Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 409 Abyss Lord Chapter Three Mr. Serious Has Weak Constitution

Chapter 409 Abyss Lord Chapter Three Mr. Serious Has Weak Constitution

While Kousuke and others were getting attacked by Taisei.

The main shrine of Tsuchimikado and the surrounding private houses around it were filled with heavy atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, all the people living around Tsuchimikado main shrine were related to Tsuchimikado clan. In other words, other than the noncombatants who were temporarily evacuated, the considerable number of people here were acting as security.

If one passed the torii of that main shrine and went further north deep into the mountain from the shrine’s ground that contained the shrine building and altar that even the general public could visit, there was a mountain path that was ingeniously camouflaged. There was a mansion inside the mountain forest after climbing that path for around two hundred meters.

It was a large and magnificent wooden bungalow. Its surrounding ground was also vast. About as big as a sports ground. However, the mansion couldn’t be seen noticeably from the sky. The surrounding wasn’t an empty lot. There were trees in it that were placed in regular interval. The trees’ well maintained branches became a canopy that skillfully hid the whole mansion. It was truly a hidden mansion.

At the four directions of that mansion, toriis with four colors that represented the four gods of Genbu, Seiryuu, Suzaku, and Byakko were placed at the parts that were bordered with the mountain forest. At the back of the mansion there was an altar that looked exactly like the heavenly altar in the shrine――no, actually this one was the true altar. There was also a stage made from stone there.

This was the main house of Tsuchimikado.

It looked as though it was isolated from the flow of age. It was a place with a faint sacred atmosphere drifting in it.

In such tranquil and peaceful place,

「Just what’s going on!! Even though princess’s memory is in our possession!?」

An angry yell that didn’t suit that atmosphere resounded.

The head of Tsuchimikado clan, Tsuchimikado Jounosuke, alias the “elderly nobleman” violently flapped his inky black hakama that blended into darkness while walking back and fro in a tatami room.

His white hair that was usually tidily arranged into all back style was also messed up as though it had been scratched off. His eyes were glaring around restlessly.

The people of his clan who were also wearing inky black hakama were looking down while trickling cold sweat.

That made him even more irritated. The elderly nobleman once more asked the question that he had asked so many times before.

「Is there no one who have any idea about the princess’s shikigami!?」

Everything was that guy’s fault. That young man shikigami who only looked like a student from a glance. He was hard to perceive, could clone himself, used powerful tools with powerful physical ability like blade or iron string, and could even use nature jutsu like flame or lightning.

「W-we have researched all the literatures-. However, there is no apparition that fit the description-」

「But it actually exist-」

「T-the one that fit closest to the description is, umm……as expected, perhaps it’s Nurarihyon……」

「Since when Nurarihyon can clone itself and rain down kunai or shuriken!」

「P-perhaps, it changes because of the flow of time?」

「The change is too drastic you dumbass! I don’t even want to see a Nurarihyon that can bring out tear gas grenade!」

The leader of the investigation team looked like he was going to cry despite being a grownup man who was passed his forty. The elderly nobleman’s string of patience had snapped hearing his report and threw the round tray near his feet.

It was quite heavy despite being made from wood. The tray hit the man’s head and he groaned 「guh」. Then the elder hurled even further abuses at him.

But right after that, he began chewing the nail of his thumb and mumbled.

「If we don’t remove him……everyone who get in our way……for the sake of our dearest wish-. Our comeback, our revenge-, we onmyoujis are the one and only who are worthy to manage this country-. Why can’t Fujiwara understand that! So annoying, curse-!!」

Bloodshot eyes, trembling body, blood trickling down from bitten lip and gritted teeth. And yet the elderly nobleman paid them no mind. He was in an abnormal state.

Originally the elderly nobleman was a petname. Jounosuke had a stubborn disposition, but he was a gentle person and his affection toward his family was especially deeper than average.

Was his greed and obsession leading him astray……

The elderly nobleman was just too different from usual with even demonic aura drifting from him. However, the people of branch family who were gathered in this tatami room showed no suspicion at all.

They were simply showing similar accursed expression like the elderly nobleman. Indignation was bubbling up within them toward Ohii-sama’s unexpected strength and their lack of understanding of the shikigami’s identity.

Inside such strained atmosphere, a slightly haggard youth suddenly spoke up.

「Jii-san(grandpa). Is there no chance that guy is actually a “shiki”?」

His name was Tsuchimikado Kiyotake. He turned twenty years old just this year and he was Jounosuke’s grandson. He was wearing rimless glasses that made him looked really intellectual.

「That’s completely impossible. How can something that strong isn’t a “shikigami”. Not to mention with the princess’s state that has no memory right now-」

「That’s, well, that’s true but……」

For them onmyouji, there were two kinds of “shiki”. First was “shiki”. The caster put their image along with their jutsu into a receptacle and made it manifest into a familiar. The familiar would be like a drone without any will.

The other was “shikigami”. This referred to apparition that was bound by the caster’s jutsu. Naturally it had its own will so there was a risk the shikigami would rebel if the binding slackened. Conversely if the caster could build a relationship of trust with the shikigami, they would be able to obtain even greater strength.

