Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 394 Tortus Travel Journal ㉔ This Feeling, It’s Definitely Love Desuwa! by Imperial Princess

Chapter 394 Tortus Travel Journal ? This Feeling, It’s Definitely Love Desuwa! by Imperial Princess

Someone suddenly broke into the throne room. She was a bizarre person in various senses.

It felt like the time had stopped due to the intrusion. The members of Nagumo family were the one who raised their voice in the middle of that.

「Blond noble lady, with ringlet curls!?」

「She also laughed loudly! In addition there was “desuwa” at the end of her sentence!」

「Almond shaped eyes and gorgeous appearance! Wearing a dress while carrying death scythe!」

In order from above, it was Shuu, Sumire, and Hajime. The three of them yelled in unison for the last.

「「「What a wonderful attributes holder!!」」」

Nagumo family, they are always like this――the members of other families were sending them that kind of gaze.

Meanwhile, Myuu seemed to look frustrated somehow because she was unable to be in unison with them despite also being a member of Nagumo family. Remia mama’s gaze looked worried for her daughter’s future.

Gahard and all the nobles of the empire looked like they had a headache. Aa, she came……their expression seemed to say that.

「I’m honored by everyone’s praise desuwa-!!」

「She isn’t, shaken!?」

Tomoichi was shaken. It wasn’t because when the girl puffed out her chest, her voluptuous breasts that didn’t even lose against Tio were jiggling heavily. If he was shaken by that then the madam would confine――not, she would SCOLD him later. So he didn’t commit such blunder.

He was someone who still couldn’t get used with Nagumo family’s eccentric behavior. And yet, this mysterious noble lady was able to majestically accept their reaction despite this was her first time on the receiving end of it. Tomoichi trembled in fear while pointlessly feeling defeated for some reason.

「Now, Shia Hauriaa-! It’s time for a fun, fun strife! Prepare yourself!」

Shia who was giving lap pillow to Yue who was still knocked out the white of her eyes showing was widening her eyes in surprise. The gorgeous blond girl with drill hair pointed her jet black scythe toward her sharply.

It seemed this unknown lady was fully intending to ignore the situations in front of her eyes, like the demon king’s presence or his family’s presence or being in the presence of his majesty teh emperor.

Or rather, those things didn’t even enter her eyes. She was only looking straight at Shia alone. Her eyes were getting more and more bloodshot. The pressure was even more tremendous coming from a beauty like her.

The gazes of Hajime and others were poured at Shia with the question of 「Eh, is she your acquaintance? This noble lady who seems to be a slightly dangerous person」, but it seemed that Shia also wasn’t familiar with this person. Her rabbit ears were flapping from how rapidly she shook her head.

There, the person who knew the girl’s true identity――Liliana stepped forward while making a troubled expression.

「E-err, your highness Princess Tracy. What are you so suddenly――」

Yes, this dangerous character was none other than the first princess of Hoelscher Empire, Tracy D Hoelscher.

Sumire and others were taken aback. Hajime and others glanced at Gahard, but then they nodded in understanding instead.

「So, like father like daughter huh. That saying is really fitting.」

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「What do you mean by that, oi」

Obviously I meant exactly like I said, such unspoken voice reached Gahard and he snorted in displeasure.

That imperial princess glanced briefly at Liliana who was calling out to her and,

「I don’t have any business with you. Stay out of this, black hearted princess!」

「Who are you calling black hearted!」

「Of course it’s you, the girl who is always laughing flippantly while in your heart there is nothing but the calculation of how to snatch away all the benefits. I have always told you right? I hate you desuwa!」

「T-Tracy-sama is still blunt like usual aren’t you……」

「If you marry with Onii-sama and become the queen of this country, I thought that I would take the initiative to beat your crooked personality into shape but, now that would never happen I don’t have any interest at all to you desuwa! Rather than that, Shia Hauria!」

Tracy’s blunt words made Liliana smiled wryly in a practiced way at toward Tracy who hadn’t changed at all throughout their acquaintance from events like ceremony or party since they were kids.

Meanwhile, Shia somehow guessed the reason Tracy was challenging her after hearing the word 「Onii-sama」.

