Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 355 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ⑭

Chapter 355 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ?

*Splash-, splash-!!* There was a fish that splashed fiercely. No, it was a middle-aged man. No, no. It was a fish with the face of middle-aged man. In other words, it was the human faced fish monster――Lee-san or better known as Leeman.

At the spring located in the outskirts of Brook. On the grass a slight distance away from the spring’s side, he muttered 『Heh, damn it all. I too have become decrepit huh』 with a small voice while hopping on the ground with a nihilistic smile.

He hopped and hopped in order to return to the spring. But, there wasn’t any sign of him getting nearer. The distance until the spring was infinitely far…

「Hajime. I can’t believe that in this world there is a real Se○man……」

「When you see it at reality……it’s quite an impactful sight.」

Shuu and Sumire let out a trembling voice. Tomoichi and others, and then even Shizuku and Aiko who met the fish with middle-aged man face for the first time were also getting creeped out they took a step back.

As expected Lee-san wasn’t kind to the mind of most people who met him for the first time. Because it was extremely surreal. His existence was.

After the tour of Raisen Great Labyrinth was over and they pacified Shia who was going into frenzy due to Miledy’s prank, they decided to teleport away for the time being. The location was where Hajime and co were thrown out in the past after going through the flush toilet shortcut.

The intention was just to tell the others that this was the place where they were tossed out before moving on to the next location, but there Hajime suddenly remembered.

Come to think of it, at that time Lee-san was also thrown out together with them……he thought. And then recalling further, after that he was captured by a passerby and got sold into Fuhren’s aquarium as a rare monster.

Hajime explained such while staring at Lee-san who was hopping around. Then Shia who they somehow made to recover into sanity abruptly spread out her rabbit ears and said to Hajime.

「Tha, that’s right-, Hajime-san! This isn’t the time to stare at Lee-san splashing around! Even now at this moment, there is my first kiss in the side of that spring!」

「Shia, can you tell me more about that I wonder? I wonder?」

「Eh? Right after you conquered the dungeon? Hajime, you assaulted Shia?」

「Ee!? Hajime-kun, at this kind of place!? Even though Yue-san is also here!?」

Kaori’s neck twisted around and she drew near to Shia. Shizuku and Aiko sent Hajime a shocked gaze, while Tomoichi said 「This animal-」 and released murderous eyeglint. Kaoruko and others were also making face that said 「Oh my」.

「When I took step to save Shia’s life that was in danger of drowning because she got shocked by Lee-san, the instant she recovered she clung and kissed me with body strengthening max.」

Hajime’s half-closed eye insisted wordlessly, 「Which one of us is the animal?」. Or perhaps it was saying 「It’s this girl who is the animalistic rabbit」.

「My-, really Shia-chan, you’re completely a carnivore rabbit!」

「Kaa-sama! You’re wrong desuu! Hajime-san and Yue-san recognized me after my first clearing of great dungeon! They also called my name properly! There was just this, various kind of feeling surging out! The rabbit of the forest isn’t a beast![

‘Rather I’m a lady!’ She made an appeal of her chastity after this late but, everyone’s gaze was lukewarm. The exposure of her clothing since moving to earth was also somewhat high……, and no matter what she said she would immediately cling to Hajime to the same degree like Yue…… The forest rabbitast theory was gradually becoming the accepted opinion.

……Unfortunately, the forest rabbits nesting in the sea of tree at present were also a group of beasts in a different meaning, so it wasn’t like the theory was that mistaken.

And so, with the mentality of 「It isn’t scary if it’s done with everyone!」, she sought to take down someone along with her.

「Even Kaori-san also has criminal record of clinging and kissing Hajime-san desu!」


Kaori was startled. Kaori papa bared open his eyes into a glare. Kaori mama was going ‘my my’ in excitement.

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「When she was possessed by the ghost in the undersea ruin, she clung and kissed Hajime-san right after she recovered! Isn’t that right!」

「Tha, that’s……I……」

The end of her sentence lost strength limply like the tail of a dog that got found out doing mischief. Kaori looked at Hajime seeking help, but Hajime sighed ‘fuh’ and averted his gaze,

「She did that huh. In addition, she pretended to be unable to walk and clung on my back like a haunting ghost……」

「Isn’t it terrible calling me a ghost!?」

「So you aren’t denying about the kiss.」

An accurate tsukkomi from Shizuku. Kaori’s face was rapidly reddening. Tomoichi’s face was reddening into a deep red rather than just normal red, while the others were sending lukewarm gaze that seemed to say 「Kaori-chan too, her atmosphere is like a healing saint but she is actually an animal……she is an animal saint!」. Kaori spoke in denial toward that.

