Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 360 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ⑲

Chapter 360 Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ?

Ur Town, the northern grain field area.

It was a legendary place were a great swarm of sixty thousand monsters marched into in the past and got massacred. Right now it was becoming a beautiful place that displayed golden wheat tips swaying like a ripple thanks to the “goddess of fertility” too.

In such famous place,

「Love and courage~? Changed into a single bullet~? Shooting through~~?」

An angel was dancing. On a makeshift stage, with the golden ripple of wheat and brilliantly shining sun as the background, wearing attire of pure white frilly mini skirt, an angle was dancing and singing like an angle――it was Myuu.

A smile that turned tens of thousands of people were subdued by her, elegant steps, carefree song, a stick mike that emitted sparkling rainbow effects in a pentagram shape in her hand.

And then, using that stick mike,

「Right into the middle of the heart?」

When it was pointed up toward the sky, it immediately unleashed a rainbow flash!

That figure was exactly that of a dancing and singing magical girl! The Magical Myuu of shooting and explosion!

She was extremely adorable. The citizens of Ur that crowded the place went ‘Hyahha!’ in great excitement. Nagumo family was busy taking photos without rest!

And then, of course such cute magical girl had a partner.

「Ba~d children will be~? Punished by the authority!」

The one who similarly wearing an attire of frilly mini skirt (gold color) holding a stick mike in hand while winking splendidly was, to tell the truth, the princess of this country Liliana――no the magical girl of politic and incitement! Pretty Lily!

And then, when she lifted up the stick, crimson light instantly surged out! Each time they witnessed it, the citizens of Ur would go ‘Fuuh! Fuuh!’ with their excitement at the peak!

But however, the main star of this stage wasn’t Magical or Pretty.

Yes, the unit’s leader was, the magical girl of fertility and victory――

「Affectionately~? Nurturing~? With care? If not~ Gas explosion! Will - come - down - on - you?」

It was Miracle Ai (twenty six years old!)! Of course, she was equipped with frilly pink mini skirt and magical stick mike. Along with a beautiful step, she placed a horizontal peace sign over her eye and sent a full power wink! Seven colored stars flew! Right now Miracle Ai was shining at her brightest! And then, her eyes were dead!


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While the special stage was enveloped in a vortex of wild enthusiasm due to the idol magical girls unit, Yue’s leaked out muttering resounded strangely clearly. Surely, she was representing the feeling of everyone other than Hajime without a doubt.

Now then, if it was asked why the past event replaying of 60,000 monsters VS Hajime and co was becoming an idol live event like this……

The replay was carried out safely without accident. But, because of the show, it became the cause of this.

Because, it was just too horrible in a different sense from Miracle Ai.

Blood sprayed, earth was overturned, the air exploded. Roar, explosion, and then cries. A single electromagnetically accelerated bullet would pierce through the enemies until far behind, causing shower of flesh and blood to pour down. Rockets that struck down like heavy rain ripped off flesh and blood as expected and dyed the air red. Flame grilled flesh and super gravity mass produced red stains on the ground.

The clamoring sixty thousand monsters were reduced into mere mince meat like a joke. Thousand, tens of thousands of them.

At that time the citizens’ lives were at risk. Even the people remaining in the town consisted only of people with the will to fight. That was why, even when they saw the monsters dying, and even after everything was over, it was excitement and relieve that occupied the majority of their heart.

However, right now was a time of peace. The citizens here were mostly people who were fundamentally unrelated to fighting. Although they had at least watched adventurer or vigilante corps battling against monster, it was only against several monsters at best.

They were such normal citizens. And they witnessed it.

The hellish scene of pandemonium. A real mountain of corpses and river of blood.

Legend was beautiful only because it was inside a story. Story that was passed down was interesting exactly because it was glorified.

For many people, they could enjoy battle only because it was only in the realm of imagination.

And so, half of the citizens of Ur fainted. There were also cases of vomiting occurring here and there.

