Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 352 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ⑪

Chapter 352 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ?

After they somehow calmed down the raging berserker Shia.

As expected perhaps they should stop with touring Raisen Great Labyrinth, if it was now they could teleport using Crystal Key or with Yue brute forcing her magic power until the deepest room……

That was Hajime’s suggestion, but Kaori, Tio, Shizuku, Aiko, and Myuu, the five of them firmly refused. It seemed they wanted to be able to share with the “feeling of understanding” that only owned by Hajime, Shia, and then Yue until now.

「Rather, perhaps we should conquer it in a normal way and obtain gravity magic too?」

「Indeed. There art also the feeling that it’s too late to obtain it now, but there art no disadvantage in obtaining it. This might be a good timing.」

「Right……Hajime and others will protect Okaa-san and other parents, so should we give it a try?」

「Eh? H, h~m, it feels a bit impossible for me though……」

「Myuu too nano……」

Kaori and others talked between them. For some reason Hajime’s eyes were wandering around hearing that. He showed a bit of pondering look, 「Well, it’s alright I guess……it’ll be alright won’t it?」 he said with unusual lack of confidence. His expression was looking anxious.

「Geez, Hajime-kun worry too much. We aren’t that weak okay?」

「No, right, well, that’s true.」

Hajime really didn’t make himself clear. This was Hajime who was always bold and audacious with imperturbable mind, so seeing him like this made everyone to opened their eyes wide in surprise.

Shizuku tensed her expression.

「Even though you didn’t even make that kind of face in Orcus……we’re going to have brace ourselves like this. That’s why Ojii-chan and you two! Don’t start warming up! Don’t make that face that say 『Ee~, it’s unfa~ir that only Shizuku is going』! I’ll shred you all for real if you three are doing as you please!」

Everyone of Yaegashi family looked really dissatisfied. The adults in their age were sending booing ‘boo~boo~’ to their daughter in reality.

Shia who had returned to her sanity right now formed a wry smile to such hot-blooded Yaegashi family and opened her mouth.

「H~m, there is no problem with everyone’s capability but……this dungeon will change its internal structure within a certain period.」

「Eh!? Is that so?」

「Yes desu. It’s a trick in order to laugh while rolling on the floor seeing the challengers feeling down after pointlessly mapping the area with hard work.」

「That’s nasty!」

「Miledy was a damn contemptible human after all!」

It stood to reason.

‘Because of that we also don’t understand the path you know~’, Shia said. Continuing after her Hajime also pointed out with a wry smile.

「In the first place, we planned to teleport after letting everyone touring this place to a degree. I think you will need one week at the very least if you want to conquer this dungeon in a normal way.」

「……Nn. Right now we have the compass, so if it goes well perhaps you’ll be able to reach the goal easily? We don’t know if you’ll be recognized as having conquered this dungeon though.」

‘I see’, Kaori and co nodded. In that case, for the time being they would rely on the compass, if they weren’t acknowledged in that case, then they would do it the normal way if there was another chance. They concluded of trying the challenge with such feeling.

Because of that, Hajime would only show the path with the compass, while Kaori, Tio, and Shizuku would go ahead of the group. The tour of Raisen Great Labyrinth stared like that. Aiko together with Myuu were observing from the rear. It seemed they didn’t really have confidence. Though Myuu was burning with combativeness while saying 「I’ll be back nano」. (Note: In the raw Myuu said it in butchered English which is, ‘Airu bii bakku nano’)

「Yue, can I count on you for the past playback here? If it’s necessary I’ll share my magic power with you.」

「……Nn. It’s fine. You can just leave it to this Yue-san.」

Right now Yue boasted magic power capacity that was equal or superior to a god, so even in Raisen that dispersed magic power, she was able to use magic with brute force.

Although, doing the same like in Orcus when she continuously projected the past without pause throughout the tour……as expected it was impossible to do something like that here.

The magic of “past playback” was already consuming magic power in proportion to the amount of time that was traced back even in normal situation. When it came to a scene that was more than a year in the past, even for the current Yue it was a consumption amount that she couldn’t ignore. Also, Hajime sharing his magic power with her was referring to the kissing biting chuu~.

Yue fired up herself and began to proactively cast the past playback while licking her lips.

It wasn’t just imagination that she looked to be much more motivated than usual. It wasn’t because she could do the biting chuu~ with Hajime. They were doing that daily so there was no problem. There was one reason. It wasn’t just Hajime who was asking her to do it, Yue also wanted to see it. The nostalgic scene.


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There was the trembling Shia who got the fur on the tip of her rabbit ears cleanly cut by rotating blade that flew out from the wall.