「Tha, that’s wrong! It was only feelings like inferiority complex or impatience, various emotions bursting out! Even I am a lady I’m telling you! I’m not an animal, really!」

Even her desperate justification alongside Shia was blown away lightly by her usual conduct.

「……Fuh. From here on the two of you can introduce yourself as “clinging lady” together.」

「I don’t want to be told that by Yue-san desu.」

「I don’t want to be told that by Yue.」

A serious faced tsukkomi exploded from Shia and Kaori toward the kissy freely lady Yue.

「As for me, I’m more in the side of getting someone clinging on me rather than clinging on someone.」

Tio spoke with a lonely look from being unable to join the talk, but for the time being she was ignored.

The gazes of the parents were looking uneasy for some reason so Hajime attempted to change the topic. He stared at Lee-san who was splashing around while speaking out something that he suddenly noticed.

「Come to think of it Myuu. You don’t look really surprised even when looking at Lee-san huh?」

She was from the sea people race, so perhaps she was used to sea monster as expected, Hajime thought. But at the same time he was taken aback. Beside Myuu, with a de~ep smile and unblinking eyes Remia was staring――glaring? at Lee-san. It seemed that Myuu was creeped by that slightly scary smile of her Mama and stayed quiet.

「Wha, what’s wrong Remia?」

「? There is nothing wrong you know? Ufufu. But, I’m just thinking that this person is the “Lee-san” who taught my daughter unnecessary thing is it? That’s all. Ufufu, really, I wonder what I should do to him.」

「Seriously what’s wrong!?」

Remia who was always going “my my ufufu” like a gentle big sister was rarely smiling in anger like this. The air was stinging as though spice was scattered around.

Myuu was slowly stepping away from Remia who was chuckling ‘ufufu’. She then awkwardly said.

「You know, papa. Myuu, once talked with Lee-san when Myuu was waiting for papa and everyone to pick up Myuu nano.」

「Seriously……wait, Lee-san is also in the western sea, so I guess it’s not strange that you encounter him by chance.」

It seemed after Hajime and co cleared Melusine Undersea Ruin, temporarily parted from Myuu, and Myuu encountered Lee-san by chance.

「And then, when Lee-san realized that Myuu is papa’s daughter, he told Myuu that he would lend Myuu his strength anytime nano.」

「That person……no, fish? ……Or monster? Well anyway, Lee-san is a nice and caring uncle after all.」

「But, he got tied up with rope by his wife and made to look after his children nano.」


「Myuu forgot before this but he also has message for papa. ――”Choose a wife that is older than you in the end. But, don’t let woman’s authority to rule over you. Never let yourself become whipped” nano.」

Hajime got it now. It seemed that Lee-san was a husband who was whipped by an authoritarian wife.

「I get the gist. Myuu, you didn’t understand the words’ meaning and asked Remia didn’t you?」

「Myuu asked mama nano.」

Myuu also asked an abnormal question after that, ‘did mama tie up rope around papa’s neck and made him played with Myuu nano?’. It was because she saw Lee-san’s wife tying up Lee-san with seaweed and dragged him away while angrily yelling 「Play with your children!」.

Remia mama who was making various misunderstanding due to Myuu’s questions inevitably got angry with the ruffian who taught her little daughter about an abnormal marriage relationship.

「You should, properly clear the misunderstanding……」

「Papa, Myuu properly cleared the misunderstanding.」

Then, why did Remia still angry? While such questioning gaze gathered on her, Myuu frowned and glanced at the splashing Lee-san.

「According to mama, “to leave his family alone and pretend like a wanderer…… In addition to ask a child to give a message to not get whipped by his wife……just what does he think his wife and children are I wonder? Mama finds it a bit hard to forgive that kind of person”. That’s what mama said.」

「I, I see……」

For some reason, the gazes of the papa~s including Hajime turned to the faraway. They all gazed at the sun that was going down toward the western sky.

