Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 424 Abyss Lord Chapter Three Defensive Battle of the Sea of Trees ? Together With the Dawn

Chapter 424 Abyss Lord Chapter Three Defensive Battle of the Sea of Trees ⑤ Together With the Dawn

「「「「「On Kirikiri Unhatta!! Rule over everything, Kongou Doushi-. Kneel and Rule, Doushi, control, Doushi! With the prayer vow of Acala’s Shomatsu, I offer the grand orayer vow to apprehend this devil-!!」」」」」

The mantra of Acala’s binding resounded sonorously inside the sea of trees.

Almost all of the Tsuchimikado led by the elderly nobleman gave their complete devotion to bind the shadows of legendary monsters.

With height of more than twenty meters and eight heads and tails. Its body was enveloped in a thick miasma that made its form hazy, but its width and length were around ten meters. Eyes with demonic glow was blazingly shining from inside the shadow, looking forward to materialize in this world.

Yamata no Orochi――in the legend it boasted a gigantic size that span over eight valleys and mountains with its stomach always stained in blood.

In the end it was just a partial summoning by the “Dragon”, or perhaps it was nothing more than a reproduction. Because of that it ended up only at this size. That was a silver lining from this despairing situation.

That was exactly why, the Tsuchimikados could surround Yamato no Orochi in five spots that formed the shape of a pentagram.

「「「「「――Un Anauyakokubagyaban Bazaraunhatta!! The rope that secure the port, it shan’t release the pilgrim, it shall not-!!」」」」」

A huge shining pentagram enveloped Yamata no Orochi. The power of binding seal activated to pressure it from every direction.

There, by accident the same spells but in words of different countries overlapped.

「「「「「Rin - Hei - Tou - Sha - Kai -」」」」」

『『『『『Lin - Bing - Tian - Zhe - Jie!!』』』』』

It was the charm of nine-character to ward off evil. Together with the mantra, the caster formed a sword hand seal and slashed four horizontal lines and five vertical lines in the air with it. With that the exorcism charm to severe, subdue, and disperse all evils was invoked.

One side was the Fujiwara Clan led by Fujiwara Hinata.

The other side was the “Shadow Monk” faction led by Zhen Ying.

Surging wave that was like sunlight and torrent that was like night’s darkness were launched to the north and south respectively as though to split the sea of trees into two.

Yamato no Orochi and, the legendary great snake that “Shadow Monk” faced――Yato no Kami with a form that was similarly like a silhouette made up from compressed miasma, however, with one horn on its head and a large body that was strangely undulating with its length that was more than twenty meters, their huge bodies were being reduced as though they were crumbling in pieces from the edge.

In addition, the “shadows of legendary snake and dragon” of various sizes that were trying to trample this battlefield from all direction were also affected. The small ones were erased while the huge ones had their movement stopped.

The magic of evil repellant that was casted by the Taoists of the main land that numbered 200 in total and the onmyoujis of the far east were indeed possessing might that was worthy for the elites.

The special assault squad of the security bureau, the exorcists, and the Haurias who were fighting hard in order to stop all the dragons and snakes other than Yamato no Orochi and Yato no Kami cheered to shake off the fear that had been slipping out from the bottom of their heart all this time since the “Dragon’s shadow” awakened.


「Tsu, it’s coming!! Brace――」

There was no sound.

But, an impact hit their souls. The roar made them felt like that. It was a voice of fury toward the insolence of the tiny insects……or perhaps, just an irritated voice.

The soundless and invisible impact was unleashed from Yamato no Orochi. Just from that, some people lost consciousness, while some only barely held on their consciousness while falling to their knees and moaning. There were also those who were in a daze as though their mind had been forced to pause.

Naturally, the “binding magic” that the Tsuchimikado and Shadow Monk deployed also couldn’t be maintained. Even Hinata and Zhen Ying were pressing their chest in pain while staggering on their feet.

It was just a single attack. Although it contained a curse inside it, it was just a roar.

The frontline almost crumbled just from that.

That was the reason why it was a legendary monster.

Even if it was in the level that wasn’t even a thousandth of its original, it wasn’t such a weak existence that could be somehow managed by mere spell from several hundred people.

The only saving grace was that there was nobody who died or went mad. It must be thanks to the soul protection from the artifacts.

Right after Emily contacted Hajime’s side, additional “Soul Shells”, Arachne doctor team, bullet, medicine, and various other support items were delivered, so right now even the Taoists of “Shadow Monk” were also equipped with the protection and somehow endured the attack.

But, the fundamental fatigue from fighting since midnight until now where it was almost dawn was extremely debilitating. It wasn’t just their flesh body, the fatigue of their mind was also beyond help.

In addition, there was one other thing that made them couldn’t help from smiling bitterly.

「Tsk. As expected, this damn thing immediately revived-」

「Dammit all! If only there is anyone who can give air support right now, I’ll happily wag my tail to him!」

「Tank is the goddess of the infantry. You just don’t get it!」

「Neither of them will come to this battlefield though!!」

The members of assault department under Barnard’s leadership were cracking jokes. They did it to shake off their faint heart.

Their gun muzzles were pointed at the “shadows of snake and dragons” that should have been blown away by the nine-character charm, no, many of them should have been blown away by the special bullets, but the scenery of the shadows reviving like nothing had happened played out in front of them.

The miasma that burst out from the ground was granting endless regeneration to them. Naturally it included Yamato no Orochi and Yato no Kami.

Most likely, it was one of the authorities of the “Dragon” that ought to be called as “legend reproduction miasma”.

「Yes yes, don’t slack off forever, get a grip of yourself! I’ll send the children who can’t get up to Emily-chan so get well soon and come back here again!」

*Vonn* The sound of the air shaking resounded and there was light slashing above the soldiers.

The light came from two short swords that were enveloped in magic power and looked like light *aber now. The one who was swinging them around with fluid movement like batons was Rana. It wasn’t just her. Swords of light were swung around everywhere in the battlefield to every direction.

「Kill the enemy if you have time to open your mouth!」

「It’s boss’s order! Get fired upp!」

Karm and Nea’s scolding also came.

Astonishingly, not a single one of the Hauria clan was rendered unable to fight. Even after receiving the roar of Yamato no Orochi, they were only flinching at best. They were hunting and killing the snake and dragon shadows that were appearing endlessly inside their formation or weaving through the barrage of bullets.

While they were at it, they were also throwing recovery medicine at those who collapsed and let the content of the test tube container splash over them when it broke. Anyone who looked like they couldn’t recover with just that would be sent to the first-aid station at the shrine using teleport artifact in the shape of small stone.

As expected, they didn’t even have the leeway to do their usual embarrassing speech and pose and their faces were desperate, but their performance and spirit were worthy of amazement.

「The carnage that they had survived until now is different from us huh?」

「The way they maintain their morale in predicament is abnormal. The mental strength of each individual is absurd even without the leader doing anything.」

「I guess this is to be expected from the clan of Kousuke-san’s first wife. Claudia-neesan has a big challenge waiting for her.」

The exorcist group, Wynn and Ann, and also Aziz were drenched in sweat while strengthening their grip on their weapon.

In this battlefield, the exorcists couldn’t participate in the battle. That was because the onmyoujis and the Taoists were taking on the two legendary opponents by themselves, while the other “shadows of legendary snake and dragon” were launching curses and poisons or other supernatural ability, so they were forced to be in charge of protecting against all those.

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The prime example for that was Claudia.

『O lord-, I beseech you to make us stand tall! With the lord’s holy fortress-, tsu, kuuh, please protect those who sought for salvation!!』

She continued chanting the holy scripture of the exorcist.

