Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 393 Tortus Travel Journal ㉓ Breaking Into the Emperor’s Palace! Shizuku’s Full Powered Body Blow

Chapter 393 Tortus Travel Journal ? Breaking Into the Emperor’s Palace! Shizuku’s Full Powered Body Blow

The emperor palace that was the symbol of Hoelscher Kingdom. The scream of its owner, Emperor Gahard was resounding in the throne room.

The grand throne was toppled. And its owner was also similarly toppled.

Although he was a master among masters who had mastered all kinds of martial arts, it seemed that he couldn’t deal with an unexpected situation like more than ten guests falling from a gate that was suddenly opened right above him.

Although even in such situation, with an intuition that should be called as wild instinct, he had managed to pull out his sword until half way while still sitting on his throne. As expected of the emperor of this militaristic country.

The main reason why he was toppled along with the throne was none other than Hajime’s kick so that the sword wouldn’t reach his family at any cost.

「Oops. Sorry emperor.」

「Get off me right away if you are really sorry-! Rather, who is the one sitting on my face!?」

「Oh, I’m sorry!」

If the one who kicked him down and sat on his stomach was the son, the one who was crushing the face of his majesty the emperor with her butt was the mother. The father also didn’t fall behind with the way he was crushing the emperor’s hand with his knee. It was plainly painful because his hand was crushed between the knee and sword handle.

By the way, everyone was lifted up with Yue’s gravity magic before the collided on the floor so no one was harmed.

However, Yue wasn’t the only one moving. Kaori and others also immediately acted so,

「Kaori……Otou-san is a bit embarrassed……」

「Ah, I’m sorry Otou-san.」

「No, thank you. Uu, you have grown up strongly……」

Tomoichi was carried in princess carry by Kaori. He covered his face with both hands and curled into himself,

「Hajime, thank you. But put me down because this is embarrassing……」

Shizuku who right before the teleport fell into a mini panic because she was seriously freaked out by the incoming Soul Sister(monster) was writhing because Hajime was carrying her in princess carry.

「……S-Shuuzou-san. Sorry to bother you. I must be heavy right?」

「No no, not at all. Akiko-san is light like a feather.」

「……uu, that’s……」

「Wait, Okaa-san!? Why are you turning red!?」

「S-shut up! The last time I experienced princess carry was by your father at our marriage ceremony!」

Akiko-okaasan went red because of Shuuzou’s swift action to protect her while Shuuzou could only smile soberly.

「Kaoruko, are you alright?」

「Y-yes, I’m alright Kirino-san. Thank you. ……That’s, can you let me down?」

「My, it’s cute how you blush like that.」

「Y-you are teasing me again……geez.」

Similarly Kirino was also carrying Kaoruko in princess carry and Kaoruko was turning red from it. Their atmosphere became similar with the extremely yuri yuri atmosphere that their respective daughter also often created with each other. Perhaps the saying that apple wouldn’t fall far from its tree could be applied here.

Also, Myuu and Remia were also immediately carried by Shia and Tio, while Aiko and Liliana landed safely without tumbling as expected.

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And then, Koichi papa who didn’t really need to do anything seemed to have too much free time that he intentionally somersaulted three times midair and also landing in a hero pose on top of that.

Perhaps that was why (or perhaps for no reason at all), those composed members of Yaegashi acrobatic group (lol) couldn’t bear to see their daughter’s pathetic state.

「Shizuku, that was unsightly. Even though you were in panic, that’s no excuse to be unable to perform a landing of this level.」

「Shinobi――cough-. Acrobatic is beginning with a leap and ending with a landing. We should have taught you that many times.」

「It seems that you have slacked off. You will need to redo your training when we return home.」

「How about you worry for me a little!? That thing is already a pursuer(nemesi○)! All of you also heard how that thing yelled ONEEEEEEEE-SAMAAAAAA didn’t you!?」

Certainly, it was very similar with how that certain person (?) yelled STAAAAAAAAAARRS!!. Though it seemed the pursuer just now still maintained her human form……

It felt like that Soul Sister would transform in three stages into a grotesque form before long. Even though their daughter was being targeted by such thing, the adults of Yaegashi family weren’t agitated at the slightest and did what was in their capability to help the people around them before landing beautifully. There was no doubt that these people possessed heart of steel.

