Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 417 Abyss Lord Chapter Three The Battle Behind the Scene First Part ~Isn’t Yue-san Alone Already More Than Enough?~

Chapter 417 Abyss Lord Chapter Three The Battle Behind the Scene First Part ~Isn’t Yue-san Alone Already More Than Enough?~



A loud scream of fighting spirit surged out.

The war cries that were raised so loudly as though to make the whole fairy world heard them came from Kouki holding the brilliantly shining holy sword and the (acting) avatar of the Heaven Tree, the manly goddess――Blau Niebel.

From the top of the Heaven Tree, Kouki was leading a swarm of small light dragons and a huge light dragon that were created from the highest level of light element attack magic “God’s Might” itself. At the same time he himself was firing “Soaring Flash” everywhere like there was no tomorrow.

At the opposite side, the manly goddess was making her aberrant muscles bulging out with vapor of sweats bursting out of her body. For some reason she was also making double biceps pose.

Then, for a mysterious reason, the Heaven Tree shined as though it was resonating with her. Her sweats were also shining from the light’s reflection while the tree fired out a barrage of branches.

It was the same attack like what Aularodde performed against the nine-tailed fox in the past. It was a sure-kill authority that if it hit, the branches would enter the target’s body and spread out their roots inside.


「Goddammitttt, the irritants aren’t just one or two-」

「Really sorry-, this is because I can’t suppress themmm-」

Everywhere in sight there were oriental dragons, western dragons, giant snakes, mizuchi……

In addition, there were also fish swimming in the air, giant turtle on the ground, youma with dragon body with only their head coming from a different creature, or the reverse of a creature with only dragon head, etc, etc.

Every kind of creature with legend that was related to dragon were charging to here with no sanity that could be detected from them.

Compared to when they faced against a great swarm of youma in the past, certainly the combat force here was smaller number-wise.

However, there was one point that was decisively different compared to last time.

That was,

「!? Blau-, up! Something huge is coming-」

「Aahn-, sheeshh-」

When Blau looked up while feeling a chill that caused her to feel goosebumps all over her body, there was already a dark cloud that had formed unnoticed there. Lightnings were running all over it like a spider web.

A coiling giant body appeared from there. It must be a dragon god from a world somewhere.

Instantly, lightning attack that dyed the world white rained down.

That lightning came with speed that left its thunderous sound behind. It felt like it might annihilated everything and anything of the lower world. It was undoubtedly a display of a godly might.

Such attack that really ought to be called as “kaminari” fell on the Heaven Tree. A barrier blocked the attack. (TN: Kaminari means lightning, but if the word is broken down further, it can also mean god’s roar)

Blau Niebel’s body that was self-proclaimed to be just flabby tightened and pulsed greatly. Her blood vessels swelled out to the surface and she let out a breath *pshew* that sounded like when a bottle of high pressure gas cylinder got opened.

「Enough with this alreadyyy-」

Her posing switched to the pose of most muscular! Her deltoid and trapezius muscles swelled out and both her arms displayed artistic muscle lines! They displayed what could only be called as a mountain belt area that was formed by the muscles of just a single person!!!!!

Immediately, the pressure of the dragon god that was squatting at the sky drastically lessened. It was the authority that made the avatar of the Heaven Tree worthy to be called a goddess――the absolute right to interfere directly toward thought element and conception――the authority shaved the majority of the dragon god’s power. It was a mystery though why the authority activated in conjunction with the posing!

Although, there was no way they could feel relieved with just that.

「Craapp-. ――”Maximum - God’s Might”-」

Kouki’s “God’s Might” crashed head on against a breath attack of a red dragon that was unleashed right at this moment.

It felt like the world itself was shaken. The dragon type apparitions at the surrounding were blown away by the after blast.

There, a white dragon flew out from behind the red dragon and launched its own dragon’s breath.

The timing was so superb as though the two dragons were cooperating with each other. Perhaps even the dragon god’s lightning attack just now was nothing more than a step to create this opening from how it looked like. This phenomenon had often occurred from the start of the battle.

Even though sanity couldn’t be felt at all from the dragons, even though they should be just charging ahead recklessly……

Kouki’s gigantic light dragon blocked the white dragon’s breath with its own breath.

「Damn youuuu-!!」

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Kouki poured even more of his fighting spirit and magic power. Like that the minion and master somehow managed to tore through the enemy’s attack right from the front.

But, he was running out of breath. Unlike the previous time, they were unable to scatter the enemy swarm in one go.

The reason for that was none other than,

「As expected from divinity owners-」

There were a lot of beings with divinity among the attacking dragons.

Last time, Aularodde was sealing the divine class apparitions. The attacking apparitions also didn’t try to work together with each other at all.

Although the enemy number this time was fewer than last time, their side this time also didn’t have the overwhelming number from Hajime and the abyss lord.

