Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 432 Tortus Travel Journal ? The Self-Aware Shizu-nyan

Chapter 432 Tortus Travel Journal ? The Self-Aware Shizu-nyan

DHS (It’s All Hajime’s Fault), such self-evident fact became entrenched once more in everyone’s mind in the afternoon banquet.

「To begin with, why did Hajime-kun put our daughter on a cross to carry her?」

The one who asked that was Kirino. Due to the embarrassment from being transported using a cross and got worshipped by the people of Fea Bergen in the end, Shizuku was in the middle of hugging her knees while her face was covered with ponytail guard, aka her ponytail being wrapped around her head. Kirino patted her daughter’s head with a wry smile while asking the question.

As expected, Hajime looked awkward being asked that by the mother of the girl who he put on a cross. He answered while scratching his head.

「Well, at that time our relationship wasn’t one where I could just causally carry her on my back or in my arms. I even thought about just leaving her there and went back alone when she fell asleep while I was training.」

He recalled once more that Kaori might snap if she learned that. Hajime’s words keenly expressed just how nonexistent his concern for Shizuku was at that time.

「No, Hajime-kun. Even so, thinking with common sense, leaving a sleeping girl alone inside a forest is clearly not good.」

Papa Tomoichi who was like a bundle of good sense made a retort that was filled to the brim with good sense. Everyone else was nodding in agreement. Even Myuu was looking at him with a gaze that could be thought as reproachful. Hajime flinched.

「N-no, although it was inside a forest, Shizuku herself was considerably strong already……even the matter with the cross, at that time I only got round floating stone with me. As expected carrying her with posture of arching backward or arching forward would be too pitiful for her that I even when through the trouble to transmute a cross for her.」

「You could just normally put her on a flat board normally. That was clearly a prank!」

Even with the various excuses Hajime spouted out, Papa Tomoichi still wouldn’t let it go, so Hajime sullenly looked aside and muttered.

「At that time I only thought of Shizuku as someone in charge of the troublesome things. So it really couldn’t be helped.」

「Your justification is just too horrible though!? Shuuzou-san! Koichi-kun! You two should be angry here!」

Just like how Yaegashi family had been acquainted with Kaori since she was a child, Shirasaki family had also know Shizuku really well just as long. It was to a degree that they thought of her like their own daughter. That was why, Tomoichi couldn’t help but feel as furious like if it was Kaori herself who got treated roughly.

Surely Shuuzou and Koichi were also feeling the same like him even without him telling them. Their gazes were very harsh. Hajime made more excuses with a troubled expression.

「I relied on her you know? No, really. It won’t even be an exaggeration to say that I trusted her the most among everyone in the class.」

「Hou? Is that true?」

「Even more than Kaori-chan?」

Not only Shuuzou and Koichi, everyone else including Kirino also showed a surprised expression. Shizuku twitched in respond. Her ponytail guard loosened slightly……

「Yes, she is number one. When either the hero or Kaori got troublesome, she will definitely do something about them if I throw them at her. I relied on her the most in that regard with nobody else who could possibly match──」

「Hajime, you keep digging your own grave deeper, so zip it.」

「I’m really sorry for my son-」

Sumire and Shuu intercepted with an apology, but it was too late.

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「That doesn’t excuse anything though?」

「That was an unpleasant trust there.」

Perhaps because they were aware of how reckless Kouki was and how rushing Kaori was, both Shuuzou and Koichi looked like they didn’t know what to say except speaking candidly. Kirino smiled wryly while patting the head of Shizuku whose loosened ponytail guard tightened once more to lock herself in the cocoon of her heart.

Naturally, Kaori who was mentioned as someone at the same level as the hero roared because she couldn’t ignore it.

「Wait a second Hajime-kun!? Why did you also mention my name there!?」

The answer came from Yue.

「……Obviously because you’re Yanderesaki Bakaori-san right? Don’t you have self-awarenesss? Puh, giggle giggle」



A flash of disintegration magic cut through the air toward Yue’s head! Yue-sama desperately dodged by arching backward!

The passing flash opened a hole in the wall and vanished toward the ether. Alfrerick-san looked at the wall with a sad expression. What have my wall ever done to you……?

Kaoruko bowed to Alfrerick. She scolded Kaori next. Tomoichi shuddered as he looked at her daughter who casually fired such a lethal attack toward another’s head.

