Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 428 Tortus Travel Journal ? KIIIIEEEEEEEEH!!

Chapter 428 Tortus Travel Journal ? KIIIIEEEEEEEEH!!

The angry voices of demon race’s force reverberated deep inside the sea of trees.

The voices were dyed in humiliation and rage. But, those voices were also a bold front in their attempt to shake off their agitation.

It should be a fight that they couldn’t lose.

The greatest factor that made this sea of trees to be the sanctuary of the demi human races──it was the white mist that threw one’s perception into disarray. The elite force of the demon race here was composed of veterans who were accompanied by monsters that could neutralize that effect. Naturally, all the monsters had also been exceptionally strengthened using metamorphosis magic.

Therefore, things went as they expected at first.

The special force of the demons attacked from the south. They trampled over men and woman of all ages, all races, without regard of noncombatant or combatant, they swallowed them all like avalanche.

It was as though the number of death and wounded from the security force that was fighting hard in order to evacuate the people to the capital so that the damage could be reduced as much as possible didn’t matter to them.

Finally the attack of demon race’s special force reached the gate of Fea Belgen. Even the leader of the defender’s fighting force died in battle.

The objective of the demon force was conquering the “true great labyrinth”, so the nominal leader of the elders, Alfrerick stepped forward to negotiate like what he did with Hajime in the past, asking for the battle to stop in exchange of not getting in the way of the demon force’s conquering of the dungeon but……

The fundamental difference of the demon race from Hajime was of their discrimination toward all demi humans of this world without any exception.

They claimed that there was no way they would negotiate with lower life form and continued attacking without compromise. The gate was broken through and their force rushed inside together with their monsters. Alfrerick was also fighting hard but he fell into a grave danger.

The finishing blow was dealt to him……just as that was about to happen.

──Captain! We’re under attack-

──There is something inside the mist-

──We lost contact with our force!

──The monsters don’t return back!!

The wind of mayhem blew powerfully from out of nowhere. The invasion that was progressing smoothly was suddenly covered by dark cloud.

When they realized, their other squads had fallen silent. There was also no reaction from the monsters that were dispatched to all sides. Not only that, even the squad that should be right beside them had vanished completely when they realized it.

Even the barrier crystals that functioned to remove the white mist from the capital had been shifted aside without anyone noticing, reducing the area of effect. Unknown shadows were running at the other side of that mist.

When a fighting force was sent toward that unknown, they would vanish as though the white mist and the deep forest had swallowed them, nothing more.

When the demon force’s leader realized that there was something wrong, in a perfect timing to foster that feeling of anxiety, something was thrown at his feet──a part of his subordinate’s body.

The leader of the demon force suspected that it was the trump card of Fea Belgen at work, but what happened was also like a bolt out of the blue for Alfrerick. He didn’t know at all what was going on.

However, the answer immediately appeared.

A man had been standing on top of the half destroyed gate before anyone realized. His rabbit ears were flapping in the wind.

His standing figure was extremely imposing despite being someone from rabbit race that was the synonym of cowardice. The man’s fighting spirit had been sharpened to an abnormal degree.

His hand was holding──a head of a demon soldier. He tossed the head away with a scoff.

It was an unbelievable sight even from the perspective of the demons.

Even from the perspective of the man’s fellow demi humans, it was the sudden return of the weakest race that had never contacted them all this time since Hajime left. Everyone of them was dumbfounded in mute amazement.

That man──Carm kept up his stance that was the perfect example of provocativeness while vanishing quietly into the mist with his presence also fading like the perfect example of stealth.

「Uhhyoo~~~! The chief is so cooolll!!」

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「Dammit! That role! I wanted to do it!」

「Chief! Chief! Let’s decide it by drawing lot next time! It’s unfair that you made your entrance in a perfect situation like that!!」

「Hah, stupid idiot! That’s the chief’s special right! I won’t hand it over!」

While heading toward Hauria’s village, on the way Yue created a small window like a monitor display using space magic. She performed remote viewing past replay through that. The group who were watching the flow of events of when the demon race invaded were disturbed by Haurias’ noisy comments.

