Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 388 Arifureta After IV Demon King & Hero Arc Sequel⑦ Demon King-sama’s Last Demand

Chapter 388 Arifureta After IV Demon King & Hero Arc Sequel⑦ Demon King-sama’s Last Demand

The metropolis located at the north of the fairy world “Lifree”.

Although it was called a metropolis, it wasn’t like it had sprawling townscape. It only had a “small Heaven Tree” with height that reached 300 meters. There was only some sparse weeds growing at its base with desolate wasteland stretching around it.

Only small fairies were remaining in this Lifree. The metropolis that existed at the tree’s base had perished 300 years ago and only those who lived in the small Heaven Tree’s hollow and branches were surviving.

One of them had the appearance that was exactly like the fairy in earth’s folklore――she had half-transparent wings on her back and a palm-sized body. Her face popped out from the hollow of the tree where she lived.

「……Is it over already?」

Her light green long hair that were usually gently swaying from the wind covering her body was sagging down lifelessly as though to represent her gloomy emotion.

「Rune-nee, don’t say something like thaat」

The one who tugged at that dangling hair in protest was a similar girl fairy with fluffy pink bob hair. Their hair color was different, but their features were exactly the same. They might be twins.

「It can’t be helped you know, Cino. No help will come……that person also can’t be stopped anymore.」


The little sister fairy Cino almost said something, but before that, a terrific impact sound reverberated. It was a thunderous roar that sounded like an extremely powerful lightning attack.

Cino crouched down while holding her head and screaming 「Hyaa!?」. The screams of other fairies who were living in the small Heaven Tree could also be heard.

Rune was also pulling back her head from the edge of the hollow with 「Hyah」. And then she peeked outside fearfully. She saw it there.


It sounded like a groan was raised from the sky. She could see a large shadow. No, she could only see that with the sun as the backlighting. That thing that was lifting up its fist was an outrageously huge giant.

Its huge size might rival even the heaven tree. The small Heaven Tree looked like a grass growing on the ground compared to it.

The gigantic fist that was swung down once more ought to be called as a god’s iron hammer.

That fist was striking at them, at this small Heaven Tree with another impact sound that was like thunder.

The small Heaven Tree shined. The barrier that should be invisible shined with rainbow color and stopped the giant’s punch. The range was small. The barrier only covered the small Heaven Tree.

At the same time, the leaves that were already sparse before this were falling apart. The branches were losing color as though they were rotting. The trunk was also cracking little by little.

Anyone could see that the small Heaven Tree’s limit was approaching.

The king of the north who in the past provided absolute protection that could even repel mythological existence despite being just an apparition had been reduced into a calamity that was cornering the people who he should protect into destruction.


Cino sat on the ground with girlish posture while trembling. Originally wind should be covering her body as easy as breathing just like her big sister, but the thought element that the small Heaven Tree brought was decreasing year by year. Right now even flying was difficult unless she strongly focused on it.

Rune walked totteringly toward her little sister with an expression that oozed with resignation. She gently embraced her and said this.

「Let’s pray, that at least the children of Heaven Tree will survive.」


*Creak creak* Ominous sound was revereberating. The small Heaven Tree’s barrier that had been protecting this north metropolis for these several thousand years was going to break.

The fairy sisters hugged each other tightly and silently wait for the end.

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And then,


Oh? The impact didn’t come?

――o, oOOOO!! Offu!?

An impact sound was resounding. Or rather, should it be called explosive sound? At the same time the giant who was worshipped as the “King of Mountain” also made a voice that had never been heard before.




A tremor could be felt. It was as though a giant body had fallen.


「S-something is strange isn’t it?」

――Wo-!? Wo-!?

「Something is absolutely strange isn’t it!?」

「King of Mountain-sama, is making that kind of voice!?」


「Ee!? Somehow there are sounds of excitement!?」

「Why is there a cheering!?」

The sisters looked at each other. A beat later, they slowly and hesitantly peeked outside from the entrance of the hollow.

Over there, a scene of something mounting the King of Mountain and punching its convulsing body repeatedly was unfolding.


It was truly world-shaking. It was already surprising that the apparition that was like a mountain that rivaled even god was being mounted, but the existence that was doing the mounting was even more astonishing.

A metal body and three pairs of metal wings. It was a metal giant with its whole body loaded with weapons and it scattered crimson sparks while swinging its crimson fists.


