Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 359: Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ⑱

Chapter 359: Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ?

The “Is it possible that Yuuka will become the dark horse investigation meeting” started.

When looking at Yuuka who was flustered when Miyasaki Nana teased her about Hajime, of course Yue and others would want to confirm various things.

And so at the corner of the room,

「Hajime-san, are you listening?」

「Ah, yes.」

Hajime thought while sitting with seiza posture. There was Remia in front of him showing a smile that gave off pressure like a demon king. She was staring straight at Hajime with eyes that weren’t laughing in a distance where their knees touched each other.

「Honestly, the action and words of Myuu recently is intolerable. As her papa, don’t you think that the words ‘it’s legal if it’s not found out” is not good?」

「Ah, yes. I think it’s not good.」

「Look, even now she is wearing sunglasses even though we’re indoors. Please observe, it’s like she is a small gangster.」

「No, equating sunglasses indoor=gangster is a bit hasty――」

「What is?」

「No, it’s nothing.」

Remia talked tediously and fervently. She must be really worried about Myuu whose words and actions lately became stylish. Her frustration that seemed to have piled up was spat out from Remia’s mouth like a flood.

Because she was Remia-san who usually always gave a gently and soft atmosphere, so Hajime listened to her obediently with a docile expression thinking that he had to hear her.

Seeing the shocking scene of the godslaying demon king kneeling on the floor while being lectured, the new pope Simon and Liliana exchanged glances and understanding 「This is absolutely cannot be shown to other people」 and swore to keep this great secret together.

Putting that aside, as for the flustered Yuuka……



Yue and Kaori groaned for some reason. It was like they were reaching the conclusion ‘Ah, this is seriously a dark horse! The second Shizuku-chan!’.

Rather it was the opposite.

Shizuku and Aiko opened their mouth and muttered with an expression of calm understanding.

「Well, of course it is……」

「Indeed. I too still didn’t manage to sort out my feelings……it’s a pathetic story but, for me to be unable to have enough talks with Sonobe-san and others……」

The past playback in front of their gaze――the time axis that was before Nana’s remark 『You won’t be able to steal away Nagumo-chi from the other world’s beautiful girl!!!』 toward Yuuka――within that playback there was Yuuka and others looking somewhat dejected.

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Actually, the remark before was originally Nana putting on a brave face in order to change the room’s gloomy air, perhaps she was trying to forcefully change the air in consideration of Yuuka and Taeko. That seemed to be the case.

The reason for that was because the time axis of this past was after Hajime and others left――in other words it was after Shimizu died.

The circumstance at that time and the sentiment of Hajime and others had been talked in their greeting with Phos. That was why the people here could watch this objectively.

But, for Yuuka and others, the situation was an unbelievable incident that happened in front of their eyes. They were a related party.

『Nagumo-chi……he was scary.』

Those words that leaked out from Nana’s mouth were their honest feelings and sentiment for themselves, Atsushi and others in the adjacent room. A classmate killed another classmate. It was only natural for them to feel like that.

It didn’t matter even if they felt indignation toward the reckless action of the person called Shimizu that left no room for sympathy. No matter how much they understood in their head that they would undoubtedly die at this time if Hajime and others weren’t there, someone they knew was killed in front of them. Scary is scary.

『Nagumo……he has changed completely……』

Yuuka also leaked out what was inside her heart. She didn’t refer to his appearance or strength, but his heart. About his way of living as a human.

『Even though before, Nagumo-chi was someone who was always acting flippantly.』

『How should I say it, he was like an incompetent? He wouldn’t object at all no matter what Hiyama’s group did to him.』

『Thinking back now, I never even saw him angry.』

The three talked about the Hajime that they knew bit by bit. The Hajime that Yuuka and others talked about was a young man who was thoroughly unrelated with violence. Rather than exerting violence, he would rather be in the receiving end of violence. He would endure it with a smile. Letting it go over him. He was a boy that was like a willow.