In addition,

「Aularodde-samaa-, I’m sorryyyy! Even though you have bestowed such an important role to meee-, it turned out like this because I’m unable to carry out my duty properlyyyy-!! I’m really a completely no good goddess aren’t Iiii!! Ooooonnn-」

The fact that Blau Niebel was just a rookie goddess who got the authority transferred to her only a few months ago was a major factor.

Originally, the being of this world couldn’t possibly oppose the goddess who was the avatar of the Heaven Tree. Even the dragon type beings shouldn’t be able to break through their seal even if they possessed divinity.

In addition, although the King Tree of earth had been revived and thought element had started flowing to here, the fairy world still hadn’t fully recovered yet although it was starting to get better. Even the divine dragons’ power should still be far away from their peak.

That was exactly why Aularodde could entrust the fairy world to Blau Niebel and left this world to go on a “journey to revive the branches of the world tree”.

And yet, that premise was overturned.

This was just a conjecture but, the circumstantial evidence was strong. Yes, it was the “Dragon”’s existence.

The irregular that could half-killed the goddess at that time even though she possessed an absolute advantage in this world.

There was no doubt its existence was resonating with the dragon type beings here. Most likely its influence was the reason why only the dragon type beings were able to slip out of their seals. In addition it was also definitely the reason why the dragons possessed their original strength and working together superbly with each other.

And then, because Blau Niebel was a rookie goddess, it was difficult for the current her to reduce the power of all the divine beings simultaneously, much less sealing all of them at the same time.

If the dragons were only in the class of high apparition, their power would be reduced the moment they entered the Heaven Tree’s territory, so even the small light dragons were enough to take them on but……

Against the apparitions in divine class or those who possessed the power that was close to that level, the best that Blau Niebel could do was suppressing their power one by one and defeating them in turn before resealing them while they were in the state of temporarily dispersed. Even doing just that needed a great effort from her.

Even then the dragons would break through their seal once more and revived if she let her guard down. It went without saying that it was the reason why the sealing of the dragons couldn’t keep up with this situation.

In fact, Kouki had defeated many divine dragons until now, but some of them couldn’t be fully sealed and managed to revive again.

He had lost track of how long he had been defending this place. His ability to continue fighting was rising thanks to the backup of the Heaven Tree and numerous artifacts, but the number of dragons that were rushing to this place was still increasing even now.

Kouki and others were gradually getting pushed back.

「Although there is Nagumo at the other side, there is no way we can allow this many dragons to pass-」

「Of course pyonn-. But……it’ll be bad for us at this rate yahn!」

The two fought hard. Both of them were looking anxious as they glanced briefly to behind them.


「Aah geez-. Pull yourself together already! Kouki is in a pinch see! Show your guts!」

「Aa~? Uu~? Fuheh」

「Don’t just act flippantly like that! Look sharp!」

「I hatee~, hot blooded woma~n」

「Youu-, this damn hopeless goddess!!」

Actually, there were two other people here.

Other than the desperately fighting Kouki and Blau Niebel, there was also the former queen of the desert world――Moana. She was continuously supporting the Heaven Tree itself with her heaven’s blessing art “Divine Protection” to raise the tree’s specs.

The other one was Aularodde whose head was completely bla~nk temporarily (perhaps) from tracing back the tree’s record until the ancient time.

By the way, Moana’s heaven’s blessing art was able to display such noticeable effect was thanks to the artifacts that Hajime gave her before departing to the “journey to revive the branches of the world tree”. Her weapons were also containing abundant stock of blessing power using the element converter system, so Moana was able to display her power as a warrior queen fully even when in another world.

They got the heaven’s blessing art “Divine Protection” and recovery type blessing art from such Moana, in addition they were also using other recovery artifacts and medicines to treat Aularodde but……

In contrast to expectation, Aularodde-san wasn’t recovering at the slightest. All this time she was just smiling frivolously as though she was finding something funny.

She had already got hit with double slaps in the face from the energetic Moana many times until both her cheeks were swelling red, but she paid no attention to that at all. Moana finally felt a sense of danger seeing her condition and started slapping Aularodde’s face seriously, but as expected she was still just smili~~ng frivolously.

Seeing Aularodde in such condition,

(Could it be, she didn’t just read the record of the Heaven Tree……)

The origin of the “branches of world tree”, according to Aularodde it was the “record warehouse of the whole worlds”. Could it be that she had come into contact with it even if just slightly? Kouki pondered in worry.

He recalled the talk about the world that was called as Akashic Records at earth, the place that couldn’t be reached even by an avatar. The talk mentioned that anyone that came into contact with it would surely perish from being unable to endure it.

He considered that line of thought, but he immediately brushed it away.

Because actually, it wasn’t just the dragons that were gradually pushing Kouki and others back.

「Oraah!! You human there!! Don’t just hide there orah!! Come and fight like a man-」

「How dare you came out of nowhere and butt inn-. You’re lookin’ down on us ahhh, you bastard!!」

「Don’t get in our way you little sh*t, oo!? You wanna to get killed huh!?」

Thuggish apparitions who were clearly not dragon type were yelling angrily while also attacking with tremendous impacts.

