Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 429 Tortus Travel Journal ? Dogeza Will Solve Everything

Chapter 429 Tortus Travel Journal ? Dogeza Will Solve Everything

Inside the past replay, Carm and the other Haurias were currently doing hellish training where they kept complaining and letting out agonized cry pathetically.

The Haurias who were undeniably the weakest would be transformed into their current selves through this training.

They were only made to do that training for ten days before Hajime and co departed to the great tree. However, in contrast with the shortness of the time, the training contained a harshness that made it understandable how drastic the Haurias transformed.

『U-umm, Hajime-dono? What’s with the monsters……』



『Simply kill.』

The expressions of Carm and others spasmed.

In front of them, a swarm of monsters that was lured here with they themselves as bait had been shot at their limbs so they couldn’t move. They were all lying on the ground unmoving.

Just like the monkey monsters that were chased by those monster maids, there were a lot of monsters in this sea of trees that formed a group. Perhaps because of that the number of monsters that gotten rounded up wholesale by Hajime after using the delicious looking weak rabbits as bait was staggering. They could even form a small mountain if piled up.

They couldn’t move at all even while groaning in agony and rage. Hajime who ordered the Haurias to kill them like it was just a routine work was looking serious. His eyes were also terribly terrifying with not a shred of emotion could be seen there.

『W-why should we do something like that! Even though they’re monster, it’s simply too cruel to kill living creatures that can’t move!』

『That’s right big brother! What’s the point of doing such horrible thing in our training!?』

『We promise we’ll do our best in training! That’s why please spare us from doing such pointless murder!』

Inside the replay, the past lovable and ordinary handsome boy Par-kun and pretty girl Nea-chan could be seen. Their moist eyes were pleading adorably.

In respond to the two, Hajime sweetly……not smiling,

『I see. You can’t kill them huh.』

*Dopan* Gunshot echoed. AAAAA The scream came from an unrelated Hauria male as he jumped in agony. Because his solar plexus got shot, he was crouching on all fours while going oeeeee on the ground. The liquid he vomited got censored with rainbow color. Then he stayed crouching on the ground while convulsing *twitch twitch* in pain.

What in the world……the Haurias were watching with their eyes wide open in astonishment. Hajime told them this with his expressionless face.

『Each time any of you hesitate to kill, I’ll shoot. Not at the one who couldn’t kill, but at someone else.』


『I’ll still shoot somebody else if you talk back at me. I’ll shoot even if you’re just asking. I’ll shoot even if you beg or argue or run away.』

It was a nasty practice of collective responsibility carried out for real with gusto. Carm and others were looking with teary eyes and shaky body that expressed That’s a lie right? Those feeble figures were the extreme opposite of their current selves.

With that, Hajime finally smiled sweetly.

『Now, who will be the first one……to destroy their friend’s stomach?』


At first Hajime tried to train them normally, however, the Haurias kept getting distracted with giving consideration to the plants and animals in the sea of trees. They didn’t learn anything at all from their training. With that Hajime snapped and thoroughly beat them up, but as long as it was only themselves who got punished, they only weirdly got into the mentality of self-sacrifice. In the end the effort didn’t produce any decent result.

After repeating such thing for one whole day, the voice of Hajime’s heart whispered at him to give up on them already, but he pushed that thought down and thought hard. At the end he adopted this method and certainly, the method seemed to be effective against the extremely sympathetic rabbit race.

They were shaking. They were begging for forgiveness. Even so their comrades kept getting shot at the stomach. In order to protect them, each Hauria gripped their knives and dealt the finishing blow on the monsters.

After continuing that nonstop for 48 hours.

There was no sleep and no food. It was a hell of a time where they were made to do nothing but killing monsters. If the monsters ran out, the Haurias would get wrapped up in a mat again and hanged up, or else the flesh and blood of the monsters got used to lure another swarm as replacement, then the Haurias would be made to kill them again mechanically.

The area became a sea of blood. It was to a degree that it felt like the smell of blood was transmitted even across the image.

After 24 hours passed, the bodies of Carm and others also changed color to black from being soaked in blood. The color of emotion had completely fallen out from their eyes and expressions. They were turning into manufacturing robot.

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Because they were monsters, they would be culled immediately anyway when the security force of Fea Bergen encountered them, even so the scene was still too gruesome.

However, Hajime didn’t stop. Passed forty hours, people whose consciousness started to be cloudy appeared and he breathed life back into them with physical means, then at the end of that,

『How’s that! Those monsters are turning into your nourishment! Aren’t they lovable!』

『『『『『Yes, they are lovable!』』』』』

『Offer your gratitude to them for becoming your nourishment until every last drop of their life!』

『『『『『Thank you very much!!』』』』』

『I can’t hear you, you fuckin’ “pii-“! Yell your love and gratitude more while stabbing your knife!』

『『『『『I love you die! Thank you die!』』』』』

The brain dead chorus of the mentally cornered Haurias reverberated.

