Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 400 Tortus Travel Journal ? The Devilish Little Girl?

Chapter 400 Tortus Travel Journal ? The Devilish Little Girl?

「「「「「Go○zilla!? Why Go○zilla!?」」」」」

Such yell that was unclear whether it was a scream or a tsukkomi reverberated.

The location was at the newly built arena in the imperial capital.

After the masked pink popularity commotion, Hajime and others came to sightsee this arena. Currently they were watching the sight of a certain monster king rampaging from the VIP seats located on the highest level of the stair shaped audience seats.

Of course, they were using past replay.

In the past, a monster was gigantified due to the sabotage of demon race’s special unit and rampaged. It was a common knowledge how that monster than thoroughly destroyed the old arena and the surrounding area.

They were already here, so they wanted to see the actual scene of that time but……

The appearance of the monster that appeared was the very picture of a certain monster king. Although it was the miniaturized version due to its height that was only around thirty meters.

Even so, the pressure of the giant body that was tough like rock and the roar that felt like it exploded the air could only be described as superb.

The damage was also outstanding. People were stomped like they were trashe. They were mowed down by its tail. And in the end the monster’s dorsal fins sparked and it fired a breath of lightning flame at the same time. It destroyed anything and everything along with the building that was made from stone.

「Nn~~, Kaori! Take my place to put up illusion barrier to the outside! The visual is too violent!」

「G-got itttt!」

「I wonder what kind of base monster was evolved that it wouldst turn into this kind of monster in the end?」

「Tio and Aiko, take care of the mind stabilizing plz!」

「Y-yes! ――”Soul Repose”!!」

The monstrous rampage and disaster that surpassed the imagination made Yue desperately produced a lot of “Not safe for children!-kun” to hide the countless minced meats.

But, she was a bit late.



The former was Shuu, while the later was the vomiting Tomoichi-san. Kaoruko and Akiko were already fainting with their eyes rolled back. Remia and Kirino caught each other them.

「Hou, should I say that it’s as expected from a military country? All of the empire’s soldiers are quite iron willed.」

「They were trampled on, but their heart didn’t break while they kept repeating trial & error without fearing sacrifice in order to grasp the clue for victory. Their teamwork was also wonderful.」

Shuuzou-ojiichan and Koichi papa were speaking their impression of the empire soldiers’ hard struggle with composure. The gaze that Shizuku sent at them wanted to say 「These brutes!」.

「Papa, Myuu can’t see. Myuu also want to watch Go○zilla nano.」

「Yue is editing the R-rated images to look comical right now, so a good child like Myuu should be patient for a bit more.」

「Muu……being a good child is really hard nano. There are so many things that a good child can’t watch.」

「……Perhaps I should develop an automatic kids filter glasses next.」

Myuu whose eyes were covered by Hajime was standing imposingly with her arms folded without really resisting. She looked completely used already to scenes that mustn’t be seen. It was an attitude that accepted everything as though to say that she left it to Hajime’s decision of when to take off the veil.

「I’m amazed they could defeat something like this.」

Sumire who was still a bit pale even after receiving the calming magic muttered. Nea explained to her with a smile.

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「It was the power of numbers, honorable mother-in-law. When they used the power of magic――things like barrier to seal its movement, and elemental magic it was weak against, it’s possible to defeat a single monster like that no matter how powerful it was.」

「Well, Go○zilla was also defeated in a similar way……」

「I don’t know what is Go○zilla, but in the end it was just a mere animal without any intellect. Rather the damage was too big. Good grief, this is why the empire soldiers are just useless!」

Nea-chan, she was smiling as expected. The corner of Princess Tracy’s eyes twitched in reaction.

「The sea of trees also got invaded by demon race army and monsters in overwhelming number. Hooowever! We Hauria were unharmed! Overwhelming number is more troublesome than a monster like that! And we Hauria is even stronger than overwhelming number! Furthermore we don’t have magic! In other wordssss!」

Nea-chan looked down at below with a dreadful smile. Toward the empire soldiers who desperately fought even while losing their lives she……

「Empire soldiers are small frys! Smaalll frys~![

Disgraced the dead.

