Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 426 Tortus Travel Journal ? All Died-, At That Timeee!!

Chapter 426 Tortus Travel Journal ? All Died-, At That Timeee!!

The faintly drifting pure white mist, and the thickly growing trees and shrubs.

The place was gloomy even during the day. Not only the tree roots that jutted out from the ground, even the trees themselves were forming strange shapes. Furthermore, every single one of them had the thickness that couldn’t be found at Japan.

The nature was intertwining with complex twists and turns. The ground also wasn’t fully flat and untouched. The place felt like another world that rejected the entry of human into here.

Even the silence where only the faint sound of rustling leaves and animals could be heard gave even more of a mysterious feeling that was similar to fear toward those who stepped into here.

That silence was broken by the sound of the ground being stepped on.

Also, it was accompanied by the groaning voice of 「Uu~」. It wasn’t the voice of an animal, but an groaning voice of an adorable little girl.

「Myuu, I don’t think you need to mind it that much you know?」

「……Myuu wish papa will mind it a bit more nano.」

The one walking while holding her head was Myuu. Beside her Hajime was smiling wryly.

Hajime and others had attended a buffet party before staying for the night in the palace of the empire. Then at the next day right now, they arrived at the sea of trees Haltine directly using Crystal Key for teleportation.

They were in the middle of heading toward Fea Belgen. Obviously they were also able to teleport directly to there but, the parents made a request to enjoy the atmosphere of the sea of trees for a bit before giving their greeting to the elders, so they teleported to the sea of trees in a spot that was some distance away from the capital.

Of course, Myuu was groaning wasn’t because she disliked strolling inside the sea of trees.

The source of her worry was about the parting at the imperial palace.

Prince Randell of the kingdom and Prince Raymond of the empire weren’t satisfied with just their quarrel at the party venue. What they did weren’t at the level of quarrel anymore after that. They were grappling on the ground while making a fierce appeal at Myuu as though it was their last chance to do so.

The first one who charged forward was Randell.

──Myuu! I present you with this hair ornament! T-this is the expression of my feeling to you-

That was what he said. Actually he planned to present it to her at the buffet party last night, but the head reaping bunny with terrifying insane gaze toward him that was filled with curses and a muddy black malicious aura enveloping her (Nea from Randell’s POV) and the light sab*r battle that occupied his time made him lost his chance to hand the hair ornament at that time.

Also, this hair ornament, it was an ornament that was made by a super first-class artisan. It was at the level of a national treasure. The gem it used was Granz ore that was the most popular for when a man proposed a woman for a betrothal. If it was appraised to Japanese yen, its value would be at the unit of several billion yen.

The way the astonished and spasming faces of Queen Luluaria and big sister Liliana that were then turning into an expression of greater headache was really a sight to see.

Judging from their expressions, it was self-explanatory that the hair ornament was something that he should never take out without permission and giving it to other so simply like this. Perhaps, it was really a precious item that the royalty used for proposing.

In respond, Raymond butt in before Myuu could give her reply to Randell.

──How shallow of you trying to lure a lady using an object like that! How low you have fallen, Prince Randell!

──W-what did you sayy!?

──Myuu-san. This is my feeling to you-

As he said that, he took out a necklace and wore it himself.

Yes, it was the “collar of oath” that should have been taken off from him and retrieved away.

Myuu’s gaze snapped toward Hajime. For some reason Hajime gave her a thumb up with a nice smile. She didn’t know when he did it, but it seemed that Hajime papa handed the item as an extension of his excessive joking mood.

Gahard and the imperial nobles’ shocked face that changed into spasming expression before changing even more to expressions of headache were even more of a sight to see.

It couldn’t be helped. After all the prince of their country was trying to offer his own life by putting on an oath that absolutely couldn’t be resisted by his own initiative with the idea that “a present that is filled with genuine sincerity means giving myself as a present”.

──Kuku, offering oneself for the sake of their beloved. Can you do something like this!?

──A royalty of all people want to abandon their own country!? You damn fool!

──Fuh, in the end you love is just at that level you knowww, Prince Randelll!

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──Wrong! A protector that is fitting to protect both the country and one’s own love, that is none other than the kingship that I’m aiming at!

──Naïve! That’s just an idealistic thought! You won’t be able to obtain what you truly wish for without sacrificing something!