Her effort made this battlefield a proper battlefield. If she didn’t do that, then perhaps there would be people who died already.

The cause was the same reason why the lord wasn’t here.

Yes, in this battlefield, the lord wasn’t here. Not even a single one of his clones was here. The thousands of clones, all his combat force were located further above the ominous cloud that was covering the whole sky of the battlefield.

There, the lord was fighting the “Dragon’s shadow”. Thunders continued to reverberate without end like a drum that was being pounded. The wind and rain’s intensity increased and the earthquake was continuing without pause.

It seemed the intensity was increasing as each second passed, so it wasn’t hard to imagine that before long the rain would be replaced with torrential rain and lightning strikes, the wind would expand in strength to become large scale typhoon, and even the quake would reach a level that brought genuine damage.

According to the information that Emily collected, the quake and this weather was also occurring throughout the whole Japan. It didn’t stop there, the temperature at eastern Japan was gradually increasing, while conversely the temperature at western Japan continued to lower. The abnormal weather was still added with the sea near Japan starting to become stormy.

All the mass media everywhere was playing the same news flash where experts were screaming in bewilderment before this natural disaster. The government’s announcement that the cause of this was unknown was also getting criticized by them.

The threat of the “Dragon” was unprecedented. The lord with all his seriousness also couldn’t finish it off. Far from that, he couldn’t completely block the battle’s after effect from going past him. Even now Claudia was forced to block the raining down lightning strikes, typhoons, and invisible curses that were raining down on the sea of trees with deathly desperation.

There wasn’t even any contact from the lord. It was very clear that the lord didn’t even have any leeway for that.

『Do your best everyone-!! Thirty minutes-, just thirty more minutes!』

Emily yelled through the radio with a tearful voice. She was being desperate from treating the unconscious people who kept getting sent to her.

The time that she spoke of was the precise countdown that Hajime gave her.

If they could hold out for that long, it was unknown what he would do but, he would do something.

While listening to Emily’s voice,

『……Good grief. What a great irony this is.』

A smile that contained sarcasm, or perhaps self-depreciation formed on Zhen Ying’s lips.

Their plan to make the onmyoujis and the “Dragon” to fight so that in the end they could profit from it ended up in them being exhausted from their intense battle against the onmyoujis while the “Dragon” was cornering them.

Ahead of her gaze, Yato no Kami was starting to display its true capability.

It was a colony. The body of the giant snake that was undulating strangely was because it was made up from innumerable number of snakes.

A colony of snake god. That was the true identity of Yato no Kami. The countless snakes that were split and flooded out from that giant body were all Yato no Kami.

『Ying Cong!! Luan Ying!! Use Shiki to deal with them!!』


They dealt with it using the mass reproduction of “Shiki” from the “mirror”. But, the atmosphere changed further. Their body, no, their soul felt the weight. It felt as though Yato no Kami proclaimed this was a place where human shouldn’t exist, this was its domain――its sacred precinct.

『This is bad-. Take some distance!』

The Taoists of “Shadow Monk” obeyed Zhen Ying’s order and quickly backed away.

But, they were a bit late.

Perhaps it should be called as its authority as a snake god. “Formulation of boundary and formation of sacred precinct”――it created its own domain and inflicted curse of severe weakening toward the hostiles within its range.

The Taoists that escaped too tale experienced it with their own body. More than ten people collapsed on the ground. Zhen Ying summoned the paltry amount of apparitions she had to evacuate them from the domain.

However, the god made another move at that moment.

Red snake eyes gazed directly at the battlefield.

『Tsu, match me!! On Amiriti Unhatta!! On Bazara Satta Unjaku-!!』

Obeying the fright that ran through her spine and the alarm bell that her instinct rang out, Zhen Ying yelled so loudly that her throat almost tore.

Right away, the mantra to plead for prolonging life and annihilating monster toward the Wisdom King Kundali was chanted in unison.

Zhen Ying chose this esoteric ritual for fastening down soul that almost separated from flesh body and appeasing monstrosity. Her choice was correct.

Yato no Kami’s most famous authority――the curse that would destroy anyone who saw its form along with their family was invoked.

It was an unreasonableness that brought destruction for the living and also their relatives just from existing. Such ability was truly worthy for a god.

Dozens of “Shadow Monks” almost ascended to heaven in an instant. But the mantra tied down their soul and the curse of annihilation was successfully pacified to a degree before it attacked everyone.

But, that was it.

They couldn’t see it. They couldn’t approach.

Either one could be mitigated with spell, but it was only a trivial effort. At this rate they would either be swallowed by the endlessly overflowing Yato no Kami, or taken inside the sacred precinct that was spreading each time the colony increased. In the end they would meet their demise all the same.

Even like this, this being was still far away from the actual thing. That fact made them wanted to cry.

『Zhen Ying! It’s impossible at this rate! We won’t last for five minutes! Please do that!』

Her subordinate who was like her little sister who looked up to her as “elder sister” outside duty――”Ying Hu” yelled. Her other subordinates, and then the liberated Feijiang stood on the way of the swarm of Yato no Kami in order to protect Zhen Ying.

『But, with me……』

『It will be fine if it’s the you right now Zhen Ying! Surely it will answer-』

『It’s just as Ying hu said. Perhaps it’s not something that we are qualified to say but, this is a battle for the sake of protecting. Then!』

『Even if you abandon your life and pride until now, you who decided to fight for the sake of the homeland and……them, will surely not be abandoned by his existence.』

After Ying Hu, Taidao Ying, Yun Ying, and even Ying Cong argued vehemently.

They talked about the existence that Zhen Ying’s family worshipped, however it was an existence that she would never be able to obtain help from because of their way of living at the shadow as the Shadow Monk. It was a secret ritual that Zhen Ying had only ever succeeded once in the past when she was called as a child prodigy.

She was feeling regretful. But, right now wasn’t the time where she could pay attention to her appearance.

『I’m sorry-. But some time for me!』


Her subordinates nodded without any hesitation in front of an existence that should be called as a cursed god. Zhen Ying left them behind and took a leap back.

Then, she didn’t notice the existence behind her because she was too mentally focused inside her mind.

*Tap-* There was something that bumped on her back――no, around her hips. She was taken aback and hurriedly looked back, and there she found Hinata.

She had lost her eboshi. Her pure white kariginu was dirtied. There were also scratches on her cheeks and hands.

It seemed that she was also retreating from the intense battle. Both of them widened their eyes just for a moment, then they both smiled wryly for being so unfocused toward their back and quietly looked back to their respective front.

And then――







Going back slightly in time.

Right after the frontline almost crumbled from a single roar of Yamato no Orochi.

「This art not the time for ye to grow senile!」

The eight heads of Yamato no Orochi stretched out with a speed like bullet. All of them were heading toward Hinata. Hinata had been feeling from the start of the confrontation that it felt like Yamato no Orochi’s focus was directed toward her, but it seemed that it wasn’t just her imagination.

There could only be one reason. There was a lot of legend about snake and dragon demanding sacrifice of young girl. For an existence who demanded the offering of the sisters of Kushinada Hime, the small beautiful girl who was overflowing with willpower more than anyone in this battlefield must looked like a delicious treat in its eyes.

But, in a sense, this was a convenience for the defenders. Because it would be easier to defend if the attack of Yamato no Orochi wasn’t directed to the whole force but concentrated to a single point.

Zenki――Yaya no Hidzuki got in front of Hinata and met the enemy with her full strength without holding back. Immense demonic aura formed the shape of a giant crimson fist and it was fired together with her punches.

*Pah-pah-* The white flowers that bloomed profusely for just an instant was the air membrane. The rushes of punches that easily surpassed the speed of sound met the eight heads of Yamato no Orochi head on.