Their characteristic was the horns growing on their forehead although the number of their horns differed from each other.

Some of them were approaching with ability to fly freely, while there were also a lot who were punching on the barrier from the ground.

「Why are even the “onis” are coming here too-」

「I don’t know pyon-」

Yes, there were also a great variety of “onis” joining in this chaotic battle.

Not the whole oni type came here. It was only a part of them.

But, even then they numbered several thousands. A lot of them were in the class of high apparition, and a considerable number of them were even in the fierce god class. No, looking closer there were also some other class of high apparitions here and there sporadically.

All of them were screaming in clear fury.

「「「「「How dare you seduce my Shuten Doujiiii!! I’m gonna beat you dead—!!!」」」」」

「I’m telling you I don’t know what do you guys mean-!!」

「Just what in the world happened with the chief of the east territory non!?」

「「「「「Aa!? Bastard, who are you calling “your” Shuten Douji aa!? I’m gonna kill you!!!」」」」」

「No good, they aren’t listening!」

「Just why are the onis always obstinate like this non!?」

Just as it looked like the onis were charging headlong toward the barrier to break it, they got offended by each other’s statement and beat up each other. Then after one side got punched away, they would return to try breaking the barrier wholeheartedly.

Such thing had happened several times in repeat.

And there was someone even more unhinged among them.

「That lowly insignificant humannn!! That bastard who doesn’t even have a speck of presence dare to lay his hand on my womannnnnnnn!!」

A seriously screwed up in the head oni god. He was endlessly firing away swords and spears of ice while also releasing rain of fire and tornado at the same time. Each punch from his fist would cause ripple to spread through the barrier and caused shockwave that felt like earthquake.

「Kouki-, as I thought did you lay your hand on his woman!?」

「I don’t remember ever doing anything like that, Moana!」

Moana was looking at Kouki with eyes that were filled with sadness and darkness. This exchange had happened several times since some time ago.

「Besides if my memory serves me right, Shuten Douji is……」

「She is a too~~tal hottie you knowww~, fuhehe~」

「Kouki, as I thought-」

「I told you it’s a misunderstanding! Or rather, you should recall it too Moana! If I remember right it was Endou……but, I don’t understand at all why that topic came up right now……」

Who would ever thought that the person in question was already summoned back at earth, where there she proclaimed her marriage with Kousuke to the offshoot of Ootakemaru who had regained his sanity.

And then, the other onis and various kinds of high apparitions who were in love with Shuten Douji were all in rage that a human male nabbed the woman in their heart when she wouldn’t even give them any time of her day. It was something that Kouki and others had no way of knowing at all in this moment.

Though actually, about half of the onis who gathered in this place were nothing more than uninvolved onis who saw the chaos and took advantage of it thinking 「This is the first festival after regaining our sanity yeahh! Let’s go wild!」.

「A-anyway it’s bad if he get serious! I’ll suppress his strength pyon!」

Blau Niebel concentrated on Ootakemaru. She attempted to reduce the majority of that oni god.

But, as expected even without their sanity, the dragons didn’t just rush headlong.

They aimed at the moment when Blau Niebel’s concentration was focused on the oni and launched a simultaneous attack.

“Kaminari”, “dragon’s roars”, the authorities of destruction and death rushed toward the barrier from all directions.

A creaking sound rang out. The radiance of the heaven’s tree was flickering as though the tree was screaming.

「Aah, crap crap! Moanaa-, connect me to Nagumooo-」

「G-got it!」

Kouki assisted the barrier by overlapping an “extra huge Holy Severance” on it. During that time Blau Niebel also changed her posing to Side Chest to reinforce the barrier.

But, they got put completely on the defensive. Kouki ordered his giant light dragon and small light dragon swarm to concentrate their attack on the divinity owners, but the dragons in the class of high apparitions and lower cut in to obstruct them.

Moana thrust a key shaped artifact into the air in panic and twisted it. Instantly a small crimson ripple spread out with that key at the center.

It was the gate key for travel between worlds, “Fairy Key”.

The object’s number of usage was limited by the amount of magic power contained inside it, but under the conditions of “the world tree branches of the two worlds were touching each other”, “the goddesses of both worlds were assisting each other”, and “the output was kept to the minimum”, it could serve the role as a temporary communication tool that could operate for a considerably long time.

Perhaps it should be called as the prototype of the “interworld cellphone” that would be created later.

「It’s connected Kouki!」

「Nagumoo! Nagumoooooo!! We don’t have enough manpower here! Things are bad! Please help us here goddammit!」

「Your reluctance to beg for help from the demon king-sama is oozing out you know! It’s fine, I’ll report the situation! You just concentrate toward the enemies Kouki!」

「Thanks! Moana! You saved me emotionally!」

『……I can hear you two though? Can’t you two have that kind of exchange before the call got connected?』


The extremely cold voice of the strongest vampire princess caused Kouki and Moana to apologize with trembling voice.

