Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 356 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ⑮

Chapter 356 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ?

That day , the demon king died.

Beside the dead demon king, the demon king’s wive~s also――died.

Especially their eyes.

And then,

「Ahah, ahahahahahahah. The, there are a lot of Hajime! The quality is hi~gh!」

「Oi, Hajime! Everyone is waiting for you! Raise your score quickly! Puhah!」

The parents of the demon king were roaring with laughter. They were rolling around holding their stomachs while laughing. Shirasaki family, Yaegashi family, and Hatayama family were making expression that was half troubled and half conflicted not knowing of what to say.

In front of them, they were lined up in a row.

White hair wig, eye patch, black coat, imitation prosthetic arm (most likely the inside was hollow so their arm could be inserted) and model guns in two hands held in striking pose. Young men (a part of them were old men) with those appearance――numbered forty in total.

And then, women dressed like Yue and others in the past numbered twenty people for each of them (there was a part that was exception).

They were staring at the “real deal” with sparkling eyes!

Yes, the holy land Brook right now was in the middle of a cosplay tournament. Naturally there were a lot of imitation demon king party there.

「This is……harsh……」

The demon king unbelievably whined. He looked like his soul was going to slip out from his mouth.

「……Hajime. Can I chant my lightning dragon?」

Yue and others were also red faced. The shock they felt seeing a lot of people dressed like them chuuni style wasn’t as big as Hajime, even so embarrassing things are embarrassing regardless.

「Do, don’t do that……」

「No way-, Hajime-san is being considerate!? Are you in your right mind!?」

「Hajime-kun! Here is soul magic!」

*Pika―* Hajime shined.

Shia and others who completely thought that they would need to stop Hajime from shooting like mad were slightly revived due to the shock that surpassed their shame. And then, they were worried for Hajime who was looking up to the sky with dead eyes to escape from reality which was really unlike him.

Hajime spoke to Shia and others who were like that with a hollow gaze.

「Violence to cosplayer, is forbidden.」

The rule of steel bound even the godslaying demon king. Perhaps. There was also enough possibility that he would become deranged from the excessive shame.

「E, err……why even I……」

「E, even Myuu is there nano……」

People with the appearance of little girl or lady wearing normal dress with white base tone, emerald green wig, and the unique ears of seaman people could also be seen here and there.

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Myuu was still simply looking troubled of how to react, but Remia’s confusion and shame were already at an overflowing level. Mentally she was at the level of ordinary people, so her face looked like it was saying 「I want to go home right now!」.

Other than them,

「……Why? Why art I the only one with only three people?」

There were only three cosplayer-san of Tio. The three of them were going ‘haa haa’.

Indeed. It seemed the only people who wanted to cosplay as a pervert were only perverts. Apparently Tio’s popularity in the holy land Brook was low. It was really sad how there was no one who paid attention to the “dragon race”factor and cosplayed based on that.

Ignoring the pervert who was plainly shocked, Hajime whose mind was slightly stabilized by Kaori’s soul magic for the time being,

「We came to have meal. Let’s go.」

Took the policy decision of ignoring all these.

When he did that,

「「「「「「「「「「SIR YES SIRRRR」」」」」」」」」」

All the cosplayers and also all the citizens who were watching the event like people watching Hollywood star walking on red carpet saluted all at once and opened a path.

That sight was like when Moses split open the sea. Their expression was joyful expression that said 「We just received the imperial edict of demon king-sama!!」.

The residences of the holy land were actually well trained. And then, they were already beyond help.

「Demon king-sama! If you wish to have meal then please come to out place!」

「That was our plan originally but……」

Soona-chan energetically raised her hand and invited them to “Masaka Inn” but,

「I beg you, please stay the night! Please stay the night there! Our inn is fully booked due to the cosplay tournament but we will chase away all of them so there is no need to worry! Ple, please rest assured for the night too! The night too! The night toooo!」

「I can’t feel assured because you’re there.」

Sparkle sparkle, haa haa. Soona-chan’s eyes that were burning in passion were moving from Hajime to the wive~s in turn. The content of her wild imagination was clear. This time will be a debauched party isn’t it!! Hyahhooo~i!!

Hajime massaged his forehead. This was that Soona who executed a beautiful Eagle ○ive that continued to a rappelling smoothly. It was unknown how much skill in peeping she had learned since then.

