Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 362 Arifureta After III Character Introduction Part III

Chapter 362 Arifureta After III Character Introduction Part III

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Shia Travel Arc?


A villager Shia and Hajime encountered in their trip. The absolute champion who was the strongest in the village. Using the demon king’s specially made doping, he got into the best ever battle with Shia and became a legend in the village.


A villager youth Shia and Hajime encountered in their trip. His techniques got relentlessly copied by Shia. He called Shia teacher inside his heart. He was hoping so that next year teacher would come again.


A handsome man at the first half of his thirty. His stock phrase was 「Life is always going in an unexpected way」. He was an illegal employee of Reletense Company that was a trading company on the surface but doing search, research, and weaponization of “objects with power” behind the scene. But he resigned after Hajime overlooked him. Currently he was starting up a company in the field of relic with his comrades and starting to get known as an up-and-coming adventurer little by little. He was Hajime’s dog at heart. He would come if called.


A researcher who got his neck snapped by his coworker Wilford due to trivial reason of “being a bother in the conversation” and easily left the stage that was this world.


Fleur Knight Arc?

Hagiwara Machiko

An assistant of mangaka “Minamino Sumire-sensei”. 45 years old. The longest-serving member of Sumire Studio. Her nickname was Machi-neesan. She had also looked after Hajime since he was a child so he couldn’t go against her.

Wakai Tsukasa

Also an assistant. 24 years old. Even when she was aiming to create shoujo manga, for some reason it would end up into a passionate fighting manga (equivalent to Bak○ the Grappler) without fail, her time still hadn’t come.

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Rurikawa Anna

Also an assistant. A half who had American mother and Japanese father. 25 years old. The karma that was Japan’s subculture made her dropped out from her university.

Aoyama Narumi

Also an assistant. 42 years old. A rotten lady (homosexual lover). Nickname Naru-san. A veteran member, so Hajime couldn’t go against her even when she turned a slimy gaze toward him.

Mochidzuki Moe

Also an assistant. Her sidejob was managing a maid café. 29 years old. She loved maid uniform beyond all else and wore maid uniform almost all the time. She often got involved with police, but naturally she attended the interrogation wearing maid uniform too. She was also managing a rabbit eared maid café in her branch café. The staffs there all possessed special skill.

Fukube Koutarou

A worn out uncle who belonged to returnee response division (alias, demon king division). A veteran who shouldered the role as contact person who connected the returnees with the government for a long time. His movement when drinking stomach medicine was faster and smoother than a quick draw. Myuu got her eyes on him after he nonchalantly snapped BBQ meat in Nagumo residence. Recently the top of his head became cold.


That person.


Rank number 2 of super maid group “Fleur Knights” that was formed for the sake (lol) of Liliana. Neashutatrum of the External Murder. Her other name was Nea-chan of Hauria Clan. She defeated all the rabbit eared girls who wished to serve boss at the end of a mortal combat, she was a master hand whose skill in assassination and espionage was right behind a certain abyss lord. Everything was for the sake of becoming boss’s woman――not, it was to be useful for him. That was what the person claimed.


Fleur Knights rank three. True name, Venri. Dragon race. Tio’s wet nurse, but for some reason she was rejuvenated back into her youth, her maternity and sexual allure were tremendous. She was from a clan with great pedigree that had served Clarus House for generations, but unnoticed she had become a captivating superhuman maid. Tio-san couldn’t wrap her head around it.


Fleur Knights rank five. In charge of supplies and information management. Real name, Samaire Yunker. The grandchild of Motto Yunker. He sent her with ulterior motive of making her a wife of his majesty the demon king, but when he noticed she had ended up into a superhuman maid. Ojii-chan couldn’t wrap his head around it.


Fleur Knights rank six. Real name, Firis Zahler. The biological little sister of Aiko worshipper, church knight David Zahler. Originally she was a kind and gentle nun, but unnoticed she had turned into a superhuman maid. Her big brother couldn’t wrap his head around it.


Fleur Knights rank seven. Real name, Tracy D Hoelscher. A warlike imperial princess of the empire, previously she was burning with rivalry toward Liliana for some reason and when they met she would act like villainess lady at full speed, but unnoticed she had become a superhuman maid for Liliana’s sake (lol). Liliana-san couldn’t wrap her head around it.