While lending their ears to that conversation, Kaori, Shizuku, and then Aiko narrowed their eyes nostalgically. Sumire and Shuu also narrowed their eyes and looked toward the corner of the room. The lecturing had stopped without them noticing. Hajime and others were also watching the past projection. Hajime noticed the gaze of Sumire and Shuu and shrugged.

The projection continued playing and after a while, Yuuka and Nana and also Taeko continued to be silent to sort out their feelings.

Like that, due to the atmosphere that was too heavy, Nana who was fundamentally not a deep thinker and had the tendency to get carried away easily became unable to endure it and gradually made bright comments, and at the end it was leading to the comment from before.

The projection cut off there. Tomoichi and the people of Yaegashi family made a conflicted expression, while Kaoruko and Akiko made a difficult expression.

「Well, that’s only normal. Thinking back of what I did, them not harboring any feelings of avoidance is surprising instead.」


The words that Hajime directed toward the parents caused everyone starting from Tomoichi to look conflicted.

「Bu, but, after this, I noticed Hajime-kun’s true intention and then I also explained it to Sonobe-san and others!」

「No, Aiko. It’s not like you need to give any follow up.」

Hajime smiled wryly at Aiko who was arguing vehemently. He killed someone. For everyone to accept that like it was alright, that was the true horror instead. Them harboring fear inside their heart or perhaps even harboring a feeling of rejection wouldn’t be strange at all, rather that was normal. Hajime explained that.

Hearing that, everyone’s expression became even more conflicted. Hajime deepened his wry smile and added even more words especially toward the parents.

「I have no intention to act like a saint. I don’t have the slightest wish for everyone to think well of me. I also don’t feel like proclaiming how and what I did was justified every time. For me at that time, I did so because it was necessary. No more and no less.」

He would accept what happened as the result of his deed. He did what was necessary toward the troubles that were falling toward him. That was all.

The parents looked at each other after Hajime finished like that. At the end they looked at Sumire and Shuu. The two were looking at their son like he was a hopeless child, even so they would still accept him. Seeing the two’s expression like that, the other parents let out a long sigh.

There were a lot in their mind but, it would be fine if they talked it out calmly later. It looked like they dealt with it like that.

This trip wasn’t a trip to discuss about the right and wrong of Hajime’s methodd and passed judgment. They only wanted to know more about someone who might become their family, what was he thinking and what had he done during his fierce travel. They wanted to accept him fully knowing him. They participated in this trip with such intention.

And then, it wasn’t just limited toward Hajime, but also toward their own children.

That was why, the parents closed their mouth and let out the tension from their shoulders before nodding.

「Anyway, with this you guys understand right? Stop it already with the distrust about Sonobe.」

Seeing everyone coming to a grip with their emotion in their own way, Hajime urged them to finish with this observation.

Indeed, seeing from the scene just now, it wasn’t necessary to consider the Yuuka-chan is a dark horse theory.

But however, some people put a halt to it……

「……Muu. What do you think, Kaori-san.」

「Objection! From the attitude of Yuuka-chan after the final battle, I think that it might be too premature to judge it from just this scene!」

「……Nn. Objection accepted-」

「You two, read the mood.」

With an expression that said ‘What is this demon king who won’t read the mood is saying~’, Yue and Kaori ignored Hajime completely. No, it wasn’t just the two. Liliana also raised her hand while stepping forward.

「Yes-! I also think so! The action of Yuuka-san after returning to the palace……it was nothing but suspicious!」

Of course, Aiko also speak with a face like a detective hypothesizing the criminal with one hand supporting her chin.

「Certainly. That time too when Liliana-san took advantage of Hajime-kun’s travel to head to the empire and she got thrown back into the palace’s dining hall using “gate”……she looked displeased hearing about the story of Hajime-kun in the empire! Especially when it came to parts like the dancing together, she was looking at Lily-san with a terrible stare!」

The voice that resounded contained conviction like when a detective said ‘You’re the culprit!’.

Then similarly Tio joined her arms and hid her mouth behind them. She pointed out while making that intentional midair Gendo○ pose.

