Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 401 Tortus Travel Journal ? I’m Not Scared of Anything Anymore!

Chapter 401 Tortus Travel Journal ? I’m Not Scared of Anything Anymore!

Gorgeous outfits were lined up like a corridor inside the big room.

The walls themselves were turned into storage. There were also ornaments and shoes and the like in number that would make anyone dizzy.

If the woman group was told that not only they could choose anything they liked from among them, they could even take home any that they wanted with them, calling that that place a paradise wouldn’t even be an exaggeration.

That should be the case but……



Glittering twin great swords and azure flame of divine punishment that dazzled the eyes, along with their users slowly closing the distance in an explosive situation made the place to look like a hellish battlefield instead.

The maids and the seamstresses were trembling fiercely while holding each other’s hands in the corner of the room.

「Oi, Kaori! Enough with such act already!」

「Yue-chan too, toss away that kind of dangerous thing! Toss it-」

Kaoruko and Sumire were scolding their respective daughter. But,

「Don’t stop me Okaa-san! There are times when a woman has to kill no matter what!」

「……Okaa-sama. Woman also has time when they can’t give forgiveness-」

The two argued back like that and showed no sign of putting down their weapon at all.

The reason for that was,

「This time I’ll wear that outfit that look like wedding dress for sure!」

「……It’s too early for Bakaori. You should look forward to it in your next life.」

In other words, it was something like that.

In the past, at that party of tragedy, Yue was wearing a pure white dress. Her appearance looked exactly like a bride. She kidnapped all the gazes in the party venue.

And, Kaori said that she wanted to wear that pure white dress this time. However, Yue wouldn’t allow that. That led to this situation.

Tio shrugged her shoulders in exasperation and snapped her finger.

『……Nn. I’ll wear this dress.』

『I won’t let you! What’s with that wedding dress design!』

『……It’s not strange because this is also engagement announcement event!』

『It’s Lily’s event! What are you doing trying to hijack the event I wonder! I wonder!』

The past two appeared over the two in reality.

『Rather, I’ll be the one wearing that, as for Yue……here, this dress suits you!』

『……!? B-Bakaori? Just my imagination? That, look like kid’s dress though?』

『That’s right! It suits you perfectly!』

Light turned off from the eyes of the past Yue. Spherical vortexes of blue flame were created from both her hands.

Kaori went 『W-what? You want to have a go!? Fine then, let’s have a go-』 and took out twin great swords that were clad in silver light. They faced each other.

It was exactly the same development like the present. No, the two instantly clashed in the past.

Shizuku yelled angrily 『S-stoooppp! You two are bothering other peo――ah, the dress I eyed is now dust!? I’ll cut up you two if you don’t stop already-』, while Shia and Tio leaped forward and pinioned the two from behind.

Trembling maids and seamstresses could also be seen at the corner of the replay. Suzu was putting up a barrier with a desperate expression to protect them.

Actually, it seemed that this kind of dress scramble also unfolded behind the scene at that time.

「I couldn’t imagine the Kaori-chan of the past to end up like this at all. She was completely estranged from violence, her obsession was fundamentally weak, and she was a child who prioritized other people over herself, and yet now」

「……Love can chance a person until this degree huh.」

Kirino who knew of Kaori when she was small smiled wryly and said that. It made Akiko’s eyes widened like saucers. Akiko only knew of Kaori who got into quarrel or acting like yandere.

To think that Kaori in the past was a girl who was like the definition of purity like that……she looked at Kaori as though she was looking at someone who had fallen so low to a point of no return.

「Kaori of that time……is already gone now.」

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「You don’t need to say it like you are thinking of the dead……rather, we need to stop them immediately.」

Shizuku also made the same kind of gaze. Aiko also couldn’t help but smiled wryly.

「What a wonderful killing intent desuwa. Then, the winner shall have the right to choose. Though impertinent, please allow this Tracy D Hoelscher to serve as witness! I’m tingling with excitement! Let’s start this battle over dresss~~~~~ss, fight!!」

「Please don’t instigate them any further, mad dog princess.」

Tracy tried to signal the start of the death match with a fiery smile that looked extremely joyful, but Shia slapped the back of her head and her face dove on the floor.

The floor and the back of her head were dented. The imperial princess was twitching like a fish that got thrown on land. One of the maid was unable to endure seeing that and started bawling 「Hauriaaa-, Hauria is starting to rampage againnn!」「Tracy-sama is dead!? This fienddd-」.

Those were all ignored,

「Shia-chan! Please!」


Shia answered the wish of mother-in-law Sumire. She pointed with a snap at Kaori while.

「Myuu-chan, Nea-chan, I choose you two! Use “Hug” and “Upturned Eyes” at Kaori-san!!」



They weren’t jumping out from ball, but the little girl duo let out a cry that really sounded like monster from inside a pocket and leaped toward Kaori.