──Do you think Myuu will love a man who abandoned his own country!?

──So you think Myuu can love a man who can’t even abandon a single country for her!?

──This stupid blockheaddd────!!

──That’s my line-!!

*Von von screechhhh* Two light s*bers drew trails on the air and scattering sparks around.

Meanwhile, Myuu who was being left out of the loop despite being the one receiving the love confessions were watching with twitching expression. She raised her voice 「No, umm, Myuu belong to papa nano! So it’s troubling if you two is getting heated up on your own like that!」, but the two boys weren’t listening.

And. Seeing such scene, Princess Ariel who fell in love with the heroic figure of Randell who confronted Nea in order to protect her couldn’t possibly just stay quiet.

──You-, you seduced darling again!

──Are you sane nano!? Are you looking at reality properly!?

──You’re pretending to be indifferent like that while seducing him out of everyone’s sight! Unforgivable-

──You aren’t listening nano!?

While saying that, she somehow took out a musket from under her skirt stylishly before trying to attack with an expression of a villainess putting on an expression of jealousy in full force.

The way she didn’t listen to anyone and fully honest to her own impulse was completely the same like her big sister (Tracy) the mad dog princess.

Inevitably, even the Hauria girl who fundamentally could only ever lead a situation toward chaos became an Asura.

────You bitch……you pointed your hostility to milady huh? Die!

──Nea-chaaaan!? Don’t kill herrr!

──I have been reborn. The weak me doesn’t exist anymore!

──Ariel-chan too, don’t resistttt!!

Even though they had fought that much in the buffet party, the earnest quarrel of the kids started again.

Naturally, from the kingdom side Liliana and Queen Luluaria, and from the emperor side Gahard and Tracy also intervened but……

Raymond-kun, he tried to take advantage of Luluaria and Gahard’s approach by suggesting──or rather, intensely endorsing Ariel to be Randell’s fiancée. Ariel too, she tried to use the chance to make a fierce appeal.

The anxious Randell finally said 「Myuu! Become my fiancée! Give me a chance at least!」 with a clear display of manliness……

Raymond also kneeled and held out his hand while proposing 「No-, please choose me, Myuu-san! I ask you to be my wife!」. Ariel started yelling 「A duel! Now that it has come to this duel me one on oneee!」……

「Well, there was no problem wasn’t it? After all both Randell and Raymond became obedient right away from Myuu’s 『I hate children who do nothing but squabbling!』.」

「Myuu didn’t like it nano!!」

Geezzz! Myuu started hitting Hajime papa over and over.

Myuu considered Randell and others as friends. Even with Nea, Myuu didn’t want her to look up at her as “boss’s daughter” at all. She wished to form a friendship as equal with her. This time she was especially interested toward Princess Ariel. With how the princess was a girl who was close of age with her, she was someone that Myuu wanted to get along with the most.

And yet……

「Ariel-chan, even though she was strangled unconscious by Tracy-oneesan, she still continued to point the gun at Myuu……she was tremendously tenacious.」

Myuu recalled the fierce fighting spirit “I won’t lose to you even if I die” that she felt from someone who she wanted to be a friend with and she buried her face into her hands.

「Even a little girl like her still descended from the lineage of Hoelscher. She got the fierceness in her.」

「But Shizuku-chan, the one who instigated her, or rather awakened her was Hajime-kun.」

「……Hajime, bad person! Bad-」

「No, but see. Randell’s popularity in the empire rose dramatically you know? I just, yes, I only did that for my brother-in-law’s sake.」

「Goshujin-sama, Lily was forced to return home temporarily because of that though?」

Hajime quietly averted his gaze.

Actually, Liliana wasn’t among the group. If asked why, it was because the talk of engagement between Randell and Ariel heated up even more than expected.

The empire’s side raised their voice that the engagement should happen by all means. Gahard too, he was enthusiastic, thinking that as a member of imperial family, his daughter would have to marry some royalty in the future anyway.

However, Luluaria put a stop to it there.

From the start, she had no intention to support Randell’s wish. It would be a different matter if Myuu was the one chasing after Randell, but it was the opposite. Even just Liliana’s relationship with Hajime was already beyond what she could hope to maintain a connection with the demon king’s family, so there was no way she could forcefully ask for the hand of the demon king’s daughter too.

Therefore, she didn’t refuse the engagement talk with the imperial family itself.