Speaking of the person who Liliana almost married to become the queen of this empire, it was definitely the crown prince who got his head chopped off――Bias D Hoelscher. Then it was only natural for this princess to harbor a grudge toward Hauria. And so Shia made a very annoyed expression.

「You want to have a duel?」

「A death match desuwa! A serious battle that will make the blood boil and the flesh dance desuwa!」

「Whatever, but……as you can see, I’m busy right now.」

Although it looked like she would recover with a bit more time, Yue was still in an unconscious state. Most of all right now they were in the middle of a family trip. There wasn’t any reason for Shia to get involved with such bloody matter, nor she had any duty or obligation for it.

Even if it was something that was grounded on the imperial princess’s uncontrollable desire for revenge.

And so, Shia turned a cold gaze toward Tracy and cut down that demand.

「I don’t have any reason to accept, so I refuse.」

「Acknowledged desuwa! Then, let’s begin the battle!!」

「Are you listening to meee!?」

*Zudan-* Tracy-san showed a sharp step forward that was unimaginable coming from someone wearing high heels. She charged forward while radiating a happy atmosphere instead of a vengeful desire for some reason.

Instantly, muddy black aura surged with tremendous momentum from the huge scythe of the girl. Hajime, Kaori, Shizuku, and Tio immediately evacuated the parents (excluding the people of Yaegashi family) and Myuu and others.

The large scythe mowed horizontally with sharpness that surpassed the imagination and sound of slicing wind to attack Shia.

Even so, the opponent was Shia. The war god rabbit whose bug and cheat made even Hajime and others shuddered. Even the violent attack that was unthinkable coming from a princess could be avoided easily. Shia carried Yue under her arm while back stepping swiftly.

Then, at that moment,

「It’s time for decapitation desuwaa――EXESSSSSSS!!」


The aura that gushed out from the scythe suddenly pursued Shia with the shape of crescent moon.

Shia was taken by surprise in spite of herself.

It was clear that the large scythe was an artifact when it was radiating an aura that looked like miasma. However, its strength was strange. The jet black slash that it fired off seemed to be as strong as “the hero’s Heaven Soaring Flash”.

As a resident of Tortus, Tracy’s specs should be incomparably lower than the hero. Then the source of that power must be none other than the large scythe.

It wasn’t Haijme’s artifact. Not to mention the user was a resident of Tortus. Then there was no way it could produce such power that surpassed the expectation――such preconception made Shia got caught in surprise.

Although, Shia wasn’t so soft that she would allow herself to be hit directly even with that.

*Pyon* She dodged the slash by performing an aerial cartwheel. Behind her was Gahard’s,

「Don’t shoot hereee! If it hit the curtain behind that paintil will……UOOOOOOOOH」

Gahard intercepted the attack with such desperation. All the nobles were also,






Such screams (?) were echoing, but they were the people of the empire so Shia ignored them.

「I have foreseen it desuwa!」

Tracy stepped into Shia’s guard right after she landed. Her timing was superb, as though she had really foreseen it. She didn’t continue swinging her giant scythe, instead the jet black aura converged on her fist. Added with her step that put a crack on the floor, she sent out a magnificent punch that was backed with the twist of her waist.

Right at that instant.

「……Nn, geez! What’s this! Treat me gentler――」

「Ah, Yue-san don’t desuuu」

Yue-sama also revived and grumbled at this excellent timing. She activated her gravity magic to try to slip away from Shia’s hold. Furthermore she moved to the opposite direction of where Shia was going to move to.

It really couldn’t be helped. Just after she had gotten hit with a punch to the gut (liver blow + maiden power burst), it became really noisy for some reason around her, and then her body also got shaken *pyon pyon roll roll* uncomfortably. It was the worst way to wake up.

But, because of that Shia lost her balance and Tracy’s fist was approaching. Even if she blocked, getting hit with a punch by the empire’s princess of all people was something that her pride as a Hauria couldn’t allow――



She instantly used something nearby as shield.

She had gone and done it.

Yes, she grabbed the neck of Yue who was trying to slip away from her hold and dragged her toward her. The result from that was naturally.


Yue-sama, she got hit by a second punch to the gut for today.

Tracy went 「Ah」 and stopped her movement. Hajime and others also let out the voice 「Ah」 from witnessing the mess before them.