Putting aside Myuu who played quite a lot as “water type user”, Nea shouldn’t know anything about that game. But even she acted as though she knew about it. It was mysterious. The number one “capable rabbit eared girl” of Hauria really had bottomless potential.

「Kyah, Myuu-chan, Nea-chan, let go! I’m going to use disintegration so it’s dangerous!」

I almost turned you two into dust! I’d immediately resurrect you two back though! Kaori easily muttered something that was quite terrifying. While Kaoruko’s eyes almost rolled back hearing that, Myuu and Nea looked up at her with moist gaze.

The wordless 「Let’s stop already?」 made Kaori went 「Uu」. She awkwardly lowered her twin swords.

Yue-sama saw that as an opening.

「……Shia, Myuu, Nea! Well done! Now die Bakaoriii-」

“Divine Punishment Flame” that would remove only what she wanted to remove was fired. However,


*Bachun* It was crushed. In Shia’s hand.

「……Muh, Shia, don’t get on my way――」

「Getting folded or getting stretched, which one you want?」

「Impossible options for human body!?」

Yue was sweating waterfall at Shia’s cheerful smile.

She felt an invisible bottom line. If she stepped over it, even though she was the immortal vampire princess, she would go through something that she really didn’t want to imagine. And so, she meekly erased her azure flame.

「Okaa-sama! Suppression complete desuu!」

「As expected from Shia-chan! That’s a magnificent performance! Myuu-chan and Nea-chan too, thank you.」

「Myu! Easy task nano!」

「It’s an honor-」

As expected, the one holding the power in Nagumo family was Sumire. The group understood that very well from this conversation.

The maids sent gazes that were filled with respect toward Sumire. The demon king’s mother was truly terrifying.

Sumire clapped her hands and changed the atmosphere.

「Rather than fighting like this, everyone should just wear pure white dress!」

There would be no problem if everyone dressed like a bride. Rather that would be best! Sumire suggested with a smile.

Kaoruki, Kirino, Akiko, and even Remia agreed to that lovely proposal. For some reason the maids let out bewildered voices 「Eh!?」 and looked at each other, but Sumire didn’t notice them and continued speaking in a good mood.

「Come on, Remia-chan should wear one too! It will be nice if you wear a matching look with Myuu-chan!」

「Eh!? Me too!?」

Was that Sumire implicitly telling the mother and daughter to appeal at Hajime as a bride, Remia wondered in a fluster while her cheeks flushed red.

She had gotten quite used with life at earth and got interested with fashion. She also held a bit of longing to wear wedding dress so if she was asked if she would be happy to wear one, she would be happy but……

「It might be alright if it’s just Myuu, but for both mother and daughter to do so, what’s more if me who is far older than everyone is getting carried away like that……」

「……Are you saying that it’s unsightly? You are saying that pure white dress is not good if you are over three hundred?」

「Similarly. Art thou really saying that in front of someone over five hundred years old, Remia?」

Before she realized it the senior group had circled behind her and grabbed Remia’s shoulders with their eyes looking <●><●>.

「……Remia-san, have you forgotten? Your age isn’t that different from me you know?」

Aiko fell into the dark side. Actually, Aiko was slightly older than her.

Do I really look that childish, is that so? Perhaps I should just charge into the cave of ice and snow to risk my life obtaining the transformation magic……Aiko muttered with low voice to herself.

The three of them had age that was hard to comprehend from their appearance, on top of that even the oldest looking among them Tio was always making merry, so indeed, certainly with her usual calm atmosphere and her tolerance as a mother in full view all the time, Remia looked like the oldest among them.

And so, she definitely didn’t have any intention to say don’t get carried away you old hags! with her statement. She was simply embarrassed wearing such dress, so she immediately tried to make excuse using age that was carelessly based on only appearance.

And so with such feeling of justification,

「Let’s get carried away. Something like age has nothing do at all with looking like a bride isn’t it? Ufufu.」

She said that immediately to dodge the bullet while sweating coldly.

Myuu was worried at the predicament her mother was put in, but she was also worried with Nea-chan.

「Telling me to become a bride? In other words, it’s permission that I can welcome my first night tonight? However, I’ll only end up eating Donner if it’s only with the permission from mother-in-law……no, perhaps this is a real chance if I go into fierce offensive with mother-in-law’s assistance? Fait accompli, it truly have a sweet beautiful ring to it. But, I’m still lacking one more deciding factor. Yes, yes. If I make Yue-sama and others assault boss all at the same time and slip between the confusion! If I tackle the challenge with my presence manipulation in full force……it’s possible-. Crap crap. I’m scared of my own ingenuity-」

「That’s an embarrassing ingenuity nano. The most scary thing here is Nea-chan’s absurd idea nano.」

Just when Myuu wondered what Nea was muttering to herself, her desire and her plan to ambush the boss were completely leaking out. Seeing Nea starting to make a villainous chuckle kukuku made Myuu looked at her as though she was looking at a sad creature.