For Yue and Kaori, something like this at least was just at the level of messing around, like slapping, but it would only look like an extreme action from the perspective of ordinary person. In fact, the progenitor rabbit beastman the rabbit eared little girl Kira-chan who came for refilling the drinks this time fell on her butt and unable to stand up after seeing the extremely naturally deadly (natural & critical) attack.

She tipped over the fruit beverage she was holding and it splashed everywhere, making her looked like she had pissed herself. In such state it was like she was a victim who lost the strength in her legs after suddenly encountering Jack the Ripper. It made Kaori looked unnecessarily fiendish. Myuu rushed to give her a mental care in panic.

「Kaori……it’s that side of yours.」

「W-well, our Kaori is an angel but……I can’t deny that sometimes she will rely on relatively forced method……」


It was well known that Kaori was dangerous when she was left alone. This time everyone’s gaze was fixed on Kaori. The gazes were very lukewarm. Also, sympathetic gazes were also sent toward the tearful Kira-chan who was being led away by her fellow coworker.

Sensing her unfavorable standing, Kaori too attempted to change the topic.

「M-more importantly! Let’s make sure just what happened between Shizuku-chan and Hajime-kun that morning!」

「……Fuh. This girl, she sold her best friend just to change the topic.」

「Geez, Yue-san. Please stop it. You’re aalways bullying Kaori-san desu.」

「Myuu knows nano. The more you like someone the more you want to bully them, right?」

「……Nn!? T-that’s not it though!?」

Lukewarm gazes were also pointed at Yue. To dodge the topic, Yue opened a space window to further ahead of the direction that the past Shizuku and Hajime walked. Kaori swiftly traced back the past.

「Both of thee art really in sync.」

「What good friends.」

「「That’s not it though!?」」

Yue and Kaori responded to Tio and Remia’s words with splendid harmony. The lukewarm gazes didn’t stop coming.

While that was going on, the scene of the relevant morning was found. Shizuku wasn’t moving at the slightest with her ponytail guard still up. Before the crucifixion scene came out, she displayed reluctance of showing what happened at that time but……was she not knowing what was going on outside right now because she was locking herself inside the cocoon of her heart, or else was she approving it?

In any case, inside the past replay, Shizuku was shown working hard training in the early morning alone.

Sliding feet that were drawing circles on the ground, black lines being smoothly carved on the air. Her ponytail was fluttering behind her spinning body.

Seeing that scene made Akiko, Carm, and Alfrerick spontaneously ooh-ed and aah-ed.

「Oh my, how amazing Shizuku-chan is. I don’t really understand martial arts but, she looks really pretty in my opinion.」

「Truly. Those sword lines are admirable.」

「Her head isn’t shifting out of place at all. Is that because of those gliding steps……is this another world’s, Yaegashi family’s martial arts? She was really well taught even though she was still so young.」

Alfrerick’s words at the end were praise that was directed at Shuuzou and others. Shuu, Sumire, Tomoichi and others were also raising their voice 「Oo~」.

However, Shuuzou and others themselves were looking really puzzled.

「Shizuku……what was the matter with her?」

「Her heart was too disturbed. To swing her sword around that frantically……it would be a scolding for her if that was in the dojo.」

From the perspective of the instructors of Yaegashi-style, it seemed that Shizuku’s training looked really crude. They also seemed to have seen through the stormy emotion inside Shizuku’s heart. In addition, it seemed that her mother Kirino had gone a step further and seen through the cause of Shizuku’s unstable emotion.

「I see. So it was from this time wasn’t it, Shizuku?」


The ponytail guard was hard. Even Kirino’s slightly teasing words could only draw out a small groan.

Before someone could ask 「What do you mean?」, an abnormality that was clear to anyone who watch was shown this time.


Shizuku looked like she was going to scream UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA anytime now. Or rather, she was screaming 『CHESTOOOOOO』 which didn’t exist in Yaegashi-style while desperately swinging around her black katan as though to shake off something.

I see, everyone realized. Immediately, the room was filled with smirking faces. Shizuku’s toes were writhing *monyu monyu* in pain.

「My my, Shizuku-chan. I wonder just who is it you’re trying to convince yourself as just a friend? Can you tell Okaa-san (mother-in-law) a bit about it?」


「Otou-san (father-in-law) also want to knoww~. Tell me whose face was in your mind at that time?」


「Kaa-san and Tou-san too, stop that.」

Shizuku let out a small groan while her ponytail wrapped even tighter. Her hands weren’t touching her hair because she was hugging her knees though……

But rather than noticing that mystery, Kaori and others were busy squeeing 「So cuteeee~」 seeing Shizuku’s figure with her ear tips and neck that were visible from between her hair turning red.