――Uu~, I get a bad premonition somehow desuu~

There was also the weak-kneed Shia looking around restlessly.


The stair became a slid and she rolled down while getting smeared with slimy liquid. Shia-chan who hit the back of her head hard and writhed around was priceless.

――This damn clumsy rabbit! Move away quickly!

――I’m shorry~, but my body can’t movee~

The rabbit-san who slipped with her legs making M shape and then straddling Hajime’s face with that splendid butt of hers looked really hopeless!

Even after that, she got hit by metal basin and her face got sloshed with mysterious muddy white liquid, getting hit with consecutive attacks of metal basins, getting a second helping of metal basin, the totally hopeless Shia rabbit was tripping all the traps like there was no tomorrow. She was sobbing, then snapping at Miledy’s writing……

「How nostalgic~」

「……It’s nostalgic~」

Hajime and Yue were nodding to each other with extremely satisfied expression. They were giving off air as though they had reunited with old friend that they hadn’t met for a long time.

By the way, this “nostalgic hopeless show of Shia-chan” was the second time today. The first time needn’t be said. It was the past image of the encounter in Raisen Great Canyon. At that time everyone reacted to Hajime’s cold treatment, so they were unable to pleasantly enjoy Shia’s hopelessness.

「The hopeless Shia-chan is cute as expected eh.」

「Shia-chan of this time, is gone already huh……」

Sumire and Shuu smiled warmly. At the same time, they were showing a lonely atmosphere as though they were thinking of a daughter that they couldn’t meet anymore.

「Uwaa, she was really a hopeless rabbit wasn’t she?」

「She was already a bug when we first met her.」

「I think it was just barely with me. At that time there was still a slight scent of hopelessness fromst her.」

「Ah, it was also like that at my time. When we met at Ur, she was still treated relatively rough.」

A second of silence. Kaori and co looked at each other and grinned.

「「「「The hopeless rabbit is really nice~」」」」

‘Nice~?’ They said and nodded to each other.

Myuu and others were also really enjoying seeing the pathetic and completely hopeless Shia. 「How hopeless nano~」「My my, the hopelessness is cute」「That’s a hopelessness that is unthinkable from her current self」「But, that’s a nice hopelessness」「That’s a hopelessness that you can’t really find in the recent years」「It’s the greatest hopelessness in this ten years」「That’s a fine quality hopelessness with abundant variation and the right amount of sharpness」 and so on, everyone exchanged their impressions that sounded like lines from somewhere.

「No, now see here, everyone. Calling me hopeless hopeless like that is, you know……」

Shia was flapping her rabbit ears wildly while trying to protest with sullen expression. But,

「Ah, amazing! That’s the cliché trap!」

A large rock was rolling down from above. Kaori said 「I’ve seen this before in movie!」 with a slightly high tension before disintegrating it.

Right away, a ball made from metal was rolling down next while scattering melting liquid. As expected it couldn’t oppose Kaori’s disintegration.

Inside the past projection,

――Uwaaa~~hn, I’ll haunt this place if I dieee!

Shia was running past while screaming pathetically and yelling complaint as expected. And then ahead where Hajime had escaped from the trap, he crucified Shia on the wall to help her narrowly escaped death.

Also, Yue was being held in Hajime’s embrace importantly. Seeing her past self at that time protesting while sobbing, the present Shia was,

「……I was really hopeless huh.」

She got a faraway look. She was gritting her teeth saying 「You call yourself a rabbit when you can’t even pulverize a mere metal ball like that with your fist-」.

Sumire chuckled slightly seeing Shia in that state.

「Even so――to say something like “I swear, I’ll aa~bsolutely make Hajime-san fall in love me that you will want to save me in your embrace no matter what-“. Shia-chan, you really don’t know when to give up.」

Shia’s rabbit ears stood straight. When she moved her gaze, Sumire was there looking at her gently. It made her felt extremely embarrassed for some reason. Shia fidgeted restlessly while raising her voice to gloss it over.

「I wonder how is Kousuke-san doing around here!」

「……That’s right. Even though I also wanted to watch that guy’s capture too, I forgot it already without noticing. As expected, Shia. You did well reminding me.」

「I won’t forget even if I die. Until I send his memory flying.」

Shia’s serious look was really intense. Even the unprecedented lack of presence that Kousuke possessed could win against the obsession of the bugged rabbit who kept her eyes wide open it seemed.

「He is the next clan head of Hauria clan after all. I won’t acknowledge him if he display an unsightly appearance here! Now, Yue-san! Please do it desu!」

「……Nn-, leave it to Yue-san!」

Setting the time axis~, past playback GO!

