Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 384 Arifureta After IV Demon King & Hero Arc Sequel③ You Too Will Become Chuuni & Corporate Slave!

Chapter 384 Arifureta After IV Demon King & Hero Arc Sequel③ You Too Will Become Chuuni & Corporate Slave!

「……Goddess-sama. Is there any room to have discussion with them? What is the reason of them attacking the heaven tree?」

Kouki’s calm question was thrown to the goddess who acknowledged Hajime’s devilish proposal by vomiting blood *popyuh*.

When Aularodde turned her gaze, there she found the figure of the hero with very, very deep wrinkle on his forehead. His cheek was stiff as though he was biting the inside of his cheek. A flicker of anguish could be seen within his eyes.

「T-there is no room for discussion. They are insane apparitions. They lost their rational mind due to the world’s rupture, then influenced by their legend that act as their instinct, they become an existence that only sought the heaven tree that is the source of their conception.」

There were too many words that couldn’t be comprehended immediately to understand her explanation right away.

But, they at least understood that she was claiming it was impossible to have mutual understanding with the apparitions.

Kouki’s gaze turned toward the large crowd’s vanguard that continued to slam their body madly on the space isolation barriers of Cross Velts that were standing on their way.

Even so, the information was too few and its authenticity was vague.

To scatter the lives of tens, hundreds of thousands in such situation was……

Blood oozed from his clenched fist.

Seeing Kouki like that, Aularodde――suddenly softened her expression. It was an expression of affection that was worthy for a goddess. It was unthinkable that this was the expression of someone who had just vomited blood by liters just now.

「Hero-sama, rest assured.」


「Taking them down won’t lead to “death”. There is only one thing that can bring death to the apparitions. It’s to be “forgotten by the world”. Even if we bring them down here, they will be revived again one day.」

「Revived? You mean resurrection?」

「They won’t die so it’s more precise to call it “regeneration” instead……you can interpret it like that. Rather, bringing them down can be said as liberation for them from their maddened conception body even though it’s only temporarily.」


It seemed the strange vanishing of those nine-tails and karasu tengu that should be called as “disintegration” was caused by such thing.

They weren’t killed. That was why, there was no need to fret over it.

However, Kouki’s expression was still conflicted even after being told that.

「Aa~, Amanogawa? You can just leave it to Nagumo and me if you――」

Kousuke scratched his cheek while smiling bitterly.

Kousuke knew well the disposition of the human called Amanogawa Kouki. He also knew how Kouki had became extremely doubtful about “righteousness” since the decisive battle at Tortus.

That was why he could guess that right now Kouki was also harboring a doubt toward the veracity of Aularodde’s words. That perhaps the nine-tails and karasu tengu also had their own valid reason for why they were desperately seeking the heaven tree.

Kousuke had only heard about the rough outline about the events that led to the battle against Mother and the defense of Coltran. He also had no way of knowing about what happened at the desert world.

Therefore, although he had noticed the change in relationship between Hajime and Kouki, as expected he didn’t know about the determination of Kouki’s heart to “continue struggling at the interval between choice and distress”.

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That was why, he thought that Kouki was surely unable to draw his sword. At the very least he would need some more time.

He called out with such thinking but……

「Endou, there is no need to be considerate.」

Kouki drew out his holy sword with a clear *shan-* sound.

「I’ll fight. I won’t let them touch the heaven tree.」

Kousuke thought that Kouki’s eyes looked painful. However at the same time, he also thought that they were tenacious eyes that made him held his breath.

He thought that Kouki’s determination at the battle against Mother and Coltran’s defensive battle was because Kouki knew about the situation fully and he already had some time to think, therefore Kousuke was unable to stop himself from staring in astonishment at Kouki who was mercilessly stepping over his hesitation and “righteousness” in this situation where the truth wasn’t clear.

He reflexively pointed at Kouki while looking at Hajime.

「Who is this guy?」

「A pervert hero who broke through his restrain to masochistic direction.」

「Who are you calling Tio-san here-. There is a limit even in being rude!」

Hajime shrugged. He glanced at Kousuke who was making a conflicted expression while saying「No, you are the one being rude……or perhaps not……」and asked Kouki mockingly.

「There is no guarantee that the story of the black goddess over there is the truth you know? Perhaps the inside of her heart is also black.」

「Might be.」

Aularodde turned a tearful gaze toward Kouki with a shocked expression. She wanted to say 「A goddess won’t lie! Honestly!」.