From the perspective of ordinary people, seeing the ground covered with living thing’s flesh, blood, and entrails even if they were from monsters was a gruesome scene that inflicted considerable damage to their mind.

It seemed that the sensitivity of Hajime and co were slightly numbed, so by the time they realized it was already too late. Rather the audiences were also turning into a hellish scene of pandemonium. If Tio didn’t stabilize their mind with soul magic right away, surely it would become an even bigger disaster.

Of course, Tomoichi and Kaoruko, and then Akiko were also fainting with the white of their eyes showing. Kaori and Yue were the one to deal with that.

Sumire, Shuu, and also Remia were turning a bit pale, but they held out somehow. They were quite something. Yaegashi family was……a slightly special family so you could easily guess.

But well, because of that, the citizens who held out nursed the citizens who fainted and vomited while raising voice 「O, oo~」 that sounded admiring even while their expression was cramping. The atmosphere was getting dry but……

Seeing the situation, the one who felt the biggest guilt was――

「I, it was Aiko who incited them, so perhaps this should be considered her reaping what she sow?」

Akiko said with cramped expression seeing her daughter sparkling with dead eyes. Just as she said, it was Aiko.

Aiko said “With just soul magic I am worried what will become of them after we left. Can’t we give them some care?”, “For example can’t we do something to improve their memory of today even just for a bit”, “Is there anything that I can do for the citizens, I’ll do anything!” and consulted Hajime desperately.

She messed up. Inevitably Hajimed replied 「Hm? Just now, you said that you will do anything?」……and it ended up like this.

「No, Akiko-san. The one with biggest fault is my son. I’m really sorry. He is an unworthy son who always led the pure Ai-chan into a horrible path.」

Sumire bowed her head deeply. It was exactly like she said. Perhaps inside her heart she was also thinking that Hajime was the cause, Akiko only kept her cramped smile without denying or affirming it.

「And, Hajime. Can you explain it already?」

Shizuku represented everyone and questioned the horrible Hajime who was still busily recording his daughter’s big moment while completely disregarding both Aiko and Liliana even though he was the major cause of this.

「Explanation? For what?」

「Your idea to rewrite the incident today with the memory of the improvised live event, well, I’ll unwillingly accept it as a good idea.」


Those attires, or the sticks, and above all else how could they sing and dance like that even though this event was decided so suddenly. Or why was Ai-chan-sensei able to continue dancing so radiantly even though her eyes were dead like that?

「――Spit it out. What did you do?」

No matter how they looked at it something was fishy. Then, the cause was Hajime. It was like how 1 + 1 = 2. It seemed Yue and others also had no objection to what Shizuku said. Everyone were looking at Hajime with a blank stare like Yue’s.

Hajime put away his camera and opened his mouth with a quiet expression. Behind him, Magical Myuu and Pretty Lily and Miracle Ai started their second song. The three lifted their leg & winked simultaneously! It was beautiful.

「It’s because Myuu watched an anime and said she want to try being a magical girl.」

He made it, the transformation set. Although, it didn’t mean that they could transform anytime anywhere. The principle was simple. It was a quick change of attire using “treasure warehouse”. And so, Hajime must be within several meters from them for it to work.

After all, the transformation needed sparkling magic power effect, the light effect that enveloped the body while the clothes they were wearing got stored into “treasure warehouse”, and then teleporting magical girl attires and fixing it on their bodies perfectly to the inch. It was a special technique that couldn’t be done if it wasn’t Hajime who possessed the skill to perfectly teleport six bullets into his gun’s cylinder. Also, the attires themselves were something he ordered to be made through his connection. In other words, it was a professional work.

「Please wait Hajime-san. I understand about the costume change, but putting aside Myuu-chan, why are you carrying attires that matched Aiko-san and Lily-san’s size?」

「It’s because, Myuu want to become magical girl together with her Onee-chan.」

Shudders ran through them. In other words, Hajime had prepared magical girl costume for all of them! And then, as long as they were within the effective range of “treasure warehouse”, there was a risk of them being transformed into magical girl!