「……To, today is, unlucky, day? Slump-」

Yue-sama, fainted for the second time today. Complete with the white of her eyes showing.

The atmosphere fell dead silent. Yue whose neck was held by Shia was dangling on the air like a grabbed cat. Her body was swaying back and forth slo~wly.

A second.

Two second.

Shia slowly moved Yue to carry her back under her arm. She turned her gaze to the surrounding people who were looking at her with convulsing expressions, looked u to the ceiling, dropped her gaze to the completely limp Yue――and yelled.

「How dare you do something so horrible-. Is this-, is this the way the empire do thingsss-! Desuu!」

「「「「Shifting the responsibility like that, dirty! As expected Hauria is dirty!」」」」

All the nobles of the empire yelled a tsukkomi in unison as though to follow the cliché.

But, their tsukkomi wasn’t light hearted like when comedian made one. Their faces were clearly saying As expected that girl is really bad news~, her head seriously has a lot of screw loose using the demon king’s first wife as shield like that~.

「Fuh, as expected from you, Shia Hauria! You will use even your family as shield if it proves necessary! You are truly an insane rabbit! I’m in complete admiration desuwa!」

That statement is really crazy you know, the gazes of the adults with good senses like Tomoichi and others were saying that. But Tracy didn’t even pay them any attention and pulled herself together. She swung her large scythe and sported a wideeeee gruesome grin on her face.

Somehow she looked like she was really having fun. And then, the way her eyes looked at Shia……looked really passionate somehow.

Somehow, Shia thought. Although the vector was different, this princess reminded her greatly of a certain perverted elf princess……

An unpleasant dread crept up her back. Shia unconsciously raised her voice.

「Wait, emperor! She is your daughetr right!? Please stop her!」

「Aa~, sorry but keep her company. She has been like this all the time since the final battle. I thought that it might be real bad if she isn’t allowed to vent real soon. She might even try to charge at Hauria’s village solo at this rate.」

If something like that happened, what kind of wretched and inhuman revenge would come back? Gahard shook his head with the thought scaryy~ filling his mind.

「Don’t screw with me desuu! I’ll secretly sneak on you and pulled the roots of your hair so that you will be bald forever only on the top of your head you know!」

「Of course you will! Dirtyyy! As expected Hauria is dirtyyy! Come at me head on you bastard! Dammit-」

「Shia Hauria! Please you’re your tryst with me right nowww!」

I really don’t want to deal with these guys anymore! Gahard held his head in frustration. Tracy ignored her father who was like that while rushing forward once more with blushing cheeks and lips twisted to a grin that seemed to say how she was really, really hopelessly having fun right now.

Shia glared fiercely at her. She had enough already and intended to knocked her out with one punch.

But, there an unexpected person was shockingly stopping her.

「Shia. Sorry but keep her company. Just for one round of five minutes. Don’t KO her during that time okay?」


「Demon king-samaaa, I’m grateful desuwaaa-!」

Shia dodged the giant Scythe’s slash while still carrying Yue. At the same time she looked toward Hajime. There he was dropping his gaze toward something in his hand. It was a bundle of paper. At the same time Shia’s excellent “super hellish rabbit ears” were picking up Hajime’s muttering.

「……I see. The candidate for the raid captain huh. Extremely warlike and berserker. But, she isn’t actually a meathead. If it’s not a personal battle she know when to quit depending on the need, and her ability to command an army is also high……her vocation is “sorcerer”?She has natural talent in mastering magic tool? In other words artifact user huh. Fumu……」

For some reason it seemed that he was evaluating Princess Tracy. Beside him Liliana was saying 「Ah, that’s the document that Hellina gave you!」.

「Hajime-san!? Hajime-saa~~n! I don’t like keeping an empire’s princess company though――[

「If you accept, I’ll help you with fixing Yue’s mood later.」

「!? Can’t be helped then desu! Oraah, come at meee-, princesss! Desuuu!」

「Ahah! It has to be like that-. Keep me company aplentyyy, Shia Hauriaaa! Desuwaa!」

What do you mean, explain! Shia wanted to insist that, but she immediately accepted the request after Hajime said that.

Because, Yue would be scary when she woke up after this, so it couldn’t be helped!