「But I believe goddess-sama’s words. I believe her because I want to believe her. And……if everything is actually a lie and it’s them who are in the right……」

「If they are in the right?」

「I’ll take down the goddess. After that, if there are survivor or those who treasure the murdered apparitions, I’ll give them this head of mine. Though I don’t think that the life of the likes of me can be any consolation at all for them at that point.」

If he was going to steal life, he would also stake his life. Kouki’s eyes when saying that undoubtedly had color of fear, however, as expected, his body was clad in unshakeable will.



Kousuke was completely dumbfounded this time with his eyes gazing in wonderment. Aularodde was holding her breath. She was speechless by Kouki’s heavy and deep determination.

Without saying anything to the two, Kouki replied back to Hajime with a mocking tone for payback, however, his expression was somewhat troubled.

「Also Nagumo, are you planning to continue putting up this barrier until I resolve all my hang-ups?」

「Stupid. This is a barrier with height of three kilometers. Although it’s made through artifact, I’m consuming tremendous amount of magic power even right at this moment. Ain’t no way I’ll do something like that.」

「Yeah. If my “Holy Severance” is also deployed at this scale, I’ll be so exhausted I won’t even be able to fight by the time I get over all my hang-ups.」

That was why,

「I can only make my choice now. If I’m forced to make a choice, then I’ll choose this path.」

When he looked outside, the large crowd was finally starting to step into lush territory of the heaven tree. The various attacks that were assaulting Cross Velts’ barriers were getting even fiercer.

Kouki glanced at that and forcefully changed his anguished expression to a joking face toward Kousuke.

「That’s why Endou, don’t worry about me. I won’t show an unsightly swordsmanship. I’m not going to hold you back.」

「O-ou. ……Amanogawa.」


「When you have time tell me your story. About your travel that you started even if you have to leave school. Tell it to me along with Sakagami and others too.」

「……Yeah, I guess. I also want to talk. With everyone after so long.」

Kousuke quietly held out his fist. Kouki laughed slightly and met it with his fist.

「For now, I want to have bird’s eye view of the battlefield. Let’s go to the top.」


「Got it. ……Goddess-sama, can you stand?」

In respond to Hajime’s order, Kouki offered his hand to Aularodde. Aularodde was still crawling on all fours. She took that hand and stood up somehow, but as expected her fatigue was serious it seemed.


Her voice leaked out and she almos fell forward. Kouki immediately caught her. And hten,

「Excuse me, pardon me for a bit.」

「Hyaah!? E-err, hero-sama, this……」

She was carried with the so called princess carry. Aularodde’s face instantly heated up. She fidgeted while saying things like 「A gentleman is carrying me in his arms……my dream for these 5000 years has come true」 which sounded heavier than star.

Kouki almost reflexively tossed her away but he desperately held back. Hajime and Kousuke and Netemp & Etemp’s atmosphere that seemed to say 「This is why handsome bastard is just……」was something that he also wanted to object at, but he held back with great effort.

And then, at the peak of the heaven tree, Hajime and others climbed on a round shaped foothold that had a diameter around 10 meters. They took in the view of the ground at its entirety from there once more.

The land at their surrounding for 360 degree looked like it was undulating due to the large crowd of fantastic creatures. Numerous fantastic creatures were also flying around at the sky. The sky above them was starting to be covered by so much apparitions that the sunlight was getting thinner.

That amazing thickness made them wondered that perhaps there were dark clouds filling the sky.

Then, a roar that was like thunder reverberated at that timing.

「Aa, there is also something like that.」

Hajime muttered while looking up.

The roar felt like it was even accompanied by physical shockwave. The space isolation barrier was creaking from it. Then a gigantic existence appeared from the dark cloud that was made from the crowd of fantastic creatures.

「Oo, there is even dragon here.」

「Endou, this isn’t the time to admire the sight. This seems bad!」

「Everyone-, duck! “KaminariGod’s Rumble” is coming-」 (Note: The kanji used for kaminari here can be translated as god’s rumble, but the pronunciation can also be translated as lightning.)

The existence that was coiling like a snake with bluish black scales covering its body――a dragon. It wasn’t as big as Tio when she performed her dragon god transformation, but its imposing appearance was enough for a goddess like Aularodde to be flustered.

Right after that, the dragon was clad in electricity and extremely big lightning surged from it. The world that became gloomy because the sunlight was blocked got painted pure white by the flash.