A type of people who focused on their hobby and unconsciously forgot themselves……such point might be the common point between the men here.

The gaze of Yue, Sumire, and all the other wives were feeling strangely painful for some reason.

「We’re going to go back to your hometown too in the trip this time……it’ll be nice if we can meet with Lee-san there. Right? Myuu?」

「Ye, yes nano.」

*Whoosh* A wind that strangely felt like it was desiccated was blowing through. Even though they were at the side of a spring. The throat of the men there felt strangely dry……that was what they felt.

Kaori said 「Aa~ I think it might be impossible with my magic power to continue further~」 with a tone that sounded forced while erasing the past projection of splashing Lee. Remia’s dee~p smile also returned to her former gentle smile. The men were relieved.

Sumire smiled wryly at the husbands’ state while turning her gaze toward Shia saying 「Even so」in order to change the topic too.


「Ah, yes, what is it Kaa-sama?」

Sumire didn’t reply right away. She calmly approached Shia. And then, she began caressing Shia’s head with a gentle movement.

Shia was astonished. Sumire turned a smile that also looked kind toward such Shia.

「Let Kaa-sama say it to you too, okay? I missed the timing, so let me say it right now. ……You have worked really hard. You have done well. Thank you for accompanying Hajime and Yue-chan without giving up.」


Various shocking images kept coming in Raisen Great Labyrinth tour so it got ignored, but in a sense, there was no doubt that this great labyrinth’s clearing was a turning point for Shia, and also for Hajime and Yue.

If Shia’s heart yielded at the middle, if there was a time she ran away……

There was no doubt that Hajime and Yue wouldn’t recognize Shia as a companion.

They recalled the past Shia they saw at the bottom of Raisen Grand Canyon who could do nothing but run away when encountering Hajime and Yue by chance.

They still hadn’t seen other scene like Shia’s training in the sea of trees, but when they recalled the vivid scene of Shia dealing the finishing blow to Miledy golem, they could easily imagine just how much courage Shia continued to muster.

She did her best for the sake of the future she wished for.

She was truly making good of her words. She splendidly surmounted a next to impossible feat that was truly easy to say but hard to carry out.

As the result, she added her color to the world of Hajime and Yue that was only filled with the two of them. A brilliant color even.

「Err, that, I……」

Shia got bright red. Her rabbit ears and rabbit tail were restlessly wriggling around searching for words to say. There Shuu also approached her and patted her head lightly.

「Based from what I saw in the abyss, if Shia-chan wasn’t with them, Hajime and Yue-chan might really mow down everything, discard everything, and complete a world that is literally just the two of them. Hajime and Yue were able to form bond with the people they encountered at the future from there……was surely thanks to Shia-chan.」

The moon that nestled close to the abyss’s monster.

With just that, surely the world of Hajime and Yue’s heart would spread only as a silent night with only the two of them inside it forever, no doubt about it. It would be a slightly lonely world that couldn’t accept other people and formed with only the two of them.

The sunlight that shined into there was Shia.

That was why, the world of Hajime and Shia changed color, and then it obtained a space for nurture. To nurture bond with people.

「Tha, that’s, exaggerating desu. I just wanted, to return the favor, to go together with the people with the same constitution like me who I finally met, that was all……also, I just fell in love with Hajime-san so……」

Shia hid her eyes with her rabbit ears that turned floppy from the praise and gratitude of her mother-in-law and father-in-law. It was only her rabbit tail that kept wagging around.

Seeing Shia like that, Hajime and Yue looked at each other, and a beat later, their expression turned affectionate toward Shia.

「There ain’t any need to be humble. In fact, I think the present time won’t exist if we didn’t meet you. Surely, even Aiko’s words “I don’t want you to live in a lonely way” wouldn’t leave any strong impression in me and I’d just ignore it.」

「……Nn. Because Shia did your best I was also able to soften my heart. Without that, I might do nothing but agreeing with everything that Hajime think.」

「U, u. I, is that so? ……Fuheh」

It seemed that she finally became unable to hold back her happiness. The 「fuheh」 of happiness came out from Shia. Her mouth broke into a really wide grin while mumbling incomprehensibly.

Kaori opened her mouth with a warm smile.