「Your majesty-, are you alright!?」

「Nagumo-dono! What in the world is going on here!」

The people who seemed to be the imperial guards were helping Gahard to stand up even while their face was turning pale. While they were doing that, the empire’s nobles who seemed to be in the middle of audience with the emperor before this interruption pressed Hajime for explanation.

「Nagumo-dono, please let us hear an explanation. We have been notified beforehand through the gate that your group are traveling from the kingdom to here, so I’m sure this is not an attack but……」

「Even if it’s you Nagumo-dono, this kind of violence is just extremely rude!」

Indeed. The emperor of their country was trampled on. It was only natural that the noble uncles here got their vein pulsing angrily on their forehead.

And so, Hajime guiltily scratched his cheek while apologizing honestly.

「No, we were really at fault there. Actually we should teleport to a more proper location, but we were almost attacked by a dreadful monster just now so the teleport was done in emergency. Because of that the coordinate slightly shifted from the actual location.」

「The strongest monster in history is forced to evacuate in emergency!? That’s absurd!」

「I-impossible……the demon who trampled even the god and devoured him until not even the bone remained could only escape against a monster!?」

「Hah, could it be……this monster is your future self that came back to the past!?」

「「「That’s ittt-」」」

「No good……it’s over already for us……」

The enraged big shots of the empire instantly crumbled on their knees simultaneously. The powerful people who had climbed up until their current position in this country where strength decided everything was shaking like a newly born deer. Their despair was like that of a gamer who just needed one more step to finish a speedrun that he had spent 90 hours on and yet he found that the safe data had been blown away.

From their reaction it was clear how the empire perceived Hajime.

The empire nobles looked like they would melt into nothing like a slime whose core was just pulverized.

Yue and others were making an atmosphere of 「Well of course they will become like this」, but the parents who didn’t know what the perception of the empire to Hajime was based on was looking at Hajime thinking 「This guy, just what had he done here……」 as though they were looking at something terrifying.

「Aa~, all of you, calm down. You all are looking unsightly in front of our guests.」

Gahard shouted after he recovered with Kaori’s healing.

Normally the nobles would spring on attention and lined up with adroit movement, but now all the nobles of the empire here were completely brokenhearted from being faced with the prospect of “the arrival of the demon from the future who had evolved even further”. All strength had left their body and they were turned into a group of mere “listless old men”.

Blood vein snapped on Gahard’s forehead. But, it wasn’t like he couldn’t understand their feeling, so for now he ignored them and ordered the imperial guards to return to their position. Then he sat down heavily on his throne with his displeasure at MAX. And then he crossed his legs roughly and supported his face on his right arm that was put on the elbow rest.


He then turned a completely cold gaze toward Hajime.

Now then, what could he refer to with that short question……

Hajime pondered and nodded. And then, he moved his hand as though to caress his expression on his face before it turned completely into a terrifyingly refreshing smile.

「Yaa, buddy. I came to play.」

He said such thing. It seemed he didn’t feel like giving a long explaination.

His buddy Gahard-kun responded to that with a smile,


This time he pulled out his sword fully and leaped at Hajime. The surrounding screamed 「Your majestyyy, please stop! Do you want to destroy the countryyy!?」 or 「His majesty has gone mad! 「Someone stop him!」 to stop him, but Gahard ignored them all.

*Clang* A loud metallic voice resounded. Gahard’s sword was blocked by Hajime’s artificial arm. What was even more irritating for Gahard was that his sword was caught between the fingers.

Gahard’s face slowly closed in to very close range with blood veins pulsing dangerously on his forehead. He spoke with words that were trembling from anger.

「You are really lookin’ down on me eeh? Nagumo Hajimeee」

He had completely turned into yakuza. That figure that was trying to slash at Hajime with bloodshot eyes and the way he rolled the end of his sentence was completely like that of a yakuza boss.