「Attaboy-, Super Miledy G Mark VII-! The romance power of humanoid fighting robot! Display it to your heart’s content!」

It was the weaponromance that Hajime once placed as the last guardian of Great Labyrinth Raisen that should have been scrapped after it almost beaten the trio of Kaori, Shizuku, and Tio who challenged the dungeon.

But as everyone could see, it was secretly resurrected by the MAD transmutation master HAZIME who also piled up heaps of improvement upon improvement to it.

Also, its over-all length that reached 1500 meters was because of the romance of robot wearing another robot outer layer. If it was possible for it to purge its armor to slim down & transformed to speed type, conversely wearing extra armor to turn gigantic & becoming power type should also be fine. That was the idea behind this.

Mark VII was the gigantic robot mode, the original body was Mark V, while the slim type was Mark VI. Also, the types went until Mark XX to respond to different battle situations.

There was also an idea to one day put a specialized satellite at outer space one day to send the external parts from the sky!

Of course, this was a secret from the wive~s. The only one who knew was only Shuu papa and the parents & grandfather of Yaegashi family, and also Kousuke. In other words, only the romance believer. Everyone of Yaegashi family also owned Iron ○an suits.

By the way, other than the autonomic control mode, the SMG could also be moved by Hajime’s controller (an improved Playstatio○ controller).

「Master! Master! Can I possess it!? Can I go hyaha with a giant robot before becoming maid robot!?」

「Don’t fuck around Netemp. You’re going to make embarrassingly cool pose or something with it right? I’ll never let you make my SMG take Joj○ pose or something no matter what. I won’t tolerate something like a giant robot making comical movement……no, it’ll be fine if it’s a robot with that kind of concept. There are all kind of ranks to robot.」

「Master you romance idiot! Then please switch with me at the very least! I also want to try moving it!」

「Ah, you, stop! Delicate control is necessary with how gigantic Mark VII is――」

「Nnniih, I’ll just try using up up down right left circle X X!!」

「Wait, youu-」

The fairy sisters were looking up with their mouth hanging open. An unfamiliar young man and metal woman……woman (?) were standing on a thick branch just in front of them. Their fellow fairies were cheering, and then, the giant robot scattered missiles on top of the King of Mountain while starting to break dance……

The missiles that burst in the air were like firework.

And so,


They spewed out a line like a certain white rare animal who was concerned about entropy.

After that, the King of Mountain――a giant apparition with the type of folklore like Daidara Bocchi was terminated. The many fairies watched the unknown pair climbed to the top of the small Heaven Tree and they followed them fearfully.

They were the savior who arrived at their absolutely desperate crisis.

But, even so their identity was too mysterious. It couldn’t be helped because they never heard about the kind of folklore of someone controlling such metal giant.

If the two of them were hostile, then there would be only ruin waiting for them as expected. After their excitement from getting out of the pinch passed, the fear toward the pair’s mightiness and strangeness immediately welled up.

Just what were they planning to do at the top of the small Heaven Tree……

Small humanoid fairies crowded together and peeked out from the edge of the foothold at the top of the tree that had a diameter around three meters. There were also other fairies hiding behind branches and leaves at the surrounding to observe the situation.

The sisters Rune and Cino were naturally among them. They were watching with held breath. But, only the two sisters were acting slightly different.

「Hey hey, Rune-nee, as I thought that person……」

「Yes, there is no mistake!」

There was a sensation that Rune and Cino could grasp exactly because it was them. That sensation wiped away their fear. Their eyes were sparkling and their atmosphere turned like a lost child who finally found his parents.

Ahead of their gaze,

「Master, there are a lot of them gathering here. Give me a butterfly net and some boxes please.」

「Oi stop that.」

「Then, give me monste○ ball please.」

「Stop trying to capture them, are you a demon?」

「I am master’s Netemp after all.」


The two were having such conversation while the young man――Hajime lifted up a wooden staff. That staff that was given by Aularodde looked like a magician’s short staff.

It shined right after it was held up. The radiated light poured into the small Heaven Tree like a shower.

Quickly the small Heaven Tree was shining brighter. Bit by bit, bit by bit, the branches were changing color and regained their original color, new leaves were budding, and the trunks were cracking and regenerating.

The ripples of light were dashing gently. The ground started to shine faintly and green color was slowly starting to grow out from the roots of the small Heaven Tree.

