Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 416 Abyss Lord Chapter Three The World’s Fluctuation

Chapter 416 Abyss Lord Chapter Three The World’s Fluctuation

Author’s note: A heavy exposition chapter. It’s lacking in fun, but please bear with it. Also sorry for being repetitive, but even if some things have the same name, they are unrelated with the actual things. Please keep that in mind once more.

「Eerr……in other words, this is all a one big fixed match?」

Kousuke’s exasperated voice echoed through the desolate ground of Tsuchimikado.

After feeling shocked of what happened during the school trip, Kousuke was told about the true identity of the mastermind and their first plan. His first reaction after hearing it was like that.

Looking at the side, Rana and Hinata and the others were also making the same expression. No, the majority of Tsuchimikado clan members who were used and Fukube were making grave expressions that were oozing with terrible anger.

It couldn’t be helped. After all Japan government almost got under the manipulation of other country.

And then, about the foreign country who was the mastermind of the commotion this time,

『As expected from a major nation. It’s like being shown that China’s Daoist group is number one~ in the world.』

「No, this isn’t the time to admire them.」

Yes, the mastermind was a magical group that belonged to that country, the major nation of the main land.

The sorcery group “Shadow Monk”. That was none other than the title of the organization that masterminded this incident as the limbs of China.

It wasn’t just the onmyoujis of Japan that awakened to supernatural power. In addition, unlike Japan, apparently the people who woke up to power――the awakened of that country had been active continuously through generations as a secret national organization even before their awakening.

Perhaps it was because of the country’s status as a major nation. The statistical parameter of their human resource was in a different scale, therefore there were a lot of people there who could use magic to some degree even before they got awakened, like Taisei and Hinata.

Of course before this their magic wasn’t that powerful. Just like what happened to onmyouji in the past, their main job was to do things like investigating and responding to occulting occurrence, divining the lucky omen in regard to the national project, giving advice, etc. They also assisted somewhat with intelligence activity. Those were the limit of what they did.

But even they had drastically gained power that was worthy to become the nation’s sword and shield in these several months.

「The shocking thing here is that regardless of the foundation that they had since the beginning, they managed to develop organizational method to launch supernatural attack and defense against other country in just several months. Really, it’s astonishing.」

Fukube massaged his twitching face, then next the elderly nobleman and Taisei also spoke out with twitching faces too.

「They are going to make us Tsuchimikado to make a glorious comeback into a governmental organization as their puppet, and controlled Japan from the inside through us, is it? To think that they went that far while we were busily running around reconsidering our techniques and checking the seals in various places……」

「Furthermore, their method to achieve that glorious comeback is by destroying the Barrier of Heavenly Star to liberate the evil spirits so that Tsuchimikado clan can spectacularly deal with the disaster……」

Yes, that was their first plan.

In Japan, only Tsuchimikado clan was able to deal with the like of apparitions. There was no way the government would be able to ignore Tuschimikado then, whether the clan got hired or absorbed as a national institution. No, bluntly speaking the clan would be able to obtain a staggering amount of influence.

After all, if the barrier was destroyed the ordinary people would fall into danger. There was no doubt that Tsuchimikado clan would become hero as an onmyouji group that survived until this present time. It would be just like a fiction story.

If that happened, then even the public opinion would become Tsuchimikado clan’s ally completely.

The heroes who gallantly appeared when Japan in danger would actually be puppets of a foreign country. Such thing was just too nasty to be a joke. But, it would be terrifyingly effective. There could be no better plan than this as a national strategy.

From this, perhaps it should be said that those who controlled the occult, controlled the world. That country realized that earlier than anybody else and took action swiftly.

Fukube muttered 「That’s real brutal」 with cold sweat in shock, even so he could also somewhat understand the feeling of admiration that Hajime held.

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「But boss, how did that connect to them targeting the families of boss and others?」

From the perspective of Rana who was originally a resident of a fantasy world, a nation making use of magical aspect wasn’t something strange at all, so she didn’t really get everyone’s reaction very well and urged Hajime to continue with the talk already.

『Look, if Tsuchimikado clan become hero, then naturally a villain that caused the barrier to be destroyed and youma to overflow will be necessary to complete the setting right?』

「Eh, don’t tell me they tried to set up boss and others as the culprit?」

Rana muttered as her eyes widened like saucer. Vanessa staggered as though she had heard something unbelievable.