There was no need to mention, the shikigami was the more powerful shiki. Some of them even had special power through their legend, and there was also no need for the caster to control every single action of it.

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Kousuke’s strength was without a doubt in the “shikigami” class. Although Hinata was a prodigy with strength like their ancestor of old, there was no way she was able to create a “shiki” that powerful while she was lacking memory right now.

That was exactly why they were desperately trying to pin down the shikigami’s true identity. However Kousuke’s identity was too unclear that the elderly nobleman was at his wits’ end.

Kiyotake groaned uu~n while folding his arms before saying 「Then……」 and added a conjecture.

「There is also a possibility that he is a colleague, or perhaps a practitioner of a different system isn’t it?」

「Are you saying that there is a practititoner who encountered the princess by chance deep in the mountain of Fushimi Inari, and this stranger happened to be powerful without equal, and also a good person by some chance, and decided to help the princess while not knowing what’s the situation? Absurd.」

「That’s true but……you know, in the report they stopped by in that hotel right? At the hotel where those returnee fellows stayed at.」

「What, Kiyotake. In other words, you want to say this? That guy is also a returnee, and the returnees aren’t pitiful students who went mad from a disappearance incident, but they actually really have power?」

「If not then it doesn’t make sense right? We had actually faced him and it’s unthinkable that he is some kind of apparition.」

The one who took command of the operation to secure Hinata in Fushimi Inari was Tsuchimikado Takehiko. To be frank he was Kiyotake’s father, and Kiyotake also accompanied him at that time.

Currently Kiyotake absolutely couldn’t forget that guy who when he confronted him, yelled something like 「Eat this! My secret art-, Tokoyami no Zangetsu(Beheading Moon of Everlasting Darkness) while performing a flying kick. At that time he got sent flying unsightly while giving tsukkomi 「What kind of sword art is kicking!?」. There was no way to forget that.

Certainly, the way that guy multiplied to a disgusting degree was inhuman, but from how he was acting so theatrically from start to end and also his behavior that was painful to look at, they all just felt so human that Kiyotake couldn’t see him as a youkai.

If Kousuke heard that, surely he would cry in happiness while Hinata would puff out her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

「Perhaps it will be better if we rethink of our plan to frame the returnees as the cause of the barrier’s destruction won’t it?」

Kiyotake’s statement that could be taken as a frank advice was responded by the elderly nobleman with a shake of his head.

「It’s too late even if you say that now. Right now the princess is heading right here!」

「No, that’s why. If it’s really true that guy isn’t the princess’s shikigami but a returnee, then perhaps there is a ground for negotiation with him instead. Even they have power of their own, so aren’t they like our colleague in that case?」

「That’s……but, our previous investigation evaluated that they have no power at all……[

「Eh? We have investigated them before?」

「What are you saying? That was why we arranged to apply spell to them to make them confess and also prepared cursed tools as the proof to set them up as the culprit……no, now that you mentioned it who was the one in charge of investigating them?」

The elderly nobleman’s gaze turned toward the investigation team leader. The man who was wiping the blood trickling from his forehead jerked from being put under the gazes of nearly thirty of his comrades inside the tatami room. Even so he showed a thinking gesture for a bit.

And then, a beat later his eyes narrowed and replied with a dubious look.

「About that matter, wasn’t it house head yourself who investigated it?」


「No, if my memory serves me right, didn’t Jii-san said that there is no need to investigate?」

A faint bewilderment filled the room.

It was like they had overlooked something, something fatal……


「Father-in-law, is something the matter?」

The, a woman’s voice that was pleasant to the ear spread inside the room… The voice sounded like an upright and cleanhanded voice, but it also sounded charming and sensual, or perhaps like the voice of a pure and innocent girl.

「A-aa. Tsubaki-san huh.」

The one who opened the sliding screen and entered was a woman with a slightly peculiar look.

Glossy black hair that grew until her waist and pure white hakama. There was nothing strange from those, but the problem was her face. Her face was covered by a white cloth and couldn’t be seen.

A pentagram was drawn on the cloth. It looked like some kind of magical measure. Perhaps that was why nobody here found her appearance strange.

Tsuchimikado Tsubaki. She was Kiyotake’s mother who was a distant relative of Fujiwara clan and married Takehiko. Although she was related to Tsuchimkado by marriage, she had talent as onmyouji.

Her expression couldn’t be seen, but the elderly nobleman guessed that she sought for a reply from the way she tilted her head and opened his mouth.

「No, it’s about the returnee’s investigation.」

Tsubaki’s dignified and pleasant voice replied back.

「If it’s about that then haven’t I investigated and reported it back?」

「Tsubaki-san did?」

「Yes. They are pitiful and dangerous children who are possessed by wild delusion. Framing them as the culprit and making the country taking custody of them will be for their own good instead, that was my report.」

*Ring* There was a bell’s sound clinking from somewhere. It was a very beautiful sound.