The change wasn’t as dramatic as when the Sacred Tree regained its strength, but this tree would undoubtedly recover completely after half a day passed. The first work would be over if Hajime stayed in this place during that time and protected this small Heaven Tree.

「It’s the goddess……the power of the goddess!」

「The help has come!」

Cheers burst out from among the fairies once more. Although they had question of who Hajime and Netemp were, they didn’t harbor any fear anymore. They were simply getting excited because these people were their ally, their savior based on the nostalgic power of the goddess they felt.

Many fairies were starting to float on the air and twirled around. Their power to fly returned and they danced freely in the sky like in the past. Sphere of light enveloped their body. Along with the fragments of light that were sprinkled when they danced, the surrounding of the small Heaven Tree looked like a starry sky.

Hajime watched that scenery in satisfaction while whispering toward Netemp Mother.

「Oi, Netemp. Are you recording this properly?」

「Ii! With the camera function that master installed, there is no way this Netemp-san will miss anything-」

「Yosh, the giant just now――Daidara Bocchi was it? Anyway that battle a giant will become a good demonstration of SMG. After all it will become harder soon to keep improving it secretly.」

「Can’t it be entrusted to G10?」

「Idiot, a robot is great because you make it yourself!」

「Your character is breaking when it come to your hobby master, I love it!」

「Eh? What did you say?」

Anyway, Hajime wanted his wive~s permission soon. They might be reluctant, so by playing this fantastical recording of fairies frolicking around just like in the earth folklore would be helpful to make the scale in their heart to tilt his way. This was the reason Hajime picked this direction after listening to the detail about the north and the east from Aularodde.

Surely someone like Shizuku would be moved and melt, then Hajime would take advantage of that opening in her heart and made her accept the matter of the robot too. If Shizuku yielded, surely the other two would follow. From there Yue and others would definitely give their okay too. Perhaps, surely, it would be nice if that was the case.

At the same time, he would also accomplish his other objective. Hajime gently placed the Heaven Tree’s staff to stand at the depression near his feet while raising his voice.

「Oo~ii, you guys. My name is Nagumo Hajime. I came here to save you guys because of Goddess Aularodde’s request but, I have a bit of a suggestion. Listen to me.」

The fairies who were making a racket in their merry seemed to have recovered their original nature and their eyes were filled with curiosity.

「Actually, I’m thinking to create “another fairy city”!」

This time a stir spread out from confusion. The fairies looked at each other.

「All of you have seen it just now, Goddess Aularodde has given a branch of the Heaven Tree to me willingly. She isn’t sparing any effort to cooperate with me as thanks for my help!」

「As expected from master. My chest pounded at the way you are speaking the truth a bit trickily although you aren’t lying-」

「Shut up for a bit.」


The last demand that Hajime told Aularodde. Actually this was it.

Specifically, Hajime planned to put the Heaven Tree’s branch that was given to him inside his treasure warehouse and made it grew there to be a completely independent and original world tree that wasn’t connected to the World Tree.

If he made use of Grasp Gloria and the mutual conversion system, the creation of an independent world tree――Treasure Tree surely wouldn’t be impossible. With that, he would be able to create the “world inside the treasure warehouse”――at present its temporary name was “Miniature Garden”――to be more complete.

After all, it was already changing to be a world where divine spirits were living in. If he assembled the same components like the nine worlds and constructed an independent nature system, it would become an even more complete world.

Then the next thing Hajime sought for would naturally be――inhabitants.

In theory, every kind of life form would be able to exist in the Miniature Garden where generation of all kind of energy was possible. Then he should aim to create a world where every kind of race coexisted.

「I can understand your feeling of reluctance to leave this world. But, try considering it. When the world fall into danger once more, which is better, to have another world where you can escape to or to not have it!?」

The speech of the demagogue HAZIME was heating up with the BGM that Netemp Mother produced from somewhere.

By the way, this matter of fairy immigration would need Aularodde’s ex-post-facto approval. It was only natural because Hajime hadn’t actually told his last demand to her yet.

Aularodde seemed to have given up already with most things, but in the small chance she was reluctant to approve this demand, he would make the fairies say 「We want to migrate!」 to increase his ally.

This was that goddess whose attitude was so negative toward the fairies. Surely she would say 「Right of course……living in the world of the savior will be better than living in this world with its incompetent goddess isn’t it……yes, I’m sorry. Please do as you like」 without a doubt.