And so,

「Tio-san-, pa~ss!」

「Oou!? Thy treatment to Yue is really rough!」

Shia casually tossed Yue away like she was a thing. It was certainly rough. But, she chose Tio in consideration of her breasts’ soft cushion. She was at least still paying attention to the minimum consideration.

And so the “empire’s first princess VS Hauria’s strongest” began in the throne room for real. It was like the rehash of “emperor VS Hauria’s most elite squad” in the past.

「I think it will be fine if it’s Shia-chan but……that princess-sama, doesn’t she feel a bit dangerous?」

「Yeah. Oi, Hajime. It feels like you are occasionally interviewing or examining some people but really, what are you scheming?」

「That’s right, that’s right! Otou-sama! Please tell him more! Ask Hajime-san just what in the world is he scheming with Hellina!」

Shuu and Sumire were looking at Hajime with worry. They didn’t think that Shia would get wounded, but her opponent was an imperial princess who was displaying a fixation to Shia that was a bit out of the norm.

They were also at the presence of his majesty the emperor here. What if it became an international problem? They were worried if the situation would become undesirable even though they wanted to sightsee here.

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Tomoichi and Kaoruko also asked Hajime the question while ignoring Liliana who only wanted to know the secret maneuver of her number one retainer and her husband and sending worried glances at Gahard and the empire nobles.

「O-oi, Hajime-kun. His majesty has given permission but……will it really be alright? Somehow, it has become a fantasy battle that I can’t follow with my eyes anymore there. Isn’t this too fierce? This is already a death match isn’t it?」

「Aa……the splendid decorations are getting destroyed……ah, the pillar is blown away! Even though it has such pretty engraving on it……they aren’t going to ask us for reimbursing them later aren’t they?」

「It’s fine, there is no problem.」

Tomoichi and Kaoruko who weren’t an otaku were visibly shaken while they couldn’t help themselves from feeling uneasy.

Their gaze was fixed on the source of sounds of destruction like *ZUGAGAGAGA* or *DOGON-ZUBAN-* that continued to resound without end. Each time the sound resounded, the beautiful throne room was quickly transformed to look more like a war torn area.

「O---HO-HO-HO-HO-! How funnn! This is really fun desuwaaa!! As expected from you Shia Hauria! My attacks can’t even scratch you! I’m getting wet desuwaa」

「T-this damn pervert! Or rather you are only aiming at the neck too much! You won’t be able to hit me even in a thousand years like that!」

「What are you saying! Beheading is none other than the aesthetics of battle! What’s more my opponent is Hauria’s strongest! Then the only fitting victory here is when I you’re your head desuwa! Think with common sense!」

「That kind of common sense-……common sense……kuh, it’s hard to object when I think back at my family desuu-」

Loud laughter and fed up curses were flying back and forth.

What Tracy brought about was circular tracks that were continuously getting drawn without any moment of pause at all. Using her wrists, arms, walking technique, and her whole body, she produced endlessly rotating slashes.

Even though her weapon should be classified as super heavy weapon type, she continuously rotated it at high speed as though she was only handling a baton. Furthermore her skill was turning her attacks into a thing of precision. It could only be described as a stunning performance. Coupled with the super fast combo and muddy black aura that was radiated by the jet black giant scythe, it was like looking at a localized black storm from the side.

Seeing that made anyone only able to accept it.

That skillfulness was truly a superb skill that was worthy for a daughter of the emperor who was a master of unconventional swordsmanship.

Of course, the average warrior would be instantly turned to little slices in front of such storm of violence, but Shia was handling all of them perfectly.

In respond to the slashes that came from all directions, she ran around freely with high speed steps while sometimes doing things like dodging in godspeed with her upper body leaving behind afterimages like a certain agent of Matr○x, or placing her hand on the giant scythe’s blade to softly divert the trajectory.

She didn’t seem like she was in danger at all.


「That princess……she is really amazing isn’t she? I think Shia might be using body reinforcement. Around Level II I think.」

「There is the restriction of not being allowed to KO her after all. She is also considering Hajime’s wish so it looks like she decided to “only dodging as much as possible” but……even so it’s amazing that she can keep up with Shia like this.」

「Well, the princess herself art also performing body strengthening though……even so, she couldst only be called as exceptional the moment she managed to force Shia to also use body strengthening.」

Tracy were also amazing enough to make Kaori, Shizuku, and Tio to show impressed expression.

