Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 379 Arifureta After IV Demon King & Hero Arc Decisive Battle First

Chapter 379 Arifureta After IV Demon King & Hero Arc Decisive Battle First

That day, a pillar of light pierced Coltran’s sky.

Certainly there had been a heavy atmosphere since the previous day. There was also an absurd rumor of someone fighting a force of machine soldiers at a part of a block at the lowest level which everyone laughed off.

Perhaps there was a stupid resident of the lowest level that broke the taboo. Even so, there was no doubt the offender got judged already without being able to do anything. It was also easy to guess that the heavy atmosphere was because the security was strengthened so that no other idiot would get inspired to break the taboo.

And so, there was no way there was such idiot. Surely the taboo breaker was also a lowest level resident who went insane and did it in their derangement, no doubt about it. Their daily life would return to normal after several days passed……

Everyone thought so.

Even the people of the lowest level who witnessed the actual event felt like they had seen something terrifying and all of them implicitly agreed to never mention anything about it. They held their breath and believed that tomorrow would come without any change.

That was why.

When they heard the roaring thunders booming many times, their hands stopped working even though they knew that it was a forbidden act and looked toward the sky.

Strength left their legs when they saw the clouds covering the heaven blown away.

Seeing the pillar of light that was launched from the mountain peak and pierced the sky, they trembled thinking that it was a natural disaster or the end of the world.

And then,


They saw the sky. At the other side of the dark clouds that were blown away in round shape, there was the blue transparent sky.

They felt a heat inside them. It was completely different from the artificial light that they were used to. There was warmth as though they were being embraced by someone.

They were dazzled. By the brilliant radiance that illuminated the world.

All the lights in Coltran died. The machine soldiers around them crumbled down powerlessly. Such strangeness was occurring right beside them, and yet no one was panicking.

They could only feel their heart getting stolen away. The light felt like it was shining until the bottom of their heart. Tears overflowed out of their eyes without knowing the reason why. The world looked blurry. Their sight was flickering from the dazzling light, however they couldn’t avert their eyes.

That hadn’t changed even now after several hours had passed since the sky cleared up.

「……Yeah, it’s pretty.」

A man who was a resident of the lowest level at Coltran repeated the word that his ten years old son spoke from beside him.

Similar conversation was being carried out everywhere.

For the man who became thirty year old this year――the age where he would be given “lifespan treatment”, what happened within these several hours was far removed from the reality as he knew it. The capacity of his heart had been bursting from a long time ago.

Most likely the people around him were going through the same thing.

Right after the cataclysm, everyone in Coltran listened to an announcement. It was unknown how many people among this crowd that was overflowing with refugees clearly understood the content of that announcement. Most people had their thinking coming to a halt from their appreciation of the sun or running away from reality in front of the despair.

Yes, with Coltran’s function turned off, there was no more absolute protection from Mother. A large army of invaders was approaching here right now……there was no way the people of the lowest level were able to accept it.

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「Tou-chan, are we going to die?」


The man gasped at his son’s question. Right now, the matter that he was trying to not think about was asked to him in clear words. He was hard pressed to answer.

The simple and concise words resounded very clearly within this atmosphere of confusion. Even the people around them turned toward their way. They looked like they wanted to say something, but they couldn’t say anything and could only mumble vaguely.

Whether they wanted it or not, the memory was awakened inside their head.

――Informing the people of Coltran

A while after the strange phenomenon that was like a cataclysm occurred, a female voice descended from the sky.

――I am Mother. The protector of Coltran

Shock ran through the people. Until now, Mother’s will was only conveyed through the machine soldiers. Although they knew about Mother’s existence, Mother was exactly an existence above the clouds for them.

Such existence that was like a god for them was talking with voice like this for the first time. Paired with the sun that was shining in the sky, this experience was pressing heavily on their heart.

However, they weren’t given any time for feeling moved.

――Coltran has lost its function due to the hands of invaders

They couldn’t understand just what Mother was saying.

――This place isn’t safe anymore

Because this was the last fortress of mankind that was under the protection of Mother. The machine soldiers never allowed the invaders to come close for hundreds of years already. This was the territory that guaranteed human life despite its harsh rules.

――The enemies inside has been repelled, but a large army of invaders are approaching even right at this instant

Mother would protect them again. They didn’t really understand what was going on, but if they obeyed Mother obediently, then the situation should be solved somehow when they realized it.

――Unfortunately, I have no more strength remaining to defend against this great army.