The persistent 48 hours of monster culling! It was also killing two birds with one stone because the act increased the safety of the land that would become their base from now on! But after that plan’s successful execution, the expressions of Carm and others had changed completely. They looked like Hajime after he ate his first monster.

But, naturally it still wasn’t over yet. This was simply the end of the first stage for smashing their preexisting sense of values, thinking, and mind so that they could be reborn.

After that they immediately moved to a real life hide and seek without any rest. Naturally, the seeker was Instructor Hajime.

──Know that rest is too luxurious for “pii-“ like you bastards!

──You think you’re going to be let off if you collapse? This spoilt “pii-“!

──Look! You spoilt bastard caused your “pii-“ friend to become “pii-“! Happy now!?

Half more day passed while under such rain of verbal abuses. The hide and seek that didn’t even allow one to fall down or faint and merciless shooting caused people who started going crazy to finally appear.

With a superb timing,

『It’s time. One hour, if everyone can get away in one hour then I’ll allow a whole day of rest!』

Hearing that, Carm and others returned to sanity for an instant with bright smile,

『But, there’ll be one hour extra for each person caught!』

Before they were instantly kicked back into the depth of despair with that demonic statement exploding in their ears.

Naturally, their heart broke. Everyone fell on their knees without any regard of what would happen to them.

Hajime soberly looked at Carm and others who were in such condition while questioning them in monotone.

『You guys want to quit already? It’s not like I give a damn.』

Carm and others looked bewildered and relieved in equal measure hearing that. And then Hajime thrust the hopeless reality before them.

『You guys have tried hard enough. I’m amazed that you all could endure to this point for such a pathetic race. Yeah, that’s why nobody will blame you guys even if you abandon Shia.』

『Shi, a? Abandon?』

His daughter’s name was suddenly mentioned. While everyone was so tired they couldn’t move their lips, Carm was the only one who managed to wring out his voice.

『That girl isn’t a normal rabbit demihuman. Right now Yue is training her……it’s likely that she’ll be really strong. And then, I wonder what she’s going to do after that.』

『What she’s……going to do……』

『Most likely, she’s going to leave this place. So that she won’t trouble her family anymore.』

『Tsu, that’s……』

『Just so you know, don’t think that I’m going to protect her or anything. She’s going to live alone from here on. At the world outside. While facing persecution and fighting the people targeting her. Meanwhile you guys, you won’t be able to hold her back here or even following her. There isn’t any more home for Shia Hauria to return back.』

You weaklings won’t even be able to protect Shia’s home or birthplace. Being told that, Carm’s, no, all of Haurias’ eyes changed color.

Their dead fish eyes that begged for death so that they could be saved from their misery were starting to be filled with strong light for the first time. That radiance was like a flame that was fueled by anger.

『……You went too far, Hajime-dono. Have you forgotten that we left the sea of trees together with Shia?』

『And then, you guys only ended up adding on the wounds in her heart with that.』

『Tsu, that’s-』

『You guys were stomped on because you were weak. That girl, there’s no way she’ll ever forget that fact, the events that led to that.』

『That wasn’t Shia’s fault! Are you saying that it’s her sin for simply being born!?』

『No, she is sinless. The sin, lies on you weaklings.』


『You guys being rabbit race isn’t an excuse. I should have told you guys before starting the training, that I was a useless weakling. But didn’t you guys decide to undergo my training even knowing that?』

Indeed. They heard how Hajime was weak and useless in the past, but he crawled up until his current height. They were in high spirits that such man said that he would train them.

Carm shut his mouth. The other Haurias were also unable to argue, however……

Nobody realized. That even though they were from bunny race, natural-born pacifist with timid and mild temper, their faces were warping in rage in front of Hajime saying whatever he pleased about them. How they were grinding their teeth. How they were glaring at Hajime, an overwhelmingly strong person who they had no way to match.

『Didn’t you guys decide in this place, that you will change even though you’re weak and cowardly? Are you guys going to yield just because of some pain? Aah, that’s fine. In the end I’m just an outsider anyway! I’m not going to give you guys a piggyback ride and kindly show the way! It’s your own life! Do whatever you like! You guys can just forget about Shia and live in peace!』

『T-there is no way we can do something like──』

『Aa, or perhaps you guys just wanted to justify yourself with “we tried our best”?』

『……shut up』

『Then that’s great! You guys already worked hard until your heart broke down! On top of that the nuisance is going to cut ties with you guys without any prodding! Come on, rejoi──』


For the first time, Carm attacked with his own initiative. He charged at Hajime with bloodshot eyes.

