Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 363 Arifureta After IV Demon King & Hero Arc Prologue

Chapter 363 Arifureta After IV Demon King & Hero Arc Prologue

「Kouki……he’s seriously getting summoned too much.」

There was the figure of Ryuutaro holding his head at his wits’ end inside the palace of a certain desert country.

「What’s more, he even tackled Nagumo-kun to force him coming with him……he’s really a hero.」

Next Suzu’s impressed voice also resounded.

「U, umu. Kouki, he……it seemed he recognized that he is a hero……」

「Onee-chan, I think that’s not what they mean. Koone thinks that the meaning is different.」

The two who kept sending glances in concern toward the group sitting at the opposite side of the table while replying to the comments were the royal sisters of desert country “Synclea Kingdom”―― Moana de Shelt Synclea and Koone de Shelt Synclea.

They were radiantly beautiful sisters with chocolate skin that had patterns drawn on it, pretty blonde hair, and green eyes. The elder sister Moana spoke like a man with a lively personality as to be expected from the former queen, while the little sister Koone had the personality of schemer little devil despite being 8 years old.

But……right now she was extremely obedient and looking so awkward that she didn’t have the leeway to enjoy the much-awaited tea.


The cause of that gulped her tea. She elegantly enjoyed the scent and taste of the tea before returning the cup on its saucer. It made a slight clinking sound that caused the royal sisters to twitch.

「Geez, Yue. Don’t be so mean!」

Kaori advised candidly seeing how Moana and Koone acted. Yes, the cause was Yue-sama who was giving an austere~ air for some reason.

「……This BakaoriStupid Kaori. When did I act mean? It’s too excessive even for a false charge. This Bakaori.」

「I’m telling you to stop showing your bad mood like that. You did it on purpose right? After all I know very well whether Yue is really in a bad mood or not!」

「……Fuh. As expected from a real stalker. The status of your observation power has hit the max value.」

「……Fufu, Yue. How about we go outside for a bit?」

*Snap* A vein pulsed on Kaori’s forehead. Next Yue-sama showed a provoking face like a thug saying 「Aa? You want to have a go?」.

「Yes yes, both of you. Don’t emit pressure like that!」

「Although the pressure feels pleasant for me instead, but it made everyone around to be absurdly nervous. Restrain thyself.」

Shizuku and Tio remonstrated the two who like usual was going to start to fight so naturally like a leaf fluttering when wind was blowing.

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Just as Tio said, the people in this place――a terrace in Synclea Kingdom’s palace――who were watching the group’s “gathering” were looking really tense.

The queen’s exclusive maid Anneal who was serving as the waitress was slightly trembling. The royal guard captain Spenser, the soldier commander Donar, the chief of art user Linden and his daughter Lilin were breaking into cold sweat. The “gramp who looked like he would croak anytime soon”, the leader of civil official Bruitt looked like he would croak for real anytime soon.

It couldn’t be helped.

After all, all of them had received reports from various places and learned about how immense the strength of Yue and others.

――The second other world where Kouki was summoned into

In this world that was filled with blessing power that supported humans and nature, there was a war with Dark Beings who made the blessing power as their food. This war had been continuing for a long time.

The land where the blessing power was devoured by the Dark Beings would become a “dead land” and turned into desert. Mankind had piled up innumerable sacrifices throughout history even while fighting the war of survival.

The country that should be called as the front line of that conflict was none other than this Synclea Kingdom where Moana was the queen.

And then, when the mankind of this world was unable to resist anymore, the hero Kouki was summoned by the miracle of the “great will of blessing” Foltine.

Even while Kouki was breaking in body and heart by his inner conflict, he found his “answer” throughout the deadly battles, and then he put a stop to the battle that had gone for long in this world.

But, everything was over and it was a happy end……before that could happen, a summoning assaulted Kouki as though to say 「Please take care of the next wo~~rld!」!

Naturally, Kouki burst into tears.