……It would be fine. It would surely be fine. The mighty Mother would never lose against the like of the invaders. Mother would protect them again this time using some kind of method that they couldn’t even imagine.

――Therefore, I command everyone

There, see. Mother was giving a command. There wasn’t any need for them to think. If they simply obeyed the command that god handed down, tomorrow would come――

――Prepare to fight

――Please fight today, for the sake of living to see tomorrow

――Take weapon to your hands. Please fight together with me until the very end

O……bey? If, they just obey? Fight? With their own hands? Against the invaders? They couldn’t comprehend what the voice was saying. Weapon was……taboo. Touching them, should be a taboo. That was what Mother decided.

Was this some kind of joke?

――This will be the battle where mankind’s survival is at stake. It shall be decided today. Humans, or invaders. Which one of them will exist in this world tomorrow


―― …………………I’m sorry. I’m truly, sorry

Mother was……apologizing? The god, was apologizing to them? Why? The voice sounded far more humane compared to before. Was it just their imagination that the voice seemed to tremble?

――Even though I was born for the sake of protecting all of you……even though, everyone has lived a difficult life, for a long time……

If the words at the beginning were words that had been arranged beforehand, the current words sounded like words that came from the heart……

――Even though I swore that I will protect mankind without fail this time, I have to force everyone to fight at the very end. I’ve always unable to protect anyone to the end……I’m truly sorry

They wanted to yell for Mother to stop. They wanted to say that she had protected them all this time. However, for some reason, at the depth of their heart, something prevented them from expressing those words.

Somewhere inside them, there was an impossible feeling, a feeling that they mustn’t harbor inside them, a feeling that was doubting that this worn out and grieving voice was really Mother.

But, they couldn’t ignore that feeling no matter what.

Because, they had never heard Mother’s voice before, but they had felt the coldness from her method until now. The owner of this humane felt very different from their impression.

A great bewilderment was messing up the inside of their head like a tsunami. When they noticed, Mother’s voice had returned to normal and also gave them some concrete instructions to do, but the content of those instructions didn’t really remain inside their head.

As the result, right now the man took his son’s hand and wandered toward the evacuation place. Even though those who could fight should head toward the exact opposite way――to outside the wall.

When he looked around, there were a lot of other adults everywhere. Even though Mother’s words should be absolute, all of them were heading toward the shelter. It wasn’t simply caused by fear toward the invading army, surely somewhere in the corner of their heart they were also harboring doubt toward Mother just like the man.

Was it because their fear and despair were pushing them into taking this action? Or perhaps the truth was that the dissatisfaction they were feeling had exploded and made them thought 「What are you saying after this late」……

But, it was then,

『Sorry, you guys! Listen to me!!』

A loud voice that electrified the air resounded. The man raised his face with a gasp.

This place where the refugees were instructed to gather was in front of an area where originally it was forbidden to enter. The way was blocked by giant grids that were made from metal, which was the symbol of taboo. There was a metal bar gate that opened and closed by sliding to the side. Behind the gate was an open space and a large building made from metal.

Normally a squad of machine soldiers would be guarding the gate strictly. Anyone who carelessly approached would be seized without any care for their excuse and the offender would be carried to somewhere. It was a terrifying place.

At such terrifying place, on the rooftop of that metal building――there was a person. Everyone, not just the man had their eyes widened in surprise.

『My name is Jasper. Someone from the underworld just like you all! If you guys are residences of the lowest level then there should be a lot of you who know me!』

The voice resounded unnaturally clearly. The man didn’t know but, Jasper had been given a small voice amplifier and he used that so that his voice could reach even those who were hundreds of meter away.

The man who was relatively at the front was able to confirm Jasper’s face. He spontaneously let out his face in surprise.


「T-that guy, what the hell is he doing!?」

When the man turned his gaze at the other voice that came from unexpectedly nearby, he found a familiar face there. It was an underworld residence who worked in the same labor camp like Jasper and him.

『The “brave underworlder” that Mother mentioned is me!!』

Certainly, he felt like there was such thing mentioned among the concrete explanation that Mother gave before this.

He couldn’t think deeply with his confused mind, but he recalled, that Mother said there was someone who managed to find the invaders that slipped into Coltran early and sneaked away from the enemy to inform Mother with the information.

Because of that, although Coltran was greatly damaged, it was barely saved from total destruction.

The man couldn’t believe it.