「They are completely suicidal. Did that country make a snap decision without even investigating about the returnees thoroughly?」

If that nation was that kind of foolish country, then Britain’s intelligence agency wouldn’t have so much difficulty facing them. Hajime smiled wryly at Vanessa’s unspoken statement and affirmed it.

That country decided to obtain everything that could be obtained and executed all the plans that could be done while they still had the supernatural advantage. Even though it was a snap decision, they decided to prioritize getting the result and merit from it.

Perhaps they were also thinking that they would be able to contend against the returnees’ supernatural power with their newly awakened power.

Anyway, they went into action like that.

『It seems, they are planning to make us lose our place to belong in this country……well, they might be just thinking that it’ll be fine even if they just make it unpleasant for us to live here.』

「By that you mean?」

『In short』

Hajime explained, in that country’s plan, the returnees would be set up as “a group that was extremely suspect as the one freeing the youmas although there was no proof”. With that they would get bashed by the people and got put under strong scrutiny by the government.

At the same time that country had spread the information that “those who obtained the returnees would be the one to obtain superiority in the world”to the countries and the awakened outside Japan. That it was none other than the returnee youths who were the users of the newest and extraordinary mystic. That country meddled with everyone’s perception and guided their thought just like what they did with Tsuchimikado.

As the result, a scramble for the returnees that involved many factions occurred where they thought that first come, first served.

Although, their memory of the returnee commotion before this was still fresh, and the records of how the medias all unnaturally calmed down at that time could be found anywhere.

All of them were also still in the stage where they were still bewildered by the supernatural power, so they schemed to take the returnees’ families hostage without laying their hand on the returnees themselves.

A part of the Japanese government falling into disorder was also the work of the Daoists of “Shadow Monk” hypnotizing a part of the government officials so they wouldn’t get in the way of the secret agents of various countries.

『And so, the agents of the “Shadow Monk” were secretly protecting our families.』

「Haa? Even though they were the one that instigated everyone……aa. I see. They want to make us indebted to them huh. They’re going to say something like, actually it was use who protected your family.」

That was the reason why there were traces of their families getting targeted by a lot of foreigners who were also fighting against each other, and the reason why no one was able to kidnap any of their family quickly.

『Although, it seemed their plan were to intentionally overlook some cases so that several or dozens of our family members died, so they can frame other countries to be evil.』

「That’s just sh*tty.」

It was undoubtedly a shock for them that the returnees’ families were also a bad news. To be specific, a part of the families were plainly bad news, while each family had also been provided with crazy dangerous artifact for security (lol). And most of all, there was a crazily dangerous little girl protecting the whole city.

If only those factors didn’t get in the way, some amount of the returnees’ relatives would die or get injured. That would cause the minds of the returnees to be greatly shaken. They would determine the secret agents of various countries to be the culprits and blazed in hatred toward them.

And then if the returnees found out that not only the Japanese government stayed quiet about blacklisted people entering the country, some government officials even served the interests of the enemy by obfuscating the information……

「Our fellow citizens looking at us with distrust, the government can’t be trusted, and other countries harming our families. I see, they thought that we would get tempted if they whispered sweet words like “we will protect you” at that situation.」

『They will also say things like we will be able to use our power as we pleased, or that they are comrade who can also use supernatural power, or that their country will give us VIP treatment lavishly so that we will migrate there.』

「A nation is real scaryyy」

Kousuke glanced at Vanessa.

Even the director of the security bureau of Britain once seized the medicine of Emily that could be used for transforming human into biological weapon. She was going to go into war with terrorist organization using that. Right now they were working together because their interest matched, but Vanessa once almost got killed if she took just a single wrong step.

「You won’t be able to protect something big like a nation unless you go that far.」

Fukube said such thing even while looking uncomfortable as the one at the side of getting outwitted by the enemy. At the same time, his expression was pale and an atmosphere of terrible unease was also oozing out from him.

「By the way, Nagumo-san. How did you deal with them?」

『Of course, I crushed them. ……Is what I want to say, but just that wouldn’t be enough to make me calm down, so those guys should be returning back to their country around this time to carry out justice.』

「So that was a function that you put in!? Can’t you tell me about something like that beforehand!?」

『Hm? I didn’t explain to you when I gave you the version up?』

「You didn’t.」

Putting that aside.