Kaoruko and Akiko turned pale from the impressive pressure and sat down powerlessly on the floor. Tomoichi and Shuu & Sumire were also watching with held breath. As for everyone from Yaegashi family……well, they were an exception among the common masses.

The situation should be so pressing like that. However, Hajime shook his head sadly.

「That’s horrible. Wasn’t it you who called me buddy before this?」


After the legendary decisive battle, most of the artifacts that were used in war were collected and destroyed by Hajime’s hand. Especially for the artifacts that were used by the empire. Hajime especially created an artifact to gather the artifacts from them.

Naturally no artifact managed to avoid destruction. At that time Gahard looked like he was going to cry tear of blood.

He even clung on Hajime without any shame for his appearance. He also followed Hajime around like baby duck following its parent duck. He would stare silently without blinking from the shadow.

The wistful gaze of the empire’s strongest, and also a middle-aged man on top of that, following him around the clock……

It was horror in various senses. It was tremendously annoying.

And so Hajime gave up and gave him a small Fernir.

Then the next day there was a proclamation――the demon king and the emperor were best friend who had tied deep friendship between them.

「At that time I thought of it as an outrageous harmful gossip that I considered dropping a meteor on the empire but……」

「Oi you bastard, don’t expose something terrifying so nonchalantly like that」

The noble uncles who had revived a little were turned into slime once more hearing that. Gahard protested with his gaze but he was ignored.

「We were comrades in arms who managed to survive the legendary decisive battle together by some miracle. It was an anguishing decision to make but, in the end I decided to let it be.」

「You bastardd. Just how much did you hate me huh. That statement is just touching my nerves the wrong way!」

「That’s why, as a buddy, I also included a trip to the empire in our family holiday like this. I’m thinking to introduce my family to the emperor too.」

And yet……As though to say that, Hajime shook his head with a very sad expression. Gahard started chanting magic.

Also, it was actually the opposite. Hajime didn’t want to introduce his family to the emperor, he wanted to introduce the emperor to his family. A real emperor of a fantasy world is someone like this you know! Something like that. In a sense, Gahard was just something like a spectacle……

It wasn’t just Luluaria and Adol, Hajime also held some respect toward the leaders of various countries and organizations who participated in that legendary decisive battle, but it was only his treatment to Gahard that was lighthearted like this.

As expected, the way the empire was run in the past and the emperor’s stance that considered that as only right might be preventing Hajime to hold complete respect toward Gahard somewhere inside his heart.

After all, Hauria had paid a lot of sacrifices because of that. As someone who knew of Shia’s lamentation and regret, Hajime might be unable to treat Gahard with respect that easily.

「What happened just now was also an accident. Actually I planned to open the gate in a proper location. After all there is a saying that good fences make good neighbors.」

「……By the way, where did you originally plan to open the gate?」

Hajime planned to introduce his relatives. He didn’t have the intention to stop at least paying the minimum respect and aggravate the situation. Hearing that, although Gahard was still displeased he at least stopped chanting and pulled back his sword. But,

「Well that’s……over there.」


Expression vanished silently from Gahard’s face seeing the spot that Hajime pointed at. Because, no matter how he looked at it Hajime wasn’t pointing at the direction of the castle gate or the capital’s gate, but “there”――in other words, the spot ten meters away from the throne.

That meant,

「There is almost no difference at all ain’t itttttttttttt!!」

From the start Hajime planned to teleport directly into the throne room.

It was truly an act of entering the place that symbolized the country with muddy shoes! There wasn’t any decorum or anything in that! Even the parents & Shizuku and others were looking exasperated. Only Shia gave him a thumb up that seemed to say 「As expected from Hajime-san! That level of treatment is just the right one for someone like Gahard desuu!」.

Anyway, Gahard-kun slashed with his sword once more, but as expected Hajime moved to catch it with his hand.

However, despite what Gahard was saying before this, his first slash must be him holding back. This time his attack that came from overhead stance looking like it was aiming to split Hajime into two now twisted like a snake and brilliantly transformed into a horizontal slash. Hajime immediately pulled back to dodge it.

It seemed that Gahard-kun had snapped relatively seriously toward his best friend (lol).

