Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 42 — In Brook Town III

Chapter 42: In Brook Town III

Currently, Yue and Shia had gone out to town. Because it was only several hours before noon, they must move as planned. Their objectives were food(groceries) and clothes for Shia, as well as some medicine. Weapons and armor were unnecessary because they have Hajime.

The town was already wrapped up in it’s day to day hustle and bustle. The stall keepers vigorously called out to customers, there are housewives and adventurers haggling intensively. There are also food stalls that made you think, ‘Isn’t it too crowded in the morning?’, while the smell of burning meat and sauce drifted around.

Because tool shops and groceries would be too crowded at this time, these two decided to look for Shia’s clothes first.

From auntie; Catherine-san’s map, it mentioned the stores for everyday wear, specialty stores for high-class dresses, and the recommended stores for adventurers and travelers. As expected, au… … Catherine-san was someone with good abilities. She could accomplish anything as long as she wished for it.

These two immediately visited a certain shop for adventurers. They decided to buy everyday clothes for when they went back.

Inside the shop, as expected of something Catherine-san recommended, there were a lot of items. The quality was good, they were practical and functional, it was a store that wouldn’t betray your expectations.

However, inside was…

“Oh my~, welcome ? What lovely girls. To have you coming here, it makes onee-san happy~, I will sure~ly give a go~od service ? ”

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There was a monster. With a height of 2 meters, cladded with armor made of muscles, face thick with make-up, on top of its bald head, ‘chokon’, long hair grew in only one place, and that was made into a three-knit braid and tied with a pink ribbon. When it moved, its muscles were twitching and ‘gishimishi’ sound could be heard from it, with both hands on its cheeks, it twisted its body. Its clothes were… … no, it couldn’t be said as that. At the very least, ‘gon’ thick limbs, with a garment that made its stomach muscles completely visible.

Yue and Shia stiffened. Shia already passed out, while Yue steeled herself, having seen a monster that surpassed the Abyss’ demonic beasts.

“My oh my~? What happened to the two of you? Cute girls shou~ldn’t make that face. Come on, smile smile?”

“No matter what, everything was your fault, it was your fault that I couldn’t smile!” The grand rebuttal that Yue and Shia were somehow able to resist making. Even though these two have the level of highest potential out of all of humanity, they didn’t think they could win against this monster.

However, because the monster approached them with a big smile, Yue could not to bear it and inadvertently muttered.

“… … Human?”

At that moment, the monster raised an angered voice.

“Who~ could make a legendary class demonic beast run away? As you can see, credibility behind that is zero, or rather it’s minus. How could you call me a monster!!”

“I-I am sorry…”

Yue trembled with teary eyes. Shia, had long since… … been chilled in her lower body. After Yue apologized, the monster smiled(?) once again and continued its service.

“It’s o~kay. Then? For today, what kind of item do you want to bu~y?”

Shia stayed still even now, while Yue steeled herself to look for Shia’s clothes. Maybe it was because she already wanted to go home, Shia gripped Yue’s skirt and shook both the skirt and her head. However when, smilingly, the monster said, “Leave it to me~”, it carried Shia on its shoulder into the store. At that time, Yue looking at Shia’s eyes the expression of saw a pig that got sold for meat.

In conclusion, the monster that was called manager Crystabel-san could be considered a splendid manager. Shia who was taken inside the store also realized it, that’s why when it offered her the dressing room, she was undeniably grateful.

Yue and Shia expressed their gratitude to manager Crystabel. When they did that, they could feel the charm from the manager’s smile, it was a woman’s(?) virtue.

“Well~, at first I wondered what might happened to me, but it was an unexpectedly good person. That manager-san”

“Nn… … we can’t judge people from their appearances”


While chatting that way, they wandered around as their destination was the tool shop. However, these two stood out. On their way, when they noticed it, they were already surrounded by ten men. Most of them looked like adventurers, but among them there was also someone with an apron from the shop from somewhere.

One of the men came forward. Although Yue didn’t remember it, this man was one of the adventurers inside the guild when Hajime and his party talked to Catherine.