Seeing the two’s interaction, Sumire guessed that they were quite acquainted with each other and said.

「Hey, Hajime. It looks like you’re close with that girl but, what kind of relationship you have with her?」

「We aren’t close. She is the daughter of the inn where we stayed when we first came to this city.」

「……As expected from another world. Even the daughter of an inn can do Eagle D○ve.」

「This girl is just strange. She damn risked her life for peeking at her guest. Her skill in rappelling is also for peeking into the room from outside the window, other than that she was also diving inside the bathroom for a long time. She is an extraordinary secret lecher.」

「Tha, that’s a horrible evaluation-, demon king-sama! I’m simply watching over the honored guest’s safety!」

Her persuasiveness was nonexistent. The eyes of the residences that were looking at Soona were all unblinking without exception after all. It was truly mysterious that guests never stopped coming to the inn even then.

「I beg you! Please come to our inn! Just a bit more, just a bit more and I’ll! I feel like I’ll be able to reach it!」

「Reach to where huh?」

Or perhaps it was “to what”. Hajime sent his most suspicious gaze of this year toward her.

「Yes yes-, anyway it’s useless talking about it in the street right? Let’s accept the welcome at Soona-chan’s place! That’ll be alright isn’t it? Mayor?」

「Ah, yes.」

Everyone thought, ‘You are here mayor……?’. Hajime pulled Shizuku to use her as shield toward Chrystable that was persistently drawing close to Hajime while turning his gaze to the city mayor for the first time.

How should he say it……the mayor’s appearance looked like he was going to die.

A body that was thin like wire and the dying hair roots. Dead eyes that had given up various things and the deep dark circles under his eyes that looked like they wouldn’t disappear until he died. Even though he would look like a dandy middle aged man at his forty if he dressed well, right now he only looked like an old man at his eighties. Furthermore, it was an ephemeral old man who looked like he was going to have a nice chat about his past with the death god on his bed before passing.

「Now, everyone! I understand how you’ll be curious about demon king-sama’s party but it’s no good if you make too much commotion pyon! Return to your work! You tournament participants should go back to the venue too! ――It’s fine like this isn’t it, mayor?」

「Ah, yes.」

「Please refrain from gathering in front of Masaka Inn okay~! Next time Masaka Inn will sponsor a debriefing meeting about the dinner of demon king-sama and his party so please be patient until thee~n! ――Is that alright with that, mayor?」

「Ah, yes.」

Other than them the civil officials of Brook, the staff of the church, the upper management of the guild, and then the people in charge of the event also came to the mayor but……

All of them didn’t “ask for instruction” but merely confirmed 「We’ll do this. It’s fine right?」 to the mayor. And then, the mayor-san would answer them 「Ah, yes」 with a transparent expression.

「Sa, say, mayor. Won’t it be better if you tell them sternly?」

Hajime spontaneously spoke out but, Yue and Sumire and everyone else also nodded intensely.

「Ah, yes.」

This was awful. Mayor-san, it seemed he was already at his limit.

Hajime felt sympathy for some reason and asked.

「Is there something that you want to do? It looks like we had caused a ruckus so I won’t mind to do a bit of favor――」

「I wish for Catherine to return.

The tone of the first words of the mayor that they heard other than 「Ah, yes」 was very strong. It was earnest.

「I wish for Catherine to be summoned here.」

Mayor-san repeated.

So it was like that. Brook was turned into the haunts of the wicked was because that great woman who acted as a break was gone. In understanding, Hajime felt slightly pressured by the mayor who looked like he was going to drop dead anytime while saying.

「We, we’re going back to the capital after our dinner so……I’ll tell her. That, it’ll be better if she returns, seriously.」

「Are you god?」

Mayor-san, he stared at Hajime as though he saw the sunlight at the other side of the cloudy sky. *Trickle* A single tear flowed down.

And then, he took Hajime’s hand and strongly, strongly shook it before he was back to saying 「Ah, yes」 mechanically to the words of his surrounding while vanishing inside the crowd.

「Geez-, isn’t he pathetic!」

Chrystabel-san harshly criticized the mayor. ‘What is this greatest cause of the damage to mayor’s mind is saying’, Hajime and others thought with their unblinking glare stabbing him.

But, his next words made Hajime and others to stiffen together.