「Oi oi, that’s powerful enough to tear the space isolation barrier.」

Hajime’s cheeks twitched. It was just as he said, the space isolation barrier was making creaking sound as though it was screaming. The Cross Velts were starting to let out white smoke from enduring the burden.

Kousuke looked at the cracking space isolation barrier and muttered with a twitching expression.

「The nine-tails gave the impression of being the highest class of youkai but, could it be that it’s not actually that strong? Its lightning attack’s power totally cannot be compared with this guy at all.」

「No-, her original strength isn’t anything like that! She could only show that much strength because she had been exterminated four times and not much time has passed since she was terminated last time!」

In other words, the nine tails also had the power level that could break the space isolation barrier……it didn’t look like there would be any time to ask that question, so Hajime stood up with a determined expression and glanced at Aularodde while taking out variable type chakram “Orestes” to empty air.

He opened a part of the barrier at the same time. The approaching lightning was swallowed into the enlarged Orestes and it was spat out from another Orestes using space teleportation.

From the dragon’s perspective, it was like the lighting attack it fired was reflected back at him. It was hit directly at the part of its head that was connected to its lower body. It was sent flying with its body twisting.

While Aularodde was looking at Hajime with a face that seemed to say 「Eh, no way!」, the dragon fired countless lightning in fury this time.

The lightning that spread to all directions naturally dragged the surrounding apparitions into it. They spun in the air from the impact before falling down like rain.

「I see. They really don’t have a shred of rational mind.」

The space isolation barrier was already closed back and properly blocked the dispersed lightning attack.

「The dragon god’s “Kaminari” is so easily……even though it’s the very embodiment of heaven’s might by the world……」

From Aularodde’s perspective, she thought that Hajime was a human who got mixed in the hero summoning for some reason, surely he was something like a follower of the hero……but when the lid was opened it was like this.

Whether it was the tremendous barrier that covered the heaven tree, or the way the dragon god’s attack was trivially treated, or the fiendish face when he threatened her just now, could it be that she had drawn in a terrible existence here? She though with cold sweats gushing out.

In addition to that,

「Tsu, this presence……no good-, “JusoHex” is coming! Physical barrier is meaningless! Please endure it until I purify――」

「Abnormal status effect huh? Oi, Endou, Amanogawa, wear this.」

Some necklaces with glimmering crystal that was like white pearl were tossed. The two of them immediately wore the necklace without asking anything. Right after that,


Aularodde-san vomited a ton of blood. Hajime and others were alright with faint crimson light covering their body.

「Wait, Nagumo! Give it to goddess-sama too!」

「Y-yeah. I thought she would be fine because she is a goddess but……crap, the white of her eyes is showing.」

Aularodde was vomiting blood with increasing momentum of *bopyuh* instead of *popyuh*. She was slightly making an expression that a goddess shouldn’t make. If it had to be described, she looked like the girl who was possessed by demon in a certain exorcism movie. Just like the girl who was moving with bridge posture, Aularodde-san’s body was also arcing like a bridge with the white of her eyes showing from agony. It was, very scary. And terrible.

Hajime immediately handed the white pearl necklace――the “Soul Shell” which was the improved version of the artifact that was thought up by the liberators to defend against Ehito’s “Divine Word”. This artifact had the function of “neutralizing mental type abnormal status effect”.

「S-say, Nagumo……isn’t Etemp-san and Netemp-san also in danger?」

「Aa? Y-you two are also affected huh……」

When Hajime turned around because of Kousuke’s words, Etemp-san was on her back with her legs twitching. Netemp Mother had fallen down with her trembling hands reaching out toward Hajime as though to say 『Sa, save mee~, masterr~』.

It seemed the “Juso” that came attacking was something very powerful. Most likely its effect was working at the level of soul.

「Well, this is also a proof that you two have soul though……」

「「I, ii~~~」」

「Or rather you two, what happened with your usual high tension? You two were too quiet that you became just like Endou.」

「Who are you calling “a guy who would melt and vanish into air if he kept quiet”. That’s rude.」

「No, I didn’t speak until that far though……」

Hajime had handed “Soul Shell” to Etemp & Netemp Mother too. Although he was a bit concerned about the strangely quiet two people……two thingies (?), the attack’s density was also increasing as they got nearer, so he put the matter in backburner.

「Amanogawa, take this too. I don’t care how stubborn or remorseful you are, don’t refuse accepting back the equipments that you returned to me at this kind of situation.」

「No, you’re right it’s not the time for that. I’ll accept them gratefully.」

The “Air Force Boots” and a bangle that could deploy “Vajra” were tossed at him. In addition……

「……Nagumo, right now isn’t the time to screw around.」

「……I’m not screwing around though?」

Masked red. The proof of the leader of the masked squad that shook (?) the empire at the past was there. By the way it had been upgraded drastically.

