Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 414 Abyss Lord Chapter Three You Go Hina!

Chapter 414 Abyss Lord Chapter Three You Go Hina!

An oni woman with height of 2,5 meters, and a girl with height less than 170 cm were facing each other.

Shuten Douji aka Yaya no Hidzuki and, the strongest onmyou girl aka Fujiwara Hinata.

The former was looking down with eyes that were shining enchantingly, while the latter was looking up straight with eyes that were shining like the sunlight.

The black kimono that was worn slovenly, and the light purple kimono that was worn properly although with some untidiness were also showing their contrasting personality.



They were both silent. Their gaze also wouldn’t wander. They were staring at each other as though to see through the deepest depth of the other party’s heart and fully grasp their nature.

That too looked as though they were locked with each other using their gaze.

On the other hand, the onlookers were being really noisy.

Kousuke was letting out 「H-Hinata-chan!?」 with a surprised voice, Taisei papa was making a fretful voice 「C-come back over here Hinata!」, the elderly nobleman and others were also making warnings like 「Princess, don’t do that!」「Ohii-sama-, come back here!」 one after another.

Of course they were acting like that.

Certainly, Hinata was widely recognized as the strongest onmyouji of this generation, so her power was overwhelming.

But, in the end she was a caster.

Getting into a glaring match with an apparition who was among the strongest in close quarter combat was no different from suicide. In the worst case, she would easily die with a single fist, no, with a single fingertip.

It was only natural that Fujiwara clan and Tsuchimikado clan fell into a mini breakdown.

But, even though she should be able to hear them, Hinata completely ignored them. Or perhaps she was so focused to the oni in front of her with all her mind that she couldn’t spare any thought to them.

It was possible to drag her away forcefully, but in that case, it was unknown how Hidzuki who responded to Hinata’s staring contest for some reason would react. As the result, Taisei and others also couldn’t do anything careless.

And so, after getting thoroughly flustered and panicky helplessly, their gazes turned to a single point.

Yes, toward the man who was the cause of Hinata stepping forward――Kousuke.

The gazes of Fujiwara clan and Tsuchimikado clan were insisting 「You are the cause right!? Do something about this situation!」.

Well, Hinata stood in front of an oni who was approaching to embrace Kousuke. It surely couldn’t be helped for them to think 「You, just what is your relationship with Ohii-sama?」 in suspicion.

(Oi Endou-san. A bloodshed happening because of incident of blind love just when it looked like the incident has gotten solved won’t be funny at allll. Please do something about this.)

(Incident of blind love, what do you mean incident of blind love huh.)

(How about you make it clear already, Endou-kun whoever you are. You, what is your relationship with my daughter?)

(According to the report it seems that you had been together with the princess since the mountain summit of Fushimi but……in the first place, what in the world you were doing deep in the mountain that was off the mountain trail like that?)

When he turned around, the relatives of the princess were standing behind him. They each grab a shoulder of Kousuke tightly. Their faces were serious. The serious faces of a middle-aged man and old man were there in close-up. They were also whispering into his ears. He really wanted to run away.

(Are you having some kind of misunderstanding? There is no way I have done something to feel guilty about right? Hinata-chan is still a kid you know?)

(In this world, there is unforgivable type of people called lolic*n you see……)

(I’ll smash your mug you know?)

Even if it was Hinata’s father, that kind of evaluation was unforgivable. Kousuke returned a glare.

(By the way everyone?)

Fukube quietly got close behind Taisei and the elderly nobleman. He whispered into their ears.

(This person, even though he has a fiancée, he also has three mistresses that are acknowledged by that fiancée.)


(Fukube-saaaann, just now, why did you say that!? Or rather, saying word like mistress sounds bad in other people’s thought!)

Kousuke’s protest ended up in vain. The gazes of Taisei and the elderly nobleman changed. Now it was like they were looking at a fly buzzing around their clans’ treasured princess.

(Haha,you are going to say it anyway right? To that person there.)

Fukube jerked his chin while saying that with a small voice.

It went without saying, he was pointing his chin at Hidzuki and Hinata who were glaring to each other there.

Indeed, Hinata was already aware of that fact, but Hidzuki who was expressing her affection to him so straightforwardly also needed to receive proper explanation. Kousuke himself was certainly planning to tell her.

In that case, it would be troubling if even Taisei and others started making an uproar too when he made that explanation. They didn’t know how Hidzuki would react. So it was understandable for Fukube to tell them beforehand.

(And so, Endou-san. This is the time to show your worth as man.)

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(Uu. I know. I’ll properly explain to Hidzuki――)

(So with this, a child bride and an oni wife get, isn’t it? However, about Hinata-san, please keep it in moderation no matter what. At least for ten more years. It will be unpleasant if an arrest has to be made won’t ittt?)

(Hey, you were just joking right? Isn’t that right?)

Hinata was undoubtedly having reservation toward a legendary oni as an onmyouji, she wasn’t doing it as a “woman’s battle” by any means, no doubt about it. Because, Hinata-chan was an extremely logical girl with common sense!

Kousuke believed in that!

At the back of his mind, the daughter who seemed to be seriously aiming for the demon king and the new little queen of the desert world who really seemed to be harboring extraordinary feeling for the hero flashed for a bit though……

He also imagined the figures of those girls gesturing to Hinata while chanting 「Comrade? Comrade?」 with a nice smile but……

They must be just his imagination!