「And most of all, this is for the sake of Tsuchimikad’s dearest wish.」

「You’re, right. Yeah, that’s right. Exactly.」

The elderly nobleman showed an accepting expression. The other people were also affected by that and nodded strongly.

「Mother. Shouldn’t you be supporting father right now?」

「I came here because I have a report about that, Kiyotake.」

Currently the ceremony to destroy the “Great Barrier of Heavenly Star” was being held at the heavenly altar at the back of the mansion.

A total of thirty people of Fujiwara clan who had power had been abducted from all over the country to here. They were put under the control of Takehiko and other practitioners of Tsuchimikado clan. Of course the real Taisei was also among them.

The ceremony had progressed until seventy percent. It would be finished in fifteen more minutes.

If that time limit passed, the lives of Taisei and others would be sacrificed in exchange for the ritual’s completion. The barrier would be destroyed with their blood as the price.

But, the situation that Tsubaki reported to them made that fifteen minutes felt endlessly far away.

「Father-in-law, it’s emergency. Taisei’s “quarter soul” was shaken off.」

「What did you say!?」

The place turned into uproar. The elderly nobleman’s agitation was strong, while the like of Kiyotake turned pale saying 「Even though mother’s Sokujou(living earth) accompanied it……that Ohii-sama a monster」.

Because they understood. That Taisei was far stronger than even dozens of Tsuchimikado’s practitioner.

Furthermore, the burden of the majority of the ritual was shouldered by the other Fujiwara clan members. Taisei himself was made to concentrate in the interception. Tsuchimikado clan practitioners centered around Takehiko were also supporting him with curse jutsu.

Because Taisei’s mind was bound, it was difficult to use conversation to give mental assault to the princess, however originally Taisei should displaying a power that surpassed the extent of what was possible.

To think that he was unable to stop them for just the remaining fifteen minutes……

「I have instructed the people standing guard at the shrine to intercept them with all “shiki” that can fly. Please pardon my impertinence.」

「No need to mind that! More importantly what do you mean by “shiki that can fly”? Don’t tell me……」

The elderly nobleman unconsciously paused speaking because of his bad premonition.

Kiyotake and a part of the practitioners here also guessed the same thing and their eyes snapped wide open. They reflexively jumped on their feet. Tsubaki spoke with a voice that exuded annoyance as that was going on.

「Yes. Even flight is possible for that person.」

「What in the world……」

「We have lost most of our shiki at Fushimi. Our remaining shiki is few. Including mine, we have only twelve binding shikigami……can we win?」

The elderly nobleman, Kiyotake, and the other practitioners were aghast.

Tsubaki raised her voice toward them for encouragement.

「There is no point in being flustered! Taisei is also joining the barrier destruction now so we can reduce the time required!」

Ten minutes. The barrier destruction would succeed if they could just endure for ten more minutes.

And then they would annihilate the direct lineage of Fujiwara clan excluding Hinata.

「I’m going out too. I shall attempt to shake them mentally to buy time. We must not give up! It’s unacceptable for Tsuchimikado that has shouldered the duty unbroken for all this time to be inferior to Fujiwara that has fallen into this vulgar world! Am I wrong!」

Tsubaki’s ear piercing words made even the elderly nobleman and the others who went pale to change their expression.

「You’re right. We still have the protection of the four gods. Takehiko and I will become the last stronghold. Tsubaki-san, Kiyotake, and all of you, I’m counting on you all.」

「Yeah, leave it to us Jii-san.」

「Of course father-in-law. Besides, even princess will be helpless before us as long as the ritual succeed.」

「What do you mean?」

Tsubaki laughed. Or that was how it felt.

「Will a nine years old girl be able to keep her composure after seeing her father and relatives die? That will be even more so if we return a part of her memory at that timing.」

It was a repulsive way of thinking. But, the eyes of the cornered Tsuchimikado clan got clouded. Rather they agreed to that suggestion as an ingenious plan.

「I see. If we suppress the princess in that opening, even that unidentified shikigami won’t be able to do anything rash……」

「Conversely, that will be our only chance to be able to suppress the princess.」

「Indeed……but it seems there is one more elderly person coming with them……」

「Jii-san. That person is just an ordinary person even if he is a police right? I will bind him. Later I will pull out the information from him of how he come to be together with Ohii-sama.」

The elderly nobleman’s gaze looked around inside the room to see whether there was any objection or counterargument.

What came back was only a resolve of death.

The capabilities of the onmyoujis of Tsuchimikado ranged from the worst to best, even so they had the number of one hundred people in total. There were only thirty of them in this room, but the people in the ritual site and also the people standing on guard at the shrine and at the front of the mansion definitely had the same feeling with them.

The elderly nobleman took a deep breath. And then, he looked around him with a gaze that was blazing fierly and yelled.

「The revival of Tsuchimikado depends on this battle. Don’t fear death! Everything is for the sake of Tsuchimikado’s dearest wish!」

「「「「「Everything is for the sake of Tsuchimikado’s dearest wish!」」」」」

Voices that contained fanaticism in it resounded until the forest surrounding the main residence.




Tsuchimikado’s main residence suddenly became a beehive of activity.