「……Nn? Nnn?」

Yue leaked out a bewildered voice. There was no Kousuke. Hajime and others also looked around but they couldn’t find him.

「……I mistook, the time axis?」

‘Such thing shouldn’t be possible……’, Yue thought while starting to redo the past playback. But in that instant, a large rock was starting to roll down in the past projection.


――Sniff-, hics-……my heart hurts. I’d rather disappear instead

「Uoh, so you’re there Endou!」

He was there. He was sitting hugging his knee at the corner of the passage. Kousuke-kun there was wearing black clothes, but it was already tattered everywhere.

Or rather, it felt like his mind was even more tattered than his clothes. He was plainly crying. His eyes looked dead. It seemed he already messed up, to a degree that he had no presence at all to the degree that no one could catch sight of him even though he was inside a past projection. He was so ephemeral that it felt like he would literally vanish anytime now.

「Wait, it’s not the time to do something like that! Stand up Endou-kun! The rock is coming down!」

Kaori even forgot that it was a past projection and raised her voice anxiously.

Kousuke raised his face as though reacting to that. His empty eyes turned toward the large rock, and a beat. His face seemed to say ‘Uwaaah!?’ ――

――Come! My clones! Become my shield with that body!

He instantly took a pose. He stood at the middle of the passage and crossed his arms in the shape so that only his right hand was in front of his face. Of course he also didn’t forget to put on the sunglasses in a flash! Even though the large rock already right in front him, he also didn’t forget to rotate in place!

*Pupupuff-* Three clones appeared and stopped the large rock just for an instant. The clones were immediately dispersed due to Raisen’s magic decomposing effect, but using the time they bought, Kousuke dodged aside instantly.

「……If he has time to make a pose, he can use it to escape.」

「Yue, don’t say it. It’s necessary for the abyss lord.」

It was necessary for the abyss lord!

It seemed the “depressed Kousuke” just now was only an abrupt appearance while in the middle of break. The sinful depth of abyss lord was already in the state of Level V. His spec was rising with the passage of time, along with the increase of the painfulness of his behavior!

――O Miledy Raisen! O ancient protector! Know that my abyss will swallow everything!

「O, o……aa~」

The one who groaned was Shuu. He covered his face with both hands and fell on his knees. He was bright red from his neck until his ear.

「O, oi, Nagumo Shuu! What’s wrong!?」

Tomoichi called out in surprise, but Shuu papa didn’t answer. It seemed he wasn’t in the state to do so. Sumire mama was watching her husband with a truly nasty face! She was grinning really widely in enjoyment!

――Kuku-, the like of a large rock is a trifling matter. Muh, a metal ball!? Fuh, so I can’t deal with it using ordinary means……


「Are you alright!?」

――Very well-, come at me! Carnage is my favorite pastime-


「Hajime-kun! Something strange with your father! No, he is already strange from the beginning but……this is stranger!」

「Aa!, it’s alright, Tomoichi-san. I’m also like that right now inside my heart.」

「Aren’t you parent and so both overly strange!?」

It couldn’t be helped. Both Shuu and Hajime were the kind of people who possessed a heavily sealed box deep inside their heart after all. The abyss lord was prying open the seal of that that sealed box really easily.

Inside Shuu, his young self wearing black history T-shirt was peering out saying 「You call?」. Hajime was someone experienced in facing the real abyss lord, so he was still able to barely push back the self inside his heart who was wearing chuuni T-shirt and armed trying to crawl out saying 「You call right? You’re calling again right?」.

They enjoyed the adventure of abyss lord in the degree that barely kept the seal in check……it was thrilling in its own way. That was something that couldn’t be denied.

「Hey, dear. How are you feeling right now? You who was personally obsessed with sneering ‘Fuh’ at the past! You who would say 『You see……I have something that I have to do no matter what』 with a meaningful smile when I invited you for a date at holiday even though actually you didn’t have anything to do, and later on you would invent some reason to invite me to a date?」


Sumire laughed while holding her stomach. Shuu who kept covering his face with both hands while trembling all over due to the serious damage.

「Hey, Kaa-san. What Tou-san mean by the time when you two started dating……」

「Of course. It was when we already finished graduating middle school for a long time. It was when we were at second year of high school. This person’s sickness, it went on for long.」

「I, I see. But Kaa-san. Let’s stop with that much.」

「Fufuh, At that time his intention was to show his cool figure to me isn’t that riight~. How cute~」

「Seriously stop it! Tou-san’s mind is dying!」

Shuu-otousan finally started sitting while hugging his knees and buried his face into his knees. Tomoichi consoled him with a really complicated expression, while Koichi showed understanding with an enlightened expression, but Shuu was locking himself within the hard shell of his heart.