「Speaking of that, Pope Simon hath mentioned it just now――『That was because I received the consultation from the princess after I learned that the one talked by “miss Yuuka” and Aiko-dono was Hajime-dono.』.」

「Ah, now that you mentioned it he said that! Yuuka-san consulted about Hajime-san to Simon-san……it can only be that kind of talk! Simon-san even told Hajime-san to get castrated!」

Shia said 「There is only one truth desuu!」 while looking at Simon. Simon averted his gaze and shut his mouth.

「I haven’t fallen so low that I will just blabber about what other people consulted me with!」

「Just now you blabbered about what I discussed with you wasn’t it!?」

A sharp tsukkomi from Aiko. However, Pope Simon kept his gaze directed toward far beyond and suddenly began to pretend to be senile saying 「Heh? Why am I over here……」. It was a well-known fact that he was a high spec grampa who could vanish like a gust of wind, so it was too hard to believe.

「……Pope Simon.」

「Wha, what?」

Yue-sama drew near silently. That default blank stare was even more blank than usual. Even though she was just staring, it made the opponent to be excessively fidgety. It was a super blank stare that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was in the category of magic.

Simon was shaken and backed away. Yue-sama ordered him.

「……Spit it out.」

「N, no! Half of my body is made from sincerity! I won’t speak of a maiden’s consultation.」

「Simon-san, by that you means, that I’m not a maiden? No, well, it doesn’t really matter though? I am old after all? I’m also not in the age to be fixated with the word maiden anyway?」

Light vanished from Aiko’s eyes. Ruby blank stare and single colored eyes were cornering Pope Simon! But, Pope Simon was unexpectedly tough!

Yue sighed, then right after that, her eyes sparkled.

「Oi, Yue. It’s fine already right? Let’s quickly――」

「……Hajime. I’ll go out for a bit. I’ll return soon.」

「Eh, oi, wa――」

Before he could finish speaking, Yue’s hand grabbed Pope Simon’s arm strongly. Right after that, the two of them vanished. It seemed they teleported somewhere. In a sense, this was a situation where the church’s top leader went missing but……it was something usual so it was fine, perhaps.

「Hajime, just where is Yue-chan going?」

「Perhaps……to the capital.」

「So she can teleport to the capital in her spare time……that’s amazing.」

While Nagumo family was having such talk, Kaori began to use some kind of regeneration magic. It seemed she still intended to see something. Tomoichi papa and Kaoruko mama were looking slightly put off at their daughter who was completely lacking hesitation at violating other people’s privacy.

「Ka, Kaori. You should stop there. Although they’re your friends, there are thing that you should and shouldn’t breach――」

「Myuu-chan! Please give a lovely line for this kind of time!」

「――”The die is cast. Everyone is already an accomplice yeah?” nano!」

「Hajime-san, let’s go to the room’s corner once more okay?」

「Remia, I’m seriously introspecting so spare me from the lecture. From here I’ll endeavor to cultivate Myuu’s aesthetic sensibility properly!」

「Goshujin-sama, so thou hath the awareness that thou art not proper.」

「So you’re guilty, Hajime-san.」

「Yaegashi family is also like that so I also cannot really say anything but……Otou-sanfather-in-law, Okaa-sanmother-in-law, please allow me to participate in Nagumo family’s family meeting next time. I’m worried about Myuu-chan’s future.」

Hajime papa’s position was in danger.

While they were having such conversation, Kaori seemed to have found the scene she sought. It seemed to be the night after Hajime’s group met with Yuuka’s group, the time axis of the night before they departed to the north mountain range.

『Seriously~, that was Nagumo-chi~, impossible~』

Nana sat on the bed and folded her arms while groaning with a face like a scientist who was faced with a hard problem. Taeko too, she was filling her cup with water from the water jug inside the room while continuing after Nana with a complicated expression.