While everyone was rushing out in order to intercept the enemy, the elderly nobleman was also quickly heading toward the ritual site behind the mansion.

Tsubaki was staring fixedly at his back.

The figure of the elderly nobleman vanished into the corridor and there wasn’t any sign of people around. The sound of tumult was getting farther.

Suddenly Tsubaki opened her mouth. She muttered something with a voice that almost couldn’t be heard at all while looking to outside the window of the corridor.

Inside the mansion where many watch fires were lit up, she looked at the darkness of the boundary of the mansion with the forest, at the shadows of the trees.

There was a presence moving quietly. Someone wearing a coat with black hood was there.

For a little while, the two were having a conversation even though their voice shouldn’t reach from that range.

「I see. So the reinforcement won’t make it in time……」

Tsubaki’s expression was gradually warping. Then a tongue clicking finally came out from her mouth.

「Why is a returnee cooperating with the princess……furthermore, it’s Endou Kousuke of all people who became her ally. Perhaps it’s to be expected from the returnees’ joker? I can’t say that the observation team is slacking down just because they lost sight of him. How troublesome.」

She shook her head in annoyance.

「Yes. I know. As long as we manage to invite the appearance of the evil spirits and cause chaos, there will be no need to do any drastic correction to the plan. We have to make this a success no matter what.」

There was a voice calling for Tsubaki from the entrance.

It seemed that the interception had begun.

「Don’t leave any trace behind no matter what. I too won’t be holding back but, your Sokujou is our trump card. Yes, if push comes to shove, right, of course.」

The voice that was calling for Tsubaki quickly became filled with panicking tone. The angry yells and noises were getting louder as each second passed.

The man in black coat also turned around and vanished by melting into the night’s darkness.

At the end, Tsubaki and the unknown person in black coat muttered simultaneously.

「「For the sake of the motherland」」




Going back slightly in time, when Kousuke and co were going to arrive above the torii of Tsuchimkado’s main shrine that was located along the national highway.

Kousuke was holding Hinata who was stiffening slightly from flying in the sky with just their body in his arm. He then turned an exasperated gaze to Fukube who was easily entrusting himself to him with a listless style like a dad in holiday (his eyes were dead now that he had no stomach medicine in hand). Then,

「Endou-sama! Something is going up!」

「Oh? That’s……」

「Hahaa~, is that the “shiki” thing that attacked both of you at Fushimi?」

Many white shadows flew up from inside the forest ahead of them.

Certainly, they were the white mist monsters that attacked Kousuke and Hinata at Fushimi Inari. Most of them looked like white crow the size of a hawk. There were also some that looked like ghost or spirit.

「Looks like there aren’t as many as at Fushimi. Are they trying to shoot us down?」

「Oh, it looks like there are some with different color mixed in.」

「Endou-sama, perhaps those are from the other world……」

It was full moon tonight. The bright moonlight illuminated the lower world clearly. Their field of vision was relatively clear even without any lighting.

The forms that were entering their field of vision and Hinata’s words made Kousuke nodded.

There were around two extraordinary figures mixed among the white monsters. Their forms looked clearer and they were giving off an unpleasant presence that could be felt even though there was still some distance.

Those things were certainly giving off the same feeling like the monsters that he saw in the other world. He couldn’t see the same insanity from the like that time, but he sensed a clear hostility.

「There is no time to go along with their attempt to buy time. We’ll break through in one go.」

「Yes-. Please do-」

「Please keep it in a level that won’t kill me okay-」

After Hinata tightly held on him, Kousuke accelerated drastically.

*Gyuo-* The wind roared. As that happened, Fukube was muttering 「Why am I coming along to here……this kind of fantasy matter is outside my jurisdiction though. No, well, I understand you know? I’m a dog of the country, so there is no way I can just not do anything when there is a risk the country descending back to Heian era isn’t it, haha-」 with low voice and dead eyes, but he ignored him.

He took out twelve kunais from the “treasure warehouse” and made them rotating and forming a circle at the front while enveloping them with flame.

He didn’t yell out abyss-whatchamacallit! It still wasn’t that time! Rather that kind of time didn’t need to come! It was an impossible request though!

The excavator of blades and flames that gouged out even the meat wall of demons in hell went forward and met the swarm of white crows. They didn’t allow any resistance. The enemies were instantly scattered.

In an instant,


A shrill cry of an animal rang out.

――Apparition Three tailed spirit fox

It was a shikigami. The three tailed golden fox faintly shined, then right after that it fired a glob of flame. Was that what they called fox fire?

「The nine tailed fox of the fairy world was even more terrific!」

Three of the twelve kunais flew and neutralized the explosion. Fire sparks violently scattered in the sky and they flew passed beside it.

The three tailed fox tried to pursue, but Kousuke and others were moving with freefalling speed without holding back. When it was held back by a single kunai flying at it, passing it by flying overhead happened in an instant.

There, a flame that completely filled their field of vision approached. It was like a fire that occurred in the day of storm. The fanned flame became a wall that blocked the path of Kousuke and co.