After all, just when he thought that he finally would be able to live with his feet planted on the ground and spend a lot of time with Moana who supported him, an invitation unexpectedly came out of nowhere. Her firmly refused.

But, the will of the world-san (?) thingy was completely merciless.

I cannot escape! Kouki who realized that displayed the transcendental finesse he learned throughout the deadly battles at the highest level to tackle Hajime of all things.

Perhaps, surely, most likely, he thought 「Surely I’ll manage somehow if the demon king is with me!」 and relied on him without a doubt. By no means he was thinking something like 「If I’m going to die then you’ll come with me」 or 「If I’m going through hardships anyway then demon king-kun will come too!」, nope.

In any case, because of Kouki’s double suicide attack, Hajime harmoniously got summoned together to another world somewhere even while he raised a voice of deep resentment.

That happened two days ago.

Yes, two days.

Even though he brought Crystal Key and Compass of Transcendent Guidance with him, Hajime-san didn’t come back even after two days passed.

Perhaps his magic power was insufficient, or there was another obstacle that blocked him from opening a gate……

Either way, the first wife-sama who was torn apart from her husband due to the hero’s recklessness was displaying even more expressionless face & blank stare than usual.

「Yes yes, both of you. If you don’t want to get restrained with Choke Sleeper then don’t do any violence.」

Shia said with a bright smile at Yue and Kaori who looked like they were going to grapple with each other any second now. The two of them stopped still and then sat back down as though the scene was being rewound. Everyone of Synclea sent Shia a respectful gaze.

Shia is watching! Yue thought and straightened her back with a cough. She threw her gaze to Moana.

「……I’m really not displeased so don’t mind me.」

「I, I see.」

「……Nn. Also, you aren’t the queen anymore right? Then you can talk naturally.」

Moana who talked with queenly tone unconsciously from nervousness smiled widely seeing Yue’s gentle expression. She said 「I get it」 and returned to her original tone. Immediately after the war, Koone succeeded her as the queen even if it was done informally, so Moana right now was just a female of royal family. There was no more need for her to force herself acting with dignity.

「But, I’m worried. Kouki too, I wonder why he leaped at him……no, I understand that he was immediately relying on him but……」

Moana sighed with an expression of deep distress.

From the perspective of Moana who understood Kouki’s personality, she understood that Kouki wasn’t someone who would involve others even if there was danger approaching him.

Therefore she was unable to understand Kouki’s action. At the same time apologetic feelings rose up inside herself when she was facing the women who were the family of the person who got dragged in like this.

But, someone returned a chuckle at Moana who was making a complicated expression that was half apologetic and half worrying for Kouki.

「I think that showed just how much he has grown.」

「Shizuku-oneesamasister in law?」

「Stop with the onee-sama.」

「Ah, yes.」

It would be troubling if even Moana was transformed into soul sister. Shizuku thought while pleading with an earnest expression. It made Moana’s gaze wander. In exchange, Koone leaned forward with great interest.

「Shizuku-oneesan, what do you mean? Koone want to ask in detail what do you mean by that!」

「Let’s see……」

She was more or less the new queen, but Shizuku was one of the world saviors. There was also how she had grown closer with her personally during these two days, so their attitude to each other was relaxed.

「Kouki normally wouldn’t intentionally drag someone else into danger. Because, that’s not a right thing to do. At the same time, it’s even more impossible if the person in question is Hajime. Because, Kouki will be stubborn when facing someone he hates. I won’t borrow the help of someone who is wrong! He would say.」

He was the captive of righteousness till the end. And then, above all else his heart was childish. That was the Amanogawa Kouki until now.

「And yet, he charged at Hajime without hesitation must be because he was convinced that doing that will lead to the best result.」

Dragging in Hajime was “wrong”.

So what?

He came until this world to pick him up. He responded to the wish of the people who were worried for Kouki. Then, the possibility was high he would be told to go pick up Kouki again at the world where he was summoned. In that case it would be the best to take him together.

It was humiliating to borrow the hand of someone he couldn’t stand.

So what?