Blasphemy toward the dead? The existence of the empire soldiers themselves were a blasphemy so there was no problem!

The corners of Tracy’s eyes were rising up menacingly!

「O-oi! Nea-chan! Okaa-san doesn’t like that kind of――」

「I’m sorry! Okaa-sama! There are things that shouldn’t be said no matter how true they are isn’t it! Even if the empire soldiers are sh*tty small fries slug that can only bark uselessly! Even if I questioned aren’t they embarrasse~ed to call themselves a soldier even though they are so wimpy like that, I should say that they had worked for hard for mere soldiers of the empire!」

「Your sh*tty brat act is too much! That’s bad in two meanings! What if you triggered a cocky kid beatdown flag!?」

Sumire pinched Nea’s cheek and scolded her before turning her gaze to Shia.

「Shia-chan too! You’re stirring her up by whispering 『That’s ittt! Say it more desuuu!』 aren’t you!」

「Ue!? Even though only rabbit ears should be able to pick up that small voice, you are amazing Okaa-sama desuu!」

「I couldn’t hear! I’m just deducing it because you had this “bad Shia-chan” face that you sometimes showed!」

「That’s even more amazing!」

The hate of Hauria tribe toward empire soldiers was deeply rooted as expected. Or rather, in the replay the soldiers didn’t even guide the demi human slaves to evacuate, rather they used them as meat shields which caused a lot of sacrifices to occur. Because of that they got irritated even knowing that this was a matter of the past.

Liliana who couldn’t bear to see it grimaced. But,

「Both of you, right now is the era where we should move forward in order to wipe away the fences between all races. I am deeply aware how resentment and pain cannot be erased so easily, but I ask the two of you here, please――」

「Bring it on desuwa. Let’s go down to the arena if you dare! Desuwa-」

The imperial princess spoiled that. Her mad dog side was revived from all the provocations. 「Damn it-. Tracy-sama’s sage mode is undone!?」 Liliana lamented while holding her heads.

Killing intent suddenly surged up while the mortal combat against pseudo Go○zilla monster was happening at the side. Nea-chan glared while saying「Oh? You wanna have a go? Aa?」. Tracy’s pupils shrunken into dots while she glared back.

There, Myuu whose eyes were still covered raised her voice. As expected she was still folding her arms without looking perturbed at all.

「Nea-chan! Bad-」

「Yes, my lady.」

Nea’s expression instantly turned serious and she obediently stood in standby. She looked exactly like a loyal dog.

「I won’t withdraw even if you are! For the sake of the soldiers who fought to the deathhh! Now, it’s time for war――」

「Tracy, hold back.」

「Yes, my lord.」

Tracy’s expression instantly turned serious and she obediently stood in standby. She looked exactly like a loyal dog.

The action of the father and daughter that completely matched each other made Tomoichi and others looked at them as though they were seeing something terrifying.

During that time Liliana also pointed at Hajime「She said it! She finally said “my lord” so openly just now!」 and tried to press her question at him, however a monotone voice overturned the atmosphere.

「……Can I erase it already if no one is watching?」

It was Yue. Even though she was desperately editing the past replay so that it could be watch easily in real time, the current situation where no one was watching made her unable to stop herself from staring fixedly at everyone. She looked extremely discontent.

「A-aa. Sorry Yue. ……Tracy. After this, Gahard normally took command from the front and defeated it right?」

「Yes. It’s frustrating, but it was just as Neaschutadtrum said, after it was discovered that its weakness was ice element, his majesty took command and it was knocked down by saturation attack. After its movement dulled, a suicide corpse jumped into its mouth and finished it off by freezing it from inside.」

「……That guy’s breath, it didn’t produce any radioactivity or the like right?」

Hajime felt dejavu hearing that the monster was defeated by freezing it from inside its body and checked with his compass just in case. Then he sighed in relieve seeing that there was no problem.