Amidst such situation, Liliana who had been staying quiet awkwardly all this time, or rather she was fidgeting looking like she wanted to say something, but she finally hardened her resolve and opened her mouth.


Her voice echoed unexpectedly loudly. Everyone went Hm? and turned their attention to her.

「Umm, you see. How should I say this, there is something that I wish to mention so that everyone can consider it when choosing the dress. About the pure white dress, it’s, about its number you see! There isn’t many! And so I’m thinking~, that perhaps it will be better to choose the other color!」

Liliana spoke really awkwardly. She sounded like she was trying desperately to speak in a roundabout way to avoid setting off others.

「Lily, are you talking about the fashion style at the present time?」

When Kaori asked that, the answer came from the revived Tracy.

「No, she is talking about the culture of the empire desuwa.」

She winked once at Shia as though to say I almost die just now, really Shia Hauria, you are so playful desuwa! Shia dodged the wink with a Matri○ style evasion. Tracy continued her explanation even while feeling a bit dejected seeing that.

「Err, your highness Tracy. By culture you mean……」

「Aa, err, Kaori~! I’ll tell you about that later on! More importantly――」

「An outfit of only pure white color is the sign of a childs outfit. It’s not an outfit that a mature lady is going to wear desuwa.」

Tracy ignored Liliana who tried to dodge the question and said it clearly.

Everyone went eh?

「It’s the proof of purity and innocence. But, it’s impossible for an adult to be pure and innocent isn’t it? That’s why, in the empire fundamentally there is no adult that will wear clothing of pure white.」

「……W-what about bride outfit here?」

The one who asked that with a trembling voice was Yue. Tracy answered her bluntly.

「Of course, it use the color of red that is the symbol of strife and the empire desuwa! Extravagant dress with vivid red color is the color of bride desuwa!」

That seemed to be the case here.

In other words, that day, Yue who was the only one wearing pure white dress in the party venue was……


Yue’s face was dyed bright red. She covered her face and crouched down.

「H-however, nobody in the venue seem to feel strange seeing Yue at that time. And there was also nobody who pointed that out?」

Tio said that while glancing repeatedly at Yue in concern. Tracy looked at Yue and,

「Well, they must feel that it wasn’t strange at all based on her external appearance.」

She gave the merciless answer. Indeed, if it was just based on appearance than Yue looked like she was in her early teenage. She looked to be in the age where it was just barely alright for her to wear such color……it was like that.

Aiko who couldn’t think of this matter as something that wasn’t her business pointed out anxiously.

「U-umm, but at the dance scene and the like, the atmosphere felt really nice that the party even looked like Hajime-kun and Yue-san’s engagement party. The surrounding was also blessing the two’s relationship!」

「Yes, that was why at that time everyone must be thinking like this in regard to Hajime-sama, “This man really has broad strike zone”.」

Sumire made a really conflicted face as a mother. But, the hit kept coming.

「Also, Shizuku-sama was wearing wine red dress at that tie correct?」

「Eh? Ah, now that you mention it……wait, wait a second. With the way this talk is going……」

「I don’t know who was arranging it but, at that time the rumor that his majesty the emperor was proposing to Shizuku-sama was spreading, so someone must be trying to make Shizuku-sama wear that color to make it look like you had accepted desuwa.」

「That’s a lie right!? But I acted like a wallflower the whole time in the party!」

「Yes, furthermore you were at the demon king-sama’s side. That’s why, many nobles tried to probe for the truth at that time……in the end, they thought that Shizuku-sama is the first wife while Yue-sama is a little girl that demon king-sama secured to be his concubine in the future. On top of that, that impression might also made them think of demon king-sama as a dangerous guy who declared to his majesty the emperor that this woman is mine.」

「A part of the reason why I gathered attention at that time is just too unexpected!」

Shizuku covered her face with both hands and crouched down. By the way, Tracy added for the end while turning her gaze to Kaori. Kaori jerked and put up her guard.

「W-what is it?」

「Kaori-sama’s outfit at that time, the design’s sexual appeal was too strong wasn’t it? From the standard of the empire, it wouldn’t be strange for you to be misunderstood as appealing 『I’m fine even if it’s just one night stand!』――」


Kaori covered her face with both hands and crouched down.

Based on the culture of the empire, it seemed that their outfits in the past were just a biit problematic.

What was truly terrifying was foreign culture, and also noble society where even trivial thing could be filled with great significance.

「Or rather, just what were the maids of that time doing?」

While the sympathy of Sumire and others gathered on Yue, Shizuku, and Kaori who were trembling in shame, Liliana looked toward the maids with a slightly angry look.

At that time, Liliana had her hands full with her own problem, so she couldn’t point out this matter to them. Later she thought that there was also no need to bring it up, but now that they were here again, she couldn’t help but pursuing responsibility from the maids who should be the one explaining all of these to the guests.