But, for the other party to be Ariel……she wasn’t sure about it.

Because. Even though she was strangled by her big sister until her eyes rolled back and her mouth foamed, her gun’s muzzle was still wandering around in search of the prey. The way she looked and her act weren’t normal for a mere seven years old kid. On top of that, the way she looked, it was like she was going to run around in a bridge pose like a certain demonically possessed girl. Too scary.

This girl……as my daughter-in-law? No, that’s a bit……umm……can you also introduce me your other daughters? Just in case, you know? That was how it went.

Her hard struggle that she did because of her feeling for Randell, caused her future mother-in-law (maybe) to be creeped out and demanded for a substitute. Ariel-chan……her love life had become an even thornier path for her.

So, because it looked like the engagement negotiation for the next king would drag longer because of Luluaria, someone was required to take control of their homeland’s government affairs……

「Lili-chan, when she returned back to the kingdom through the gate, her back looked really heavy……」

「That was, the back of a salaryman. Like when one suddenly got called to work in a day off even though they were in the middle of enjoying a family time. I want to cry.」

Liliana vanished into the other side of the shining gate while only leaving behind a thumb up at the end and the words 『I’ll be back, definitely』 like a certain Termi*ator. Indescribable sorrow and tragic determination were clearly broadcasted from her. Even though she only wanted to have a trip for several days!

Wasn’t that too much? Shuu and Sumire’s gazes stabbed Hajime with that question.

Hajime coughed 「Nnh」 and made an excuse 「I gave her some useful things, like Hour Crystal, and other things……」 with a small voice.

Behind Hajime and others who were walking at the front while having such talk,

「Nea-chan, walk on your own already.」


Nea was becoming like a corpse. It was like she didn’t even have the energy to walk, so Shia was dragging her by holding her collar. Her limbs and even her rabbit ears were dangling down limply. Her eyes that contained not even a shred of vitality was wandering around at empty air.

「……me……kill, me……」

「What kind of stupid thing are you saying. I’ll pluck off your rabbit furs you know?」

「D-do you need, soul magic?」

Aiko suggested hesitantly seeing the really young rabbit eared girls looking like she was in a complete despair of her life. Aiko’s mother──Akiko, the Shirasaki couple, and Yaegashi family also didn’t know what to say here.

Shia casually shrugged her shoulders.

「It’s her own fault. After all she even ignored Myuu-chan and rampaged until I punched her stomach.」

Of course, there was no way a Hauria would feel remorse just from a body blow punch that caused gastric juice to flow in reverse inside their body.

What broke Nea’s spirit that was even tougher than adamantium was the strike that she received while she was vomiting *orororororo* rainbow liquid (beautiful girl censorship) from her big sis’s body blow.

──Myuu’s disappointed. Myuu quit being Nea-chans’s friend

The destructive power from that was tremendous. Nea went ghastly pale 「Ah, crap. Milady has seriously snapped」 and immediately performed a jumping dogeza.

Forgive mee, I’m reflecting! Nea apologized but, messing up right at the next moment, that was Hauria quality.

Myuu who understood that turned aside her gaze *puih*. It seemed that only this time she wouldn’t tolerate Nea’s act just because “the act was done from thinking about Myuu”.

After that Nea kept trying to apologize, but Myuu kept continued to *puih* without saying anything. And even when Nea casually requested to come along with the group despite needing to stay behind because of her role as an ambassador in the empire,

──Eh……you are going to accompany us too, Nea-san?

──Polite, language!?

It was truly a critical hit. Nea crumbled from the damage.

Milady hate me……it’s hopeless, it’s over for meee. After that, Nea even tried to perform seppuku, so big sis Shia shut her up with another body blow, but after that she had been in this state the whole time.

She is a Hauria so it can’t be helped, like that Hajime and others didn’t really pay it any mind though.

「Myuu? How about you forgive her already?」

Remia gently caressed Myuu’s head. Her daughter was muttering 「Human relationship is really difficult nano……」 like a salaryman who was placed in a uncomfortable workplace, so Remia smiled and comforted her 「It’s rare that we can go in a trip like this, so let’s enjoy the sea of trees right now, okay?」.

Myuu stared up at Remia fixedly. She was smiling gently and kindly like usual. Even people who were in the middle of quarreling would be given warm comfort and calmed down from Remia’s smile. It was a kind of sure-kill smile.