「Catherine too, she won’t be able to go to her business trip peacefully if her husband is in that state!」

「Wa, wait a second. Who did you say is whose husband?」

「? Oh, you didn’t know? The mayor just now――Adam Walker is Catherine’s husband you know?」

The husband of that metamorphosis type devilish beautiful woman, was that old man faced mayor who looked like he was going to ascend to heaven……

「「「「「Wha, WHAA――――T!?」」」」」

A scream of surprise slipped out from Hajime and co.

「The mayor you see, in the past he repelled aside the tough warriors of the guild and snatched away Catherine in this town that is his hometown. He was a good man with mettle but now, it’s a shame~」

「Recently he is aging drastically. As expected he must be lonely that his beloved wife isn’t at his side.」

Everyone couldn’t even close their mouth hearing Chrystabel’s words. Hearing Soona’s comment, they made tsukkomi 「That ain’t it」 inside their heart.

Catherine who welcomed them to this city that was the haunts of the wicked as though it was just a normal city wasn’t an ordinary person as expected. At the same time, the instant that stopper was gone, the residences of Brook immediately went wild to this degree. They also weren’t ordinary people as expected.

「So Brook is the haunts of the wicked from the start huh.」

「……Hajime. Let’s have Catherine return with demon king authority?」

「Fuh, as expected, husband and wife has to be together isn’t it! Isn’t it!」

Hajime nodded to the words of Yue and Kaori. Then, the second shocking word bomb was casually dropped.

「Ah, by the way the only son of Catherine and the mayor, the boy called Jonathan you see……he was the boy who cosplayed as Hajime-kyun at the very front just now.」


The son was a trueborn son of Brook town. The demon king party couldn’t help but feel deeper sympathy to the mayor.

After that, Hajime and others somehow arrived at “Masaka Inn” through the sparkling gazes of the residences that were showering them.

On the wall of the inn,

――The first inn in the world where demon king-sama stayed! Welcome to Masaka Inn!

――The room where he nurtured love together with the first wife-sama, available for reservation with special price if you get it now!

――The utensils that were used by demon king-sama party is currently displayed at the first floor!!

――Demon king party’s cosplay goods, on sale with special price!

It was jammed packed with banners. In front of the inn, there were “demon king cracker” that had Hajime’s face as deformed character printed on it, “special tomato juice - made by Yue-sama’s supervision”, “special three colors dango made by hammer pounding that was directly taught from Shia-sama”, etc. Commodities that Hajime and others had no recollection about were lined up all over the place, but they did their best ignoring them and entered the dining hall.

――Masaka’s Kururu dish that demon king-sama greatly loves! The recommendation is teriyaki!

There was a horizontal banner in the dining hall. In addition, huge words of “Demon king-sama’s words” were drawn on the wall, and beneath it,

――I surely won’t forget the hospitality that I received from this inn for my whole life. When this rigorous journey is over, I want to come here again to eat Masaka’s Kururu dish

Such comment that he didn’t have the slightest memory of saying was written there.


As expected Hajime couldn’t hold back and sent demon king style iron claw at Soona-chan.

「Oi, what’s that?」

「Wha, what could you be possibly talking abo――AH!?」

The prosthetic hand that looked like human hand at the outside but was actually made from azantium at the inside dug into Soona-chan’s head until the very limit. Soona-chan’s head was about to pop like balloon.

「I-I-I-I, I’m sorry! Should I say it was just a bit of sudden impulse! This inn became like a tourist attraction because it was an inn where demon king-sama stayed so, I took a bit of advantage――」

「A bit?」

「Catherine-san isn’t here, and it’s a chance for a thriving business so I did it without thinking at all I’m sorryyyyyyyyy-」

*Mekya mekya mekya-*, Soona’s head was making a sound that it shouldn’t make.

「Hajime-kyun! Forgive her! The merchants of Brook Town are all taking advantage of demon king popularity like mad, so it’s not just Soona-chan’s fault pyon!」

「That’s even worse! You guys, you went demon king this and that, but actually you all got no respect for me at all right!? You guys are fully intending to make use of me, or rather you guys already made use of me like mad!」

「The sales on the whole town rose explosively pyon! Thanks to that we also could build a worthy outer wall for a holy land!」

「So the fund for that is from there huh!」

「Next we’re going to build the bronze statue of Hajime-kyun and others and then the church worshipping the demon king pyon!」

「Stop-, stop only that! I don’t wanna to become like Aiko!」

「Hajime-kun!? Horrible!」

If something like bronze statue was created……’I’ll paint Brook town crimson-‘ Hajime yelled with an air that expressed his seriousness. As expected even Chrystabel thought that this was bad. He was unusually sweating coldly while saying 「I, I’ll notifiy everyone」 and withdrew.