The maids were fiercely trembling from being glared by Liliana, and even Tracy and all the other women……

「F-from what we heard……」

「From what you heard?」

「It seemed the honorable guests wouldn’t listen……」


Everyone tilted their head in incomprehension. One of the maids resolved herself and yelled.

「The maids at that time tried to explain, but nobody would listen! That was what I heard!」

Tio snapped her fingers. She tried to check it with past replay.

One moment, two moments.

Indeed, certainly, the maids at that time desperately tried to explain but they were ignored while Yue and Kaori fought among themselves. Shizuku and others were also desperately stopping them so they didn’t listen to the maids.

When in the end a maid with the guts of a pro went as far as charging into the middle of magic bullets and silver lights flying back and forth to warn 『It’s better to not wear that dress!』, a glare that seemed to say 『You are also getting in my way?』 pierced her and made her quaked in her boots……

「Yep. This is simply someone reaping what they sow.」

There was no objection to Sumire’s words. 「My deepest apologiessss」 Apology also burst out from Yue and others. Next Kaoruko bowed her head apologetically.

「I’m really sorry for all the troubles that my daughter had given everyone. And, where are the maids who were in charge of them at that time are right now? If possible I want to be allowed to apologize to them.」

In respond the maid-san averted her gaze while looking a bit troubled……

「……F-forgive me. Our seniors, they, aren’t here.」

Hearing this Yue and others also lifted their head and asked with their gaze what the maid-san meant by that. Then an unexpected reply came back.

「After the legendary final battle, they got fired during the workforce reduction. All of them, were asked to take responsibility for dereliction of duty toward the wife of the demon king-sama.」

「Reemploy them back right awayyyy」

「……Tell me their location! I’ll teleport and apologize to themmm-」

「Also, I heard something about a part of their fortune being confiscated……」

「「Allow us to pay reparation money in fullll!!」」

Yue and Kaori bowed their heads in a beautiful synchronization.

After that, the addresses of the maids at that time were investigated and then Yue and others wanted to immediately go to apologize and pay reparation but……

It would only be a bother for the other side if they suddenly teleported there, or rather it might even cause them to get heart attack. Tracy and Liliana admonished them like that and for the time being it was decided that Tracy would take care of the procedure for retracting their dishonorable discharge and reappointing them.

Like that, Yue and others whose tension were completely going down from guilt and shame obediently listened to the advices of the maids this time when choosing their outfit while receiving the wry smile of the mothers and Myuu and Nea who weren’t present at that time.




The venue of the party to welcome the visit of the demon king party was filled with an oppressive atmosphere.

The welcoming spirit couldn’t be felt at all.

But, they also couldn’t possible refuse it.

There was only, only, the mettle 「I’ll absolutely, live!!」 like a warrior that was going to fight in an extremely deathly battle. 「Hold your breath, don’t make a sound! In order to survive!」 like a rabbit when in the presence of a wild beast. Such heavy atmosphere was spiraling inside the room.

Of course, the venue itself wasn’t that cursed party venue of tragedy. It was a different place. But, it seemed they still couldn’t stop themselves from imagining it. What if, the light suddenly die off again and heads are going pyon pyon everywhere!? They thought.

The proof of that was,

「……I believe I can guess the reason but, everyone is bringing lantern with them huh?」

Hajime was watching the venue through his arachne from the waiting room and said that with a complicated expression. It was just as he said, everyone was carrying their own lighting in case of darkness.

「It’s a custom of empire’s nobles that was born since that day. It’s a kind of a fashion. The design has also drastically improved in respond to the demand.」

Raymond who awoke to romance and conquered his trauma explained with the most confident attitude despite being a ten years old boy.

「Recently they are putting the focus on toughness, or they forgo it altogether to use magic tools……like glasses that can radiate light, or earrings, pendants, or earring type accessory that can produce light.」

「Aren’t they fearing darkness too much?」

When necessity arose, the empire nobles could make their whole body shined. Indeed, this was really surreal.

「It seems there is someone in the kingdom who started selling lighting equipment with novel design, so the artisans of the empire got inspired when it was imported. That’s also one reason of this.」

「……I see.」

Was it just imagination? He was feeling the presence of an instigator princess sporting a black smile behind him.

「Err~, everyone, they are wearing something like a choker around their neck. Is that also the recent fashion?」

When Shuu asked that, Raymond-kun nodded.

「They can’t calm down if they feel airy on their neck.」

Next Tomoichi asked with a slightly twitching face.

「……Is it just my imagination? Among the ladies, there are some wearing what is clearly a metal……you know……」

「No matter how I look, that’s clearly a collar though?」

「It also looks like they have padlock attached so they can’t be taken off easily though?」

Shuuzou and Koichi pointed out in the place of the faltering Tomoichi. Raymond-kun frowned.