「Certainly, it’s unthinkable that the people in the replay are the same with the monste──cough, the people screwing around wearing maid uniform just now.」

「Yes, that entrance is like a movie scene!」

The replay also contained gruesome fighting scene, so it was filled with mosaic and the mascots “This image cannot be shown!-kun” along with liberal application of soul magic. The Shirasaki spouse had a pensive look, but they commented in admiration after seeing Carm’s dramatic entrance.

Also, the demon’s head that Carm tossed down was turned into a cartoonish “Yukkuri sh*teitte ne!!!” head by Yue-san’s thoughtfulness, so the mental damage to the viewers was small. (Note: “Yukkuri sh*teitte ne!!!”, a Touhou doujin where Touhou characters are drawn as only heads)

Yue fearfully looked around with upward gaze asking 「Am I, reading the mood correctly?」. That adorableness became an additional mental stability buff for everyone.

Returning back to the main topic.

「Hey, Aiko. So there are really elves here. The way they used bow was also amazing. It reminded Okaa-san of the legend of the ring.」

「Fufu, I guess. If we go to the capital, there are also winged people or dwarf like people there. It will feel like you have entered a fantasy world for real.」

Akiko was also turning a bit pale from the gruesomeness of war, but Alfrerick’s bow skill, his beautiful looks despite being an aged person, and his pointy long ears gave her excitement.

While they were making such talk,

「……Hey, Ojii-chan. Otou-san and Okaa-san too. Can you stop making that kind of look?」


All members of Yaegashi family completely ignored Shizuku’s request. Their gazes stayed sharp which didn’t look like the gaze of people with respectable occupation no matter who looked. They were maintaining their focus like someone who was studying from observing others.

Kaori was comforting Shizuku seeing that her expression was deadening. Shuu and Sumire glanced at the two while coming to Hajime’s side and whispered with small voices.

「S-say, Hajime. Certainly the timing seemed perfect but……was he, you know?」

「It would be dramatic if it was in fiction though, right?」

Hajime and others had heard about the action of Hauria clan at that time from Par and others who they picked up on the way to the empire, so all of them except Aiko, Myuu, and Remia knew the truth. And so Hajime smiled wryly at the sharp Shuu and Sumire.

「No, they weren’t aiming for the timing that would make them look the coolest.」

「Otou-sama, Okaa-sama……as expected, they aren’t so heretical that they would prioritize looking cool even though people were dying before their eyes desu.」

「I-I know it!」

「Sorry for doubting, Shia-chan!」

Shuu and Sumire hurriedly try to reassure Shia seeing her rabbit ears slumping down weakly.

「But, I think they mentioned about using Fea Bergen as bait to gather information……that it would be convenient if they were attacked……」

「……Nn. They also mentioned about not caring even when the enemies tried to take the elders hostage.」

Shuu and Sumire silently looked at Shia. Shia silently averted her gaze.

Hajime explained to cover up for her.

「At that time, the relationship between Hauria and Fea Bergen was broken off. After all the elders banished Hauria clan. What’s more, they originally planned to execute them. It’s too much to expect Hauria to proactively give help right?」

「No, rather than mentally, it was more the result of rational decision that Hajime-san beaten up into them right? Do you think that Tou-sama and others would take action based on personal grudge?」

Shuu and Sumire silently looked at Hajime. Hajime silently averted his gaze.

「Oi oi, Shia. We didn’t harbor any personal grudge but, there is no way that we moved only based on rationality you know?」


Carm who was leading at the front turned and walked backward while correcting Shia. His footsteps weren’t shifting out of the way at all. It was like he was walking on a level ground while looking forward.

Shuuzou and others narrowed their eyes in admiration. It was a clear proof of just how advanced Carm’s walking technique was, but more than that, the stable footsteps showed how they had entered the “backyard” of Hauria clan.

「Everyone, please pay attention to only walk on the spot that we had passed through no matter what. We already entered a trap area. Well, boss will perform resurrection even if you die here, so we also don’t mind if you want to enjoy yourself here.」


「Ojii-chan, don’t get provoked. I’ll cut you down if you act as you please.」


The free spirited adults of Yaegashi family were being kept in check by their daughter. As that happened, Kaoruko, Tomoichi, and Akiko froze on the spot. And then they looked around at the surrounding fearfully while doing their best to walk in a straight line.

