Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 354 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ⑬

Chapter 354 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ?

Inside a pure white room, the illusion water was whirling with rushing sound *zaa~~~~*.

Witnessing the intense stream that felt like it would really swallow them for real, the audiences――especially the parents like Shuu and Sumire were holding their breath.

At the same time,

――Things that you don’t like, can only be washed away with water☆

At the end of her sentence it felt like there was a voice ‘run?’ that sounded truly aggravating. It caused everyone to go 「Uwaa」with an appalled expression.

Of course they would. Whether it was the white room that looked immaculate, or the whirling water, or the hole at the center, no matter how they looked at it, it was a scaled up version of a toilet, and the past Hajime, Yue, and Shia were flushed into it.

The act of flushing humans, furthermore conquerors who had overcome the trial of the dungeon after much effort like they were filth――

「Miledy, seriously DEATH to Miledy-」

Shia was recalling various things again and almost got raging again. The intonation at the end of her sentence was subtly different from usual which was noticed by everyone, but like they said, best to not wake up the sleeping dragon and all that. Everyone didn’t make any retort at her.

Within the past image, Yue immediately used wind magic to make the three of them float, but the figure of her getting struck into the water to crush the attempt was projected in the image. Yue-sama’s hair was also fluttering slo~wly in the air from the magic power aura of anger oozing from her.

「……It’s frustrating but, even watching it now it’s still really brilliant.」

Even without asking what, they understood what she wanted to say. It was Miledy’s activation of gravity magic. “As easy as breathing” must be referring to something like this.

Although she was angry toward the humiliating act, as a magic expert it seemed that her focus was directed to that as expected.

While watching the sight inside the image where Hajime and others were yelling angrily even while being flushed away, Kaori asked Yue beside her who was making a ‘gunununu’ groan.

「Can the current Yue do the same thing?」

「……Of course. Is what I want to say but, if it’s limited to only gravity magic……then eventually I might be outdone by her.」

It was really honest of her. That must be exactly why she was going ‘gunununu’.

「……The magic’s formulation power, the magic power control and efficiency, activation speed, the lack of waste in all of them is too striking. Even though it’s a magic that she used casually, it’s a superb technique at its core.」

In other words, in case it came to a straightforward battle, it was possible that at the end even the current Yue would get pushed back due to inferior processing speed and number of moves.

Everyone except Hajime showed a shocked expression at Yue’s objective evaluation. The vampire princess who was generally accepted as a cheat in magic was evaluating herself as “still not there” even if it was only limited to one field.

It couldn’t be helped that everyone was staring at Yue open mouthed in a daze. That dumbfounded state was wiped away by the thunderous sound next.

――Heh!? This is, don’t tell me-!?

Miledy’s flustered voice resounded, then the next moment in a corner of the room exploded.

The unexpected explosion blast made everyone couldn’t help but get flustered even knowing that it happened in the past image. Shuu and Sumire raised their voices spontaneously.

「Uoh, what’s going on!? Hajime explanation please!」

「Hajime! You’re the culprit anyway! What did you do!?」

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The two parents who suspected their son as the criminal without even a shred of doubt. In fact he was the criminal, so Hajime averted his gaze slightly while confessing.

「Just before I got flushed away, I threw a knife attached with a grenade to the wall.」

Leaving behind explosive before leaving. That was Hajime quality.

‘A terrorist! His way of thinking is completely that of a terrorist!’ That was what Kaori papaTomoichi’s expression was saying while also saying it loudly. Everyone couldn’t help but agree.

Hajime-san looked really pleased at the 「Hinyaa~~h」 scream of Miledy. That made it even harder to deny it.

Even while doing such thing, the time was advancing inside the past image. The figures of the past Hajime and co completely vanished, then the explosion and water stream also settled down.

Like that,

「Eh!? There is another room deeper inside!?」

Shia raised a shocked voice. Her rabbit ears also jumped straight. Hajime and Yue also opened their eyes wide in surprise.

Kaori and others who visited this room for the first time were also showing confusion. Hajime thought for a bit before opened his mouth with a groan.