『……Nn. So? Hajime is busy right now……are you in a pinch there?』

「I-it’s exactly as you sa――cough, yeah, that’s right. I want you to send us reinforcement.」

Yue-sama’s dignity almost caused Moana to unconsciously talk with polite language & servile attitude like when a common employee was talking with the company president, but she somehow pulled herself together to switch to the manly talking manner that she used when she was queen.

That was because she would feel apologetic toward Kouki if she abased herself toward the first wife of the demon king when Kouki’s relationship with Hajime was like that.

And most of all, her siscon disposition was also telling her 「I won’t forgive you for getting my cute Koone-tan to idolize and call you “Yue-oneesama”-!! Her onee-chan is just me alonee-」.

Moana pushed down that thought inside her heart while quickly describing the situation here. Then some pieces of conversation leaked out from the other side of the pulsing communication gate.

……Make Aularodde drink this

……Special energy drink

……Will be able to work for a hundred years without rest


Kouki, Moana, and Blau Niebel’s pained voices incidentally overlapped with each other in harmony. Even Moana who didn’t get along with Aularodde in various senses joined in. Or rather, they could even feel the presence of Yue shuddering at the other side of the gate.

「Fuheh, heheheh, work? More work?」

「It’s fine already! It’s fine for you to take a rest!」

「Please no-, don’t tell me to do something like resting! I’ll answer your expectation! That’s why don’t abandon meee-」

「You should be the one throwing away the idea of getting abandoned just because of resting from work-」

Seeing the pitiful goddess who had been stained with corporate slave mentality until the core of her soul caused Moana to spontaneously hug her ti~~~-ghtly. The moment she got enveloped in Moana’s voluptuous chest, Aularodde went funyaa~ as all tension left her body. She looked even more pitiful when she started muttering nonsense like 「Could it be, you’re my mama?」.

There, the space whirled and emitted light――

「……Nn-, it’s fine now! Yue-san is here!!」

The strongest vampire princess manifested while speaking a line like a certain mister symbol of peace with a smug face.

「Yue-san! What about Nagumo!?」

「……Mu. You’re uneasy with just me?」

「N-no, that’s not it but……there are this many enemies! There’re a lot of divine beings! In addition the dragons will revive right away if Blau doesn’t seal them!」

That too was most likely the influence of the “Dragon”.

That was exactly why they needed the power of number here……


Yue floated to the air lightly. She folded her arms and placed her index finger below her chin cutely. However she glared with chilling coldness in her eyes at the surrounding despite her cute gesture.

The sky dragon god, the endless amount of dragons infesting every direction. The onis and apparitions who indulged themselves in rage and combat even now.

The destructive focused attacks that even the word violent was completely insufficient to fully describe it, and the creaking barrier.

Kouki yelled 「Y-Yue-san! Things are seriously bad already here-」 to ask her to call as many reinforcements here as possible, not just her alone――


She scoffed.

A beat passed. The words of power of sublimation magic resounded frigidly.

「――”Forbidden Release”」

Light exploded blindingly. Golden light spiraled up around Yue until it gouged through the sky.

The lightning cloud that a dragon god formed here was drilled through. The center was flung off to form a round hole.

The large moon that was floating at far away beyond showed its appearance.

Right after that, what sprang out was an overwhelming, out of bound, transcendental, and unreasonably immense pressure that trampled on common sense and reason.

In an unconscious act.

The apparitions who were below the divine class stopped moving with shudders. Just like a squirrel that was placed in front of a wild predator.

Even the dragon gods instinctually felt in danger. They roared fiercely to shake off the pressure bearing down on them before roaring even more fiercely but……

Kouki and the others all turned speechless. Even the uncaring Aularodde opened her eyes wide and looked up. Amidst all that, a beautiful voice that could capture anyone’s heart while also sending shivers into their spine from how bewitching it was resounded far and away.

「I command under the name of Yue――”Kneel”」

The words of power that directly interfered into soul――”Divine Word” mercilessly penetrated deep into the apparitions.

The reaction of the apparitions that were already trembling just from feeling the presence went without saying, but even the oni type beings who only came here to screw around also fell to their knees without exception. Those who were in the sky landed with a free fall and grinded their forehead on the ground.

They did that while feeling aghast of their own action after several moments passed.

Although, as expected those who were in the high apparition class or above were able to shake off the word’s effect. The dragon god class didn’t even stop attacking.

But, even those only lasted until there.

「……I said, “Kneel”.」

With the Heaven Tree as the center, a jet black circle instantly spread through the sky. The center was empty like donut to avoid affecting the Heaven Tree, but the width of the circle’s outer circumference easily reached one kilometer.

Right after the circle was formed, a physical and phenomenal pressure bore down on the dragon gods.

――Wide range super gravitational field Kalpa of Destruction

Countless roars, no, screams rose to the sky. All the apparitions and gods who squatted in the sky while acting lordly as though the sky belonged to them fell below together.

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They looked just like insects that were slapped down with just one hand.