Even while that was going on, the past Shizuku was gradually calming down due to the limit of her stamina. She then finally sheathed her katana when she became drenched with sweat.

Her sweats were glistening from reflecting the sunlight filtering through trees. She was radiating healthy beauty that was unique to woman who put in effort into sports and the like, but at the same time the tuft of her hair and clothes that were sticking on her skin due to sweat coupled with her blushing cheeks and rough breathing were also giving off a certain “charm”.

Combined with her excellent figure and dignified posture made the scene quite eye-catching.

It was a beauty that was sufficient enough for the title of “saintess” even without parading her on a cross.

But, there,

『What can I say other than, as expected.』

『Tsu!? Nyah!?』

She reacted like thunderstruck from the voice that suddenly called out to her. Her aura and posture that previously even gave off an atmosphere of divinity crumbled instantly. What was there now was “Shizu-nyan” who made anyone who saw her to imagine cat ears and tail standing on end from her like a startled cat.

Shizuku who was in the middle of ponytail guard skillfully used only her butts to creep behind Kirino while still hugging her knees.

It must have been a long time since her daughter leaned on her like that. Although Kirino looked a bit surprised, her expression immediately broke out into delight and she hugged her daughter as though to hide her in her embrace.

But, Yue and Kaori were also similarly thunderstruck seeing Shizuku like that.




「Can you not play it in repeat like that!?」

Shizuku reflexively raised her face and protested while blushing red. She glared at Kaori and Yue who repeatedly fast-forwarded and replayed that part rhythmically like DJ, but the shame from the two grinning while going as far making the voice overlapped in the double by simultaneously performing past replay made Shizuku immediately retreated back into her ponytail guard.

「Just what are you doing you two. I told you to stop──」


Hajime tried to stop the two but, the past Hajime was also making fun of Shizuku wholeheartedly, so his persuasiveness was nonexistent. And so, he quietly averted his gaze.

The replay kept playing after that, but bluntly speaking, the scene was simply bittersweet that it made the people watching felt embarrassed instead.

「Oh my, Shizuku. For you to be that conscious of him.」

「Even though you never got bothered by something like sweat in the dojo.」

「What should I say here……being shown my daughter making this kind of expression made me feel complicated as a father.」

Just as the members of Yaegashi family said, Shizuku who got flustered from Hajime’s entrance became even more terribly flustered after noticing herself drenched in sweat. She was desperately complaining with 『Why are you approaching!?』 or 『That’s violation of personal territory! Stop right there!』 at Hajime inside the image.

Of course, this was Shizuku who was more maidenly than anyone at the inside, so usually she was attentive with her looks. She wasn’t someone who wasn’t bothered with her sweat anywhere and anytime.

Although, situation like when she was in the middle of training in the dojo was an exception, not to mention that since coming to Tortus there were a lot of situations where she couldn’t be bothered with mere sweat, so considering that in this situation she had just finished training, her reaction was something really unusual.

The cause of that went without saying.

「Aa~, as I thought Shizuku-chan, she became completely self-aware after conquering the great tree’s great dungeon.」

「……Nn. I surmised……that the cause most likely lie in the trial of preference reversal!」


A small groan. Yue’s guess seemed to hit bull’s eye. Shuu and others tilted their head in puzzlement 「Preference reversal?」, so Tio gave a simple explanation to them.

「The meaning art exactly as the words sounded. It’s a trial that made personal relationships clear, no, it’s a trial that exposed what art hidden in one’s heart to destroy one’s personal relationships.」

「Right desu. Like become dislike, and dislike become like. It was a nasty trial that turned love into hate, and hate into love. At that time, I seriously felt murderous toward Hajime-san and Yue-san.」

「S-Shia-chan wanting to kill those two!?」

Shuu raised his voice in shock. He had seen the feeling that Shia harbored toward Hajime and Yue on the way here, so it was really difficult for him to even imagine Shia acting the exact opposite.

Shuuzou groaned with a grave expression.