The scene developed just like Tracy said while they were talking, so he signaled at Yue and ended the show.

From the start they were only interested at what kind of monster could turn the center of a military country like this into an empty lot even though it was only a small area of it, so nobody complained about it.

Rather, they even felt somewhat regretful because they let their guard down and caught sight of a lot of gore and death.

「Yue, thanks a lot. The appetite of Kaa-san and others almost got blown away before dinner.」


Yue’s bad mood was immediately cured by Hajime’s words of appreciation. Kaoki sulked「Even though I also put up a barrier……」 to get some words of appreciation too but, this time a discontent voice that came from below interrupted her.

「Papa. How long Myuu need to have my eyes covered like this nano?」

Myuu’s lips were turned down at the corners while she was still standing imposingly. 「Ah」 slipped out from Hajime. When he quietly removed his hands, Myuu with fixed stare like Yue appeared.

「Myuu won’t say anything because Myuu is a good child though.」


Myuu showed a slightly mature response. Remia smiled「ara ara」 seeing that while lifting her up in her hug. Tracy watched that with a sidelong glance before pulling herself together by clapping her hands.

「Now then, there is still time until the buffet party, so how about having a fight to the death? Or perhaps everyone doesn’t want to go to sightsee at other place and want to have a mortal combat instead?」

「Just how much do you want to fight huh?」

The mad dog imperial princess hadn’t pulled herself together at all.

「It’s a rare chance that demon king-sama and others are here. I hope to show how I defeat the arena’s second rank Neaschutadtrum in front of everyone and make clear which one of us is superior.」

「There are a lot of things I want to tsukkomi at but……first thing first, ranking?」

「Boss, after the arena was finished after a fashion, a ranking battle was held as inauguration commemoration of the new arena. I participated as Hauria’s representative and finished second.」

「By the way, the participants were around a hundred people that consisted of gladiators, adventurers, and imperial soldiers. I am ranked third.」

Praise me praise me! Nea approached while her rabbit ears flapped as though to say that. Hajime put his hand on her head while nodding 「I see」. In exchange Myuu praised her 「Nea-chan amazing!」. Nea looked normally shy.

However, the grappler rabbit big sister looked a bit dissatisfied.

「Muu, you lost against an empire citizen?」

That was what it meant being the runner up. For a moment she wondered whether Nea lost against Tracy, but as Tracy had said that she was “ranked third”, there must be someone else.

However, Nea and Tracy looked at each other with a conflicted face at Shia’s question.

「……I don’t have any excuse, big sis. But you see, whether it’s alright to put “that” in the category of human or not is……」

「They were wearing bikini armor and coat you know? I couldn’t look at them directly desuwa.」

「Bikini armor? In other words it’s a woman?」

「「No, in the middle?」」

「In the middle?」

「「Also, muscle.」」


A chill and unpleasant premonition welled up together inside Hajime. He unconsciously parroted after the two.

「……And their name is?」

Yue must have an idea too. Or rather, it was already a familiar pattern.

「Their name is Diebel desuwa. They have discarded their name when they were still weak. It seems that they were formerly a soldier of the empire, but they received enlightment from a great mannish woman who suddenly came here. After that they quit their job and walked on a new path, or so I heard.」

「nedill-kun, i’m really sorry」

「No good, goshujin-sama’s mind is-!」

「I’ll run out of magic power soon but――”Soul Repose”!!」

「……It looks like another manly woman was created.」

「Aa, I remember now. If I remember it right, Yue and Hajime-kun, you two did that with the former prison guard called Nedill……」

「You two did smash and heal repeatedly to that person until he gave out information didn’t you……」

Kaori and Shizuku recalled that time and got a distant look. It seemed that person couldn’t get back on his feet after that just as expected. And then apparently he was reborn into a fresh start as a manly woman gladiator.