His movement was tottering. The charge was unsightly.

But, Hajime didn’t dodge or counter attack or anything. He only looked down with a chilling gaze at Carm who grabbed his collar.

『Don’t make fun of me! Shia is my daughter! She is our family! Our important family! There’s no way we can forget about her! Who the hell is going to let her be aloneeeee-』

His slowpoke fist hit Hajime’s face. With his stamina at the limit, the punch didn’t even feel itchy.

But, in contrast to that weak punch, Carm’s eyes were filled with burning spirit to the brim. It was clear to see that something had changed inside him.

And then that,

『Stand up you guys! Let’s teach this brat a lesson! That the rabbit race absolutely won’t abandon a family! This kind of stupid training is nothing!』

The other Haurias were also the same. Their age or gender didn’t matter, everyone of them was standing up with guts and anger filling their eyes.

『Don’t let Shia, our family-, cut us offff!!』


It was the moment the war cry of rabbit race reverberated through the sea of trees for the first time.

『You guys are going to continue?』

『That’s right! Come hell or high water, just bring it on! We’re going to overcome everything so that you won’t be able to say anymore stupid sh*t ever again-』

『Hah. Then, first let’s see whether you guys will be able to run from me for an hour!!』

『『『『『Suits us fine!!』』』』』

The Haurias simultaneously scattered everywhere. Seeing their back, a second passed.

Hajime made a smile that looked exactly like a certain user note of death,

──Just as planned-

He whispered.

The training after that was so effective and efficient as though everything before that was just a lie. The Haurias were ordered to rest and eat properly. Even during the hide and seek, even though the locations of the Haurias were marked with skill, Hajime intentionally adjusted the intensity of his pursuit while,

──Analyze my movement! Find out my habit!

──Rack your brain! You guys know some poisonous flowers right! Why didn’t you use them!

──Don’t play fair! Lay out traps! Work together to lure me!

──Where are we! Ain’t this your own territory!

He was giving out advices on and on. The weaklings who were considerate to nature and animals while complaining and bawling weren’t anywhere to be found anymore. Carm and others were doggedly hanging on with crazy desperation.

Despite being the weakest, the rabbit race still had survived in the sea of trees until now. Their talent── presence manipulation was leveling up in proficiency with tremendous speed. Their coordinating ability that was brought about by the strength of their compassion was combined with their rabbit ears’ hearing to level up by one rank and then two ranks.

In addition,

『Carm! Nice order just now! I was tricked by that!』

『Eh, t-thank you very much?』

『Par! You got guts for a kid! That’s manly!』

『Eh, y-yes! IBoku, no, IOre’m a man!』

『Nea, nice job! You got a wide outlook! You’re the best in adapting!』

『Fue!? I-I’m the best? T-thank you very mucch-』

A carrot after an extreme beating with stick. When someone did something well even just for a bit, the instructor who was the demon personified would give praise.

They had never even been praised or anything by other race in their normal life until now. Being acknowledged for their effort after giving it their all desperately was simply too delightful for them.

Furthermore, when they were passed in the hide and seek and felt great joy welling up inside, they were even bestowed with extraordinary weapons that even the warriors of Fea Bergen didn’t have……

Four days remaining. Two days of those were devoted for assassination battle where they were split into two camps, and then at the ninth day there was the finishing touch in the form of all Hauria VS Hajime.

There, they were once more impressed by the strength of Hajime who didn’t even get a scratch……

『……Yosh, very good. We’re going to have the final exam tomorrow, so go rest for now.』

『『『『『Sir, yes, sir!! Boss, permission for voluntary practice-!!』』』』』

『Ah, yeah, do whatever you like.』

『『『『『Thank you very much-, boss-!!!』』』』』

Without noticing it, the current Hauria who called Hajime boss with love and respect had been created. Eyes that were blazing burningly with fighting spirit, fearless grin, a look where they looked like they were going to yell Hardships, marching into hell is our favorite activity! anytime.

Hajime’s eyes were obviously wandering around with the thought of 「I might have gone too far……」. Hajime too must be too emotional because it was like looking at his past weak self. It seemed that he unintentionally got too heated up with training them.

The past replay of “What happened at the training that time” that ought to be titled as “The Birth Annal of the Reborn Hauria” or “Hauria’s Tale Zero” was gathering everyone’s rapt attention──


Shuu and Sumire, also everyone of Shirasaki family and Yaegashi family, also Akiko and Gil were watching, but the show didn’t register in their brain at all.

Surely it was something that couldn’t be helped.

「Kiii-! Ka-ka-ka-! KIIEE!!」

「Yo~sh yosh, everything is fine seeee. Looook, Shia. You’re a good girl, so don’t struggle okay~?」


Because right beside them, Shia was going insane.