「Thinking really carefully, Miledy was living here, so it’s natural that there is a living space for her. To think that I was satisfied from just stripping off all of her belongings……we should intrude into there-」

「Goshujin-sama, that art of burglary!」

「The treasure of a hidden room! It’s exciting nano! Let’s snatch everything inside nano!」

「My my, Myuu…… Dear, please restrain yourself slightly in front of Myuu……」

Myuu was speaking like a member of bandit group with a smile. As expected, against Tio’s exasperated face and Remia’s gaze as though she was looking at a troubling person, even Hajime had no room to argue back.

The gazes of the parents were also really cold. To varnish over it, he tried saying 「That Miledy fellow was also hopeless, if she has a home there then it should be fine if she treated her guest to a tea or something isn’t it」 but,

「There is no one who will prepare tea for a robber you know, Hajime.」

「Hajime-kun. His common sense is still not……」

He also received exasperation from Shizuku and Aiko.

Perhaps, if Hajime and co were more motivated to kill the god, then Miledy might have invited them inside the room. And then, she might told them the story about the liberators in more detail.

Everything was the fault of Hajime who did something like 「Oy, try jumping for a bit. You still have something else right? Aa?」 when pestering Miledy for items. That was the final answer. He should resign himself to receive the exasperated gaze from everyone.

The atmosphere was awkward, so Hajime cleared his throat and forcefully moved the talk forward.

「My bad Yue. Can you replay the past a bit more?」

「……Nn! I’ll do my best!」

She also resupplied her magic power from the magic crystal stone. Yue clenched both her fists in a show of her motivation. Yue herself seemed to be curious about the room that they didn’t even notice at that time and about Miledy after they were flushed away.

The group smiled wryly at Hajime’s obvious diversion of topic while turning their focus to the past image too.

Inside the image, the wall was grandly destroyed. Mini Miledy who was blown away until the other side of the room was twitching.

But right away she stood up in a flash and said things like 「That bastarrddd!」 or 「I thought I almost died for real there!」 or 「Get cursed so that you will be abnormally sweaty at your armpit!」, anyway she hurled abusive language at Hajime. She was also expressing her anger by flapping her arms and legs while she was at it.

Mini Miledy golem was tiny, so it could be seen like a child making a fuss. They didn’t understand the principle behind it but her Nico-chan mask was making so many different expressions it looked really comical.

For a while she rolled around kicking her arms and legs, hitting the floor, doing the bridge of anger posture, etc, to vent her resentment, then Miledy finally noticed the futility of her act.

She looked at the broken wall and her shoulders dropped powerlessly, then she made an abrupt change by showing her motivation and started repairing.

For a while there was only the scene of Miledy doing nothing but repairing, so Yue fast-forwarded it while Hajime checked the wall during that time.

「From what I saw in the image, there is a mechanism around here……」

「Hajime, won’t it be fine if you just open a hole using transmutation?」

Hajime glared at the wall while shaking his head at Shuu’s words.

「It feels like I’ll lose if I do that.」

「You, you’re in the faction of not looking at the game guide when playing game huh.」

Shuu showed an understanding face that said ‘I get you~’, and there the image’s fast-forward stopped. At the same time, the wall’s repair was also finished apparently. Hajime too found the wall’s mechanism and succeeded in opening the wall.

They entered inside following the past Miledy.

「It’s unexpectedly simple……the number of books is amazing though.」

「……Nn. She was a golem so she didn’t need food.」

「There is a bed. But, there isn’t anything like toilet or shower desu.」

The inside of the room wasn’t really barren, but there wasn’t really any sign of living from it. The lack of things that originally should be necessary for a human’s livelihood gave them such impression even more.

The first thing that caught their eye was the bookshelves. The bookshelves were made by gouging out the wall itself and they reached until the ceiling. Old books were placed inside them to the brim. There wasn’t any sign of decay might be because they were protected by magic.

The bed was simple. There was also no blanket because there was no need for it. It was just a place to lie down the golem body.

Miledy was inspecting the wall from inside her living space. Hajime sent her a glance before sending his gaze to the place he was the most interested in.


「A photo nano!」

Myuu’s eyes sparkled as though she had discovered a treasure. She ran toward it *sutetetetete-* with rapid steps.