To think that person pushed aside the two who were in the category of the strongest of Hauria and the empire and obtained championship,


「You reap what you show, Hajime.」

「You were too brutish, Hajime-kun. I’m amazed you could just watch calmly despite being a man yourself.」

「This feels like an expensive retribution for a youthful indiscretion.」

「Aa, those men……no, those women? They are really terrifying after all. Accept reality Hajime-kun, seeing that you were the one who created the impetus of their proliferation.」

Hajime received cold eyes from all the papa~s. The nightmare of the monster-infested place Brook revived and Hajime covered his face with both his hands 「What in the world have I done!」 as though he witnessed a tragedy that couldn’t be taken back anymore.

As expected perhaps he had to seriously consider it. For the method to stop their proliferation.

「Somehow it feels like this trip become a journey to learn about the scar of Hajime and Yue-chan’s smash incidents.」

Sumire smiled wryly. Yue herself also felt like running away in shame hearing that.

「A-as expected from boss! To think that you are the one responsible for the birth of the one who boasted the incomprehensible strength to reach the first rank!」

「Demon king-sama……I’m filled with admiration to you once more desuwa!」

「Right, both of you, be quiet for a bit.」

「「By your command!!」」

After that, Hajime’s mood kept worsening. Shuu and others also didn’t feel good from the impact of watching the curbstomping of the pseudo Go○zilla. There was also the pleading of Shizuku who didn’t really want to watch the masked rangers, so the group stopped their sightseeing of the capital.

It was a bit early, but they returned to the palace in order to prepare for their participation in the buffet party.






And then, one hour later.

The group stared.

At the countless heads that leaped up together with cheerful music while seven colored smoke jetted out.

「……Fuu. How is it everyone? This is a show using all my capability!」

Yue-sama looked smug. Her satisfied face rivaled the staff that appeared in the ending of a certain movie of camera that couldn’t stop.

Beside her, Kaori, Shizuku, Tio, Aiko, Liliana, Myuu, and Remia were standing in line like they were doing a stage greeting. They were looking down in embarrassment.

Inside the past replay, the raw screams, angry roars, and shrieks of death agony were replaced with lines like 『N-noo!』『Abeshii?』『T-they got meeee!』『It’s hopeless, it’s overrrr!』『Hauria is too stronkkk!』etc, etc. It was like a dubbing work of a complete amateur. The situation could be easily guessed from that.

Also, Shia and Nea were the only two who had cheerful grin on their face but,

『Guwaa! They got meee! As I thought Hauria is the strongestttt! The empire people are just trashes with battle strength of 5!』

『I’m sorry that we got carried awayyyy! Hauria-samaaaa, please forgive ussss~』

The reason of the two’s expression could be easily guessed from how voices with lines that were completely going over the top were echoing so energetically.

Now then, if it was asked why the night of the tragedy where the imperial palace fell and the necks of the imperial nobles and royal guards got chop chopped like there was no tomorrow was being shown before the buffet party,

They simply returned too early that the preparation of the maids still hadn’t finished. Also because the Haurias who were stationed here, especially Nea, they begged that they wanted the group to witness the revolutionary moment by all means.

Although, no matter how much the impact could be reduced with soul magic, it was too cruel to ask the parents with their normal common senses to keep watching gruesome scenes in succession.

There, Director Yue set out to edit the past replay in full. That was the reasons why scenes that paid homage to the impactful last scene of a certain Britain gentleman spy movie and dubbing of amateur voice actors echoed in this place to create this incomprehensible space.

「Look dear. Yue-chan is looking our way expecting to be praised.」

「Sorry Sumire. Praise her in my place. My heart doesn’t work right now because of how surreal this is.」

Let’s explain just in case, Shuu papa’s heart wasn’t really stopping. It was only his “heart” that was stopping.

