Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 396: Tortus Travel Journal ㉖ The Family Quarrel That Take Place Very Easily

Chapter 396: Tortus Travel Journal ? The Family Quarrel That Take Place Very Easily



A while after Tracy led them away from the throne room where chaotic pandemonium could still be heard even at this far away.

The group was heading toward the tragic former party venue (a part of the empire nobles were calling it like that) while enjoying the splendor of the architectural style of the inside of the palace and the various furnishings. Then a voice that sounded childish but also sharp echoed.

When the group looked toward the voice, a small silhouette was rushing toward them from the other side of the long corridor……

「Eh? Nea-chan? Why is Nea-chan here desu?」

Yes, the silhouette who was rushing this way with a slightly hurried look and joy that couldn’t be hidden oozing out from her was Hauria clan’s rabbit eared beautiful girl Nea Hauria (11 years old).

Her semi long dark blue hair was drifting lightly in the air while her rabbit ears were flapping *buon buon* like a dog being able to meet its owner. That adorable figure made Shuu and Sumire drool while staring at her with rapt attention.

「What, what in the world! What is that lovable creature!」

「I can see it! I can also see the effect! The sparkly background effect from the rabbit eared beautiful girl!」

Shuu immediately crouched down on one knee. And then Sumire took out her smartphone with a flowing motion that resembled Hajime’s quick draw. She then readied her smartphone using Shuu’s head as a pedestal.

Instantly Shuu’s camera made the rolling sound of recording video. Sumire’s smartphone was making the sound of *kasha kasha kasha* repeatedly from its shutter.

It was a perfect role division. They were truly dancing to the same beat. The couple’s bond and technique that had been cultivated through many years could be seen there.

Of course, the Shirasaki couple & Akiko-san were staring at the two with a gaze that was exasperated to the extreme.

On the other hand, seeing Nea’s disappointing appearance with her completely black battle outfit & shinobi running style that made her looked like a ninja even though she was a genuinely beautiful girl,

「What a lovely fashion even though she is still so young!」

「Her footsteps cannot be heard at all-. What a splendid shinobi run!」

「What an astonishing body balance at that age!」

Everyone of Yaegashi family was leaning forward in rapt attention. The daughter was already unable to say anything anymore toward this established Yaegashi family quality.

Ignoring all those attentions, Nea-chan made a bunny jump *pyon* in front of Hajime and co, somersaulted three times midair with a pointlessly beautiful movement, and then she landed with a sharp hero pose that was also meaningless.

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「”Neashutatrum of the External Murder” has arrived! My deepest apologies for being unable to immediately notice boss’s teleport to the capital and arrived late like this-. Please punish me in any way you like! Should I strip first!? Or perhaps inside the room will be――」

「First shut up. ‘Kay?」

「As boss command!」

An order from the boss, so happy~? Being able to talk with him after so long, joy~? It was completely obvious she was thinking like that. Her rabbit ears were flapping wildly *buon buon* while her rabbit tail was hopping around *pata pata pata pata* in high speed in joy.

In addition, her hand was already grabbing on her clothes with a gaze that was absurdly brimming with expectation for something. There was no hesitation!

As expected from a Hauria, she had let off an intense impression right from the start.

「Yes yes, Nea-chan. Everyone……no, well, although some of them are watching with sparkling eyes like that, they are mostly bewildered right now, so please introduce yourself properly. If not, it will be a level six punch on your head you know?」

「P-please don’t, I’ll die-」

Nea-chan’s rabbit fur stood on end with shivers seeing the smile and raised fist of the big sis she respected and she became obedient.

「Once again, I’m the External Mur――」


「I’m Nea Hauria! Nice to meet you all!」

The rabbit ears flopped down and lied flat on her head. She stood on attention and greeted everyone with a bow. Big sis was absolute. Shuu and others guessed some things from the Hauria’s self introduction.

「Nea-chan! Long time no see nano!」

「Yes! My lady! It’s great that you seem well. Have you grown a bit taller? You’re becoming increasingly prettier as your beautiful look is getting polished. It’s understandable how the useless prince of the kingdom can be madly in love with you, but that is the height of insolence. Should I hunt him?」

Praises and suggestion of enemy removal fluently flowed out from Nea’s mouth. Myuu who was the daughter of her beloved boss was also a beloved personage who Nea devoted her life for. It was clear to see from her words.