『That gun was dangerous wasn’t it……or rather that pressure was even worse. Who was that? Did Nagumo actually has split personality?』

『That! He is already a completely different person! What’s moreee, there was also those two other world beauties you knoww. Nagumo-chi wasn’t that kind of character right!? He was an otaku, otaku!』

『The blonde girl, she was a terrific beauty wasn’t she? But, for me I think it was the attire of that rabbit eared girl that was dangerous.』

『Dangerous! That was dangerous! Her breasts almost spilled out! What’s that, is that Nagumo-chi’s taste? Did he demand the girl to dress sexily? Ain’t he a terrific pervert then!』

Nana and Taeko seemed to be getting heated up while talking, they kept saying ‘Dangerous! Dangerous!’. It seemed they perceived Hajime-san as a really dangerous guy. False accusations were coming up.

「……So my attire, is dangerous is that so」

And then Shia was also getting dangerous for some reason. Her expression was darkening. It even felt like there was a vertical line entering her face. Her attire was called dangerous, and on top of that she was indirectly said to wear perverted attire. It couldn’t be helped. Because, she wasn’t forced to dress like that. And it was her tribe’s native dress.

Shia’s pleading gaze was directed at everyone inside the room. Right now she was wearing clothes that were bought in Japan, but as expected its exposure rate was great. She was wearing super mini skirt, and her navel was also exposed. She tried asking the others ‘Could it be, my appearance is dangerous? That’s not true right?’.

First, the parent~s averted their eyes. Next Aiko and others also averted their gaze in order.

The native dress of rabbit tribe was dangerous……that seemed to be everyone’s opinion. Shia’s eyes died.

「Shi, Shia-san. I understand that it’s that kind of thing, that’s why I don’t think it’s strange!」


Certainly it was like that from the perspective of the people of this world. Myuu also made a small fist and backed Shia up.

「Shia-oneechan! It’s not dangerous at all nano!」


「Because, mama isn’t even wearing anything! Especially at home!」


At the end was Remia-san’s scream. ‘Eh!? Remia-san……she is a nudist at home!?’ Tomoichi, Shuuzou, and Koichi’s head snapped toward Remia. Remia hugged her body and her cheeks reddened. She insisted 「I’m properly wearing clothes……」 with a small voice while hiding behind Hajime.

For the time being, fists flew from Kaoruko and Kirino toward the males of their family.

By the way, what Myuu was saying was that the seaman race also dressed thinly like the rabbit race. She didn’t mean that they were nudist at all. Furthermore, it was the case when they were living at Erisen. At that time when they were living along with the sea, their usual style when at home was wearing bikini and pareo.

Perhaps it was the backlash from that which made Remia’s interest toward clothing and accessories to be endless since coming to earth.

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Back to the topic.

Even while they were derailed in reality, Nana and Taeko’s impression toward Hajime’s party continued……and then, suddenly their attention moved toward the person who had been staying silent by herself all this time. Yes, it was Yuuka.

『Yuuka-chi? What’s wrong?』

『You okay?』

The two’s slightly worried voice made Hajime and others to return their focus toward the past projection too.

Inside the past projection, Yuuka was sitting on her bed hugging her knees. A pillow was inserted between her body and thighs. She was holding her legs with an absentminded expression.

『Hm? No, there isn’t really anything particular……』

Even while she replied like that, she completely didn’t look like “there isn’t really anything particular”. Nana and Taeko looked at each other with troubled expression. Yuuka felt the strange atmosphere of her two friends and smiled wryly. But then she immediately buried her face into the pillow she was holding.

『It’s just……I’m thinking, he is actually alive.』

Those words, seemed to be containing an emotion that was too large to be a mere plain statement of fact.

『Nagumo……he is alive』

Her bare toes curled tightly.

『That’s great……it’s really, great』

It was words of relieve that came from the bottom of her heart. That voice sounded like a weight that she didn’t need to shoulder was taken off from her.

Rather than Hajime’s change, rather than his words that said he had no more concern for his classmates, it was Hajime’s survival that greatly occupied Yuuka’s heart more than anything.