Kaori’s eyes blinked in astonishment at the discovery of the unexpected item.

「So there was something like photo at the era when Miledy-san and others were living.」

「Perhaps the civilization was developed, or perhaps she especially ordered it from Oscar. Perhaps it’s the latter I think.」

They approached while making such talk. Framed pictures were lining up on the shelf jutting out from the wall.

All the photos had smiling face. They contained a lot of people, various places, along with displays of extraordinary smiles. And then at the center of the photos, there would be one girl without fail. A girl with the same pretty blond hair like Yue, and blue eyes just like Shia.

「Hajime. Could it be she is……」

「Yeah, Tou-san. This girl is Miledy. The liberator Miledy Raisen.」

In the past, within the breaking holy precincts, Hajime and Yue alone saw Miledy’s soul. The blonde haired and blue eyes girl projected over the golem’s body.

Hajime and Yue absolutely couldn’t forget the figure of that girl they saw at the end. And then, that unforgettable figure was inside the photos right now.

Among them, there was one photo that looked conspicuously radiant. It was a group photo of seven people. At the center, the glasses youth who they saw before this――Oscar was looking panicked with his arm getting pulled by Miledy. And then as though to surround those two, there was the expressionless Naiz, Meiru who had a fearless smile, Vendeur who was looking exasperated, Laus with a grim look, and Lyutillis with her bewitching atmosphere.

Even though their expressions were all over the place and they had different race and birthplace……it was obvious from looking at it. All of them had fun somewhere inside them. All of them directed warm feeling toward Miledy. Their heart became one with her as their center.

The gazes of Hajime and others naturally turned toward the Miledy inside the past image.

Mini Miledy seemed to have finished repairing the wall and performed the last check. She lied down spread-eagled on the bed and spouted out her indignation that seemed to have been reignited.

She flailed and flailed around. She raged a lot with her metal body.

Before long, even that flame of anger seemed to have died out.

She lied down spread-eagled without moving at all. Her Nico-chan mask also returned to its default state.

With as much as she had made a ruckus, the air that was silent as grave was painful. When she wasn’t moving at all like this, Miledy was like an unmoving junk. Seeing her like that made a desolated feeling to constrict their chest for some reason. Myuu grabbed Hajime’s hand tightly.

「She is, all alone.」

Shia muttered a few words.

「……Nn. Even more than me, for far longer time.」

Yue who had tasted an imprisonment of three hundred years stared at the unmoving Miledy with a clear gaze.

Shuuzou suddenly asked.

「Hajime-kun. How long she was alive?」

「I don’t know the precise number. But if I have to say, it’s to a degree that there is no precise record remaining whether in literature, or even in Miledy’s own memory.」

「I see……」

That was, just how much time it was?

Just how many times the history was created and destroyed by Ehito’s hand during that time.

Yue’s era, Tio’s era.

And then, the many eras far before that. History.

It was months and years that would allow a water drop to pierce through a giant stone.

Gazes filled with various emotions were directed toward the lying down golem that was silent alone.

Her annoyingness that rubbed people’s nerves the wrong way was number one under heaven. And yet, why was it. Along with the desolation, they sensed an immense will that even made them felt fear.

While Hajime and others were staring wordlessly, before long, Miledy slowly reached out her hand toward the ceiling. As though she was trying to touch something. Perhaps, she was trying to grasp for something.

――They really……appeared……those who surpassed our trial……

The emotion dwelling inside that voice, how should it be described? No one understood how to describe it. But, it was deep and heavy. To a degree they were overwhelmed by the small whisper.

While everyone was watching, Miledy suddenly stood up and stared lovingly at the photos. She was reporting about Hajime and others to her comrades who had passed away a long time ago with flood of emotions.

There wasn’t even a shred of her annoyingness there. Inside the silent space where no reply came back, there was only Miledy’s happy voice being spun like a melody.

「She looked very happy there.」

Shuu said while putting his arm on Hajime’s shoulders. Hajime felt extremely embarrassed for some reason and replied curtly 「Looks like it」, but the corner of his eyes loosened.