「When this world is enveloped in despair once more, will you all just sit quietly while waiting for salvation to come? Or, will you become of aid in creating an utopia together with me where you will be able to welcome your brethren at such time? Now, choose! If all of you wish for it, then this me shall provide you with another fairy land!」

The speech sounded like when a demon king was saying I’ll give you half the world! to invite the hero to his side. Netemp Mother-san’s BGM was also reaching the climax.

The fairies were bewildered. Naturally. Right after they were saved, they were asked to create a world to save someone else in the future. There was no way they could swallow it right away. And obviously they also felt reluctance toward leaving this birthplace of theirs.

Even if it was the words of their savior, there was no way they could immediately――

「Coming, coming! I’ll go! Take me to your world savior-san!」

「Ah, Rune-nee! Wait! I’m going too! I’m fine coming together with you mister!」

Rune & Cino jumped forward.

「Hou, my master, I have taken the recording perfectly just now.」

「Why did you specially mention it?」

「I thought that master might be concerned whether I have recorded the naked body of the cute fairies properly or not.」

「Is oscillation destruction what you wish for? Or is it the impact of soul magic?」

As a matter of fact, the fairies in this north metropolis had n custom of wearing clothes. There was more or less a distinction of male and female between them, but sexual desire or shame was nonexistent for them. In the past there was also a time where they wore accessory or clothing as luxury item, but in this dangerous time they had no leeway to turn their focus on amusement or any room to use the limited amount of resource in the small Heaven Tree for such thing, so such habit naturally became obsolete.

Although, they were all palm sized no matter how beautiful they were. There was no way Hajime held any thought in that regard about them, so he finger flicked the forehead of Netemp Mother with oscillation destruction for her joke.

「Yep, as I thought it feels pleasant near the savior-san!」

「Mister, mister! Can I ride on your shoulder?」

「Aa? Well, it’s alright I guess……」

The fairy sisters flew around Hajime excitedly. Cino even started to relax on Hajime’s shoulder.

No matter how he looked at it, this high positivity level couldn’t be explained with just the reason because he was their savior. Hajime felt bewildered despite being the one who gave the invitation.

But the next words of the fairies shed light to this situation.

「Saviro-san, you have the affection of a wind god-sama!」

「We understand because we were born from a wind god-sama!」

「Wind god? What do you mean?」

From their story, it seemed this fairy sisters were the children of a god of this world who originated from the legend of a god related to wind. That was why nobody else could rival them when it came to the sharp sense of sensing the wind.

「But, I only came to this world several hours ago. I never met a wind god you know?」

「Then, perhaps it’s a god in savior-san’s world? There is a strong and pretty presence of wind around you.」

「Yep yep! You see, mister. The wind is connected anywhere in the world. Surely that god too marked you mister so they can sense you wherever you are.」

「What the hell is that. It’s scary that I got marked by an unknown fellow somewhere……」

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「Are you cheating master――nnIiii」

Yue came to mind when speaking of affection, but it didn’t answer the question about the god of wind. Hajime pondered while subconsciously putting Netemp Mother in a Cobra Twist. And then he suddenly hit on an answer.

「Don’t tell me.」

「Savior-san, I think you will be able to call that god if you ask goddess-sama you know?」

「You are connected to that god by wind after all! And they are also a god, so I think it will be easy for them to come!」

According to them, it wasn’t just limited to wind, apparently existences who possessed nature divinity of water or light were also relatively easy to summon although not as easy as the hero as long as there was some kind of connection formed even through the partition of the world. Especially divinity with strong connection with “World Tree’s Branch”.

「Yosh, let’s try having this god come.」

Hajime glanced at the fairies who were perplexed at what they were talking about. He casually tossed away Netemp Mother from his joint lock and opened a gate with Crystal Key.

It would consume too much magic power to open a gate that crossed world by himself to connect to the wind god who marked him. Hajime didn’t want to do such wasteful effort, so he dragged in Aularodde here.

「Hyaah!? What is it!? Is it an emergency!? Do I need to do explanation interview just as expected!?」 (Note: The explanation interview here is for example like when a company has a scandal and the directors held a press conference to express their apology and bow. Anyone know a better word for this?)

「You are too jittery.」

The surprised voice of Kouki 「Nagumo?」 resounded from the other side of the gate. He must wish to go over here too, but he couldn’t possibly leave the Heaven Tree unattended, so he held back.