「……What a terrifying trial. Both sides might get the rug pulled from right under their feet the deeper the trust that they held for each other. Could it be, all of you were also made to fight powerful enemy at the same time?」

「How discerning of you, Shuuzou-san. The opponent was the powerful enemy of the last trial. It was the most horrifying enemy we have ever faced until now.」

「For Hajime-kun to say that……」

「Yes, it was really terrifying. We will take everyone to look around the great tree’s great dungeon later but, we’re planning to avoid that place. After all everyone won’t be able to hold on their sanity there.」

「Eh, Hajime-kun? I can still use soul magic you know? Tio-san can also still go on right?」

「U-umu. There art no problem magic power-wise but……Aiko, I doth not wish to go there anymore, ever……」

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「……Nn. Same for me.」

「Completely agree……」

「Black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary black sesame scary」

「S-Shizuku!? What’s wrong!? Get a hold of yourself! You love eating rice sprinkled with black sesame right!?」

「No, Kirino. Come to think of it, she never ate that for even once since returning back doesn’t she?」

「N-now that you mention it……」

Even the usually calm and collected Kirino-okaasan was flustered seeing her daughter suddenly had a trauma against black sesame. Shizuku was trembling really fiercely, so she tried to loosen the ponytail guard to observe Shizuku’s complexion, but the ponytail wriggled like living creature and dodged her attempt.

「F-for papa and everyone to look so pale like this……」

「T-true. Hajime-san and everyone, all looked so dead in their eyes……」

「Uumu. The requirement to enter the great dungeon of the great tree is to conquer more than four of the great dungeons, so I have guessed that the difficulty level there is high but……from how boss and the others looked, it seems a trial that beggared the imagination is lying in wait inside there.」

「Aiko, give them magic for healing heart already.」

「R-right. ──”Soul Repose”!」


Hajime, Yue, Shia, Tio, Kaori, and then Shizuku, the six of them came back to reality from their traumatic recollection. All of them got cold sweat from almost going mad.

「Y-Yue, let’s continue the replay! We need to be healed by watching the cute Shizuku-chan!」

「……Order received!」

「I’m the only one to suffer more!?」

Perhaps it worked as shock therapy. The shock from recalling the trial of Lyutillis-san in the form of black sesame──aka the giant swarm of cockroa** which made anyone who went through it couldn’t help but to doubt the sanity of the trial’s creator managed to break through the cocoon of ponytail guard and dragged Shizuku back to reality. Her cheeks were blushing red.

However, she didn’t try to stop them more assertively. Perhaps something made her felt conflicted.

What played after that was the scene of Hajime improving the black katana using the sublimation magic that he had just obtained, and Shizuku watching him work.

But, that was all there was to it. It was just a scene of Hajime silently focusing on his work, and Shizuku watching that. A quiet time was passing without any particular talk between them.

But, everyone’s expression changed as though they had just stuffed their cheeks with honey.

「Waa~, Shizuku-oneechan, that’s a really girly face nano!」

「D-don’t say it Myuu-chan. Looking at it from outside like this made me want to die from embarrassment.」

Shizuku was placing her elbow on her leg with her hand supporting her head as she continued watching Hajime with an absorbed expression. It put the emotion that she was starting to become aware of in display clearer than anything else.

It was hard to see her complexion because the area was filled with red light. But everyone watching was convinced that surely her cheeks were dyed with the same color.

Her eyelids that were getting heavy drowsily was showing her sleepiness. It was also a proof of her affection. It was something that Shizuku, no, any maiden would never show to anyone other than their special someone.

With such adorable Shizuku in display, surely even Hajime would become captivated when he finished working……everyone thought that but, as expected this was Hajime they were talking about.


「「「「「What are you doing!?」」」」」

Of all things to do, Hajime pushed the tip of the sheath of the black katana that had been improved on Shizuku’s forehead. As everyone wondered what he was doing, the additionally installed electric attack function was activated. It was extremely brutish.

It was only natural for Hajime to be hit with simultaneous tsukkomi from everyone. Especially Shuuzou and Koichi, their expressions were changing into demon.

「Hajime-kun, how about we get outside for a bit?」

「Don’t worry, we’ll just have a little bit of “talk”, Yaegashi-style.」

「Please wait. Look, the replay is still going on right? It was because she didn’t react even when I called at her!」

「Hajime, do you think that can be a good reason to shock a girl’s face?」

「To everyone of Yaegashi family-, I’m really sorry for what my son did-」

Sumire offered her honest opinion while Shuu apologized what his son’s action. But his line and tone sounded exactly like a certain anti-terrorist agent who fought for 24 hours so it was a bit suspicious whether he was really apologetic or not.