Thunderous sounds exploded a beat later. Shockwave and violent wind raged crazily. The trees at the surrounding were turned into empty plot of land with the ground ploughed.

However, even after receiving the battering that was like a barrage of battering ram, Yamato no Orochi was astonishingly not blown away.

Although they were batted around and repelled, the eight heads were all still going strong.

And then, one head rose and looked down on Hidzuki from above.

It created a vortex of water. It wasn’t pure and clean water by all means. It was a cloudy water that looked ominous.

It was unleashed like a great torrent of laser.

Yamato no Orochi was also considered as an avatar of flood and a dragon god that controlled water. Its bombardment was imprinted with a curse that was like a deadly poison that gnawed and ended every living thing.


When Hidzuki crossed her arms, powerful arms of oni made from crimson demonic aura were also forming in the air and served as a giant shield.

The powerful torrent of cursed poison hit there.

Unbelievably, the legs of Hidzuki who boasted that much overwhelming physical power was being pushed back bit by bit.

「As expected, from a dragon god from legend ehh-」

She laughed fearlessly ahah, lifted one leg, and immediately stomped it down. She planted her foot into the hard ground like a pile bunker to fix her body in place. Naturally, the remaining seven heads also kept battering at her.

However, that curse, the legendary deadly poison gnawed on Hidzuki.

Her vividly crimson colored demonic aura was being dyed with the repulsive color of black. Hidzuki’s white skin and hair were dyed black from the edge as though they were in necrosis. Cracks also appeared on them.

「Oni-, wouldst not fail to keep their promise-」

She wouldn’t let it touch even a single finger of Fujiwara Hinata. She would stake her existence on the line and protected to the end the promise that she exchanged with the girl who made her gave her recognition.

She wouldn’t take a single step back even with the curse ravaging her body. Hidzuki performed her role as shield with the readiness to die.

It bought enough time for the onmyoujis to rally themselves.

「「「「「On Gyarodaya Sowaka!!」」」」」

With Taisei on the lead, the Fujiwara Clan chanted the mantra with all their strength. It was the mantra Garuda that was believed to erase every kind of poison. From the start, it was said that Garuda devour evil dragons and poisonous dragons for the benefit of the world. It was the best mantra against Yamato no Orochi’s cursed poison.

「「「「「On Mayuraki Randei Sowaka!!」」」」」

In addition, the mantra of Mahamayuri that was said to suppress all kind of harmful poisons of snakes and purify them was let loose from Tsuchimicado clan with the elder at the forefront.

With the spells of poison sterilization and curse dispel in full power from the onmyouji clan, the violation of the curse against Hidzuki was slowed down. But far from being completely erased, the poison couldn’t even be stopped. That was how terrifying Yamato no Orochi was.

That was why, Hinata added her effort in that.

「Naumaku Sanmanda Bodanan Barunaya Sowaka!!」

The mantra that wished for the assistance of Varuna purified the water together with the curse inside it. The cursed poison itself weakened and in addition the water bombardment itself was also dampened.

Hidzuki didn’t miss that opening.


Exhaled air that was filled with piercing fighting spirit leaked out from between her gritted teeth. She abandoned elegance and kneaded her strength without any care of appearance.

Her horns shined blazingly. Her demonic aura explosively increased and the arms of demonic aura that was forming a cross guard in the air swelled out.

Her legs were still fixed into the ground as she opened her guard. She lifted up her left arm as she kept blocking the powerful torrent, twisted her upper body to the limit, and pulled her right arm to the back like a drawn bow. Naturally, the arm of demonic aura also took the same stance……

「Duck if ye don’t want to dieeeeee!!」

It was a warning to Hinata and the others. The onmyoujis all threw themselves on the ground in panic. Right after that, Shuten Douji’s full powered attack was unleashed.

The crimson giant fist left sound behind and punched straight forward exactly like her temperament.

This time, the target was blown away. No, it was scattered away.

All eight heads of Yamato no Orochi became like smoke that was scattered by a gust of wind.

Like that the torso that was enveloped in thick mist of miasma was also pulverized. The fist pushed forward like a super heavy weight class freight train running out of control that was beyond any hope of stopping. It scattered out gruesome sound of shockwave while crossing the span of more than a hundred meters and further devastated the trees behind on its way.

A destructive power that transformed the scenery with a single fist. Anyone couldn’t help but shudder from witnessing that.


「There art no end to this.」

Hidzuki who was still remaining on her guard with her right fist thrust out let out a wry smile.

It was just as she said, the “shadow” in the end was nothing more than “shadow”, and so the miasma converged in the blink of eye and reformed the huge body.

The next moment, a roar thundered once more. However, this time the voice contained a definite fury/.

In order to prevent the roar that was mixed with curse sweeping over the battlefield, Hinata followed her instinct and she already invoked the nine-character charm. But……

「No good-, the barrier――」


「We won’t make it in――」

The threat of Yamato no Orochi was unveiled.

First its gigantic eight tails slammed the ground to display Yamato no Orochi’s fury. A terrific shaking was created and at the same time the ground itself undulated. Most likely it was one of its authorities.

From where Yamato no Orochi was standing, from southwest until southeast――in other words, the other theaters, Hinata and the other Fujiwara clan members, and a part of Tsuchimikado clan including the elder weren’t effected because Hidzuki immediately stomped on the ground with her technique to cause a quake and neutralized it, but for the other theaters――the practitioners of Tsuchimikado clan that surrounded it couldn’t react.

The majority of the people fell while a part of them were launched up by the undulating ground. Because of that, they also couldn’t deal with the second wave that came attacking with a terrifying timing.

The eight heads rotated in high speed like a typhoon. The lump of miasma pulled its tails and rotated like a spiral. The jaws on the tip opened wide.



The giant fists of demonic aura were firing like gatling gun. Hinata and others also put up a barrier with the mantra to beg for the divine protection of Vairocana 「On Abiraunken!!」 to protect them.

「Teleport to the shrine-!!」

It was unknown how many were able to react to the warning shout of the elder. Hidzuki’s strafing fire and Hinata’s barrier saved them from instant annihilation, but not a few of the Tsuchimikado were swallowed by the monster.

But as expected, the silver lining here was the monster was a “shadow”. For an instant, everyone thought that their comrades had been swallowed alive and turned white, but there were definitely flesh bodies falling on the ground after the shadow jaws passed through.

It seemed they weren’t physically eaten because of the shadow body. But, there was no way they could feel relieved from that. There was no way Yamato no Orochi had just taken a meaningless action.

「Tsu, their soul is disappearing?」

Dread ran through their whole body. It couldn’t eat the flesh body. Then, it would eat human’s mind, their soul. Naturally what lied ahead from there was the death of mind. It was a straight course to become an invalid.

「I won’t let you-. ――tamanowowo musubikatamete yorodzuyomo mimusubinokami mitamafuyurashi!!」

She clapped once, twice. It was the secret words to alter reality for prolonging life in Shinto. It was a secret ritual that fastened down the soul that almost vanished to keep them alive for a while right now.

Although her body was trembling due to a large chunk of her willpower being taken away as compensation, she desperately kept the lives of her clan tethered down.

But that meant the strongest onmyouji was taken out of action.

The cursed roar thundered for the second and then third time. Perhaps it was just her imagination, but the roar felt even more deeply powerful than before. Yamato no Orochi’s body also looked like it was getting bigger.

If the “shadows of legendary dragon and snake” were also regaining their original strength as the cataclysm was getting gradually even more severe……

「hinata! We will buy you time-. Do the “Divine Possession”!」

Taisei yelled after looking at the battle situation. Hinata’s eyes opened wide.