Just as could be seen from how Hajime had a complete grasp of the “Shadow Monk”’s plan.

As soon as he learned about the attack after going back from the school trip, although he had a lot of things he wanted to say because he wasn’t told at all about the situation, he was thankful to everyone’s wish for him to enjoy making memories with his classmates.

At the same time he used the compass to capture not only the secret agents of various countries, but also the Daoists of “Shadow Monk” who were hiding in a corner of the local town.

Using Crystal Key, he split up the work with Yue to beat up and capture everyone regardless if they were secret agents of foreign countries or members of the “Shadow Monk” who started trying to explain themselves in panic. After that he turned them into splendid villagers and made them spat out all the information they had.

From that information Hajime found out something else that he had to do and didn’t have any time to capture all the “Shadow Monk” members who infiltrated Japan but……

At the very least the “Shadow Monk” Daoists loitering around the local area were already transforming into warriors who loved “Justice” more than their nation or magic.

Around this time they were happily returning home. They should be yelling justice while carrying out justice toward their own country and organization for freedom. They had forgotten both their patriotism and their former loyalty.

In front of their “justice enforcement”, their country and organization would surely experience chaos for a while. Justice!

「That’s splendid. Also there is one more thing that I wish to ask. About the awakened of other foreign countries.」

『It’s just as you imagined Fukube-san. It’s not just Japan and China. The same thing is occurring all over the world.』

「……That’s bad. Our country is completely defenseless at the moment.」

Fukube’s tone was low. His gaze was sharp like a cornered animal. He shot a glance at Hinata. His eyes were extremely chilling.

『Well, we won’t let them try anything with Japan as long as we are here. So don’t worry about it.』

「……Oh, that’s rare. So you are going to protect Japan?」

Although their families had just gotten targeted, Hajime’s statement sounded like he was saying that he would unconditionally protect this country from any supernatural attack of other countries. Fukube narrowed his eyes.

Certainly, it might be inconvenient for the returnees too if Japanese government got taken over but……

To be honest, Hajime and others should be able to position themselves as “inviolable existence” again just like before by making other countries understood that they would only get harmed if they tried anything to them.

Hajime also didn’t show any sign of demanding compensation for his help. Hajime saying that he would lend his strength in a fight between countries sounded a bit unlike his usual self.

And so Fukube made the natural conclusion.

「Nagumo-saaan. Youuu, could it be you had done something?」

『You’re sharp Fukube-san.』

Ain’t you the cause of everything? Fukube asked with a reproachful gaze. But Hajime unexpectedly admitted it honestly.

『Even I never expected that things could possibly develop like this. I had made estimations and taken as many measures as I could but……well, that’s just excuse. Although, we needed to return earth’s environment back like before no matter what in order to prevent a certain world from breaking down.』

「Returning back to before? ……Well, enough about that for now. Please continue with your explanation. But, please explain just what it was that you did later.」

『I guess. Let’s have a frank talk later. Britain and Vatican are also involved with it after all.』

「……Aah~ sheesh~」

Fukube held his head with both hands. Vanessa and Claudia averted their eyes far away from him. Even they never expected that things would turn out like this by reviving the King Tree.

Hinata and others also completely didn’t expect that the cause of their power awakening was at the other side of the phone……no, it was Kousuke beside them and his friend. They turned toward him with an expression that seemed to say No way!?.

「Fufu, isn’t it fine? After all it was thanks to that, I was able to come to the side of mine beloved like this.」

「Hidzuki-san? Don’t hug me. Are you reading the atmosphere?」

Kousuke unconsciously performed a heroine move of turning red in the face when Hidzuki hugged him in princess carry and whispered into his ear. Look, Emily-chan’s eyes were becoming muddy. She was taking out a test tube from her pocket that was filled with energetic liquid that was primed to explode anytime.

Hajime didn’t even notice that exchange and continued speaking.

『Let’s continue. About their second plan. The abnormality of Fuji Mountain is exactly because――』

Just as he was in the middle of saying that, the other side of the phone suddenly became noisy.

『Aah? Amanogawa begged in tears? He got the backup of the Heaven Tree with him right?』

『……Nn. But, the manly goddess is still a rookie god, and Aularodde is dog tired because of Hajime so…… He want the reinforcement to come quickly.』

It seemed that Yue came with a message. From what they were talking about, apparently Kouki and others were in the fairy world and something was also going on over there……

Why was Hajime in contact with them even while casually talking with Kousuke and others here?

