally they will also talk about the girl they like.

And then, even when they talked secretly, there is also an onee-san who can view the past. So after that it was inevitable. It’s that kind of story.

- Animate-sama『The wrong way to use metamorphosis magic』

If there is metamorphosis magic then it might be possible to remodel the body? Although, to listen to Miledy’s wish is a different problem.

It’s that kind of story.

- Tora no Ana-sama『Glasses x maid uniform x manly woman = war』

Even for a heavy maid lover, o manly woman, you bastard is out of the question. It’s that kind of story of O-kun.

- Melon Books-sama『Korin’s theory of the strongest』

There is nothing that will hurt an adult more than a little girl’s consideration and pure and straightforward opinion.

The one who stood last was only the strongest little girl. It’s that kind of story.

- Gamers-sama『Searching for the beloved transmutation monster through 3000 ri ②』

As usual, it’s the story of the poster girl of the restaurant at the low-lying part of the royal capital Welnika Asha-chan chasing after Oscar.

She pushed on until the sea and at the end of her being adrift she encountered a certain pirate group……

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