This guy was so reliable he felt irritated to him from the bottom of his heart. If he got stubborn and didn’t rely on that guy which resulted on him crawling on the ground unable to do anything and caused trouble to that guy in the end, then he better relied on him right from the start! He has finished the preparation to kowtow! What do you want for apology!?

「Having both evil and good……it’s something that anyone is doing. It looks like Kouki has finally became able to do that too a little.」

‘Fufu’, Shizuku smiled with the face of a big sister rejoicing for his little brother’s growth. However Koone’s expression turned slightly conflicted.

「……Onee-chan, we lost in our understanding of Kouki-sama. Koone affirmed that we have suffered an overwhelming defeat! We have to be more diligent in our effort!」

「You, you’re right Koone! Certainly, I’m feeling somewhat vexed! Onee-chan will do her best!」

「I’ve explained many times during these two days but, there’s no need to be burning with rivalry you know? Really.」

The royal sisters had the tendency to slightly doubt the relationship between Kouki and Shizuku. Even now they were looking very vexed. Or rather, even Koone-tan was looking vexed with a “woman’s face”, that’s……

Shizuku thought, 「Don’t tell me, Kouki. You even laid you hand on a child this small……」

「Koone is the queen, so she has to always assume the worst before taking action! Onee-chan, unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy!」

「That’s a wonderful mental attitude, Koone-tan!」

「Naturally. Besides, we still haven’t lost in everything! There is even fait accompli at our side!」

「「「「「Fait accompli?」」」」」

What’s that, detail please! Yue and others leaned forward with interest. Shizuku’s face convulsed thinking 「Don’t tell me he really laid his hand on a kid this little!?」 and started forming a beheading plan for her childhood friend.

「That’s right! After all Onee-chan and also Koone and also Spenser had experienced getting brought to bed by Kouki-sama!」


The gazes of everyone inside the room snapped toward the royal guard’s middle aged captain Spenser. Spenser’s body jerked and he said 「Su, such thing happened once huh」 and averted his gaze. Linden and others took a slight distance from Spenser.

「I, I……how should I treat that guy when he came back……」

「I’ll protect Ryuu-kun’s chastity-」

A suspicion of homosexuality occurred while Kouki wasn’t present……

Moana desperately gave an explanation that they just fell but Koone’s second blow came.

「He also wooed our Lilin!」

「What did you say!?」

As expected from the little girl who brought in the storm Koone-tan. She was awfully skillful in pushing the place into chaos.

Everyone’s gazes turned toward Lilin. Moana’s pupils were shrinking.

Lilin shook her head left and right under the pressure of the gazes.

「Kouki-sama only praised me calling me cool. Kouki-sama has no such intention toward me, so please don’t be manipulated by Koone-sama’s words.」

As expected from the warrior who was accepted into the royal guard when she was still at the tender age of 16. Even with her appearance as a lovely girl with chestnut twintails fluttering because of the wind, she still possessed the calmness to not make waves――

「It’s me who is harboring fondness toward Kouki-sama.」


Correction, she was a beautiful girl who would nonchalantly make waves. She drank her tea with a composed expression. Moana’s eyes snapped wide open, Koone was shaken how it backfired like this, Lilin’s friend Anneal and her father Linden sent her a shocked gaze that asked 「Is that so!?」. Yue and others went 「Oo!」 with eyes sparkling from curiosity.

「Li, Lilin! I told you that you will be sentenced with a severe punishment if a mistake occured didn’t I!?」

Moana stood up from her chair and condemned Lilin. Her angry voice resounded.

However, Lilin herself looked back straight toward Moana and,

「No mistake has occurred you know? It will occur in the future. When he become my man.」

So manly!? The expressions of Ryuutaro and others of the male group convulsed.

「E, err, Lilin? You are joking aren’t you? Koone think that you’re joking though……」

「No way. I’m serious, Koone-sama. ……When I saw that figure facing an army of ten thousand alone and continued to fight to protect the citizens of Arquette even while unconscious, my heart was pierced through.」

What she said seemed reasonable that Moana’s gaze was wandering uncertainly. 「That’s right isn’t it! He was really cool wasn’t it!」 She wanted to have that kind of girls talk but she couldn’t!