「K-Kaori! That was a wonderful show! Otou-san is impressed! You can also become a voice actor in the future!」

「I thought the voice was too monotone but, I can also understand Kaori’s feeling so I won’t say anything.」

Kaori crouched in shame.

「The place is bright in the past replay, but originally the place should be completely dark shouldn’t it?」

「Looks like it. Say dear, as expected everyone of Hauria tribe has extraordinary presence manipulation. We should ask the Haurias for a mock battle when we were in the arena.」

「Come on, Kirino. Suppress your fighting spirit. It will be a disgrace for Yaegashi family’s name if you expose your presence with the same mouth that praised presence manipulation you know?」

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「Oh my, it’s true. How embarrassing of me.」

Shizuku arrived at the height of resignation toward her relatives’ sensitivity that was different from the average person. She didn’t hear anything, didn’t say anything, and didn’t see anything anymore.

Also, it seemed that Akiko-san unexpectedly had abundant power of imagination. No matter how comical it was edited, she looked like she was able to imagine the actual scene where necks were chop and chopped like there was no tomorrow. She had been closing her eyes the whole time right since the scene started.

「Okaa-san, are you alright?」

「Aiko, it looks like the soul repose has run out. Can I ask you to apply it on me one more time?」

「Yep……I’ll also use it on myself.」

Aiko who wasn’t present at that time was also looking pale. Both mother and daughter were bathed in the flash *pika~* of soul calming magic. They looked like addicted people who couldn’t let go of drug.

While that was going on, the battle between Gahard and Karm reached the end inside the image.

This scene too had been edited.

『Hauria is so stronkk! Halp, there is no way I can win!』

『Don’t be meanie at me! I’m not an evil emperor you know!』

『I beg you please stop! I’ll die if this goes on! I’ll do anything you sayyyy!』

The lines were dubbed as they pleased.

The perpetrators were of course, the stationed Haurias at the back of the venue. They sent a thumb up with a nice smile at the parents who were watching with cold gaze at the toyed figure of his majesty the emperor.

Liliana was pressing her forehead with her hand as though she was enduring a headache.

「……Even though the people of Fea Bergen are striving to meet the people of the empire halfway, why are the Haurias like this……」

「It must be because they are crazy beheading clan.」

「It was you who turned them into that crazy beheading clan, Hajime-san.」

Why are you talking like it’s other people’s business, huh? The princess said with her glare that was improper for a princess to do.

「No, I think it’s mistaken if you think that everything related to Hauria is my fault though.」

Hajime said that with a bit of discontent, but then Shia sent him a tsukkomi 「No, no matter how I look at it, the culprit is you」 with a serious face.

「But you know, it wasn’t like I used hypnosis or brainwashing on them you know? I simply drove them to the corner thoroughly to make them regain their fighting spirit.」

Suspicious. Or rather, that act of driving them to a corner was also a type of “brainwashing” wasn’t it? Everyone’s gaze seemed to want to say that.

And so, Hajime-san made his decision.

Tomorrow they planned to head to the sea of trees. It was self-evident that ton of Hauria would crawl out of the woodwork. It would be annoying if he was accused to be responsible for every single commotion that those bunches would cause. And so he laid out precautions with all his strength!

「There is the saying that a cornered mouse will bite a cat. Even a mouse will bare its fang to its natural enemy when it’s cornered. One cannot survive unless they fight. They understand that instinctually. Any kind of living creature is equipped with fighting spirit. There isn’t any need at all to add that with something like brainwashing. In other words, from a glance it looks like Hauria was completely transformed, but in reality that is their original form. Their weak and peaceful personality was thanks to peace. It was nothing more than a matter of necessity. Then it’s only extremely natural for their original nature to surface when they are pressed by necessity. By the way, Shia’s mother was a sickly person, and yet apparently she was a magnificent person who had the ambition to be a hero. Her existence is the proof of the correctness of my words. The rabbit race too is naturally an existence that also has fighting spirit residing in their heart. If Mona Hauria is still living, surely there wouldn’t be any need for the like of me to get involved. By the time I met them, the Haurias would definitely be already like the current Haurias without a doubt. No, perhaps she would even proclaim something like 『We need a dictatorship country made of the rabbit ears, by the rabbit ears, and for the rabbit ears! My brothers and sisters! This Mona Hauria shall stand up now! I shall become the queen of the sea of trees!』 and become the ruler of Fea Belgen. No, not perhaps, definitely. Absolutely. In other words. I think that everyone already understand what I want to say but――」