No, remove the trap if you know beforehand there will be visitor coming……the group said with their gazes. For some reason the Haurias were all responding with smug expressions to that. Kaori and others moved to place the parents and Remia and Myuu firmly at the center as Sumire asked a question.

「Carm-san, what do you mean that it wasn’t just rationality?」

「Dear madam, please address us Hauria without any honorific. You also don’t need to speak formally with us.」

「D-dear madam……geez, stop that!」

Sumire got a bit bashful that she was treated like a highborn lady by a devoted retainer. Shuu watched in exasperation to that while,

「Carm-san, we want to build a familial relationship with you as an equal──」

「Honored master. Please call me as just Carm. I ask you to please accept our respect.」

「……I-it isn’t too bad, I guess? If you’re going that far, then, yeah?」

「T-true, dear. It can’t be helped, perhaps?」

The commoner husband and wife felt slightly elated by Carm’s smooth humble move. These two were really gutsy that they could act like that while not really paying any mind that they were currently in the middle of an area ridged with many deadly traps.

Even while such conversation was being held, the group came out to a slightly wide place. It was a clearing where the white mist was removed by crystal barrier. At the same time, Carm also explained what he meant by not only basing their past decision on rationality.

「Yue-dono. Can I ask you to go back around one hour from when I made my entrance on top of the gate?」

「……Nn. It helped that you specified the time.」

The past viewing silently floated up. And then, what was displayed there was……

──If, they do something to the great tree and closed boss’s path to the great dungeon

Carm began with those words toward the gathered Hauria clan.

It was a known information for Carm and others that four proofs of capture and the power of regeneration were needed for the great tree’s great dungeon. That was exactly why, what if the demons lost their temper from being blocked to enter the great tree, and they tried something like destroying what they considered as the “door” to the great dungeon?

It must be just their needless fear. But, if there was such possibility no matter how small it was, then there was no way they could ignore it.

After all, it was them who wouldn’t be able to endure it if their boss’s wish got obstructed.

After all, they wouldn’t be able to face their boss with their head held high if that happened.

After all, they wouldn’t be qualified to call boss as their boss if they overlooked the enemies!

In respond to Carm’s speech, multiple voices of 「Sir, yes, sir!!」 overlapped loudly with each other. And yet, the repulsive amount of radiated killing intent made the atmosphere to quiet down instead of blowing violently. The scene was truly eerie.

It was like a blade that was just a moment away from being instantly drawn.

「Hajime. You’re really loved huh.」

「I’ve heard the story but……would you really get this idolized just from training them? You didn’t do anything strange to them right?」

「Don’t make that kind of accusation. If you really need to know, the method of Hartma*-sensei itself is like a brainwashing. That was all that I did.」

「He, got shot at the end didn’t he? Not like you.」

Hajime returned a wry smile at the doubtful gazes from his parents. It was Carm who answered them in exchange.

「It seems, they haven’t watched the conversation at the rocky area at the imperial capital’s outskirt.」

「Yeah. After all our holiday isn’t unlimited. Our schedule is already a bit pushed for time, so it was skipped.」

It was about the rally before the imperial capital’s suppression mission. At that time, what Carm said in his speech was exactly the reason why Hauria clan idolized Hajime.

Carm closed his eyes in order to turn what was inside his heart into words, then he spoke with a quiet tone.

「We are now able to stand against everything that try to take our important people……we idolized boss exactly because he is the one who taught us that happiness.」

Surely, if Hajime only protected them, then they wouldn’t idolize him to this degree although they would be deeply thankful to him.

If Hajime only acted kind to them because they were weak, then surely Hauria clan would only become dependent at him and perished in the not far future.

Within the tide of the world that started moving at that time, there was no doubt that they wouldn’t be able to survive when the only thing they were good at was running and hiding. They didn’t have any doubt about that.