There, Gahard who stood up from his throne and walked toward them snorted while folding his arms.

「Even though she is like that, now that both her elder brothers are gone, she is the second strongest in this empire in term of plain combat ability. In other words, she is the strongest next after me. In addition, that girl’s specialty is combining diverse magic tools into her battle tactics. She is already surpassing me if she put out all the stops and completely using all artifacts that we have,」

That meant, this princess was practically the strongest of the empire.

Hajime’s eyes widened slightly and he opened his mouth.

「Oi oi, the empire is running based on strength supremacy right? That princess is definitely the next emperor then?」

「I guess. I’ll retire if she try to supplant me through formal duel. Even though……I should be able to retire already.」

For some reason Gahard was sighing while watching the battle that was heating up before their eyes. Rather than looking worried of getting overthrown by his daughter, he looked like he more dissatisfied that she wouldn’t overthrow him already.

Hajime tilted his head.

「You looks dissatisfied huh?」

「I want to retire already and go to an adventure to teh end of the world riding Fernir. I have enough doing the emperor job already. After all I had experienced the greatest battle there is in the legendary decisive battle.」

It seemed to be something like that. He must have been able to obtain satisfaction as an emperor in the battle of that legendary decisive battle. Surely there would be no other great achievement that could surpass that battle, in that case from now on he would rather live freely as he pleased as an adventurer to keep chasing after a great achievement as just a mere man.

「Why isn’t the princess aiming for the throne then?」

「Obviously because there is something else that she is obsessed with rather than the position of empress.」

Gahart jerked his chin as though to say, you get it just from looking, right? Shuu and others who were listening to Hajime and Gahard’s conversation without interrupting were also turning their attention back to the battle after that gesture.

「Aa! Aa! Shia Hauria! Just how can you be that lovelyyyy!」

「Aah geez! Don’t look at me with such feverish gaze like that Altina desu!」

Tracy took out two jewels from between her jiggling breasts and crushed it in her grip. Instantly, the jet black aura swelled up and wrapped around her body, accelerating her even further.

At the same time she also made her skirt to flutter using her centrifugal force. Her lascivious garter belt and transparently smooth white thighs were exposed while she unclasped the black chain that was entwined around her thigh.

That black chain must also be a magic tool or an artifact. The chain was flying on its own in the air irregularly and entwined around Shia, restraining her.

Fuhn, Shia instantly pulverized the chain. In addition she grabbed the chain and pulled with overwhelming strength.

Tracy didn’t resist and jump on her own without any hesitation. She used even the strength she was pulled with to accelerate and closed the distance instantly. She swung her giant scythe, swung, and swung!

In contrast with the intense attack, what was reflected on her face was a slovenly slackened expression of ecstasy.

「A, a pervert……」

「O-Okaa-san! Shhh」

Akiko-san covered her mouth while unconsciously saying it. Aiko shushed her in worry that saying that was disrespectful for the imperial family.

「Tio-oneechan, it’s great isn’t it! Nano! Your kind has increased nano!」

「No Myuu. Don’t say it as though mine family hath grown bigger……」

「Myuu! Shhh. Tio-san will get carried away if you tell her that!」

「……Say, Remia. Recently, thy scathing words to me hath increase isn’t it? Of course I’m happy for that but……say say, I doth not think that it couldst be the case but, you art not hating me right? Right?」

「……My my, Tio-san, really you. Ufufu.」

「Why wouldst you not answer me clearly!? As it thought, is it about the matter of Myuu’s education!? Is that why!?」

Anyway, it was clear that her highness Princess Tracy was so fixated to Shia that she would easily discard the throne.

「But, it also doesn’t like she is doing this for revenge……」

Bias(Her big brother) was killed, and then even though it was only temporarily she got something like “Collar of Covenant” put around her neck. Another of her big brother (the second prince) also died because of that collar.

Therefore, she was targeting Hauria fanatically because of her desire for revenge……at first Hajime thought that was the case. Shia too must be thinking the same.

However, it seemed that wasn’t the case from how Tracy was acting.