The pressure of the gazes from Fujiwara clan and Tsuchimikado clan that were saying 「We can’t endure this atmosphere anymore!」「People like Takehikofather is under a fatal curse on top of losing one arm. Let us focus on healing them alreadyy!」(by Kiyotake) was getting stronger.

Certainly, there were many people who should receive medical treatment in full. Not only the people of Fujiwara clan who were in the weakened state, the casters of Tsuchimikado clan also weren’t unharmed. Especially Takehiko. During Hidzuki;s battle, Kiyotake and others dispelled the curse on them and they had also drank the healing medicine that Kousuke handed, so they had tenaciously escaped from mortal danger, even so they were in a state that needed complete bed rest.

And so, it would be better for him to hurry.

Kousuke was trembling in fear imagining how Hidzuki would react, even so he coughed.

He opened his mouth with the mental state of someone jumping from a cliff.

「Aa~, Hinata-chan? I understand how you are wary toward Hidzuki as an onmyouji, but I think she won’t recklessly rampage, so, let’s leave it at this, okay? Hidzuki too, you won’t go into a rampage right? Right?」

It was Hidzuki who reacted first.

Her expressionless face became bright like a flower when she turned toward Kousuke. But,

「That depends on this little girl thoughh」

Her reply was quite dangerous.


Kousuke called out once more, this time while placing his hand on her shoulder. Hinata finally reacted then.

Perhaps she had ascertained something with her inherent spiritual sight. Her expression was still oozing tension like before, but she placed her own hand over Kousuke’s hand on her shoulder.

「Please rest assured. I have no intention to start a fight from my end.」

She answered like so. Hidzuki’s gaze turned toward their hands that were piled up together and narrowed quietly.

Perhaps that was why. Hinata’s hand immediately let go and took a step forward so Kousuke’s hand would also be removed from her shoulder.

Tension abruptly ran through the air. Then what was done at the next moment caused everyone other than Kousuke and Fukube to be speechless.

「After all, it will show our lack of gratitude toward you.」

Hinata lowered her head with a beautiful movement.

「I offer the great oni my heartfelt gratitude for saving my family in this occasion.」

It was like time stopped for a moment. That was just how heavy the silence that filled the air was.

Thinking carefully, it was only natural.

The strongest onmyouji of this generation lowered her head to an oni who could be called as her irreconcilable enemy without exaggeration.

That shock was felt not only by the onmyoujis who had inherited deep tradition and history, but also the oni in question. Hidzuki’s eyes reflexively widened like saucer.

For some reason Kousuke smashed apart such atmosphere with a smug face.

「There look, Hinata-chan isn’t that kind of girl. She never forgets her decorum no matter the situation. You go Hina! Serious, you go Hina!」

「Endou-san, I understand your feeling, but let’s read the atmosphere okay?」

All the people of Fujiwara clan & Tsuchimikado clan nodded simultaneously at Fukube’s retort.

Hinata tilted her head and looked at Kousuke with puzzlement.

Hidzuki sighed. She made a wry smile that looked somewhat bored and she spread her fan over her lips to hide her expression.

「I only answered the expectation of mine beloved.」

She didn’t manifest for their sake, so don’t misunderstand. That warning spread out with a cold voice.

A complexly tense atmosphere spread out once more, but Hinata who was facing Hidzuki was unflappable as expected.

「I’m aware. However, the result can’t be denied. That’s not a reason for me to be ungrateful. It seems that the name that Endou-sama called out is hidden by your curse, so we are unable to hear it. And so, allow me to address your great self with your common name. Shuten Douji of Mountain Ooe. The head of the onis. This Fujiwara Hinata thank your great self as the representative of my clan.」

Hinata nodded humbly and also with genuine gratitude.

Hidzuki’s showed an expression that lost interest with Hinata’s action that was completely well mannered……


Oh? Hinata-chan’s expression as she lifted her face was straightened tensely?

「Regarding the affection that you held toward Endou-sama, I have a bit of warning that I wish to tell to you.」(ote: Before Hinata used “anata-sama” which is a very polite way of calling someone, but here she used “omae” which is a casual way or perhaps even derogatory way to call other)

Everyone of Fujiwara & Tsuchimikado got stirred! Well of course. Their princess who never forgot her decorum called someone else “you” in a derogatory way. They could clearly feel her resolve that wouldn’t hesitate to be hostile!

Kousuke felt a bad premonition and spoke 「Wait. Wait a second Hinata-chan」 anxiously, while Fukube said 「There, you see that[ with a smug face. Taisei and the elderly nobleman were getting flustered. In various senses.

「Hee? What is it?」

Hidzuki’s eyes glinted. Was it just their imagination, this time it looked like she wanted to tell HiInata to not betray her expectation this time.

The tension rose abruptly.

But, it was then, *turururururu* a phone ring sounded out. It brought a feeling of déjà vu.

「Ah……I-I’m sorry.」

As expected, it was Kousuke. The gaze of everyone from Tsuchimikado clan stabbed him deeply as though to say 「You again!」.

Hidzuki’s smiling face was also scary because of the interruption. Hinata’s gaze at him became as though she was looking at a troubling person now.