Inside the past projection, Nana and Taeko looked at each other again, and then they began to grin.

At the same time, in the real world half of the people starting from Kaori and others were making a bla~nk stare as though to say 「As I thought……」, while the remaining half starting from Shuu and Sumire were making smirking face.

「You guys don’t forget. After this, there was that thing with Shimizu and the air became like that night they stayed up.」

Hajime reminded them as though to decisively cut down their line of thought. Then,

「……Now then, I wonder about that.」

As expected Yue-sama in detective mode returned. Pope Simon with a sour look was also beside her.

「……The proof, is right here!」

‘What do you mean by proof huh’, even that tsukkomi of Hajime didn’t worth anything. Yue-sama had performed past projection in the capital and she even recorded it with an artifact which she then played.

『――I’ll feed him with the western cooking our family is proud of until his stomach is full!』

Yuuka talked with a dejected look that she had been saved by Hajime several times, and yet she couldn’t give anything back to him, that she didn’t have anything that Hajime would want. And then Pope Simon admonished her and the answer she arrived at was that. The figure of Yuuka with a smile that was like a clear sky could be seen there. She was sitting side by side on a bench with Pope Simon with her legs swinging back and fro.

「This is why I didn’t want to talk. Miss Yuuka who is this laudable~, and also earnest~, this scene shouldn’t be shown to the like of Hajime-dono who should just get castrated and go explode! Even though I’d approach her intently if only I was fifty years younger!」

The reason Pope Simon didn’t want to talk wasn’t because of sincerity, it seemed it was just a simple selfish desire. And also jealousy. And then, Liliana was directing a completely chilled gaze toward Pope Simon who was properly giving consultation to everyone else other than her as expected.

Ignoring the princess who was making an expression that was thinking of dismissing this old man who was the present pope, Yue-sama projected even more recording image.

「……I went ahead and recorded this too.」

What was projected was……

『――I won’t waste this life you saved!』 (Note: A line exclusive to the LN)

She wouldn’t waste what Hajime had done for her. Before the battle against the monster army, Yuuka conveyed her resolution to Hajime whose back was turned toward her on top of the wall. And then, after Hajime’s words toward her, she said

『……Thank you.』

She made a small smile that could be seen as a wry smile and also as a shy look, however her figure turned around with a springy footsteps.

「Hajime-kun. Your honest impression of that time?」

The words of interrogator Kaori came. Yue and Shia had sensed something at that time so they weren’t really affected but, Shizuku and others were showering Hajime with deeply interested gaze.

Shuu and Sumire were also sending him a somewhat lukewarm gaze that was more than a mere curiosity. Hajime awkwardly scratched his cheek while answering.

「……Well, it didn’t feel bad. But as expected the me at that time was lacking composure somewhere inside, I was completely focused in returning home together with Yue and others. That was why, I didn’t hold any concern toward my classmates……as for her words that she won’t waste the result of me risking my life, well, it left a deeper impression than a mere thank you.」

To gloss over his bashfulness from the focused gazes from the surrounding, Hajime added 「Aiko’s words “I wish that you don’t live in a lonely way where you cut off everything other than what’s important to you” also left an impression」.

It wasn’t just Yuuka, this “reunion in Ur City” itself gave influence to Hajime’s heart. Because of that Hajime could take another good look at his heart that should change, and his heart that renewed the determination to not change.

Hajime smiled at Aiko, proud to have her as his teacher. Shuu and Sumire also spoke their gratitude once more toward Aiko who gave the impetus “ to think” toward Hajime who continued his journey that rushed in a straight line.

Aiko herself remembered how her immature self was holding a contradiction and simply moved about in confusion desperately. She went red while acting humble. Akiko was watching her daughter who was making such face as a teacher with a gentle gaze.

Toward such Akiko, Hajime smiled and opened his mouth to talk further about “Aiko-sensei” at that time……

「……Nn. My gratitude to Aiko. But Hajime. Don’t try to divert the topic.」

Yue-sama insistently pulled at Hajime’s sleeve with a blank stare. Hajime-san clicked his tongue 「Tsk」. With that everyone returned to their senses. That was right, currently they were asking Hajime about his impressions toward Yuuka’s action!