「You see, that girl, it seems she has gotten completely charmed by Hauria’s method and way of living.」

From the start the people of the empire believed in the supremacy of strength. They had the disposition to harbor respect and admiration toward the strong who produced result.

That tendency became stronger among the nobles, and even more so among the royalty. Even siblings would openly target each other’s life through death match. Because they were the family that was ruling the country, weakness was seen as a great sin.

Although even they were just human.

There was no way they could decide and accept everything simply with the standard of strength and weakness, or from the result of a single match.

Other than the former crown prince Bias (first imperial prince) who got his head chopped off, the second imperial prince (after the Collar of Covenant was put on him, he went Who can believe such impossible claim! I’m taking off this collar! and took off the collar for real and went insane before dying), and Tracy herself, she had three more little brothers and two little sisters (all of them were siblings from different mothers). But all of them harbored quite a lot of negative emotions like pent-up resentment or terror (in the level of trauma) toward Hauria.

And yet……

For some reason Tracy was the only one who discovered the “aesthetics of battle” from seeing the countless chopped off heads and the head of her big brother the next emperor who should be stronger than her that were rolling around on the floor of the party venue by Hauria’s assault.

She got a screw loose in her head. More than one even.

「That’s why. It seems after that she got this yearning for Shia Hauria who is the strongest Hauria.」

「Then, why is she trying to kill her?」

「Isn’t it because she has a screw loose in her head?」

Tracy-san was certified as a daughter with screw loose in her head by her own father.

Even her own father found it hard to comprehend, but the point was, a longing to also become strong like Hauria――like Shia the strongest Hauria, a fighting spirit to want to try challenging such existence as a warrior, a need for social approval and self-esteem that was based on a feeling of reverence that wanted Shia to look at her, and various other kinds of gushing out pathos were blending with each other chaotically, and so it seemed the result was this kind of state.

「From the start she is a girl with strong obsession after all. Before this her obsession was directed to Princess Liliana though……」

「Eh!? Please wait a second, your majesty. Just now she told me right to my face that she hate me though.」

「She is always saying that since the past but, that girl actually like you extremely you know?」

「What kind of tsundere is that!? Every time I met her in the past she always told me harsh things like I’m black hearted or my smile is disgusting though!」

「No, I’m not lying. It seems she got exceedingly impressed by you princess when she saw you arguing against adult using your calculation and smile as your weapon. That girl is fundamentally apathetic toward other people. She won’t persistently pick a quarrel with someone she doesn’t a give damn about.」

That’s absolutely a lie, Liliana’s gaze said with shock and even greater doubt. In respond Gahard continued 「That’s exactly why」.

「It seemed that girl had a really big expectation. How would Princess Liliana brokeyou’re your engagement with Bias, or perhaps you would use your strength to make use of the marriage for your own benefit. After all that girl was the one who thought that Bias isn’t worthy for Princess Liliana the most.」

And yet, there wasn’t any sign of Liliana leading Bias by the nose at all. In addition, although calling it resolve sounded nice, to Tracy the mask of smile that Liliana was putting on at that time only looked like resignation.

You are the black hearted princess right? Even though you are weak physically, you are the strong who fight with that ingenuity and your fake smile right? Just what are you doing then?

「Something like that. She was really displeased with that event in her own way. Well, in other words, she is someone who show her good will in a contrary way.」

「I, I see……」

It was a feeling that could be called selfish, but in a sense she was completely recognizing Liliana. Liliana’s expression turned conflicted hearing that.

「Aa, so was that why? She wasn’t at the party venue when Hauria attacked.」

「Indeed. In short she was sulking at that time. She even skipped the party.」

At Hajime’s question, Kaori and others who were in the place at that time went 「Ah」. Yes, when Tracy appeared, all of them didn’t realize her identity because they hadn’t met her at that party in the past.

If she was the first imperial princess, normally she would be present at the engagement party of the crown prince.

The significance of the engagement between the crown prince(Bias) and the kingdom’s princess(Liliana) was great. It was no different than proclaiming that the position as the next emperor had been decided at that point.

Some of Bias’s half siblings who weren’t able to stomach that fact――in the case of the young imperial prince and princess then it was due to their concubine mother――were boycotting the party, but at the very least Tracy’s reason for not attending the engagement party seemed to be this.