Without even any time to ask that question, the dialogue at the other side of the phone was heading toward a dangerous direction.

『Tsk. As expected we have to deal with it too huh. For now, it will be fine if you can make Aularodde drink this. Teleport it to them.』

『……Hajime? This is, what? Mon E*? Why are you pouring it into a shaker?』

『I thought that something like this might happen so I prepared it. It’s a special energy drink where I also tossed in all kinds of medicines that make you energetic that I received from Emily before into it. Even an incarnation of laziness will be able to work without rest for a hundred years after drinking this……though after everything is over they will turn a bit, you know.』

Everyone’s gaze snapped toward Emily. Emily’s gaze snapped away from everyone. She was making excuse 「I can’t……oppose the demon king……」 with a small voice. So weak. Or rather, Emily-chan, could it be she was actually a genius in making toxic substance rather than a cure?

『……Y-Yue-san here will work hard, so no need for thattt』

『Eh? T-that so? Even though something like energy drink is all the same as long as they can postpone the fatigue for later……I wonder why everyone always refuse to drink the special version.』

That was because the effect was too special that even Yue-sama was creeped by it. But the talk wouldn’t progress by making such retort so nobody said anything. Nagumo family was overly used with energy drink.

「Ye there, I doth not know who ye actually are, but if ye try something with Aularodde-dono then I shan’t stayeth quiet――」

「Hidzuki-saaan, stoooppp!」

Hidzuki raised her voice with a threatening atmosphere. It seemed she was holding Aularodde in high regard.

『Aahh? Who was that just now?』

「I am Shuten Douji. The one in command of the onis at the eastern territory of the fairy world.」

『……So it’s youuu』

Ooh? For some reason Hajime-san reacted to Shuten Douji-san. He was cursing 『I can see it. This is why those bunches are going into rampage while spewing out things like that damn human-. You damn Abyssgate-san-』 with a small voice.

Kousuke didn’t ask what Hajime meant. Because, Kousuke also could picture it in his mind. It seemed that right now the fairy world was in chaos and he had a very good idea about the reason.

『Anyway Yue. I still need some time over here. This side will be fine with Aiko’s “Sea of Trees Manifestation” , and we also have the divine protections of the divine spirits. Go over there to help them out by yourself for now.』

『……Nn. Leave it to me.』

After having such talk, Hajime started talking about the “Shadow Monk”’s second plan.

Apparently, the first plan was to pollute the “dragon’s vein” that supported the Barrier of Heavenly Star, while the second plan was to destroy “Saten no Hokora” at Izumo Grand Shrine and “Uten no Hokora” at Fuji Mountain’s sea of trees which formed the barrier of two scales, the cornerstone of the Barrier of Heavenly Star. Their objective for doing that was to free the sealed existence behind the barrier.

The man in black throwing himself into the “dragon’s den” together with his apparition, the Izumo Grand Shrine getting attacked, and also Seimei Shrine and Kyoto Imperial Palace that had “dragon’s den” getting targeted, they were all for that.

「P-please wait a second! There is something sealed by “Uten no Hokora”? I never heard about anything like that before!」

It was Hinata who raised her voice like that. She hurriedly looked toward the elderly nobleman and Taisei, but the two of them were also completely taken aback by the revelation.

『But it’s the fact. That Abe no Seimei most likely created that Barrier of Heavenly Star to appease that “dragon”』

「Wha-, that barrier’s purpose was to seal the monsters that running rampant unchecked at that era……」

『Wasn’t it just a camouflage? After all he kept it a secret even from his own family.』

「How can that be……」

It was a shocking fact that overturned the knowledge that the onmyoujis had inherited through unbroken line of successions.

Naturally the elderly nobleman displayed his anger and questioned just what was the basis of such controversial statement. Taisei too pointed out 「Why does the “Shadow Monk” aware of something that even we didn’t know about?」 to pick hole in it.

Hajime informed the agitated onmyoujis of his conclusion. It was an outrageous story that even Kousuke and others were unable to accept immediately.