“Divine Possession” was certainly powerful. It was undoubtedly Hinata’s trump card. But, in the first place making divinity to reside in human body was reckless to the extreme.

Even Hinata who possessed the highest aptitude for it as a shrine maiden could only last for five minutes. Considering that she needed to be helped to stand after using it only for less than one minute at the main residence of Tsuchimikado, she wouldn’t be able to easily return to the frontline after it with only a treatment at the level of recovery medicine and doctor Arachne’s regeneration magic.

Fighting legendary existence in a battlefield where Hinata was absent would be no different from suicide.

But, even so, if she didn’t do “Divine Possession” right now, she might not be given the chance to do that anymore.

Then, right now, she would definitely last for five minutes with the full power of the strongest onmyouji to the utmost.

Hinata accepted her father’s gaze that was filled with such decision in understanding.

「Understood, Otou-sama! Hidzuki! I command you under the name of Fujiwara Hinata! Protect my family!」

Hidzuki had no time to look back. But, Hidzuki’s back that was clad in completely messy kimono from letting out a storm of punches without any care in the world certainly told her that she had accepted the command.

Hinata backed away from the frontline.

She quickly purified the place with “Kyuusei Henpai” ――the ceremonial dance steps of nine horoscopes that was performed by a sorcerer in the past to protect a noble setting out on a trip.

There, her back bumped on something. When she looked back in surprise, she found the face of Zhen Ying looking down on her across her shoulder.

『Your complexion look bad.』

『Not as bad as you.』

Hinata fell into a mysterious sensation of words of foreign country surfacing on the back of her mind and coming out from her mouth on their own while replying to the implicit question of “Are you alright in that state?” with “I’m more worried about you”.

It was a scathing reply that was unusual for Hinata. Zhen Ying’s cheeks twitched.

She and her men had thoroughly messed with her family. It was a natural reply coming for the victim but, to Zhen Ying it made her wanted to say “Cheeky brat. Talking big aren’t you……”. It was even more surprising because of how composed her face was despite being a little girl.

The eyes of Zhen Ying that was feeling a bit uneasy from not knowing whether she would really be able to play her trump card were lit in fire.

The two turned away their gazes from each other in a flash. The pure white kariginu and black clothes became opposing contrast that decorated the two. The willpower they kneaded up also made the two to shine in white and black.

「This lowly servant humbly beg the august Uka no Miatam no Kami despite knowing how insolent it is――」

『Jade emperor’s imperial decre――』

Hinata’s eyes slightly twitched. Her spiritual instinct whispered to her. That Zhen Ying’s chanting was also calling to an existence in the same holy precinct like her.

The Shinto ritual invite the might of heaven. Yes, Zhen Ying was also a shrine maiden with the disposition for Divine Possession.

But, the existence that her clan worshipped was a divine beast, an auspicious one. It wasn’t an existence that would lend its power for those who invaded others and invited evil spirits and disasters.

Even if such acts brought benefit for one’s homeland, it was no different from impurity in the eyes of god.

Therefore, as long as it was for the duty as Shadow Monk as the dark part of the country, Zhen Ying was unable to obtain its cooperation due to her dirty role.

She couldn’t but, right now, it was only at this moment, because she fought in order to protect all mankind as equal, although she knew that it was only for her own convenience, she didn’t care even if she got punished for it, she would even offer her life, that was why, please lent her the power to protect, she prayed.

That feeling, in the end……

「I beseech you to descend from heaven. My protector, the noble and exalted divinity of the white, your name is――Kuzunoha!!」

『The ancient oath by my destiny――Bixie - Tianlu!!』

The summoned divinity materialized.

A white fox materialized above Hinata’s head. It transformed into particles of light that rained down on her.

Two holy beasts also materialized above Zhen Ying’s head. The body of lion, short wings on their shoulders, long tail, one horn and two horns.

――Sacred Beasts Bixie - Tianlu

They were a pair of sacred beasts that were said to drive away evil and disaster. The two beasts lookoed down on Zhen Ying for a brief moment. They narrowed their eyes to her who was holding her breath. Then they changed into light just like Kuzunoha and responded to the Divine Possession.

No trait like fox ears and tail came out from her body like Hinata, but her hair was similarly dyed white in an instant.

Zhen Ying felt moved and grateful that they responded to her while kneading her power that increased explosively.

Hinata clapped her hands in prayer. Zhen Ying spread out a bunch of talismans like a fan. They let out their voice loudly at the same time.

「Cutting the sky cutting the earth cutting the eight directions eight difference in the sky ten letters on the earth the secret sound one to the tens two to the tens three to the tens four to the tens five to the tens six to the tens sever and let loose zanbirari!!」

『Noumaki Saraba Tatagyateibyaku Saraba Bokkeibyaku Sarabata Taratasenda Makaroshaga Ken Gyakigyaki Saraba Bikinnan Untarata Kanman!!

One. Not only it purify evil, it was the secret words of Shinto that returned back curse to its sender exactly as it was.

One. With its might all and every evil was swallowed in great fire that burned it back to nothing, the dharani of fire world of Acala.

A wave of gentle and clean light enveloped not only Yamato no Orochi but the north half. It temporarily purified even the miasma that gushed out from the land.

In contrast with Yato no Kami including the southern half, black flame was spreading without any shred of mercy. It didn’t affect the nature and allies at the slightest, it simply burned the shadows of snake and dragon with hellfire to nothing.

For a short while the number of allies that were sent to the shrine was halved. The frontline that almost crumbled because the recovery rate couldn’t keep up was successfully pushing back the enemy for a while.

「Everyone! Endure it just for a bit more-. Surely, Endou-sama-, his friend will break this deadlock for us! I ask you all to not lose heart!」

『This is where we shall die from the start-. Don’t be scared of death! Show them the obstinacy of the Shadow Monk!!』

Hinata and Zhen Ying who returned to the frontline sent out their pep talk loudly.

Everyone let out a rough exhale with exhausted and wounded faces could be seen everywhere but……

What responded to their words of encouragement were soul stirring wary cries.

The time limit was five minutes. With that both Hinata and Zhen Ying would run out of strength.

There were fifteen minutes remaining until the promised reinforcement arrived.

It would be a long long fifteen minutes.

Hinata and Zhen Ying fired powerful secret arts in succession and continued to maintain the frontline, however both of them were harboring nervousness inside their heart.

They could do nothing but maintaining the situation. No matter how much they purified the enemies along with the land, the miasma was flooding out endlessly.

(Endou-sama……I won’t be able to hold out till the end-. Please, please send help……)

She wished for that inside her heart, however.

Five minutes later.

Hinata and Zhen Ying fell on their knees. Sacred light slipped out from their body and they returned to their original form. Right after that.


A person fell from the sky. It was undoubtedly, the lord. Furthermore it was the real body.



A ragged Rana who was coincidentally nearby and Hinata who was on her knees unable to move yelled with their eyes wide open.

Responding to that, the special force, exorcists, and Haurias turned their gazes. And then, they gulped.

The hero, was lying down on the ground with grave injuries.

「Gah, guuh, this isn’t, funny at all-. Kahah」

He vomited out a lot of blood. His body was dyed with venomous looking patchy pattern. His eyes were bloodshot. It was the figure of the lord being driven with his back on the wall that nobody here had ever seen until now. Such figure was lying right there.

His eyes that were looking up to the sky was still not giving up. He hadn’t broke down.

Everyone followed his gaze and looked up to the sky.

The “Dragon’s shadow” came down below the black clouds. Clones were flying around at its surrounding.