「A lot of people prioritize toughness rather than design……after all what’s the most important is one’s own life.」

「Hajime, how about you do something about this? I can’t bear to watch anymore.」

Well of course. Even though the slave liberation had been achieved, right now it was the empire nobles who looked like slave instead.

Other than Gahard’s aides who were in the throne room and the imperial family, there was only a slight increase to the number of people participating in the party tonight. Combined with the high ranked nobles who were related to the queens, there were around fifty people in total.

If they were the only one possessing such unique sense of fashion, then perhaps Shuu and others could still ignore it, but the scar from that night of revolution ran too deep that their feeling of discomfort won.

「W-well, this is just some instigator from somewhere selling steel collar that is bursting with fashion sense.」

As expected, even Hajime felt a bit awkward with this situation, but, well, he averted his gaze because this was their just dessert from their treatment to slaves until now.

There, the door of the waiting room was knocked. Tracy called out from behind the door. It seemed that the preparation of the women group had finished.

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Hajime nodded at the servant on standby at the corner of the room and he opened the door.

「Oo~, this is really a gorgeous sight!」

「Yeah! How very wonderful!」

Shuu and Tomoichi jumped on their feet and their expression brightened.

Koichi and Shuuzou too, they weren’t saying anything but 「hou」 a sigh of admiration slipped out from them.

In fact, the sight was so beautiful that they could feel convinced that even the atmosphere of the party venue that was like a battlefield would instantly get swept away the moment they entered there.

The mothers Sumire, Kaoruko, Kirino, and Akiko were wearing long dress with calm but elegant atmosphere. The embroideries were artistic, and the dresses seemed to use special thread that reflected light depending on the angel. Combined with the elegant accessories they were wearing, they were radiating graceful glimmer from their figure.

Their makeup and hairstyle were also first class as expected. Their figures weren’t that of commoner who swung from joy to sorrow in their trip before this. Mature beauty and sex appeal could be felt from them. No one would think it strange even if they were told that these women were high class noble ladies.

「Sumire, stand over here. I’ll take picture!」

「Wait-, stop that! It’s embarrassing!」

「No way! I’ll add this as a new page in my Sumire photo collection!」

It seemed that Shuu papa had self made photo collection of his wife. Cosplay was also within the range of their hobby (in fact, they met for the first time when being apprehended together while sneaking into a shrine cosplaying as a shrine maiden and a priest respectively at the same time despite not being acquainted with each other or making plan of it beforehand, it was as though they had telepathy), so it felt like that he was in possession of a great amount of photos of Sumire’s coslpay that he had gathered since their youth.

Their son had a distant gaze. He really didn’t want to know about that.

But Kaoruko and Kirino also seemed successful in making their husband fell in love all over them again. They received wholehearted praise and blushed while fidgeting from it.

It was a familiar sight in Kaori’s perspective, but Shizuku’s eyes widened like saucers. It seemed that this was her first time seeing Koichi-otousan’s handsome guy move and Kirino-okaasan’s maiden in love move.

「Okaa-san, I’ll take picture, so let’s show it to Otou-san when we go back okay?」

「I-I guess……」

Akiko looked a bit envious at the intimate married couples around her, while Aiko was watching her with a warm smile.

Hajime glanced at the acts of the parents while he himself was also captivated by Yue and others, but……

「……You all, your tension seem low for some reason. Did something happen?」

Remia quietly approached and whispered to his ear about what happened.

「They are fine. They are just a bit resolved to apologize and pay reparation money.」

「Just what in the world happened!?」

Hajime’s confusion deepened.

「The fact that they had acted as an extremely annoying guest hath just come to light.」

「Also they just received the baptism of foreign culture.」

Tio and Liliana also approached and said such things while also telling Hajime in more detail about what happened.

Then Hajime nodded with a wry smile in understanding. No wonder that their tension for the party was low from self-loathing and shame.

Hajime immediately started singing the praises of everyone. In fact he had no difficulty for that. What came out from his mouth was earnest praises with him simply speaking out what was in his mind.

Remia who was wearing a dress of mermaid line that made her amazing body style to be distinct. The skirt’s length was long but it had thin lacey shape so the plump beautiful legs behind it could be seen, bringing out sex appeal that created a gap with her gentle atmosphere.

Tio was wearing dress that he wanted to describe as cool rather than beautiful. Her breasts looked like they were going to spill out as usual, but there was no indecent atmosphere from there. Her whole body was tightened with belt and ornaments that gave other the impression of her as a “capable mature woman”.

Liliana was wearing a mini skirt dress which was different from last time. It had fluffily cute design on the whole from the ribbons and frills decorating it, giving her an image of an active and cheerful girl.

Shia, Nea, and also Myuu had the same appearance.

Most likely, they had anticipated the grim atmosphere in the party venue, so Myuu intentionally dressed similarly to Shia and Nea with the intention of radiating appeal of friendliness.