『Listen well, Abe no Seimei didn’t seal this thing. He appeased it. That existence already existence since far away in the past, from a time even before mankind was born. It had fallen asleep before human history began.』

「O-oi, Nagumo? Don’t tell me we’re talking about something like a god……」

『It’s not something like that. Open your ears wide, the aforementioned “dragon” refers to――this country, Japan.』

Bewilderment ruled over the place. Nobody comprehended what had just been said. But, Hajime ignored the confusion of Kousuke and the others and spoke.

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About his interrogation of the members of “Shadow Monk”. He noticed a strange thing from there.

Even when he asked them about the detail of the second plan for liberating the existence that was sealed in Fuji Mountain, far from saying anything about the “dragon”, none of them even remembered who, when, and how they were taught about the existence of this sealed being.

What they knew was about the original second plan, which was giving up on the destruction of the Barrier of Heavenly Star, and switched to releasing the monsters sealed all over Japan with human-wave tactics.

But, in a time before Hauria entered the sea of trees, the “Shadow Monk” had dispatched their intelligence agent there for a preliminary investigation of the first plan. After that agent investigated the shrine at Fuji Mountain, their second plan got revised.

The changed plan was that even if they couldn’t destroy the Barrier of Heavenly Star, they should at least pollute it, or perhaps inflicted it with damage even if only for a bit in order to liberate the “dragon”.

After that they would make it rampage in Japan. In that case Tsuchimikado clan would surely deal with it, and depending on the situation the returnees would also get involved and the organization would be able to measure their actual strength. In case that they couldn’t deal with the dragon, China would send reinforcement to sell out favor as a nation……that was the plan.

Even when Hajime investigated with compass, although there was reaction, the compass didn’t show the location of the “dragon” clearly.

And so he tried searching the location of old literatures that contained information about it, but the compass showed no reaction at all.

It was incomprehensible. What in the world was this “dragon”?

『There I caught Amanogawa and others who were in the middle of their journey to have Aularodde tell me about this “dragon”’s true identity.』

But Aularodde knew nothing. The former goddess had no memory of such existence.

According to Aularodde, the world’s memory was taking root in the Heaven Tree. The memory could be accessed by using goddess’s power, so all of them including Kouki’s group rushed to the fairy world.

And then together with the manly goddess, the old and new goddesses worked together. Furthermore they also used Hajime’s infinite magic power to trace back the record. However they didn’t find any record even after going back for nearly ten thousand years.

With no other way, Yue used sublimation magic to the extreme limit in order to increase the goddesses’ processing speed, and they were also made to perform Limit Break forcefully using artifact. Although such measures caused Aularodde’s head to slightly go into a twist, they finally succeeded in determining the identity of that existence.

「Eh, wait a second. Nope nope, just nope. Don’t tell me, you aren’t seriously saying that Japan itself is an apparition right? That’s just a metaphor right?」

『I also don’t want to believe it but, that “dragon” was born from a conception of other world, long even before human history began. It was born as a might existence that surpassed even god. And then, it half killed the goddess of Heaven Tree at that time and left the fairy world. After that it seemed that “dragon” arrived on earth.』

And then, the “dragon” that laid earth to waste clashed with the goddess of the alive and well King Tree.

There was also the cooperation of the goddess of the Heaven Tree from across the worlds. With that they somehow succeeded in sealing the “dragon” at the edge of the continent.

Because of the sealed “dragon”’s gigantic body, it became a land before anyone knew it. Fuji Mountain was the equivalent of that “dragon”’s heart.

「Certainly the shape of Japanese islands looked similar like a dragon, but still……something like this is completely a myth isn’t it……」

『It’s an emergency of Japan floating up instead of submerging into sea.』

The scale is too big that it felt laughable huh. Hearing Hajime saying that, not only Kousuke, everyone there doubted his sanity. Such daring wasn’t at the level of having a nerve of steel anymore.

In any case, after such fact came to light from a goddess herself carefully examining the record of history, there was no denying its truthfulness.

There Taisei came back to himself and interrupted.

「Come to think of it, Fuji Mountain had erupted many times in the past but……it was only in the Heian period that the scale was in a different magnitude. Could it be, that was why Seimei-sama?」

「You’re saying that the “dragon” almost woke up at that time? Seimei-sama noticed that and he created the Barrier of Heavenly Star to pacify it?」

Even the elderly nobleman muttered with a groan. In respond Hinata spoke 「I’ll confirm it quickly」 and formed a hand seal.

