Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 399 Tortus Travel Journal ㉘ The Multiplying Masked Pink

Chapter 399 Tortus Travel Journal ? The Multiplying Masked Pink

In the past there was the biggest arena in this continent at the imperial capital.

The arena was the symbol of the empire’s ideology of strength supremacy, but due to the devil race’s attack in the past――the arena was smashed by a giant monster. After that there was also no more demihuman slave, so in the end there was no hope for this place to get rebuild until Hajime and others returned home.

That place that became a wide empty lot was currently starting to regain its dignity as the empire’s symbol. It was seventy percent completed, and it only needed sculptures and minor facilities, and also tidying up the surrounding environment so the arena could display its majesty.

Hajime and others were staring at the other wall of that towering round arena from a certain back alley far away.

「Nnhhhhhh!! Nnmuu~~~!?」

「Sta~y, sta~y, good gi~rl……」

Beside them, Yue was lying down face up while Shizuku was immobilizing her by hanging over her upper body from her head. The others did their best to not look their way at all.

It was the so called North-south position.

Yue’s slender legs that were wrapped in knee socks were kicking around in a struggle. Her mini skirt was completely lifted up.

But the body above her was unshakeable. Shizuku-san’s well-executed technique was completely pinning Yue down. She was making a cool gaze while talking to her as though she was disciplining a naughty dog and waiting for her to be obedient.

Though perhaps Shizuku’s large breasts were completely blocking Yue’s breath that she was writhing in pain like that……

「Shi, Shizuku-chan? I think Yue will stop breathing soon like that you know?」

Unusually it was Kaori who was trying to protect Yue by implicitly saying that it was fine already even if Shizuku let her go. The reason for that was surely because she was scared seeing her best friend’s eyes.

Yes, although Shizuku was pinning down Yue, her cool gaze had been staring at Kaori aa~ll this time. It was as though she was monitoring her.

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「To think that you are allying with Yue like that……Kaori, you are planning to betray me aren’t you?」

「Don’t be absurd.」

「You lie-!!!! You are planning to disclose my black history right? Isn’t that right!?」

「No gooddd, Hajime-kun! Shizuku-chan is completely falling into excessive paranoia!」

「This is like Higura○, the end stage.」

「Stop with that example that isn’t funny at allll」

Now then, why was Kaori treated like a traitor like taht, while Yue was put into a pinning technique like this, that even when she tried to escape using teleport or gravity manipulation, each time her bare skin that was peeking out from her opened blouse would be chewed on and she would react 「Nh!? Nnu!?」 and her attempt got obstructed, so that it became a situation like this that Hajime would forbid anyone from watching it in various sense? The answer was……

Masked pink.

The cause of everything was none other than masked pink.

This place was near the soldier barrack where Shizuku and others showed themselves to the public as the masked rangers for the first time in the past.

Naturally, other than Kouki and others, there was nobody among Hajime’s group who knew about their big moment (lol) at that time.

And so, seeing that they had also just made an utter ruckus inside the palace, Hajime and co went out to the capital in order to wait until the excitement there cooled off. Seeing that they were outside anyway, they thought that they had to watch the beginning of the masked rangers no matter what!

That was their plan, but……

「We screwed up. I knew from the start that she wouldn’t agree, so the plan was to guide her to near the area with the excuse of seeing the arena before surreptitiously replaying the past but……」

「It completely backfired instead.」(Shia)

「I also wisheth to watch it though――hih, i-it’s nothing at all , Shizuku!」

Shizuku’s eyes glared horrifyingly toward Tio. Tio was also able to do the past replay, so it seemed she was on guard against her.

Also, Yue was already twitching motionlessly like a fish that was brought up to land.

「U~mu, Shizuku. Why are you acting that obstinately?」

「It’s just a diversion so that others can infiltrate into the castle right? I think just wearing mask is normal. Okaa-san also want to watch it……」

「Say, Myuu-chan. Myuu-chan also want to watch the masked ranger Shizuku in action right?」

「Yes nano!」

Shuuzou, Kirino, and Koichi were showing exasperated expression together. Koichi attempted to calm down Shizuku with Myuu’s innocence, but it made Shizuku to go bright red and raised the corner of her eyes instead.

Myuu jumped with a scream 「Hya!?」 to hide behind Remia mama.

「Now now, really Shizuku. You are acting pathetically. Even though we are talking about the “person inside” the most popular figure in the imperial capital right now.」

「Please don’t say that!」

Shizuku snapped and stood up in respond to Tracy’s expression that seemed to say 「This troubling person」.

Yue who wasn’t even twitching anymore with her eyes rolled up appeared from below her.

In respond to the menacingly approaching Shizuku. Aiko and Liliana ran away――or not, they instead circled around in order to nurse Yue while having conversation like 「Aa, how terrible……」「Yue-san keep fainting since we came to the capital isn’t it……even though she is the unrivaled vampire princess……」 with pale expression.