Jasper was a fellow underworld residence who lived at the lowest of the lowest level like him. Everyone here thought that it was impossible for him to be there. Even if Jasper was standing at a prohibited area, even if Jasper was currently carrying a taboo weapon on his shoulder like the weapon that machine shoulder carried.

But, what happened right after that gave even more veracity to Jasper’s words.

「What, that’s……」

Screams rose from here and there. For a moment, he thought that the sky darkened, but a huge flying object was descending from the sky――it was an aircraft.

It emitted a bluish white light while landing vertically right in front of the building where Jasper was standing, as though it was obeying his will.

『You guys don’t get what the hell is going on right? Everything happened so suddenly and it’s unclear just what is it that should be done, you guys are thinking like that aren’t you?』

Jasper’s voice was completely calm. There was something in his voice that naturally attracted those who were listening.

『Well, it can’t be helped. After all, we have lived all this time exactly like how we are told. Even though it’s painful, even though there isn’t anything fun, we endured everything until now because it’s necessary to keep living.』

The commotion was settling down little by little.

『Obeying was our way of life.』

Everyone turned their gaze from the huge aircraft that suddenly appeared to the man on the rooftop.

『But you know……looks like we can’t live like that anymore. Apparently it’s now impossible for us to see tomorrow by only relying on Mother.』

Jasper had a shabby appearance just like them. Even his skin was completely dirty. And yet,

『If we don’t fight, there ain’t anything that we can protect!!』

Why was his voice so resounding to this extent? It wasn’t just because of the voice amplifier. The voice was shaking the air like electric shock. The man’s heart was shaken as though Jasper’s voice was accompanied by a physical impact.

『Hey, you guys! Are you guys really alright with ending here without doing anything!?』

Even though Jasper had a stick thin body, he looked big for some reason.

『Look beside you! Aren’t those beside you important for you!? Don’t you want to protect them!?』

Jasper raised his arm and pointed to the sky. That figure,

『Don’t you guys want to keep seeing that light too tomorrow!?』

Was so powerful the man held his breath.

『I want to protect it!! I want to see this sky again, together with my family!!』

Even though his figure looked so small from this distance,

『That’s why I’ll fight!!』

It felt like the man could see the blazing flame in that gaze piercing through him.

『A fellow who has damn fought for hundreds of years alone is saying that he will lend us his strength! Even though that fellow is already battered from shouldering burden so heavy it’s crushing him, that fellow bowed his head saying that he want us to live!! That’s why――』

Aa, that’s right. The man recalled it, Mother’s story.

In exchange of Coltran receiving a fatal damage, they had determined the enemy’s stronghold. Mother would personally rush there to end the war, so she wanted them to survive until that time. Mother asked them pleadingly.

『I’ll fight!!』

*DON-*, the roar of a bursting sound resounded until the bottom of their stomach. The man’s body jerked in surprise.,

*DON-*, the thunderous sound rang out again. It felt like he just got his cheek slapped. When he looked up, Jasper was pulling the trigger of his gun toward the sky.




Each time the trigger was pulled, the man, then the many people who were living in the underworld until now started to clench their fists. They couldn’t hold themselves back.

『This place is-, our birthplace! Everyone here, is our comrades! I’m not gonna let anyone take those away!! That’s why I’ll fight!! ――What about you guys!?』

*DON-* A gunshot rang.

A beat later, what returned back was……

「I’ll fight too.」

Someone said. The voice wasn’t amplified, but that short sentence resounded with surprising loudness.

With that, it was like a dam bursting.

「M-me too!」「I’ll also fight!!」「B-bring it on!」「Don’t underestimate underworlder damn it-」「This is our city!」「Those fucking invaders-, I ain’t gonna let them do as they please!」「Let’s fight!」「My son has only just gotten born! Ain’t no way I’ll let him die!」「I’m not gonna run away! Who the hell is going to run!」「Fight-」「Give me weapon!」「We just gotta fight, right!? Then let’s do this!!」「Aah geez! If it’s like this then the hell to it-」「If I’m going to die anyway I’ll take those invaders with me-」「Let’s fight! Together!!」

Voices that were seething with fighting spirit rose one after another. The voices were gradually spreading like wave.

Seeing that, Jasper brought down his finger that was pointing to the sun. And then, he strongly, strongly raised his hand again, as though to punch the sky.

『We’re going to fight!!』

「「「「「「「「「「We’re going to fight!!」」」」」」」」」」

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『We’re going to fight!!』

「「「「「「「「「「We’re going to fight!!」」」」」」」」」」

『We’re going to fight!!』

「「「「「「「「「「We’re going to fight!!」」」」」」」」」」

The war cry was getting louder each second. It blew away the air and shook the ground.