「Geez, really Hajime-kun! Why are you that skilled in inciting or guiding someone’s thought like that!」

「I don’t really get what are you saying there, Kaori. I’m just trying to talk about my deep respect and gratitude toward Aiko. I’m also not using the Neu○lyzer New right?」

「Papa~. A silver tube is sticking out from your sleeve nano~」

It seemed that it slipped down due to Yue’s insistence tugging on his sleeve. Seeing that everyone’s eyes turned extremely blank. Sumire held out her hand with a smile. It seemed she was confiscating it.

Hajime reluctantly handed the Neu○lyzer New while looking aside with obviously displeased face. Because, he could imagine it. About the conclusion that would be produced by the investigation meeting from here.

「……Nn. Then everyone」

At the same time with the end of the projection, the committee chairman of “Is it possible that Yuuka will become the dark horse investigation meeting” Yue looked around toward the committee members (especially the wive~s) and asked.

「……The conclusion?」


It seemed she was possibly a dark horse.

「Hajime. Tou-san won’t mind at all even if Yuuka-chan comes as a wife!!」

「I mind.」

「Hajime! Okaa-chan hasn’t been introduced to this girl! You should do it properly if you’re making her your wife!」

「I’m not.」

Shuu papa and Sumire mama quickly showed their acceptance.

「Hajime-kun-, someone like you, you’re still not satisfied even at this point!?」

「It’s a misunderstanding Tomoichi-san. That’s why please don’t shake me like this.」

Even with his shoulder grabbed and shaken up by Tomoichi, Hajime attempted to explain it as misunderstanding till the end.

「In the first place, I also never get treated in the western restaurant that is Sonobe’s house, and she never even invites me. Perhaps even that girl has forgotten about it.」

Yaegashi family and Kaoruko, and also Akiko sent a gaze that seemed to say 「Even if you say that……in this circumstance」 toward the girls inside the room. Indeed, Hajime’s persuasiveness was nonexistent. Naturally Kaori and others were also sending him doubting eyes.

But, even so, Hajime didn’t give up his claim that both him and Yuuka had no intention like that in the end. There Tio displayed an unneeded wisdom and spoke a suggestion.

「Then, how about we divine the future?」

「Divination? Where did that idea come from?」

Not just Hajime, everyone other than Tio and one more person was looking puzzled.

「No, see here. Amongst us there art a divination expert remember?」

「There is someone here with that kinda hobby?」

Girl tended to like something like that……perhaps it was Kaori or Shizuku? He remembered them getting excited with talk of divination with other girls in class before……thinking that Hajime looked at the two, but the two of them shook their head.

「……Errr, everyone. Has you all forgotten what my vocation is?」

Shia who was dejected after hearing her attire got called dangerous timidly raised her voice. Hajime and others looked at each other……

「It’s “martial artist” right?」

「……Nn? Not “fighting god”?」

「Eh? It’s “hammer user” isn’t it?」

「Eh? Kaori, there isn’t anything like that. Isn’t Shia’s vocation “fist fighter”? Because she is strong even barehanded, no, rather she might be stronger when barehanded.」

「I also completely thought that Shia-san’s vocation is related to hand-to-hand fighting……」

「? What are papa and all you Onee-chan saying nano? Shia-oneechan’s vocation is “the transcendent” nano!」

「Oh, Shia-chan’s vocation is “Shuten Douji” wasn’t it?」

「No Sumire, if I remember it right Shia-chan’s vocation should be “deterrence”.」

Although there was the joke from Sumire and Shuu at the end there, it seemed everyone else believed that Shia was an owner of fighting type vocation without any doubt.