She was embracing Hajime right from the front. His arms and legs were firmly locked around her body. It was the so called “Luv Luv Huuugg”, but in actuality, it was a restraining in the form of hugging by Hajime.

The evidence of that was how Shia’s eyes that were looking across Hajime’s shoulder looked like <●><●>. One of her arms was grasping forward like a zombie seeking for prey.

The prey in question was of course Carm who was sweating rivers. In addition wrapped in a mat behind him while floundering like a fish on land was the masochist elf princess──Altena.

「Uuuu, how can this be, the “Soul Repose” isn’t working!」

「Thy art wrong, Aiko! It’s working! Shia art simply going insane right away after it worked!」

「Shia! It’s me! Ka - o - ri! Do you recognize me!?」

「Please, I’m begging you, at least speak with human language!」

「Mama! This is where mama shine nano! Bring Shia-oneechan back to sanity with your invincible my my ufufu smile!」

「M-my my. Mama wonder if mama can do it……」

Remia moved to in front of Shia, in other words behind Hajime. She put on her best soft and fluffy smile and atmosphere that had outstanding calming effect.

「Shia-san, Shia-san. Please I ask you to calm down. You saw the replay just now didn’t you? In there, Carm-san and also everyone else, they were able to become strong for Shia-san’s sake.」

Actually, the past viewing tour was resumed even though Shia’s SAN parameter was blown up was to show her the impetus of the change in the hearts of Carm and others.

Wasn’t what he did plainly brainwashing? It was a method that couldn’t avoid such criticism, and at the end it became a waste because the training was transforming them to the boss’s subordinate, banzai! rather than a training so that Shia wouldn’t be able to cut ties with them, but setting that aside.

Although it was the result of an intentional provocation, the greatest reason why Carm and others changed themselves by throwing themselves into hell and back was undoubtedly for Shia’s sake.

「I, felt really moved. For the sake of a daughter, they went as far──」



Shia’s pupils shrunk. She turned her gaze at Remia with bloodshot eyes. And then there was the shriek at the end. Remia who heard and saw that from very close range kept smiling……as she slowly backed away.

And then, she said a sentence.

「Myuu, it’s hopeless.」

「Giving up already!?」

Please forgive your powerless mama, Remia muttered while retreating toward where Sumire and others were standing. She must be plainly scared. She was shaking while a bit of tears gathered in her eyes. Sumire patted her head while muttering good girl, good girl to soothe her.

Carm’s sweat was already like a waterfall that it became a concern he would turn into mummy at this rate. Even so he kept pleading.

「Shia! Come back to your senses! Tou-sama swear that I never thought of making this crazy pervert into a spouse!」

「Puhah, Carm-sama! In other words, you’re only targeting my body in our relationship!?」

Altena who removed her gag by her own effort pranced like a fish on land while prattling 「That’s nice in its own way-」

Shia’s eyes snapped wider open. Tio was going haa haa while saying 「Nnn, nice abnormal-」. Aiko’s “Soul Repose” also flew at Tio. Teacher was super busy.

「Don’t say such misleading words! You slut kept entering the room without permission, taking private property without permission, and stalking other without care of time and place, that was why I beat you up!」

「Thank you very much for the treat!」

「Dammit, my words won’t go through!! Now I understand boss’s hardship completely-!!」

It seemed, their relationship was really only that far. But, the other Haurias thought 「If he get it on with Altena, won’t we be able to drag him down from the clan head seat and tear him away from boss?」 and completely ignored Altena’s outrageous action and apparently that helped Carm’s “physical relationship with Altena” to escalate day by day.

Shia’s pupils started to shrink back to normal size. Perhaps she thought that Carm’s words might be the truth with how heartfelt and troubled his voice tone was. Her words were also turning slightly milder like 「Kii?」.


「You are so cold, Carm-sama! At the night three days ago, didn’t you accept me when I sneaked into your bedchamber!? That night you did nothing except hugging me close, without giving any punishment or reward……poh」

「T-that was……it was……」

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Eh? Carm looked……awkward!

After hearing that boss would come visiting, he got carried away and drank too much alcohol. Because of that he unconsciously sought for the warmth of human skin, so he made the trespassing Altena into his hugging pillow. That was all he did and nothing else, but it didn’t change the fact that he spent a night sleeping together with an unmarried woman.

Carm tried to explain that clearly, but in this current situation, that “pause” was fatal.

Shia’s expression changed into Asura once more!