And then,

『Fight fight fight――and surviveee――――!!!』

The roars of thousands of people answered Jasper’s command.






Kouki made a small smile hearing those roars of the people rising to action through a communicator.

He was at the west part of the thick wall surrounding Coltran.

「I was worried when he said that he want to use his own words instead of following the scenario but……this is amazing. His agitator skill rivaled Nagumo.」

Kouki mumbled to himself while sounding exasperated but also impressed from the bottom of his heart. But right after that he immediately smiled wryly and shook his head.

「No, it’s rude of me to group up Jasper with Nagumo who is self-aware that he is an agitator. Jasper is sincere, and he is not agitating the people but guiding them.」 (Note: Funnily, the kanji for agitating and guiding are both read as sendou)

He wondered if schemer would also be a natural leader. At the very least there was no doubting G10’s discerning eye now. Jasper had the talent to attract people to him and lead them. The charisma that had been buried by this harsh world until now was blooming at this moment. If Jasper’s status was checked, it might show the vocation “leader”.

While thinking of such thing, Kouki turned his gaze to below.

On the ground behind the wall, there was a sight of people wearing pure white clothes handing firearms to the people of the underworld.

There was also a sight of people teaching the way to fire gun and reloading at another place.

The people of the upperworld was lecturing the people of the underworld the way to fight.

「As I thought, it was the right move to agitate――I mean persuading the upperworld people first.」

Actually, a similar speech had been held toward the upperworld people first.

The one who took the role as agitator was Netemp who had taken over Mother’s body――aka Netemp Mother. Netemp Mother showed realistic body and hand gestures that made him wanted to tsukkomi if she was actually an actress of silent film while G10 was reading up the agitator speech that was thought up by the demon king from a hiding place.

The speech said that Mother was also originally a human.

※Here Netemp Mother put her hand on her chest and looked to far away.

※All of the upperworld resident was shocked 「Mother was a human!?」.

She went through a long war against the invaders who suddenly appeared in a peaceful world. She lost all her comrades during that war. Mother who survived alone resolved to continue protecting mankind with the last wish of her comrades staying in her heart.

※Here Netemp Mother broke down crying and sobbing. She looked up to the sun with an atmosphere of being filled with determination.

※All of the upperworlders were affected by the crying and cried themselves too while their expression became filled with respect.

A few hundred years passed after that. Mother continued to fight by herself even after her flesh became a body of machine.

※Netemp Mother looked down to her own body with a desolate atmosphere. Next she stared at the uperworlders with an atmosphere of affecton.

※The upperworlders started wailing to know that Mother had protected them for hundreds of years even though she had to throw away her human body for it!

However, even that couldn’t continue anymore. The attack just now had dealt a lethal wound to Mother……her life in this world wouldn’t continue for long anymore. Then, now that she had discovered the enemy’s stronghold, this life! This existence, all of herself was for taking down the enemy!

※Netemp Mother dragged her feet to walk toward the place where she could look over the ground (It wasn’t like there was any defect to her feet). Although she slumped down and felt on her knee, she thrust her hand straight toward the horizon as though to declare war to the enemy. And then, as though she had realized of her own end, she looked back over her shoulder to create an ephemeral atmosphere to the max!

※All the upperworlders finally broke down crying seeing Mother’s dedication to Mankind.

Mother said this at the end.

I have taught the way of fighting to all of you who have special talents among mankind for the sake of this moment. Your brethren, the people of the underworld, they are also my important children like all of you! ……Please protect them. No, I believe that all of you will protect them! Because――

※Netemp Mother took a praying pose while still kneeling on one knee.

――All of you, are the children I’m proud of after allll!

※Netemp Mother held her head high in pride and spread open her hands to embrace everything.

※The upperworlders all raised a war cry. Words of praise to Mother, words of determination that they would protect their brethren without fail, words of lamentation of their parting with Mother. All those voices shook the air of the upperworld like a quake.

※Seeing the “performance that wasn’t a lie at all but also couldn’t be said as truth by any means that was intended to deliberately make people misunderstand” by director Hajime and superstar Netemp Mother, the drama collaborators starting from Kouki followed by Kousuke and others looked like they couldn’t stand to watch it by even a second longer.

※Especially G10 who acted as the voice actor of Mother……its eye looked like the eye of a dead fish for some reason. It was muttering 「Please forgive a dirty fellow like me……」 to its past comrades with a small voice.