Hajime said 「I’m borrowing her for a bit, I’ll return her quickly」and kidnapped the goddess with the casualness of someone borrowing eraser from a friend in the classroom. Then he closed the gate.

「I-it’s the goddess……」

「The goddess has descended!」

「Goddess-sama! Goddess-sama!」

The fairies were bursting in excitement from Aularodde’s entrance. They scattered light while dancing once more. There were also some of them who prostrated.

「Hih, I’m sorry-」

The goddess was prostrating to the fairies. And then she immediately created a hood and completely covered her head.

Where is my sunglasses……anyway I need a mask first――ah, stop! Don’t take it away! You fiend!

「You will just turn into goblin again. Rather than that, I have a bit of request.」

「Will you return the mask to me if I grant your request?」

It seemed she wanted to wear a mask no matter what. Looked like the feeling of relieve of covering her face had become a habit for her.

Hajime nodded in exasperation and asked whether it was possible to summon the divinity who marked him from the presence of wind that was following him.

「……My, it’s true. Perhaps because it’s from different world, even I can’t sense it unless I focus, but certainly I’m feeling a presence of divinity. These children can sense it only because they are the beloved children of a wind god.」

Aularodde made an expression as though she was seeing an unnatural phenomenon. To think that there was someone who felt concerned for this terrifying brute, what kind of wind god with screw loose they could possibly be?

Hajime made a motion to throw away the mask. Aularodde’s expression immediately turned serious.

「It seems the small Heaven Tree is recovering well……yes, I can manage it somehow, but only if the other side is inclined to answer. This doesn’t seem like a mere god of foreign world, but a child of the avatar of another world, it won’t be difficult if I trace the presence of this wind――no, this conception.」

「It’s alright if I you can do it. I have an idea of who might it be after all. I can also just ascertain it when I return home if you can’t.」

「Understood. I’ll halt it if it feels like the required power will surpass the acceptable limits. But, this too is one of my thanks for saving this world. I shall do it.」

Aularodde nodded with a vaguely relieved look. That’s right, I can grant your demand without worry if it’s something like this, good grief. There was no doubt that she was thinking like that inside her heart.

Aularodde closed her eyes and she started to shine. The small Heaven Tree also started to shine in concert with her. Particles of light whirled and rose to the sky. The fairies were cheering from being able to see the power of the goddess manifested from nearby like this after several thousand years.

Like that, light converged above Hajime and others……

*Mojo-!!!* A green colored slime appeared.

「I’m sorry-, I failed!」


「No, you didn’t fail. I understand your feeling though.」

The jiggling slime descended while light green wind was enveloping it. It landed on Hajime’s head with a plop. A hand extended from the slime and slapped his head *pechi pechi* as though it was protesting about something.

Aularodde was turning her gaze to Hajime. Her eyes seemed to ask 「Eh, is this kind of god with amorphous form really alright? Or rather, is it really a child of an avatar?」.

「However, should I say that it’s as expected……it was you huh. The one who put the strange wind mark something on me.」

The green slime――the offshoot spirit of a subordinate god of Lutria, the avatar of Star Tree of Star Spirit World, “Divine Spirit of Flowing Sky Enti”. The god who governed over the world’s sky and wind jiggled 『W-what are you talking about?』 while playing stupid.

「Waa~, waaa~~~h, the wind god-sama of the other world is adorable!」

「It’s jiggling monyo monyoo~」

The fairy sisters must have innocent personality by nature. Rune and Cino were starting to fly around Enti slime joyfully. Netemp Mother who was trying to fix her joint that almost came off also meaninglessly started to run around Hajime. Was she breaking down?

Enti slime finally started paying attention to her surrounding with that. She noticed the countless fairies, the small Heaven Tree, the existence of a goddess, and Netemp Mother who was trying to fix her joint that almost came off with disgusting movement. It made her went *Mojo!?*.

「Err……should I materialize your form if it pleases you? The type of our power is different though, so it will only be a transient and temporary form.」

「Oo, as expected from a goddess. This is the first time I really feel that you’re a goddess.」

「……That’s sad in its own way though.」

While they were saying that, Aularodde combined the conception residing in Enti slime with her thought element and temporarily materialize Enti’s actual form.