*Zun zun zun-* The impact of giant bodies hitting the ground spread out. Dust clouds spread out like a sandstorm.

「Guuuuh, what the hellll!?」

Even among them, perhaps because of his innate toughness, Ootakemaru managed to land on just one knee as he looked up to the sky.

The golden spiral was dying down. The tips separated from the ground and the sky to form a sphere. Like a butterfly leaving its cocoon, the existence inside it showed herself.

Like that, what appeared with the moon behind her as though she was its ruler was,


It was unknown who whispered that. There were sounds of swallowing saliva from here and there.

A golden goddess. Or perhaps, the avatar of moon. An existence who was worthy of such title was there.

She was standing under the moon, with three layers of halo shining brilliantly on her back, clad in a black dress with a body in adult mode, together with a whirling spherical black gravitational field and several black orbs circling around it like satellites.

A face that was beautiful beyond description. A pressure that was like standing under a great waterfall that made anyone couldn’t help but feel awe.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They were dazzled.

These people who was born from conceptfantasy were all flabbergasted as though they were looking at illusionfantasy.

It couldn’t be helped. After all the power that they felt from her who now replaced the dragon gods to squat in the sky――was completely beyond the successive generations of Heaven Tree’s avatars.

「……Stay there like good children?」

Those words were spoken with a tilted head. Just how alluring, how terrifying someone could possibly be.

But, that was exactly why it was unforgivable.

The humiliation of being made to lick the ground stimulated the pride of the dragons even though they didn’t have their sanity.

Their vague urge――the impulse to rush toward their grand ancestor was left behind by their rage and fighting spirit toward this powerful enemy before them.

Roars rose up explosively. The dragons all flew up with the divinity possessors at the lead.

「Hee, bring it on. Guessing from her looks she is a western oni? I’ll make her into my woman too!!」

All the onis were also grinning fiercely as though they had gotten a first class prey dangled before them. Their nature as oni drove them mad to obtain the golden goddess for their own.

「……Muu. Only around half of them got cowed?」

Yue pouted her lips a little in dissatisfaction.

She did a finger snap. One of the black orbs orbiting her suddenly broke.

「……Nn. Magic power refilling complete. Then~~~~die.」

The merciless proclamation was carried out with the creation of a dark star of calamity that was emitting sparks.

――Ultimate gravity magic Black Sky Destitution

Its size was unprecedented. Four of them were formed simultaneously at the east, west, north, and south of the Heaven Tree.

Anything that was in their range, whether the surrounding apparitions in the sky, or the apparitions on the ground 「Even though we’re kneeling!?」, even the divine class got mercilessly sucked in.

The unrivaled suction power that was impossible to escape from devoured the apparitions greedily. Such sight was like a nightmare.

“Black Sky Destitution” was different from the similar gravity magic “Severance Calamity”. It wasn’t a magic to reduce the target into dust using gravitational pressure. It was an annihilation magic.

There was no problem here because the residents of fairy world could revive somewhere as long as they had concept and thought element, but if that wasn’t the case, there was a possibility that the racial power balance of this world would crumble from the destruction here.

「……You there, don’t just stay in a daze. Can you seal those who got defeated just now?」

The adult mode Yue looked down on the peak of the Heaven Tree and scolded Blau Niebel who froze with her mouth gaping open.

She returned to her senses and met those brilliant crimson eyes. The manly goddess-san’s cheeks blushed red. The extremely terrifying “beauty” that took anyone captive without regard of gender, age, and race caused the manly goddess to nod up and down in high speed. It was as though Yue was Blau Niebel’s one and only goddess.

「Hah!? Dammit I looked straight at her! I almost got captivated just now……」

Kouki muttered while wiping his cold sweat. He almost caused himself to get “DOPAN-* from the demon king in the future.

「It sounds like you’re confessing that you got captivated by her already by saying that.」

Moana’s eyes were turning into <●><●>. But, she looked like she couldn’t criticize him strongly like usual. Because she herself also got captivated. This was her first time seeing Yue got serious, so it was really hard for her to drag herself out of the shock in her system.

No, Kouki was also in the same state. Thinking really carefully, today was the first time Yue got serious since the legendary final battle. Also, actually Kouki had only seen Yue getting serious at the battle VS cockr*ach when capturing the “great tree’s great labyrinth”.

That was why, his perception of Yue’s strength was only that she was at the level of Nagumo. That was what he thought but……


As expected from divine beings. The dragon gods endured even after getting swallowed into the “Black Sky Destitutions”. They all roared and unbelievably tore through the ultimate magic from the inside.

From the start they were able to make their large bodies flew in the sky. Naturally they at least had the authority to interfere with gravity.

In addition, right after all the “Black Sky Destitutions” vanished, the dragon gods also vanished from view. Right after that, they appeared once more above Yue. It seemed they could also interfere with space.

Dark clouds formed once more. The dragon gods were covered with flashes of lightning with a storm raging around them.

The Heaven Tree’s barrier surely would be able to endure their attacks including their authorities, however, Yue grinned and intentionally got out of the barrier.