From the surrounding screams like 「Your majesty! Please stop!」「The empire will be destroyeeddd!」「It’s hopeless……it’s over for usss……」 or 「What a magnificent sword skill!」「Even though he is using a straight sword, he slash as though he is using serpent sword……splendid!」「His body trunk is also amazing. That’s truly a body without any pointless waste」 were reverberating. As for the last sentences, perhaps those were coming from the members of a family of acrobats?

ORAAAAAAAAAH The yell of fighting spirit was accompanied with countless twisting slashes that assaulted Hajime. Hajime calmly handled them with his artificial arm as shield or dodging with taijutsu.

Shuu and Sumire were panicking.

「Hajime! Apologize! We are the one at fault here! Come on quickly!」

「Do the treasured last resort that has been passed down the Nagumo family for generations, the DOGEZA, quickly!」

「GOOOO, Hajime-san! Someone like Gahard is more suited to lick the floor desu! Please teach him his place!」

「Shia-chan!? Don’t provoke themmm!」

As expected, Shia really loathed Gahard. She didn’t even listen to Sumire’s request for her to stop and continued provoking them while shadow boxing.

「Emperor, how can you treat your buddy like this. If you don’t calm down quickly, an unfortunate incident might occur with the small type Fernier you know.」

「What are you saying is completely like a terrorist! Don’t you have any self-awareness about it!? This sh*tty demon!」

Certainly, Hajime’s words sounded like a terrorist who was taking someone hostage. Tomoichi-san, a person with common was holding his head in his hands. It seemed like another “Hajime-kun’s rehabilitation plan” would be added in his notebook.

「Kaori, Hajime-kun is saying something like that. As I thought, breaking up with him――」


「Cough. It’s nothing at all, Kaori.」

Yue and others also thought. Tomoichi papa is too weak against his daughter……in exchange Kaoruko who was also as flustered as Shuu and Sumire were asking her pleadingly.

「Kaori, won’t it be better to stop them? Won’t this become an international problem?」

「R-right. I think there won’t be any problem with that but……certainly, it might be better to stop this because it looks like the souls of all the empire nobles are going to leave their body at this rate, I think?」

「To me this only look like the two of them art just messing around with each other though.」

「Even so, we can’t also just watching like this until his majesty collapse.」

Shizuku said that with a sigh, but Kirino-okaasan spoke her opinion 「I want to watch this for a bit more」 like a child who couldn’t stop play game even after being told to go to bath. Shizuku glared severely at her mom.

「It can’t be helped. We will only waste time for our trip like this, here I shall――」

Unable to keep watching, Liliana stepped forward to reprimand the two with her dignity and position as a princess. All the empire nobles, all the imperial guards, and then all the flustered parent~s were looking at her as though she was a messiah……

「Fernir is already mine! Rather than giving it back, I’d rather relinquish the throne and run with it until the end of the world-」

「How much did you like it huh. But, well, it’s impossible for you to run away you know?」

「Kuh, certainly you have teleport……then, I’ll crash it to the kingdom’s palace to die a honorable deaath-」

「That’s why I told you it’s pointless. Liliana got the artifact to explode it with her.」

*Gin gin gin-* The fierce sounds of sword fight suddenly stopped still.

A second.

Two seconds.

Gahard lowered his sword with a trembling hand. His face looked like he wanted to say 「Lie, tell me that it’s a lie……」, even so anger of 「That guy might really do just that」 was jumbling into his mind and his expression spasmed strangely.

And then, his gaze turned slowly. Toward Liliana who was stepping forward right at this moment to mediate between the two.

Liliana quietly averted her face.

「Princess Liliana.」

「Y-yes? What is it, your majesty.」

「Just now, is what this sh*tty brat said true?」

「……About that matter, a part of my memory is just really blurry due to vast amount of works that I have to take care of every day, so I can’t answer immediately. Also, there is a possibility that a misunderstanding exist between us in regard to the definition of “explode” and “artifact”, we will also need to investigate with all the people related to this case, so I shall pour all my effort to jog my spotty memory while establishing an independent committee if it prove necessary. With that I shall send the formal letter with the required answer in several more days so――」

Vague answers like politician often did flowed out like a flood from Liliana’s mouth. The veins on Emperor Gahard’s forehead was making ominous snapping sounds.