「「「「「――”Kokutenkyuu (Black Sky Destitution)”-!!」」」」」

The last secret technique of gravity magic that swallowed and annihilated all creations was deployed. It swallowed the part that seemed to be the head. It didn’t just stop there, the magic sucked in the shadow until the torso like someone slurping a noodle.

But, that only lasted for a brief moment.

A new “Dragon’s shadow” came down from different spot of the black clouds. A beat passed. What came out was a pulse. *Dokun* It shook the soul as it spread out and right after that, half of the clones were annihilated.

“Kokutenkyuu” was also annihilated, in addition, lightning that ran to every which direction blew another hundreds more of the clones just right after they revived.

Clones, clones, clones.

In order to constantly maintain the thousand bodies that were the upper limit of the technique, the clones repeatedly cloned themselves in unprecedented speed, spread them out as far away from each other as they could, with each several of them grouping themselves and firing out “Kokutenkyuu”.

But, the opponent’s destruction rate was going up as each second passed. A single glare, one pulse, with just that clones would be annihilated in three digits, while those who got away would be blown away by the random pounding of lightnings.

The phantasmagoric and endless “shadow” continued to revive as though to declare that the “Kokutenkyuu” that kept being casted over and over was meaningless.

The clones would be annihilated if their cloning speed dropped for even just a little.

If there was just a bit of gap between the firing of each final secret technique, they would also be annihilated just as expected.

The clones kept sprinting in full speed over their limit constantly, even so the gap kept widening!

And then, even if it was the “Abyss Lord”, his power completely relied on his magic power. Therefore.

「The stock run out-」

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「Someone! Anyone with magic crystal stone!?」

「This is the last one!!」

Responding to Rana’s yell, Aziz threw at her his last magic crystal stone. The great amount of magic power stock that the lord carried in his “treasure warehouse” was completely consumed in just ten minutes. That fact told the tale of just how intense the battle at the sky was.

The magic power stock for the exorcists was also in the same state. The recovery with the recovery medicine and Arachne’s regeneration magic also couldn’t keep up anymore in this battlefield.

The lord thankfully replenished his magic power for the last time while Taisei who came running also purified him.

「Tsu, Hinata’s talismans are also annihilated……」

Taisei’s voice shook seeing the disastrous state of the ten talismans on the lord’s chest that had turned into ash and spilled out.

The lord saw that Hinata herself had her hands full with keeping her grip on her consciousness when she heard that.

The worst thing was that even with the main body away from the frontline, the curse that the clones received followed the magic power link and invaded until the main body.

Taisei was doing his best, but without Hinata’s divine protection……

With the other people――Hidzuki was holding back Yamato no Orochi, but with Zhen Ying out of commission, the Shadow Monks were forced to withdraw their defensive line against the colony of Yato no Kami in an accelerating speed.

Barnard and Vanessa, Karm, Aziz and others were also already withdrawing the defensive line until the very limit. It was only a matter of time until they crumbled.

Emily held back from reporting but, there were already dead casualties appearing in the shrine.

「……Rana, contact Nagumo. It’s impossible to hold for fifteen more minutes.」

The sentence that was said with a small voice was really unlike the usual lord. It must sounded like whine objectively speaking. In fact, Taisei who was in a touching distance from him was gulping from hearing that.

But, Rana nodded as though she had expected that. She understood that it wasn’t a whine, but a realistic conclusion.

Even though he was in the lord mode, his speech and action were the same like normal. And his expression was blank which was completely unlike him. It was showing more clearly than anything how much frustration was flooding the inside of his chest.

「Don’t make that kind of face, Kou-kun. You took on a monster that set aside even the goddess by yourself you know? You can hold your head high.」


The lord’s face turned conflicted without being able to say anything back.

Rana winked seeing that and tried to make a call.

But, just before she could, the sky howled.

There was a roar that caused them to hallucinate like that. The how that was let out by the “Dragon’s shadow” was clearly far more powerful than anything from before. The rank of its power had increased again.


The overwhelming curse that flowed into him through the clones caused his consciousness to spark. He would be in grave danger if he didn’t sever all the connections by himself in an instant.

But, even so the curse that reached him was enough to curse a single person to death. It wasn’t something that could be suppressed by Taisei alone.


「En, dou-sama-」

Kousuke vomited blood. Hinata desperately tried to knead her willpower, but her body that was in the extremity of fatigue couldn’t move a single finger.

And then, from the sky where there was nothing getting in its way anymore, the consciousness of the “Dragon’s shadow” was directed toward the ground.

Everyone without exception tasted the feeling like a frog that was being glared by a snake.

Kousuke lifted his hands. He mustered the last of his strength to invoke “Kokutenkyuu” to serve as a shield――

In that instant.

――Sure-kill techniqueee!! Etemp-san Impact-!!

A silver flash cut through the sky. It pierced the “Dragon’s shadow” and dispersed it like a mist. It even opened a hole through the black clouds.

「Wa-wah, how awful! Sorry for being so late!」

In the sky, other than the abnormal with three pairs of fairy wings making a cool pose――Etemp, Kaori also appeared with her shining wings spread out above the shrine.

That radiance spread through the battlefield, healing the allies with an age of the gods magic that overturned even death.

「Mumu-, what a sorry state you are in, Abyssgate! Is what I want to say but, that thing is seriously crazy isn’t it desu! So I’ll praise you, you did great!」

The ground shook powerfully. The southern area where the colony of Yato no Kami was advancing was mowed down together with the sea of trees with a single swing of Warhammer from Shia in her “Body Strengthening Level X”.

The shockwave that came from plain physical strength, combined with the magic power shockwave function from Vire Drucken inflicted a devastating damage to the sea of trees that far surpassed Hidzuki’s attack before this. A disastrous scene of trees twirling in the air and bedrock overturned was spreading out. The area was stripped naked until three hundred meters.

「「Reinforcement cameee――!!」」

The Abyss Lord couple high-fived with each other as though tossing away the serious atmosphere just a moment ago like a worthless trash.

The assault squad, the exorcists, and also the Haurias were all cheering together. Of course, the onmyoujis and Shadow Monks were looking with their pupils turning into dot.

「Rana-san, sorry for being so late. Actually we should be able to come helping faster than this but, powerful Dragon’s shadows suddenly materialized all over the world.」

Together with the appearance of the “Dragon’s shadow”, multiple dragons with especially powerful legend apparently broke the seal that was put on them and materialized as “shadow”. Dealing with those caused them to be late in rushing here.

――Kukuh, in front of this peerlessly beautiful fairy who shall be unmatched till the end of time, a mere dragon isABAAA――H!?

「Shia, will there be more reinforcement?」

「Unfortunately it’s only us. Tio-san can’t come out from the Miniature Garden because she is getting affected by the “Dragon”, so she is completely focused with assisting Hajime-san. Hajime-san right now is also in a state where he can’t move at all, so she is doubling as his bodyguard. The situation at the fairy world is also awful so Yue-san can’t leave from there. Mister hero and all the other classmates are also covering for the hole that we left behind to come here, so……」

Shia tossed an injection filled with the demon king’s special drink at Rana while explaining. Rana caught it and immediately injected it into the neck of her husband with smoothly natural movement. 「AAA――!?」 The lord screamed with his eyes wide open.

With Kaori’s regeneration magic and soul magic, Hinata who was able to recover greatly came running and she was in the verge of chanting the words of power for dispelling curse, so a scream 「hih」 leaked out from her mouth after witnessing the stylish violence that was carried out right before her eyes.

――Revived-! Etemp-san is revive――AA~~~~~~!?

「We can hold out for fifteen more minutes with just us you know!」

Shia said that and displayed the tyranny of Level X’s power once more. Vire Drucken that she swung around blew away Yato no Kami right after it revived.