「Don’t depend, don’t flatter. Stand up on your own feet, fight with your own hands. If you’re going to die anyway then struggle and die. Those words are too horrible to be said toward the weakest race isn’t it? Don’t you think that the powerless ought to be protected?」

Carm opened his eyes and slowly looked around. The other Haurias were also quiet and calm, but, they also gazed at the parents with gazes that were filled with an unbending core.

「Normally……that should be the case I guess.」

Tomoichi spoke by choosing his words carefully. But, it was Myuu who continued.

「Only being protected……is unpleasant nano. Even the weak, want to do what they can nano. Till the very end.」

It was unbelievable that the words and the powerful tone that said them came from a little girl. The strong will that could be seen from her eyes weren’t at all inferior even compared to the Haurias. Remia narrowed her eyes and patted Myuu’s head.

Yes, in a world where the value of life was incomparably light compared to a lawful country like Japan, there was nothing more important than the will and strength to fight.

To be given that was no different than being bestowed with a priceless treasure. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the one giving them that as their life, their whole life’s benefactor.

Carm stated that as he continued further.

「My wife had weak constitution. She passed away when my daughter was still small.」

「We heard from Shia-chan……our condolences.」

「Thank you very much, for your kind word.」

Carm smiled at Sumire’s words and he narrowed his eyes in recollection.

「My wife was born with the weakest body among the weakest race but, her heart was surely the strongest among demi humans. Despite being a rabbit person, she had a dream of becoming the hero who can protect everything.」

「That she was desu~. No matter how high her fever was, no matter how painful her body became, she always hugged me tightly with a smile saying that it was nothing at all.」

Shia too talked with a gaze that was filled with deep longing. Carm patted Shia’s head and said.

「I personally am also grateful to boss. Because I’m able to reward my wife’s feeling is thanks to boss who helped us throwing away our weak selves. Because the dream that my wife couldn’t make come true could be achieved by the efforts of our whole clan.」

Those were proud words that stated, that Hajime’s training in the end was nothing more than the impetus, that the rabbit race was already strong originally. At the same time, those words announced that it was that impetus that Hauria clan, no, that the rabbit race needed the most, their greatest treasure.

Hauria clan all straightened their posture and saluted. In order to offer their greatest gratitude and respect once more.

Now understanding the reason for the love and affection of Hauria clan that were a bit too excessive, Shuu and Sumire, and the other parents too showed an expression of comprehension──


They heard such thing even though the atmosphere was getting good.

Everyone turned their gaze slowly toward the voice.

There, they saw the scene of warriors of bear race with muscular bodies trembling fiercely while shrinking into themselves. Not only that, they were performing Charis* Guard by holding their head with both hands. They were repeating the same words over and over like broken recorder.

「……That person, it was Regin-san wasn’t it?」

「Err, Shia-chan? Regin-san you said?」

「When Tou-sama and others ran wild right after they finished training, some people tried to get in our way going to the great tree and got beaten to a pulp. He was their leader desu.」

Most likely, he came in order to be for help in order to save Fea Belgen from danger. This man knew the strength of Hauria clan best more than anyone at that time.

Hajime recalled him and talked to Gil.

「Aa, the guy who became unable to let go of the mind calming medicine huh? ……Hey, Gil. Your technique, shouldn’t you teach it to this guy instead?」

「No need. He’s stable right now after entering priesthood.」

「「「What do you mean!?」」」

Hajime, Yue, and Shia got shocked together. Entering priesthood, that meant joining the holy church. Did that mean he wasn’t in Fea Bergen anymore? Hajime and others asked, but Gil shook his head. His eyes were still closed but, his head was turned up slightly, so there was no doubt that he was having a faraway gaze behind his eyelids.

「There’s a new religion that recently is gaining momentum in Fea Belgen. He got completely immersed in that.」

「N-new religion? Something like that got created? What are they worshipping?」

Gil’s face slowly turned toward Kaori.

「Kaori-dono. Please prepare yourself when visiting Fea Belgen.」

「What do you mean!?」

According to Gil, Kaori who in the past repaired the harmed capital and sea of trees, as well as healing all of the people got respected as a protector goddess. After the final battle, it somehow burst up and an organization got formed.