And then, with that,

「When the four of you line up, you look like sisters huh?」

Hajime gave such warming impression. Liliana and Myuu exchanged gazes and grinned proudly. There was no doubt that Myuu also had the same intention from this.

Kaori was wearing a sexy dress with her back boldly exposed. Yue was wearing dress that was greatly exposing her shoulder area and the front part of her skirt to bring out devilish cuteness. Shizuku was wearing a slightly calming design where she put a coat on top of her dress. Auko was wearing a dress with restrained exposure and a lot of small flowery laces placed all over it.

「Everyone, all of you look good in your dresses.」

When Hajime said that once more, Yue and others finally returned to their usual tension. They fidgeted and chuckling fufuh happily and shyly.

But, no matter what, there was one point that weighed his mind.

「By the way, why is everyone wearing red color?」

That bothered him! Were they getting along? Shuu and others thought in puzzlement. Tracy who for some reason was wearing an outfit that looked like the battle dress of a certain Saber that made Hajime wanted to tsukkomi Are you going to go to war after this? opened her mouth to answer.

「……”Close your mouth”.」


Yue’s “Divine Word” intercepted her. And then the women group exchanged smile like coconspirator and turned toward the puzzled men group.


They told them that playfully.

Also, Hajime and others would only learn that red color was the bride color in empire far later than now.

「I see……well, what’s important is that you all have fun.」

Hajime smiled and concluded it like that. He exchanged gaze with Tracy. Tracy nodded and,

「Then, let’s head to the party.」

She guided the group.










Like that, the welcoming party was started with Gahard’s speech that wished for a friendly relationship with the demon king family, repeated over and over deeply and insistently to make very sure of it.

At first the imperial family and the nobles looked like they want to say that there was no way they could have buffet while feeling like they were going to vomit from all the tension, but,

「Let’s believe in demon king-sama.」

「Those who believe shall be saved.」

「Rather, believing is duty.」

「Exactly. Do you understand? It’s duty you know? Will you fulfill it?」

For some reason, high ranked noble uncles who weren’t there in the past replay and hastily asked to participate in the party, they started to do missionary work (?) like a certain committee. Perhaps because of that, the atmosphere loosened down slightly (however, the eyes of the people who got preached on were whirling dizzily though).

「Your majesty Gahard, can I ask you to read a line for a bit?」

「Aa? Well, that’s fine……『Hee, interesting woman』『This is my first time meeting a woman who take that kind of act with me you know』, wait, what the hell is this?」

「Dear! How is the recording!?」

「I get it all Sumire! A sample from an actual high and mighty emperor――『Hee, interesting woman』『This is my first time meeting a woman who take that kind of act with me you know』」

「Wait a second! What are you doing!? What are you planning with that!?」

「「? We’ re just going to use it for reference data.」」

「That’s why what does that mean!? Eeei, I have nothing but a bad premonition! Hand that over!」

「Wait, please don’t be violent!」

「Oi oi, what are you doing to my wife! You’re going to get a painful experience if you keep that up!」

「Hou? Although you are the demon king’s father, you’re just a civilian, just what can you……」

「I’m going to whisper things, even things that you never did and set off my son at you!」

「Are you demon!?」

「Haha, if the real high and mighty his majesty the emperor won’t work together with me here, you might get roughed up!」

「What do you mean I might get roughed up!? Fuck, as I thought this parent is also a demon when the son is one huh!」

From the way Gahard got toyed around by the Nagumo couple, it was interpreted that the emperor was able to build a close relationship with Nagumo family. The feeling of relief was spreading from there.

And due to the extremely sensible reaction of Tomoichi, Kaoruko, and Akiko, along with the expert martial art talk of Yaegashi family, their hearts that were locked up in fear were normally being unlocked.

Myuu also took the initiative to talk with the children of the empire――not only Raymond, the youngest princess Ariel and the other young children were dragged into the gentle space that she inherited from her mother and they had fun talking……

Anyway, the atmosphere that was like a battlefield at the beginning was being wiped off.

Around thirty minutes had passed since the party started.

Around the time when the air had become almost completely relaxed and everyone could enjoy the food and conversation, Hajime suddenly turned his gaze to empty air.

「Gahard, it seems that the kingdom’s Queen Luluaria and Prince Randell has finished their preparation. I’ll call them here, will there be any problem?」

「Ou, no problem.」

Hajime took out something like a metal card from his pocket and threw it at a space where there wasn’t anyone.

Then a “gate” opened at the card’s position. Luluaria and Randell, and then Hellina passed through. Hellina had just used the personal gate key that was handed to her.

Queen Luluaria who dressed up for the party smiled beautifully and said words of greeting――before she could do that,

「M-Myuu! You, how, how beautifu――」

Randell stepped forward with unsteady steps like a sleepwalker.

Tonight Myuu was wearing a crimson mini skirt dress. Her hair was braided and bundled up, and she also got a thin makeup applied on her. She looked a bit like an older lady.