「……Before this, when I invited you to ride Fernir together with me, you stubbornly refused to accept didn’t you?」

「How embarrassing of me. Actually I am afflicted with a severe case of acrophobia. Ohoho」

「When you were observing Fernir from the ground, you were grinning strangely at that time. You were also toying with something in your hands as though doing a beanbag juggling game. It was an unusual expression and act coming from Princess Liliana, so it firmly remained in my memory.」

「I was thinking to learn how to juggle to amuse myself――」

「It was a red, small sphere.」

「There is no such thing in my memory.」

Shuu and others thought. Princess Liliana is getting bad influence!

The culprit who was giving that bad influence was lightly hitting his palm *pon* and stated.

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「Ah, you mean that. The hard override detonator artifact that I sent her.」

「Hajime-san! What are you saying! Even though I still want to continue playing god by watching his majesty’s smug face when he is riding Fernir while I’m thinking 『But, well, your life in on the palm of my hand though?』――ah」

This was the moment when the black method of stress relieve of the black princess was discovered.

Not just Sumire and Shuu and others, even Yue and others were going 「Uwaa……」 with twitching expression that didn’t know what to say.

Myuu was going 「T-this kind of Lily-oneechan……Myuu never know it nano……」 while hugging Remia with a shocked face from learning the dark mask of the princess that she didn’t want to know about. Remia mama’s eyes were looking at Liliana with similar gaze like when she was looking at Tio with worry for Myuu’s education of aesthetic sensibility.

Even all the empire nobles were going 「As expected from the demon’s bride……」「Terrifying……」「There is no hopeee……it’s overrrrr」 with frightened gaze toward her.

「Nagumo Hajimeee, how are you going to make up for this, oo?」

Gahard’s expression became really indescribable.

At present he was the only one who possessed a flying vehicle in this world. That made him felt good more than anything, and yet the truth was he was riding a dangerous thing that could instantly turn into his coffin. It was impossible to guess what he was feeling right now.

「By the way, I also handed one to Karm……」

「What the hell are you doing!? He is the most dangerous guy to be given such thing ain’t it-」

No, because, there is no guarantee that you won’t start trying an invasion using Fernir that can easily enable you to control the sky, so an insurance is necessary right? When Hajime explained that, certainly it was just as he said. Gahard could only grinded his teeth.

「Well, don’t worry.」

「There ain’t anything at all that don’t make me worry here」

「I’ll remove the self-destruct function after this so that you can ride it without feeling hesitant at all from here on.」

Emperor Gahard looked really dubious. He was looking at Hajime with as though he was looking at a swindler.

Even so, Hajime had just heard that the dragon race, the original ruler of the sky had returned to the continent and they would build a new village here.

With them here, something like a single mini Fernir that didn’t have any artifact weaponry wouldn’t be any threat at all There was no more need for insurance using self-destruct function.

When Gahard was told that, he seemed like he was somewhat convinced.

「That’s why, I ask you to overlook the teleport incident just now.」

「Tsk, so that’s how you want to frame it.」

If he refused, surely the self-destruct function would be left untouched……no, now that the holders of the detonators had been exposed, surely this guy would install a different nasty feature in Fernir.

Thinking of that, Gahard reluctantly sheathed his sword even while making an expression like he had bitten a thousand of sour grape.

「No waayy……」

「Oi, Princess Liliana. Do you have any complain huh?」

Liliana showed a disappointed expression at the conclusion that was reached between the two. Gahard showed an expression that had gone past anger and reached exasperation in respond to that. He looked like he was thinking 「This girl, she is corrupted by her husband too much……no, has she been like this from the start? Like husband like wife? Scaryyy」.

「Let me ask this just in case but, this monster that made you blundered with your teleportation, will it cause any trouble?」

「I think there is nothing but trouble in various senses with that monster but……well, it’s the Soul Sister.」

「Aa, I see.」

The uncles of the empire who were turning into slime revived.