There was the most suitable existence to ask from if it was about the true objective of the Barrier of Heavenly Star.

Yes, the manager of the barrier――the white fox Kuzunoha.

Hinata closed her eyes and attempted to communicate. Then after a while Hinata let out a sigh.

「It seems to be the truth. However, even Seimei-sama and Kuzunoha-sama only “felt an enormously powerful ki of a dragon from under Fuji Mountain” vaguely. Apparently they were unable to go as far as seeing through the ki’s true identity.」

But, if the being actually woke up, it could possibly turn into an outrageous disaster. It seemed they made such judgment from the frequent occurrence of Fuji Mountain’s eruption, the abnormality of the “dragon’s vein”, and the result of various kind of divinations.

「The Barrier of Heavenly Star is like a dam that is set up in the center of the “Path of the Rising Sun” ――the “dragon’s vein” that stretched in a straight line from Izumo until Fuji. The sealed evil spirits were also for moderately exhausting the power of the dragon’s vein. With that the power of dragon’s vein flowing into the sacred mountain got adjusted. That is the true objective of the barrier that had been hidden until now.」

Hinata explained with a somewhat conflicted expression. She must feel conflicted to learn that such thing had been kept secret from her.

『The best way to protect something is to make it so that thing’s existence is not even known. Not only he realized the existence of the disaster, he even laid out a barrier that cover half of Japan, together with this thorough measure, it looks like Abe Seimei was a far greater man than even in legend.』

That evaluation of Hajime that could also be called a lavish praise made Hinata, no, the descendants to all have a conflicted expression.

「More importantly Nagumo. That “dragon” is going to wake up once more right now isn’t it?」

Kousuke pulled the talk back in track while oozing out uneasiness. Hajime replied with a composed voice.

『Looks like it. At the very least, there is no doubt that it’s this “dragon” that influenced the mind of the “Shadow Monk” approaching the shrine.』

The “Shadow Monk” members themselves mustn’t have clear awareness or will about it. Perhaps it should be said that they responded or maybe empathizing with the “dragon” only because they were a group that was scheming to destroy the Barrier of Heavenly Star.

Even if they only had the image of “there is a powerful dragon here” planted into them, even if the “dragon” couldn’t really hypnotize or influence their mind strongly, it was inevitable for them to judge that “this is useful for the plan”.

Like that, they actually carried out their plan for real in such way.

Now that the barrier had gotten polluted and Izumo had also fallen――.

『Although we still have the Barrier of Heavenly Star, if the shrine in Fuji Mountain also get destroyed, there is no telling what might happen. The “dragon” has been sealed for hundred thousands or even millions of year. It’s unthinkable that the Japanese islands themselves will move immediately but, at the very least it won’t bring any desirable result.』

「In other words, the shrine is still being targeted even now huh?」

『The number of those Shadow Monks is a lot. We couldn’t deal with all of them completely. We got something else that have to be done no matter what in the middle of doing that.』

The destruction of “Uten no Hokora” had been obstructed by the Haurias although only by a coincidence. Surely they would launch an attack with even greater scale next time.

And then, for some reason Hajime and others couldn’t spare any time to take care of that right now. Then, there was only thing to say here.

「In short, we just need to defend it ourselves huh.」


「What about reinforcement?」

『Please take care of it using the Haurias and all the combat forces through your connections. I had also notified the security bureau and Vatican.』

In other words, Hajime was telling Kousuke to protect the shrines in the four directions using all the bonds that he had formed until now――the assault force of the security bureau, the exorcists, the onmyoujis, and Hauria clans.


He didn’t mention anything about not being able to do it or that it would be difficult. There was also no hesitation. If Nagumo was relying on him then he just needed to produce result. Unaware, Kousuke’s eyes were turning into that of a veteran soldier.

The atmosphere around him was sharpened clearly and he exuded a numbing dominating aura.

Seeing that, Rana, Emily, Vanessa, Claire, and even Hidzuki let out a heated sigh.

As for Hinata, her grim expression that were layers of seriousness on top of seriousness reddened with a dazed look.

Taisei papa glared at Kousuke while gritting his teeth and screeching kiiiーー. As though he wanted to say how dare you seduce my daughterrrr. The elderly nobleman looked at him as though he was looking at a hopeless father.