Lilin stood up and sharply pointed toward Moana who was shaken up like that.

「Moana-sama! I have been holding back until now, but you are not the queen anymore! Therefore, I won’t show any mercy! Right now you are a step in the lead, but I proclaim here! I will take away Kouki-sama like a wind!」

「Thi, this traitooorr~!!」

Yue and others were greatly excited! To think that the former queen and her loyal retainer would become love rival! Lilin-chan is seriously manly! The tearful Moana-chan is seriously cute! What what, what’s with this soap opera development! It’s a super impressive show! Tio! Prepare the recording! Don’t underestimate me! I’m already in the middle of recording!

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「……That Lilin, finally learned about love……huh」

「Linden, good for you. She was too manly that you were troubled who will accept her as wife weren’t you?」

「Donar, it’s too early to give blessing. Look carefully there. Seeing his daughter exchanging glare with Moana-sama made Linden’s eyes looked dead.」

Ignoring the father~s who were in a conflicted atmosphere, the capable little girl Koone attempted to change the topic even while she herself was still feeling a little shaken up.

「Ho, however it’s really worrying! After all they should return quickly according to what I heard from Yue-oneesan.」

Those words caused Moana and Lilin to recall the oppressive atmosphere from before and they sat back on their seat with a quiet expression.

Yue smiled wryly and swept away that atmosphere.

「……I have made you worried pointlessly. There is no problem with that.」

「How can you say that so confidently? I understand that demon king-sama is strong, even so he was sent to an unknown place. Koone think that we shouldn’t be too optimistic.」

Those words were only natural. Perhaps Koone was even thinking that actually Yue was worried in her heart but she was speaking optimistically in order to not worry Koone and others.

That was why, Yue smiled. No matter who saw it, it was a full smile that didn’t show any trace of sorrow. It was accompanied with a radiant atmosphere that was filled with utmost trust and conviction.

「……Because Hajime is there. Then there isn’t any problem at all.」

That couldn’t become a basis. That was what Koone would say normally. But, Koone closed her mouth. Moana and others were also the same.

Because not just Yue, all of the otherworlder group members weren’t doubting Yue’s words at the slightest. It was as though she was telling an answer that was derived from an equation.

「No matter what kind of world and what kind of obstacle is waiting, it won’t matter at all. Hajime will surely find the answer and grab it into his hand. He will discover the path of escape through the eye of a needle, change the impossible into possible, and grasp the future he wished without fail.」

Those words were filled with pride without compare.

Shia, Tio, Kaori, Shizuku, and then even Ryuutaro and Suzu, their smiling face was containing a pride “There is nothing impossible for our demon king” inside.

「……The hero will also return so it’s fine.」

「Fufu, it sure is. Because Hajime-kun, he went along willingly after all.」

「Ah, so it’s just as I thought? Certainly Kouki’s step was real amazing but, I thought that if it’s Nagumo he should be able to do something about it.」

「This is only mine speculation but, perhaps the thought that it wouldst be troublesome to expend magic power to chase after the hero again wouldst be troublesome crossed goshujin-sama’s mind.」

「There was also how Kouki has grown and Hajime recognized him a bit I think? It looked like he became “unlikable guy” for him after all.」

Yue and others talked indifferently as though the future of Kouki coming back together was only natural . When Moana and others noticed tension was leaving their body.

「That……is it alright for us to think that Kouki will really come back together?」

Moana timidly asked. Shizuku told her.

「Naturally. Because, there is no way Hajime will allow a future where we are sad.」

Shizuku’s appearance was filled with so much trust and affection that it Moana felt stupid for doubting her relationship with Kouki. Tension finally completely left Moana’s body in various senses.

A gentle atmosphere flowed and everyone quietly sipped their tea.

There Ryuutaro muttered once more.