Abyss lord’s savory lines echoed like BGM……

「How should I say it, Otou-sama and Okaa-sama really get along well aren’t they~」

「Right. They look more like best friend rather than spouses, that art really mysterious.」

「It’s fun just watching Ojii-chan and Obaa-chan nano!」

「It always give a warm feeling watching them, ufufu.」

Hearing Shia, Tio, Myuu, and Remia’s words made Kaori and others to nod too. As a matter of fact, this husband and wife always looked like they were having fun.

Kaoruko and Kirino watched Sumire playfully poking *poke poke* with her fingertip on her husband whose mind died and couldn’t move. And then Akiko also opened her mouth.

「……When Kaori and others were gone and we met in the 『family association』 that was started for the sake of the search, the two of them really gave the impression of “capable people” though. Fufu, certainly it’s fun seeing them right now.」

「Exactly. It was Miya-chan and others who took leadership, but they were really capable in noticing other small details……」

「They were really like the unsung hero of the family association. Thanks to the two of them, it was really easy to do activity.」

They didn’t stand out, but they would do it when the times come. They casually accomplished the necessary things. The mothers conversed nostalgically while recalling the Nagumo husband and wife at that time. Kaori and others opened their eyes wide 「Hee~」 in interest.

「But, I like these two right now better than “the serious and capable duo” of that time.」

Kirino said with a smile while watching Shuu who somehow recovered due to the care given to him and Sumire who was lightly tapping his head repeatedly. Kaoruko also continued while smiling gently.

「You’re right. It’s troubling that it’s us who feel embarrassed watching them though.」

Sumire and Shuu whose eyes were still dead were puzzled when they finally noticed the warm atmosphere of the surrounding. Perhaps it should be said that in a sense they had just entered the world of just the two of them.

「……Nn. I and Hajime also want to become husband and wife like the two of them.」

「Spare me from having a wife like Kaa-san okay? Yue is fine as you are.」

「! Hajime……」


「Yes yes, both of you! Don’t enter the world of just the two of you! Okay!」

Hajime and Yue took each other’s hands and brought out a sickly sweet atmosphere. But a large sword swung down between the two of them. It was like the sword was splitting the pink heart enveloping the two of them into two!

「Both Hajime-kun and Yue, watch the time, place, and occasion! Good grief-」

Tomoichi matched her daughter’s peevish state by spitting ‘Keh’ peevishly too.

「With the parent like this, the son is also the same huh. Good grief-」

Then, a wall of text appeared in good timing……

――Hey hey, how are you feeling right now? How are you feeling? Puuh giggle giggle-

「「You’re annoying!!」」

Shirasaki father and daughter were beautifully in harmony.

――Fuhahahahahah!! Bring it on, liberator! For you to be able to seriously wound this abyss-. My blood is seething-. Fuhah, fuhahahahah!!

「「You shut up-!!」」

Nagumo father and son were also beautifully in harmony.

「……Hey, how about we move forward soon?」

The group finally continued forward after Shizuku talked with a deep sigh.

After that, they watched Kaori, Shizuku, and Tio fighting the golem knights, and as expected, at the first room, they were shaken around together with the room and returned back (they were in floating state using gravity magic so there was no damage), then they once more went through a mountain of nasty booby traps and the fierce attack of Miledy’s writing that easily rubbed people’s nerves the wrong way while advancing for a while.

As expected from the three of them. They weren’t harmed physically, but……

――Just now, you were totally surprised weren’t you!? Weren’t you!? You’re absurdly shaking in your bootsss~?

――Congrats for overcoming the trap! It’s totally meaningless though! Pugyaaaah

――Eeeeeh? What’s the matter, making that kind of gloo~my expression! Are you getting on age alreadyyy? Pupuh


Not just Kaori, even Shizuku and Tio were unbelievably clicking their tongue.

「It’s really refreshing seeing Shizuku clicking her tongue.」

「Please look there. Shizuku-san’s eyes. Her eyes like a someone who will randomly kill passerby.」

‘Anyone is fine, I want to just cut……’, Shizuku-san’s face seemed to say that. Shia was trembling, not wanting to see such Shizuku. Beside her, Aiko was trembling when she looked at Tio.

「Ti, Tio-san making that kind of face, it’s the first time I see it……」

「……Ti, Tio~? Your pupils turn into slit like dragon. Calm down――」

「Aa? Whaat? Thy got any complaint aah?」

「……It’s nothing.」

「Yue-oneechan got silenced nano!? By Tio-oneechan!?」

In any case, it was great that they now could share in the feeling! Hajime, Shia, and Yue thought that while nodding at each other.