「Dear mee, I wish that you wouldn’t do something like sending foreign forces from Britain or Vatican as you pleased to here like this.」

Fukube scratched his head in frustration. Even so he took out his phone while smiling wryly.

「It’s our job to protect our country. I’ll have you allow for our participation in this.」

It seemed that he would also gather a force here.

『Endou, I’ll send reinforcement there after we are finishing taking care of things here. Most likely Shia or Tio will be able to go there later.』

「That’s reassuring. Though the recovery items in my possession right now are lacking, got any aid for us?」

『Of course. The opponents mainly consisted of casters but, the possibility of them bringing some types of apparitions with them is high. I already sent bullets and artifacts that will be effective even against them to Karm, along with healing items. Join up with him on site and resupply there.』

「Ok, leave this place to us.」

Seeing the way Kousuke smiled fearlessly, the eyes of Hinata and others who were wavering from the seriousness of the situation also started to be filled with mettle.

They were still unable to swallow everything. They felt like they were watching a nightmare.

But, even so they understood what had to be done. And there was a man who was going to charge without hesitation to the forefront of it. When they looked at that back, if their strength was required, it made them wished to follow behind him for the time being.

「What about you Nagumo? This is you we’re talking about, so you must be working to resolve the situation right from its foundation.」

『Exactly. Right now I’m at the sanctuary of the King Tree.』

There Hajime was analyzing the cause of the awakened appearing along with the revival of the King Tree. Currently he was creating a solution for the problem.

『I also mentioned it just now but, with the pollution of the barrier and the destruction of Izumo’s shrione, the influence of the “dragon” is gradually getting stronger. The fairy world is the place where the change is the most striking.』

「Hm? The cause of the commotion in the fairy world, isn’t it caused by jealousy about the matter of Hidzuki――I mean Shuten Douji? Aka me?」

『Those guys were just taking advantage of the chaos. Right now all the apparitions with legends related to dragon in the fairy world has lost their sanity and rushed to here.』

「Haa? Eh, don’t tell me, they are affected by the “dragon”?」

『That must be it. Originally, they couldn’t possibly manifest on earth as long as they aren’t summoned or something, but if the “dragon” is serving that role as the summoner, there is a risk of legendary dragons pouring into earth by tens of thousands.』

Kousuke threw a glance at Hidzuki. She was a real example of a legendary oni who manifested here after responding to his call. What Hajime said sounded plausible.

He realized now. Kouki and others along with Yue who was sent away just now were serving as the dam holding back the dragons at the fairy world.

『And then, seeing that there are actual apparitions sealed all over the place, there are also dragon types apparitions here on earth. There is no guarantee that they don’t get affected too.』

「So that’s how it is. Shia-san and others are splitting up right now in anticipation of that huh?」

『Yeah. Half of the class are also working on it.』

The method was simple. They checked all over the world with compass, then they traveled using Crystal Key via the sanctuary where Hajime was at and went around putting up barriers to completely isolate all of the checkpoints.

At the same time, so that they could respond even if the worst happened, or at the very least to buy a bit of time and contacted Hajime, the army of demon possessed Grim Reapers was also dispatched to all over the world.

Also, defending Hajime who completely had his hands full with work and the sanctuary were Aiko leading her magical plants and the divine spirits.

The mastermind of the attack toward the sanctuary before this was also the “Shadow Monk”, but it seemed that anyone who excelled in spiritual sight or diviniation technique had sensed the moment when the King Tree revived.

Even if they didn’t understand the location accurately, it was inevitable for that country with plenty of mystical legend to put their sight toward Britain where mysterious incidents had recently occurred in frequent occurrence.

There, in order to search for the source of the power awakening and obtained the aforementioned source, they manipulated civilians with grounding in such field and awakened people to use them in a kind of human-wave tactics for an offensive scouting searching for the location.

The same like in Fuji’s sea of trees, they would definitely launch a serious attack toward the sanctuary after this. But, the divine spirits who were completely devoted in an appeal competition in order to become the next great tree’s avatar were oddly high spirited, so the attackers didn’t even pose any threat.