※Listy-chan’s eyes were sparkling. She looked like she was learning something.

And so, the rest was simple. They picked a leader for each block and gave them concrete instruction of what they should do after this. After that they took action like well oiled machine.

They recovered firearms from the upperworld machine soldiers that stopped functioning, took out the great amount of firearms that were stored in the upperworld, loaded them into transport aircrafts――other than the repaired aircraft for escape, G10 managed to adjust three other medium sized aircrafts so they could move using liquid fuel――and transported them to the frontline, guided the residences of underworld upper level and upperworld lower level to evacuate to the heaven……

「Even so, how far they can prepare until the time limit……」

Kouki returned from his recollection while looking at his watch that had a timer set in it. There was only two hours remaining.

He pushed the switch of the communicator in his hand that looked like a transceiver. It was something that G10 discovered in the warehouse of the heaven and remained there with its battery in a charged state. It only had the electricity of a single battery, but it could be used to communicate for three hours.

「Jasper, can you hear me?」

『Yeah, I can hear you.』

「How is it going over there? I was able to hear your valiant speech.」

『It looks like most of them are going to fight with us. The transport aircraft is taking off right now. It can only take 300 people even after it got stuffed to the limit, so to send all of them over there……I don’t know if we’re going to make it in time or not.』

An upperworlder was operating the transport aircraft. It seemed he was one of the people that Mother would turn into flying machine soldier after getting the “treatment”, so he could somehow move the aircraft.

「There are around thirty thousand people at your place……it can’t be helped. I want you to tell the people who can come here by walking to do so.」

『I already told them. Other upperworlders are starting to guide them, so I’ll go to the next shelter where the other guys are gathering.』

「Yeah, I’ll leave it to you. It looks like it will be alright over here, so I’ll switch to reinforcing the shelters.」

『You’re going to slash metals like paper again huh. Even more people are going to have their eyeballs fly out in shock.』

At first the plan was to evacuate everyone who couldn’t fight to the heaven while those who could fight would meet the enemy at the outer wall――but they didn’t take into account the number of the underworlders and their stamina.

No matter how they racked their brain, it was impossible to bring all of the underworlders to the mountain summit within six hours.

Even with the upperworlders’ guidance, it looked like only the residence of underworld upper level would make it in time.

And so it couldn’t be helped. The people who were living in the lower elevation would be evacuated to underground. Even so, the number was still immense. Even if they only evacuated woman (woman with the willingness to fight was another matter) and children, their number couldn’t be contained with only G10’s hideout.

There it was the turn of Kouki and Etemp who remained behind for support role. They chose underground space that was relatively spacious and also had limited entrance. There the metal that Kouki cut apart would be processed by Etemp using spider web to fix them in place immediately.

Simple underground shelter was created like that.

Currently the underworlders were guided to those shelters located at three places in the north, center, and south of the underworld lower level.

『How is it going with the evacuation at the heaven?』

「It’s around sixty percent right now I guess. Etemp-san, Mindy-san and others are also doing their best, so it looks like we will barely make it in time but……I don’t know if the distribution of firearm to the combatants and teaching them how to use them will make it in time or not……I also want them to learn the signal for tactical order even if just the simple ones.」

『There are a hundred thousand of enemies right? Against that kinda thing, anyone can hit as long as they pull the trigger. The role of us underworlders is to lay down the barrage. Boss also said it didn’t he? After all the amount of the stored arms and ammunitions is more than we can possibly use anyway.』

By the way, Jasper started calling Hajime as boss after he saw that mad laughter show.

「Well, it’s just as you say but……」

『……I get it. They should at least know the signal for retreat, that’s what you meant right?』

After all, they would be facing an army of a hundred thousand. Furthermore each troop of the army was a monster that would regenerate unless their core was destroyed. The fighting force in Coltran was naturally lower than that. The total number of population was a hundred thousand. The one hundred thousand heaven soldiers were most likely the result of Mother matching their number with the population.

The heavy weapons installed at the outer wall could also be used some for the type that didn’t use electricity.

Even so, it wasn’t hard to imagine that the enemy would push through and flood into the city. It was impossible for the humans to do something like urban warfare except for the upperworlders. In addition the heaven soldiers were too powerful.

Then a strategy for attempting “the last resistance” where half their number took delaying action against the enemy while the other half was evacuating to the shelters and heaven using transportation would be needed.