「Previously they claimed to be a “corps to be useful for Kaori-sama” but, through interaction with other countries, the movement got even bigger.」

「Other countries!? Please wait a second! You’re saying that I’m being worshipped in world scale!?」

Not only Kaori, Tomoichi and Kaoruko were also shocked by the astonishing information.

「You also founded something called “corps for servicing Kaori-sama” at Ankaji Dukedom right?」

「I didn’t though!? No, certainly it felt like there were that kind of people there!」

「Isn’t the lord’s son the leader of that corps? At first they got into quarrel with our group about who is worshipping Kaori-sama more but……」

「What a worthless quarrel!」

Then it seemed they hit it off with each other while holding their Kaori-sama discussion. Next both groups also integrated together, and now,

「They became an organization called “Angel Religion”.」

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「Oo, she is certainly our family’s angel but, to think that she is also worshipped as an angel even in another world──」

「Otou-san be quiet for a bit!」

「Fufu, do you understand now the feeling of being worshipped? We’re comrade aren’t we?」

「Ai-chan too, be quiet!」

「By the way, originally they called themselves the Protector Goddess Religion, but worrying that the “goddess” part will get mixed up with Aiko-sama’s religion, they decided with the Angel Religion name. I heard it was the result of their discussion with David and other top brass of the “faction of goddess of harvest and victory” with Pope Simon also participating for seven days and seven nights.」

「The talk is getting pointlessly biggerrr!」

It seemed that the new religion “Angel Religion” was also acknowledged by Pope Simon. Apparently that development was also convenient for him who was aiming to grow out the holy church from being a monotheism.

The world in general mainly followed the holy church that worshipped “Ehiku-sama”, but a sect that worshipped the “goddess of harvest and victory” had already formed from the holy church, so it seemed the talk that that faction should also splinter independently also got out.

Originally such development might bring the risk of religious antagonism or religious war, but there was no antagonism between “Angel Religion” and “Goddess of Harvest and Victory Religion” due to two being the wife of a single man, and apparently behind the scene they were also asked to hold the role as deterrence in case the holy church ran wild again.

「Simon-san, he didn’t mention anything about that at all……」

Aiko recalled the easygoing Pope Simon and her expression twitched.

Even Aiko who already had resistance due to being worshipped earlier felt like that. Kaori who had become a target of worship without her awareness and also got told about the hidden circumstance of Tortus’s religion at the same time could only be at her wits’ end.

「Kaoruko-san, we are also comrade aren’t we?」

「Eh, no, that, that’s a bit……」

Akiko-san was smiling widely. When Aiko got worshipped by David and other templar knights at the royal capital, Akiko laughed at her and Aiko loudly introduced her with the designation of “holy mother” to bring her down together with her. It seemed that Akiko still hadn’t forgotten about that. Let’s become holy mother together?, she expressed while patting Kaoruko’s shoulder.

Kaoruko’s gaze moved to her daughter after she imagined what might happen at Fea Bergen. Kaori understood exactly what her mother thought and she pleaded at Hajime.

「Hajime-kun, about our plan at Fea Bergen and Ankaji Dukedom──」

「We absolutely must go!」

「Kaoruko-san! It will be fun there!」

「Tomoichi-kun might also get called “Our Father” there huh!」

「Even Okaa-san and Otou-san!? This is why Nagumo family is just-! Geezz!」

Kaori repeatedly hit Hajime who was having fun at her expense. Tomoichi and Kaoruko were also sending resentful gazes at Nagumo family, but it was ineffective. Even Yue declared 「……Nn! I’ll bring you there even if forcefully!」 while continuing with the past replay.

They lost the timing for protesting and watched the past replay for the time being.

After the Hauria clan affirmed their determination, the next scene could only be called as the highlight.

The demon race force got thoroughly instigated by Carm’s provocation. Thinking that taking down Fea Bergen could be done anytime, they prioritized exterminating Hauria clan and gave chase. With that they stepped right into the trap area.

The monsters flying in high speed were bisected by wire traps.