「Umm, Nagumo-sama? Some of us onmyoujis wish to head to Kyoto to safeguard it but……the members of “Shadow Monk” might target the cornerstones of the Barrier of Heavenly Star and the “dragon’s den” while we are standing guard.」

『That matter has also been taken care of. Myuu and……Myuu and, that’s, what to call them, her happy-go-lucky youkais? They already headed over there.』

Papa was uneasy about his daughter’s circle of friends. Such sentiment could be felt clearly from his voice.

「You sent out Myuu-chan!?」

『She begged me saying that she couldn’t abandon her friends at Kyoto……I asked Shizuku to guard her so I think she will be fine.』

Though, rather than Myuu’s safety, Hajime was more worried with Myuu making some new “friends” again.

『The families here are also being protected by Etemp, Sonobe, and the others, so there is no problem.』

「I see. Roger that. We’re going to defend Fuji to the end over here until you finished with implementing the solution. Consider it done.」

Kousuke nodded in acceptance and turned his gaze to around him.

Is everyone also fine with that? He asked with his gaze. The answer was naturally, no problem.

There, Hajime spoke with an unusually quiet tone.



『We changed the world. No, we returned the world to how it originally should be.』


『But, it’s originally not the business of this world.』

If they abandoned the fairy world, forsook millions, billions of apparitions and fairies to their fate, if they gave up on Aularodde, there would be no need to change earth.

Of course, when one of the nine worlds completely broke down, it was unknown what kind of effect it would have on the other worlds. It was even possible that a completely unforeseen disaster would rise, like how a single rotten branch could rot the whole tree.

At that time Hajime and others naturally had also considered that risk. In the end they decided that they couldn’t possibly allow the break down of the fairy world to continue.

But, even so,

『We have to take responsibility for what we did. What we’re doing here isn’t for a direct reason like because Japan is in danger.』

「Yeah, we’re doing this “as a human”. I feel the same. I absolutely never have any thought that it would be better if the whole fairy world is destroyed. I also don’t regret us reviving the King Tree.」

He looked at Hidzuki and smiled. Hidzuki blushed and smiled back.

「That’s why, I won’t let any more damage than this.」

Although only a few, there were several Tsuchimikado clan members who became victims. Kousuke’s face grimaced as he recalled that, but then Hinata’s hand softly grabbed his hand.

Her eyes that were looking up at him were containing an earnest light.

「Endou-sama. When trying to accomplish something, there will be something else that inevitably occur. Human won’t be able to take even one step forward if they can’t do anything unless they can predict everything first.」


「Not to mention that Endou-sama and your friends carried out your act for the sake of saving something that had to be saved correct? In the end it was the will of the “Shadow Monk” themselves that decided to bare their fang by making use of that. It was also with their own will that those Tsuchimikado clan members risked their life in order to protect the Fujiwara clan members.」

That’s why, don’t think of yourself as the ultimate cause of everything, Hinata pleaded with a straightforward gaze. Looking at the others, the elderly nobleman and Taisei and the others were also looking at him with the same gaze.

Kousuke turned his gaze toward Hinata once more. They looked at each other’s eyes, then Kousuke also smiled. He got the feeling that he was hearing the sound of grinding teeth from somewhere.

『Fukube-san, how old is the onmyou girl? Her voice sounded really young.』

「I heard she is nine years old.」

『So it’s out for Endou huh?』

「That matter has been settled. I will give the report later. By the way, it’s decided that it’s just barely safe.」

「Yu two, can’t you read the mooddd!?」

Even though it wasn’t like he had done anything to feel guilty about, Kousuke immediately let go of Hinata’s hand. Hinata-chan, she held tight her own hand while looking a bit sad. *Grit grit grit grit gritt* There was a sound of grinding teeth. It seemed the sound came from the mouths of Taisei papa and the doctor-chan and the saintess-chan.

『Cough. Anyway, Endou』


『It will be a perfect game from here. We’re going to resolve the situation perfectly.』


After that, they exchanged some more information before Kousuke turned off the call.

He ran his gaze to his surrounding once more.

Even the injured people looked like they had recovered considerably from the regenerative effect of the healing medicines and artifacts.

There was nobody who was unconscious. Everyone was looking at Kousuke with a strong gaze.

Toward all of them,

「Aa~, then everyone, please lend me your help.」

Kousuke smiled wryly and bowed his head. Everyone unconsciously chuckled at that slightly sloppy request.

The last battle to compensate for saving the fairy world was starting in the middle of such slightly relaxed atmosphere.

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