From Tio’s exasperated expression and Shia’s faraway look, everyone became a bit anxious and listed up candidate like 「Ah, was it “iron man”?」「……Wrong, Hajime. Perhaps it’s “bugged rabbit”」 「Yue, I think Hajime-kun is close! Surely it’s “iron fist”!」, but not only it wasn’t close at all, they were even getting farther away.

「Aah geez, just what is everything thinking about me!」

「Super rabbit whose evolution knows no end.」

「……Bugged rabbit whose body is half made from irrationality, while the other half is made from muscle.」

「Hajime-san, Yue-san. I’ll punch you.」

The rabbit ears spread out fiercely. She was in the verge of exploding.

Hajime and others turned docile, but they were still tilting their head in puzzlement. Tio said to them.

「Shia’s vocation art “fortune teller” right?」

「That’s right desu! I am a mystical fortune teller rabbit of the forest desu!」


Now that she mentioned it that was true. Hajime and others recalled it even while making expression that wasn’t convinced at all. Frankly speaking, it wouldn’t be strange at all even if this thing was called as one of the seven mysteries of the world.

「Anyway, how about we hath Shia divining this? Of the future of Yuuka.」

Right. It was Shia who could see through even the future. There was a value in having a look with that power of divination.

Accepting that, Hajime felt it was troublesome, while Yue and others looked at Shia with deep interest. Shia cleared her throat and widened her legs to shoulder width.

「……Shia, your divination tool? What’ll you use?」

「Things like palm reading is impossible without Yuka-chan here……will you use her birthday or something?」

‘I know if it’s her birthday you know’, Kaori said. Shia’s rabbit ears fluttered.

「No, such thing is unnecessary. If it’s fortune telling than I can do all kind, but there isn’t any tool here, so let’s go with a method that can only be used by me right now.」

「A method that can only be used by Shia-oneechan?」

「Yes, Myuu-chan. I’ll simply think of Yuuka-san strongly while activating “future sight”.」

「My, amazing. Such thing will be highly prized even in the kingdom if such thing is possible. Or rather, in order to solve our lack of workers, after this we plan to hold a large scale recruitment but if you can help……」

「Lily-san, let’s detach your thinking from work for a bit. Rather, it feels like I can see the future of Lily-san dying from getting overworked. Also, this won’t have the precision of “hypothesized future” or “oracle sight”. It’ll be something hazy somehow like, ‘this kind of future might be possible?’.」

It seemed the accuracy would be hit or miss at best. But, being able to see a scene that showed a possibility of the future was something unique of Shia.

Like that Shia said 「Then here I go」 and heightened her focus while inhaling a deep breath ‘suuu~~’……


「Somehow it’s different from my imagination!!」

A divination so unexpected it even made Hajime’s eyes widened started.

A fierce scream and bluish white magic power surged from Shia. Her form that was slightly leaning forward with her arms rounded and strained was just like the “Most Muscular” posing of body builder!

On top of that, “something behind” like Yue’s “lightning dragon” and Kaori’s “Hannya” was faintly……

It was like something from a different time axis, like a muscular rabbit that displayed her true nature in common daily lifeArifureta Nichijou……

Bursting! Bursting! It’s formed to the supreme level! The muscles are rejoicing!

That muscle motion that was just very lively, the intensity that was like a supreme ruler, it made everyone there to open their eyes wide like saucer!

「NUOOOOOOOOOOH!! ――I can see-, I can see it! The future-!! ……………………ah, desuu!」

*Paan* Magic power dispersed with a bursting sound. White smoke was rising up slowly from Shia who was crouching forward and breathing hard. It was incomprehensible.

While Hajime and others were dumbfounded, Shia suddenly brushed up her rabbit ears and lifted her face.

And then,

「Hajime-san, I think having a mistress is improper desuu」

「What the hell are you saying」

Divination could be right or could be wrong. According to a bugged rabbit, it seemed that future could be changed if one tried their best but……

In the end, what would Yuuka’s future be like?

In any case,

「……We got to move to the outer wall soon. We have made the citizens wait for very long.」

Hajime left the inn with quick pace to shake off the stabbing gazes from everyone there.

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