「Come to think of it, Tio said it at the great labyrinth of the sea of trees wasn’t it? According to what Tio said, both Hajime-kun and Kouki-kun are lacking for the title of “hero”. The true hero is none other than Shia she said.」

「That art a nostalgic story. However, umu. I certainly said that. And then, I wouldst not say anything different even now.」

「Hajime at the beginning was really scathing to everything other Yue wasn’t it? If it was me I think my heart would give up right away. Certainly, she is a hero.」

「So what I said in Ur……could reach Hajime-kun was thanks to Shia. Considering that, then I think it was really great that their first meeting was with Shia.」

Tio and others said those, and then Hajime added further.

「Come to think of it, Myuu. When you escaped from the underground organization at Fuhren, it was me who first noticed your presence in the underground sewer, but it was Shia who rushed toward you first you know?」

‘Is that so!’ Myuu said with her eyes turning round. A beat later she smiled happily.

「Shia-oneechan at that time was really kind. Myuu felt really relieved nano. Shia-oneechan, thank you nano!」

「Shia-san. Let me say it once more, thank you for saving Myuu. I think that surely it was because you were there that Hajime-san too became that close to Myuu so earnestly.」

During the journey, there were a lot of things that Hajime came to form.

That was surely because the monster of abyss was recovering the heart of the former Hajime bit by bit. Because he was recovering his heart while growing.

Before his heart was completely reduced into a monster, if Yue was the one that tied that heart to a “human”, then it was undoubtedly Shia that reminded that heart of its “humanity”.

Those two were exactly the moon and the sun that were irreplaceable for “Hajime’s world”.

「Err, e~rr……yo, you are welcome, desu?」

She couldn’t find any word. Shia became bashful and shy. The air that became awkward because of splashing Lee-san became warm as though it received the spring sunlight.




After that, Hajime and co headed to the city of Brook in order to have slightly early dinner as well as for sightseeing.

It was a period of time when the sun was starting to burn in orange color.

Following the request of the parents who wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of another world, they didn’t teleport this time but traveled using the magic power fueled car in its open car mode. They advanced leisurely in low speed that was about the same speed of a horse galloping.

By the way Brieze couldn’t carry everyone, so a new car was created for this trip. It was a medium bus that could transport a maximum of twenty people easily. The design was made to look similar with armored car which was a part of its charm.

Also, the distribution of seat was Hajime, Yue, Remia, and Myuu at the first row. The second row was filled with Shuu, Sumire, Shia, Tio. The third row was for Shirazaki family, the fourth row for Yaegashi family, and the fifth row for Hatayama family.

「Hey, Hajime-kun. There is this suspicious red button and a dangerous looking stick beside my seat here though……」

They were bathing on the refreshing evening wind, however, for some reason, everyone had the same complicated expression like Shuuzou who asked that question. And then, their gazes were also directed to some spots inside the car.

Didn’t they want to enjoy the scenery……

Hajime felt puzzled while driving and answering the question at the same time.

「Of course, that’s the activation button and the trigger for the gatling gun.」

「I don’t know what do you mean by “of course” though?」

「? It’s because this is a car?」

「I don’t understand it even more……」

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Why didn’t he get it……Hajime tilted his head with uncomprehending expression instead. Yue and others seemed to guess the answer somehow and got a faraway look. At the same time Koichi and Kirino also asked.

「Hajime-kun. Why is this vehicle’s appearance like an armored car?」

「I think that the seats are obviously fewer compared to the size of the vehicle though……why is that?」

Very well. Then it shall be explained. Fufuh.

「Of course, it’s because a lot of weapons are installed inside the vehicle.」

「A lot of weapons」

「Are installed inside the vehicle」

The outer appearance of armored car already didn’t look like a vehicle to be used to leisurely travel on the road of another world. Rather it looked like a vehicle for going to war wasn’t it……that was the thought of Kaoruko and Akiko who were trembling while repeating Hajime’s answer haltingly. Their expression were like someone who was doing rodeo on top of a bomb.

「Yes, to explain it simply, both sides have twenty gatling gun and a total of 120 missiles each. The front side and backside can deploy 55 caliber 120 mm electromagnetically accelerated tank cannon “Excalibur”, and the bottom of the vehicle can release a maximum of 300 of all sorts of self-propelled explosive “Run○”.」(Note: I don’t know what is the reference for this)

‘There is also a lot of other weapons!’ Hajime continued to explain at length. For the time being, everyone kept silent. Remia covered Myuu’s ears with both hands.