The heavy type monsters that charged ahead by pulverizing the trees were dropped into pitfalls of countless number that made one wondered just how much free time the Hauria clan had. The monsters were dealt using their weak points accurately based on the investigation that was carried on by sacrificing the warriors of Fea Belgen.

Anyone who let their guard down would get rope put around their head and reeled up to the trees. Then what would fall down after that was blood shower.

Even when the enemies decided to destroy the whole area using wide range magic, the Haurias slipped into the trenches that had been dug everywhere instead. After that the enemies would be dealt instead with counterattacks using blowgun or arrow.

Naturally spraying poison and scattering powders were also done.

And the most amazing thing was the teamwork. Coming from the left when the enemy thought that it would be from the right, saying “hello, die” from underground when the enemy was on guard from any attack from above. Even the corpses of the demon soldiers were repeatedly treated blasphemously for provocation, they would prepare trap of the same pattern intentionally, and then when the enemy dodged a new trap would activate at where they evaded.

Using trap that could only inflict light injury as diversion, when actually the trap was varnished with lethal poison, etc.

It was a parade of nasty tactics as though to proclaim cowardly and dirty tricks are our favorite!

And the cherry on top,

「Here! Pay special attention here! This is the decisive moment!」

Carm pointed enthusiastically.

Inside the past replay scene, Carm asked the commander of the demon force whether he wished for a duel one on one.

The enemy force was already annihilated. There was also no monster reinforcement. He had also just been told that it was meaningless to take the elders hostage.

Then, at the very least he would take down Carm together with him.

It was only natural for the commander to think that. If group battle and making use of terrain advantage were Hauria’s specialty, it was only natural to consider the duel offer as nothing more than arrogance.

Yes, the commander didn’t even notice that his thought had been led to reach such conclusion.

But, in front of the demon army commander who asked for a one-on-one duel, just before the fair and square fight would start.

「…………He, ran?」

「He ran.」

Just as Sumire and Shuu said, Carm was running backward while still keeping his stance that looked like he would charge forward bravely anytime now. It was truly an artistic way of running. It was just like the beautiful backward walking that he displayed just now.

The commander of the demon army was dumbfounded. 「Eh? What? Eh?」 His face seemed to say that.

And then, his face, along with his body was riddled with countless arrows.

The demon army commander who realized that he was deceived hatefully called Carm as a fiend. Carm who appeared in front of him once more was,

──I only asked you whether you want to have a duel or not though?

I’m only asking, that doesn’t mean I’ll do it you know? Carm only said that while shrugging his shoulders casually.

This is outrageous……not only Shuu and others, even Hajime and others who had only heard the story before were looking at the enemy commander sympathetically.

Carm and other Haurias who were currently looking pretty smug also made the scene to be even more conspicuously horrible.

「And that’s how it was done! Like this the demon army was exterminated by our hands, and Fea Bergen, no, the sea of trees was saved! There wasn’t any mercy for the enemies! That was the result of our precious training!」

Praise us, praise us! Shia, now you have a better opinion for us right? Be prouder! Come on, boast to your honorable father-in-law and mother-in-law! All of the Haurias, without exception were flapping their rabbit ears in excitement as though to say that.

Everyone’s expression was conflicted. You taught them this kind of thing? Gazes filled with that question were also sent at Hajime.

Certainly, Hajime taught them to not be picky with their method if it was for the sake of surviving, so inside he wanted to praise them for practicing his teaching but, he couldn’t deny that from the perspective of ordinary people, the scene was a bit too dishonorable for heroes who saved a country.

「A-amazing nano~! As expected from Hauria clan nano~」

*Clap clap*, while not a single person was unable to say anything, the capable little girl Myuu noticed the awkward atmosphere and rained praises to the Hauria. Though her voice was a bit shrilly.

The rabbit ears of Carm and others expressed their emotion by moving fiercely *whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh*.

That seemed to become the trigger. The people who were actually at a loss for words due to a different reason finally raised their voices.


「It was more than we imagined! Carm-dono! Allow me to pay my heartful respect to all of you!」

「It was a magnificent battle that rarely could be seen anymore in the recent years! I’m so moved!」

Well, there was no need to guess who were the people saying that. It was the acrobat people.