「Nea-chan is also getting cuter each time we meet nano!」

「That’s……it’s a great honor to hear that-」

「A-also, don’t hunt down Randell!」

「……In other words, don’t let any other people find out?」

「Geez! Nea-chan, bad-!」

Don’t let Hauria hold the right over life and death! Princess Liliana was desperately sending her thought toward Myuu like a certain overly silent demon hunter.

Perhaps it was thanks to that Nea-chan tore apart the assassination plan of Prince Randell after Myuu earnestly persuaded her.

「My lady, you’re so kind. You are truly an angel! I understand. I’ll just threaten him so that he get moderately traumatized!」


「Yes! Moderately!」

The sight of two beautiful girls holding each other’s hands while squealing in high spirit to rejoice about their reunion was very precious. But, however, it was painful that everyone there couldn’t honestly feel warmhearted seeing that.

Lilian muttered 「Thank god, they managed to reach a reasonable compromise……hm? Eh?」. She noticed that in the first place it wasn’t a matter of reaching a compromise and became dumbfounded. She had been poisoned by Hauria ideology before she noticed it!

Because she harbored a feeling toward Myuu, Prince Randell had to be continuously evaluated by this kind of bunnies. As expected his romance wasn’t just a mere thorny path, but a super hard mode minefield.

The parents shed tears in their heart for how harsh the path of the young prince’s love while they also introduced themselves to Nea one by one.

And then, the moment Shuu and Sumire introduced themselves,

「Bo-, b-b-b-boss’s parents!?」

Nea’s rabbit ears straightened up so fast it startled everyone around her.

But right at the next moment, she suddenly began to adjust her appearance in a hurry. She combed down her rabbit fur and hair, tidied up her disarrayed clothes neatly, and then she let out a spirited huff nervously.

「I-it’s an honor to be able to meet the both of you! My strong point is assassination and intelligence gathering! Acting as a bodyguard is my even stroo~nger point! I’m also learning to do housework too recently! I’m not superhuman at the insane level like big sis but, I’m a useful rabbit for housework and workplace and battlefield and also even for sudden terrorism! My body and heart are all for boss! I’ll do anything! So please look after me for eternity desu!」

An enthusiastic appeal surged out like a flood. She also casually diss the big sis while she was at it.

Her cheeks were bright red, her gaze was desperate, and her rabbit ears were moving *myon myon*.

Anyone who looked at that appearance would surely understand what Nea-chan’s wish and intention were.

「H-Hajime-kun, you are really, even a small kid like this!」

Tomoichi’s rehabilitation plant was rapidly getting even longer. Shia turned a faraway look toward such Tomoichi.

「Kaori papa-san. You’re wrong.」

「Eh? What do you mean?」

「It’s not just Nea-chan, all the females of Hauria clan with the exception of a single person are scheming to create fait accompli with Hajime-san if a chance present itself. They will always rise with unbending spirit no matter how many times I beat them down, using that kind of method and this kind of method……」

「……Nn. Hauria-clan love Hajime too much.」

「They wouldst not even hesitate to supplant Shia’s position if circumstances permit.」

「When we were about to return to earth, all the females came to talk to us holding knife behind their backs while conversing with a smile. What’s more it was all of them doing that.」

「The knife must be smeared with a lot of paralyzing agent. They also did things like putting powerful laxative into our food in order to drag all of us away.」

「The men of Hauria who tried to stop them in order to protect Hajime-kun……they all met a gruesome fate. Anyone who get in the way, it doesn’t matter even if it’s family or the clan head.」

「What kind of savage tribe is that!?」

After Shia, Yue, Tio, Kaori, Shizuku, and Aiko talked reminiscently about what happened in the past. Tomoichi turned his gaze toward Nea as though he was looking at a dangerous psychopath.

……In a glance, she only looked like an adorable girl who was bravely making an effort in desperation to be accepted by the family of someone she idolized. It was really had to believe what he had just been told by the wive~s.

But, however, that mad love (?) was immediately proven to be true.

「Oi, Nea. Leave it at that. Don’t make Tou-san and Kaa-san get carried away that they try to treat you like my wife. These two will go Nice, there’s even more rabbit eared wife! at this rate.」

「Boss-, I’m just an inexperienced person, but I’ll be in your――」

「Shut up.」

「As you command!!」

Be kinder to her! That’s right, that’s right! I don’t remember raising a son who will treat a rabbit eared beautiful girl harshly like that! The outsiders (parents) were noisy.

Because of that, Hajime couldn’t ask just why Nea was here. Then……


「How dare you get in our way to be the first one to appear before the boss-」

「You just casually used a lethal poison like that! We would die if we didn’t have the antidote! You damn kiddd-」

Bloodshot eyes, sweating like river, countless scratches, sign of vomiting, sign of slight peeing, etc.