「And so」

This travel micro bus could act as one man army even against the army of earth so,

「The safety is perfect. Please rest assured.」

「Hajime-kun. Just where in the world you want to go too with such loadout?」

Tomoichi’s gaze that looked like he was looking at a pitiful person stabbed Hajime. To Brook town……it was obvious that he didn’t want to hear that answer.

「O, Otou-san. You’re wrong. Hajime-kun you see, he is still, you know……he is in the middle of rehabilitation!」

Kaori’s words stabbed Hajime. Hajime’s common sense was still in the verge of death. That opinion of Kaori apparently made everyone convinced unanimously. Everyone went 「I see……」 while nodding quietly. Perhaps because they had just watched the bloody experience of Hajime in Orcus Great Labyrinth, they made a kind expression that seemed to say 「Well, it can’t be helped」.

It was really unexpected. For Hajime that was.

Just in case, the roof could also be deployed instantly, and the armor itself was made from azantium. Naturally the defensive power was raised from the base using “Vajra”, and there was also space isolation magic that covered the whole bus, so certainly its safety was high.

「I, it also has airbag installed, you know?」

Hajime tried to explain that in addition there was also the equipment of normal car but there was no reply. Even when he sent glances at the back mirror, there was only lukewarm gazes reflected there. 「Rehabilitation to recover common sense……do your best」 The kindness of the parents that said that permeated into Hajime’s heart. Just like splashing antiseptic to an open wound.

「……Nn. Hajime, do your best?」

「What’s that cheering for?」

The kind gaze from his beloved who sat beside him felt painful right now.

Then with a voice that was small but audible until the back seat, Hajime said 「A vehicle without weapon is like a person not wearing clothes. Everyone don’t get it……」 sullenly while starting to look only at the front.

It seemed he was sulking.

With an expression of looking at someone troubling, Yue poked lightly at Hajime’s cheek several times. Remia and Yue also poked at papa’s cheek from across Yue. For some reason Shia and Tio also poked from the seat behind.

Kaori wouldn’t be able to reach from her seat’s position, however she wanted to join and poked at the sulky Hajime with a different method.

「Do, don’t poke using your silver feather-」

「I’m sorry. I didn’t think.」

The chance of Kaori mistaking her control of disintegration ability wasn’t non-existent, so sending silver feather remotely to poke at his cheek was too scary.

Shizuku was staring at Hajime looking like she also wanted to poke. Of course she couldn’t reach so she did her best reaching out using her black katana――Brieze II hit a rock and shook. Because of that, Shizuku who was in an unstable posture of leaning forward was,


Such adorable scream resounded. And then,


*GON* Such raw sound could be heard. At the same time Hajime’s scream also leaked out. It seemed Shizuku thrust her black katana strongly with the momentum of her falling. It was really fortunate that the katana was sheathed. If it was unsheathed, around this time there would be a tunnel from the back of Hajime’s head until his forehead opened through.


「I, I’m sorry」

Hajime’s twitching expression and glare reached through the back mirror. Shizuku averted her gaze in panic.

「Me, me too!」

「Aiko! You don’t need to! That wriggling ivy! Put it away now!」

Why did the girls wanted to poke at Hajime? Was something inside the girls driving them on?

「Fufu, Kaori and everyone else are really getting along.」

「Geez Shizuku, you’ll immediately turn like a child when you’re in front of Hajime-kun.」

「Everyone really loves Hajime-kun huh~. Isn’t that right, Aiko?」

Kaoruko, Kirino, and Akiko watched the interaction of their daughters and made a really bittersweet expression. In contrast, the male parents were making really complicated expressions. It seemed there was also a bit of sympathy mixed in seeing Hajime’s cheek getting poked along with a bit of the danger in the middle too.

While that was going on, something was coming into view from far away.

「Oh, Hajime. Is that it?」

Shuu leaned forward and pointed to the front. Ahead, something like a tall rampart was coming into view bit by bit. There was one long object stretching straight toward the sky which must be the watchtower.

Within the scenery that looked burning due to the evening sun at the background, the rampart looked like a swaying shadow. It convinced them that indeed, this was truly a fantasy sight. Not just Shuu, the other parents were also raising from their seat with sparkling eyes.

But, Hajime who was being asked tilted his head and refrained from replying.