Even though he just wanted to have meal while basking in nostalgia, the chaos was continuing for some reason.

If they seriously didn’t return Catherine here, the risk of Brook’s eccentrics running wild to no end was big. He couldn’t help but shudder.

Even after Ehito was destroyed, the people of Tortus continued to hold faith to “the pure Ehito Ehicliberei” and the holy church. So far as it went, the demon king was thought to be at the side of that Ehic-san so he thought there would be no problem but……

Depending on the situation, factions might be born. Like the old church faithEhic faction and new church faithdemon king faction. He wanted to be spared from being set up as the symbol of a religious war. Especially because of the shame it would bring.

「Hajime-kun? A bronze statuse, isn’t that fine! Together with Yue-san and others too! Everyone as bronze statue?」

「Aiko, you’re planning to bring us down with you huh……」

「Hey, Hajime-kun. Are you really fine with making someone like my daughter your wife? She is a daughter who will bring down even her mother with her you know?」

Ai-chan hugged Hajime’s arm with a truly nice smile while going ‘Comrade?Comrade?’. Seeing that, not just Hajime and Akiko, even Yue and others sent a cold stare at her. It wasn’t like they didn’t understand her feeling but……that was that. This was this!

「Err, demon king-sama~. It looks like the meal is finished you knoow」

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Soona who was becoming flaccid in her state that was held up by Hajime’s iron claw said. When they looked, the inn mistress and her husband were making apologetic look about their daughter while bringing in the food.

Although this inn was making exaggerated promotion like mad, the delicious smell drifting from the food was enough to make the stomach of Hajime and co to cry out. It was at the level where they held a great expectation. With that Soona too was tossed away with Hajime saying ‘You narrowly escaped death’ and the matter wasn’t turned into something serious.

Soona muttered「I, I thought I was going to die……but, this feeling……ah, I, might have come……」 with a small voice, but no one gave a damn. They didn’t want to know anything about what this problem girl reached through that danger to her life.

The meal that began after such chaos was coupled with deliciousness that didn’t betray the aroma. All the chaos from before became like a lie and a peaceful atmosphere enveloped the table.

Surely Chrystabel leaving was also playing a large factor. They were in the middle of family trip, so it seemed he was also being considerate as an outsider but,

「I’ll go call the children who are in the middle of training? Look forward to it while waiting!」

It was really concerning about what he said. “Children in the middle of training”, just what could it mean……

It didn’t feel like the food would go through their throat if they thought deeply about it, so for the time being they forgot it. Together with the full powered wink of Chyrstabel-chan when he left.

Like that, around the time when their stomach was filled to a certain degree.

Everyone was showing a satisfied smile for the other world cooking. Especially those like Kaoruko who loved cooking, they looked like they were having a lot of fun.

Sensing that slightly calm atmosphere, the inn mistress――Kiina Masaka and the cook who was her husband――Galadrius Masaka who seemed to have waiting for the right timing came to give their greeting.

Hajime and others learned their name for the first time. The husband was a calm looking person with slight playfulness that could be felt from him but……his name was quite showy. The father and son Shuu and Hajime slightly reacted 「Cool……」 in their heart.

The inn mistress spoke in shame.

「Everyone, I’m truly grateful for your visit to Masaka Inn today. We never even imagined that everyone will visit here again……furthermore this time there are even the goddess of harvest-sama and the family. It’s truly a great honor.」

「Right now we’re in the middle of tracing back our journey. We stopped by here on the way.」

「I see. At that time there were only Yue-sama and Shia-sama. Fufu, demon king-sama too has been really……」

Really, what? That gaze moved toward Tio, Shizuku, Kaori, Remia, and then at the end her gaze moved back forth to Myuu and Remia several times before the inn mistress smiled ‘hohoho’ complacently.

She looked like someone with common sense, but perhaps she was also a Brook citizen at heart. Should they said that it was to be expected for the mother to be like this when the daughter was like that?