「But, the problem is when they will return……if we don’t go back home, Ai-chan-sensei and others who are in the kingdom also won’t be able to return back……tomorrow is a normal school day yeah?」

「Aa~, you’re right. The mass media will make a ruckus saying that it’s another group disappearance.」

Suzu groaned at how bothersome it was.

Just in case they would be able to open a door back to the kingdom with Yue’s power. They had no Crystal Key or the compass, but if it was the current Yue who had usurped Ehito’s power, it wasn’t beyond her capability to forcefully open a gate until the kingdom that had a mark in it.

But in that case it could only be done once and her magic power would also dry up after that. Naturally it would be like that even after using their stored magic power and even the magic power of Shia and others too. They were able to promptly teleport to this far away other world from Tortus only because of Hajime’s technology to convert electricity to magic power.

If they considered the need to prepare in case Hajime sought help or the worst case where an unexpected situation occurred and they were forced to fight, forcefully creating a gate and returning to the kingdom couldn’t really be said as a good move. They were also thinking that Hajime would return soon.

「……It can’t be helped. In that case Yue-san style “Neura○zer Magic!” will flash.」

「So Yue can do memory falsification on your own……」

「Kaorin. Even before that Nagumo-kun was able to do something like giving suggestion through internet you know?」

「Ah, now that you mentioned it before this Hajime-san was going to make something like artificial satellite type “Neura○zer Flash! ~Deliver a Fresh Memory to the Whole World!~” or something, but Kaa-sama scolded him ‘Don’t be rash!’.」

According to Shia, it seemed that Sumire-okaasan was acting like a proper mother to Hajime whose trigger finger to pull the trigger of memory falsification artifact was abnormally light. As expected it seemed that doing memory falsification so casually to the whole world wouldn’t be allowed.

When the mad transmutation master Hajime who would forget to restrain himself when starting to create something enthusiastically tried to persuade his mother, it seemed he tried out various tactics, but Sumire-okaasan who got irritated released “Nagumo Household Ultimate Physical Weapon Shia” and put an end to it.

「Well, this is Hajime-san we are talking about, so it feels like he has created it in secret though!」

When Shia said that while laughing, Yue and others also nodded thinking that it was probably the case.

And then, the expression of Synclea group was convulsing. For some reason they were laughing while talking about memory falsification in world scale but, that’s actually scary! Their face seemed to say that.

Moana tried to change the topic. She thought that at this rate their common sense would get painted over by the common sense of the demon king world.

「Please allow us to show you our hospitality during your stay here. The restoration of the capital is also advancing unbelievably fast, we are completely in your debt.」

「That’s right. The oasis and crops could be purified with Koone’s “regeneration”, but it cannot do anything about buildings and people……」

Saying that Koone and others looked outside from the terrace. Even the oasis that was temporarily encroached by miasma and lost its radiance had took back its previous beauty right now. The water paths that surrounded the capital like river had also returned back to normal as though the previous destruction and flooding from them was a lie.

Those were of course brought about by the new queen Koone’s blessing art Regeneration.

Although, Koone who was still small had no power to regenerate the vast oasis in just two days. What overturned that fact was Kaori’s regeneration magic. Even after Koone used her art and ran out of blessing power, regeneration magic that brought about restoration by reversing time could recover that blessing power immediately.

In addition, Yue and others who got nothing to do joined in and regenerated everything that was destroyed using regeneration magic, so almost everything was back to normal.

「Everyone even saved a great number of lives……really, we can’t possibly thank everyone enough for this.」

Moana said that with a slight loneliness peeking out, even so it was clear from her expression that she was grateful from her heart. Kaori slightly frowned.

「I’m sorry. Because even using regeneration magic in full power, five minutes is the limit when reviving the dead.」

「Ah, no, you really don’t have to mind about it.」

Reviving the dead which was a power that was like picking a fight with the principle of the world head-on at first caused Moana to lose her composure greatly and begged for the revival of the lives that were lost in the war five years ago. Moana blushed in embarrassment recalling her disgraceful behavior at that time. She looked apologetically toward Kaori.