「Myuu also said, she want to do it together with mama and Sumire-obaachan too――」

「Hajime-san! Please don’t get near me for a while!」

「Hajime! Hand over your treasure warehouse to me right now!」

Remia mama and Sumire-obaachan backed away with a pale expression.

「Fumu. To be transformed into that appearance with all eyes filed upon me art quiet……haa haa. Setting that aside, goshujin-sama. Thou also tinkered with their mind correct? From what I’m seeing, that stick seem suspicious.」

「Yeah, correct.」

Hajime ignored the ‘haa haa’ and smiled ‘fuh’. He was like a craftsman boasting about his creation. Everyone thought this, 「Ah, his MAD transmutation master switch is turned on……」.

「That stick type artifact, its name is “Glittering Covenant?”.」

「……Hajime, return to your sanity.」

「Shia, do you remember? The artifact that Carm and others put on Gahard and other imperial family.」

「If my memory is correct, it was the “Collar of Covenant”. ……It’s an artifact that is enchanted with soul magic that made them obey to the covenant with their life……uwaa, I got a really bad premonition desuu」

「Fuh, exactly. “Glittering Covenant?”――it’s an artifact that forces you to become a magical girl using soul magic while you’re still keeping your sense. It won’t take your life but, you won’t be able to help but becoming a magical girl at the level of your soul.」

What is this guy saying……everyone’s gaze on him was saying that.

Also, what he meant by “becoming magical girl” was mainly being forced to sing and dance the opening and ending song of a magical girl anime until the completion. The dance and song were printed into the soul, so they were only actualizing the stage held inside their soul. They would do it even with their eyes dead.

The magical girls unit entered the third song. The enthusiasm was reaching the zenith. The three were dancing beautifully in perfect synchronization. Also, everyone only noticed just now but, Pope Simon was at the front row. He was really getting into it he was even wearing a headband.

Ignoring that, Hajime looked to far away with a melancholic expression for some reason and talked.

「Recently, there are a lot of troublesome bunches, like strange organization or country governments……」

「The, the talk suddenly changed?」

「Because of that, I also felt something like a bit of stress and started thinking something like “original style 108 harassment” to kill time.」

「……I’m sorry, Hajime. To think you were that cornered.」

「This art mine greatest negligence. Goshujin-sama’s head art not screwed right.」

For now he shot Tio first. Thank you very much-.

「And, while I was racking my brain about what kind of harassment would be good, I recalled my nemesis. Yes, it’s Christabel and his ilk. Remember, those guys are nightmare wearing frilly mini skirt? Your sanity is eroded just from looking at them. Then, if a normal man is forcefully made to dress like that before dancing and singing magical girl anime theme song while still retaining their senses……」

This time the male camp shuddered. What the hell this guy is thinking……they thought.

「I named it, original style 108 harassment “Make a contract with me and become magical girl! (Forced)”.」

There were already several victims. Mainly Japan’s government officials (the unlawful one”. It seemed they resigned the next day. It seemed all of them wanted to take another look at their life for a while in southern island where no one knew them.

It couldn’t be helped. Trained beefy agents who were experienced in the ways of the world were made to dress in frilly mini skirt at the middle of residential area public park, and forcefully got to glitter and sparkle?. They got reported to police.

「Holy cow……Hajime. Before this, you asked me to introduce you to a pro composer who is a business partner with our company was for……」

「Heh, as expected from a pro. He was listening attentively to my absurd request while going 『Myuu-chan is just too angelic! The image is welling uppp!』 and created five songs for me.」

Those songs with wonderful melody even though the lyrics itself were horrible, it seemed they were created painstakingly by a pro in that field. The ability to take action of a papa who wouldn’t compromise if it was for his daughter’s sake was terrifying.

Before they realized it the last song was starting. An air of desperation and resignation wafted from Miracle Ai. Sparkle sparkle!!

Everyone watched that while Yue as expected spoke as their proxy.