And then,

――I guess……it’s enough already……

Perhaps it was the limit of the abyss lord mode. Kousuke seemed to have returned to his sane mode looked dead in the eyes. He stayed lying down on the ground without making any twitch at the slightest.

Incidentally the past Hajime, Shia, and Yue were resting right beside him while huddling close to each other. Compared to Hajime who was holding extraordinarily lovely flower at both sides with a hint of calm atmosphere enveloping them, Kousuke’s state was really beyond any words to describe.

It seemed that Kousuke’s mental state was already riddled with wounds. The spring of his willpower was already dried up. Also, due to the traps his body was also like ragged cloth. His stamina was also at his limit apparently. It couldn’t be helped even if words of giving up slipped out from him.

――That’s right, let’s go home……no, perhaps it’ll be impossible to go back? I don’t know where the exit is

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*Mumble mumble, mumble mumble*, the state of Kousuke who was continuing to mumble to himself wasn’t good. Even though he returned to his sanity he was already not sane at all. Some resemblance with Hajime who was trembling in the abyss could be seen from him.

――Even though I managed to survive that battle……am I going to die here? I’m, really an idiot huh


Hajime looked at Kousuke who was in a state of broken heart with a troubled expression.

――Yaa~i yaa~i, this good for nothi~ng!! Fuhyahyahyahyah


Hajime finally raised his voice roughly at the text that mercilessly attacked the already weakened enemy.

Or rather, it was a text that was right on the spot for the current Kousuke……

Thinking really really carefully, Miledy’s text toward Kaori and co was also like that. Even though Miledy wasn’t here anymore, how did the text can appear in real time?

Perhaps, soul magic or something was used to sense the challenger’s state, and then it automatically selected a text from the available patterns and displayed it. There was no doubt that it was Oscar who created this. What a terrifying ancient transfiguration master.

――That’s right, I’m a just a good-for-nothing anyway. A madaototally hopeless old guy that won’t be noticed by anyone…… Surely, when everyone return to earth, they won’t even notice that I’m gone……

「E, Endouu~, you’re reallyyy」

「I’m sorry that I sometimes forgot to call your name in the roll-call, Endou-kun-」

Tears were pooling at the corner of the eyes of Hajime and co hearing the monologue that was just too pitiful. Aiko raised her voice in repentance.

――Heheh, even though I have a life like in a manga like this……surely even if it’s turned into manga the main character will be Nagumo, while my character won’t even get a face……

「It sounds like it will really happen in reality-, so don’t say such a sad thing-」

Hajime spontaneously said. Sumire gave tsukkomi 「Calm down. This is just a past playback right」 to her son who was unusually unable to bear the situation.

Actually a few years later, the autobiographical manga that Liliana drew (the somewhat beautified and dramatized version) also had the appearance of Kousuke there but……even though he appeared, for some reason only his face was hidden by his front hair and couldn’t be seen. It wasn’t like that when Liliana tried to draw his face, she wasn’t able to remember it at all……that wasn’t the reason. Surely.

――I simply, want a life when other people notice me……


「……Nn~~~, do your best Endoou!」

「Kousuke-oniichan fight nano!」

「Kousuke-kun-, stand up! Stand up on your feet!」

「Endou-kun-, you are a capable person!」

「Kousuke-, does thy intend to give up on Rana-. Show that thy art a man!」

「I won’t forget-, to call your name anymore in the roll-call-……perhaps!」

「You’re the next clan head of Hauria aren’t you! Please show your guts!」

In contrast with the parents who didn’t know what to feel, Hajime and others were getting heated up in the same level like when they watched Inaba-san’s rising up story.

Then, although there was no way their voices reached him……a faint light was lit in Kousuke’s eyes.

――Nn? Nagumo is main character? ……Thinking carefully, if I die here there is possibility that Rana-san’ll also get taken away by Nagumo?

「No, that’s not gonna happen.」

「Right now is different but, Rana-san at that time was constantly in welcoming state. Or rather all of Hauria’s females are like that.」

Hauria’s female camp were always looking for opening to be granted with their boss’s affection, even if they had to gang up on Shia with all of them.

――Rana-san will……my Rana-san is being approached by the demon king’s poisonous fang-

「Oi, don’t say something scandalous like that.」

――No way no way no way-. This ain’t the time to sleep at this kind of place-. Right now, even at this very moment, Rana-san might get attacked, and yet I-

「……Looks like I need to have a talk with Endou about his perception of me.」

Hajime’s eyes turned into demon king. The possibility of Kousuke getting attacked instead of Rana was high!