The Hauria members (six people) who were riddled with damage like that arrived from the end of the corridor with such resentful voice. The way they were approaching while staggering on their feet or even crawling on the floor was like revenant.

Seeing that, Akiko screamed 「Hih」 while Kaoruko almost fainted. The members of Yaegashi family reflexively entered the state of combat readiness.

It seemed the cause of their horrible state lied in Nea. The gazes of Hajime and others were gathered on her.

Then the sweetly smiling and fidgeting Nea-chan who was making a move to Shuu and Sumire to present herself as a modest and a hardworker and a slightly shy rabbit eared beautiful girl dessu! was……

「Tsk, that lot has recovered already. Those damn cockroaches-」

Even now she looked like she wanted to vomit and spat out such line. Shuu and Sumire stiffened at the same time. Of course, Tomoichi and others also stiffened.

Nea twirled around. Toward Shuu and others. The evil countenance that was like a mafia just now couldn’t be found in the slightest over there. The sweet smile on her face was completely that of a lovable beautiful girl.

「I need to do some cleaning! Please excuse me for a bit!」

She said that, then she unsheathed two short swords *shing* from her back and assaulted toward her brethrens like a gust of wind.

At the corridor ahead, angry yells like 「Everyone! Sorry for just now die!」 or 「You’re really-」「Pass on to the next life!」「You all whether it’s you or Baltfelt are just disrespectful to your elder nowww!」「It’s time for punishment you brattt」 and the sound of sword clash *gin gin gin* and also sounds like firecracker and the sounds of the corridor’s furnishing and glasses destroyed into pieces resounded.

After that the voices 「The Haurias are rampaging again!」「Someone stop them!」「You idiot! A natural calamity isn’t something that you can escape from!」「Protect your neck!」「Evacuateee! Evacuateee!」「Warning! The Haurias are in the middle of rampage again! Everyone in the surrounding please evacuate in emergency!」 from the people of the empire were also coming from everywhere.

「So, Tracy. Why are those idiots here?」

Hajime glanced at Yue who nonchalantly put up a barrier so that no stray shot would come near while asking Tracy.

「They are here as ambassador desuwa.」

Tracy answered with a shrug without getting disturbed by the commotion before their eeys.

「Aa, in other words they are here to monitor the empire huh.」

「Yes. The “Collar of Covenant” was taken off after the final battle, So some of them are sent here as compromise between both races. Even so, the sense of values that has been in place for so many years cannot be changed that easily.」

Some Haurias were sent here as in order to notify their brethrens quickly in the small chance the empire made their move.

However, the rabbit race secretly hiding to gather intelligence while the reconciliation policy between the empire and Fea Belgen was in progress became a source of paranoia. The progress for peace became obstructed instead like that.

There, Gahart gave his permission. A public intelligence gathering agency of Fea Belgen――in other words, the establishment of “ambassador system” for exchange of information between the imperial family and Fea Bergen.

And so, it seemed that seven Haurias including Nea were specially permitted to stay inside the palace as ambassador who could come and go as they pleased.

「Come to think of it, I had also heard once from Carm-san. That the Hauria had also observed my country once, but in the end they concluded that there is no need to watch over the kingdom.」

「Well, the kingdom is far away from the sea of trees unlike the empire after all.」

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The cost-effectiveness would be too bad to monitor the kingdom. Hajime nodded in understanding.

By the way, Nea and the others often got into deathmatch――or rather special training in the form of real battle with each other. Tracy’s desire hadn’t exploded until now and could be repressed to some degree was also thanks to Nea and others keeping her company.

Getting back to the main subject.

「Well, about the ambassador system, to be more accurate it’s more like the empire was made to formally recognize it though.」

「I had guessed that’s to be the case.」

It wasn’t hard to imagine. The Hauria that was sneakily running rampant in the empire. People feeling like they suddenly saw rabbit ears at the corner of their sight. Gahard had no choice but to recognize them for the sake of his retainers’ mental sanity.

Most of all, there was no way the Haurias didn’t take some strong measure of their own.

「Yes, his majesty was hit awake from his sleep in the middle of night, and then they had a discussionTALK while his bed was surrounded. It was my first time seeing it. After the discussionTALK was over……his majesty sat at the corner of the room while hugging his knees facing the wall. I couldn’t believe it.」


That’s pitiful! Perhaps he should be a bit kinder to him? Even Hajime of all people couldn’t help but feel sympathy.