「I get it. Yes, I understand this. It’s an addition to the carnage right? You go Aby. This is seriously, you go Abyyy!」

「Fukube-san, that mouth of yours, can you shut it up for a bittt!?」

But he couldn’t deny it. Because, the smartphone’s screen was showing the word “Emily”.

Actually because he had no leeway to maintain unnecessary clone, he also dispelled the clone at the place of Rana and others, although he had properly informed them first that time.

He said that he would call them when the matter was over, but it seemed that Emily had run out of patience and called him.

「Mine beloved, what is that?」

Hidzuki glared at the object that was making noisy sound. From the perspective of her who didn’t even know about telephone, much less smartphone, she might consider the object as something that was ringing ceaselessly on its own.

「Err, this is, you see, it’s a tool that can talk with someone else far away from here……」

「Someone far away from here? What a strange object that is.」

The ringtone continued to play. He wondered if he should reject the call for now. And then if he sent a message that he would call later……

「Endou-sama. Could it be from the person who came up in the talk at the safe house?」

「Ah, yes. Right it is.」

「Then, it will be better if Endou-sama pick it up……after all that person must be calling like this because she is worried for Endou-sama.」

What good sense! But, this flow was heading to a bad way!

「Someone worrying for mine beloved? Who couldst that be?」


「Endou-sama’s fiancée and……his mistresses, or so I have heard.」


Smiling face! Hidzuki-san was making a full smiling face. The ebst smiling face stabbed Kousuke while she was still soaked in blood. Her oni aura was leaking out!

Just when he thought that the battlefield where he almost lost his life had died down, the wind of a full scale carnage was blowing. Even everyone of Fujiwara & Tsuchimikado stiffened.

*Tururu~? Turu! Turu!*

For some reason the ringtone was breaking. The sound was sounding like it was urging him to hurry up.

「Aren’t ye going to answer it, mine beloved?」

The pressure of the smiling face was horrific. She was clad in crimson colored ghastly aura when he realized. It seemed that the aura was also skillfully shaking off the blood clod on her. Her white hair was returning to its original beauty. Her personal appearance was also groomed as though to declare that she was in perfect battle readiness.

「……This is something that has to be ascertained sooner or later.」

Hinata said something that wasn’t really comprehensible. Rather than speaking to someone, it felt like something that she spoke to persuade herself.

「Endou-sama. It’s said that there are various forms of love……that, even I, still can’t fully understand about it but……」

「That’s fine. You don’t need to understand for your whole life. Hinata-chan, you should stay as you are.」

「No, that’s not what I meant. Regarding Shuten Douji, no matter what kind of conclusion Endou-sama arrive at, I think it’s better if you introduce your important people to her while they are far away.」

Hinata’s expression was unexpectedly serious.

She was radiating concern toward Kousuke and a bit tension as though she was still in a battlefield. As expected her atmosphere really wasn’t like what Fukube unjustly (?) suspected……

To be honest, Kousuke was unable to gauge what was going on in Hinata’s heart, but he understood that every single one of her words always came from her heart.

And so, even while his expression was a bit convulsing, Kousuke resolved himself and picked the call.

Immediately, a voice in the volume that anybody could hear despite the phone not in speaker mode burst out.

『Kousuke! Are you okay!? Sorry that I’m calling you! Rana-san said 『It’s fine so please wait』 to me, but as expected I’m really worried……could it be that I’m interrupting something!? If that’s the case then I’ll cut off the call right away!』

She said all that in a single breath. Also, she had studied desperately for the sake of her beloved Kousuke, so she was already speaking in Japanese without using the artifact of :”language comprehension” anymore. There wasn’t a single person here who didn’t realize just how much the feeling of the girl at the other side of the phone toward Kousuke was.

Hidzuki-san’s smile that was like someone who found a prey was scary……

Taisei and others including Fukube were sending him gazes telling him to 「Oi, turn on the speaker mode already, quick」.

Kousuke helplessly switched the mode while answering with cold sweats.

「Yeah, I’m fine. Things are taken care already here. So calm down Emily.」

When he said that with a voice that was as calm as he could manage, a relieved muttering 『Thaank god』 came from the sspeaker.

『You hear that, Emily-chan. Kou-kun said that if the situation is really bad, he will properly call for reinforcement right?』

『T-that’s true……』

『It was a really serious matter that Kousuke-sama had no leeway to even leave a clone here. So it can’t be helped. I was also worried.』

『No, Claire-san should worry about yourself. Just how many times you need to fall from the window until you are satisfied? The way you walk around restlessly was like in Pythagora Switch……see, the local children mistook you as a performer and wait in standby at the street out there to see you fall again.』

The voices of Rana, Claire, and Vanessa also followed. Kousuke got a distant look as he muttered 「Clairee」 to the saintess who seemed to fall from the window due to anxiety.

『So, Kou-kun, Hinata-chan was it? Is that child safe?』

「Yeah, she is safe. Rather played a greater role than me. She also properly regained her memory and after that she was peerless you know, peerless.」

『Regaining her memory and then being peerless? What’s that, that’s just the coolest!』

「Ou, it was super cool!」

『That’s Hauria’s favorite! My brain juice is blubbering out from excitement! Can you record it later with past replay? Let’s watch it with everyone!』

In addition of Kousuke and Rana’s high praises, there was also a high-tensioned praise 『Wonderful! An actually existing Japanese exorcist! Furthermore a little girl! That’s also my favorite!』 from Vanessa and an insistence that was brimming with rivalry 『E-even I can be peerless when facing demon you know!』 from Claire were resounding from the phone.