But, at that timing, Hajime and Shia suddenly got surprised and turned their gaze to the same direction.

「I bring the after meal dessert~」

As expected from the poster girl of a famous inn. Although they were small plated, she placed five plates on one arm that she stretched with also another plate on her head. She brought those desserts without any difficulty at all to their table.

But, that wasn’t what they should pay attention to. Hajime looked at Soona with a gaze like an explorer who just discovered an UMA.

「……You, was your presence this thin?」

「Or rather, it felt like your presence vanished from the kitchen for an instant though……」


Soona-chan placed the plates with a dumbfounded face as though she really didn’t know what Hajime and Shia were talking about.

However, Yue and others shuddered hearing what they said. Their face said ‘Eh? Now that they mentioned it, since when this girl is this near?’. Shia whose senses were the most sensitive to detect presence and Hajime whose senses were second after her failed to grasp this girl’s presence even if it was only for an instant? Though there was no doubt that they were letting their guard down, so this being just their imagination……was also possible.

「Oi, Soona. You, “what” did you arrived at before this?」

「I don’t really understand what are you say――」

Hajime’s left hand made some gesture. The danger of iron claw was going to come once more.

Soona-chan was sweating coldly, however right after that she puffed out her chest and spoke with an amazing smug look.

「If I have to say it, then I guess it’s “Inn’s poster girl - final secret technique”.」

「Really, just where are you heading to huh.」

「To watch over the guests no matter where and when. I want to become such super first class girl of the inn.」

「Really, just why is this kind of inn is so popular……」

Soona-chan had most likely, surely, reached the super first class peeking skill without a doubt. It felt like his SANsanity would be shaved away if he asked the details, so Hajime didn’t pursue deeply.

When staring into the abyss, the abyss would also stare back at you……a certain abyss-san said that while making a stylish turn.

In exchange, everyone of Yaegashi family was deeply interested. Shuuzou asked.

「If I remember correctly, I heard that the people of the rabbit clan are skilled in controlling their presence but……you’re of the human race, am I right in considering that?」

「Of course. Look, I also don’t have rabbit ears right?」

She made rabbit ears with her hands and hopped *pyon pyon*.

「Fumu. In that case you’re really something. I wish you will teach us the trick even if it’s just one……」

「Trick, is it……I don’t know what trick you’re referring to but, it’s not like I’m not thinking that perhaps you will manage somehow if you watch over Shia-san.」

It seemed she wouldn’t admit that she was able to manipulate her presence till the end. Koichi continued the questioning. For Yaegashi family who lived in the shadow――cough-, had hobby for acrobatics, they wished to learn about Soona-chan’s “inn girl’s technique” no matter what. Shizuku-chan was staring fixedly at her family! Koichi papa ignored her!

「No no, she is a rabbit man race which is a race that excelled in presence manipulation from the beginning right? A method that is even us human can do is――」

「It’s troubling even if you ask me who is nothing more than an inn girl but……as expected perhaps by firmly and slowly and stickily watching Shia-san closely you might learn something or perhaps not.」

「……I see. In other words it’s “learning by watching”.」

Everyone of Yaegashi family (excluding the daughter) simultaneously turned their face toward Shia. They stared at her without blinking. They stared witho~-ut blinking.

「Hajime-san, what should I do? Somehow a stray bullet is coming to me.」

「Should I watch over you?」

「You bully desu!」

Somehow everyone’s gaze gathered on Shia and she got extremely uncomfortable.

There Myuu raised her hand to ask.

「Yes! Soona-oneechan! Can I ask a question? Nano!」

「While I’m greatly moved being called as Soona-oneechan, of course I’ll answer that question!」

「Myuu has often watched Shia-oneechan but, Myuu can’t do presence manipulation! What kind of Shia-oneechan Myuu has to watch so Myuu can learn it?」

「Wai-, Myuu-chan!?」

It was the pure question of Myuu-chan who wanted to become strong. Shia’s rabbit ears stood on end *usa-!?* hearing that.

「Soona-oneechan also can’t do something like presence manipulation but……」

Soona started with that while throwing her gaze to empty air in reminiscence and――spoke.