「Papa, that’s horrible nano……」

In addition, there was even the criticizing innocent gaze from the daughter.

However, Hajime papa’s action didn’t just stop there. In the past replay that continued playing, Hajime ignored the protest of the past Shizuku and gave explanation about the improved black katana, after that, he spoke of his worry about the intervention from god and in addition,

『In case god’s apostles appear in large amount, meat shie──cough』

『Hey, just now, did you almost say meat shield!?』

He even spouted out such additional fiendish remark. It was the moment that Hajime got discovered of his thinking to treat the hero party as meat shield. Of course, at that time Shizuku was considered as a member of the hero party.

Shuuzou-san and Koichi-san, they had their short sword on standb~y. Iai slash was Yaegashi’s specialty!

「Papa, this is just too horrible nano……」

「Y-you misunderstand, Myuu. There are all kinds of reasons for this you see.」

Myuu backed away quickly *sususu* and hid behind the back of Remia mama. This was bad. Her respect toward her papa was wavering.

Even Shia who was lying down her head on his lap until now was separating from him *sususu* to Yue’s side. They were staring reproachfully together at him.

And then, the past replay moved to the last fiendish act of papa.

『Well, I don’t mind taking you along if it’s just you Yaegashi.』


Shizuku looked like she wanted to tag along when she listened to Hajime’s talk about heading to the great dungeon of Schnee snow field, however she couldn’t ask about it and felt reserved because she was clearly lacking in strength for that. Hajime said those words in such situation.

For Shizuku who was conscious at Hajime at that time, those words had enough impact to stimulate her maiden heart.

Even though she was telling herself that she wasn’t conscious at all at him, her heartbeat still fastened out of control. The way she desperately to pretend to be calm even while her cheeks were blushing was really adorable.

And yet, after raising her up like that,

『──Then you’ll be able to support Amanogawa and others by yourself.』

If she could obtain metamorphosis magic at the cave of ice and snow, combined with her sublimation magic, Shizuku would be able to protect the hero party by herself. With that the hero party would be able to challenge the other great dungeons too by themselves and grew stronger.

The maiden heart that was holding on to the faint hope was blown away to beyond the horizon by such true intention that Hajime spoke frankly. And on top of that,

『Excluding my party members, you’re the one who I can trust the most in this world Yaegashi, both character-wise and strength-wise.』


Like that, Hajime made Shizuku’s heart skipped a beat once more while,

『──I’m gonna be troubled if the “busybody Yaegashi-san” doesn’t accompany the troublesome bunch.』

That was why he couldn’t take her along, Hajime affirmed at the end.

It was really clear to see how Shizuku’s maiden heart fluctuated up and down throughout the conversation. This must be what the saying “swinging from joy to sorrow” meant. Seen from outside, what Hajime did could also be seen as him playing with Shizuku’s feeling.

「Papa-, that’s horrible nano! What does papa think Shizuku-oneechan’s feeling is nano!」

「Y-you misunderstand Myuu! At that time I never even thought that Shizuku was feeling conscious of me! Because she was like the peak supporter of ‘love Kaoriii’ you know!? I couldn’t even accept the love of her best friend then, so there was no way I could possibly think that she herself is in love with me right!?」


「Stop it papa! Shizuku-oneechan’s HP is already zero nano!」

I-it’s fine. I already overcame that matter in the trial of the ice and snow cavern after all……Shizuku-san laughed with a distant look. Somehow she looked frail.

In any case.

Hajime at that time was a fanatic ‘love Yueee’ follower, and he had just only starting to enter the stage where he finally, finally accepted Shia. From his perspective then, asking him to be conscious of Shizuku before Kaori and Tio could certainly be said as asking for the impossible.

Also, not being casually kind to opposite sex who he wasn’t really conscious of was also an expression of Hajime’s sincerity to Yue and others in his own way. And so, it couldn’t be denied that there was ground here for extenuating circumstances to be considered for Hajime’s actions.

But, even if that was the case, for the girl’s father and also grandfather, such thing didn’t matter.

「How dare you, to toy around with our daughter to such degree」

「Koichi-san, please calm down. In the end it was only at that time, now she is someone who I’m treasuring, that’s why can I ask you to stop leaning forward so much like that while in Iai slash stance?」

Somehow, Koichi-otousan’s aura was like someone who was going to unleash a flash of thunder clap anytime now. Hajime was calming him down while letting out cold sweat.