「Wait, Shia! Too stro-, rela──GUWAAAAAAAAAAAAH!?」


「Aaa, Hajime’s spine is making creaking sound!?」

「Papaaaa, do your best!! You must not loseeee~~~」

Hajime was getting forced into the posture of “luv luv mackerel hold”, but 「A-ain’t no way I’ll loseeee, LIMIT BREAKKK」 he let his crimson magic power burst up. Meanwhile Yue who was in charge of the past replay only said this to Shuu and Sumire. (Note: Try this link, the hugging to see the state Hajime is in)

「……Ah, don’t mind them over there. Next is Shia’s training with me, enjoy.」

「「「「Impossible! We mind!!」」」」

A beautifully timed tsukkomi was fired from Nagumo couple and Shirasaki couple.

「Yue-chan, you’re the one who don’t need to mind with that, you need to stop Shia-chan quick!」

「Look, I never saw Hajime looking that desperate!」

Yue glanced aside briefly, and indeed. Hajime was yelling 「UOOOOOOOOH, LIMIT BREAK - SUPREMEEEEEE-」 while desperately bracing himself so that he wouldn’t get crushed.

「……Nn~. But well, it’s fine. Just now she also stopped when Myuu stood in her way, so it looks like she still retain a shred of restrain.」

「I-I wonder if that’s the problem here.」

Actually, the one who stopped berserker Shia in Hauria’s settlement at the end was Myuu.

Yue’s super gravity, the magic of binding chain that was endowed with Kaori’s sublimation magic, Tio and Aiko’s “Soul Repose”. Shia’s fist didn’t stop even with all of those at work in concert, but Myuu cut in just a moment before her fist landed on Carm’s face.

It was an interrupt that succeeded due to Shia’s movement slowing from the effort of the four. However, it was a tremendous courage when in the presence of the berserker rabbit. No, perhaps it was more trust rather than courage.

There is no way Shia-oneechan will ever hurt Myuu! Like that she spread open her arms and legs to the limit 「MYUU ABSOLUTELY WON’T STEP ASIDE NANOOOOOOO!!」 right on her way.

That figure was truly an exact reproduction of when she stopped Hajime’s rampage in the demon king castle. The small hero had stopped another monster.

Using that opening, Shizuku overlapped sublimation magic to sever Shia’s consciousness.

It was shuddering that Shia woke up from that in just five seconds, even so with Hajime hugging her fully from the front to restrain her, she quieten down to more or less a containable level, perhaps because of the transmitted warmth.

「Now that it reach this point, Hajime-kun! There’s no other way but a kiss!」

「I see, it’s a tactic to return Shia-san to her senses by tickling her maiden heart! Hajime-kun, let’s do it! My magic power is also won’t last any longer heree!」

「Umu, I agree with Kaori and Aiko! Goshujin-sama! Push her down before Goshujin-sama turn into foldable human!」

「There’s no other way than that! Chu, give her chuu~, Hajime!」

「You guys, are you sane!?」

The mood felt like there was a final battle against something. Hajime’s eyes turned into saucer from the suggestion of Kaori and others. He noticed the attention of Shuu and others and hesitated but……

「Papa! A deranged woman can be silenced with a kiss nano!」

「Myuu!? Where did you learn that kind of thing!?」

「Mama’s favorite afternoon drama said that nano!」

Remia-san, she hid her crimson face with both hands.

「Myuu, mama once read you the story of the sleeping beauty right? Mama wished, you would at least say it like the prince waking up the princess with a kiss!」

「But, Shia-oneechan not only awake, her eyes are blazing with fury, and papa isn’t a prince but the demon king nano! That’s why, Myuu think that staying quiet and stealing the lips is more fitting nano!」

「Let’s hold a family meeting later okay-, Myuu!」

「Let’s have a family meeting later okay-, Myuu!」

Myuu ignored the worried words of papa and mama. She widened her legs to shoulder width and she started rhythmically swaying her body left and right while applausing 「Ki~ss! Ki~ss! Ki~ss!」. Kaori and others also started rhythmically making kiss call in concert.

While pondering just what kind of punishment game this was to be told that in front of their parents, Hajime went 「Eeei, I just gonna do ittt~~」 while diving to the ground. Then right away he pushed down Shia and gave her a deep kiss, like the reversal version of when Shia greedily sucked Hajime’s lips while he gave her CPR at the edge of the spring after getting out of Great Labyrinth Raisen.

Shia who had been letting out nothing but the strange shriek of 「KIEEEEEEH」 started leaking out slightly sweet voice 「Nnnuu~~~~~~」. She was being firmly hugged, so the impression their current posture gave looked unnecessarily bad.

Sumire, Kaoruko, Akiko, and even Kirino made a clamor of 「Kyaaa~~h」, while the men turned toward another direction along with their body like a gentleman. However, for some reason they met each other gaze and nodded 「Umu」 to each other for some reason. Also, Gil-san had entered his complete shut out mode from the middle of the training image, so he was silent like a Jizo statue.