「Oo, it’s embarrassing to be praised that much.」

「If it’s like this then I’m even more looking forward to the technique exchange meeting later!」

「Before that let’s thoroughly have a discussion about combat theory!」

「How about we also called back the women already? I also want to have conversation with them.」

「A good idea! Our settlement is just ahead from here! Please stop by for taking a break too! Let’s not miss the chance to hold a discussion during that time no matter what!」

They were getting heated up. The Yaegashi family members and Hauria clan were getting absurdly heated up.

Shizuku’s had reached out 「Wait」, but her family kept talking cheerfully with the encouragement of the Hauria males while swiftly heading toward the village. Shizuku’s reaching hand was lowered down in vain.

「Aa~, Shizuku. We have walked for quite a bit, Kaa-san and others also looked like they need to take a break, okay?」


「Shizuku-chan. I think it’ll be easier if you just accept everything you know?」


Perhaps it was a bad luck that they encountered Hauria early when they had only just started sightseeing in the sea of trees. Shizuku was already looking dead tired. Her mind might have regressed back to infantility for a bit. She followed behind everyone with listless footsteps.

「Haa, Otou-sama, Okaa-sama. Err……are you creeped out?」

Shia asked that with a worried look. But both Shuu and Sumire shook their heads despite their wry smile.

「Actually, it’s a fact that they saved the sea of trees by defeating such powerful enemies with only such few number. Their method was a bit startling but, we think it’s amazing.」

「Yeah. As expected from Shia-chan’s family.」

「I-is that so? Hehe, well, it’s not that big of deal though desu!」

Shia’s rabbit ears were lightly swaying around from a bit of embarrassment. Sumire told her.

「Also, Shia-chan. Can you let us visit the grave of your mother later?」

「Ah……yes. Thank you very much. By all means!」

Shia’s gaze turned toward Carm. Carm also nodded happily. He replied with 「My wife’s grave is located near the village. I’ll show everyone the way later」.

Yue gripped Shia’s hand with a bit of apprehension.

「……Shia. Do you want to see, your memory with your mother?」


If it was the current Yue, even looking back to the past seven or eight years wouldn’t pose any problem.

Shia showed a smile like a blooming flower at Yue’s offer. She nodded in acceptance of Yue’s pampering for her. Naturally she had the desire to see the mother in her memory with her own eyes once more, but more than that, she also wanted to introduce her mother to everyone just like how she introduced Carm and others.

However, unexpectedly, when she checked with Carm 「It’s okay right?」 just in case, although Carm nodded,

「Tell me when you’re going to do it, Shia. Because Tou-sama will pass.」

He said such thing. Shia was taken aback and pressed Carm with question.

「Eh? W-why is that desu? Tou-sama doesn’t want to see Kaa-sama’s figure once more!?」

「If you ask me whether I want or not, I want to but……」

「But, what?」

For some reason, her father averted his face with a slightly bashful look. It caused not only Shia, but also Hajime and others to look dubious.

Guessing that he couldn’t dodge the question with that, Carm let out a long sigh. He then confessed with an expression that was hard to describe. There were both bitter smile and pain in there, but there was definitely love too.

「I love her so much, I’m going to cry if I see her again.」

He didn’t want to show himself like this in front of his boss and daughter. If he was going to reminisce, he would do it alone, in quiet. Along with their memories together. That would be enough for him.

After Carm confessed that, everyone’s expression brightened as though they had just eaten cotton candy.

「My my my! Really Carm-san, what a loving husband you are!」

「Somehow even we here also got embarrassed hearing that.」

Kaoruko and Akiko teased with blushing cheeks. It made Carm averted his gaze even further in embarrassment.

「Geez, Tou-sama, really」

Even Shia was flattening her ears on her head in embarrassment, but color of joy could be seen from her expression. She must be happy that no matter how much her father had changed, he hadn’t changed in that aspect.