She also vanished. Using the instantaneous space teleportation without using a gate, “Heavenly Existence”. She appeared in front of the dragon gods.

Two gigantic lightning fell at the same time.

Yue didn’t dodge. She didn’t even defend. However, she attacked.

The result was……


Only the dragon god screamed. It writhed in the air.

Looking closer, Yue’s lightning wasn’t just a mere lightning.

――Combined attack magic of gravity - metamorphosis - sublimation - lightning element Subordinate Demonic Familiar - Ultimate Lightning Dragon

It was a half monster giant lightning dragon made from lightning that was capable of autonomous action.

With a huge body that wasn’t at all inferior compared to a dragon god, it bit at the enemy’s neck, gouged, and poured lightning attack into its body while neutralizing its gravity control for flying. Like that both dragons fell nonstop toward the ground like a lightning strike.

And then, at the sky where the dark cloud cleared once more, the unharmed Yue appeared.

There wasn’t a single burn on her body, not a single tear on her clothes, far from that, not even a single hair on her head was out of place.


Ootakemaru had flown near without anyone noticing. His fist that was like a giant boulder lunged at Yue’s shoulder blade. Perhaps he imagined that she would cry and beg for forgiveness after she got one of her arms ripped off.

AS expected, Yue didn’t even put up any defense or try to dodge. Her arm was ripped off completely from her shoulder. Ootakemaru himself was bewildered at how easily he accomplished that.

Perhaps she was simply unable to react? He thought as he looked back after passing by Yue slightly――

As expected, she was there looking like nothing had happened. She lightly lifted up her supposedly ripped off arm and snapped her finger with a clear sound.

Instantly, the space shifted. It shifted for layers upon layers, countlessly, in every single angle. Just like a mirror that had been hit over and over until it was cracked all over.

――Space magic Thousand Cuts

Exactly as the name said, it was a thousand of space rupture. A cage of absolute bisection with nowhere to escape.

The space looked shifted not because of the cut in space, but also because of Ootakemaru’s vision that had been torn to pieces. As his consciousness faded out, he could see the sight of his own body falling as small cubes.

(D-damn fine woman……)

She didn’t even spare a glance toward him. The figure of the vampire princess who looked like she had just slapped away a fly made Ootakemaru imagined a delusion. If he could have Shuten Douji and this vampire princess in both arms, just how great he would feel.

「……Know your place.」

(Haha-, that’s harsh!)

It was unclear whether she said those words to him or others. Ootakemaru’s consciousness faded away without him being able to ascertain that.

Like that, at the battlefield that had been left by the oni god,

「Aa~, this is impossible……」

Just as the surviving onis muttered with a bitter smile, thought of resignation and withdrawal was spreading among the apparitions in the class lower than high apparition.

That was natural because Ootakemaru who had the exceptional status as an oni god even among the onis just got instant-killed, but even more than that.

「――”Evil Dragons of Seven Heavens”」

The seven giant dragons that were covering the sky made them comprehended that they only had the “future of being massacred”.

Lightning dragon, azure flame dragon, rock dragon, storm dragon, and the ice dragon were familiar heavenly dragons. But they were also joined by a light dragon that was created from “God’s Might” and darkness dragon that was spreading every kind of bad status everywhere like a poisonous dragon. All of them were in enlarged & physically materialized state.

There were seven dragons of divine class. Furthermore their creator Yue could regenerate them instantly as long as she was alive.

In addition, even that Yue was immortal as long as she had magic power.

Her words influenced even the soul, she manipulated gravity and space like her own limbs, she even created lives in the form of evil dragons, and in addition she even had regeneration in the form of time interference. Her extremely honed skill even included something at the level of godly authority that she stealthily learned from a god of another world.

She didn’t even try to dodge or defend against enemy’s attacks and simply ignored them by dint of her undying body. During that time she kept firing lethal and unavoidable magic like crazy――there was nobody in this place who couldn’t realize that was the original fighting style of the strongest vampire princess.

Then, when would she run out of magic power?

What brought despair to that question was the existences of the black orbs. Three of them broke together, however the new ones were instantly summoned from her “treasure warehouse” as replacement. As long as they didn’t know how many of those she had in reserve, this was the only conclusion that they could arrive at.

「When Yue-san can use magic power limitlessly……she is unbeatable.」

She didn’t need something like an absolute advantage like the goddess of Heaven Tree.

She simply beat down everything with strength.

It would be terrifying when the miniaturization of the infinite magic power generation device and the transfer system to remote location got finished. Yue combined with unlimited magic power would surpass the saying of giving a metal rod to an ogre by far and wide. Perhaps she would be even more horrifying than the demon king. Not just Kouki, even Moana and others were having twitchy expressions from the feeling of awe they were feeling.

Yue could be said as having transformed into a supreme existence without any exaggeration. That Yue right now was looking to the world below with a sweet smile.

Come at me if you dare. I’ll take on all comers. Her smile said.