Myuu nodded as though in acceptance of something. Remia’s smile deepened even more seeing her understanding daughter……

「Myuu, want to be just friend even with boys too……Myuu love mama but, Myuu doesn’t want to be like mama who can make any man to propose marry me~ right away nano……」


A critical hit on Remia mama!! Although it was for something extremely limited, it was the first time she was being told 「I don’t want to be like mama!」 by her daughter. Remia’s eyes became hollow from the excessive shock. She staggered unsteadily.

「Remia!? Are you alright!?」

「D-dear……perhaps, this is it for me……」

「I understand your feeling. When I imagined Myuu telling me something like that, just thinking it made me feel faint. Myuu! What you said to your mama is horrible!」

Hajime supported Remia before she could fall and scolded Myuu.

However, before Myuu could apologize,

「My my myy, Remia-chan is that popular? Is that true!?」

「Oh my oh my! Really you, Remia-chan! Can you tell us about that more!?」

The two madams who loved gossiping about love──Sumire and Kaoruko pressed Remia with sparkling eyes.

「N-no, I’m not really……」

「After papa and others conquered the undersea ruin and left Erisen, a fight for mama broke out between the men. There was a tournament held just to choose the participants for the marriage interview, and Myuu also got approached by a lot of people who wanted to be Myuu’s papa nano.」


「It wasn’t just fellow fishmen who did that, even human soldiers and nobles also desired mama. Everyone used various means to make Myuu their daughter nano.」

To defeat the general first shoot down the horse. As though to apply that saying, a swarm of men tried to make Myuu called them papa. Myuu got a distant look from recalling that past.

「T-these mother and daughter are truly devilish aren’t they?」

「Akiko-san!? You’re misunderstanding!」

「That’s amazing, Remia-san. So you put your hometown under your thumb behind the scene like that……」

「Even Kirino-san! I’m telling you I really wasn’t like that!」

「When mama said that we’re leaving Erisen to go with papa, the whole town turned quiet as though everyone died nano.」

「I’ll shut your mouth for now okay, Myuu!」

Remia pulled up Myuu and buried her head into her chest to close her mouth.

Sumire and Kaoruko’s eyes were sparkling.

「I’m looking forward when we go to Erisen if it’s like this.」

「Yes, indeed. If I remember it right, it will be at the last day won’t it? I can’t wait.」

「Both of you, there is really nothing there at all. I had rejected all of them so……」

「「Even so, surely there are still men who haven’t given up yet there!!」」

「You two are in sync!?」

Remia backed away tiredly while still hugging Myuu.

「Eerr, is everyone enjoying the forest? If you like we can just go to Fea Belgen right away.」

Hajime looked around at the parents. For some reason since they entered the sea of trees, it felt like they were only enjoying talking about the problems of human relationship and their plan at first had been set aside to who know where.

Shuuzou and Koichi denied that 「How can that be」 in respond.

「We’re having fun here. Hajime-kun. This place is really wonderful.」

「Yeah. Fuji’s sea of trees is also a good training──cough. A beautiful place, but this place is even more beautiful.」

「Koichi-san, just now, you mentioned training……」

Hajimed turned his gaze at Shizuku in question. Shizuku’s pupils were shrinking into dot as she said 「I, don’t know, anything」. It seemed to be another background matter of the acrobatic training.

Tomoichi touched a tree at the side while speaking in admiration.

「When I was young I also once went to the sea of trees Aokigahara to sightsee but, how should I say it, the scale here is on another league. Coupled with the white mist, it really feels like we had wandered into another world.」

Certainly the thickness of the roots that grew out from the trees and the ground were all big and old. In the first place just the area’s size was different. It wasn’t just for show that this sea of trees was covering the whole eastern side of the continent.

Considering that Fuji’s sea of trees had path for walking and it was also a famous sightseeing spot, there was a clear difference in atmosphere with this place.

This place was really like a symbol of nature that was originally untouched by man.

「This white mist is also interesting. Just like we were told, it felt like we’re going to be lost if we aren’t keeping eyes at Hajime and others at the front.」

「The great tree Ua Alto was it? I’m also looking forward to see it from close by.」

「Right. Looking at it towering high from afar first might be good too but, we’re already here so it’s better to taste feeling moved by looking up at it from the bottom at first.」

The great tree Ua Alto was jutting out hugely from the sea of trees, and yet it was fundamentally impossible to see it from outside.