「His majesty Gahard……could it be that he is a type of bullied character despite his appearance and aura?」

「His reaction before this was also amusing.」

「Yes, he won’t be able to become main character in shoujo manga, but he is a type that can gather firm popularity from the reader. ……Fufu, this might be an interesting material.」

The greatly popular great shoujo manga author’s eyes were turned toward the throne room. Those eyes seemed to say Found you amusing prey!

「Hey, Hajime. Will we have another chance to talk with his majesty?」

Stop it, Hajime wanted to say, but Tracy gracefully stepped forward and spoke up her suggestion before he could say that.

「Oh, then Sumire-sama, how about having a dinner together? No, this is a rare chance for everyone to come here like this, so perhaps it will be better to hold a buffet party.」

「A, party?」

「It won’t be any stiff event. It will be difficult to talk to other who sit far away in a normal dinner won’t it? From the empire side too only the people in the throne room and the imperial family along with several other people will attend. So there will be no need to be concerned about others and everyone will be able to talk with anyone you like desuwa.」

「But, everyone here isn’t bringing any outfit that will be fitting for a party……」

「Of course you can leave it to us to prepare them. It won’t be as good as custom made outfit, but this palace has plenty of outfit of various sizes and types, so surely there will be one that suit the taste of everyone desuwa.」

Sumire’s gaze turned toward Hajime. She looked slightly expectant after Tracy explained that much.

Hajime turned his gaze to Tomoichi and others.

At the corner of his sight, there were the Haurias making some kind of embarrassingly cool pose while chanting a lengthy spell――naturally they couldn’t use any magic so in reality they were just prattling some chuuni lines――looking like they would perform some kind of amazing killing technique, but of course he paid them no mind.

「What does everyone think? It looks like they won’t hold anything gaudy, and dressing up while attending a buffet party in the empire’s palace will really give the atmosphere of visiting other world. I think this will be fine.」

Tomoichi and others looked at each other from Hajime’s suggestion.

They also heard Nea-chan’s voice yelling something like 「It’s the end with this-! Kaiten ○mai Rokuren!!」, but they did their best to ignore it. No, only Yaegashi family’s gazes snapped toward the voice……even Shizuku went 「!?」 with her gaze snapping toward the voice……

Anyway, it didn’t seem like anyone would refuse the suggestion.

「Then after sightseeing the palace and the capital, we will eat dinner at the empire tonight――」

「I’ll also prepare room for everyone desuwa.」

「Please do.」

「As you comma――not, I mean very well.」

「Um, your highness Tracy. You are the lead candidate to be the next emperor aren’t you? It’s not wrong for me to consider that to still be the case right?」

「Hah, Liliana-hime, this is why you’re completely a hopeless child.」

「What do you mean by that!?」

Liliana was muttering something to herself because she couldn’t accept the insult, but Tracy didn’t pay her any attention and clapped her hands.


「I shall be there immediately!」

A reply came from the end of the corridor.

Yes, it came from the corridor that had been turned into a fierce battlefield of the savage bunnies.

A maid came running from there. That maid performed head sliding at the edge of the corridor with the expression of someone prepared to die. And then she advanced along the wall *zuri zuri* with forward crawling that looked wonderfully practiced.

That figure that was advancing forward amidst the raining glass fragments, Hauria’s kunais, caltrops, and pebbles looked exactly like a soldier who was going deep into enemy line in the battlefield.

That maid-san somehow slipped through the fierce battlefield before she elegantly bowed in front of Tracy.

「Your highness. What can I do for you?」

「Prepare the rooms for demon king-sama’s group. We will hold a buffet party tonight. Everyone will also pick some attire to wear later, so make some preparation for that too. The participants from the empire’s side will be those who are present in the meeting today and the imperial family.」

「Understood. Is there any request for the dishes?」

Tracy’s gaze moved toward Hajime. Hajime pondered for a bit.

「We are already here so I want to try eating the empire’s cuisine. It will be great if there will be local cuisines of the empire’s other regions too. Rather than prioritizing extravagance, I want to enjoy the empire’s palate instead.」


「Understood. I shall tell the head cook.」

The maid-san bowed elegantly once more. Then she turned around and slapped her cheeks with both hands and fired up herself 「Do your best me, do your best! I have done it well until now! I’m a capable maid!」. After she got psyched, she performed head sliding & forward crawl once more to slip through the hellish battlefield.

And then at the other side her colleagues who were waiting for her embraced and patted her shoulders while praising the maid-san before they left together in order to accomplish their duty.