Shizuku approached with her teeth bared at the imperial princess. Tracy’s pupils were widening as though to say 「Oh? You want to have a go? Aa? I’m super happy about it though!?」 at that approach. Seeing that, Sumire and Shuu got between them in panic.

「S-Shizuku-chan, calm down, okay? Compared to Hajime’s middle school period, yours cannot be called a black history at all!」

「Being popular is a really good thing! You see, Otou-san also really loved ranger show in the past you know? It’s nothing to be ashamed of at all――」

Shizuku came to a sudden stop. Her face was still bright red. Then,


She pointed her finger in a snap while making a voice like Yue.

Everyone’s gaze was pulled toward the direction she pointed. At the corner of the alley.


There was a little girl wearing an adorable dress there. She was staring to over here with only half of her face peeking out from behind the wall.

She was staring, she was looking *staree~* over here.

――She was wearing a pink mas.

A beat later.

「……I’m “masked ranger masked pink”. I’m always looking at you all the time-」

The little girl then vanished from the corner in a flash.

A deadly silent atmosphere filled the area. Then the silence was immediately broken apart by noises.

「Ah, you cheater! It’s my turn to be masked pink!」

「Noooo! Pink is for girl!」

「Yeah, yeah! Just take the red obediently!」

「No way! Red’s role is for getting preached by pink! I would never run wild or anything like red!」

「Wait! Who cares about red! Rather than that, your pink’s way of speaking is wrong! Say you know in the end! You know!」

「I’m looking you know!」

「Geez, I’m telling you that’s not how you do it!」

「「「「「The mask is watching you know-!!」」」」」

「Yes! Like that!」

Children wearing masks were having such conversation while running around at the other side of the back alley.

Shizuku covered her face with both hands and crouched down. She truly looked like someone who wanted to enter a hole if there was one.

「Shizuku-neesan, you’re amazing. Right now there is no one in the capital who doesn’t know about the dark hero of justice, masked ranger. It has a popularity that draw the line from Hauria that is simply a dark monstrosity――」

「Nea-chan shut up!」

「Aye aye ma’am-」

In other words, it was like that.

The “masked ranger” that threatened the empire soldiers in the past, due to Shizuku’s information manipulation (mastermind: Hajime), they were considered as an elite squad of devil race at that time.

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And then for some unknown reason, the ghost story that if you did something horrible to demihuman slave, they would be watching from somewhere, like the scary story of 「Aa!? The window! There is something at the window!」……such story was spreading. Like that they became an existence of terror that rivaled Hauria.

However, this urban legend that was named as “The Terror of Masked Pink ~She is Always Watching You All the Time~” in the end for some reason developed to a strange direction after the final battle.

Or rather, it was developed by somebody.

The cause of that, was this.

「It’s a very interesting read, the content isn’t bad at all you know? Shizuku-sama, this is made with yourself as the original source, so how about trying to read it?」

Tracy took out a book from the breast valley pocket that stored everything. Her breasts jiggled with the book taken out.

「Ah, is that the newest issue!? The release date should be next week isn’t it!?」

「Fufu, you are naïve Neashutatrum. I am the imperial princess! Do you think I would do something like lining up in front of the shop three days before the release?」

「This woman-, you got it directly from the publisher!」

From that conversation of Tracy and Nea, it could be understood that the novel series that was currently in great popularity in the capital right now was none other than the source that was pouring gasoline on Shizuku’s embarrassment.

――The ○○ of Masked Pink ~She is Always Watching You!~

The ○○ part was usually with words like “Melancholy” or “Rampage”. Like a certain series of light novel.

The content was dark hero genre and there were already seven volumes published. Each time a malicious rabbit race organization “Vorpal Rabbit” would appear somewhere. Sometimes they would be defeated in the story, so there were a lot of empire soldiers that adopted the series as their bible to keep the stability of their mind.

The novel was also sold among the average citizens in explosive rate. As the result, the “masked ranger series” turned from an urban legend into a creative work that was currently in great booming――consequently, the main character “masked pink” also transformed to be a cool hero.

Right now goods of the novel were also being sold especially the mask. There was even a shop that specialized in such goods around the arena.

Right now all the children in the capital would have a mask of particular color and it was the trend right now for them to wear the mask and played masked ranger make believe.

Naturally, masked pink was the most popular.

The instant Hajime and co arrived near the arena, a massive number of masked pinks showed up and began to play their make believe game. Of course they also faithfully recited the lines of the masked pink at that time.

With that, Shizuku’s embarrassment instantly overloaded.

Hajime and others had the intention of watching the masked ranger activity from the start and they nonchalantly guided the group to the place where it happened at that time. After that just as Yue was about to replay the past,

Shizuku noticed that and rejected it firmly.

However, Yue-sama’s curiosity got stimulated instead by how heated up the capital was and Shizuku’s attitude. She was unable to resist her own desire……

As the result, when she tried to force the past replay to happen regardless, she got sealed by North-south position & biting.