A speech with great passion that even calling it like surging waves would still be too lukewarm echoed sonorously. At the same timing when Gahard proclaimed his defeat in the past replay, Hajime spread open both his arms while declaring with a refreshing smile of unshakeable confidence that contained not even a shred of guilty feeling.

「I’m not at fault.」


A guilty declaration was instantly and unanimously thrown back at him.

Hajime made a face that seemed to say 「Why is it that humans can’t understand each other」. Shia was shaking in anger saying 「 Please don’t turn Kaa-sama into a revolutionary for your own convenience!」.

But, it was then,

「……I see. So this was what happened at that time.」

Tracy who temporarily left to help with preparing the dresses for the women in the group returned. The scene was completely covered with sparkling rainbow mosaic, but it seemed she could imagine the gruesome scene at that time. Her cheeks were a bit twitching.

「Have you finished preparing the outfits?」

Tracy pulled herself together at Hajime’s question and nodded smilingly.

「Yes. It’s time for what everyone has been looking forward to!」

As expected, it seemed that even the mad dog princess was a lady in that area. She must be looking forward to the time when women were dressing up each other.

Even the women whose mind almost crumbled from the overly surreal scene let out a cheerful reply. Except for one person.

It seemed that the edited replay was not well received at all. Director Yue finally realized that and dispelled the past replay in dejection. No, she was shriveling as though she had lost every motivation she had. She looked like she was going to sulk in bed at this rate, so Shia carried her under her arm.

「H~m, I also want everyone to watch my entrance battle after this though……」

It seemed Shia wanted everyone to see her big role at that time. She had a begrudging look, but Aiko and Akiko shook their head with a wry smile.

「I’m sorry, Shia-san. Both Kaa-san and me are already full with all the Haurias.」

「It will also take time to edit the scenes right?」

Shia went ee~ and turned her gaze toward Sumire and others but, as expected, everyone smiled wryly.

「Well, it’s fine isn’t it? Either way it will only be scenes of Shia closing the distance and punched, or punching those who approached you. That’s all right?」

「……Nn. And then all of them would turn to mince meat.」

「Those scenes feel like they will be even more gruesome than some beheading.」

「It will be murder with war hammer and fist right? Ah, that’s no good. Just imagining it is……urp」

「Shia-oneechan. Myuu want to choose dress nano.」

「I don’t want to distort Myuu’s common sense any more than this, so Shia-san, forgive me.」

Hajime, Yue, Kaori, Shizuku, Myuu, and even Remia said that.

Shia sulked. She sat down as though she had lost all motivation. She did that while hugging Yue tightly.

It couldn’t be helped, so Kaori carried both of them on her shoulders. How tough.

「Then ladies, please follow me.」

Tracy began leading the way. Hajime tilted his head.

「Oi, what about us?」

「There is no problem. I have called someone else to show everyone the way……」

A young sounding voice came from the door as she said that.

「A-aunt? I heard that you asked for me……」

A silver haired young boy who looked around ten years old entered inside.

He was shaking, wondering why he was called to this cursed place where it was forbidden to enter. And then, as should be expected. The moment rabbit ears entered his sight,

「Hiih!? The beheading monster!?」

「Who are you calling monster desu!」

「You have some guts, Prince Raymond.」

Shia’s retort and Nea’s cold voice made the boy held his head and entered ch○risma guard pose. From what Nea said, it seemed that this young boy was a royalty, what’s more he was the eldest grandson of the emperor.