Fleur Knights rank four. Real name, Kuzeri Rail. The knight commander of Heiligh Kingdom……or that should be the case but, unnoticed she had become a maid. Liliana-san had somehow guessed it. She also thought, work environment is really important isn’t it.


Fleur Knights rank ten. Hajime’s quality product, a maid robot!! Maid robot!! In addition, the inside was one of the two people of a certain arachne-san or perhaps not.


Abyss Lord Second Episode - Vatican Arc?

Endo Manami

Kousuke’s little sister. A first year in middle school and literary club member. Her default look was glasses and braid. Soul sister. She was in the age where she got a bit excited seeing the scene of a certain kouhai-chan got toyed by the demon king-senpai. In addition, after meeting Aziz-kun recently she was at the age where bad delusion would swell up in her head seeing Aziz-kun’s idolization toward Kousuke.

Endo Sousuke

Kousuke’s big brother. A university student in law. But, he had no hesitation when receiving pocket money from his little brother. But, recently after meeting a certain clumsy saint, his jealousy pierced the heaven and he slapped back half of the pocket money he received.

Endo Hidekazu (※The name is changed)

Kousuke’s father. 49 years old, working in the citizen department of the city hall. His hobby was fishing. Closely resembling Umemiya Tatsu○ somewhat. Recently he became a topic one way or another in his workplace due to having a son who came to file marriage registration with multiple women.

Endo Misato

Kousuke’s mother. 49 years old. Working in municipal tax department of the city hall. Recently her work colleagues (the aunties) showered her with questions regarding her son’s romance situation, so she was considering early retirement and going to other world together with her son.

Claudia Barenberg

The strongest exorcist and the saint of Vatican’s anti demon organization “Omnibus”. However she was a self-destructing type saint who was normally a severely clumsy girl. She often fell off from car that was running. Once she also fell from a chartered plane that was in the middle of flight. However for some reason she would get out of such accident unscathed, in a sense she was a miraculous existence that was worthy of the title “saint”. She was saved by the abyss lord and managed to accomplish her lifelong desire of taking revenge for her parents. As the result she became abyss lord’s fourth wife, perhaps. PS: Her figure rivaled Tio, her butt was especially big.

Aziz Stein

Omnibus’s exorcist. Claudia’s stepbrother. Although not at the level of Claudia, he was an owner of good instinct that would notice Kousuke. His adoration toward Kousuke wasn’t half baked which was used as prey for the delusion of a portion of rotten people who witnessed it.

Wynn Keyman

Omnibus’s exorcist. 28 year old man with swept back blonde hair. He had serious personality and treasured Claudia greatly. But, even if she bungled up he would pretend to not see around 80% of it. There was limit in everything.

Anna Folk

Omnibus’s exorcist. 15 years old with braided chestnut hair. A cheerful tonfa user. Perhaps because she received bad influence from a certain agentVanessa, recently she was becoming a tonfa user who didn’t use tonfa.

Patrick Dime

Omnibus’s director. Demon killer using physical force. Attempted to kill Kousuke with his eye glint. Didn’t read his sacred vessel that had the form of metal book. He used it as blunt weapon. The nicknames he obtained were “Beating Priest”, “Desecrator of Book”, “That guy, he actually got no faith at all ain’t he?”, “Absolute Demon Killerman”, “Physical Miracle User”, “The Man Who Often Launched Airdrop Assault at Abyss Lord”, etc. Sometimes his ally would mistook him as demon.

Maya Coloca

A former exorcist of Omnibus and currently the manager of a secret passage. She killed demon physically. Attempted to kill Kousuke with her eye glint. She didn’t shot her sacred vessel that had the form of bow and arrow. She used it as blunt weapon or stabbing weapon. The nicknames she obtained were “Absolute Demon Killerwoman”, “Desecrator of Bow”, “Rather, it should be better if she used sword or blunt weapon normally ain’t it?”, “Anti-Beating Priest Ultimate Weapon”, “The Scariest Holy Mother”, “The Woman Whose Eyes Never Smiled When Looking at Abyss Lord”, etc. Sometimes her ally would mistake her as demon.