「For example, like Shia-san who crawled along the corridor when she attempted to make a secret night visit to demon king-sama’s room in the middle of night while thinning down her presence to the extreme.」


「Or like Shia-san who entered into the room when demon king-sama and Yue-san went out for a bit and concealed her breathing under the bed while waiting for a chance to arrive.」

「Oy you-, inn girlll! If you don’t you’re your mouth now then a sure kill rabbit punch will come flying――」

「Or like Shia-san who invaded from behind the ceiling and slipped into demon king-sama’s bed.」

「Rabbit Punch」


Soona-chan was struck from the back of her head by a pulled back fist that flew from the front. She sank on the ground.

Everyone’s gaze gathered on Shia. This time a different emotion was put inside their eyes. Their gaze was really lukewarm.

Shia’s face became bright red. She squirmed *usa usa* restlessly.

「Tha, that couldn’t be helped can it. Hajime-san and Yue-san at that time would forget my existence if I didn’t go that far desuu.」


Hajime and Yue’s face turned understanding. Although Yue’s attitude softened after they cleared Raisen Great Labyrinth, Hajime’s attitude was still very salty.

Soona who revived like a slime rubbed the back of her head while being lost in deep emotion.

「It was magnificent. The presence was so thin that I almost lost sight of her if I didn’t have my surging passion.」

「Just who in the world are you who were able to use your secretly pervert soul to normally observe Shia who seriously killed her presence?」

「Fuh, if you set up mirrors using superb angle inside the plumbing, then it’s possible to observe even from my own room――」

「Ma’aaamm! Check the plumbing right away! This damn girl made a surveillance network there!」

「Please rest assured. It’s already removed. I’m doing periodical check after all. Because if it’s left alone it will increase like rats.」

「Don’t just deal with the symptom, cure the source, your daughter’s sickness that is.」

「It’s an incurable sickness.」

「Demon king-sama and Okaa-san, both of you’re horrible! Besides even Okaa-san, before you married Otou-san you would observe a lot of guests night by night――」

「Just what are you blurting out in front of the guests!?」

As expected, it seemed the daughter was like this because the mother was like that. In exchange of the inn mother-daughter who was starting to make a ruckus ‘gyaa gyaa’, the husband with cool name lowered his head.

「My deepest apologies. Should I say that the family lineage of my wife has that kind of disposition……」

「A secretly pervert disposition huh. Don’t tell me that she is running an inn is also because as the extension of her hobby?」

「I think that’s not it but……actually, the family lineage of my wife has been running inns for generations all this time. Also, it’s not just Soona, everyone in my wife’s family is good at moving without being noticed by people…… Also, I believe that you have known about Soona becoming the quiz queen from the banner but」

「Aah, I forgot that because of too much impacts but, what about it?」

According to him, it seemed that people following after the demon king’s track with historians at the lead were rushing her to gather data. Naturally the person they were gathering data the most from was Soona-chan due to her very great observation.

「Actually, I was also told that my wife’s family is good at information gathering or something……they‘re excessively good at asking what they want to know from casual conversation.」

In other words, the scholars who came here instead got asked about the information of Hajime and co that they gathered from all over the place. As the result she became an unbeatable quiz queen.

Not just Hajime, even the expression of Yue and others were convulsing. They thought, ‘Hey, claiming as “just an inn girl” is too forced already isn’t it? No matter how you think you’re a first class spy aren’t you!?’,

「What kind of person the ancestor of Masaka family was……」

「Who knows. There isn’t also anything like family tree so…… Based from what I learned, everyone single one of them was of the human race and managed normal inns though.」

‘But’, Galadrius continued.

「When I married, my wife’s parents gave me a condition.」


「Yes. ――Don’t discriminate demihuman race. If I can’t do that, they won’t accept me as son-in-law they said.」

「……Hee. They were follower of the church right?」

「Yes, of course. But, it seems that’s the teaching that had been inherited by generations of Masaka family. Well, the family business is inn. So I think it’s a teaching to treat all customers equally seeing that this is a service business.」

Or perhaps, the ancestor had a reason that they didn’t want to discriminate demihuman race――right now it was beastman race though――and wanted to look after them.

Yue spoke her conjecture with a pondering face.