「Mu, muu……a mere Miledy dare to looks so solemn desuu」

「……Nn. Making us cry like this」

Tears pooled up on the corner of Yue and Shia’s eyes. Kaori and others too, seeing the back of mini Miledy continuing to talk at the photos made their eyes moistened from the feeling rising up in their chest.

Before long Miledy seemed to be satisfied and ended her report toward her comrades. She then took a different photo.

――Everything, began from you

The photo was displaying a red haired woman wearing maid uniform. She had a style that rivaled Tio and showed an annoying smile that reminded them of a certain someone.

And then, beside that woman,

「Is this……Miledy-san when she was a child?」

Just like Kaori said, there was the figure of small Miledy there. But, Hajime and others couldn’t immediately declare that the girl was Miledy due to the same reason why Kaori was muttering with questioning tone.

The reason because, the child Miledy’s expression was only showing a bit of bafflement. The color of emotion couldn’t really be seen from her face, and her eyes were also practically lightless.

As people who knew Miledy, the red haired maid and the child Miledy looked opposite in expression and attitude……it couldn’t be helped for them to think so.

「Who is this woman……」

The gaze Miledy directed to the woman’s picture was different from the one she directed to Oscar and others, however, the passion felt from Miledy was equal if not more. It made Hajime to unconsciously direct a questioning gaze at her.

Sumire stared at the bookshelves and asked.

「Hey, Hajime. Miledy-san doesn’t leave behind a diary like Oscar-san?」

「It’s also my first time entering this place so……let’s try searching it for a bit.」

Projecting the era when Miledy and others were living using past replay was impossible no matter what due to the magic power cost. They wouldn’t be able to see through that far if they weren’t using concept magic for that.

The past of Miledy wasn’t written in detail even in Oscar’s diary, so the bookshelves of this room was the only possibility for them to be able to learn about the red haired maid.

「Let’s search! I’m absurdly curious!」

「……Nn. This maid’s smile is very irritating. I also want to investigate.」

「The dress that the small Miledy art wearing, it looks really high quality. There art also a maid accompanying her, couldst it be Miledy was born from a good family? I’m also curious.」

Next after Shia who considered Miledy as her one and only sworn enemy!, Yue, Tio, and then Kaori and others were also nodding in enthusiasm.

Everyone was apparently curious about the past of the liberator’s leader.

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Hajime nodded with a wry smile, then he took out the compass. He searched for anything like Miledy’s diary.

In the end……

The compass reacted.

「Oh, it seems there is something.」

There was a book with blue cover at a corner of the bookshelves. Hajime took it into his hand and flipped the pages quickly.

「Note……or rather it’s like a record for memory awakening just in case something happen. The story about her childhood……it’s here.」

It seemed that Miledy’s own memory was preserved mainly using soul magic. The book in Hajime’s hand was something like external memory just in case there was a problem with the golem.

Yue and others were also gathering around to look eagerly. As expected it would be difficult for everyone to read a single book, so Hajime extracted only the interesting part and read it aloud.

As the result,

「I, impossible desu……such thing is just!」

Shia was flustered. Furthermore it was to a great degree. It was like she had just learned the secret of the world. Her rabbit ears were trembling, as though to say 「I don’t want to accept it-! I don’t want to accept iiitt!」.

Certainly, “that” was a shocking truth. It was an unbelievable truth that overturned her world.

Hajime and Yue were also showing agitation that had never been seen before.

Kaori and others were all shedding tears.

It was that big of a truth. An impossible truth.

Yes, that was……

「Miledy’s annoyingness! Was something she inherited! I’m not going to believe it no matter what!」

Miledy-san, at the beginning she wasn’t annoying! Rather, she was a lady who would be the next head of the house of count Raisen!

「Impossible……this red haired maid……is the annoying person of the beginningoriginator!?」

「……To think that Miledy, was actually the one annoyed by this woman’s annoyingness……that’s just strange!」

Strength left the legs of Hajime and Yue. It seemed the shock the two felt made even them fall on their knees.

According to the note, the red haired maid “Bel” was the exclusive maid of Miledy when she was still a noble. Apparently she was a really annoying person. That annoying way of speaking of Miledy came wholly from this Bel after many twists and turns.