Hinata was trembling. Her face was still prim, but her face and ears and neck were bright red. It seemed she was absurdly embarrassed.

But, the words right after that made her blushed crimson in a different sense this time.

『Theeen, there isn’t any problem with her as the fifth wife candidate!』

「There is nothing but problem!」

『Kousuke? As expected it’s like that? Again?』

「What do you mean as expected, Emily. I don’t have any intention like that, so can you stop making a voice of someone falling to the dark side like that?」

『Lies-!!! Kousuke is lying!!』

A shuddering angry voice like from a certain evening cicada show came back. The men Fujiwara & Tsuchimikado who were observing with held breath were shrinking back while going 「Hieeh」. (Note: Evening cicada, or in Japanese “Higurashi”)

「W-what’s your basis in accusing me like that…… Hinata-chan is a girl who is still nine years old you know? It’s impossible for me to look at her like that, and even Hinata-chan herself doesn’t consider me in that light at all. At best she is just scheming to make me into her shikigami……anyway, you’re also being rude to Hinata-chan just now.」

Hinata-chan’s face was still crimson but a vague smile on her face……

『But, I know.』

「You know, what?」

『The men of Japan respect Hikaru Genji-san so much that his story is still passed down even now! That Japan’s “gentleman” is something different from Britain’s “gentleman”! Vanessa told me!』


Emily was receiving bad influence from a certain SOUSAKAN (agent).

『Yes Kousuke-san. What is it?』

This woman, she didn’t have even a shred of ill will……Kousuke argued vehemently with throbbing blood vein.

「Anyway! It’s forbidden for you all to think of Hinata-chan like that! You get that! Especially Rana! Hinata-chan’s fathers and family members are also here, so don’t say anymore strange thing than that! I’m begging you!」

『My! Hinata-chan’s father is over there? Nice to meet you! I’m Kou-kun’s fiancée Rana Hauria! It’s sudden but, father-in-law! Please let Kou—kun have your daughter-!!』

「You said that right away even though I just begged like that-」

「I won’t let someone like you ever call me father-in-law-!!」

「Why are you also getting on it huh!!」

Aa, Hinata-chan finally covered her face with both hands.

What was this atmosphere of chaos? For some reason the talk was turning into a comedy skit. This was the suual thing, but the serious was dying.

But, even then stopped (?) at this point.

The oni woman who had been staying eerily quiet finally cut in.

「Calling oneself as wife whilst disregarding this me, this must be what they callst as a joke.」

The voice was mellow and gentle.

The volume wasn’t that loud. No, rather it was in teh category of quiet.

But, everyone was taken aback by dread that was also close to a pleasant feeling, running through their spine like a caress of a fingertip.

Hinata’s reaction was especially dramatic. Her face that was crimson from shame returned back to before like magic. Her gaze sharply caught Hidzuki. Furthermore her hands on her back were secretly forming a sword hand seal. Kousuke was also taken aback by that.

『……Kousuke? Just now, who?』

This voice was also sending dread in its own way.

『Could it be, Kou-kun! You get two in one sitting!?』

Rana’s rampancy that didn’t read the atmosphere was helpful & envious in a sense.

「Aa~, err, actually I want to call about that matter――」

「I’m the woman of mine beloved.」

Hidzuki-san asserted it. Then something that was unexpected even to Hinata happened.



『I’m going there now.』

「Eh, wait a second, Emily!」

Kousuke stopped her……but it seemed to be too late.

「Very good. Little girl, I doth not know where are ye right now but――」

「I’m Emily. Right now, I’m behind Kousuke.」

Emily-chan opened a gate.

A whirling membrane of light appeared behind Kousuke. Taisei and others opened their eyes wide like saucer. Emily appeared from inside the light.

Black innerwear and skirt, black tights and short boots. And then, pitch black eyes of darkness. They made her sidetail blonde hair and flapping white coat to stand out even more.

Naturally Rana also followed behind. She hopped out *pyon*. She was wearing a jeans with one cut off and a white blouse that exposed her navel. She appeared with two short swords hanging on her waist.

Vanessa was in her usual suit. She appeared with a model’s way of walking. Her right hand was spread over her face while making a cool pose. Claudia also appeared with her white exorcist dress that looked like a priest’s robe. She made her entrance with the gracefulness of a saintess――or she tried, but she stumbled on her own foot and her face went splat on the ground.

Claudia flapped around and writhed with red face. While she was standing up, Emily who looked like she was shouldering the cardinal sin of jealousy met the gaze of the 2,5 meter tall large woman who was elegantly standing at the front.

And then,


She instantly got cold feet. Because, the woman was huge. She was clearly inhuman with the horns on her head. What’s that. What the hell is that! Why is she clad in blood colored aura like the demon king-sama? her heart jumped in her chest!

It was an oni aura that was hard to resist by ordinary person.

After being bathed fully in that, Emily-chan who was completely an ordinary person despite being a pharmaceutics genius looked like she was going to burst into tear even now.

Tears pooled at the corner of her eyes. The way she became pigeon-toed and trembled in fear looked terribly super weak. She looked pathetically lovely. Her countdown to peeing herself was going to start.