“Your names are Yue-chan and Shia-chan, right?”

“? … … that’s right”

Yue who didn’t know what he wanted squinted her eyes. Shia, because she was a demi-human, was surprised to be called by “chan”.

The man who heard Yue answer, looked back at the other men behind him and nodded, Yue could see they steeled their minds. The other men also moved forward to the front of Yue or Shia.


“””””” Yue-chan, please go out with me!!””””””

“””””” Shia-chan! Become my slave!!””””””

In other words, well, something like that. The pick-up lines for Yue and Shia were different because Shia was a demi-human. Even though they needed the master’s permission to transfer the rights of a slave, they must already know how intimate the relationship between Hajime and his party was from their talk at the inn yesterday. So to persuade Hajime they must get Shia first… … or so they thought.

By the way, maybe because the impact from the talk at the inn was too strong, they fact that the slave pact made it so that the slave was unable to oppose its master, somehow escaped their minds. If not so, they should have discovered that Shia wasn’t a slave. Although the strength of the pact could be lowered, no one actually did that.

Well, Yue and Shia who got confessed to were…

“… … Shia, the tool shop is over here”

“Ah, yes. It’s good if we can buy everything at once”

They continued their walk as if nothing had happened.

“Wa-, please wait! Your answer!? Tell us your ans- “”I refuse”” … … guu…”

Because their attitude seemed to think nothing about it, the man let out a groan, some men bent their knees and crumbled on the spot (orz). However, there were also some that didn’t give up. That just goes to show how far above normal Yue and Shia’s level of beauty was. As a result, it couldn’t be helped if they became reckless because of it.

“Then, I’ll make you mine by force!”

The reckless man shouted that, then ‘ginn’ light came from the other men’s eyes. They surrounded the two so they could catch them, then impatiently drew near them.

Finally, the man who talked to them first, jumped out to catch Yue. When the Japanese see that they’d surely shout, “Ah, Lupi* Dive”, something like that.

Yue coldly muttered one thing.

“”Ice Coffin””

Immediately, the man was confined inside a coffin of ice except his head, pulled by gravity and fell. “Gupe!?”, was the miserable scream the man who did the Lu**n Dive raised when he reached the ground.

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The other men knew that Ice Coffin was classified as advanced water system magic and were shocked that Yue invoked it just by saying its name. They interpreted it on their own and in their whispers, “She said the incantation beforehand” and “The magic circle must be hidden inside her clothes”, or something along those lines could be heard.

Yue was, walking up determined to the man who was wrapped in ice. Although surrounding them was a shocked air, having seen Yue’s prowess, there was already the second **pin!, among them. That’s why, Yue showed them a warning.

Yue melted the ice that wrapped the man little by little. The man was glad because he might get out of it. In addition, he watched Yue with feverish eyes.

“Y-Yue-chan. I am sorry to do it suddenly! But, I truly think of you as…”

Even though the man wrapped in ice tried to get his feelings across, his words stopped. If you ask why, it was because he noticed the small place where the ice melted. It was…

“U-umm, Yue-chan? Why, umm, why… … is it only the part between my groin?”

That’s right, Yue only melted the ice between the man’s groin. The man was still perfectly restrained. Because he felt something bad would happen, the man with cold sweat said, “Surely, that can’t be, right? Right? Right?”, when he saw Yue’s expression.

Yue curved her mouth slightly to the man.

“… … Aim and shoot”

Then, volleys of gravel continuously hit the man’s nether region.

—— Agh ——!!

—— Stop already-

—— moth~er!

The man’s scream resounded in the morning street. The sound of Mao collecting coins could be heard (To refresh your memory of the sound, please imagine the old **rio) from the man’s groin that was continuously aimed at. Surely the inside was like something that received a boxer’s Demey Roll.

The surrounding men, not only the one that surrounded them, but also the unrelated onlookers, and stall keepers nearby, all crumbled while covering their groin with both hands.