All the divine class apparitions roared simultaneously. The dragons looked as though they had completely forgotten their first objective――answering the call of the “Dragon”. They were simply glaring straight at Yue as they roared.

Yue narrowed her gaze at that.

「……Nn-. If I carry out my role perfectly here, there is no doubt that Shia and others will also hold me in the greatest esteem. After all recently it feels like everyone is completely underestimating this Yue-san!」

Mutter mutter, mutter mutter. I’m still just a student mon. What’s wrong with lying idle at holiday. Just because I’m a prodigy in humor, it’s exceedingly offending to gradually get the treatment as joke character like this! A skilled hawk hides its talon, that’s Yue-san. Everyone don’t get that. Even the earth’s vampire all live a shut-in live at noon! Yue-san is in the faction that relax and flirt around when at home nano! Those saying that I’ll get called as NEET vampire princess in the future at this rate don’t know what they’re talking about! Saying that I’m the only one who have too much free time because I have nothing to do or me playing pranks on others because I’m feeling lonely is just false accusation! Even my fights with Kaori are simply because she is the one who always started it isn’t ittt? In general everything is Kaori’s fault isn’t ittt? Yue-san think it’s horrible that I got considered as a problematic child just because sometimes my pranks developed into a matter for the police!

That’s why, that’s whyyy!

Burn into your eyes of Yue-san’s unparalleled strength!

I’ll play this scene with past replay in movie screening later and engrave my greatness until the depth of their souls for sureee~!


Kouki heard all those mutterings clearly. It made him unconsciously covered his face with both hands. The gap was too striking that somehow he couldn’t bear to keep watching.

Because, even while she was muttering such thing, her heavenly dragons, heavy rain of lightning spears and sword mountains that jutted out on the ground within a wide area that reached until two kilometers to all directions, a sea of hellfire and a storm of light cannon of annihilation, gravitational directions and super gravitational field that raged furiously, or space that snapped apart or vibrated crushingly were blowing away the swarm of divine dragons that charged toward her once more.

All those were being done while she was sporting a bewitching smile that also looked fearless, with both her arms folded under her voluptuous chest, and her legs crossed elegantly midair.

There, a gate opened at the peak of the Heaven Tree.

「Amanogawa, how’s the situation? I think things should be under control with Yue here though. Still, I brought additional magic power stock with me just in case.」

It was Hajime. It seemed he came to check the situation here because his work had finished to a degree.

「I guess things are under control in a sense……」

Kouki quietly pointed at the sky. At the peerless Yue-san.

「Isn’t Yue-san alone already more than enough like this?」

「I, I see……」

Even for Hajime, this was actually his first time witnessing Yue’s full strength when she was in a state of using “Forbidden Release” of sublimation magic as well as free use of magic power without caring of holding back.

Hajime stared at Yue with a gaze as though he was looking at something bewitching, something dazzling. At the same time, he smiled wryly inside his heart at what Yue was muttering.

Yue noticed that gaze of Hajime and turned her gaze at him with a taken aback expression.

Her aloof expression as a transcendental being instantly softened into a an airy smile like a girl.

Right after that, at the next moment,

「……Hajime? Let me to kapuchuu~ you?」

She softly manifested in front of Hajime. She put her arms around his neck while still floating. She also conscientiously left behind an illusion of herself in the sky above.

「What, so the magic power isn’t enough just as I thought?」

「……N~n. I still have some in stocks so it’s alright.」

Then, why? Hajime asked with a tilt of his head. Yue licked her lips in respond. Her narrowed gaze was so captivating it sent shivers to his back. She was in adult mode so the impact was even greater.

「……Because I think, I’ll be able to do more if it’s with Hajime’s blood.」

Certainly, among Yue’s ability there was a skill called “Blood Oath”. The amount of power she could absorb from blood sucking was considerably magnified by limiting the one she could do it with to just one person.

Hajime nodded in understanding.

「In the first place I was thinking to let you drink if it looks like things are unmanageable here. Situation-wise it doesn’t look like there is any problem here but, if Yue want to do that then feel free.」


Yue put on a wide happy smile and went kapuchuu- at Hajime.

Chuu~ chuu~, lick lick, chupa chupa. Nnu, afuu~.

「Kouki! You mustn’t look!」

「Fuheh, Kouki-shan. Me too~」

「Oh dear, so bold!!」

Moana covered Kouki’s eyes with both her hands from behind. Aularodde who approached by crawling on the ground bit on Kouki’s leg. Blau Niebel took the pose of abdominal and thigh while twisting and turning as she went oh no oh noes watching the happening.

As that was going on, the expression of Yue who was doing kapuchu~ in a good mood……for some reason, was gradually turning into a look of dubiousness?

「……Nn? Nnn~? Nh!? Nnnaaaaaaah!?」

Shockingly, Yue leaped to get away from Hajime in a flash.

Such reaction normally should be impossible. It made Kouki and others to blink in puzzlement.