「Because, Aiko said that she would do anything. I thought that this can be a chance to allow Myuu to become magical girl like in anime at the world where she was born. I thought she would hesitate as expected if she do it alone, so it will be reassuring if a goddess and a princess are together with her right? Originally I thought to make her do live event at Erisen. Together with all of you.」

「「「「「「!? 」」」」」」

Yue and others turned toward Hajime in a flash simultaneously. This man-, what terrifying scheme he is cooking up!? He would become a damn fiend without batting an eye if it’s for his daughter’s sake! Their faces were saying that.

The song finished. With Magical Myuu at the center and Pretty Lily plus Miracle Ai at her left and right, it was a perfect posing. The clapping resounded like thunder.

「Hajime, go dogeza to Ai-chan and Lily-chan later. Also, give them a thorough care.」

「……For Aiko, well I got it. But Lily doesn’t need it right?」

「Lily-chan’s treatment! It’s too coarse isn’t it!?」

As expected Sumire-okaasan got angry. She didn’t want to see her daughter-in-law showed another dry smile while saying 「Even though I’m a princess……」. But, a shocking truth came out there.

「? Looks like you’re misunderstanding but……there isn’t any covenant binding Lily you know?」


「She perfectly copied the song and dance just from Myuu singing and dancing once in the preparatory meeting before getting on stage. She was really motivated, as expected from a princess.」

Princess Liliana, there was suspicion that her vocation was “idol”.

Putting that aside, Aiko who wonderfully finished the magical girl routine crumbled down, however, the audiences whose enthusiasm wouldn’t cool down repeatedly yelled out encore request heartlessly. Myuu and Liliana went 「Can’t be helped nano!」「Ge, geez! That’s troubling!」 with expression that didn’t seemed to be that dissatisfied and moved to respond the audiences’ expectation. Some white vapor was slipping out from Aiko’s mouth, so Hajime hurriedly used Neu○lyzer New! and dispersed the audiences.

Like that a new legend was created in Ur Town today. It would be talked and passed down for many generations.

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Furthermore, after that, a mysterious company called South Cloud Company would sell magical girl goods through its business partner Yunker Company but……it would sell like hot cakes.




After healing Aiko’s mind with all possessor of soul magic dispatched.

「Hajime-kun, I would rather you just kill me off painlessly. If it’s impossible at least use the Neu○lyzer New! on me.」

Hajime performed a serious dogeza at Aiko who said that with a serious face. And then, he used Neu○lyzer New! and erased the Miracle Ai memory. Inside Aiko there was already no more memory except of the cute Magical Myuu and Pretty Lily.

After a red flash, Aiko gave a rave review of「What a lovely stage! Myuu-chan and Lily-san were both really cute!」. Everyone, they interacted with her with the feeling of handling a glasswork that would break if it was touched.

But, there her actual mother prioritized her curiosity.

「And, when can we see the scene where Aiko’s first time got taken away by Hajime-kun?」

「Okaa-san, that’s misleading! Be careful with your wording!」

Aiko cleared her throat *cough* once.

「It absolutely won’t be shown.」

「That’s! Ai-chan-sensei, unfair! Even though mine was shown!」

「You wanted to show it yourself right!? I don’t want that!」

Ignoring Kaori’s booing and, Shizuku, Myuu, Remia and others’ curious gazes, Aiko resolutely showed her rejection.

「Aiko-san, why do you dislike it so much? Hajime-san saved you with a kiss when your life was in danger, isn’t that lovely like a heroine in a tale?」

Liliana who loved romantic novel so much she was a veteran in love delusion said that with an enraptured face.

Aiko thrust the reality toward such dreaming princess.

「That’s right. I was almost dying. I was poisoned, at that time I might be convulsing while the white of my eyes was showing.」

Aiko glanced at Hajime.

「I was also foaming a bit from the mouth.」


The white of eyes, convulsion, foaming mouth. A kiss scene of her in such state. They wanted her to show that scene? Did they think she was Tio, no, a pervert?