While such heated battle (?) was unfolding right at the side, Yue opened a window using space magic and replayed the past of Shia’s training with Yue that was being done at a slight distance away.

「……Right, everyone. Shia is going to be all gloomy and melancholic later from this dark history, so let’s look over here instead.」

「Yue-chan……this must be the dignity of the first wife!」

「Oh dear-, really Hajime-kun, he’s going that intensely-. So Kaori usually must also be……」

「Stopppp, please stop Kaoruko! You made me imagine it!」

Even with such hectic chaos, the past training scene was playing like it was an outdoor movie theater.

The screen was politely expanded in the position where everyone would turn their back on Shia and others. And so, while they could hear a voice 「Ki, ki……kiie……ki, nnfuuh」 that seemed to waver between inhuman language and indecent voice, everyone was adult so they didn’t do anything like looking back.

Or rather, Yue was single-mindedly slapping Shia inside the image, so their attention was distracted toward that way.

『……Quick, strengthen your body already. Quick!』

『I-it’s impossible ouch-. Even if I’m told to strengthen my body so suddenly hebuh!?』

『……If you can’t then you will only end up as a rabbit with bloated face. Here-, here-!』

『Hiih, it hurts-. It hurts desuu-』

*Slap-slap* The voice reverberated with very nice ring to it. Yue was single-mindedly slapping back and forth the face of Shia who was kneeling on the ground. Coupled with her expressionless face, the scene was truly terrifying. Perhaps it was a case of like boyfriend like girlfriend.

Shia’s cheeks were already turning red. The dam in her eyes looked like they were going to burst anytime.

『……There is no point in training if you can’t even strengthen your body! Get fired up! This flirty rabbit!』

『Auh, I’m not flirty desuu』

『……That desu is also flirty! Also you glued yourself too closely on Hajime! This horny rabbit! You-you-』

『This is absolutely your personal grudge getting mixed in isn’t it!?』

『……I am Yue. A woman who won’t hide her personal grudge toward this rabbit with transparent ulterior motive!』

『As I thought it’s just personal grudge isn’t ittt!』

Shia jerked back while both her hands rubbed her cheeks that had really swollen bright red like a homely woman.

The gazes of Sumire and Shuu and others turned toward Yue. Yue’s gaze looked around at Sumire and co,


She gave them a magnificently sly tehe gesture while sticking out her tongue. She also didn’t’ forget to poked her own head with her knuckle.

Normally such gesture would only provoke irritation, but Yue’s look was too great that she simply looked cute. Sumire and co blushed a little and averted their gazes.

From behind, voices like 「Aah, Hajime-kun! You went that deep!?」 or 「Awawah, you two are still students, so getting entangled anymore than that is-!」 or 「No, Aiko. It’s too late for thee to say that」 or 「Myuu-chan must not look」 or 「Shizuku-oneechan, so you too. But it’s fine. Myuu is a good kid so it’s fine though!」 could be heard, but they were adult so they ignored it.

『……Muu. Even though you’re using your characteristic magic, why can’t you use magic power to strengthen your body?』

『Even if you ask me that……』

『……You aren’t using magic power to do magic, but simply directly controlling magic power inside your body to strengthen yourself. Anyone is doing that in subconscious level. In fact, Shia’s physical attribute is clearly higher than all other Haurias. You can strengthen yourself subconsciously, so there is no way you can’t do it intentionally.』

『Y-Yue-san talked in long sentence!』


*Bechin* A slap flew. Afuhn Shia pressed her hand on her cheek with teary eyes. Yue sighed as she took the hand of Shia who was sniffing with runny nose. She took Shia’s hands in each of her hand and created a circle with her arms.

『……You should already have the sense of controlling magic power directly. I judge that you simply don’t understand the feeling of strengthening. I’ll do it so feel it and then copy it.』

『Y-yes desu!』

Like that it looked like Yue had it hard at the beginning, but after half a day Shia too looked like she had grasped the trick. It was the same like when she awakened her derivative skill, her eyes snapped wide open from the sensation of jumping over a wall. Even when she let go of Yue’s hands, she kept circulating magic power to increase her flesh’s strength and toughness on her own.

I did it, Yue-san! Shia expressed her delight and turned her gaze to Yue. At that moment,


『Hiih, it hurt──not?』

A slap that Yue did using more strength than all of her previous slaps slapped Shia’s cheek. But, *wham* in contrast to the loud sound, Shia was only looking dumbfounded. It seemed she didn’t feel any pain or even itch. That was the proof of her success in strengthening herself.