The culprit was the other shikigami.

――Apparition Jubusen no Kikai (鷲峯山の鬼怪)

It was like a monstrous bird with only its upper body visible from a whirling cloud. It generated a whirlwind while breathing flame from its mouth at the same time.

「Bring out a bit more well-known youkai please!」

The flame enveloped Kousuke and co. But their figures vanished just before that was completed. No, they were replaced. With a small rock.

The next instant, Kousuke and others appeared far below the cloud monstrous bird. Kousuke had flicked a teleportation artifact with his thumb the moment the flame wall approached.

Without stopping Kousuke pulverized a shiki with the shape of demonic woman using magic power shockwave from his fingerless glove and charged forward in a single stroke. He flew toward the sky above the mountain forest where Tsuchimikado’s mansion resided.

But, in that instant a chill ran through Kousuke’s spine.

He clicked his tongue. He quickly linked the kunais and formed a barrier above them.

Instantly, *KAANN* a high-pitched sound tore through the air and lightning surged.

Their field of vision was painted white from the flash. Electrical discharge and impact pinned down Kousuke. There was a figure of a small animal at the other side of the barrier.

――Youma Raijuu

The calamity whose legend was left everywhere and was considered as thunderbolt by people. Its small form looked like a weasel and also a raccoon at the same time. It had strange form of only having four rear legs.

While Hinata and Fukube let out a small scream, Kousuke summoned a clone at the other side of the barrier, behind the Raijuu.

「Get off!」

The clone kicked even while being burned by the electrical discharge from the Raijuu. It got sent flying to far away.

But there was no denying that Kousuke had been pinned down.

「Now! Bring them downnn-」

In front of the torii, the onmyoujis who were taking position on the fields and road recited mantra all at once. The curse that was perfectly harmonized and magnified assaulted Kousuke.

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「thaattt’s HooTTTT!!」

Kousuke’s neck felt burning hot. His concentration was disturbed.

Because it needed delicate and complex control, the gravity magic got slightly thrown into disarray and their altitude dropped drastically. They almost crashed on the asphalt.

Kousuke hurriedly adjusted the gravity’s direction and charged forward really close above the ground. In this height they could touch the stone paving if they just reached out. Putting aside Hinata who he was holding tightly, the gravity field on Fukube who was dragged behind him was particularly disarrayed and he almost got dragged over the ground.

Fukube-san raised his voice into a yell of protest「Waitttt! Keep it up Endou-sannnn!!」 while desperately arching his body backward like a shrimp.

「No good-, the curse got deflected as expected!!」

「Does it want to say that we aren’t at his level-」

「But his flight is disturbed! It’s not completely ineffective!」

The curses overlapped. Over and over and over again. The Tsuchimikado clan was also desperate.

The heat that was generated from Kousuke’s neck was mostly changing into intense pain. It felt like this jus from the side effect of deflecting the curses. If he got hit by it head on, then perhaps he would be rendered unconscious.

Perhaps it was just to be expected from the stronghold of Tsuchimikado clan. Most likely the strength of every single one of them was heightened with some kind of method. Most likely the ground of Tsuchimikado main shrine itself was a kind of holy land for them.

Even so, they passed above the main shrine. Right after that, in order to charge to the mansion of Tsuchimikado main residence inside the mountain forest, Kousuke gritted his teeth and tried to raise his altitude.

Midway, he used his short sword to deflect the slash of a weasel clad in whirlwind――the youma “Kamaitachi” and used shuriken to hold back a dog youma that looked like hungry ghost with mottled pattern――an “Inugami” without wasting time on them.

Like that, he endured the sensation of his magic power getting shaved off with gusto and the heat and pain from his neck that were getting intense while focusing on controlling his gravity magic――



「Dowaah, is it no good!?」

The moment they were going to cross the sky above the main shrine’s torii, his focus was completely disturbed.

The control of the gravity magic slipped away from his mind. They fell toward the stone paving at the other side of torii as though they were blown away.

Kousuke scolded himself and cleared his mind while hugging Hinata. He landed slidingly on the ground. Fukube too didn’t need Kousuke’s assistance. He took a falling stance with five point landing before quickly getting back on his feet.

To help in covering up any opening, he immediately scattered smoke bombs to spread out smoke.

「Tsu, was it a barrier?」

If this was the headquarters of Tsuchimikado clan then it wouldn’t be strange if they had some kind of countermeasure here, so perhaps it was just as expected that the land itself was also used to deploy a curse at the whole area to repel or capture uninvited guest here.

「Endou-san, can you fly!?」

「It’ll be difficult if we don’t reduce the opponent first.」

His concentration was already disturbed from getting hit by all-out attack of curse. If the influence of the barrier’s curse that was constantly active was added on top of that, using “pseudo flight” that was originally far more difficult than normally generating gravity field could only be said as impossible.

In addition, there wasn’t only just the pain from resisting the curse, he also felt interference to his mind. From his bodily sense, it felt as though his ability to focus had dropped by 30 until 40 percent.

(This is, it feels like the number of my clones is also getting limited?)