「Lo, look here, Hajime-kun, Yue, Shia. I think that’s not the point you three should focus on.」

Kaori wiped her tears while sending a fixed stare at Hajime and others. Shizuku and others were also sending them a cold gaze together.

「It’s just as Kaori said! This person called Bel was the founder of the “Liberator” organization! That Bel-san died and Miledy-san inherited her will! Those are the points you should pay attention to shouldn’t it!?」

「Goshujin-sama. This art the unknown episode where the Miledy that we know is born you know?」

「Hajime-kun, Yue-san, Shia-san. Sensei wish that you three will read the atmosphere a bit more.」

「Papa……Miledy-oneechan, is pitiful nano……」

The emotion of Miledy that was conveyed from the book was brimming with sorrow. Not to mention Kaori and co, even the parents couldn’t help but to cry. And so, it also couldn’t be helped for them to think 「Read the mood, seriously……」.

Receiving cold gazes from everyone else who were being tearful, as expected Hajime, Yue, and Shia became awkward. They coughed while standing up.

And then, he urged Yue to continue the past replay with a slightly solemn atmosphere.

With that, Miledy who was caressing Bel’s photo lovingly with her metal finger spoke her fundamental feeling that didn’t fade even after several thousand of years had passed as though she was praying.

――May the people of the future, be able to live under free will

The words of prayer were filled with mysterious power. It was quiet, but it reverberated with dignity.

Her small back looked extremely big.

「Rest assured. The world is liberated……no, guess there is no need to tell this.」

「……Nn. Miledy said it at the holy precinct. 『Finally, I can go to where everyone is without worry』, she said.」

They remembered that time at the end. After Hajime said that they absolutely wouldn’t forget about Miledy and others, and Yue said that the path Miledy and her friends had taken wasn’t pointless, the bashful and emotional expression Miledy showed at that time.

Even after the past image vanished, for a while no one said anything. In order to feel the weight of history that humans had piled up. And also, in order to offer a silent prayer mourning the protectors of the world.

It was unknown how much time passed of them doing that.

Before long everyone naturally softened the atmosphere and looked at each other.

「Hajime. You showed us something good. Thanks.」

「I’m glad to learn about Miledy-san. Though if possible I want to know more about her.」

Shuu and Sumire said that, then Tomoichi and others also spoke the same thing while enduring gentle emotion behind their eyes.

「Yeah. When we were traveling we didn’t really have any leeway, so we basically just ignored the matter of the liberator but……using the trip this time as opportunity, it might be good to try investigating about that era.」

Like that, Hajime too replied with a gentle smile. There Shia hit her hand as though she remembered something.

「That’s right! This is a good chance, let’s take a look at Miledy before she departed to the final decisive battle! ……That was the last battle for her, so surely she departed full of resolve.」

「Kuku-. Shia. No matter what thou said, you art hopelessly curious about Miledy art thou not?」

「It’s not like I’m curious about her!」

Seeing how she reflexively refusing it so quickly like that, it seemed she was curious. Her rabbit ears were flapping *funyan funyan* shyly.

「Yue, can you do it?」

「……Nn. I’ll pass the baton to Kaori after this considering my magic power.」

「Leave it to me~」

While saying that, Yue activated the past replay by matching the time period when Miledy departed from here based on Kaori’s memory.

At the end of her endless journey, the day of the final battle, what kind of feeling she harbored when she departed to battle……

While everyone was watching in a solemn atmosphere――

――Yaa! Are you weeell~? Peeing rabbit-chan? Pugyaa—h


――Is vocation “robber”-kun and, the completely horny vampire-chan also wellll?

「She, she predicted us……」

Hajime’s cheeks were twitching. Mini Miledy was dancing bouncily. It seemed Miledy had predicted that after the battle Hajime and others would come here and peeped using past replay.

The Nico-chan mask winked in a very annoying way. Then she moved her index finger as though to say 「Na?ve!」 while going ‘tsk tsk tsk’ also in a really annoying way. It was irritating.

――Do you want to watch the serious Miledy-san? You want to see it that much?