It seemed that really hit Randell’s strike zone.

He reached out toward Myuu without paying any attention to his surrounding at all――that hand was grabbed strongly.

「It has been a long time hasn’t it, Prince Randell.」

It was Raymond. Actually until now he was like someone whose soul was blown away since the moment he saw Myuu in the waiting room. All this time his heated gaze was fixed on Myuu and becoming a bit like a stalker, but it seemed he was revived when the person he harbored feeling toward got into a pinch (?).

「You are……Prince Raymond.」

「Yes, it’s me. To try laying your hand on a lady like that without even giving a greeting first, good grief. It looks like you have forgotten your manners completely while we haven’t met for long haven’t you?」

「L-laying my hand!? You’re wrong! Myuu, it’s a misunderstanding! I was just――」

「Myuu, have no fear! This Raymond will protect you from any insolent man!」

「No, honorific!?」

The gazes of the boys collided.

Just from a single glance, both sides understood everything.

Yes, this guy was without a doubt,

((An enemy!!))

They thought.

「Randell, what are you doing without even giving a greeting――」

「You sh*tty brats. Don’t think that you will be able to touch my lady while the rabbit ears of this Neaschutadtrum are still standing straight!」

Luluaria tried to warn her son, but Nea-chan’s murderous words cut in.

「Can I speak for a bit? First allow me to say my gree――」

「Hiih!? Hauriaaaa, the rabbit ears areeee!? They are angry! Raymond-oniisama! Apologize! Apologize right away!」

Luluaria wanted to be allowed to say her greeting with a calm and kind smile, but her voice was drowned out when Nea’s quiet change made Ariel-chan to scream in panic.

Queen Luluaria froze with a smile.

Each of the children was getting heated up with their own feelings while not caring nor paying attention to their surrounding’s.

「H-how dare you meddle between Myuu and me――」


「Hiih, I’m sorry!!」

「Nea-chan, calm down!」

「No, my lady! I had read the atmosphere and stayed quiet, but the way this sh*tty brat has been watching my lady with that nasty gaze and what he said just now! Death! Please allow me to reap his head-」

「That’s obviously not allowed nanooo! Ah, a knife hidden inside the skirt!? Noooo!!」

「Hyuuh, kafuh, hyuuuh」

Nea tried to chop Raymond-kun’s beck with a demonic look. Myuu pinioned her desperately to stop her. Ariel-chan who had just barely avoided fainting thanks to Myuu’s gentle atmosphere finally hyperventilated.

「Nea! Stop that already! Despite looking up to Myuu as your master, how can you put shame on her in public like this!」

「Severing any anxiety of the future is also our role! You also aren’t an exception, you perverted brat!」

「I-I’m not perverteddd!」

Nea’s killing intent burst out and Prince Randell became tearful. All the other children including Raymond also fell on their butts, while Ariel-chan’s eyes almost rolled back completely. The countdown until she fainted had started.

It looked like there was nothing that could be done, but as someone whose first love and the elder sister he respected were snatched away by the demon king, however, the Man――Randell S.B Heiligh who chose the thorny path of falling in love with that demon king’s daughter even after all that wouldn’t get scared by this kind of thing at this point!

He gritted his teeth. He really couldn’t stomach the fact that he would have to rely on something that was a present from the demon king, and he was also trembling fiercely from Nea’s killing intent, but Randell swept aside his coat with one hand and took the tube that was attached on his waist.

*Vonn* A sword of light extended.

「Wait, Hajime! That! Is that lig○t saber!?」

Shuu pointed in half astonishment and half excitement.

「Well, he is my brother in law after all. So I gifted him with a self defense artifact just like with Tou-san and others. The hero has the holy sword, so I thought that it would be better if the next king has a holy sword replacement. That’s a “light sword” exclusive for Randell.」

That seemed to be the situation. Tomoichi and others had also received artifacts for their self-protection, but it seemed Hajime also gave the same consideration with Queen Luluaria and Randell. This was the meticulous Hajime at work here, so perhaps he had also included the manual for the artifacts.

As proof of that, Prince Randell took a stance where he thrust one hand forward with two fingers pointing out while his other hand drew back the light sword behind. Shuuzou-ojiichan and Koichi-san also got greatly excited.

「That’s Form III, Sor○su! The form specialized for defense!」

「It’s something for self-protection after all, that’s understandable choice.」

There was no denying that the form and the sword were just imitation, but perhaps Prince Randell might become like Obi ○an someday……

Anyway, the children were acting seriously regardless of the adults’ excitement.

「Princess Ariel! You should step back too! Or you will get dragged into this!」

「Eh? Ah, Randell-sama?」

Ariel-chan who almost fainted while foaming from the mouth regained her sanity from that loud rebuke. And then, she saw the prince with her back turned toward her while taking a stance with a sword of light as though to protect her. *Thump!*

「You have guts Prince Randell. Now I’ll make you pay for ogling my lady!」

「E-even if you intimidate me like that, I shall not lose! Our country is an ally of the empire, therefore as the next king I won’t allow you to lay your hand on them!」

Randell faced that Hauria head on. His figure was truly overflowing with manliness. Hajime and others cheered 「Oo!」 in admiration.