Like that, from inside the converging light――

「Fua!? I return to human form!? Wait, what is the meaning of thisss! The connection between the treasure warehouse worlds was suddenly cut off! And your presence also suddenly turned small!」

Somehow a loud girl came out. Or rather, a girl with appearance like fifteen years old, light green hair that was tied into twintail, and outfit like a dancer――the original form of Enti that looked exactly like when she fought Hajime was materialized there.

She was a stunningly beautiful girl. She was floating in the air with a gentle wind that had light green tinge enveloping her body. Her overflowing divine majesty acted like a halo behind her.

As expected from a divine spirit who governed the sky of a single world. She looked far godlier than Aularodde if it was just her appearance.

However, what came out from her right from the beginning was a flood of complaints through a machine gun talk that fired endlessly. Her habit from being a slime also still stayed. She put down her small bottom on Hajime’s head and sat cross-legged. Then she kept slapping Hajime’s head *pechi pechi* while peering down at him from above.

It seemed that the moment Hajime was summoned to the Machine Factory World, the connection between treasure warehouses was severed. On top of that she also became unable to sense his presence almost completely. Well, in other words she was worried for him.

Also, it seemed she was a bit flustered because she was unable to digest the situation.

Right now she was using her toes of her bare feet to pinch Hajime’s cheeks and grinded on them so,



Hajime grabbed both her feet and performed a giant swing. She flew while crashing the fairies on her way and they were sent flying like bowling pins. However, Enti covered herself gently with wind and turned around. She also enveloped the fairies who were sent flying with wind to protect them.

「W-what’s with youuu! There’s no need to be angry like thattt! Even though I allowed myself to be summoned because I’m worried, be kinder to me! Ah, I said I’m worried but it’s not you I’m worried about okay! I’m only worried for Shia who is worried for you, that’s all! Don’t misunderstand!」

「You’re a sly tsundere huh.」

Enti glided in the air and nimbly returned. Her eyes were a bit teary. Her speech and action weren’t different at all compared to when she was being a slime.

For some reason she tried to sit on Hajime’s head again as though to say that it was her designated place――she was mostly floating so Hajime didn’t feel any weight at all, perhaps she was satisfied just from being in contact with him――as a test, he caught her and lifted her at his side. Then he tried poking at her cheek like usual.

As expected, she went 「S-stop ittt~」 and desperately pushed back at his finger with her hands. Although she acted like she disliked it, she seemed vaguely pleased. Like a kid who wanted to be paid attention to. As expected, it seemed that even after recovering her human figure she was still an offshoot spirit at the inside.

There Rune and Cino called at the surrounding fairies with sparkling smile.

「Everyone! You all understand now with this right! Savior-san is really someone who has received the affection of a god and can be trusted!」

「Surely it will become a world that is pleasant for those related to the wind! Because, mister is being this loved by a wind goddess-sama!」

「Fuah!? Affection!? Loved!? Wait a second you two! Don’t talk like you know everything! I’m just looking after this guy for a liiitle bit because he is an important human for Shia! You too, don’t misunderstand me! W-who is feeling affection――geez」

Although Enti turned red and turned into wind just for a moment to escape from Hajime’s arm, far from taking distance, she rode on his shoulder this time. The way her legs entwined around Hajime’s head tightly with her hands messing with his head, only the word “affection” could be used to describe it.

In fact, her presence was coiling around Hajime so thickly it didn’t vanish even when they were separated worlds away. Her action spoke more eloquently than her words.

Even though Hajime had beaten up badly in the past, even though she was receiving relatively rough treatment even after becoming offshoot spirit in slime form, this was truly mysterious. Did the Divine Spirit of Flowing Sky-san had masochistic disposition >? Certainly Hajime too seemed to be amused by Enti’s reaction and she was the one who he paid attention the most among the divine spirit slimes but……

In any case, it became clear that the divine spirits were also able to regain their original form by making use of conception and thought element just like Etemp, and Enti also played a useful part in inviting the fairies just as he aimed, so Hajime nodded in satisfaction.

And then, when Hajime was thinking to put away Enti who was wrapping her limbs around his head while continuing her slaps *pechi pechi* while demanding 「Wait a second there! It’s good and all that you’re safe but, explain to me what is going on here!」 into the treasure warehouse……

「Y-you! Do you want to become the goddess of the Heaven Tree!?」

After Enti materialized, Aularodde had stayed quiet while staring fixedly at her as though to ascertain something. Then she suddenly approached Enti with bright smile and bloodshot eyes.