Lee Mohr

Omnibus’s exorcist. A half of Chinese and British, 21 years old young man. Bow gun user. The one who got along the most with Kousuke among the exorcists.

Bacchus Roer

Omnibus’s exorcist. The bald elder brother of Roer brothers. Battle axe user. Traumatized by Japan’s horror movie.

Bruce Roer

Omnibus’s exorcist. The bald younger brother of Roer brothers. Old type rifle user. Traumatized by Japan’s haunted house.

Sharif Yeast

Omnibus’s exorcist. A middle aged man wearing glasses with atmosphere like a salary man. Tower shield user. A skilled defender. Actually a masochist but his face didn’t show it at the slightest how he possessed special skill in that respect.

Ciara Batti

Omnibus’s exorcist. A woman in her thirty with sharp gaze. She had an atmosphere like a carrier woman who was overly conscious, but at the inside she was a fantasy dreamer. Lantern user.


Omnibus’s exorcist. A he, or perhaps a she. A transverse flute user who was called big sis. Until just a little while ago he was an unmanageable person with strong of sense of justice who tended to run wild because of it, even then he was a normal male but……it seemed something happened at Japan and he was awakened.


Actually had a hidden side as the supreme commander of Omnibus. He was friend with Director Dime since a long time ago, but his stomachache’s cause was the director in general. Recently there was also the negotiation with demon king party with the abyss lord as the contact person and the amount of his stomachache was increasing in an accelerated rate. Even though he was the person at the top, he was also the hardest worker. Also, the nicknames of the director and Maya mostly came from this person.

Leda Rocca

Omnibus’s former exorcist. His heart broke from a battle without salvation and he sold his soul to demon.

Professor Littman

A professor of religious studies in a certain university. Because he wanted to learn about the “mythology of truth”, he sold his soul to demon.


Kangaroo type Grim Reaper. Specialized for boxing. His Dempsey Roll was beautiful.

Lyle O’Connor

A guard from Britain’s national security bureau. A man at the middle of his thirty. A man who looked good with short black hair and moustache.

Rob Garret

A guard from Britain’s national security bureau. Lyle’s coworker.

Amanogawa Seiji

Kouki’s father. Had the appearance of an intelligent super handsome man, but a chicken at the inside. A skilled management consultant.

Amanogawa Miya

Kouki’s mother. A former delinquent leader as well as a super beauty. A fighter as strong as an instructor of Yaegashi style and could fight one fair and square with her metal bat technique. Someone outside the norm who was stronger using her particular fighting style that made use of her base spec rather than learning martial art. Had disposition of wanderlust and troublemaker. Currently an editor-in-chief of a popular model magazine.

Amanogawa Mitsuki

The soul sister of the beginning. The founder and leader of soul sisters. Strong.


An unidentified greater demon who wasn’t mentioned in any book. Schemed to use Claudia as body to birth him into this world and ruled earth and hell, but was defeated by the tag team of abyss lord and saint.

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The Seven Demon Kings

The inside of the Deadly Sins Demon Rangers that protected Myuu. They were demon with great fame and the pioneer of demons entering Hajime’s Grim Reapers. After this incident, voices from hell’s demons asking for interview for employment flooded demon king-san of Nagumo family.


The Hauria Came?

Ominous Hell DisasterRakshasa Oni of Calamitous Realm of the Dead Carmlite Mors Exdix Hauria

The middle-aged man who was always in perfect form.

Abyss CenicientaAbyss’s True Wife Ranainferina Bride Hauria

When she invoked her secret technique, she would become a mere beautiful lady.

Death RapsodiaCertain Death Madness Baltfeldt Tirailleur Hauria

Sea of trees’ chuunibyou king. The infection source of chuuni pandemic generally came from this guy.

Kill NahatolOutside Massacre Flower Neastadtrm Adeka Hauria

Due to the crystallization of mankind’s wisdom which was Velcro, she was able to temporarily recovered her sanity and became a normally adorable rabbit eared beautiful girl.