The empire nobles were also,

「His existence was overshadowed by Princess Liliana, but what a wonderful mettle he has there!」

「It looks like the kingdom’s future is secure!」

「For him to personally take up sword for the empire’s sake-……I can’t hold back my emotion-」

They gave him such storm of praise. Gahard was also looking at Randell while rubbing his chin in amusement, and perhaps also in reexamination. The stock value of Prince Randell was rising explosively thanks (?) to Hauria!

But, there,

「……I, I-」

Oh? Ariel-chan’s state is……

Hajime sensed something and pondered for a bit, then he grinned. Telepathy switch, ON!

『Do you want strength?』

「Eh!? What!? Who is it!?」

『Do you want strength? Do you want strength to fight in order to stand equal with the prince!?』

「……I want-. I, want strength!!」

『Then I’ll give it to you!』

There was this equipment set that Myuu refused so this was nice timing! Hajime’s “treasure warehouse” shined.

Then *peka* there was a flash and children sized muskets pierced the ground around Ariel-chan like a blooming flower.

Yue and others the women group turned exasperated gazes at Hajime, but Hajime paid them no mind.

Ariel-chan blinked in surprise for a little, but a moment later her expression turned resolved.

And then, she twirled while taking the musket with in both hands with a strangely familiar handling and pointed it to Nea.

「Prince Randell! No, darling! I will fight too!」

「Mu, that’s reassur――hm? Wait a second! What’s with that darling!?」

「I’m, not scared of anything anymore!」

「Wait a second Ariel-chan! That’s no good nano! You raised a flag and that might get you a head chop nano!」

「Kuh, even though my little sister is standing up, how can I be like this in front of Myuu-. Get up, Raymond!」

Ariel-chan overcame her trauma because of the budding love and awakened. Raymond-kun was fired up by that figure. Of course, a present also reached him from the prankster(Hajime). A tube artifact that was similar with Randell appeared in front of Raymond.

「A power, for me too……I’ll do it! I’ll definitely take Myuu’s heart for myself!」

*Vonn* What appeared was a sword of red light. It shouldn’t be related at all with the dark side, but it felt like to hint something for his future.

Hajime’s cheeks were pinched from both sides by Kaori and Shizuku. What are you doing to children, their glares pierced him.

「Prince Raymond! Don’t say something stupid! Myuu is, that, Myuu is my, you know? Look」

「Darling? ……T-that’s……」

Ariel-chan finally guessed various things.

And then, there was also the conversation 「Boss? Why are you giving weapons to them……I see. This is a trial for me isn’t it? This is an order to remove all the insolent fools approaching your beloved daughter!」「It’s just papa’s mischief no matter how you look at it nano!」. Myuu glared furiously at Hajime.

「Myuu-sama! What about you!」


「Prince Randell and Raymond-oniisama, who do you choose between the two of them!!」

The adults were fixing their eyes upon the square relationship between the children. Randell and Raymond went bright red thinking 「H-how can there is someone who can ask that question so straightforwardly like thattt!」, even so they were staring at Myuu with eyes of expectation.

Amidst that, Myuu made a puzzled expression that seemed to say I don’t understand the question……a moment later she understood the meaning and spoke with a serious face.

「Other than papa, it’s impossible though?」

The venue fell dead silent. Randell and Raymond fell on their knees.

And then, all the empire nobles noticed. Now that she mentioned it. Myuu-chan was also wearing a red dress huh.

If that choice was simply the women group wanting to have “matching look”, and the choice of color was based on its actual meaning……

「N-Nagumo Hajime……you, even though she isn’t related to you by blood, but you are targeting……even a little girl like that-」

「Eh, it become that kind of development!?」

Everyone of the empire was looking at Hajime, like they were seeing something terrifying in a different meaning than before.

「Damn youuu, as I thought the last obstacle in the way is the demon king-」

「This is is……a powerful enemy. Perhaps, I should also consider fighting together with the prince……」

「Kuh, you are pretending to not have any feeling like that just to attract darling’s attention to you! Unforgivable!」

The children also made expressions that were filled with various things like resolve or planning.

It seemed that Hajime got paid back for his mischief. He raised his voice in panic in order to resolve the misunderstanding.

The chaos in the party deepened.

Amidst that,

「Fufu, even though, I’m the queen……」

At the corner, there was Luluaria quietly shedding a drop of tear from her eye.

「Okaa-sama, I really understand your feelings.」

Liliana’s expression was very kind.

The kingdom’s queen and princess harmoniously turned into wallflowers and stared at the party’s turmoil with clear expressions.

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