He clicked his tongue inside his heart as he shook his head and switched his mood.

「It can’t be helped. Let’s break through with brute force-」

「Aa, I’m going to get muscle pain the day after tomorrow at this rate.」

A mantra resounded. There was a gust and the smoke screen was blown away. Right after that, a giant body charged from behind a house at the right side. It had a monstrous form that crawled on the ground repulsively with countless legs and shell.

――Apparition Oomukade (Giant Centipede)

It breathed out black mist from its mouth――before it could do that, a clone slid in from below and upper kicked it while hand standing, diverting the apparition’s trajectory.

Using that chance Kousuke and co headed to the stone stair that led to inside the shrine ground.

A lump of flame rolled down there. There was the figure of a rat with beautiful fur inside the flame.

――Apparition Kaso (fire rat)

It was the raw ingredient of the “fire rat’s fur coat” that Princess Kaguya in the tale of the bamboo-cutter sought. However, the approaching heat wasn’t a joke at all.

And so,

「Fuh, playing with fire in a forest is forbidden correct?」


「Endou-sama’s state is……」

Hinata was taken aback.

The strange behavior that she saw at Fushimi Inary was again……even when she asked him about it before he only dodged the question but, perhaps this was some kind of illness?

「Nnh――”Suidan (Water Bullet)”!」

Kousuke looked like he immediately endured something before it could swallow him in his carelessness, but even though it was a pointless struggle, he made a sloppy chanting and fired a globe of water.

It hit the Kaso directly and caused it to let out a grating scream. The drowned rat jumped out from inside the flame screaming. Kousuke punched it aside with the back of his hand and opened a path forward.

Kousuke and co ran up the stairs quickly. The onmyoujis’ expressions were twitching with despair mixing in while sending curses to them looking like they were squeezing out their very life.

「Curse is really troublesome huhh-」

Whether it was spiritual power or whatever, if it came flying with a visible form then he would be able to dodge, but the curse that the onmyoujis used directly arrived at Kousuke.

The curse could be sent from afar if there was intermediary (at the police station it was using his hair that was accidentally recovered at Fushimi Inari), and even without intermediary the curse could be sent as pinpoint attack if the target was within range.

The most effective countermeasure against that was,

「Shut up for a bit!」

「I’ll help, like this.」



Shutting them up physically. Kousuke threw kunais that were clad in lightning to all direction, and Fukube also knocked out the casters usin gum bullets that were fired with matchless accuracy.

They finally stormed into the shrine’s ground. Without stopping they charged in a straight line toward the direction of the mansion that they heard from the captured justice youth.


「Ohii-samaaa-, why won’t you understand!!」


For an instant Hinata’s face grimaced seeing the people of Tsuchimikado clan who were lying on the ground with expression of anguish.

She had no memory of them. Because it was they themselves who took it from her.

They were also carrying out a terrifying plan. Their eyes were also terrifying. Her family was going to be sacrificed right now due to their ambition.

However, even so they were her family. That was how it should be.

That was why, Hinata who possessed kindness and consideration that were unsuited for her age couldn’t help but feel pained in her heart seeing them falling despite her anger.

But, Hinata who had intelligence that didn’t suit her age understood that she had no qualification to say anything as someone powerless who could only be protected, so she gritted her teeth and yielded herself to Kousuke――

「It’s fine, I only knocked them out.」


「They won’t even be able to understand how angry Hinata-chan is if they don’t live. You want to yell at them How dare you dos something like this! and slap their face at least right?」

He must be feeling heat that already crossed into intense pain from his neck due to the concentrated fire of curse on him. He desperately didn’t let it show on his face by making an uncool but fearless smile. It made Hinata’s eyes snapped wide open.

Seeing Kousuke grinning and bearing it shook Hinata’s heart irresistibly.

His consideration for her heart even without her saying anything made warmth spreading inside her chest.

「Yes! I’ll give an extra hard slap for the elder!」

She fearlessly smiled back as though to imitate him. While inside her heart 「Thank you very much」 she offered him her extra large gratitude.

「Hahaa, as I thought, I’m just in the way here ehh」

Fukube grumbled such thing while accurately shooting down five onmyoujis. Kousuke and Hinata ignored him while finally passing through the grounds and stepped into the mountain forest.

In that instant, *gou-* the ground rumbled.


The tremor was too much that even Kousuke had to stop moving and focused on balancing himself.

Most of the onmyoujis chasing after them were tumbling.

「No wayyy」

「What in the world……」

「This too is, bad isn’t itt」

The gazes of Kousuke and co moved up and up.

「So the apparition before this was actually this strong huh……」

A colossal amount of earth rose up like a giant wall while shaking the earth roaringly.

It was the apparition of earth that attacked them at the highway. But, the scale was different. To an overwhelming degree.

It was forming a gigantic wall like the great wall of China with earth overflowing from inside it as though it was bloating up by itself. The trees of the forest were smashed from their roots and swallowed with thundering sound.

「You won’t be able to go any further than this, Ohii-sama.」

A voice came down. It was a very cold voice.