「I’m going to, carry out my duty as grandfather-」

「Please don’t make eliminating me as your duty! What’s with that peculiar breathing sound! Somehow I can see spirit flame on your back there!?」

Even though he was holding a short sword, the pressure from Shuuzou who was holding his sword in overhead stance! It was like there was a tiger made from flame behind him. It was like a certain flame pillar!

Usually Tomoichi’s idiotic parent act was conspicuous so they didn’t stand out but, both Shuuzou and Koichi were also big enough idiotic parents. They even attacked Hajime together with the disciples when he visited Yaegashi family for the first time.

Seeing the two looking like they wouldn’t stop no matter what, Hajime turned toward Shizuku and called out.

「Shizuku! Stop them!」

「……Hmph. Someone like you should get punished for making me a saintess.」

「You-, you’re holding grudge for that──」

「「Let’s go-, Hajime-kun! HAAAAA-」」

「Aah geez-!!」

Hajime dodged the attack of the two who rushed at him before crashing through the window to escape outside. Naturally, Shuuzou and Koichi leaped out to give chase.

Fierce sword fighting sounds came from outside. A beat later the cheers of people 「Waaaaah」 thinking that it was a side attraction from the demon king was spreading.

Alfrerick was looking at the broken window with a sad gaze that seemed to say 「Why is the elders’ room is getting smashed so easily?」. As that was going on, Kaori asked a question with a troubled expression.

「Errr, Shizuku-chan. Could it be, you didn’t stop us replaying the past because this is your objective from the start?」

「……Mu. So you wanted payback after knowing that Hajime was the cause of you getting called saintess.」

「Well, yes.」

It seemed that was the case.

「Based on Shizuku’s personality, she shouldst be embarrassed to have the scene at that time shown to everyone……does thee feel that embarrassed to be called a saintess?」

「Mu. Then, should I announce it to the people? After all we don’t wish to make everyone of Yaegashi family to feel displeased.」

Tio tilted her head in puzzlement while Alfrerick asked 「What do you think?」 with his gaze.

In respond, Shizuku replied 「Aa~, that’s……umm, if the people of Fea Bergen want to call me like that, then I don’t really mind……」. For some reason she sounded evasive.

It was Kirino who answered in her place.

「Fufu, it’s not like you hate it that much aren’t you? That’s way Alfrerick-san too, don’t let it weigh your mind.」

She chuckled while patting Shizuku’s head lightly.

「Besides, it seems that the true reason why she didn’t stop the showing of the embarrassing past lies in another place.」

「Wait-, Okaa-san!」

She was usually an absurd mother but, as expected she was still a mother even after all that. Kirino-okaasan had completely seen through what was inside Shizuku’s heart. She looked at her like she was an adorable thing while speaking what her daughter was feeling.

「Until now, we have seen a lot of romantic memories of Kaori-chan and others with Hajime-kun right? But, there wasn’t much of anything like that with Shizuku and Hajime-kun so……you felt a bit lonely right?」


It seemed to be bull’s eye. The ponytail guard once more──before it could, Kirino-okaasan slapped the hair down and the ponytail drooped down. Shizuku covered her bright red face with both her hands from the warm smile of everyone at her.

「So that’s whyyy. Really Shizuku-chan, you’re so cuteee」

「……Kuh. So this is the true maiden power!」

「I’ve been looking forward to the past replay of Shizuku-san’s trial in the ice and snow cavern but, with this my expectation value is jumping up even higher now desu!」

「D-don’t have any weird expectation from it!」

「However, thou wish to watch it right?」

「Fufu, what a maiden. Now I want everyone to watch when I got rescued from my imprisonment in the god’s mountain.」

「If it’s like this, then we’ve got to watch when visiting the great tree’s great dungeon while paying attention to Shizuku-oneechan nano!」

「There’re more things to look forward to isn’t it, Myuu.」

「Ai-chan and Myuu-chan too! Even Remia-san!」

The words of Kaori and the others started the flood of comments from the others. Everyone began to tease Shizuku even while they resumed their lunch. Every single reaction from her was cute, so they couldn’t stop at all.

And so, Shizuku finally couldn’t endure it anymore,

「Geeeeeeeeezz!! Enough with the teasing alreadyyy~~~!!」

Her yell felt like it would reach every corner of the capital.

Although, her voice was half drowned by the sound of the loud cheers from the outside that sounded like coming from arena spectators.

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