Of course, it was because of the perception obstruction barrier, so Hajime and others could break it, and watching it from Fernier was considered at first.

But, if they wanted to look down at the whole sea of trees, the plan that Hajime endorsed was to do it from the top of the great tree, and before that they could experience how gigantic the tree was for real by looking up at it from the bottom of the great tree itself.

「I think the first sight that simply entranced me for the first time after I was summoned to this world was the great tree.」

「……Nn. At that time it was withered, even so it was amazing.」

「For us it wasn’t really anything usual though. We never even imagined that it was a great labyrinth.」

Hajime, Yue, and Shia narrowed their eyes in remembrance of that time.

「Oh, Yue0chan was a queen in the past right? Hadn’t you ever seen it before you were sealed, like when visiting here for diplomacy?」

「……Yes, Okaa-sama. I was the strongest after all.」

Nn? Sumire and the other parents tilted their head. Then Tio spoke.

「The title of the strongest art heavy. When people with strength moveth, the world wouldst also be shaken just from that. Also, it’s decorum to go visiting rather than inviting. And most of all, from the start the vampire race’s overall number was small.」

「……Nn. I never left my country since I was born. I couldn’t possible leave in order to protect the country.」

Hee~, the parents let out voices of admiration at the unexpectedly great influence that Yue held when she was a queen.

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「……The first time I left the country! It was when I was unbelievably beaten up black and blue by my family and retainers and sealed in the abyss dessu☆」

Yue-san sharply made a horizontal peace sign over her eye and winked.

The parents sharply froze. Sumire’s expression convulsed wit the thought 「Ah, perhaps, I had stepped on a landmine?」. Their legs also completely stopped. The atmosphere around the group also froze.

「……Nn? Eh? It’s just Yue-san’s smart black joke though……」

「Umm, Yue. It was too black it wasn’t funny.」

「Yue, it was hard to say this all this time but……your, joking sense is a bit, you know?」

「You’re joking……right?」

Yue was trembling from Kaori and Shizuku’s serious tsukkomi that were accompanied with deep sighs. There was also her sense in editing the past replay, it seemed that Yue-sama’s weakness lie in the entertainment sector.

And, it was then, Hajime and others simultaneously turned their gazes to the front. Shuu’s eyes widened and he asked.

「Hajime? What’s wrong?」

「Monster. A group of them. It’s a rare chance. Let’s capture several of them for show……」

「But, isn’t this a bit strange?」

「Yeah. Right now our presence is hidden. Mere monsters of the sea of trees should instinctually avoid us……」

*Zazaza* The tranquil sea of trees suddenly became noisy even while they were talking.

Their field of vision was bad due to the mist. They were inside this gloomy sea of trees. Couple with the atmosphere, it made Kaoruko and Akiko’s expression to stiffen even though they understood that nothing could harm them. It was only the Yaegashi family that was making an expression of 「A fight? There will be a fight? Is it okay to fight」 while holding blade in their hands, so Shizuku glared at them to not do anything unnecessary.

「Yue, I don’t want to make too much ruckus, so can you half crush around two or three of them with gravity magic?」

「……My sense, is too lacking? No, there is no way that’s……」

「It’s hopeless Hajime-kun. It looks like the damage is deeper than expected. She isn’t listening.」

「S-sorry Yue. We should at least pick our words more carefully.」

Shizuku was holding Yue’s shoulders and shaking her back and forth, but by saying that they should pick their words more carefully without changing the fundamental opinion, it became the unshakeable proof of Shizuku’s true feeling. Yue’s eyes became a bit tearful.

Hajime was thinking that a tearful Yue was also really cute while taking out a bola artifact for restraining, thinking that he would take care of things personally. A beat later.

A group of monster appeared on the trees above. The mist was stirred by their appearance.

They were monkey type monsters. They had instantaneous telepathic ability to operate in group. They specialized in teamwork with each other and throwing their opponents into confusion.

Of course, Hajime and co had finished securing the safety of the parents. Tio and Aiko were preparing double layers of soul magic to remove any mental influence, and Kaori was also preparing so she could instantly activate barrier.

But, in the end it was doubtful whether those would be needed.

The condition of the monsters was clearly strange.