Even in the war this time, not all the lives were saved.

The feeling that mourned the dead brought a slight heavy atmosphere to the gathering.

Like that, Anneal was going to propose bringing a new tea in consideration――but before she could.


「They returned!?」

「Shivers came to my rabbit ears!」

Yue, Kaori, and Shia raised a delighted voice. At the same time Tio and Shizuku were also standing up with a joyful look.

Just what’s going on!? Moana and others were startled, but the next instant the space above the table distorted and they lost their words.

Right after that.



Two silhouettes appeared from empty air. One of them smoothly performed a hero landing pose coolly, while the other one hit his waist on the table’s edge. The second silhouette didn’t stop there and his face hit the chair of Shizuku who jumped aside and he turned a somersault while rolling on the floor.

It went without saying who the man on the table was.

「……Nn. Hajime, welcome back.」

「Oi, I’m back Yue.」

Hajime firmly caught Yue who hopped and embraced him.

And then,

「Kouki! Welcome back! We were really worried――」

「Eh!? What!?」

Moana also quickly hugged the silhouette under the table――

「Who are you!?」

「That’s my line――hebua!?」

Realizing that she hugged an unknown man, she immediately unleashed a punch. No, see, she was a queen of warriors, so she reflexively…

When asking who was the pitiful man who got punched by that former warrior queen…

「Endo-kun!? Why is Endo-kun here!?」

「Oh my. Isn’t this Abyssgate-san?」

The name that Shizuku and Shia spoke startled even Yue and others.

Yes, it was Abyssgate-san. Hajime who was summoned together with Kouki brought back Abyssgate-san for some reason! People were switched like it was a magic show!

「O, oi! Endo! You were in the palace right!? ……Eh? Thinking carefully, were you in the one year return anniversary party in the first place again?」

「I was there……but you know, before that you see? I got my waist and face hit, and on top of that I suddenly got punched. I think it would be better if you got worried for me first……」

Kousuke-kun was getting teary while holding his cheek with a pitiful posture. He gave a pitiable air like usual.

「Demon king-sama! Kouki!? Where is Kouki!?」

Moana apologized to Kousuke even while clinging on Hajime with an upset look.

「Do, don’t tell me……Kouki-sama, became his majesty the demon king’s prey!? As I thought his majesty the demon king is a terrifying person! Koone affirmed that he is a terrifying demo――ah!?」

「Who are you calling demon. You’re one foul mouthed rugrat huh.」

Koone received an iron claw and floundered. Hajime sent her a glance and got down from the table.

And then, he spoke briefly to Moana.

「I left him.」


Moana’s rage rushed to her head and went up even further it felt like her head would explode! Lilin’s twintails also stood on ends!

「Calm down. He can come back any time. He looked busy flirting with the goddess at the other world, so the two of us returned home first.」


Moana’s expression turned furious with her anger piercing the heaven! Lilin’s twintails were swaying up savagely!

The place fell into chaos.

Tio who couldn’t bear to watch cast soul magic of mind stability. Kaori healed Kousuke who was still in tears. The place finally calmed down after five minutes.

Hajime drank the tea that Anneal brewed with enjoyment. Yue asked him.

「……Hajime, what in the world happened?」

「Let’s see……I think it’s going to take a bit more time until that guy return. Guess I’ll tell the story for a bit.」

Moana and others of the Synclea group leaned forward with great interest. Yue and others were immensely curious about the outrageous experience of being summoned for the third time. And then, Hajime turned his gaze toward Kousuke who muttered 「I have learned. When Nagumo and Amanogawa formed a tag team, you absolutely must not get near them……your stomach and heart will get hurt right away……」while stuffing his cheeks with swe~et confections and staring blankly with dead eyes, and Ryuutaro & Suzu who were watching that with an appalled look.

Hajime moistened his lips with the tea once more before slowly starting to talk.

Of the third summoning.

The adventure tale of hero and demon king.

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