「I’m thinking to sponsor this book and investigate who is the author, but everyone involved has tight lips and the author’s identity is still unknown. It’s truly troubling.」

「Your highness! Please let me know too by all means when you find who the author is! To use other people as they please like this just to make money……unforgivable. I’ll beat up the lesson of what fundamental human right is into their body-」

Shizuku kept pulling and pushing the visor of her black katana repeatedly into the sheath with clinking sound.

From the look of it, the moment the author was discovered, it would be Shizuku instead who would ignore the other party’s human right. The others could only imagine such future.

「Shizuku! It’s fine! Actually this series is also starting to gain popularity in the kingdom, though not as much as in the empire……」

「What did you say!? Lily, why didn’t you tell me!?」

Shizuku received a shock. Liliana took her hand, or rather, she was pushing the black katana that was about to be unsheathed back into its sheath in a casual manner while continuing her words.

「In this world, there are things that doesn’t need to be known.」

What you didn’t know was no different than not existing. Shizuku also wouldn’t need to be battered up by embarrassment like this then! Liliana insisted. She wanted her to have fun in this trip, she pleaded.


「But let me say this once more, Shizuku. It’s alright. I’ll personally take command to investigate about this author in the kingdom too.」

「Is that……alright? Lily, you are extremely busy already. Even the knight commander is getting sick like that.」

「Nnn. I’ll improve the condition of that. After all it looks like she is going to find a new job at this rate.」

For now, putting that aside.

「I’ll be fine. Just a little bit of investigation won’t be any trouble at all. But, if possible in exchange of that……I want you to promise me one thing.」


「Yes. Even if we find the author, I want Shizuku to listen to what that person has to say first, not just cutting him down with no question asked.」

「……Just what do I have to talk about with that person? Like my share of the book royalty or something?」

「Nnn. It’s not that kind of realistic and specific talk, but like why that person is writing this novel. I want Shizuku to listen to the circumstance behind it.」


Liliana chose her words hesitantly with an air like a mother who was chiding a small kid who was throwing tantrum.

She spoke with an affectionate expression to the dissatisfied Shizuku.

「Perhaps for Shizuku this is nothing but an embarrassment. But, it’s also a fact that this story has also become a delight for many people and energy for the restoration effort.」

「……You’re, right. It’s hard for me to accept but……all the readers who enjoy the book, and those children are blameless……」

「Yes-! That’s right! I believe that if it’s you Shizuku then you will understand!」

「Geez, Lily, you are really……I get it. I understand! I too was reacting a bit excessively just now.」

As expected she still refused for her past to be replayed, but she was apologetic that she was delaying their sightseeing like this. Shizuku who had regained her senses bowed her head to Hajime and others.

「I was also in the bad for trying to divulge your black history sneakily like this.」

「That’s……yeah. Even if you imagined that I would refuse, please show me that you at least have the intention to persuade me.」

「……Hmph. You are saying that, but who was it who made the threat of writing a chuuni novel with Hajime as the source material and spreading it to make Hajime look properly at Kaori after she confessed in front of Great Labyrithn Orcus?」


The revived Yue-sama said that with a displeased expression. Shia and others also went 「Ah」 in recollection. They remembered that other than that she also threatening with something like using the influence of the hero party to spread Hajime’s chuuni nickname.

「Mama, mama, Myuu has learned nano.」

「? What is it?」

「This is what they called “birds of a feather” nano!」


Shizuku crouched down once more. She wrapped her ponytail around her face. Although she didn’t have any intention of making true of those threats, she had still completely been blind to her own shortcoming. She was assaulted by a completely different kind of embarrassment this time.

A part of the group, the people who possessed black chuuni history looked at Shizuku with a shudder at how nasty her idea was. Liliana clapped her hands twice *pan pan* to change the mood.

「Everyone, come on! We only have a limited time! Your highness Tracy, I want to try looking at the currently reconstructed arena!」

「There isn’t any event being held today, is that still alright?」

「Of course!」

If they could just get away from this place and this topic! It felt like such ulterior motive could be heard clearly. Was it just an imagination?

Hajime turned a fixed stare at Liliana with a look of realization but……he shrugged in consideration to not waste their sightseeing time by poking at the hornet nest.

The group followed Tracy’s lead and came out from the alley.

During that time, Liliana was putting herself at the end of the line very naturally. Just before she walked out of the alley……

「……Please forgive me, Shizuku. The kingdom, is needing money right now. All the sales money are properly used for the reconstruction effort!」

She muttered such thing while wiping cold sweat.

Yes, the true identity of the greatly popular author was Liliana.

In the past, after she heard the content of Shizuku’s threat toward Hajime, in order to fill the coffer for the reconstruction effort, she made her close friend’s black history into merchandise as one of the methods to make money flow from the empire to the kingdm.

Her highness the princess had completely absorbed the nasty idea of her close friend and the wicked method of her lover……

She stared at the backs of Hajime and others who turned at the corner and sighed fuh with a dark smile.

Without knowing that small masked pinks were watching her.

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