「It should be so but……it’s strange that we can see it from this distance. Was the town that big?」

「……N~n. That watchtower, it might be 30 meters tall. It’s three times taller than before.」

It seemed the town’s scale was different from their memory.

Shia abruptly stood up and imitated a round glasses with both hands that she placed on her eye. She also hummed ‘muun’ at the same time. Her azure eyes were tinged with light. It was Shia-style super strengthening limited to sight. If she did it to the maximum limit she would be able to read the letters of a newspaper from two kilometers away. It was a bugged technique although it sounded plain.

With that bugged sight, Shia checked the Brook Town. A moment later.


She let out an appalled voice while sporting a wry smile.

「What’s wrong Shia?」

「Err you see. Anyway, the height of the outer wall is now twice than before. Now it’s made from stone when it was made from wood before but……there is no doubt that it’s the Brook Town. Also, well, you will understand when we go there.」

「? Well, I guess. Rather, what happened that they increased the defense like that?」

「……Nn~. After the decisive battle, a lot of monsters escaped from the holy precincts. Perhaps they’re on guard against that?」

「I don’t think that’s it though.」

Shia’s wry smile deepened. Shuu and others kept asking question in curiosity. Hajime sent them a glance before increasing the speed.

Like that they arrived before the gate of Brook Town.


Hajime was speechless. He was also expressionless.

Behind Hajime, everyone was making expression of surprise or admiration or amusement.

The reason was,

――The town of beginning Welcome to the holy land Brook!

――The journey of his majesty the demon king began from here!!

Such sentences were written on stupidly huge boards. In addition,

――New creation demon king amulet on sale! The grace of the demon king will bring you success!

――Currently accepting applicant for pilgrimage tour! You can also experience the demon king’s footsteps vicariously!

――The twelfth demon king army cosplay convention is open!!

――Applicant recruitment for the fifth demon king quiz! Can you win against the quiz queen, Soona Masaka!?

Because countless stupidly huge banners were hanged down.

「De, demon king-sama!? Why are you here demon king-sama!?」

When Hajime’s eyes were starting to twitch, a voice suddenly called out to him. When he looked there, a man dressed like an adventurer was looking over here in astonishment. Most likely he was the gate guard. There were also several people behind him. They were also astonished and stunned.

For now, the demon king-sama tried asking.

「Oi, what’s with those things?」

「Eh? E, even if I’m asked that, this ain’t the time to stare absentmindedly-. Oi, you guys-! Hurry, contact the mayor and top brass! Our demon king-sama has descended here! Tell your family too! It will a dishonor for this holy land if we can’t even prepare a single welcoming-」

「「「Ye, YES SIRR」」」

*DODODODO-* The subordinates of the gate guards dashed away.

A beat later, across the wall,

――Demon king-sama’s party has descended! Descended-!!

――Lit the sacred flame! Raise your cheers! It’s demon king-sama in the flesh-

――Clear the path! Toss those drunkards over there into the barn!

――Someone go contact Masaka Inn!

――Where is Chrystabel-dono!? Does anyone know!?

――We can’t stay like this! Let’s show our pride! As the people of the holy land!

――Get to the front gate in thirty seconds!

――Okaa-saaaan, where are youuu-

――If it’s your mother then she already dashed to the gate! She’s a severe demon king-sama fan after all!

Such cheers that sounded like angry yells or shocked voices were raised up. The fire cauldrons that looked like Olympic Cauldron placed in fixed interval at the top of the outer wall were lit in succession. Seen from afar it looked similar with candles lined up on birthday cake.

And, a moment later after that, the sound of bell *clang-clang-clang* was resounding from the summit of the watchtower. In addition *BUOOOOOOOOO-BUOOOOOOOO-* there was even the sound of blowing a trumpet shell.

「The atmosphere feels like they’re going to war after this.」

「Myuu, know this nano! In fantasy movie, the knights fighting the army of evil will do the same thing in their fortress nano!」

The twitching of Hajime’s eyes became intense. Certainly, this reaction was the most correct one in a state when the demon king army was approaching a city. That was if the exploding emotion that was the opposite was excluded.

In the blink of eye, great noise that shook the ground and vibrated the air was spreading through Brook Town. Hajime and the wive~s were creeped out while Shuu and others were overwhelmed that they couldn’t say anything.