「What, thank god. So it’s just a mad fanatic of Shizuku-sama.」

「Recently the “Onee-sama religion” is also spreading in this capital too but, well, there is no problem I guess.」

「Yeah. After all the Soul Sisters are harmless if we just steer clear of Shizuku-sama.」

「Rather they are beneficial existence instead as long as we remember to praise Shizuku-sama sometimes.」

「Wait a second everyone!? Somehow I’m hearing a lot of words that I can’t just ignore though!?」

It seemed that the Soul Sisters weren’t just proliferating in Heiligh’s capital, but also in this empire’s capital.

At the kingdom Shizuku got involved with a lot of female knights and noble daughters, because of that Soul Sisters there kept increasing in number but……

It was incomprehensible why the disease was also spreading through the empire’s capital even though Shizuku didn’t really have any activity here.

The answer came from Gahard himself.

「It’s really annoying y’know. At the legendary decisive battle, the non-combatants of the kingdom went through a gate to evacuate here while our army switch with them to go to the battlefield right?」

「Y-yes. I also did various things at that time like installing the gate and showing the people the way, so I know about that.」

Shizuku was confused, but she was someone with naturally excellent discernment. She immediately went pale while muttering 「Don’t tell me……」.

「Looks like you have realized. Yes, they were pouring here at that time, the kingdom’s Soul Sisters.」

And then they prattled it everywhere, “Shizuku-oneesama’s Heroic Saga”, just how wonderful this “Shizuku-oneesama” was. The mass who were anxious when faced by the danger to mankind’s survival, the noble daughters in the empire who loved heroic saga. The Soul Sisters talked to them with genuine passion in their speech. It even like they were acting in theater with pointlessly refined performance.


「Shizuku-chan! Hang in there!」

「Yaegashi-san! ――”Soul Repose”!」

Shizuku’s eyes rolled back and she collapsed. But Kaori immediately caught her body while Aiko healed her with magic of mind stability. However, the damage to Shizuku-oneesama was immense.

「……Nn~, before long, it feels like the church will split to become two religions.」

「No no, Yue. David and others looks like they might also call themselves something like goddess religion before long. Perhaps there wouldst be three major religions in this world soon.」

「Both of you! Please don’t spoke of something ominous like that!」

「There is this thing called power of words that might be able to alter reality! Especially when words come from powerful people! Yue-san is even able to casually use something like “Divine Words”, what are you going to do if what you two say really become reality!」

Shizuku and Aiko held their head in their hands due to Yue and Tio’s bad premonition.

There was also the future where a certain workaholic princess became the god of a new religion in other world, so the possibility of Shizuku and Aiko also becoming a god couldn’t really be denied completely. Especially because Soul Sisters were existences that spanned over the worlds.

There a muttering from a noble uncle dealt an additional blow.

「Well, even before that there was how his majesty spread the words how he proposed marriage to Shizuku-sama. That expedited the speed her name was spreading.」

It seemed that Shizuku’s popularity in the empire had been really high even before the Soul Sisters came. Furthermore she was one of the demon king’s wives right now.

In other words, she was a woman who their own emperor and the demon king competed for……such perception of the people made Shizuku’s popularity to increase even further with them thinking “Shizuku-oneesama is seriously Onee-sama!”.



「Soul Repose-Soul Repose-Soul Repose――!!」

Aiko’s light pink magic power enveloped Shizuku’s whole body. It was applied on her too much that somehow it looked like she was being absorbed in pink colored delusion.

But there, someone let out a voice because he couldn’t pretend to ignore the words that were said just now.

「……Hou. He was asking our daughter for marriage.」


Suddenly there was the alarming presence of someone powerful! Gahard got slightly on his guard. Of course, standing there was the grandfather who was self-proclaimed to be good in acrobatic――Yaegashi Shuuzou.

「It’s an honor to be granted this chance to have an audience with your majesty for the first time. My name is Yaegashi Shuuzou. Shizuku’s grandfather.」

「……I see. That abnormal presence, I’m convinced.」

What are you convinced about? Why are you convinced that the abnormal presence came from my grandfather? Hey, what is it you are thinking! The revived Shizuku got an angry look in her eyes.