Aiko covered her face with both hands and crouched down. At the time her heart was jumping around from the deep kiss, but thinking calmly it was a relatively terrible situation.

The female camp fell silent from imagining that situation. They finally guessed the meaning of being unable to drink medicine except by mouth to mouth. Certainly that was a scene that one wouldn’t want to show no matter what.

「In the first place! Hajime-kun promised that you will make it so that the scene won’t be shown if I cooperate with inciting all the citizens! You will keep the promise right!?」

Aiko glared at Hajime with all pretense thrown out of the window. Hajime shrugged.

It seemed that even if they tried to replay the past, this time Hajime would use all his strength to prevent it. At the same time Yue and others also understood how seriously reluctant Aiko was to show the scene from this. They decided to respect her wish.

There, Shuu changed the atmosphere and placed his hand on Hajime’s shoulder.

「Hajime. Can we take a look at that scene?」

Tension returned with those words. The air felt like it was just a hair trigger away from exploding.

It didn’t need to be mentioned that Shuu was referring to the scene where Shimizu was shot.

They had heard already about the situation at the time and also the feeling and true intention of Hajime and others. Therefore, there was no more need for words. But, as a father he wanted to see what his son had done. Shuu was expressing that with his calm gaze. Hajime smiled wryly and shrugged.

「I can do that, Tou-san. Yue, can you do it? You who know about the time and flow of event when that happened should be able to replay that past scene with pinpoint accuracy.」

「……Nn. Leave it to me. In that case, I can also put the Mosaic-kun of the “This can’t be shown!” just in Aiko’s scene.」

「It was a serious scene, so don’t do that.」


Next Hajime also ran his gaze toward Tomoichi, Kaori, and others. He told them that it was up to them whether they wanted to look or not while,

「Tio. Just in case, drive away other people with soul magic.」


He also took measure so no interruption would come. By the way, Pope Simon carelessly got hit by Neu○lyzer New! along with the citizens and right now he was wandering somewhere……perhaps.

And then for the last, Hajime stood in front of Myuu,

「Then, Myuu. Let’s go to the other side.」

「!? Again nano!? Myuu is going to be the only one left out again nano!?」

She must have expected this for a bit. She was casually hiding behind Shia and attempted to erase her presence. She spouted out her dissatisfaction without reservation.

「Papa is cruel! Even Myuu want to know about papa’s past nano! Why is it only Myuu who can’t nano!?」

「Because Remia is sca――cough. Because this’ll be bad for your education.」

Remia mama’s scolding was working! Hajime papa was a papa who could have introspection.

「Absolutely no! Absolutely no!! Myuu will watch it no matter what nano!」

She hugged Shia’s leg tightly in an appeal that she wouldn’t leave here at any cost! While Shia was making a troubled expression, Remia scolded 「Myuu! Don’t be selfish!」 but……


She threw herself on the ground and kicked around with her arms and legs. She began to throw a classical tantrum.

That loud voice caused several citizens curiously looking over here even with Tio’s soul magic driving them away.

Hajime looked at Remia. Remia shook her head with a troubled face.

Compared to the children of the same age, Myuu was a child who had amassed a far denser experience. As long as she was together with a family like Hajime and co who were like a singularity, there was enough possibility of a life full of disturbances waiting for her even from here on.

Then, having her watching intense and harsh scenes beforehand might be helpful for her.

Although. Myuu was still a little child whose age didn’t even reach double digit. Even though there wasn’t even any real urgency, there was no reason to proactively show her such scenes starting from now. Because no matter what kind of path she would choose, Hajime and co wouldn’t have any difficulty in protecting her so that she had time to at least grow up without rushing.

And so, even if she was skillfully rolling around while kicking her arms and legs, or bending her body like a bridge in dissatisfaction, or progressing until she was doing a pseudo break dance, what was not allowed was not allowed.

「Myuu, stop that already. Be reasonable.」

「No! Myuu won’t listen to papa nano!」

「I see……then it can’t be helped.」

Oh? Could it be the okay would be given? Myuu lifted her face from her state of lying face down with such hope.