Although his eyes were still hollow, there were light lit inside them. Kousuke crawled on all four and stood up.

Kousuke showed his guts, but his state made everyone went ‘Oh?’……

――!? Tsu, what, a voice is speaking directly in my brain……

――Fuh, my other half. Do you want power?

――Yo, you are-, don’t tell me-

――Indeed. My name is the abyss lord “Kousuke E Abyssgate”!

――Abyss, lord……

――I shall ask you one more time. My other half! Do you want power-

――Yeah……yeah-. I want power! A power that will make Rana-san recognize me-. A power to protect Rana-san to the end from the demon king-

――Kukuh. So you finally accept me. Very well! Let’s go together! There is no end to abyss!

By the way, it wasn’t a conversation inside the head. Kousuke was simply talking alone like two people. It was something like one-man show. Inside the great dungeon where there was nobody else.

Everyone went 「Uwaa」 with an expression as though they had seen something that shouldn’t be seen. Or rather, they couldn’t watch this at all. This state that cornered Kousuke by this much wasn’t something so half-hearted.

It seemed that another personality was made inside him because of the absurd stress. Right now the scene they were watching was exactly like that.

So far as it went, Kousuke right now didn’t have anything like multiple personality, so he must have recovered his sanity properly, even so this scene was painful enough to make Hajime and co lost their words.

「Hajime. Call Kousuke to our house when we’re home and have a talk with him man to man.」

「I’ll do that, Tou-san. I’ll be a bit kinder to him.」

Nagumo parent and son were staring at Kousuke with their kindest expression to date.

Like that, Kousuke became the abyss lord once more and stood up. He damaged himself while advancing forward. Kaori and others were also smoothly conquering the dungeon at the same pace. They also had their fill enjoying Shia’s pathetic past at the same time. Two hours past like that.

As expected, because of the inner structure that continued to change, they couldn’t clear it within several hours. In the end, they ended teleporting to the last boss area using Crystal Key.

「We have properly conquer some part of the dungeon, it’ll be nice if we get recognized after defeating the boss……」

「You’re right Shizuku-chan. Other great dungeon also has shortcut, so the possibility isn’t zero.」

「Fumu……if mine memory serves me right, the last art a battle against a giant golem correct?」

While deploying the gate, Hajime averted his gaze with his all for some reason.

「Miledy golem you mean. It was powerful desu. Thinking back now, seeing that it didn’t directly use gravity magic, I think she held back a lot against us at that time but……」

「……Nn. Perhaps, she simply couldn’t use her strength in order to save her power for the end. But, they way she dropped the whole ceiling, or controlling the knight golems……she was strong.」

Yue and Shia commented. Shia then said 「Now that you mention it」 and hit her palm as though noticing something at this late hour.

「Miledy is now gone, so it became a half autonomous golem isn’t it? If I remember right, Hajime-san placed it here once more didn’t you?」

「We, well yeah. It was after Endou conquered the dungeon but……that was because at that time I didn’t know that Endou was cornered to that degree. I thought that it would be problematic if dungeon conqueror show up so easily……」

「……You thought? What’s the matter Hajime? You’re acting strange since some time ago.」

「No, it’s nothing. Because I thought that, I added a little bit extra. Yeah, just a little but, you know.」

Hajime-san still keeping his gaze averted with all his effort and wouldn’t meet anyone’s gaze.

Even while feeling suspicious, maintaining the gate that kept getting dispersed was really difficult, so everyone shelved their question for later and leaped inside.

Although, there was no need to ask him later. Because the answer appeared right before them.


Kaori, Shizuku, and Tio stiffened.

Countless blocks were floating within a vast space……that was fine. It was just as they heard.

But, however.

They didn’t hear about this.

*GOGOGOGO-* Three pairs of mechanical wings on the back were emitting light, full load of weapons……it was a gigantic golem that looked like mobile sui○s they saw in robot anime of modern Japan. They didn’t hear anything about this!

Hajime deployed triple layers of eight points barrier with a natural movement. At the same time, the new golem-san folded its arms in a savory pose and casually activated its gimmicks with *JAKO-!!* sound.

The arms that extended from its rear had cannon turret docked above the shoulders.

――Two 88 mm rail cannons. Stand b~~~y

The gigantic drills on both sides of the waist started rotating *KIIIIIINN*, at the same time six gun barrels from the inside that was split into four showed themselves.

――Two variable 30 mm gatling rail guns. Stand b~~y

The chest armor slid and from inside an armament that looked like beehive showed up.

――Heat seeker missile - 120 shots. Stand b~~y

Someone turned the golem into this appearance.

Of course, there was only one culprit.