At the same time Vanessa was also freezing with cold sweat gushing out. Even Rana and Claudia’s expressions changed completely.

「W-wait a second Kou-kun! I didn’t hear about this! What’s with her! I’m feeling similar ghastliness like Shia from her-」

Rana’s expression convulsed while she approached Kousuke with a small voice. Her hand that she put on his shoulder was slightly shaking.

The oni aura that Hidzuki radiated was so strong that even a head reaping rabbit who wouldn’t draw away from killing was involuntarily faltering.

Kneel right there. Know your place and back off. It felt like her aura was even filled with such will.

「Hmmm? Aren’t they just some rabbles.」

Hidzuki scoffed seeing the reaction of Rana and others. She considered them not worth her attention, along with the pride that she was the one and only who was worthy to receive her beloved’s affection.

That was why,

「Stop that, Hidzuki. Right now.」

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Words that were even filled with physical weight resounded heavily.

It was Kousuke. He stepped in front of Emily and others. He faced Hidzuki. Straightforwardly, he returned back the gaze of those golden oni pupils.

Hidzuki narrowed her eyes. She covered her lips with her fan while tilting her head.

「Mine beloved. Women flocking to a good man is inevitable, therefore I shall shut mine eyes to yer past. You simply needst to look only at me from here on――」

「Rana is my dearest person.」

He told her clearly. Rana’s rabbit ears that were hidden by artifact shot up straight. Her cheeks were dyed red and strength seethed in her limbs.

After that, although Kousuke showed a slight hesitation in his words, he looked at Emily and others and declared without reservation.

「Emily, Vanessa, and Claire are also people who are important and irreplaceable for me. I won’t allow anyone to hurt them no matter who.」

Emily who looked like she was going to lose control of her bladder even now let slipped 「nnfuu」 from her lips and stopped shaking. Vanessa too had complexion returning to her pale face. Claudia sported a joyful look and glared back at Hidzuki with the face of a saintess who deserved the title of the strongest exorcist.

It seemed that everyone was able to obtain encouragement from Kousuke speaking of his feeling clearly.

「I won’t say it for the third time. Withdraw your aura right now.」


Hidzuki’s eyes narrowed. She was expressionless. It was unknown what she was thinking.

Everyone was keeping their mouth shut from the turbulent tension of being at the presence of a bomb with its lit fused. A young voice spoke out with dignity amidst that to back up Kousuke.

「Shuten Douji. The warning that I couldn’t finish just now, allow me to state it once more.」

Everyone gasped and turned their gazes toward Hinata.

Hinata stood beside Kousuke.

Her small body stood straight and she turned an unwavering gaze toward Hidzuki.

「You love Endou-sama. You want him from the bottom of your heart. Isn’t that right?」

「What are ye saying at this point」

「Let me put it another way. You are――」

A beat later, Hinata thrust out the fact to correct a certain misunderstanding that Kousuke and others were harboring.

「You want to devour Endou-sama, his flesh and blood. Isn’t that right?」


It was Kousuke who raised a voice of bewilderment. Rana and others were also making bewildered look because they couldn’t connect about being in love to what Hinata pointed out.

But Taisei and others, no, the onmyoujis seemed to understand her meaning.

And then, Hidzuki was――


Smiling in ecstasy. It was a bewitching smile that sent dread to run through everyone’s back.

What Hinata pointed out was true. Her smile affirmed that more eloquently than any words. It made the expression of Kousuke and others to convulse.

「Endou-sama, never forget. She is Shuten Douji. A legendary evil oni who has devoured innumerable human. You must not consider the words of apparition to have the same meaning like human.」

For Hidzuki, the ultimate expression of “love” was to devour the one she loved until not even a fragment and a drop of flesh and blood to remain.

Exactly because she saw through that, Hinata never let her guard down against Hidzuki despite her gratitude toward her. She stood in front of Kousuke and confronted Hidzuki was none other than to protect Kousuke who lacked perceptiveness.

She also recommended to expose the existence of Rana and others only because it was a chance to shed light to Kousuke’s relationship with Hidzuki unable to lay her hand on them from far away.

Though that consideration was rendered meaningless by excessively supernatural phenomenon of space teleportation.

Kousuke suddenly recalled. Come to think of it, he got the feeling that he also heard 「Should I devour ye」 inside the dream. Those words weren’t a joke or sensual words that invited a bit of misunderstanding, but literal words.

No matter how close her form to human was.

And no matter how beautiful her appearance was.

Apparition didn’t measure things with the same standard like human.

Because they were nonhuman that was produced by human’s “fear”. They were born as something terrifying that couldn’t be comprehended.

Kousuke unconsciously opened his eyes wide while making a strange groan 「uboa」 when he finally realized that.

「Aa, mine beloved. Ye are showing me such lovely expression. I’m not thinking to devour ye right away. I’m going to wait for ten or twenty years until the time ye mature ye know? If ye like, I don’t mind waiting until yer old age when ye canst move anymore.」

He couldn’t feel relieved at all hearing that. She still wanted to devour him at the end, so it felt like he got a death god’s gaze placed on him.