――Too baa~~d! Serious-san cannot win against Miledy-saan~~?

――Hey hey, right now, what do you feel? Even though you’re being solemn thinking of Miledy-san, the person herself smashed apart the atmosphere. What do you feel when that happened? Hey hey?

Miledy-san pre-final battle who was skipping around. As though to say ‘I’ll do the last annoyance of my life without regret yeah!’. Before everyone could make tsukkomi ‘Isn’t there anything else that you can leave behind huh……’, seventeen *snap* ominous sounds resounded. Those were the sounds of blood vein snapping out on everyone’s forehead.

――But it can’t be helped that you’re thinking about Miledy-chan! Whatever you say! Miledy-chan is a transcendent genius beautiful magician who easily surpass the world’s standard after all! Ahaha-

The gentle atmosphere……was already gone. Everyone’s eyes were really cold.

――Such Miledy-chan who is the very picture of woman gifted in both intelligence and beauty, has prepared a present for your sake! Here! Try pouring magic power here!

Mini Miledy pointed energetically with the fingers of both her hands toward right below the wall that had just been repaired before this. The movement that was excessively smooth and snappy looked truly irritating.

Hajime wordlessly walked forward and tried pouring magic power.

The wall flashed bright. And then it was projected.

The sight of Hajime and others getting flushed like excrement.

――Pugyaaah!! THE BESTTTTTTT-!! Look look, that expression! I want to leave it behind for future generation! Does this show my thanks for the explosion!? Fu hya hya hya hyah

*Snap snap snap-*, large number of blood vessel formed up on the forehead of Hajime, Yue, and Shia. Bext magic power burst up. Bursting bullets, storms and space crushing attacks attacked the wall.

Most likely she was recording the video using the camera function that the golem was equipped with. Miledy then buried the camera part into the wall at the same time when she repaired it. She must had set it up so that it projected the image when magic power passed through it……

Her action looked like it was done with the resolve of her knowing that she wouldn’t use that function anymore, and yet the content of that action was just too pointless. They had no more words for that.

The wall was blown away along with a thunderous sound. The solemn atmosphere was also completely blown away along with it.

But, at that instant,

「What, water……MILEDYYYY」

It was unexpectedly a raging stream once more. It wasn’t just illusion. A genuine raging stream was flowing in without stopping from the room of magic circle. The destruction of the wall seemed to be set up to also become the trigger to activate the flush toilet styled shortcut.

「Wai-, Hajime-kun! What now!?」

「Please calm down, Tomoichi-san. Right now something like water stream isn’t a big deal for us, we also can escape using gate.」

Miledy’s trick was rubbing them the wrong way just like usual, but it wouldn’t work against the current Hajime and co. They could destroy the mechanism that produced the water, or they could also freeze all the water itself, even escaping using gate was possible.

In fact, Kaori and Tio were already protecting everyone using spherically shaped barrier. The water level instantly rose until their knee but, they weren’t being washed away by the raging stream.

「Good grief, just what didst Miledy hath in her mind. If she filled even this room with water, then her books and her photos wouldst become wasted.」

「Perhaps they are being protected by age of god magic?」

The exasperated Tio was replied to by Shizuku who was smiling wryly. All of the books seemed like they had magic that prevented degradation over time applied on them, but it was unknown whether they would be safe even when they were submerged in water.

For now, Hajime took out the crystal key to make the water flow outside using gate. While he was doing so, the answer toward that question was taught by a voice that completely changed into a gentle voice.

――The problem is that

――In the end, I couldn’t hold out to the last

Everyone’s gaze was turned toward the mini Miledy. When they noticed, the figure of girl shaped Miledy appeared over the golem body. Those azure eyes reflected the books and photos. The love and pain that were showing from that expression made them held their breath.

――I thought for a tiny bit, that I want the treasures here to become something that belong only to me for eternity but……I couldn’t dispose of them with my own hand

The matter that they wanted to be conveyed to the later generation had been recorded by Oscar and others. What were here were only Miledy’s very personal recollections. The things that she used to console her heart through the endless time.

That was why, she wanted to monopolize these memories, but she was unable to dispose them with her own hand.