Kaori also continued to heal while raining down feathers of disintegration to every direction like a heavy rain. She was dispersing the “shadows of snake and dragon” that were approaching from the east and west sides.

The north was naturally being maintained with Hidzuki holding back Yamato no Orochi.

It was enough time for them to rally themselves.

――I-I won’t lose-. With love and courage, no matter how many timesIYAAA~~~!?

「This is the last sprint! I’ll block all the shockwaves from the sky no matter what!」

「Right now we have continue option available! Let’s show them the hidden strength of security bureau’s assault force-」

「Hauria too! This is boss’s order! Offer up your hearts!」

Claudia, Vanessa, and then Rana spurred on with loud voices. War cries were raised in response. Also, Barnard was sent to the shrine and died before Kaori came. Right now he was in the middle of resurrection. Regardless of anything he didn’t die as expected.

――Right, a sh*tty game! This guy is a cheater y’know! Wait GYAA―――SU!?

「Just a bit more-. Believe that the dawn will come!!」

『I don’t know what they are planning but, it looks like the returnees has a plan to take care of the situation. We’re going to accomplish buying time at least!! Put our pride as Shadow Monk on the line!!』

Hinata and Zhen Ying’s encouragement, Shia and Kaori’s astounding abilities, also the existence that was fighting alone in the sky even while being really annoying caused even the onmyoujis and Shadow Monks who were in complete bewilderment to be fired up.

――Sorry for acting so cocky! I can’t do this anymoreee! Help meee-!!

「Okay! Healing complete! Shia, Endou-kun, talk later! Let’s go! Etemp-san can only run around by herself!」

「Fuh, very well. Guess I’ll do one more job!!」

「Oo, as expected from the special drink that made even Yue-san high. Drinking a drink by injection is insane! Is what I thought, but the effect is extraordinary!」

Etemp-san finally started to sob, so Kaori hurriedly flew away. Following after her was the lord falling toward the sky with 800 clones behind him.

With 200 clones joining the fight, the battle on the ground became much more manageable. They had no more spare strength but surely they would be able to hold.

「Shia, take care of Kou-kun. ……Someone like me can’t come together to his battlefield after all.」

「You are unusually meek. You’re really giving off the atmosphere of a wife.」

「Even though I’m talking seriously here!」

「I’m relieved that there is still serious soul even inside my family!」

「Enough already just go!」

「Ahahaaa. I need to be the one making you guys go along with my pace sometimes too!」

Shia hopped *pyon* like a bunny and kept going to the sky using the air as her foothold.

Rana saw her off with a fixed stare. Then seeing that the lords were also on the ground although only the clones, and in addition the rabbit who was like her little sister and universally recognized as bugged coming as reinforcement caused her expression to loosen up. A beat later.

「Now, here we go. LEAVE BEHIND YOUR HEADDD!!」

Her faced returned to the face of a head hunting rabbit and she returned back into the violent battlefield.

――Thirteen minutes remaining.

The lord and 800 clones, Shia and Etemp. And then the angel mode Kaori who was carrying out healing for the people on the ground from afar even while focusing to be the healer for the force in the sky too.

Fundamentally, the lord and his clones would shoot “Kokutenkyuu”, while Shia and Etemp bought him time to maintain it.

Kaori didn’t participate with the battle not by choice, but because she couldn’t. She had no leeway for that. If she slack off with the healing even just for a moment, everyone would immediately be gnawed by curse that would destroy their body and soul.

She was forced to such role even with this much combat force assembled here.

That was just how much the “Dragon’s shadow” had strengthened. The origin disaster that was even more ancient than any legend was about to wake up for real.

「Nuuh, Shia-dono!! Why can’t we obtain the assistance of the divine spirits!? I wish to ask them to perform wide range annihilation though!?」

「All of them are sleeping!」


It seemed they were sleeping. Even though Vire Drucken’s “Divine Equip Mode” would be a great help for scattering the “Dragon’s shadow” that was swelling up even more.

「But-, this is-, far harder, than expecteddd」

They had also used sublimation magic. Even so, pained voice slipped out from Kaori’s mouth. Because she was in a state of using regeneration magic and soul magic simultaneously, and furthermore she was using that combination for many times over at the same time.

The soul magic was especially important and one that she couldn’t slack off with. If she showed any opening, hundreds of types of curses would instantly attack unseen and caused various effect like murder, madness, brainwashing, etc, etc in an instant.

In addition, the enemy must have realized Kaori’s role as healer. The phantasmagoric “shadow” finally began to send out small snake dragons from the black clouds like tentacles. They were targeting Kaori persistently.

Naturally it would be bad to block them directly. Kaori was forced to dodge continuously using “Godspeed” that shortened the time needed for travelling itself. That too was a cause of why Kaori was going over her capacity.

「Nununuh, this will be a bit easier if at least Netemp is here desu-」

Etemp yelled while creating a raging stream of pure water using water element magic to defend against the lightning strike that targeted the lord while firing a huge disintegration bombardment when the dragon approached from the front with its jaw wide open, dispersing the “Dragon’s shadow”.

「Is Netemp-dono supporting boss like usual!?」

「Yes! Also right now master is in a completely defenseless state! Woah woah!? Almost got me! So right now she is at his side together with Tio-dono serving as a guard too!」

「Just what in the world is the situation over thereABYAA!?」


「Fuh, that’s just a clone.」

「It’s not the time to say that! Isn’t that the space magic “Quaking Sky” just now!?」

Due to an intense vibration that suddenly ran through the space, 400 clones were blown away altogether. On top of that, everyone suddenly felt a heavy weight on them that almost made them dropped.

「Gravity intervention!? Tsk」

He was performing pseudo flight with gravity magic, so the lord switched to the “Air Force” that was enchanted to his booths and stopped midair. He had expected it but, he unconsciously tsked when the enemy’s strength had increased to the point where it could even interfere with the principle of the world.

――Ten minutes remaining.

At this point, the sky around Mountain Fuji was already like hurricane. His sight was hindered by the storm that was raging like turbulent air. His balance kept getting disturbed by the wind.

On top of that, *DON* suddenly there was a destructive sound of explosion.

「Mountain Fuji is-」

It was a genuine eruption… It was relatively small scale, but there wasn’t only smoke, lava, cinders, and volcanic thunderstorm could be seen from afar. The shaking from the quake was also getting a step stronger in addition.

On top of that, he suddenly noticed but……

「Eh, blizzard!?」

「Huh? The light of the city vanished!?」

Kaori’s eyes widened seeing the western sky was being. Shia raised her voice when she saw with her far sight that the light of the city wasn’t turned on at all.

Far from that, it was unnaturally dark that she couldn’t see through the darkness even after she strengthened her sight.

The abnormal phenomenon of the temperature increase at eastern Japan and the temperature decrease at western Japan was finally entering the domain of heat wave and below freezing it seemed. In addition, perhaps it was a kind of authority rather than curse. The light of civilization was swallowed by darkness and couldn’t be seen at the slightest.

If they could check using artificial satellite, there was no doubt that Japan would look like a patchy pattern of black and white right now. Night that was dyed in black that rejected all light, and noon that was dyed in white that denied all darkness were forming dome shaped domains that were scattered here and there in Japan.

Naturally, the coastal region was finally displaying a very stormy state. It would only be a matter of time until extremely big high wave attacked the cities along the coast.

It was truly the sight of the end of the world.

「Eei, this is an absurdly long fifteen minutes!」

It was unbelievable that only five minutes had passed since Shia and others came running.