If it was in twenty years than he was confident he would be able to turn the table on her, but there was also no guarantee that he would always be in perfect condition. Surely there would also be time where he got temporarily weakened by injury or sickness. Spare him from a future where a legendary predator would constantly watch him while licking her lips the whole time.

Kousuke couldn’t hide his shudder when faced with the overly unhinged obsession of the oni woman that was quite different from normal yandere. At the corner of his vision, he caught sight of Hinata taking a step forward to protect him.

「I have said my warning.」

An unshakeable will. A determination that was solid like a rock. A resolve that was displayed through words of power.

「What can a little girl like ye do?」

「I can subjugate you.」

That became white light that was overflowing.

「Have you forgotten? It was always human that destroyed the monsters that preyed on human.」

Cool and clear spiritual aura swelled up all at once and pushed back Hidzuki’s oni aura!

She couldn’t do anything at the time with Ootakemaru because there wasn’t enough time.

But now was different. She had enough time. Hinata had secretly devoted her energy for recovering, and formed many layers of anti-oni curse stacked on top of each other, it became a pressure that rivaled “god invocation”.

Hidzuki’s complexion was rapidly changing in front of this generation’s strongest onmyouji who took another step forward.

Her eyes that looked like looking at prospective toy became the eyes that were looking at a clear threat.

「There won’t be a problem if you say that you are going to live together with human without eating them. But, I won’t be merciful if you say that you are going to devour Endou-sama and the people important to him.」

She formed a sword hand seal that consisted of index finger and middle finger standing straight up, then she swung it down as though she was cutting straight down and thrusting her hand forward.

With that, Hinata declared with a piercing fighting spirit.

「As long as the eyes of this descendant of Abe no Seimei, Fujiwara Hinata are still black, know that you shall never have any hope to harm Endou-sama!」

That was a proclamation that she would spend her whole life to watch over her.

Not the slightest falsehood could be felt from those words that were also words of power.

It was enough to convince anyone that Fujiwara Hinata was capable to slay a legendary oni if she managed to spend the required time to perform the proper method.

「……Fufu. Ye are an interesting little girl as expected.」

Hidzuki laughed joyfully. She was full of composure and elegantly.

But, astonishingly, if it wasn’t just anyone’s imagination, she looked like she was slightly covered with cold sweat.

The face off itself was still going on, but it was clear that the legendary oni had been made to think that “she wouldn’t get away unscathed from it”.

The bloodline of onmyouji that had continued from a thousand years ago apparently was still a clear threat to apparition even now.

Seeing that scene, everyone who was in this place thought.

――This little girl, is seriously cooool!!

Suddenly there was a voice muttering 「T-this is bad. This girl, she is an outstanding talent that is beyond imagination. Is my first wife seat in danger-!?」.

It was Rana-san. The last time she was this flustered was when Kousuke confessed to her.

A battle that Rana-oneesan couldn’t lose was waiting for her there.

A burst of fighting spirit. Rana stepped forward to Hinata’s side and displayed Hauria’s pride in respond to Hinata’s showing.

She removed the hair band artifact and her true form appeared.

The rabbit ears and rabbit tail that appeared with *pyon* caused the people of Fujiwara and Tsuchimikado who were in “Ohii-sama fever state” inside to hold their breath. Even Hinata blinked repeatedly in surprise. Taisei was especially staring hard as though he had received some kind of shock.

「Nice to meet you. I am Rana hauria. A rabbit Onee-san from another world. I’m also the woman who love Endou Kousuke the most in the world!」

It wasn’t the usual Hauria style cool introduction.

But, she made an expression that displayed Hauria clan’s incomprehensible fearlessness to the maximum and puffed out her chest grandly.

「If you wish for it, I’ll allow you to be Kou-kun’s wife candidate. I’m the first wife though! Give up if you wish to monopolize her. And if you are still going to force it, then I’ll take you on.」

Rana asserted her dominance as the first wife without hesitation even with Shuten Douji as the opponent.

She wasn’t bluffing or acting brave, she was genuinely displaying the mettle to get into a killing match against her. Giant killing was Hauria’s forte! Such confidence could even be inferred from her.

Hidzuki surely also sensed that. Her gaze toward Rana that was like looking at an insect clearly changed.

「……Oh, a mere rabbit dare to bark so loudly.」

「If you are my husband’s enemy, then I’ll slip into darkness to take your head. That’s all there is to it! Because I’m the first wife! The first wife!」

It was important so she appealed by saying it twice. She sent glances toward Hidzuki――not, but toward Hinata.

Seeing that, Emily and others couldn’t just stay quiet and also followed Rana’s lead!

「E-even I……err, err……right! I can kill a mere oni with my poison! I-I’m not going to lose against a nine year old girl!」

「Then, I declare here that I shall snipe you with anti-material rifle. Hinata-san, it’s fine if you want to respect me.」

「E-even I’m not going to lose against a younger exorcist! The strongest exorcist is me-」

Hidzuki’s eyes captured Emily and others in turn. She narrowed her gaze more and more. But, rather than menace, what filled her gaze seemed to be similar with the emotion that she directed toward Rana.

On the other hand, even though she had just made her announcement with a snap like that, she got sense of rivalry directed toward her from an unexpected direction instead. It made her eyes to swim around restlessly. Perhaps it was a feeling like being hit by friendly fire.