「Let me introduce him. This child is my nephew Raymond. I called him here to guide the gentlemen.」

「He doesn’t look like he is in the state to guide us though?」

Hajime said.

「I’ll be gone from here after this, so it will be troubling if the royalties of this military nation will continue to be cowardly like this forever, so I’m taking a drastic measure desuwa.」

「Then won’t it be better if you call that Handler what’s his name, the imperial prince who shrieked like a little girl and fainted?」

It wasn’t just Hajime who harbored that simple question, everyone else was also the same……no, there was just one person who looked at Tracy as though she was a fiend.

「? What’s the matter, Lily?」

Tio sharply noticed and asked. Liliana’s gaze wandered around while she answered.

「Umm, he is, err……the son of the late his highness Bias.」


The former fiancée of Liliana, the crown prince, and the man who got his neck chopped just now in the replay crossed everyone’s mind.

In other words, Tracy was telling Raymond to entertain the group that was the cause of his father’s death.

「What are you doing is far more blasphemous than us desuu!」

Everyone fiercely agreed with Shia’s words.

「How rude. That Onii-sama was a cloth wearing trash walking around you know? Do you think someone like that was a decent father in any way?」

According to her, there were some more children who were considered as emperor’s grandson. It seemed that all of them were the children of Bias’s concubines, mistresses, or servants who he laid his hand on, but it seemed that they never interacted with their father as though it was only natural.

Shuu and Tomoichi spoke with a bitter expression.

「That person was really like the embodiment of tyrant huh……」

「And, he lost against an even more powerful violence that was Hauria. If that was the natural way the royalties and nobles of this country acted, then it’s no wonder that Shia-chan and Nea-chan’s hatred to them won’t clear up even now.」

Tracy shrugged with a composed expression.

「For better or worse, this country follow the principle of strength is everything after all. Well, that principle has to change no matter what from here on. That’s why, rather than people like Handler and others whose thought is set in stone, it’s these children whose mind can still think flexibly who need to work hard for the empire’s future.」

「Because Tracy-sama who has the most flexible mind is going to have a change of career?」

「I don’t quite understand what you are saying, black hearted princess.」

「Who are you calling black hearted!」

Anyway, it seemed that Tracy at least had a proper reason for her choice.

But, Raymond-kun’s scared reaction wasn’t normal. He was trembling all over.

For the time being, they planned to attempt to stabilize his mind with “Soul Repose” while the fathers would all try to cheer him up when he acted as their guide……

It was then, Myuu trotted forward. As soon as everyone noticed that, she crouched beside the cowering Raymond and began to pat his head while saying there there.

Raymond jerked in fear, but Myuu’s very gentle hand and the small feet that entered the corner of his sight made a very small feeling of relieve to bud inside him. He fearfully raised his gaze.

「You okay?」

「Tsu, ah, how dare a demi human touch me-」

He still hadn’t gotten out of his discriminating habit. Rather it was exactly because he was a child that he simply accept the words of the people around him without thinking. And so he shook off Myuu’s hand.

It was Nea who snapped at that.

「You assholeee, you wanna to get killed huhhh! Aa!? I’m gonna snap your fingers first before I chop your head bastarddd」

「Hiih!? I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry――」

As expected, it felt like Nea-chan had at least three personalities.

Raymond’s complexion had gone past being merely pale to pure white. Tears spilled out from his eyes while he was falling into panic……

「Nea-chan, can you not yell? Please nano.」

「Yes, my lady.」

Nea’s expression instantly turned serious and she kneeled behind Myuu in seiza posture. Raymond was dumbfounded seeing that.

It seemed that scene was really world shaking for Raymond. His tears drew back, even his fear was blown away. His expression simply displayed pure disbelief! as he looked alternately between Myuu and Nea.