「Strange. It feels more like they’re caught off guard encountering us here rather than coming to attack us.」

It was just as Hajime said, the monster was stunned. They were shocked seeing Hajime’s group.

「Ee? They failed to grasp our presence even though they’re monster? Even though right now none of us is even suppressing our presence?」

Shia remarked as though to say 「How pathetic for monsters desuu!」. It was right at that instant.

The monsters’ gazes moved toward Shia with a creaky movement *gigigi* like a tin pot puppet that hadn’t been oiled. And then their gazes moved toward the limp Nea who was still being dragged. No, their gazes were moving toward those rabbit ears──


They simultaneously screamed and broke out running.

It was as though that. A common scene I horror movie, when a victim left behind everything in order to run from a homicidal maniac, but the said homicidal maniac had already circled around in front of them.

The monsters raised a scream and made an expression like in “Munch’s The Scream”. They were scattering to every direction without any order anymore. They were completely panicked.

Everyone’s gaze moved toward Shia and Nea.

Tomoichi and Kaoruko mumbled.

「Yesterday, didn’t we see the same scene in the palace?」

「T-the Haurias, they terrified everyone no matter if they’re human or monster isn’t it?」

The eyes they were using to look at the two Haurias were completely like someone who was looking at insanely dangerous people. Akiko-san was stealthily moving toward her daughter’s side. It was plainly shocking.

「Y-you’re wrong! No, perhaps my clan is actually like that but, I’m different!」

Shia plainly pushed away her clan. It seemed she wanted to become unrelated with this.

But before she could fully explain herself, the reason why the monsters were desperately running away without even noticing Hajime and others were there came to light.

Even more Hauria Shock attacked them.

*Rustle rustle* There was sound coming from the other side of the mist. Silhouettes that weren’t that big leaped out.

「Boss-, this Certain Death Baltfeldt! Is the one to arrive the very fist hereee!!」

It was the Hauria of the same age with Nea, Pal-kun.

However, Hajime couldn’t reply. Not only Hajime, even Shia and also Tio and Kaori and Shizuku and Aiko, and then even Remia and Myuu, even Yue were forcefully dragged back into reality and yet they couldn’t react.

That was only natural.


「Myyy, how adorable! Next after Nea-chan, how, how!」

「How can another rabbit eared beautiful girl showed up!」

Sumire and Shuu cheered after their first look. After them, Kaoruko and Tomoichi followed.

「What an adorable maid!」

「I don’t know what’s with the maid uniform inside a forest but……she is certainly adorable. Don’t tell me Hajime-kun, is this your hobby?」

Yes, the Certain Death Baltfeldt-kun was astonishingly wearing maid uniform! From the start he was already a super pretty boy of cute type. If someone like him dressed like a girl, there was no way to differentiate him from a girl anymore no matter where they looked. What’s more he looked extraordinarily pretty with that getup.

「A-are you, Pal-kun, nano?」

Myuu asked with a voice that was trembling from agitation.

「Hey, milady! It’s me yeah!」

His white teeth glinted. Pal-kun pointed at himself with his thumb while smiling widely.

It was a mystery how he could be that brazen. It was very clear that he didn’t hold the slightest doubt with what he was doing. It was as though he was claiming that he was like that because that was exactly how he should be!

Myuu fell quiet. Perhaps, this was how Pal-kun actually was from the start? Myuu thought with her eyes rolling in circles from great turmoil.

「A boyish girl! Geez Hajime! Just how variated the girls that you’re connected can be!」

「How terrifying my son is!」

Sumire and Shuu’s tensions were increasing explosively. Pal-kun looked at them dubiously for an instant, but he immediately noticed with a gasp.

He fearfully asked while Hajime and others were still petrified.

「C-could it be, the two of you are, boss’s family?」

「Yes, that’s right! Nice to meet you, I’m the mother Sumire! Can I call you Pal-chan?」

「I’m the father Shuu. Could it be that you’re also someone who want to be my son’s wife the same like Nea-chan?」

Pal’s atmosphere changed drastically the moment he heard that.

He sent glances at Hajime and then his vigor burst out, as though he was saying 「Boss! Even in this appearance I’ll show you my manliness! Please watch closely yeah!」 as though he was going to perform his sure kill technique.

Like that, he pinched the edges of both sides of his skirt, the he gave a courtesy with very practiced movement.