「U-umm, everyone? Perhaps there is some kind of misunderstanding……I am just, thinking to repay the great favor that Endou-sama has given me even at the risk of my life……」

Hinata-chan clarified while keeping her sword hand seal pointed toward Hidzuki.

「In other words, you want to be with him for your whole life right?」

Rana-oneesan concluded it simply. Hinata shook her head left and right.

「I-I’m not thinking of anything like that. Endou-sama already has everyone here, so how can I……I just, want to be useful, that’s all……」

「No good! That way of thinking is no good!」

Emily-chan who was the one who looked like she wanted to monopolize Kousuke the most was the loudest one for some reason.

「You will end up a mistress if you have the same way of thinking like Yuuka!」


Certainly. Not wishing to have a special relationship, but still wanting to be useful while maintain a reasonable distance would indeed make one looked like a mistress. Though Yuuka-chan who was mentioned as an example would definitely want to protest fiercely about it.

「B-but, umm, this is a talk that is still too early for me should I say……Endou-sama is a wholesome――」

Her words cut off. She looked at Kousuke, then looked at Rana and others.

「Endou-sama is not looking at a kid like me with that kind of gaze.」

「Hey, Hinata-chan. Why did you omit the wholesome part? Hey, why?」

Kousuke’s question was beautifully ignored. Well of course he wasn’t wholesome, he got multiple women waiting upon him after all.

Rana made a wink and a thumb up at Hinata.

「Something like that won’t matter anymore in five or ten more years! Someone like lady Myuu is even younger than Hinata-chan, but she is seriously aiming the position as a wife of the person who is her papa and also our boss!」

「H-her father!?」

Hinata-chan encountered another unknown concept. Was it alright for such form of love to exist……it was an overly abnormal world for someone who didn’t know anything about the details that her eyes were starting to twirl dizzily.

「I permit it as the first wife! Now, Hinata-chan, what’s your feeling!」

「U-umm, right now there is the matter of Shuten Douji――」

「I am also interested to hear yer reply though?」

「Eh!? Why!?」

Even when she tried to divert the topic because her feeling or the like didn’t matter in this situation, Hidzuki herself was urging the topic along. Hinata-chan was flustered.

Taisei papa’s eyes opened wide. He looked like he was going to rush forward if Fukube wasn’t restraining his hand. The whole clan members were also opening their eyes wide as they observed their princess!

Why is the situation like this!? Hinata thought with her gaze wandering everywhere.

「I recognize it. Little girl, no, Seimei’s descendant――Hinata. Ye are an uncommon child who can possible destroy me. Then, something like yer motive is not something that I can possibly disregard. Make yer standing clear.」

「u, eu, uu……」

The “seriously cool Hinata-chan” before this was like a lie. This time it was her who got kept getting pushed back by the pressure of Hidzuki’s smile.

「O-oi, stop it you guys. Hinata-chan is trouble――」

「Shut up Kou-kun! Don’t get in the way of a girl’s important moment!」


He could only shut up when his dearest lover told him that. Kousuke was super weak.

「Hinata! Tell them clearly! An unwholesome man like this――」

「Please stay quiet for a bit Otou-sama.」


He could only shut up when his dearest daughter told him that. Taisei papa was super weak.

However, perhaps those words from her father served as the impetus for her to make her resolve. Hinata took one deep breath, two. Three.

Hinata mustered the completely unknown courage that she had never used until now. And then, she opened the lid at the bottom of her heart and carefully took out the feeling that she was trying to push down. She changed it into words and conveyed it.

She turned bright red,

He could only shut up when his dearest lover told him that. Kousuke was super weak.

「I-if it’s not a bother……I don’t mind to wait until I become an adult so……」

With a voice that was getting smaller and smaller,

「If I’m permitted to assume the lowest seat……it will be to my happinesh」

Although she stuttered a bit at the end, she put her utmost effort.

It was an affection that was just too innocent, pure, and humble.

Anyway, Taisei papa’s eyes went dead. Fukube tapped his shoulder *pon pon* while sympathetically saying「I understand that feeling」. The people of Fujiwara and Tsuchimikado were also making really complicated expression. Emily and others were shuddering and saying「T-this is Yamato Nadeshiko……?」.

Rana’s elbow kept hitting Kousuke’s side. She must be telling him to say something.

Looking at Hinata who was turning bright red while trembling all over, certainly, he had to say something……but, before that.

「Very good. This is truly, very good.」

*Pachin* A pleasant sound of a fan being closed in a snap resounded.

「All of ye hath certainly display yer backbone to this me. Even after a thousand years hath passed, this world is still filled with charming people. It’s truly very good.」

「Err, Hidzuki?」

Kousuke called out dubiously. Rana and Hinata, as well as Emily and others focused at Hidzuki.

Her expression seemed to be filled with an emotion that was different from anything she had shown so far. She looked like a child having fun.

「Kicking away all the formidable love rivals and obtaining the everything of mine beloved is a charming proposition but……yes, yes, I hath decided.」

The tyrannical and man-eating oni was going to make her conclusion.

She was an existence who could massacre every living thing with a bright smile. Inevitably, everyone’s wariness heightened but……

「I shall obey mine beloved without reserve.」

Hidzuki said that and fell on her knees.

「Surrounded not by a lovely man, but also by lovely women unexpectedly doth not sound bad isn’t it?」

That was why.