「Fua!? E-err, are you the Star Tree-sama of this world?」

「My name is Aularodde, the avatar of the Heaven Tree. O child of avatar of another world, won’t you replace me to become the goddess here? No, do it. You should do it. It will be a waste if you don’t do it! This kind of chance won’t come anymore! If you accept now you will get perks……perks……there isn’t any thoughhhh! No, right! If you accept my offer now then I’ll give you the whole world!」

「Have you job changed from goddess to demon king?」

「H-hey, this goddess-sama, somehow she look too desperate it’s scary. Why are her eyes bloodshot? Is she really the same avatar like Lutria-samamother?」

「Unfortunately, she is.」

「T-the world is really vast.」

「I’m sorry for being a disappointing goddess! That’s why, how about you replace me!?」

Aularodde persistently insisted. Enti moved to on top Hajime’s head fearfully. She sat with seiza posture while slapping down the reaching hands of the goddess *peshi peshi* with cat punches. Even though she could just fly away, it seemed that she had the premise of not going away from Hajime’s head no matter what.

It was an uncommon spectacle in a sense, of a youth with two goddesses sticking closely to him. The fairies raised their voice in admiration and fairies that decided to migrate due to Rune and Cino’s appeal gathered one after another.

Aularodde who was desperate to escape from her black occupation didn’t notice that the people of her world were being poached away.

Hajime went fumu…… and pondered for a bit. Then right after that, he grinned at the fortune that unexpectedly fell on his lap. Surely this kind of convenient situations were gathered in one place like this because of his good habitual behavior.

「Aularodde, there is something that I want to confirm with you.」

「What is it? I’m busy persuading this child right now.」

「G-geez! I won’t do anything like being the avatar of the Heaven Tree I saiddd. I need to look after this guy――I mean looking after Shia!」

「Shut up for a bit, green slime.[


Show more respect to meee! Enti stamped her feet on Hajime’s head but he ignored her and asked.

「Enti has the aptitude to become an avatar huh?」

「Yes, there is no problem. Her aptitude isn’t as high as me, but she has an average aptitude like the successive generations of the previous goddesses. She will be able to fulfill the role as avatar satisfactorily in the peaceful time.」

「Is that because it’s her personally? Or is it because she has the divinity to govern a part of the nature as someone personally created by an avatar?」

「I don’t know about that. Or rather I don’t understand what kind of law this person called Lutria used to create this child. I can understand why her aptitude is so high if the way she created her was by sharing her own existence, but that should be a difficult method that might destroy herself if she took just a single wrong step. I too can possibly do something like that, but I never considered doing it. I think the possibility of that child having high aptitude coincidentally is higher.」

「I see I see.」

Hajime nodded several times before he smiled brightly. It was scary so Aularodde backed away.

Hajime tensed his expression seriously toward such Aularodde.

「I ask you to stop your invitation to her.」

Netemp Mother who finally managed to return her joint to the correct position pointed at him while saying 「Hyuu~, as expected from master! Allow me to make the tsukkomi! How can you say that with that mouth!」, but he ignored her.

And then,

「Because I’m going to make this girl my goddess.」

He said such thing straight out.

Enti froze. But right after that she turned red starting from her neck――「Fua!?」 she let out such strange voice and jumped up. She was hugging her knees above Hajime’s head while floating round and round in total confusion.

The Divine Spirit of Flowing Sky was mumbling something endlessly with her eyes rolling around. Hajime ignored her and briefly pushed his “last demand” to Aularodde.

Hearing that demand,

「Wha-, then, that child will become the avatar of that independent Heaven Tree!?」

「Ou. I didn’t have any prospect of who will become its avatar but, you just told me something good.」

The demand of this brute is the worst as expected! Aularodde thought while holding her head. The understanding that it was pointless even if she refused her had been carved into her flesh and bones.