Reaper the InfernoRending Vacuum Burial Jail Minasteria Diabolos Hauria

Being single was bitter…

Thunder Blade Io (the rest is abbreviated)

Rabbit eared maid-san

Would say pyon at the end of her sentence. However she was a rabbit eared maid who could run 100 meter in 11 seconds. Owned numerous abilities like “G○dspeed Impulse” or “D○vil Bat Ghost”. Due to her wholehearted desire to bring home a beautiful girl with her, recently she also learned “Devil 4 D○mension” or something.


Shia Summoning Arc?

Eric Luxeed Balted

Young king of Balted Kingdom. A handsome man who closely resembled a golden lion. Fell in love with Shia before his heart in love was smashed to pieces by the demon king.

Louis Lektor

The chief spirit priest of Balted Kingdom. Eric’s childhood friend. An intellectual type handsome man wearing pince-nez glasses. The culprit who summoned Shia. Fell in love with Shia before his heart in love was smashed to pieces by the demon king.

Phil Espion

The commander of Balted Kingdom’s intelligence corps. Eric’s childhood friend. A green haired handsome man with flippant look. Fell in love with Shia, same wording with before.

Greg Xcest

The leader of Balted Kingdom’s royal guards. A taciturn handsome man same wording with before.

Dahlia Schweig

A daughter of duke house in Balted Kingdom. Blond hair and golden eyes, 18 years old beauty. Due to a summoned person from ancient age (Japanese), she thought that maid uniform was the supreme outfit. Her habit was to say 「~degozaimasu!」 while making guts pose by clenching both her fists. She was Eric’s childhood friend and a deeply trusted retainer, but unnoticed she had entered lord and retainer relationship with a certain demon king. Eric-san couldn’t wrap his head around it. Because she and Shia had formed an emotional bond, Hajime was starting to take measure so the two of them could reunite. The day of their reunion was close……

Arogan Spervia Rated

The king of the country of demon race, Rated Demon Kingdom. A handsome man with peerless good look possessing long black hair and amethyst eyes. The demon king (the dangerous one) made him went through *splat* and *pika―* repeatedly and he learned the difference in strength through literal death. Now became a docile demon king.

Gruelle Dullac Tinted

The king of the country of beastman race, Tinted Beast Kingdom. His ability to transform into dragon resembled the dragon race but both were far off from each other in the aspect of virtue. He was an opportunism. The demon king (the dangerous one) same wording with before.

Astrus Fin Honted

The king of the country of celestial people, Honted Celestial Kingdom. Got a bit of harassment from Hajime that rendered him powerless. He didn’t want see the color of red anymore……


Divine spirit of thunder cloud. A good looking man with rigid look. His heart broke after getting showered with punches beyond his understanding from Shia. Also, the culprit who brought about the evolution in Shia to evade lightning speed by sight. At the end became a jiggly yellow slime.


Divine spirit of earth. His form was a gigantic golem made from soil and rock. Ate 100 ton hammer from Shia and also ate bombardment from Hajime over and over which broke his heart. At the end became a jiggly ashen colored slime.


Divine spirit of fire wheel. Had an atmosphere like an overly conscious career woman but she ate sunlight convergence laser from Hajime and went through *DOPAN* *Pika―* over and over that her heart broke. Had become completely no good but she got high pride by nature that she kept putting up a bold front. Her stock phrase was「Yo, you want to have a go!? Aa!? AA!? You――youuu-」. Would become Choare to someone who acted kind to her. She also had yandere disposition so she was also called as “Yandere Dachore” and the like. At the end she became red slime that was droopy like melted ice. (TN: Choare, from the word “choroi” (easy) combined with Soare. Dachore, from the combination of word “da” which mean hopeless or no good with “choroi” and Soare.


Divine spirit of flowing sky. Had the form of a teenage girl wearing dancer attire with light green hair tied into twintail. Tsundere. In the middle of her battle against Hajime, she got her butts struck many times even though she was a divine spirit and her heart broke. Her stock phrase toward Hajime was「Be kinder to me!」「Praise me more!」 etc. At the end became aggressively jiggling green slime.