「Master, madam. It is a honor to be in your presence. I am one of the Hauria who is in service of your honorable son, pretty Pal.」

At the end he gave a neat and tidy smile softly. Age wise, his voice could still pass as a girl’s voice, and yet he intentionally greeted with a thoroughly falsetto voice.

It was clear to see. It seemed that he really wanted to become Hajime’s maid.

And so,

「FUNNUAAAAAAH!!」 (Note: Funnu also meant rage in Japanese)


Shia-oneesama’s iron fist exploded with a body blow on his solar plexus.

Pretty Pal-chan was vomiting *ororororo* rainbow liquid (beautiful girl (?) censorship) while still keeping his beautiful rabbit eared maid acting 「W-what are you doing, Shia-oneesama」 till the end.

It strongly showed his iron spirit of I’m gonna become one, the boss’s maiddd!

「S-Shia!? What are you suddenly──」

「Forgive me, Kaa-sama. Can you please give me a bit of time? I need to have a talk between family right now.」

「Ah, yes. Take your time」

The pressure of Shia’s smile from her face that was slowly moving toward Sumire caused her to hesitantly backed off. The other people also couldn’t say anything in regard to the violence before their eyes.


A gaze and voice of absolute zero came out from Shia. Pretty Pal-chan was shivering. Enough screwing around, spit out everything, that implicit demand made him to naturally sit on his knees on the ground while nodding repeatedly.

But, before he could talk, the true Hauria Shock attacked. After all Pretty Pal-chan was nothing more than the scout. The main force was always not far behind, therefore,

*Rustle rustle* One more person leaped out from the other side of the mist with rustling sound.

Time stopped.



Shia froze with her eyes still wide open as though she shad died.

It went without saying that the same applied to Hajime and others. But this time the parents were also reduced in a state as though their soul had completely escaped their body.

It couldn’t be helped. There, they saw an existence that was just too repulsive to see.

「Long time no see, boss.」

The originally dandy look was pure white from face powder. On there, lipstick and cheek rouge were applied to unnaturally vivid degree. He was also wearing eye shadow that was applied to form blackness like charcoal. The well trained body was wrapped in maid uniform with short skirt. A white hair band was worn on his head. His rabbit ears also had small stylish (?) ribbons attached.

It was as though a man who didn’t understand anything 「Cross dressing is something like this right?」 was dressed in ugly mini skirt maid outfit by copying others. The true identity of this person was undoubtedly,

「I’m Carmko pyon」

It was Carm.

Hajime who was being stared straight at smiled with a sigh fuh──

Before collapsing backward.

「Pa, papaaa!?」

「Hajime-san!? Are you alright!?」

「……Nnn, no good! His consciousness is gone!」

「This art bad! Aiko! Let’s apply “Soul Repose” by the double!」


Myuu clung on Hajime with a desperate look like when she saw Hajime fell in the demon king castle with a hole opened in his stomach. Remia and Yue held up Hajime from both sides while Tio and Aiko healed his soul. After all it felt like there was something misty almost coming out from Hajime’s mouth.

「B-Boss!? What’s wrong!? Is it a chronic disease or something elseee!?」

「「You’re the cause!」」

Shuu and Tomoichi’s tsukkomis were beautifully in sync. Also when he tried to run to Hajime’s side, Kaori’s great sword and Shizuku’s black katana were crossed to block Carmko’s path. It seemed they reflexively moved in order to stop the creature from approaching near Hajime.

「U-umm, you’re, Carm-san, right?」

Kaori asked with a shaking voice. She did her best to not look straight at him.

「I’m Carmko pyon.」

There was no need to show iron spirit for that kind of thing. Also, what was with that end of sentence. Shizuku thought while unconsciously putting strength in her grip of the black katana.

However, before they could give interrogation, kicking down the situation into even deeper pandemonium was Hauria quality. Therefore.

The rest of the Haurias came out simultaneously in warm welcome after they detected boss’s presence.

They all came out.

「「「「「Bossss! We want to meet you pyon!!」」」」」

The falsettos that were filled with throaty dominating aura echoed through the sea of trees.

It was clear now. No wonder even monsters were running around in panic with everything they had.

Different from the manly women. Those women were people who had transcended gender with a straight and unbending core in them. If only their gazes didn’t wander stickily to his buttock, even Hajime wouldn’t mind that much to get along with them.