If the cataclysm continued to increase in intensity at this rate, it would be already impossible to get a perfect game……

Such bad premonition flashed at the back of his mind for an instant. However, the lord denied it with a fearless smile. He fired “Kokutenkyuu” in full strength and even while gritting his teeth strongly from the feeling of his magic power being shaved off in big chunks,

「But, well, you will make it in time right? You don’t know how to fail huh?」

He muttered so――

『That’s an overestimation. Even I often messed up you know.』

And be answered. By the voice that he was waiting eagerly for!

Faster than the designated time, with an impressive time of more than ten minutes still remaining from the deadline, not jut the lord, the faces of Shia and others were also filled with a joyful look that said “Finallyy!”. On the ground below, loud cheers 「HE’S HEREEE!!」 also rose from anyone other than the onmyoujis and Shadow Monk.

「HAHA. By all means pray tell me! Just what in the world you have ever failed in huh!」

『Pleasing my daughter.』

「There is no helping about that one I guess!」

Right after cracking such jokes.

The eruption was visibly settling down. On the ground below, the quake that was getting progressingly fiercer was getting noticeably weaker.

The hurricane changed into a breeze.

The surging heavy thunders were dispersing.

The blizzard vanished, the rain also stopped, the heat wave and below zero temperature was turning moderate.

The absurd noon and night left, civilization was regaining its light.

The waves that were raging at the coastal area were changing countenance into a lull.

The cataclysm was calming down like it was only an illusion.

The cause of that was,

『Shia! Shia! I came to save you! Are you happy? You are happy aren’t you? Now you can see anything else other than me aren’t you――』

A hole opened up in the dark clouds and the radiance of sun showed its face. No, it was a cool beauty who looked like an elite career woman in appearance only, radiating the radiance of sun so fiercely that anyone mistook her like that.

――The divine spirit of fire circle Soare

She wasn’t in her usual form of jiggling slime. She was in a complete human form like when she was in the star spirit world in the past. Her body was clad in overwhelming divine might that wasn’t at all inferior from her main body.

Her power that governed over sun and light returned the heat wave at eastern Japan and the localized noon back to normal.

『You are too boisterous, hopeless Soare. Focus.』

『……The suppression will be undone if your mind wander.』

A fine figure of man appeared together with thunder. The ground at the foot of Mountain Fuji bulged up and a giant appeared from there.

――The divine spirit of thundercloud Udar

――The divine spirit earth Oros

The avatar of lightning erased the heavy thunder of the “Dragon”, while the avatar of earth suppressed the eruption and earthquake.

Then naturally,

『Yes yes, everyone, keep it at that. Don’t embarrass me, the goddess of the Treasure Tree.』

『Can you stop stressing your higher position with every sentence? I myself is the goddess of the King Tree you know?』

『……You two are no different.』

The girl with faint green hair tied into twintail and wearing a dancer outfit that were fluttering from the wind――the divine spirit of flowing sky that governed the world’s wind Enti and the beautiful woman with black hair and black dress who was governing over the night and darkness――the divine spirit of everlasting darkness Laila. And then, a sea eagle that looked like transparent crystal――the divine spirit of ice and snow who governed over humidity and cold weather Barahu. They were also here.

At the coastal area, the divine spirit of sea current Meeres also regained his former appearance of giant sea dragon while he was currently controlling the whole sea surrounding Japan.

It was unimaginable that any of them had ever been in the shape of jiggling slime. They were suppressing the cataclysm with heavenly might that even made anyone who knew them wondered if they were perhaps even stronger than their original.

It was a majestic appearance that was truly worthy for divine spirits that governed over the nature of the world.

The descend of seven gods. And then the salvation from the cataclysm.

In front of that scenery that was far removed from reality caused everyone on the ground below to look up to the sky with their mouth hanging open.

It was fortunate that the “shadows of legendary snake and dragon” were also stopped moving temporarily. It might be the influence from the “Dragon’s shadow” stirring as though it was slightly bewildered.

Either way, new players made their entrance as though to take advantage of that opening.

「Delivery~, we have delivery heree~!!」

「A present from the mister~~~~」

A gate manifested in front of the lord. From there small silhouettes flew out along with cheerful voices that sounded out of place.

They were two palm sized girl who looked adorable like in a dream, wearing pretty dress. They had two pairs of shining wings on their back.

One had long light green hair, and the other one had pink colored bob cut. Their faces looking exactly the same like the other was proof that they were twins.

They were the fairy sisters, Rune and Cino.

The big sister Rune rode the wind and put a necklace on the lord. Cino went to Shia.

Following after them, the “fairies who planned to migrate to the Miniature Garden” flew out from the gate and distributed necklaces to Kaori and Etemp, and the to the allies on the ground below.

Right after that.

「Nuoooh!? What’s this!? Power if overflowing……」

His dried out magic power was instantly refilled to full tank. It didn’t stop at just that, immense magic power was constantly flowing from the necklace.

『Goshuji-sama couldst not answer because he is focusing, so I shall explain briefly in his place.』

It was Tio’s voice that replied back.

『Goshujin-sama hath completely grasped the willpower of this planet. The “Dragon” art not infinite anymore.』

The fundamental solution that Hajime spoke of.

It was none other than the complete control of this planet’s power――the willpower that was flowing from the King Tree.

The awakening and the revival of the “Dragon” was only possible because it devoured willpower. Naturally, its endless power also came from devouring this planet’s power.

In that case, there would be no problem if all the power was robbed right from the source before it could flow to Japan.

Yes, to the world inside the “treasure warehouse” ――the “Miniature Garden”.

Even the immense energy of a planet’s worth wouldn’t be too much if it was assigned to grow the world of Miniature Garden. As a side benefit, it could also be appropriated for accelerating the growth of Miniature Garden’s great tree――the Treasure Tree and the divine spirits.

There was no time, so Hajime also implemented time acceleration using Hour Crystal and Tio’s regeneration magic.

Netemp was constantly attending the element conversion system to control it, and while Laila was sleeping in order to grow, Aularodde served as the substitute goddess of the King Tree.

『Crushing the supply route art the standard tactic in war. Right now Goshujin-sama art capable of supplying the earth’s energy to the designated location in the designated amount anytime.』

In other words, Japan right now was in a state that was completely cut off from willpower. The power of “Dragon” had become limited to only the amount that it contained inside itself.

Furthermore, with this it was like the sacred grounds of the technique users who were awakened all over the world had been seized from them, so they couldn’t receive power as they pleased from the “dragon’s vein” and “dragon’s den” with this.

The fundamental solution that Hajime talked about was none other than “a complete control over earth’s unique energy”.

『That artifact art supplying infinite energy through the Miniature Garden’s Treasure Tree only to those who holdst it. It doth not care what type of power the owner used.』

However, it was still a prototype so Hajime had to control everything manually.

Right now Hajime was closing his eyes while sitting in meditation posture in the Miniature Garden’s world that was cultivating immense as well as abundant nature with the Treasure Tree behind him. He was also using Limit Break in his focus.

Like that, he was continuously supplying infinite power to his comrades, subordinate devils, and the divine spirits who were scattered all over the world.

Hajime had no room to spare for anything else in his extreme focus. But, the way he was clad in the light of star inside a world of his own creation, with the giant tree that was like a world tree behind him, the unlimited power and his homeworld in his grasp, obeyed by devils and divine spirits, and continuously sending endless power only to his chosen all over the world……

「No, he’s totally a god already.」

「That’s even more crazy than Ehito! As expected from my master!」

「That’s the description of an authentic demon god isn’t it, desu.」

「Hajime-kun, how far is he planning to go……」

Kousuke unconsciously returned to his plain self. Etemp’s tension increased in explosive rate. Shia and Kaori were making a slightly exasperated expression.