However, Kouki showed a stance of firm rejection, so Hajime reluctantly took out a stylish sunglasses. It was super multi functioned and super high-spec high-end model. Kouki switched it with the telescope sunglasses that he was given previously.

Kousuke as looking enviously, but his sunglasses was specially custom made, so it was even better than this high-end model.

「H-hero-sama……I also have something to present to you-」

Aularodde-san somehow recovered from her white eyed state. She stood up unsteadily, even so she was showing a resolute expression.

And then, for some reason her gaze glanced at the holy sword……

「It looks like hero-sama is already in possession of the holy sword Ua Alto but」

「Eh, please wait a second. The name of the holy sword is――」

「Please-, accept me too-」

「I want to refuse accepting that-」

「Don’t be reserved! Everything is for hero-sama’s sake! I shall offer you my everythinggg-」

「I’m begging you please listen to me――」

The hero-sama’s words were cut off. The goddess Aularodde-san joined her hands together as if in prayer. Then right after that,


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She raised a scream that was painful to listen to. Hajime and others were also creeped up. This goddess was really scary in various senses.

And then, their fear swelled up even more. Because while the goddess was shrieking as though she was in a death agony, *bikibikibiki-* there was even such graphical sound coming from her. It was because Aularodde was getting swallowed by a tree branch. Furthermore that tree branch was growing out from herself as though it was jutting out from her body.

It was like a nasty suicide, or perhaps like a nightmare.

The tree branch enveloped Aularodde like a cocoon, then it emitted pure white light while shrinking……

「Wha-, holy sword!?」

After the cocoon opened up like a blooming flower, there was a sword stabbed on the ground with a shape that looked very similar with the holy sword. However its color was black and its material was wood. However, although it was made from wood, its blade was so sharp that anyone who saw it would feel goosebumps. It truly looked divine the way it radiated a faint luster.

『Zee zeeh, higgu……』

It felt like there was a wheezing and sobbing sound. From the black wood sword. Scary.

『I am the former Goddess Aularodde, the holy sword――no, heaven sword Aularodde. Now, please take me into your hand, hero-samaaa-』

「Eh, no, that’s……a bit……」

As expected, it seemed the hero-sama wanted to refuse. He was backing away. It was that feeling, the feeling when a boy was given a bundle of hair 「Please carry this with you and think of it as myself!」from a girl, but what he was feeling right now was even worse than that.

『Please rest assured! I will be useful! After all you absolutely won’t die as long as you are near the great tree while carrying me! You will never die until you win! You will keep reviving no matter how many times and be able to continue fighting hero-sama!』

「That’s a cursed sword isn’t it!?」

『I can even control plant so you can create sea of trees to shut in yourself in it, and you will also be able to talk with animals and plants so there won’t be any problem at all even if you don’t have any friend of the same race-』

「That’s nothing but trouble instead-!?」

Hajime and Kousuke looked at each other. And then they nodded simultaneously.

「You will be able to walk the path of corporate salve for real with that!」

「Do it Amanogawa. Become the legendary……black hero!」

「You guys, you’re enjoying this aren’t you!?」

Just as reminder, the army on the ground had finally arrived at the boundary of the space isolation barrier. The attacks were increasing in amount in an accelerating pace. Furthermore the “Soul Shells” were flickering fiercely so the “Curse” type attack was also increasing in intensity. Actually the situation was really bad.

『Now-, hero-sama! Grab my hilt! Wield me! Use me as you please to your heart content!』

「You mean as a sword right!? For some reason the nuance sounds scary though!?」

Right after that, holy sword-chan let out an intense flash.

「This cheater! It must be saying that.」

「No, surely it’s something like 『Horribly, even though you already have a sword like me!』.」

「Shut up for a bit you two!」

As further reminder, the Cross Velts were unable to endure the burden and they started to smoke one after another. The range of the barrier was shrinking continuously. Presently the barrier was maintained using only the magic power contained within the Cross Velts without any additional magic power flowing in, so as expected it was being pushed back by the storm of attacks that numbered in hundreds of thousands.