Hajime papa’s smiling face was there.

「There is something like this is my original style 108 harassment.」

「Eh? Pa, papa?」

A bad premonition was……Hajime quickly lifted up the twitchy looking Myuu and spoke with an unchanging smile.

「――It’s called, ”Up, u~~p! 4 km high!”」

「Papa, Myuu want to drink juice over there nano. Myuu isn’t interested in anything else anymore nano.」

She became really reasonable.

By the way, about the ”Up, u~~p! 4 km high!” of the 108 harassment that would be called as “demon king style” one day by other people, it could change into ”Up, u~~p! Out of earth!” with rocket attached depending on the demon king’s mood. Of course, they wouldn’t fall down again.

「And so, together with Myuu who’s only interested in juice now, both of us will go over……ah, Pope Simon is wandering like zombie, so we will be with that person too. Call us if you finished.」

「Myuu can’t win……against demon king papa nano……」

Remia also came along with Myuu who was taken away in Hajime’s arm, just in case.

While seeing them off,

「Hey, Nagumo Shuu. Don’t tell me, that Hajime-kun was serious? Even if Myuu-chan kept throwing tantrum like that, he didn’t plan to carry out his threat right?」

「Obviously. There’s no way he will make his beloved daughter to free diving.」

「O, of course isn’t it……」

「If he is doing it, perhaps he will do it together, Like, when you’re sky diving together with an instructor.」

「So he’ll do it!」

「In that case, I think Myuu will enjoy it normally though.」

「Myuu-chan is just too gutsy!」

Yue and others nodded in agreement with Shuu’s prediction. The parents were showing cramped expressions.

After that, even with the atmosphere turning mushy before the serious scene, everyone starting from Shuu and Sumire watched the past scene. And then, Phos brought the food for them to take out at that timing, so the group thanked and said their farewell to Phos before departing to the northern mountain range.

They boarded Fernier once more while saying farewell to Pope Simon who returned to his senses and the citizens who gathered.

「Princess! Fill the gap with the other wives in this trip! Make it a fait accompli! Allow me to see the face of princess’s children before I die!」

「Wha, wha-wha-wha-wha, chil, children……she, sheesh, really Simon-sama!」

Princess Liliana, she sent repeated glances at Hajime after hearing Pope Simon’s parting words with an expression that didn’t look that annoyed. Yue and others were also sending fixed stare at that……

The expression of the parents other than Shuu and Sumire were really conflicted.

「Aiko-dono, it was magnificent! I won’t forget that moving feeling until I die!」

「Hah? That moving feeling? Aa, you mean the stage! Yes, I also won’t forget! Both Myuu-chan and Lily-san were lovely!」

「Umu! Those two were also lovely! I’m looking forward to the day I can see it again!」

「Me too!」

Pope Simon was making a talk that was just barely safe. He didn’t know that Aiko’s memory got flashed by her own request.

And so,

「Then goodbye! Magical A――」

Hajime just barely hugged Aiko and blocked her hearing. A fine play! Everyone was letting out cold sweat while also letting out a sigh of relieve. But,

――Aiko-sama, how intimate!

――She is the only one hugged like that among all the wives present there! As expected from the first wife Aiko-sama!

――Aiko-sama banzai! The goddess of fertility and victory banzai!

――Miracle Ai is justice!

――Miracle Ai! Banzai!

All the citizens heated up further. Hajime hugged even stronger so that Aiko wouldn’t hear.

「Ha, Hajime-kuun. You must not~. What are you doing so suddenlyy~」

Aiko didn’t look that annoyed. It was only at this time that Yue and others only sent her a conflicted look. The parents starting from Akiko were smiling wryly.

Like that, a loud cheers ‘WAAAAAAAA’ rose among the awkward atmosphere of the group and,

――Please come again!! Demon king-sama! Goddess-sama!

Hajime and others flew away toward the north mountain range with those words sending them off.

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