Gahard ignored that Shizuku and took a deep breath. And then he turned his gaze toward the visitors once more with easygoing aura.

「So many things happened since the beginning that it might be too late to do this at this point but, I guess I shall introduce myself once more. I am the emperor of Hoelscher Empire, Gahard D Hoelscher.」

Shuu and others relfexively gulped by the sharp kingly aura that pierced their body. It made his atmosphere that was like an entertainer with the straight man role toward Hajime before this was just a lie.

Certainly the introduction might be too late at this point, but even knowing that, there was enough pressure in this introduction to make them understood that Gahard was indeed an emperor.

The empire nobles who were his vassals also straightened their posture and lined up orderly at both sides. Now Hajime and others were facing Gahard in between of their lines.

To match the atmosphere, Shuu and others also straightened their clothes and posture to adopt a more serious attitude before they introduced themselves one by one.

Myuu and Remia too, although they were acquainted with Gahard, not all the authorities in the empire knew about them, and this was also their first time coming to this palace. So,

「I’m Myuu! Papa’s daughter! Best regards!」

「I’m Myuu’s mother, my name is Remia. It’s an honor to be granted this audience with your majesty.」

Remia introduced herself with flawless decorum while Myuu was raising her her hand energetically.

The place was immediately filled with noises.

「T-that’s the demon’s beloved daughter……」

「In the final battle, I heard she controlled several outrageous golems at the same time and slaughtered the apostles.」

「I heard that she is a little girl, but to think it’s true……」

「As expected, the demon’s child is also a demon……」


「It’s hopelessss――」

「Duke, enough already with that.」

Shuddering and fearful gazes were pouring toward Myuu. Myuu went 「Eh? Eh?」 in bewilderment. Remia’s expression was completely convulsing.

Hajime was going to bury the one who said “demon’s child” demonically, but it would only complicate the talk so Sumire-okaasan caught his shoulder tightly.

In exchange, Shia-oneechan’s finger bullet (one of the coins that she always brought with her. If she wanted to, she could also perform “Rakansen” that fired a pile of thirty coins like machinegun) flicked the target’s forehead with *ZUBAKON-*. The nobles closed their mouth immediately.


「E-err, my name is Nagumo Sumire――」

「T-that person is-, the demon’s mother!!」

「I thought that she is definitely among them but……kuh, I can’t stop shaking when I actually see her directly like this-」

「Oi, draw her face right this instant! Then distribute the picture to every office! The empire might be erased from the map if anything untoward happen to her!」

The commotion was immediately resurrected. It became a tiny pandemonium. Sumire’s expression was convulsing.

It was common knowledge that the demon king was someone who treasured his relatives to excessive degree. That demon’s mother was already someone who they should treat with even more care than when interacting with the demon king himself. This was the moment that it was discovered how people here had such perception.

And then, there was only one person left who hadn’t introduced himself. His true identity was as plain as day.

Everyone of the empire watched him while holding their breath. Cold sweats were trickling out like waterfall from their whole body. Shuu who was unable to endure the gazes for even a second longer introduced himself with a very small voice while he felt like crying.

「I’m Nagumo Shuu. My apologies that my son is always being a bother……」

「What modesty……he doesn’t seem like the demon king’s father at all.」

「No, wait. The father of the demon king, his existence is already akin to that of the great demon king. There is also the saying of how the truly dangerous monster will hide their fangs and claws……」

「I see. So he is currently judging our worth-」

You are wrong. I’m really just an ordinary person. I’m an otaku whose hobby is making game and made that my job……he wanted to say that, but Shuu fell silent in front of the fear and awe of the nobles that were ballooning up on their own.

The parents’ gazes were releasing a glint that seemed to want to say Just what have you done in this country? The reaction of these people are really terrible you know!? Explain it to us! Come on, say it! toward Hajime. Hajime cleared his throat.

「And so, Shuuzou-san. About the matter of the emperor asking for marriage」

He attempted to divert the topic with everything he had. They would have a chance to watch it through field trip after this anyway, so there was no point wasting time for it now……exasperated gazes were also coming at him from Yue and others.