The barrage that seemed to continue for eternity, finally stopped in consideration of the man who already lost his consciousness. Even though it was impossible to lose consciousness with only one blow, it could be done by accumulated damage along with wind magic. As if it was a miracle, Yue who ‘fuu’ blew her forefinger, left her words as a parting gift.

“… … Good, you’ve become a otomen ? Maiden ?”

On this day, a man died, and became the second Crystabel, and Mariabel-chan was born. This person, under training from manager Crystabel, became the manager of the branch store, and although it was able to increase its fame… … that’s a story for another time.

Yue got her second name, “Crotch Smasher”, that name caused uproars in the adventurer guild and even reached the capital, it was capable of making male adventurers shudder, but this was also a story for another time.

Yue and Shia ignored the frightened gazes of men and continued their shopping. On their way, they could hear girls say, “Yue-oneesama…”, but ignored that and continued their shopping.

* * *

When Yue and Shia went back to the inn, Hajime already finished his work.

“Good work, somehow, there seems to be a fuss inside town, did something happen?”

It seemed he noticed their commotion.

“… … There is no problem.”

“A~, un, that’s right. There’s no problem at all.”

To see a monster as the dress store manager, and had heaven call for a man, the two said it was nothing. Although Hajime felt a little suspicious of them, he shrugged his shoulders and let it go.

“Did you buy all the necessary things?”

“… … Nn, don’t worry.”

“That’s right. There’s also a lot of food, but it was okay. It truly is convenient to have Treasure Box.”

For shopping, Hajime entrusted the “Treasure Box” to them. Having seen Shia look at the ring enviously, Hajime could only reveal a wry smile. With his current proficiency, he was still unable to make “Treasure Box”. It surely would be convenient, when he is capable of crafting it, he would definitely give it to them.

“Well then, Shia. This is yours”

While saying that, Hajime passed Shia a cylindrical object with 40 cm in diameter and 50 cm in length. A silver cylindrical object with a handle installed on its side.

Shia who received the gift from Hajime, was immediately confused when she felt the weight and activated her body strengthening.

“Wh-what is this? It’s really heavy…”

“Well, it’s because that’s your new Sledgehammer. It is good for it to be heavy”

“Heh, this… … is?”

Shia’s doubt was justifiable. The cylindrical object did not look like a hammer at all, and the handle was also too short. No matter what was said, it was unbalanced.

“Aa, that’s the standby state. For now, try to pour some magic into it”

“Umm, like this? kh!?”

As he said, she poured magic into the hammer-like thing, ‘kashun! kasun!’, sounds of machinery emitted from the hammer and the handle extended, it became the right length for a swing mallet.This Sledgehammer was an artifact : Doryukken (named by Hajime). It was equipped with some gimmicks that could be used by Shia. It operates by transforming the parts of the weapon that have magic poured into.

What Hajime wanted to finish was this weapon. When Yue and Shia went shopping in the morning, he was making Shia’s new weapon.

“This is the limit of the current me, I’ll revise it again when my ability improves, because we don’t know what will happen from now on. Although you received Yue’s training, it was only for ten days. It’s still dangerous for you. That’s why that weapon was made while thinking of how to make use of your power to the maximum. Please master it, okay? Because you have become our companion, don’t die without my permission, understand?”

“Hajime-san… … fufu, your speech is all over the place~. It’s okay. Although I am still not strong enough, I’ll follow you anywhere!”

Shia was so happy while embracing Doryukken. Because she was so happy, Yue who felt a little ill-humored by it, thought to herself that it couldn’t be helped, and shrugged her shoulders. Hajime only showed a wry smile. Although he didn’t say it, to witnessed a scene where a beautiful girl was happy because she got a Sledgehammer as a present, he felt it was surreal.

With the joyous Shia in their company, they finished checking out from the inn. Even now, they ignored the inn girl who looked at them with blushing cheeks.

When they got outside, the sun was already at its zenith, and its brilliant shine fell on and warmed them. With his arms spread, Hajime took a deep breath. When he turned around, Hajime could see Yue and Shia were also smiling.

Hajime nodded to the two, and started to advance, followed by Yue and Shia.

It was time to travel again.

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