『Hero-sama! If it’s me I’ll be able to draw out your latent potential even more! Unlike that holy sword! Unlike that holy sword!』

「Can you please stop trying to competee!?」

――*Flash-, fla——shhh-*

「Eh!? Is it just my imagination!? Just now it felt like it was spitting!?」

The holy sword was just making flashes, so surely it was just Kouki’s imagination no doubt about it. The earnest and devoted holy sword-chan spitting? Impossible. Even if the flashes blinked like it was spitting *peh, peh* at the heaven sword Aularodde.

「Come on, hurry up hero!」

「Two timing! Two timing!」

「I~i! (Che - a - ter! Che - a - ter!)」

「I~i! (Car-na-ge! Car-na-ge!)」

「Aah geez, you guys are really-. Eei, I just need to take you right!」

Kouki grabbed the heaven sword Aularodde half in desperation. It felt like there was a strange gasp 『Nnah』 that could be heard but he pretended to not hear it with everything he had.

Or rather, a phenomenon that made him unable to focus on that happened. Black light that was like miasma enveloped Kouki, then right after that a change happened to Kouki himself.

A part of his brown hair became streaked white, while his left eye turned crimson. With his right eye that was jade green, now Kouki had heterochromatic eyes. Furthermore a tattoo that was like branch and ivy entwined with each other was surfacing on his face starting from the right side of his forehead, through his eye, and then his cheek and until his neck.

Coupled with his figure that was holding a pair of black and white sword, this appearance was truly!

「W-what a terrific chuuni power! I don’t know that you have it in you-, Amanogawaaa!」

「Fuhih, crap! That’s a serious patient of chuunibyou over there!」

「I~~! (Now say it! Say it quickly! Say that my chuuni power is 53000!)」

「Ii-!! (The video recording is running perfectly! Now, take a pose!)」

His appearance that was reflected on the flat side of holy sword’s blade and the sight of Hajime and others all pointing at him with both hands while teasing Hyuuu! You’ve really done it herooo~! made Kouki trembled in shame.

「I’ll say this okay……Nagumo, Endou. Even if my appearance is like someone seriously ill……that’s only because I’m lined up with you two okay?」

Hajime and Kousuke looked at each other’s face.

Hajime’s eyes reflected a man who was living in the abyss of chuuni.

Kousuke’s eyes reflected an embarrassingly cool man with white hair, eye patch, artificial arm, and black coat.

At the same time through the other party’s eyes they could also see their own appearance. Together with the other party’s impression of themselves.

A beat later.

The two of them fell on their knees. It seemed the boomerang had splendidly came back and stabbed them.

『This is the state with hero-sama’s latent potential drawn out! How is it? Do you feel the strength welling up?』

「Let’s see……」

About that, power was welling up even more than when he was fused with his own false image at the trial of the Cave of Ice and Snow, but rage and shame were also welling up though! Dammit all! The hero-sama wanted to yell that, but he held it back with effort.

Because, the barrier was finally in a really dire state. The “Soul Shell” was also starting to crack even though it was still small.

「Nagumo, Endou.」

「Yeah, let’s do it. Etemp and Netemp, stay back.」


「Fuh, I’m not really motivated but, this too is the karma of abyss. Friends, let’s show them our strength!」

Sunglasses equipped and brisk turn. Abyss lord mode mad on――no, activated. Hajime and Kouki made to sure to absolutely not look that way while taking position and thinking……this guy, he is gradually getting used to turn into abyss lord without hesitation huh.

They ended up standing with their back turned on each other at the top of the heaven tree.

『Hero-sama, I understand that your two colleagues are not normal people but……will they be alright facing this large crowd?』

「It’s me who is rather worrying here though. Especially in the aspect of endurance.」


Bewilderment was transmitted from the heaven sword Aularodde. Kouki smiled wryly and shrugged at her.

「No need to worry. After all those two are――the godslaying demon king and the mankind’s strongest.」


There was no need for her to ask further.

「You demons, it has quickly become time for work again! Your order is just one. ――”Trounce them”!!」


「Fuh, to challenge my abyss with number, keenly feel the degree of your foolishness with your own body!! Watch closely! Final depth――”Eternal Infinite AbyssI shall become countless black blades!”」

『『『『『Fuh, I won’t chase those who run-. Come forward you who don’t value your life!!』』』』』

The northern part of the heaven tree was filled with the repulsive roars of the mechanical death gods. The area from the east to the south was filled with embarrassingly cool men.

It ws madness.