However, this guys were hopeless.

The macho rabbit eared men were all wearing make up that looked like kid’s scribble and dressed in maid uniform. The sight of them could only be described as nightmare.

Now they were in group and crawling out from the thick mist.

Their existences were just too blasphemous. To a level that would blow anyone’s sanity instantly.

In a sense, Pretty Pal-chan’s existence was a miracle. It was fortunate that he wasn’t in the age that needed cosmetic.

「Aw aw, boss is unconscious pyon!」

「This is a disaster! A disaster! We need to nurse him! Pyon!」

Kaori and Shizuku who served as the barrier that protected Hajime while he was in the middle of resurrection became tearful from the approach of the macho monster maid group. They were backing away while shaking their head in disgust.

All the members of Yaegashi family had unsheathed their short swords and dropped their waist in a fighting stance. Akiko-san and the Shirasaki couple were still frozen in time with an expression like a space cat.

Just what in the world happened with Hauria?

Could it be, that they had gotten lost in a parallel world during their teleportation to the sea of trees?

While everyone was in the middle of bewilderment from being dropped in the chaos, that voice reverberated.

「──”Level X”」

Phenomenal magic power burst out.

「S-Shia? What’s wrong pyon?」

Carmko-otousan……okaa-san? She didn’t know what to call him but anyway, in respond to her parent’s question, Shia’s body swayed slowly while her face was still looking down.


She swung her fist together with a direct disparagement. Air exploded, a violent shockwave became a tsunami that assaulted the whole clan.

UWAAAAAAAA!? GYAAAAAAAAA!? The monster maids screamed while they were blown away to the sky together with the trees of the forest that were uprooted thoroughly.

Pretty Pal-chan was the only one who detected the danger faster and evacuated to the side of Nea who was still looking hollow even in the middle of this commotion, but for the other Haurias, this attack was honestly one that might be lethal for them.

Even amidst the mayhem, Yue spoke up, thinking that she should stop this as expected.

「……Shi, Shia? Calm down? Carm and others must also have some kind of circumstance……perhaps they picked something bad from the ground and ate it──」

「So what?」

Shia spoke without turning around. Yue went 「Nnguh」 at a loss of words.

But, the gazes from everyone starting from Myuu that were saying 「Do your best! Do your best Yue-san! You’re the first wife after all!」 stabbed at her, so she decided to work a bit harder!

「……I understand your feeling. But, Level X is dangerous. As expected it won’t be a joke. Your family will die──」


Slowly, Shia looked back across her shoulder. Then she spoke with a smile.

「Ahahah, you’re funny Yue-san! I don’t have any other family than Yue-san and the others you know?」


Shia’s gaze returned to Carm and others who were looking this way with shuddering expressions even while lying on the ground. Shia’s posture bent forward tensely. She held out one hand and Vire Drucken settled down in her grasp.

And then,

「My family had──」

She stomped forward with a strength that shook the ground *BAM*. Her smile became a crying face as though she had lost her sanity. She screamed in order to deny the reality.

「All died-! In the bottom of Raisen Valley! At that timeeeee!!!!」

It seemed, the event had become like that inside Shia.

Shia had been looking forward to introduce her clan to Sumire and Shuu. And yet, they were met with this welcoming. It couldn’t be helped that the history in brain got modified. That was why, her erasing the the family in front of her as a sacrilegious existence was only natural……perhaps.

「S-Shia! Calm down! Come to your sense! Pyon!」


A localized earthquake occurred in quick succession. Carmko-san and others who were about to be reduced into minced meat desperately ran around with great struggle while asking for help from Yue and others.

Gazes gathered on Yue once more. With Hajime in heavy damage soul-wise, Yue was the only one who could stop Shia.

Yue’s expression turned extreme~ly reluctant for an instant but, it immediately changed into a serious expression as she nodded firmly.

And then, she stood up, gazed straight at the sea of trees that had been turned into an empty plot of land instantly, gathered strength in her stomach──

「Shia~~~~!! You’re forgetting to put desu at the end of your (your identity)~~~!!」

「「「「「Wrong, that isn’t it」」」」」

The first wife-sama, she was on the fence before the terrifying presence of the fierce god rabbit.

After that, while Hajime was unconscious, 「DEATHsuuu~!!」 and 「Pyonn~~!?」 continued to echo until he was revived.

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