When they looked up, there was a woman with her face hidden by a white cloth standing above the earth that was transformed into a giant wall.

「Y-you are……」

「You don’t have your memory, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tsuchimikado Tsubaki. The wife of Takehiko who is the son of the current head of the house.」

Tsubaki bowed with elegance, no, with a hypocritical courtesy. Hinata was overpowered and gulped.

「Can’t we talk for a bit?」


*Ring* A sound of bell rang through the area.

「It’s a sad thing for relatives to fight each other. Everything is due to an unfortunate misunderstanding. I believe that we can surely reach an understanding if we just talk it out.」


*Ring, ring* The sound accelerated.

The scale in Hinata’s heart was tilting to the direction of 「If we can solve this by talking……」. Fukube was also shrugging his shoulders 「I’ll welcome a ceasefire of course」.


「It seems the two people with Ohii-sama are also having a misunderstanding, so first let’s both sides――」

「No need. Screw off.」

A kunai that was tinged with electricity flew sharply like a streak of light.

Earth lump shot up from under Tsubaki’s feet and stopped the kunai just before it hit.

「Tsu, what are you――」

「Shaddup! My neck is feeling hot since some time ago! You’re doing something!」

「……As I thought, you can’t be dealt with ordinary mean.」

A slight click of the tongue could be heard. Both Hinata and Fukube also returned to their senses with a gasp.

「Kiyotake, tighten the encirclement!」

「I know!」

Kiyotake and others had taken position at both sides of Kousuke and co at this side of the great wall before they realized it.

Other onmyoujis had also caught up from behind and readied themselves with charms in hands.

More than ten of them had been knocked out, even so there were still more than 70 onmyoujis here facing them. The number of “shiki” was around thirty.

In addition, at the left side of Kiyotake there was a two horned bull――the apparition “Ushiki” standing imposingly. Its huge body boasted a height of nearly three meter. At his right side a giant snake that breathed fire――the apparition “great snake of Yakeyama temple” appeared.

At the sky the “three tailed fox”, “Jubusen no Kikai”, “Raijuu”, and behind him other apparitions than “Kaso” had all lined up.

They were completely surrounded.

「Ohii-sama, please stop your futile resistance. Even with that shikigami of yours――」

「I’m Endou Kousuke, a human.」

「Anyway! Surely you don’t wish to see such excellent policeman getting devoured alive――」

「Blah blah blah, shaddup!」

「Tsu, what’s with you! Listen to what I’m saying!」

「That’s right! Endou-san! My life is hanging on the balance here――」

「It doesn’t matter at all!」

Her face couldn’t be seen, but it was obvious that Tsubaki was irritated. She was acting composed, but her vigilance toward Kousuke wouldn’t slacken down for even an instant. But, it didn’t matter. Fukube was yelling 「So cruel-」 but, it also didn’t matter.


「I don’t feel like playing along with you trying to buy time.」

There wasn’t any ground for negotiation. Discussion could be held after all of them got beaten black and blue and rendered powerless. The right hand of the demon king had sufficiently learned the demon king style!

「No, I’ll have you play along with it!!」

The earth undulated. The onmyoujis were reciting a mantra, and the apparitions started moving.



「Leave this place to Fukube-san and me and go ahead!」

「E-eeh!? Endou-samaa!?」

「E-eeh!? I’m also remaining here, Endou-san!?」

Hinata was tossed up to the air carelessly. The princess who Tsuchimikado clan needed very much. Everyone including Tsubame opened their eyes wide wondering what he was doing.

The next instant, the space twisted into a vortex and Hinata vanished into it.

In exchange a small stone fell on the ground.

Tsubaki gasped and looked down at the other side of the great wall. Then, over there was,

「I’ll leave the rest to you! Me!」

The figure of Kousuke saying that while dashing away with a fierce speed toward the mansion with Hinata in his arms.

「Oh no-」

「Fufu. Since when did you hallucinate that I’m the real thing?」

Kiyotake and others opened their eyes wide in astonishment seeing Kousuke speaking proudly with a somewhat stylish speech.

Yes, actually when Kousuke scattered smoke bombs just now, he was also replacing his main body with a clone. And then the main body put up his invisibility in full power while secretly crossing the earth wall and arrived at the opposite side. After that he teleported Hinata with teleportation artifact.

「Chase them right――」

「I won’t let you.」


Tsubaki moved the earth to chase after Kousuke and Hinata, but the voice that came right from beside her made her responded with an earth spear before she even turned around.

When she looked over there a beat later, a Kousuke who was skewered there vanished with a comical sound of *poof*.

「Where are you looking at?」


This time it came from the opposite side. Tsubaki’s face that could be seen from the gap of the white cloth was twitching.

When she looked over her shoulder, there was Kousuke there making a strange pose.

「Let me return the words just now back to you.」

Twirl and turn-.

「You won’t be able to go any further than this, Onmyouji everyone.」

It became noisy at the ground below. When she looked there, Kousuke on the ground was increasing into four.

No, the number was continuing to increase.

Even right at this moment.