『Hi, hiih, hero-sama! W-what’s that!?』

「Those are the demon king and the army of demons――the demon king army and, the multiplying abyss lord.」

『D-demon king and army of demons……w-why are the abyss people turning on the spot all at once!? Why are they pushing up their sunglasses!?』

「Because they are abyss lord.」

『I don’t understand!』

「Please don’t worry, I also don’t understand.」

But, why was he so obstinately turning like that? Why would he absolutely go “fuh” and pushing up sunglasses *kui-* everytime? Kouki pondered that inside his heart while firing up himself.

「Now then, I also can’t lose. ――”Heaven’s Might - Maximum Light Dragon”!!」

Kouki lifted up the holy sword above his head. The holy sword was shining brighter than usual in smugness!

And then it manifested, a dragon of light that boasted an unprecedented gigantic size.

Then, as though to compete with the holy sword, the heaven sword Aularodde shined and the heaven tree also shined in concert. Immediately power welled up even more within Kouki.

「Amazing……it feels like I can do it if it like this――”Creation - Ultimate Light Dragon Army”!」

It was one of the fangs that he once bared at his childhood friends in the Holy Precinct. Since that time, he was unable to use this power with his own strength――a flock of small light dragons was created. Furthermore light bullets formed at the surrounding of the maximum light dragon. That sight could be mistaken as a starry sky.

Crimson light and, jet black smoke and, aurora dyed up the three directions with the heaven tree as the center.

The 5000 weapons of massacre that were filled with demons under the command of the demon king.

The inexhaustible multiplying assassin group that was led by the mankind’s strongest.

The light dragon army that was the very essence of destruction under the command of the hero.

They surrounded the heaven tree to protect it. Seeing them facing the large crowd of apparitions,

『Such thing……no legend anywhere, ever told of something like this……what in the world……』

Aularodde’s shocked gasp echoed.

「You guys, don’t let them touch the heaven tree any further than this alright? It’s a precious sample after all.」

「Fuh, friends, if it’s us――」

「I get it. I don’t want to see the goddess-sama vomiting blood any more than this.」

「Fuh, to interrupt my words like that. Now then――」

「「Enough going fuh fuh, it’s annoying!」」


After making such frivolous talk (?), the three leaped from the heaven tree.

The demon king and abyss lord and hero. The result of war where they could fight without any limitation at all was――

Something completely obvious to see.















After that, Hajime and others who safely protected the heaven tree from the large crowd of apparitions returned inside the heaven tree once more with Aularodde who had returned to human form.

While listening to the explanation of the situation, they learned that inside this heaven tree there was a city where the survivors of this world were living in. Knowing that Hajime said that he wanted to see it by any means. Aularodde was reluctant to grant his wish but after being threatened――being politely persuaded, she agreed to show the way.

If Hajime was asked what drawn his interest by that much, it was the “fairy”.

Inside this heaven tree, Aularodde was protecting the fairies. Of course, they were residents of this world that had their sanity and intelligence intact.

Because of a certain extremely deplorable situation, Aularodde seemed like she didn’t want to explain the full story and they should just listen to it at the fairy’s city. The group advanced while dragging the reluctant Aularodde and……

And then, they arrived at a branch in the middle level of the heaven tree where there was a gate that connected to the city.

Would they receive the welcome of “Marchen fairy”? Would the fairy palm sized just as expected? Did they like to play prank?

They had just seen apparitions that were just like in earth’s legends. Their curiosity had been greatly stimulated. And then the gate’s guard and Aularodde’s priestess――aka one of the fairy race who was given the position as their spokesperson appeared before Hajime and others……

「Oh my, I can’t believe that Aularodde-sama is visiting! Furthermore she is even bringing three fine men with her. Hahn, I’m boiling up!!」

Hajime and others froze. Even though they were composed even when facing a large crowd of apparitions, they were now completely backing away.

It was only natural.

Because, that “fairy” was――the personification of muscles. Exactly like a certain Chrystabel-san. The only difference was the transparent small wings on the fairy’s back and outfit that was like risqué swimsuit. This was even more horrible than Marchen fairy tale. The destructive power to the mind was extraordinary.

In front of the blasphemous monster’s existence that was wiggling and twisting while letting out a rough exhalation *bashuuh* from its nose, Hajime and others turned their gaze to Aularodde with halting movement that was like rusty doll.

「We are coming here to meet a fairy you know?」

「Y-yes, she is the priestess of the fairy race……」

Everyone took a deep breath seeing Aularodde’s embarrassment.


Why were these guys――the manly woman existed in every world?

The cry of the soul of Hajime and others whose expectation and dream and curiosity were pulverized echoed throughout the area.

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