『……Nn, nnn. I-it went well.』

『Ooh, it’s amazing desu! Thank you very much, Yue-san!』


Waai! Waai! Shia rejoiced greatly while hopping around.

At the side, Yue quietly turned her back on Shia for some reason. She started muttering something in small voice.

『……I-it hurttt. My wrist broke…… What’s with her. Why is she turning that hard so suddenly?』

It seemed she let her guard down and slacked off with activating “Sense of Pain Control” that was a derivative of “Automatic Regeneration”. Her wrist immediately healed but, she blew on her wrist fuu~fuu~ while getting a bit teary.

「Hey dear. Yue-chan is too cute it gives me strange feeling.」

「I’m recording it. Let’s crop it later for photo.」

「……Okaa-sama, Otou-sama. It’s embarrassing……」

The past teary Yue and also the current fidgety Yue were both extremely cute. The expressions of the adults slackened.

Behind them, 「Ki, kii……fuwaa!? Hyajime-saan?」「Shia! You came back to your senses!」 such exchange and, 「Carm! Don’t let Altena speaketh!」「Acknowledged! I have rendered her unconscious!」 such conversation could be heard……

But right after that, 「Hajime-saaann」「Oi-, wait! Shia──nnh!?」「Aah, Shia is in heat!」「Stop stop! Going berserker at that direction is not permitted!」 that kind of conversation could be heard. It really tickled the curiosity.

After all, Shia was currently in the middle of negotiation with serious expression inside the image. Before they started the training for real, she wanted to be allowed to join Hajime and Yue’s journey if she managed to deal even just a single wound on Yue. At the very least she wanted Yue’s backing when the time came she asked Hajime about it.

『……This shameless rabbit.』

『Uh, that I am but……but but, I want to be together with the two of youuu!』

『……You’re going to abandon your family?』

『I want to protect my family. This weak me right now can’t stay at my family’s side. It doesn’t matter even though they’re saying that it’s fine for me to stay with them, I can’t permit myself desu. If I’m not staying with them, the people who don’t agree with the elders’ decision also won’t lay their hand on the clan. And most of all, along the journey I’ll also be able to repay our life saviors!!』

『……Even though you’re just in love with Hajime.』

『T-that’s certainly play a part but……it’s meaningless if Yue-san isn’t there too you know? I-I mean……I, I, I want to become your friend or something-』


『You scoffed!? That’s horrible desuu! I’m serious hereee!』

Shia wept while leaping at Yue, but Yue smoothly dodged.

「T-that’s really a cold treatment. I can’t imagine it at all from the current Yue-chan.」

「……Nn. At that time, I was also as prickly as Hajime. My heart was completely thorny.」

「We also saw at Raisen, I see now. So Shia-chan unraveled the hearts of Hajime and Yue-chan who had that kind of attitude. No wonder both of you really treasure Shia-chan.」

「……Yes, Otou-sama. If Shia wasn’t there, surely even Aiko’s words “Don’t cut off everything other than what’s important to you” wouldn’t reach us at all.」

At the end, Shia provoked 『Fu, fufuhn! Yue-san, you got the jitters aren’t you! You’re scared of losing to me desu!』 while shaking. Yue who had decided from the start that she would accept all challenge from women who aimed at Hajime head-on and crush them responded to the provocation and the negotiation was concluded.

Although the past replay was fast forwarded, it could be seen how the one-on-one fight was increasing in severity each day. Yue narrowed her eyes at the scene and spoke.

「……Without our encounter with Shia, if she didn’t work hard and hang on this doggedly, surely we wouldn’t go to the town of Ur, or saving Myuu, or going to rescue Kaori and others.」

Shia was covered in mud and wounds. Even her rare beautiful face was in terrible state with tears and snots stuck all over it.

Yue who was driven by woman’s pride and distrust toward humans other than Hajime still remaining inside herself was merciless. She slammed Shia to the ground and through trees over and over. She froze her in ice, grilled her with fire, shocked her with lightning.

However, Shia stood up. She kept standing up. Even when she fainted, even when the agony, fatigue, and empty stomach were making her mind hazy, she immediately stood up using her guts and stepped forward. No matter how much she cried, her heart was the only thing that never broke no matter what.

It could be easily seen how the way Yue looked at Shia was gradually changing.

Her gaze changed into incomprehension seeing such inexplicable creature, then next it changed into a gaze of interest, then after that there was shudder getting mixed into her eyes.

At the last day, before they got into their last battle, Yue asked, 『……Why aren’t you giving up?』.

Shia’s answer to that question was very simple.

『Because Hajime-san and Yue-san smashed my reason for giving up desu!!』

She learned that she wasn’t the only unique existence in this world. The lives of her family had also been saved. And most of all, she learned that she could become strong.

No matter how hard she searched, she couldn’t find a single reason for her heart to break anymore! She declared.