Indeed, what Hajime was doing wasn’t really different from Ehito who was continuously sending infinite power to his countless apostles from the sacred precinct.

And the way he was possessing portable planet and world, and leading gods and also demons other than beings who were apostles in the past was certainly even more insane than Ehito.

『Anyway whittle off the enemy! Right now Goshujin-sama art also snatching away the willpower that is enveloping Japan! But, the process wouldst take a bit of time! The divine spirits art suppressing the natural disasters during that time, but if the shadows art also dispersed continuously, the process shouldst quicken even more!』

「I see. That is truly easy to understand!!!」

The lord turned on the spot and took a cool pose.

「Mine abyss is deepening even further with this endless magic power.」

「Endou-kun! This isn’t the time to screw around!」

「A cornered rat will bite even a cat after all. We don’t know what the “Dragon” will do when it’s cornered!」

It wasn’t like he was screwing around. The unprecedented predicament that cornered him like never before, the sublimation magic from Kaori, and then obtaining the infinite magic power was pushing the lord to a new stage!

「Let’s go, you all can feel exciiiting from feeling me’s pauwer!!」

「「He is going passed acting chuuni into a sham foreigner!?」」

As expected he might be screwing around. The lord’s mind was rushing to a strange direction, however, his strength was the real thing.

――Coolness depth Level VI

What it brought about was clones in number that increased by one digit. The total number was ten thousand. The amount of lord could be mistaken as a new dark cloud as they rushed through the sky.

And then,


The sky was completely covered by the secret technique black hole.



「Retreat retreaat! We’re going back to the grounddd」

Etemp almost got sucked in before Shia caught her midway. They retreated from the sky together with Kaori. Even the divine spirits were retreating from the battlefield in panic. Rune and Cino also almost turned into lost fairies before Enti protected them while yelling 「Stupidddd! Give a warning at least before you do something like thattt!」 in anger.

「This is unexpected even for moi too! Soorriii!!」

Everyone thought. Somehow he was even more annoying than before in a different vector.

The “Dragon’s shadow” must have also sensed that its power was decreasing fast. At the same time, it might also sensed that its chance of victory was small.

It was just as Shia said, the “Dragon” roared in anger and hatred like a cornered rat.

The “Dragon’s shadow” was already swallowed whole by the absurd attack of “Kokutenkyuu” bombardment. Even so, it resisted the power of annihilation while trying to change all of its remaining power into a curse to kill all living creatures.

“Kokutenkyuu” was the highest level of magic in physical destruction. But, it didn’t have the suction power to also draw in immaterial power like a curse and annihilated it.

「Eei, it doesn’t know when to give up――」

『――Sitting in the god’s abode at the high plain of heaven, by the decree of the imperial Mutsukamurogi, Kamuromi, invoking the grand prayer of the heavenly ritual――』

Through the radio, a young beautiful voice resounded with dignity. Right after that, pure white light spiraled up and pierced the sky from the ground.

The lord lifted his cheeks fearlessly.

What would happen when the strongest onmyou girl obtained infinite willpower.

「Good grief! My princess is the greatest there is!!」

Through the radio a cough 「Nn-!?」, and disturbing words like 「Lolicon……」 and 「Purging……」 could be heard, but they didn’t enter the ears of the lord who was extremely high!

A thunderous sound came from the ground. The northern half of the sea of trees were blown away in three hundred meters radius. At the source of it, there was Hidzuki whose crimson demonic aura danced boisterously like a prominence.

She looked smug. Extremely so. Her gaze was directed toward Shia who was going down to the ground. It seemed she was burning with rivalry after witnessing Shia’s first attack. Apparently she tried doing the same feat after obtaining unlimited demonic ki.

The onmyouji and Shadow Monks too. They weren’t paying any attention to the consumption rate of their willpower. Far from that, perhaps because they were now able to fire techniques that far surpassed their original capability like there was no tomorrow, they finally fell to the same state of high tension like the security bureau’s assault force and Hauria.

The increase of the exorcists’ power also went without saying.

The “shadows of legendary snake and dragon” that couldn’t possibly resurrect anymore were being annihilated one after another.

「It’s unfortunate.」

The black asterism of destruction. They were sparking as they slowly rotated at the sky, swallowing the “shadow” further to the center. The scene looked like a black galaxy.

『If allowed to announce the imperial decree, all the sins, all the crimes shall not exist――』

And then, even the curse of the “Dragon” that it unleashed toward the whole Japan to take as many existences as possible to the grave together with it……

If there was an astronaut who could look down on earth right now, he might feel moved to tears by that fantastic sight.

From the south of Japan until the north, there were pure white pillars of light that dotted all over the place. Their number was roughly thirty thousand.

Yes, Hinata’s technique was spreading to the whole Japan through all the Inari Shrines.

If it was possible to teleport from torii to torii of Inari Shrines that were located all over the country through the other world, it was also possible for her to send only her power.

If she had infinite willpower in her “Divine Possession” state, although it was limited to only Japan, Fujiwara Hinata was able to protect the whole country from any kind of supernatural power.

「We also want to live. That’s why」

『I beseech for a cleansing, for purification for the reason of the matter of white――』

“Kokutenkyuu” that numbered like the stars in the sky due to ten thousand of lords gathered at the center. They all fused and formed a gigantic star of disaster.

The cleansing pure white light covered the whole Japan. The light also flowed from the foot of the mountain to the peak, making the sacred mountain “Fuji” to shine.

「Sleep for ten thousand years more!!」

『Lend the eight ears of Saoshika to all the gods, asking them to listen and eat!!』

The lord extended one hand toward the gigantic “Kokutenkyuu”. He spread open his five fingers――and closed them in a crushing gesture.

The star shrunk right away. The “Dragon’s shadow” was completely annihilated without even any death throes.

*Paan* A clear sound of clap reverberated. The abbreviated “Most Required Purification” that possessed a power that equaled the great purification speech in Shinto thoroughly cleansed and exorcised the curse that almost spread throughout Japan.

The deafening silence of the night returned.

The deathly battle where the fate of the world was on the line announced its end with astonishing silence.

Nobody said anything for a while. Everyone was simply breathing roughly while exchanging gazes with each other, asking if it was really over.

While the ten thousand clones were dispersing, the lord was also looking around as though a part of himself couldn’t believe in their victory.

『You did great huh, Endou.』

The voice of Hajime who should be in a state of extreme concentration reached him.

『I received the calls just now. The dragons that manifested at all the other places have also vanished.』

『The influence of the dragon hath also vanished. I’m not feeling anything at all now.』

「I see……」

The abyss lord mode was turning off. But, he still hadn’t regained the leeway to feel the usual heartache.

He silently went down to the ground.

At the sea of trees that had completely became open empty lot, his gazes looked around at the exhausted figures of his allies.

It was at that moment, there was a flicker of light at the corner of his sight that made him taken aback.

When he turned his gaze to there while narrowing his eyes from the dazzling light, he could see the sun peeking out slightly at the eastern sky. It was painting the sky with morning glow……

「It’s dawn.」

Kousuke muttered naturally.

His comrades whose gazes were similarly taken away by the morning sun looked at Kousuke simultaneously.

Inside the backlight that was getting brighter, Kousuke also turned his face toward his allies and finally put on a wide smile.

They had fought through an intense and long night in order to see this dawn. They had definitely fought to the end.

Anyone understood that meaning from his smile.

*Suuu* He breathed in. He put in all of his emotions.

And then,

「It’s-, our victoryy――――――――――!!!」

He let out a war cry as loudly as he could as though he was trying to make his voice reached the whole Japan.

With that, everyone finally felt it for real――a beat passed.


Shouts of triumph reverberated grandly to the sky of the dawn.

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