They were even at the outer circumference around Kiyotake and the apparitions that were making encirclement. They had been encircled back when they realized!

Even though it should be bright outside from the moonlight, for some reason some parts of the forest weren’t touched by light at all and one by one Kousuke came out from there!

Surely they could never even imagine in their dream that after Kousuke made his clone, put up full powered invisibility and dashed around the great wall, he intentionally used darkness element magic to block the light to make a show of the clones’ appearance!

「W-what the hell are you! Just what in the world Ohii-sama turned into her shikigami!?」

Why were all of them coming out while making stylishly cool turn?

Why was every single one of them making different embarrassingly cool pose?

Incomprehensible. The meaning was completely incomprehensible!

That was why it was terrifying. Kiyotake couldn’t endure the terror of the unknown and yelled.

「Thou ask me who am I? Very well, I shall tell you. Engrave it into the depth of your soul for eternity!!」

All the clones beautifully synchronized to do “putting on sunglasses in the stylishly coolest way that I thought up!” at the same time. Even though it was night, they put on sunglasses, like that! Scary!

「I am the darkness! The aristocrat of the deep abyss!」

Everyone wanted to tsukkomi, what’s the point of adding “deep” to abyss……but they couldn’t say anything because of the bizarre atmosphere!

「Endou-san, there is no point saying deep abyss. Abyss already has the meaning of deep.」

That police man, was he a hero!? Everyone wanted to tsukkomi like that, but the bizarre young man continued like he didn’t hear anything so they couldn’t say anything!

「I am the guardian of a kindhearted girl, the right hand of the demon king-」

Now, engrave mine name with a thunderous applause!

「Kousuke E Abyss――」

*Bururururu* A familiar sound rang out.

The sudden ringtone froze the place’s air in a different meaning.

Whose that, turn off your phone beforehand stupid, such atmosphere was spreading. Everyone looked at each other and conversation of 「No, it’s not me」 was repeated everywhere.

Kousuke E Abysswhatchamacallit-san quietly took out a smartphone from his pocket.

So it’s you! Gazes that said that stabbed him. Under such gazes, Abysswhatchamacallit read the displayed name and his gaze swam around for a bit before a beat later, he cut off the call with a press of button.

「Listen and be amazed! Tremble in fear!」

And then he tried to continue as though nothing had happened,

「Mine name is Kousuke E Aby――」

*Burururururu!!* The ringtone rang out once more. Even though the volume was the same like before, was it just their imagination, this time the ringtone felt like it was a bit angry.

Even the apparitions looked like they were thinking 「Eh, what’s with this atmosphere……」 . While the air of silent puzzlement was filling the area, Abywhatchamacallit-san looked hesitating for bit before in the end,

「Mu, muu, at this kind of time……give me a second.」

He thrust a palm of his hand toward Kiyotake as a signal to wait and accepted the call. Then,

「Hello, Emily, right now this one is a bit busy……eh!? Ah-, f-forgive this one. So my carelessness caused the clone over there to vanish……」

It seemed the adverse effect of having his focus disturbed caused him to be careless when making new clones. And so Emily called his phone in worry.

「Eh? You’re going to come here with Rana and others as reinforcement? Don’t don’t, it’s dangerous here! For Tsuchimikado people I mean! You know, Rana and others, they might get a bit too enthusiastic and go head chop, that’ll be a bit……yeah, I’m fine here, really. I already contacted Nagumo and others at noon, and if push comes to shove I can request reinforcement from them.」

Emily-chan, she was really powerful. Before anyone realized it the lord’s behavior was turning normal.

Also, a clone was carrying the smartphone was just in case the main body got into a pinch and couldn’t contact the others.

Not only Kiyotake and others, even Tsubaki was obviously dumbfounded even with her face covered by a white cloth. Well of course they would. Just when they were in the brink off a deathly battle!, their opponent was having a private phone call. Was that kind of guy really existed? It was seriously a Serious Break. Their heart couldn’t keep up……

「Eh, new woman? There ain’t any! I’m not cheating or anything! Eh? Rana’s sharp woman instinct? Nope nope! Really really! Aby-san never lie! That’s why don’t sound like you’re going to cry like that! Wait, I can hear you over there Rana! Don’t get carried away! There isn’t any new wife or anything at all here! Eh, what? Vanessa? Eh, Claire fell from the third floor window? From the shock of more rival? Go help her quickly! Also tell her it’s just a misunderstanding! Please okay!? Ah, Emily. Yeah, yeah, it’s fine. I’ll call you again so……then」

*Pshu* The phone was turned off.

*Fuu* he exhaled, and then a beat later.

「Mine name is Kousuke E Abyssgate!!」

「It’s impossible even if you force it like that, Endou-san.」

Fukube’s tsukkomi made all the people of Tsuchimikado thought.

Exactly as you say! They thought.

「Tsu, enough already move all of you!」

Tsubaki returned to her senses before others and snapped as she gave the order. With that Tsuchimikado clan finally returned to fighting mindset.

Under a very sloppy atmosphere, the fighting to buy time with the positions of both sides reversed began.

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