「Those are some excellent maids.」

「They work directly under me desuwa. They are maids but they are also imperial guards. They are a unit that I personally trained desuwa.」


「They shall accompany me anytime and anywhere!」


「……I won’t retort anymore. Yes, I won’t say anything anymore.」

Liliana’s eyes were looking at very distant place.

Tomoichi and others also recalled about Hellina while making a very complicated expression saying 「The occupation of maid of another world is a very amazing occupation that can only be done by very capable people huh……」.

It was only the Nagumo couple who were making a puzzled expression while saying incomprehensible things like 「Eh? It’s the default for butler and maid to be superhuman right?」「Even the maid-san at Akiba can also rush through that hellish battlefield with her American football technique」. However this was the Nagumo couple so it couldn’t be helped.

And then, it was at that timing,


「Nea-chan is amazing nano! So cool nano!」

A victory roar that pierced the heaven and Myuu’s excited applauses resounded.

It seemed that the Haurias’ extremely bothersome dispute had been settled. The Haurias were piled up on top of each other unconsciously. Nea who had become relatively worn out was standing on top of them. She was raising both her hands gallantly in a guts pose despite her wounds.

「Fuh, as expected from Neashutatrum. She is worthy to be my rival desuwa!」

「Rival you say, eh? Seriously? That girl is that strong?」

「It was without Limit Break but……we are equal even after I used Egxess’s reinforcement desuwa. She is a rabbit race so she has no magic power that can be devoured, and she also has variegated tricks up her sleeve. The tempo of her presence is like a ghost, and most of all she is nimble. I can’t really land a good hit on her. During that time she would pile up small wounds on her opponent desuwa.」

「N-Nea-chan, since when she has come that far desu……uu, so she is really serious then? She want to become Hajime-san’s so much like that……」

Shia shuddered. She understood that Tracy’s strength was genuine after fighting her for real. For that Tracy to call Nea as her equal……

She was still 11 years old.

Furthermore, compared to Tracy who had received gifted education since her childhood in the best environment possible, the length of time since Nea was awakened to conflict was too short.

Nea-chan walked toward them with the heaps of corpses (of family) behind her. She swung her short swords with a sharp movement to remove the blood clot before rotating them with *hyun hyun hyun* sound, and at the end she stylishly sheathed them.

She looked at Hajime, and then she put an adorable smile ‘funyaa~’.

「Boss! I won?」

Praise me, praise me! Her rabbit ears seemed to say that with how they flapped up and down.

The fresh blood of her family was trickling from her cheek.

「O-ou. You have, worked hard.」


Everyone thought.

I see, she is certainly Shia’s relative huh, everyone’s gazes gathered on Shia. They seemed to say Really, the Haurias are really beyond help.

「D-don’t look at me……」

Her rabbit ears lied flat on her head. She grabbed her rabbit ears and pulled them to the front to hide her face with that.

On the other hand,

「Kuh, I’m fired up desuwa!」

「Myuu also want to become like Nea-chan nano!」

「My my, really Myuu, you……mama is going to be disheartened with Myuu’s education at this rate……」

Tracy was just a step shy to return to her berserker mode despite all the troubles to put her into the sage mode before this. Myuu was starting to shadow box while Remia mama was watching over her with a hollow expression.

Seeing the cheerfully smiling Nea, Yue and others were also making a conflicted expression. Then,

「Anyway, Nea. Do you want to come along sightseeing with us?」

「By all means!」

The people of the empire began to tidy up & carry away the Haurias for healing with a practiced movement even while they were trembling with fear, so Hajime urged the group to depart so to not get in their way.

And so, they headed in a crowd toward the tragic former party venue. Hajime looked over his shoulder toward Nea who was starting to have battle discussion with Myuu happily……

「Hmm. As I thought, I guess I should put in one person from Hauria……」

The Haurias would be annoying later if he was the one choosing. But, if he casually leaked out the information, they would fight and sorted it out among themselves. Hajime was contemplating such thing while writing in the Hellina File.

Yue who was walking beside such Hajime stared fixedly at him as though she had seen everything and,

「……Hajime, do you know about kodoku?」


She was the strongest magician, so she at least had interest toward the earth’s occult and legend. Naturally she had also finished learning about the type of curse.

Of course, an otaku like Hajime couldn’t possibly not know about that term.

「Eh? Could it be, I have done really terrible things to Hauria?」

「You only realized that now!?」

Shia’s yell echoed.

Even so, seeing the Haurias who respected their boss extremely so, some people among the group were unconsciously reminded of a certain strange creature that would get lured and hurled away but wouldn’t say love me.

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