「Kuku. Come to think of it, polygamy art relatively normal in Fea Bergen correct? Especially for those in high position like a clan chief.」

「In Erisen too, it’s not monogamy like in Japan. The higher one’s position is, the more wives or husbands they will marry.」

Even Tio and Remia were looking at Carm smilingly.

In Carm’s position, it wouldn’t be strange for him to have other wife and for Shia to also have siblings from different mother. Not to mention that right now his current position was equal or perhaps even higher than the elders of Fea Bergen.

「Please don’t tease me. I’m simply not blessed with that kind of relationship other than with my wife. Right now I wish to focus in serving boss and training the other rabbit clans.」

Carm coughed and chased after his subordinates who had gone ahead.

Shia followed right behind him while chuckling. Hajime and others also smiled warmly while following behind.

Like that the group arrived at Hauria’s village not long after.

The place felt a bit faulty to be called a village with the solid rampart surrounding it and the tough looking houses. It was like a fortress. The location also had abundant water wells and food storages. There were also other bunny clans than Hauria here and there doing work.

Not only farm work, there were also people making and repairing equipment, doing battle training, strategy lecture……

Around seventy percent of the people there were doing things related to battle. As expected from a village of Hauria.

「It seems that the people of Yaegashi family has gone ahead to observe the combat training.」

「I’m sorry for the combat maniacs from my family, Carm-san.」

「I think that you have a wonderful family though?」

「I’m sorry for the combat maniacs from my family, Shizuku-san.」

Shizuku and Shia reached mutual understanding from looking eye-to-eye. It seemed that their friendship would deepen further through this trip.

But putting that aside, Hajime and co headed toward the clan head’s house in order to relax for a moment. They arrived in front of a particularly big house with round shape located at the center of the village that was surrounded by rampart.

And then, Carm opened the door while looking back at Hajime and others.

「Please, come into my new house. The youngsters in training will prepare some refreshme──」

「Welcome home, Carm-sama!」

Carm froze still.

*Gigigi* His gaze moved toward the inside of the house with a jerky movement. Over there was the beautiful princess of the elf race.

Yes, a wild Altina had appeared!!

She rushed quickly *shutatata* until the entrance with blushing cheeks. Then she wriggled her body while saying.

「Will you have lunch? Or will you take a bath? Or else……will, you, pu, nish, me──」

*BAM* Carm closed the door loudly.

*Don don don don* The sound of banging the door reverberated from inside the house. Miss Altina’s loud voice also accompanied it.

「Aah, suddenly a reward right from the start!? Neglecting play also isn’t bad but, if possible I wish for a direct punishment! Carm-sama! No, dear husbanddd!」

「HA-HA-HA-. The insects are noisy today isn’t it? Now now, let’s head to the assembly hall──」

「What’s the matter dear husband! If I have done something wrong, please correct me directly into my body! Yes, just like yesterday night! Like at night! Fiercelyyy!」

The mood died.

「It’s a misunderstanding」

Carm held the door close with his back while trying to make excuse. He was also sweating rivers.

But, the situation was just too horrible for words, and it was also made even worse with everyone’s recent perception of him as a loving husband who had been continuously thinking of his departed wife until now. Though it was mostly the pervert’s fault.

「Fuh, that lass. Didst she level up? Surely that too art thanks to daily night of disciplining──」

「Tio-dono, I ask you to please be quiet for a bit!」

「……By the way, that girl is the granddaughter of Alfrerick who showed up in the past replay before this. She is the same age with Shia.」


The dead mood changed into a scorning mood. To train a princess who is the same age with his daughter to be like Tio……this fiend! Such gazes pierced Carm.

「It’s a misunderstanding! I’m also a victim in this matter──」


It went without saying that it was Shia who let out a shriek like a samurai of a certain school.

It seemed that she went mad instantly. Magic power with light blue color burst up and she grabbed Carm.

「Calm down Shia! It’s misunderstanding! Tou-sama didn’t──」

「Oh my! Shia is over there!? Listen well Shia! Call me as mother-in-law!」

「Shut your mouthhhh!」

「My, to yell at me like that……dear husband is really domineering. Ufufu」

「Stu-, yo-」


It went without saying that after that, Carm’s house was erased clean from the surface.

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