Kaori and others were turning to look across their shoulder with stiff motion like a creaking machine that hadn’t been oiled.

Their faces were written with 「This is a lie right?」.

Hajime obstinately kept his gaze averted he simply said the necessary words frankly.

「Look to the front. ――You’ll die you know?」

At that instant, the sound of tyranny loudly resounded.

At the same time,




A scream and an insult and a flustered voice resounded.

Flash and flame blast and shockwave trampled the space. Kaori took defensive posture with her disintegration wings along with Shizuku, while Tio guarded using her black scales while gasping ‘ahn ahn-‘.

「……Ha, Hajime-san? What’s that? It’s completely different from our fight though. That’s not a level of adding a bit extra though!」

「That’s Super Miledy GGolem.」

「I see. I don’t get it.」

Tio was blown away while they were talking. She raised her voice ‘Aha~~hn’ in anguish while the giant body of black dragon crashed on the wall. The scales she was proud of were tattered.

On the other hand with Kaori and Shizuku, perhaps it was just as expected from the disintegration defense, it was splendidly blocking the barrage, but they were unable to move from their spot.

Then, Super Miledy G seemed to lose patience and showed a new movement. It was posing savorily while swinging its right arm, then the arm morphed with *gashon-* sound into an electromagnetically accelerated pile bunker.

It charged forward while the gushing of dramatic light on its back fluttered like meteor.


「Ha, Hajime-kun! It’ll be fine right!?」

The Shirasaki husband and wife were completely panicked. Hajime nodded strongly.

「It will be fine. In the past, I broke through that disintegration defense using the same method. Even if it’s Kaori, she won’t be able to win against the sure-kill Pile Shot of my masterpiece Super Miledy G.」

「That’s not what I meant!」

Kaoruko-okaasan unusually tsukkomi-ed with all her strength. The kindhearted Myuu screamed her warning 「Ruuunn! Kaori-oneechan! Super run awaa~~y nano!」.

Kaori too seemed to have sensed the sparking gigantic pile bunker. In a hurry she escaped from the back of the silver wing cocoon together with Shizuku, and then without delay she withdraw in godspeed.

Right after that, the fiendish barrier that would disintegrate everything was easily pierced through from the center with a thunderous roar.


Tomoichi-otousan jumped at Hajime. Sumire-okaasan also yelled 「Kaoriii! Shizuku-chaaan-. Come back heree~~e」. But, the best friend duo didn’t give up.

「We aren’t just going to keep getting done in-」

「Let’s go-, Shizuku-chan!」

Kaori and Shizuku appeared behind Super Miledy G when anyone noticed. Each of them moved to take away the arms of Super Miledy G with a slash of disintegration and space severing slash respectively.

‘Oo!!’ Cheers were raised but……

「Fuh, na?ve. Do you two think that I’ll overlook its many blind spots that are created due to its huge size?」

「……Hajime, which side you’re on?」

The three pairs of protuberances that seemed like wings were purged from Super Miledy G. Those parts that were in the shape of triangle immediately floated in the air while turning around and pointed their tip to behind. Gun muzzle could be seen at the tips. All-range weapon was romance!


「It’s a lie right!?」

*CHUDODODODON* A storm of rifle bullet was fired. Kaori dodged with godspeed. Shizuku summoned a swarm of black katana and bundled them like flower petals, at the same time she activated space severance “Senka” in all the black katana.

『Eeei-, goshujin-sama! This art overdoing it!』

Tio made her comeback even while dropping complain like that. She rushed Super Miledy G with the black dragon’s huge body to seal its movement but……

「Wha-, a bear saber!?」

It was Shuu who yelled. Just as he said, Super Miledy G grasped two sticks that were attached on its thighs and mowed horizontally with another cool pose while activating the bear saber at the same time.

「The highest grade flame is heated even more using sublimation magic, and then it’s compressed using gravity magic. It was a pain to recreate that.」

「……So this is the thing that Hajime made me helped with.」

Tio’s scales were torn off right at this time and she tried to take distance in panic. But Super Miledy G docked the handle of the two bear sabers together to make them into a spear. Yue got a faraway look while looking at Tio who was being cornered by Super Miledy G that was making a savory pose.

「Hajime’s bad habit came out.」

Sumire’s convulsing expression told the story. Which was, the disposition of Hajime who would dash without knowing to stop when it came to creating things. Or rather, it was the karma of Nagumo family.