「I see……let’s use past replay later to see how did the Haurias secured the imperial family at that time.」

「That’s an unpleasant tour you’re planning, you bastard.」

Gahard’s face scowled heavily. He must have guessed what Hajime was planning from the words past replay.

All the empire nobles were saying things like 「I don’t want to see that nightmare for the second time」「Oops, I need to get back to my work soon」「I’m going to my paid vacation at the afternoon. ……I need to leave the capital soon」 while secretly trying to escape from another entrance.

Then, it was at that timing *pipipi-pipipi-* there was alarm sound. The sound came from Hajime’s wristwatch.

It seemed that five minutes had passed.

「Hajime-san! It’s enough isn’t it! It’s alright for me to punch her isn’t it! It’s fine for me to go One Punch ○an on her isn’t ittt!」

Tracy’s face turned sad with the end of the honeymoon time. She was pointlessly beautiful, so it really pained the heart of the people there.

「Time of bliss pass really quickly……then, I shall put my entire being into this next strike desuwaa-」

Tracy too understood that she wouldn’t be a match for Shia if Shia got serious. She came to a clean decision Honorable death is the best! and her villainess noble lady face twisted to look even more villainous.

「You are a disgusting person but, well, you got spirit! Desuu! Out of respect for all the diligent practice that you have clearly accumulated until now, I’ll utterly defeat you as a warrior head ooon!」

Like that, the two of them were going to enter the last moment with an atmosphere that felt nice in a sense――it was then.

「……On the contrary! Yue-san whose stomach got punched hasn’t forgotten her angeeeer!」 (Note: Yue said ‘Tokoraga gicchon” here, which was a line from Ali Al Saachez of Gundam OO)

「Ah, wait Yue!」

Actually Yue had recovered from a little while ago but she pretended that she was still unconscious until now. She suddenly got up in a flash and shook off Kaori’s restain while firing off an extra large lightning sphere.

It seemed that she wanted to flip the table at the climax of this duel that was going to end in a good note somehow.

It was truly childish. Since this trip started Yue-sama seemed to have become really excited and in high spirits like kid going ‘kya kya ufufu’ when in a vacation.

Like that, just as the lightning sphere was going to envelop both Tracy and Shia――Shia surely would defend against this attack with her fighting spirit defense, but for YUe it would be enough as long as Shia was troubled by it――completely……

At that moment,

「What a treat at this last minute! Eat it! ――EXESSSSSSSS!!」

Of all things to happen, Tracy charged at the lightning sphere on her own. She rotated her giant scythe dancingly and,

「……Wha-, whaattttt!?」

Yue’s comical shocked voice echoed in the hall. Shockingly, the giant scythe split the lightning sphere into two, four, eight, it didn’t stop there, the lightning was coiling around the rotating scythe and then getting absorbed into the blade.

「Nnfuuu!! It’s brimming desuwaa!! I can do it with this-」

A second round of shock.

The jet black aura pierced the sky. It was an explosive increase of power that could be mistaken as volcano eruption.

At the center of it imperial princess Tracy was grinning joyfully. It was as though she was getting really excited that there was An unexpected second round desuwa!

And then,

「――”Limit Break”kkk!! Desuwa!」

That skill that would never be permitted except for the hero, Hajime who was an exception among exception, and those who owned Hajime’s artifact, was activated right now.

Also, a certain abyss lord whose existence itself was incomprehensible had also obtained an incomprehensible power called “Abyss Lord” through incomprehensible sequence of events that was actually no different at all from “Limit Break”, but it was something completely incomprehensible so it wasn’t counted here.

Tracy’s ringlet curls were blown up and down fiercely by the wind while her blue eyes were shining like jewels. Then a second later.

「「「「Wha, what in the worldddd!?」」」」

Shia was naturally among those who yelled. In addition Kaori, Shizuku, Liliana, and even Aiko who knew about how special “Limit Break” was were also yelling together in shock.

Even Hajime’s eyes widened 「Eh? Seriously?」. Gahard was smiling wryly, while Shuu and others who thought that the battle would finally end couldn’t digest the situation and watching with their mouths wide open. Amidst all those, there was only one person――

「……J-just as planned!」(Note: Keikaku doori)

Only Yue was looking extremely awkward and averted her gaze thinking that she had really done it this time.

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