「……There is also the matter of presence manipulation, could it be, there was a rabbitman race among the family ancestors?」

「Even if there was, it was a long time ago that even the family tree couldn’t be traced back right? It’s a bit hard to believe that they can continue inherit that disposition until now.」

「As for me, that make it sounded like the past rabbitman race is so much of a secret pervert that it got genetically succeeded by the later generation. That’s a bit unpleasant……」

In any case, it seemed that Soona-chan’s familial technique of highest level that reached the extreme came to be only because there was the groundwork from her bloodline and learning by watching the bugged rabbit. ‘What the hell with that’, Hajime made a tsukkomi to himself.

「I see. As expected it can’t be learned just in one day.」

「As expected the quickest shortcut is none other than diligent training.」

「That’s right, Otou-sanfather-in-law, dear. There will be interaction with the people of Hauria in our travel schedule right? How about we suggest to have joint training there?」

「That’s a good idea, Kirino!」

Shizuku-chan was looking with a chilly gaze! ‘That’s a stupid idea!’ It was clear that her gaze was saying that. Because, it was that Hauria they were talking about! Yaegashi mixing with them, dangerous! Absolutely no good!

When they also finished eating the desert with such conversation in the middle.

‘Let’s return to the palace to prepare for tomorrow after looking around the town for a bit. Eh? Aren’t we going to stay at Masaka Inn? Who the hell is going to stay at the inn with this kind of pure spy girl here! We’re returning to the palace!’ With that kind of atmosphere Hajime and co stood up from their chair――in that moment.

「Hajime-kyun! Everyone! Leave it to us to show all of you around the town pyon?」

*Zuban* The door was opened with a loud sound and the frilly muscle monster――Chyrstabel appeared.

No, he certainly said “us” just now.

「「「「「Hajime-kyun! We had been looking forward to our day of reunion pyon?」」」」」

Muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle muscle.

Frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill frill.

The monster parade of muscle and frill was approaching with density that might pulverize the inn’s entrance.

Hajime was surrounded in the blink of eye. The muscles were talking *michi michi-michi michi-* in high spirit to him! They seemed to have been rushing to come here, The breathing they exhaled *bashuuh* and the glistening sweats on their skin were pressed on Hajime’s face all over!


「……Nn!? Hajimeee-, hang in thereee!」

「Aah, he is foaming in the mouth!」

「Papaaa-. Don’t die nano!」

「My my, how awful!」

「Kaori! Regeneration magic, quickly! Goshujin-sama art dying from shock!」

「Wait! Shizuku-chan is also fainting with the white of her eyes showing! She is whispering things like the capital’s guild or Mariabel’s muscle, anyway it’s like she is seriously ill!」

「A, anyway, I, I’ll use soul magic to Hajime-kun!」

The unusual occurrence of the demon king dying, once more.

The town that was making the godslaying demon king to be in the verge of dying two times in such a short time――the holy land Brook.

Indeed, it was certainly just as Hajime said, this place was the haunted……that was what Sumire and others thought with conflicted expression while looking at Hajime and Shizuku who were receiving emergency treatment.

By the way, the manly women of “manly women descendantBel Family”who were peering timidly on Hajime and Shizuku with worried look were the thugs at Horlad Town who got ‘smashed’ by Hajime a little bit before Kaori confessed to him.

They also participated in the legendary decisive battle, but because their training period was short and they were still inexperienced, unlike Yue’s first smash partner Mariabel and AbelArabel who was at the very least a gold rank adventurer, they were going through demonic remodeling――or rather training day and night to become “proper Bel” or something.

In other words, it seemed they were still lacking in muscle and cuteness.

These people who sought the way of the manly woman who was still lacking polishing in their muscle and adorableness seemed to be dreaming to be reunited with the demon king who gave them the chance (?) to enter this path. They went「To be able to give a tour of this town, how lovely!」 and they were reaa~-lly in high spirit so……

「Uuh……who is this place? Where am I……」

Hajime resumed breathing even while in confusion. The meats drew close *zuzui-!!* in worry with tearful eyes (that looked bloodshot) while yelling「「「「「Hajime-kyun! Are you okay!?」」」」」,

「What, so this is a dream.」

They made the demon king to foam from the mouth once more and fainted.

After that for a while , throughout Masaka Inn, or rather throughout the whole Brook Town, the scream of「HAJIMEEE~~~!!」 from Yue-san and co, and also together with the scream of「SHIZUKU-CHA~~NN」 were continuing to resound to call back the two’s souls back to the living world.

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