Even after that, there was space leap attack by bit weapon……

Or the opposite of countering by using the gate installed in the variable chakram to displace the attack of Kaori and co back to them……

Or an outrageous dodging method by purging the spot that would get cut and then immediately docking the parts back together……

Or external weapons flying out from several floating blocks which then docked with Super Miledy G, and then using the strengthened weapon a barrage was laid out like a storm……

Or the right hand burning bright red……

Or becoming battle mode by transformation……

Or drill……

「A, as expected isn’t this looking bad?」

「Is it just my imagination? It feels like Shizuku is half-crying though……」

Kirino showed her rare flustered appearance, while Shuuzou was sweating coldly.

Although, the three of them weren’t survivor of the holy precincts just for show. They had also grown stronger since then, so they wouldn’t allow themselves to keep getting done in forever.

The three of them got used to the movement of Super Miledy G and they had also recovered from their flustered state. They began to show teamwork in harmony.

Kaori toyed with the opponent using godspeed, Tio attracted its attention using large scale attack, and Shizuku took advantage of the instantaneous opening by stepping forward and cutting down its weapons little by little. Even if they got hit Kaori would immediately heal them.

Was Super Miledy G amazing that it could contend with the three of them right from the front? Or, were the three amazing that they could take on the embodiment of Hajime’s passion that was unrestrained?

It was extremely complicated. At the very least, it was a good fortune that abyss lord’s challenge was before Super Miledy G got deployed here. But considering that this thing was deployed here due to that abyss lord’s success, it could also be argued that right now Kaori and co were screaming in frustration was also his fault.

Putting that aside, Kaori and co were managing to shave down the opponent bit by bit like in a RPG boss battle. Their battle was quite an impressive sight.

Shia and Myuu, and then the parents starting from Yaegashi family were gradually cheering them on loudly. For some reason Hajime-san’s fearless grin was also deepening, and Yue’s exasperated gaze was also getting stronger!

「Haa, haa-, just a little bit more!」

「I, I thought we’re going to die but……looks like we’ll manage somehow.」

『Haa haa. Tha, that accursed goshujin-sama-. With something like this-, who wouldst be able to conquer this place in the future!』

Their exhaustion was fierce due to Raisen’s special characteristic. The three of them were already nearing their limit. However, Super Miledy G also got most of its weapons cut down by Shizuku. It also got hit by disintegration bombardment and dragon breath. It was damaged all over.

「Shizuku-chan! Tio! We’re going to finish it in one go!」



The three heightened their spirit so that this would be the last but……

Mass production of trump card was exactly Hajime quality.

「Na?ve-, that’s na?ve you three! You’re so na?ve like Coca-Cola with plenty of sugar tossed in and then boiled until it’s concentrated!」 (Note: Na?ve in Japan is amai, which could also mean sweet.)

「……That’s why, whose side you’re on Hajime?」

Hajime-san was the ally of romance.

As though answering its creator, Super Miledy G emitted light. Crimson magic power was sparkling and enveloped Super Miledy G. The armor parts were purged with *bashun bashun* sound, and its gigantic body became slim.

Super Miledy G became two sizes smaller. It folded its hand and scattered vast amount of crimson particles around. It was shining as though its whole body was heated red hot.

「Do, don’t tell me Hajime. You……」

Shuu turned a gaze that was mixed with awe at his son’s deed that knew no compromise. Hajime let out a 「Fuh」 savorily like a certain lord somewhere. Yue-san’s gaze was lukewarm. Her expression was saying 「How cute」 like what Sumire sent to Shuu before.

「The boss will become stronger when its HP gauge enter the red zone. That’s common sense!」


Kaori’s yell echoed, at the same time Super Miledy G’s figure blurred. It seemed to be some kind of “Limit Break” state. It displayed a terrific mobility and instantly approached the three! The figure that blurred to two or three layers was just like Neunte in the past. Bea○ sabers flew out like assassin blade from the tips of its two arms and two legs! Cool!

「Trans-A○ Mode activate! Go-, Super Miledy G! Show them-, your power!」

「Hajime-, just which side you’re on!」

『Goshujin-sama-, let’s hold family meeting later on-. I wouldst not let thy get away with this!』

Intense quake burst deep underground Raisen once more. There were also angry yells and screams raised up.

After that, what was the result of the dungeon conquer of Kaori and co……

「Hey, Hajime-kun. Are you reflecting?」

「Hajime, who is telling you that it’s fine to stop sitting seiza?」

「Goshujin-sama, remake it. Back to the level of the original Miledy golem. Thy understand?」

「……Yes ma’am. I’m really sorry.」

It could be guessed from seeing Hajime who was sitting in seiza posture with his head hanging down, the Super Miledy G that became rubbish nearby after self-destructing, and the magic circle in Miledy’s hideout that wasn’t shining.

It seemed that Kaori and co obtaining gravity magic would still take a little while more.

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