Just like how before Hinata did the same in the middle of a mountain of a foreign world, Hidzuki brushed away the bottom of her kimono with a graceful motion, sat on seiza posture, put the three fingers of each hand on the ground and bowed her head.

「Mine best regards for eternity.」

That was a proclamation that she could accept coexistence even if she had to suppress her severe nature from an oni’s belligerence and obsession.

An oni kneeling and lowering her head was the greatest proof for that.

Or perhaps, thinking of strong human children as lovely was also an oni’s nature.

Kousuke let out a long sigh. He breathe out in order to switch his feeling to a mood without any gloominess.

A beat later, he walked toward the bowing Hidzuki.

「I’m not planning to die except from old age though.」

He took her hand and made her lifted her face.

「You can do as you like after I die if you’re fine with something like a doddering old man. Also, I have a life that often got dragged into some kind of commotion, so in the worst case I bit it, then you can also feel free. If my body still remain then, you can take it Hidzuki.」

「Mine beloved……」

Kousuke said that with a wry smile in order to reward Hidzuki’s feeling as an oni woman even just for a bit. Because she understood that, Hidzuki’s expression also smiled brilliantly like a girl in love.

When he helped Hidzuki stood while looking at Rana, she replied with a satisfied thumb up. At the same time, she also kept sending glances at Hinata.

Pushed by that, Kousuke also spoke to Hinata with a troubled expression.


「! Fhai!」

She wasn’t trying to say “Fight!” by any means. She only bit her tongue when trying to say yes. She looked like she was going to faint from shame.

「I accept your feeling. Thanks.」


「But well, it’s just like Hinata-chan said, it will be after you grow up a bit more, okay? Until then, Hinata-chan will also experience a lot of encounter.」

「……I know that my feeling won’t change, but I don’t mind with that for now. Thank you very much, Endou-sama.」

Essentially it was like she was rejected, but it seemed she understood it. There was no sadness in Hinata’s expression. Rather, she looked a bit sullen when Kousuke spoke about other encounters, even so she seemed to renew her determination.

「Excellent! With this the case is closed for Kou-kun!」

Rana clapped her hands loudly and the mood finally loosened when she said that.

The night of long battle had finally lowered its curtain.

After that.

Hinata carried out the ritual to close the dragon’s den once more.

Emily used the medicinal herbs that she harvested and researched from the king tree to mix special medicine for the exhausted Fujiwara and Tsuchimikado clan members.

The elderly nobleman investigated the effect of the Kyuubi’s cursed item and the man in black falling into the dragon vein with the divination using divination board “Rikujin Chokuban”.

Fukube was contacting all of his contacts.

As for Taisei, although he was dumbfounded from hearing his beloved daughter’s feeling of love, he saw Rana’s rabbit ears and got back on his feet. He did things like asking 「If there is a rabbit girl, is there also horse girl?」 with a serious face.

Hinata snapped with a smile and scolded him 「Contact Okaa-sama already!」.

Like that they dealt with the aftermath while also resting for a while.

Kousuke also managed to catch his breath. For now, he guessed that he should report to Nagumo and everyone……they would definitely make fun of him again. As he got a faraway look while thinking of contacting the others soon.

A ringtone rang out suddenly.

It wasn’t Kousuke’s phone. The source was from underground a slight distance away.

「Mu? Is it mine? I think I dropped my phone when horse oni swung me around.」

「It’s alright Jii-san. You can continue your divination. I’ll pick it.

Kiyotake left to dig up the elderly nobleman’s smartphone. Yelling voice that sounded really excited came from the other side of the call.

While it gathered many people’s attention wondering what it was about, Kiyotake’s expression was rapidly turning grave. And then,

「Jii-san! It’s a call from the Izumo branch house! The grand shrine is attacked!」


Astonishment arose, however, this time it was Fukube whose expression was changed next.

「Haa? Make your report clearer……there is mysterious phenomenon of light at the Kyoto Imperial Palace?」

The abnormality still hadn’t ended. This time it was Kiyotake’s own smartphone that rang out.

「Taiga! You, what have you been doing until――ha? Are you screwing around!? What do you mean justice! Eh? You performed justice because there was intruder at Seimei Shrine? The barrier might be in danger? What do you mean! No, enough saying justice already!」

Immediately after they shared information, both Hinata and the elderly nobleman made a grave expression.

「This is……princess! I can feel impurity! The flow is……to the east?」

「Tsu, Kuzunoha-sama? This uneasiness……an oracle? A warning?」

While the confusion and bewilderment was starting to abruptly surge up, Kousuke’s smartphone finally also rang out.

That was the ringtone from the reliable boss.

However, it was only at this time that he couldn’t help but feeling something ominous.

「H-hello, Nagumo?」

『Endou, the uproar here is connected with your case as expected. I made them spit out everything. But, take a look at the news in internet first before I tell you the detail.』

「Eh? The news at internet?」

It was Vanessa who reacted immediately. She took out her smartphone and quickly operated it to open the news section.

And then, her eyes opened wide.

She held up the screen so everyone could see it.

Emergency alert was replayed with speaker mode.

That was,

「Eh, this isn’t……a coincidence, right?」

It was a scenery that made him reflexively doubted his eyes.

The highest mountain that was the pride of Japan――Mount Fuji had black smoke gently rising up from it.

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