Yue rolled her tongue as though to confirm something, then she looked at Hajime with an expression of disbelief.

「Ah, as expected from you Yue. You realized huh.」

「……H-Hajime? Could it be you’re……using drugs?」

「That sounds really bad if you say it like that. I also did it at the final battle with Ehito right? Mixing cheatmate component into the iron in my blood to make myself into Yue’s exclusive artifact “Me” .」

「……That’s right but! But, that’s not it! Why, why-」

Why is there a slight taste of Mon E* in your blood!? Yue-san asked while trembling. Even Kouki and others were startled hearing that question.

「Well that’s, because no one would drink my special blend so……」

「……Nn!? Hajime and Okaa-sama and Otou-sama! Why are the whole Nagumo family keep wanting to make others drink energy drink!?」

「That’s not our intention though……but it was awfully hard you know? Creating an original Mon E* that is fine to consume even after getting injected into blood. ……That was what Emily said.」

「……A pointless use of talent!? Or rather, aren’t you treating Emily as a handy errand too muchh!?」

「She said that the hardest thing was to add the taste of Mon E* to the finished product. I told her that’s not really necessary but, she said that after coming this far she want the end result to be perfect, and in the end she actually succeeded for real. Amazing ain’t she, that medicine genius.」


As expected, perhaps Emily really should be called as a mad genius of toxic substance’s creation.

Yue was feeling power that was far greater than a normal blood sucking should produce welling up inside her body while grabbing Hajime’s shoulders with teary eyes.

「……Even so Hajime! What’s the meaning of going that far to drug your dearest wife like this!?」

「No, because, look, something like the taste of blood is always the same in general every time right? That’s why, see. The same like sake, as time passed the additional taste will fade and the blood’s taste will return to normal. With this you can taste double the tastiness from a drop of blood. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone……anyway! I did this only with good intentions! I meant well!」

「……You meant well!?」

「W-what? Even you Yue, when we were travelling to conquer the great labyrinths, you often tossed in monster ingredient or mysterious substance into Shia’s cooking right? Didn’t you also say that you meant well when making excuse to Shia when she snapped?」

「……An unexpected boomerang back at me!?」

Yue separated from Hajime. She unassumingly entered a state of “Limit Break - Supreme”. That made her trembled all over, then a beat later.

「……Hajime you stupiddddd~~~-」

She vanished *shun-* as she said that while still looking tearful.

At the sky, the golden light magnified explosively. The power that was already brutal previously jumped up drastically even more.

The three layers of halos enlarged until a diameter of thirty meters. From there, “an army of apostles made from light” that Ehito once used in the holy precincts in the past was manifested one after another.

Naturally, the combat situation was rapidly tilting toward Yue’s favor.


Suddenly a voice rose up from right nearby. Kouki, Moana, and Blau Niebel turned their gaze at it.

There, they saw Aularodde with an ampoule shaped syringe injected into her neck.

Of course, the one doing the injection *pshew~* was Hajime.

「So, about the situation at earth……」

「「「No no no no!」」」

The Mon E* injection was done so naturally that they almost disregarded it as nothing.

They couldn’t help but shudder seeing Aularodde spasming *twitch twitch* like a fish that was thrown on land.

「L-look hereeee! That’s completely a criminal act you know!?」

「No, because, with how dazed she looked, I thought injection would work better than simply drinking it.」

「That’s not the problem! How can you put that kind of dangerous looking thing――」

「Kouki-san, what’s the matter? We have to focus in dealing with the situation right now.」


There Aularodde was standing with a crisp expression. It seemed she had revived. Scary.

「You guys, it seems you got some kind of misunderstanding. You’re treating energy drink like something evil. Of course it’s bad for your body if you drink too much of it, but the same also apply to alcohol right? I swear that there isn’t any harmful ingredient mixed in it. There won’t be any problem as long as you take a proper rest later, which is something you have to do anyway even if you don’t drink any. In that case don’t you think that it’s better to drink it when it’s necessary?」

「T-that might be true but……no, I guess that’s true?」

「Kouki! Don’t get tricked!」

「Energy drink is god. Praise be the energy drink. Do you have the beverage type like the one from before?」

「Ou, I have it.」

「Aularodde-samaaa-, you mustn’t get addicted! Surely that path will only lead to a bottomless bog!」

Kouki and others were going gyaa gyaa noisily. Hajime looked at them with a terrifyingly affectionate expression and took out four shakers.


Kouki and others took a step back. Only Aularodde slowly staggered to take a step forward so they grabbed the nape of her neck.

Outside the barrier, the intensity of the battle was increasing as each second passed. The degree of the massacre drama was getting stronger.

Above their heads, voice that said something like 「kneeeel~, tremble in fearrrr~」 was raised while Yue was starting to laugh loudly in a high tension that they never witnessed from her before.

But, as expected, what terrified them the most here was,

「There are still a lot of things that have to be done. Now, help yourself with this for a pick-me-up, don’t be reserved.」

The expression of the demon king that was filled with consideration.

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