Then, the gate guard took a step forward. He fell on one knee with adroit movement that looked as though he had done simulation of it for several thousand times, bowed his head, and spoke out.

「Your majesty. This Porter Helly is extremely delighted to receive the honor of being in your audience for the second time.」

「The second time?」

「Yes-. It’s only natural that your majesty can’t remember. I too only finally remembered at the legendary decisive battle that your majesty were “the young man who met a rare disaster of having a broken status plate” who I previously interacted with. When I realized that status was actually true, embarrassingly my waist lost strength and I was unable to stand.」

「……Ah, the guy at that time huh.」

The gate guard kneeling before them with a name that was similar with a certain wizard was apparently the gate guard that dealt with Hajime and co when they visited Brook Town for the first time.

「Yes-. Thanks to that I was able to become the most famous gate guard in the world! I also received interview from reporters and historians many times, and most likely my name would also get recorded in the history book! Right now the occupation of gate guard became amazingly popular as the job where you might be able to become the first one to encounter a great person! I become popular among girls as though my past is just a lie and my salary also bloated up! Thanks to your majesty the meal today is also delicious! I’ll follow your majesty for my whole life!」

「Don’t follow me.」

The smile of the gate guard was truly dazzling. His guts to openly puffed up his chest saying 「I want to get a slice of demon king-sama’s pie!」 might be suited for a gate guard in a sense.

Even while they were conversing like that, the tumult inside the town was getting bigger the swirling presence at the other side of the gate was enlarging with accelerating speed. The residences of Brook Town seemed to be really well trained.

Let’s put it bluntly.

It was a bit scary.

Hajime looked back across his shoulder with a twitching expression. His eyes expressed his feeling more eloquently than anything, 「As I thought, let’s skip going to Brook」.

Shuu and Sumire were looking disappointed saying 「Ee~, even though we’re looking forward to it already~」, but Tomoichi and others seemed to agree due to their mentality of an ordinary person who was going to get dragged into a riot.

But, before they could turn around――


An energetic voice. ……From above the outer wall.

A girl was waving her hand in a big way. Right after that, like the eagle div○ of a certain assassin cree○, the girl spread both her hands widely and dived from twenty meter high without hesitation.

Shuu and others didn’t even have time to say 「Ah」. Even though the girl was wearing an adorable maid uniform, she rotated midair with a sharp movement. Just before she crashed on the ground, she landed on the wall due to the rope her hand was holding and with light footsteps she rappelled down.

At the end she kicked on the wall and twirled in the air as though she was dancing before splendidly landing on the ground. To tell the truth, this girl was the poster girl of a normal inn――Soona Masaka-chan.

But, at the next instant, there was a thunderous sound *ZUDON* next as though there was a quake.

Looking there, a lump of flesh was flying in the sky. Like a human cannon that was fired using catapult. The thunderous sound was perhaps the sound of stepping when that lump of meat jumped over the outer wall……


Throaty voice, thick limbs, muscles of steel, face that was like in a cartoon strip. And then, frilly mini skirt. A monster with such attributes was falling from the sky.

*ZUDON* Another earthquake reverberated. With an awesome heroic landing of falling on one knee & one hand raised, accompanied with a pleasant smile (or rather it was a viscous smile objectively speaking), it needn’t be said who this person was. The monster of a common clothes shop, and the leader of all manly women――it was shop manager Chrystabel.

Furthermore, another group raised their voice *WAAAAAAA-!!* like the war cry of battlefield and crossed the outer wall not through the gate but over the top of the wall just as expected……

――Group of those who want to be stepped on by Yue-chan! Charge! Chargee! Obtain the honor of being the first one to give your greeting!

――Group of those who want to be Shia-chan’s slave! Don’t get left behind! GO GO GO GO GO-!!

Group of those who want to be sister with Yue-oneesama! We’ll become her step sister without fail this time! Follow me-!!

――Demon King Hajimee, today is the day he’ll take our balllll――――――

And then at the end, the gate was finally destroyed from inside and the residences flooded out with smiling face……

For some reason, there were countless extremely familiar figures……

Seeing those, Hajime spoke shortly.

「This is a haunting of demons huh.」

‘Really, you are right.’ Yue and everyone else thought in deep agreement while trembling if fear from getting surrounded in the blink of eye.

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