That was why,

――Hajime-kun, Yue-chan, Shia-chan. I’ll leave it to you three about what to do with the things here.

Surely they would come here. The first conquerors of Raisen Great Labyrinth, Hajime and others who lived in the future. Miledy left to them about what to do with the past. She also understood that if it was Hajime and others right now they would be able to deal with the trap she left behind.

Most likely, if they escaped without doing anything, then the books and photos would be washed away to somewhere that wasn’t the spring near Brook and wouldn’t be seen again by anyone’s eyes for eternity. With that none of it wouldn’t be left in this world anymore except the fragment of memories that was known by Hajime and co. The rest would all stay inside Miledy’s heart only.

――I won’t mind no matter what choice you make. Because that choice without a doubt will also be the best choice

The figure of Miledy closing her eyes and joining her hands on her chest while closing her eyes, was annoyingly beautiful. To a degree that not a single one of everyone here could take their eyes off her.

――Let me say this as the last

Behind the opened eyelids, there was a clear azure radiance. If the current Miledy had her photo taken and it was explained to the world that it was the photo of none other than the leader of the liberator, the protector of the world, then without a doubt people would call her as a saint.

――I pray that your future, will be under your own free will, forever and ever.

Like that, the girl shaped Miledy vanished. What remained after that was only the unspeaking golem.

The gazes of Yue and others were poured at Hajime who was holding the crystal key. They asked with their gaze what to do. Apparently they were entrusting the decision to Hajime.

Hajime’s gaze looked around, at Yue and others, and then to to Shuu and others. He compared with his gaze the crystal key in his hand and the photos, and at the end, he stared at the unmoving Mini Miledy in the past that looked like it stopped functioning.

And then,

「Raisen Great Labyrinth tour, is it okay to end it here?」

He said that with a wry smile.

He was suggesting for them to leave this place like this. To leave Miledy’s memories as Miledy’s own.

To that choice, everyone smiled gently and nodded.

He opened a gate inside the barrier. The other side was the spring located at the outskirt of Brook. The gate was connected to that area’s footpath.

Everyone passed through the gate and stepped on the grass while at the end they turned their gaze toward Miledy, one more time.




In that instant.




――Ah, that’s right! No matter what your choice is, the device to erase the sentence that reveal the rabbit-chan’s peeing is the only thing that I’ll wash away no matter what!

Girl Miledy who abruptly reappeared once more said such thing while her finger pointed with a snap.

While Shia was raising her voice 「Eh!?」, when they looked at the direction Miledy pointed at, a part of the wall made clacking sound and opened. An ore engraved with letters tumbled out from there.

It seemed the letters on the walls of Raisen Great Labyrinth were linked to that artifact. The letters engraved into that ore would be projected in the labyrinth. Most likely there were also a lot of other hidden shelves that contained many ores.

In other words, if the ore that became the core of the annoying sentence got washed away……

「Wai-, you-――」

――Soon I’ll become unable to endure the loneliness of continuing to talk to an empty room, so Miledy-chan is going to rest! Then bye by~~e-!

While Shia’s tone was breaking and her hand was reaching out, Miledy put one hand on her waist, placed a horizontal peace over her winking eye, and lifted up a foot, taking a pose that made it as though sparkling stars would scatter around her before vanishing for real this time.

At the same time, the artifact ore was swallowed by the raging stream and flowed into the hole on the floor that was opened unnoticed.

Shia who was watching that scene from across the barrier and gate froze for a breath, then


She went crazy once more. Kaori and Shizuku said 「Waaaah, Shia calm doowwnn!」 while pinioning her from behind with the two of them.

They got the feeling that for some reason, Miledy was messing up with Shia in particular. Perhaps she had emotional attachment to Shia, or perhaps to rabbitman race itself……

Hajime thought such thing while quietly closing the gate. Setting that aside Hajime muttered.

「In the end, Miledy was Miledy huh.」

It went without saying that everyone fiercely agreed.

Like this, the afternoon part of Tortus travel’s first day――Raisen Great Labyrinth tour ended with the feeling like they got toyed around from the beginning to end by Miledy who should be deceased already.

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