But, most likely the underworlders were unable to take such group action. After all it was already worthy of praise if they didn’t run away in front of the approaching army.

It meant that they were expecting a huge sacrifice from the underworlders……

『I’m not gonna say to not mind it but, originally they are going to get killed without being able to even do anything. It’s still better that they can fight now. There ain’t no way for everything to go well.』

「……You’re right.」

Jasper really had nerves of steel. When they first met, he would tremble from just getting glared by Hajime, and yet it was like he was completely unwavering now after his talent bloomed.

That was why, he was able to say a joke even in a pressing situation like this.

『We’re counting on you yeah, new weapon user.』

「Ahaha……I guess. I’ll show everyone the power of the holy swordnew weapon so much that everyone’s eyes will pop out of their socket.」

Within Mother’s explanation, there was also a mention of the existence of a “trump card”. The new weapon that she left behind because of her worry for the mankind that she left behind――the holy sword, and its user the “hero”. It was a setting so that Kouki’s existence wouldn’t cause chaos.

All of the upperworlders thought 「Was there someone like this?」, but they were convinced with Netemp Mother’s performance.

The holy sword shined a flash in respond. Kouki’s expression relaxed seeing that.

「If you’re the one speaking, then surely your voice will reach to the people of the underworld even when they’re in a fatal situation. I’ll also count on you, Jasper.」

『Hah, to think I’ll have successful life like this from a mere residence with lowest status to a fake commander.』

The commander in chief was Kouki, while their greatest fighting force was the armed underworlders. But, it would depend on the underworlders’ actions whether they would be able to resist the violence of number from the enemy or not. That role could only be taken by the field commander Jasper who became the vital point of their morale.

『I’ve arrived at the next place. I’ll cut off the transmission now.』

「Yeah, let’s do everything we can with the time we have.」

After saying that and cutting off the transmission, Kouki turned around in order to reinforce the shelters.

But, he stopped for a bit and looked back across his shoulder. His gaze was turned to the sky at the far west.

A blue sky was extending as far as the eye could see. It completely didn’t look like the decisive battle that would decide the survival of mankind in this world was going to start when the sky was this sunny.

But, an army of death god was definitely approaching right now……

「Now then, whose life will be taken first……」

The death god of their side was approaching to reap the head of Mother who was located at the other side of that army.

「I’m counting on you.」

Kouki simply said that to that man. It was hard to honestly call that man as a friend, but he was a reliable man that had nothing lacking at all as someone to be entrusted with everyone’s fate.



Two hours later.

With the blazing sunset at the background, the horizon started to squirm.

The huge army finally showed themselves in front of the mankind that was waiting for them on the protective wall.






Meanwhile, around the same time.

12000 kilometers west from Coltran. Metal liquid was spiraling at the top of the highest iron colored building at the holy land that was dyed red by the sunset.

At the center of the spiraling pillar, a metal sphere that looked very similar with G10 was floating.

「……It will be any time now if they are coming.」

The metal sphere――Mother was looking toward the eastern sky with its eye.

There were thousands of gun turrets installed on the tower. There were battleships of various sizes floating in the air. There were countless number of machine soldiers deployed on the ground. All of them were facing at east.

The possibility of those otherworlders using aircraft that it couldn’t destroy and marching here was naturally within Mother’s calculation. Even so, it thought that the possibility of them coming here was 50%. It had intentionally showed them the battle force it possessed. They must have understood just how rash it would be to come here.

When it accessed the information of the heaven soldier army, it learned that the army would arrive at Coltran soon. It was humiliated before in front of the unknown capability of the otherworlders, but it would be different now.

The sky was dyed red. It was like the blazing of flame of war.

For some reason, Mother suddenly recalled the war in the past. It immediately stuffed back the memory into the storage because it judged it to be impossible.

「War? Impossible. This is just a mere massacre. The execution of divine punishment from god.」

It wouldn’t even be a fight……just right after it thought that, Mother’s radar was turning on the alert noisily. The radar was sensing a sign of aircraft at the altitude of 10000 meters.

But the detected object wasn’t simply flying……

「Tsu, don’t tell me……」

A voice suddenly reached Mother from a transmission.

『The battle opening meteor――it’s a war proclamation that is full with romance right? Accept it with an applause.』

It was too mild to call it a freefall. The extra-large cargo airpcraft was falling while accelerating to max speed like a meteor.

Yes, the first move of the decisive battle was an unthinkable kamikaze attack that was carried out with the speed of five times the speed of sound.

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