Divine spirit of ocean current. Had the form of gigantic and long sea dragon. The inside of his body was exploded many times by Hajime and his heart broke. At the end became moderately jiggly water colored slime.


Divine spirit of ice and snow. Had the form of large eagle that was transparent like crystal. Continuously showered by concentrated fire from a lot of Grim Griffon and his heart broke. At the end became a slime that looked like warabi mochi (bracken-starch dumpling).


Divine spirit of everlasting darkness. A beauty of blooming age with long black hair and clad in black dress and mist. She was tied into tortoise shell bondage by Hajime and got swung around continuously so her heart broke. At the end became black slime with *mojo!* texture. Her haughtiness was unchanged but recently she competed with Soare to obtain Shia’s affection.


The personification of star tree that was the center and the cornerstone of the world. Had the form of sacred female enveloped in pure white light. Her heart broke after getting punched in the face and stomach for the first time since she was born. At the end she got separated from the world of human with the help of the power of Hajime and others and now she would be watching over where the world would go. She found Yue-sama a bit difficult to deal with. Having her eyes on her……she was scared……


Tortus Travel Journal?

Luluaria S B Heiligh

The queen of Heiligh Kingdom. The mother of Liliana. Recently she was absorbed with shoujo manga. She was pressing forward with making “Minamino Sumire work” get played in theater.


The old man in charge of Randell’s education. He fundamentally ignored Randell’s youthful emotional conflict.

Kuzeri Rail

The leader of the kingdom’s knight order who was in the verge of depression due to her post that was like working in a black company. Able to freely stop or moving someone else’s heart with her fist. Recently she often showed a slackened smile when staring at a crimson broach which caused the number of “leader addict” to increase.

Metamorphose Catherine

The morphed Catherine (Adventurer’s guild temporary manger)


The mere shadow of someone who was gold ranked adventurer “Flash Blade Abel” in the past……actually not shadow, but an evolved from.

Porter Helly

The gatekeeper of Brook Town. Gatekeeper evangelist who spread the advantage of the gatekeeper work to the whole world.

The residences of Brook Town

‘Want to be stepped by Yue-chan’ group, ‘Want to be the slave of Shia-chan’ group, ‘Want to be the sister of Yue-oneesama’ group, ‘Want to take the balls of demon king’ group, cosplayer, manly woman, elusive inn girl, town mayor who looked like he was going to drop dead anytime, those people formed 90% of the citizens.

Adam Walker

The town mayor of Brook who looked like he was going to die. The husband of Catherine. When his wife wasn’t there, he basically could only speak 「Ah, yes」.

Jonathan Walker

Catherine’s son. Hajime’s cosplayer. 14 years old.

Evelyn Walker

Catherine’s daughter. Tio’s cosplayer. 11 years old.

Masaka family

Family of three that consisted of the mother Kiina, the father Galadrius, and the secretly pervert daughter Soona. They had an inn poster girl who was a bunny as ancestor……perhaps.

Bel family (Manly woman family)


Simon L G Liberal

His eminence the pope of the reborn holy church. A facetious old geezer, but he was large hearted with a great caliber. Possessed numerous nicknames like “Wandering Pope”, “Master of Absconding and Sprinting”, “Wanted Pope-sama”, etc.

Miracle Ai (Twenty six years old!)

Phantom magical girl.



Bus guide-san


Bus driver-san

The one who showed the bus guide the way.

The envious beauty on the bridge

Myuu’s friend.

Britain’s witch of the forest

A witch who controlled a forest. She ignored Hajime’s peaceful negotiation, so she got splattered like the usual. There was a trace that looked similar with the grand tree Ua Alto in her territory.

Police Chief Tsuchi

At the surface he was the police chief of the city where Hajime was living. However his true identity was a disciple of Yaegashi style. He was 56 years old but he was a tough guy who could do a full marathon while humming and finishing the whole distance within two and a half hour.


A young detective in the same police station. However his true identity was a disciple of Yaegashi style.


The inside of arachnes. Somehow something that felt like “god’s apostle” Erst and Neunte entered inside. And so Erst (temp) and Neunte (temp) got called with abbreviation as seen above.

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