「My deepest apologies my lady. I have acted impertinently.」

「That’s not true nano! Nea-chan, thank you for getting angry for Myuu’s sake.」

「It’s my greatest honor.」

What the hell is this. What the hell is this! That demonic Hauria is acting so meek like a borrowed cat, and so obedient like a loyal dog! Raymond’s face seemed to say that. He unconsciously asked.

「W-who in the world are you?」

「You see, Myuu’s name is Myuu. Nice to meet you!」

Myuu showed the warm smile that she inherited from her mother. *Zukyuunn* Raymond hallucinated such mysterious sound coming from his heart.

「S-so cute……」

Raymond-kun’s eyes were wide open. His hand was pressing his chest. It was as though he had just gotten shot through the heart!

The women especially Kaoruko-san went 「Oh my!」 with their hand over their mouth to cover their grin.

Hajime and Shuu were starting to crack their hands, so Shuuzou and Koichi pinioned them from behind.

Myuu tilted her head slightly 「Nn?」 at Raymond-kun’s reaction, even so she did what she could thinking that perhaps she could mediate between the scared boy and the unfriendly Nea and others even if just for a bit.

「You see, even Myuu understands how difficult it is for the empire people and Nea and others to get along immediately nano.」


「But, Myuu is also thinking, how nice it will be if the kingdom and also the empire, everyone can work hard to get along .」


「That’s why, won’t you first become Myuu’s friend?」

Myuu was from seaman race, a demi human. However, she never experienced the relationship where both sides directly pushed grudge and pain at each other. She was born at the western sea, in a tribe that was protected by the kingdom, so Myuu harbored no hatred toward the empire.

That was why, surely, she could approach them closer than the demi humans of the sea of trees. If she could become a bridge between them, Nea and others and young children like Raymond should be able to create a new shape of future.

In the end, was her unsaid feeling conveyed to the other side?

At the very least, the adults watching over them understood that intention. Remia looked proud. Sumire and others were also wearing an expression as though they had tasted a warm milk tea.

Amidst that, Raymond who was watching Myuu in a da~ze was,

「Happily. Please become my friend first.」

Answered like that.

「Oi, that brat. Isn’t there another meaning in what he said?」

「This is……looks like a strong rival has appeared for Randell.」

「As expected from Remia-san’s daughter. Myuu-chan is really a devilish girl.」

「Kaori-san? What could you mean by that?」

Even while they were having such conversation, Raymond-kun stood up and wiped his tears with his sleeve because he didn’t want to show his pathetic expression. His face became the stiff face of a man.

「Aunt! Forgive me for showing something so embarrassing! I’m fine now! I’ll definitely escort Myuu, escort her perfectly!」

「No, I’m only asking you to guide the gentlemen.」

How can that be……Raymond-kun thought while looking like he was going to crumble down immediately. Tracy ignored him and took the lead.

「Well then everyone, let’s move. Demon king-sama, forgive my audacity, but please take care of Raymond. This is an unexpected matter to happen with Myuu-sama, but please at least spare him from death.」

「No, I’m not gonna do that okay?」

「Raymond, be at your best behavior. After all demon king-sama is Myuu-sama’s honorable father.」

「!? Understood! I shall entertain his majesty with my whole body and soul-」

Tracy elegantly curtsied and guided the ladies away. Kyah kyah voices noisily discussing the newly born romance vanished at the other side of the door.

The place fell completely silent. Raymond-kun sharply turned amidst that and faced Hajime.

「Then we should head out too! Father-in-law!」

「This damn brat shed off his veneer in an unpleasant direction huh.」

Hajime involuntarily sighed but……he suddenly changed his mind and grinned.



「You might have heard but, Prince Randell from the kingdom will also come to the buffet party.」

「? What’s about it?」

「Randell too, he is the same like you.」

「……? ! Tsu!?」

Raymond-kun guessed what Hajime meant and he looked noticeably shaken.

Hajime laughed with an evil expression after instigating an innocent boy like that. It went without saying that Shuu and others watched him in exasperation.


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