Naturally Shizuku was trying to plead at him to not say anything unnecessary but, Gahard immediately settled it before she could say anything.

「It was just like I said before this, I took a liking to Shizuku and asked her to marry me, and then I got rejected. That’s all there is to it.」

Gahard shrugged and easily stated that. 「Oo, how manly」 All the nobles of the empire thought. Not just them, even Shuuzou and others were showing admiration and understanding.

The talk was over with this……before that could happen, Kaori made a pondering expression looking like she was thinking of something.

「Come to think of it, Shizuku-chan. Before the final battle, when you went to ask the empire to join the battle, you said that the emperor were persistently making advances at you didn’t you?」

「……Nn? What’s that, I don’t know anything about it. More details.」

The one who reacted wasn’t Shizuku but Yue. At that time she was moved (forcefully) to the holy precinct so it was only natural that she didn’t know.

「Kaori, don’t say anything unnecessary――」

「……Nn! Past replay!」


Yue’s “Past Replay” was activated with no argument allowed. I’m curious about other people’s romance story so it can’t be helped! Because I’m a girl! It was as though she was saying that.

Shizuku’s hand reached out to stop her, but Yue lightly dodged her while she finally found the time axis of that time. And then the image flowed.

『――Then your majesty. I look forward to working with you.』

It seemed that the scene was after Shizuku had finished explaining the situation in general and the details of the plan from there on had been decided. Gahard nodded firmly, but after that his atmosphere changed completely and he showed a bold smile.

『And, Shizuku. Have you been embraced by Nagumo Hajime?』

『!? What are you talking about! Don’t ask something worthless――』

『Ain’t no way this is a worthless matter ain’t it? And, what’s the answer? If he still hasn’t then just accept my offer already.』

『I have no obligation to answer such question! And I have said this many times, I have no desire to accept your majesty’s proposal!』

It seemed that it was the last meeting just before the final battle. Gahard’s approach was really persistent.

Gahard averted his gaze in displeasure from the image. The empire nobles were watching the image like such scene wasn’t unusual at all. The parents especially the members of Yaegashi family and Yue and the wive~s were watching with deep interest. Shizuku was getting desperate to catch Yue……

And then, when Gahard inside the image was trying to make up some reason to make Shizuku stayed at his side, Shizuku finally snapped.

『Aah geez, enough already! The one I like is Nagumo-kun! I love him! I had even confessed to him, both this body and heart are only for him! No matter what happen from here on, he will be my only special per――!!』



At that instant, *DOGOOO-* such sound rang out very loudly. That sound was accompanying Shizuku’s artistic body blow that impacted on Yue-sama’s liver. Yue-sama’s body bent backward into the shape of “<” and the image vanished with a puff. At the same time she fell on her knees.

「Idiot! Yue you idiot! Bully!」

「……Shi, Shizuku, sorry……but, I wish that you would……hold back a little……auh」


「Awawa, no good! Yue’s eyes are rolling back!?」

「Seriously? To KO Yue in one hit like that. Shizuku should be a speed fighter rather than a power fighter though……」

「The blow just now art equivalent to Shia’s Level VI art it not? It might be an instantaneous Limit Break due to her embarrassment.」

「Shizuku-oneechan’s maiden power is immense nano!」

「As expected from the maiden cheat Shizuku.」

「Anyway, I’ll apply Soul Repose on you okay……」

The throne room was enveloped with overwhelming chaos.

Gahard was already sitting on the throne while starting to perform maintenance on his sword.

In the end, when would the proper talk about the tour here would begin……

Tomoichi, Kaoruko, and Akiko, the group of adult with common sense looked at each other’s face wondering what should be done here.

But, at that moment.

*DOGON-* A thunderous sound boomed and the door of the throne room was sent flying. And then,

「Oooo――ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! I have arrived! Shia Hauria! Let us have a combat to the death fair and square! Desuwa!!」

A gorgeous type beautiful woman with her blonde hair styled in ringlet curls rushed in while shouldering a large scythe that was radiating ominous aura.

Silence filled the room as though time had stopped.

It seemed that even more chaos had arrived.

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