She yelled that, and at the end of the hard battle, the training of actual battle ended with Shia’s victory as stipulated in their agreement. Although there was only one wound that was just a scratch, a wound was still a wound.

「Geez Shia-chan……she is really a main character.」

Sumire’s words was the right expression of Shia’s true nature.

「Hahaa, that’s embarrassing.」

When everyone looked back, Shia who looked like she had come back to her senses was walking toward them. Her complexion looked really good. Or rather, she looked a bit erotic. The way she licked her lips was really similar to Yue.

Behind her were bright red Kaori and others, and Hajime who was looking up to the sky with dead eyes as though various things had been sucked away thoroughly from him. They could somehow guess that something had happened. The fierce attack of the rabbit in heat had been evolving even further than the past, so perhaps it was only natural.

「With the conquer of Great Labyrinth Raisen, my bond with Yue-san turned into something rock solid. No, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Yue-san became madly in love with me from there!」

「……That’s an exaggeration, stupid rabbit.」

「You don’t need to be shy you know? Didn’t Yue-san write it in your diary? I’ll protect Shia’s future from here on. So that she won’t lose anything important to her anymore.」


「I’m also protecting Yue-san, so we’re invincible aren’t we? What’s more it’s a mutual love desu!」


Yue looked aside with a blush. She was embarrassed without even making any denial. It made everyone melt seeing that.

It seemed Yue couldn’t endure the atmosphere and fast forwarded the past replay. Shia’s confession scene played, and although she was resolutely rejected, with Yue’s backing Hajime allowed her to accompany them in the end.

「Well, if I have to say, it’s like that. Shia is a natural player. She’s seriously full with main character attributes.」

Hajime spoke with a wry smile. Then Carm added with a gentle expression.

「Mona was also like that. You’re exactly like her in that respect, Shia.」


Every single one of them was wrapped in a warm atmosphere, but……

Strange. Shia’s gaze wasn’t directed at Carm. She was ignoring him as though she didn’t perceive his existence.

I-is she still angry……crap, she might turn into berserker again! Shivers spread through the group.

Sumire hugged Shia’s arm in panic and made a suggestion.

「Shia-chan! Can you show us the way to your mom’s grave now!?」

「Ah, you’re right. It’s not that far from here, so no problem desu!」

She was acting cheerfully like usual with Sumire. Guess it’s fine if she’s like this……everyone patted their chest in relieve. Right after that.

「Then, please wait for a bit here, Okaa-sama! I’m going to kill Altena for a bit!」

There was madness in that normal smile! Sumire and others looked with spasming expression.

「Y-you mustn’t do that, Shia-chan!」

「It’s fine, it’s fine. Right now there is only family here so it won’t get found out!」

「No no no, Shia-chan! There’s Gil-san too here!」

When Shuu pointed that out, Shia’s gaze turned at Gil. Gil jerked, and then,

「I don’t know anything. I can’t hear anything, and I’m also not seeing anything. Surely Altena-sama has vanished deep into the forest.」

「「「「「Abandonment of professional duty!?」」」」」

Shia was also a Hauria, so his shut out technique was working in full force.

「Then, the possibility of me getting a mother-in-law who is the same age with me is gone now! Ain’t no way that kind of future can exist desu!」

「That’s why, don’t say something murderous like that with such a lovely smile Shia-chan!」

「Hajime! Do something!」

「Myuu! Do something!」


It looked as though the Shia Panic was going to start once more, but right at that moment.

Something came rushing with a speed like a wind. That something made their entrance with a splendid sliding dogeza and,


Yes, it was Alfrerick.

「Please allow me to give everyone here a feast in the capital for the welcome as well as apology! The mob──I mean, the nutty Kaori-sama worshipper──I mean, the people of the Angel Religion are also waiting eagerly there, so please, I hope tat everyone can come visit as soon as possible!」

Even though she was the oldest elder, he looked like a salaryman in midlevel managerial post whose stomach kept receiving damage daily from being put in the tough spot between the higher-ups and the low level employees.

The way he smoothly took out medicinal herb and gulp it in one breath was partly similar with the quick stomach medicine drinking that was mastered by a certain uncle from the public safety department.

Even Shia’s natural madness vanished and she looked awkward with how wretched the factual leader of Fea Belgen looked. It seemed that she had really returned to her senses this time.

Under that situation, the one who spoke up first was……

「As expected from dogeza. Dogeza will solve everything. This makes it clear.」

「Yes, world peace is maintained with dogeza.」

The dogeza masters (self-proclaimed) Nagumo couple who had performed innumerable dogezas in their life until this point.

In a sense, these two are the most amazing huh……it went without saying that the two gathered such gazes.

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