「With this, the last part――cough, human resource or rather god resource to create an original world is complete.」

「You can’t gloss it over you know!? You treated her completely like a tool! Did you hear that!? Your name is Enti right!? Take my advice, become the avatar of the Heaven Tree! The working condition at this guy’s place is absolutely going to be black!」

「How rude. I’m offering her a cozy occupation here. Rather she will become the most successful among all her relatives with this.」

「Ah, that’s the same solicitation line that the previous goddess used on me!」

Aularodde argued vehemently as her minimum resistance or perhaps because she didn’t want to let go of the precious god resource but……

Enti herself somehow looked even more buoyant than before. No, it was even more than that, she was floating around like balloon that was drifting away on air. If one focused their hearing,

「Fufuh, fufufuh. So he finally felt like worshipping me. Good grief, this guy really isn’t honest! B-but saying “my goddess”……geez, just who is yours! Well, this Enti-sama is lovely after all? It can’t be helped that he want to think like that! Ehehe……」

She was muttering such thing with made up reluctance. She was completely in her own world. The same atmosphere like Soare and Laila could be felt from her. Was it the disposition of divine spirit? Or rather, at this rate she would really float away to somewhere in the world if she kept floating aimlessly like that……

「Oi, you two are Rune and Cino right? From now on that girl is your goddess. Hold on her so she doesn’t fly away somewhere.」


The fairy sisters shouted Goddess-sama waiiitt~ and chased after Enti. They were really obedient. The two of them each grabbed at Enti’s twintail and they smoothly returned back.

「Enti-san! Don’t get tricked――」

「I-it can’t be helped! If you are really that insistent, then I have no choice! I reaa~lly don’t have a choice here! I-I guess I can become your goddess you know?」

It seemed that Aularodde’s invitation didn’t even enter Enti’s ear anymore. She put down her butt on her designated position (temp) above Hajme’s head and skillfully sat down with girlish posture while puffing out her chest with folded arms smugly.

But, the inside of her heart was completely exposed with how her twintail was dancing around as though to show the degree of her good mood. Also the sisters Rune and Cino who were holding on that twintail were being swung around 「Kyaa~」 in delight. The other fairies also gathered after seeing that.

「Uu, furthermore you offered migration to the fairies without asking first……most of them are children who are related to the folklore of wind. Please wait until the influx of conception has returned back to a certain level at least.」

「Well, it will only be after the Treasure Tree grow, so it will be fine to do it a while after the world salvation.」

「Hics……I’m scared to ask this but, you can’t possibly have anymore demand right?」

「I don’t. This is enough.」

「Master said that buutt, this is master we’re talking about so you will mention something like interest or the like and continue to exploit her even in the future――」

「Hiih, this demooonn」

Netemp Mother’s words made Aularodde trembled while crying and yelling 「Hero-samaaa, save me hero-samaaa!」.

Hajime spoke words 「Were my requests really that horrible?」 that would definitely made anyone who knew about what transpired here to be astonished while he connected a gate. Aularodde didn’t waste any time and leap into it with lightning speed.

And then,

「Hero-samaaaa! The deom king! The demon king is horrible!」

「Aula? That’s……in other words, there isn’t really any problem?」


Hajime listened to such conversation while closing the gate.

「Oi, Enti. Stop riding on my head already.」

「No way, I’m your goddess after all.」

「That’s completely unrelated isn’t it, this green slime. Don’t forget to help Shia even after becoming the Treasure Tree’s avatar okay?」

「Naturally. I like Shia. I hate you but, you’re Shia’s important person, so if you are really that insistent than I’ll accept being your goddess! Be thankful! Say Enti, thank you! kindly to me!」

「……Perhaps Oros or Meeres might have aptitude too. There is no problem even if the god is male as long as they have aptitude. I’m planning to investigate the aptitude of all the divine spirits anyway.」

「W-what’s with youu! You said that I’m your goddess! There’s no taking it back anymore now!」

「Get into the treasure warehouse already for now. I’m also going to plan the improvement of Netemp Mother from now until this small Heaven Tree is restored.」

「Why are you treating me cruelly! Pay more attention to me! Ah, stop! Don’t pull at my legs!」

「Enti-sama and savior-sama are having a lot of fun~!」

「Mister! Goddess-sama! Cino want to join in too~?」

The goddess of the flowing sky and the fairy sisters danced playfully with Hajime at the center, and then, the fairies who saw them having fun (?) swarmed there one after another.

While the small Heaven Tree was shining even brighter with every second that passed, a very peaceful and fantastical sight was continuing……

「I got a good souvenir for the madams. Fufuh. The “my goddess” statement, master absolutely will notice and try to edit it later, so let’s prepare a backup right now. I’m looking forward to it-. Kuuh kuh kuh」

Among that, the wicked chuckle of the self-proclaimed loyalty value max Netemp Mother-san melted into the air and vanished.

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