Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 433 Tortus Travel Journal ? I am a Virgo Man

Chapter 433 Tortus Travel Journal ? I am a Virgo Man

While the outside was still really loud with grand excitement and cheers from the duel between Hajime VS Yaegashi dad and gramps,

「I see! The current his majesty the demon king only exist because of his parents’ gifted education! He became such a harem bastard──cough, very popular among women must be also because of that education!」

The clan chief of the winged race joined the luncheon as though she had gauged the right timing. The editor-in-chief of “Monthly Fea Bergen” who loved gossip and embellishment and distorting fact──Mao was firing questions like machine gun in delight.

The answer she was given was naturally,

「Well, I guess you can say that! After all, although I’m not proud of it, although I’m not proud of it! I am a tremendously popular author who is even called with an exaggerated title like “The Evangelist of Romantic Manga”!」

「Well, I guess you can say that! After all, although I’m not proud of it, although I’m not proud of it! I am the director of the company that is often reputed as “The Best Eroge Maker Company”!」

Something like that from Sumire and Shuu.

This wasn’t the time for the demon king to be considerate of Yaegashi family and facing them. After all his black history was being divulged to the worst kind of journalist whose principle was “Privacy? What’s that, is that tasty?”. Furthermore, the criminals were his parents. The information’s degree of accuracy was the greatest.

Mao wasn’t anywhere among the commotion when the demon king group entered the capital. She also wasn’t among the clan chiefs that were inciting the crowd.

Also, using her skilled art of conversation, she “buttered up” Hajime’s parents like there was no tomorrow, and on top of that she kept praising their son to high heavens. Even Sumire and Shuu who were only giving him a wry smile while keeping their mouth shut at the beginning ended up in this state right now.

They cheerfully talked about various nostalgic stories with their son about his “cute side” ──like when he desperately tried to cover up how he wet his bed when he was still a child, how he would act spoiled at that time, how he got fawned on by Sumire’s assistant ladies and turned red in shyness, how he became a lost child and wailed before Shuu found him, and then how he would cling to his father and wouldn’t let go for a while after that, etc.

Furthermore they even talked candidly without covering up anything about his fetish and what was the cause that led Hajime to develop such fetish.

「O-oi. Nagumo Shuu, and Sumire-san too! That should be enough──」

With his unwavering common sense, Tomoichi offered an admonishment to protect Hajime’s privacy. But,

「Be quiet for a bit Otou-san! We’re in the middle of an important talk right now!」


He was hit with an unexpected admonishment from his daughter. Kaori’s hands had stopped moving with the food while her ears were focused at the insider talk from the Nagumo spouses with a serious expression.

Precious stories like this could only be heard now! Inside her heart, the devil Kaori had knocked out the light from the angel Kaori with one punch.

Of course, Yue and others also had the same idea.

「……Nn. Hajime’s first love, I never asked because I felt a bit scared but……to think, it was a character from gal game.」

「I guess that’s just like Hajime-san desu~」

「I’m feeling a bit relieved but……you know, more importantly, the fact that it happened when he was four years old is more important I guess?」

「It’s truly, a gifted education of subculture isn’t it……furthermore, really Hajime-kun, to love teacher character like that」

「Aiko, I’m sorry to throw cold water to thee after thy hath gone red and fidgeting like that, but the teacher character in question was someone with style more like mine. Goshujin-sama often commented at me “If only you aren’t a pervert”, in other words, it’s none other than me who art the closest with the image of his first love──」

「……Nn. Too bad for Tio and Aiko. Hajime’s favorite in hentai game is vampire.」

「No no, Yue-san. Hajime-san is a heavy fan of animal trait you know?」

「Really Yue-oneechan……please don’t burn with rivalry for that kind of thing nano.」

A debate about Hajime’s first love was getting really heated up. There wasn’t any sign of any of them putting a stop to the currently happening outrage. Rather, their reaction was more like More please! Give us even more exciting black history, c’mon.

And then even the other parents than Tomoichi ──Akiko, Kaoruko, Kirino, and even Remia.

「Normally a kid’s first love should be with the kindergartener teacher or something like that, right?」

「No wonder he didn’t get excited even when Kaori approached him. Because, Hajime-kun was only interested with 2D girls!」

「By meeting Yue-chan and others who are like 2D girls in the flesh in a real fantasy world, that was surely what allowed him to connect the image inside his heart with real life girls. Perhaps he wouldn’t get interested to real woman for his whole life if he didn’t get summoned.」

「My my, in that case, we need to thank Yue-san for that. Hajime-san was able to accept our affection was also because Yue-san taught him “real life girl is also great right?”, isn’t that right?」

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「……Nn! I literally hammered it into his body every night in the abyss!」

「Yue-san good job!」

「Kuu, it’s frustrating but, even I have to admit that you did a good job there, Yue!」

Yue-sama puffed out her chest with a smug expression. She had made beaten the important lesson into Hajime as many as the number of 「Aーーーーー」 that had reverberated through the bottom of the abyss.

「How dreadful……」

「I feel exactly the same. Boss, please forgive your subordinates who are powerless to stop your parents-」

It was the pain from witnessing a man’s dignity, or perhaps his embarrassing past, a history that someone didn’t want to reveal being a debated hot topic.

Because they understood that, Alfrerick covered his face with both hands, while Karm was hanging down his head with an expression of regret.

「I see I see. In other words, you’re saying that his majesty the demon king is also a sovereign of the night who had accumulated countless scenarios of night activity, that he had been raised like that……」

「「Right rig──hm?」」

Sumire and Shuu who were talking with pleasure almost finished speaking 「Right right」 reflexively, however, question mark floated above their head when they reconsidered Mao’s conclusion that sounded really strange when they considered it the second time.

Editor-in-Chief Mao was jutting down a note with a terrific pen movement so fast that it left behind after images while speaking with a grin.

「In that case, it will be very hard for him to only have one wife and not build a harem! It can’t be helped that Princess Shia can’t be the only one! Everything was just as his parents planned!」

「「Eh!? Wait-, that’s not──」」

「Thank you very much for the precious information! Continuing, I wish to ask about Princess Shia’s daily life in Japan now!」

「No, before that the misunderstanding──」

「Is Princess Shia doing well living with Nagumo family? Is she perhaps driven away into obscurity every day because the other wives’ characters that are too overwhelming? Are the two of you perhaps looking down on her thinking that she is just a country bumpkin rabbit after all?」

「How can that be! She is great at cooking! She can do any kind of housework! She know all there is to know about special sales in the area that we can’t even keep up with her moving from shop to shop, she’s already a masterful housewife! Also, she’s really popular among the neighbors!」

「Exactly! She also proactively participated in the local volunteer event or environment cleaning! Sometimes it even made me wonder that perhaps Shia-chan is the actual first wife rather than Yue-chan!」

「Eh!? Okaa-sama!? Otou-sama!? That matter, tell me more-」

「Yue-san, you look desperate lol」

Yue’s gaze snapped toward the ongoing conversation that was like a bolt from the blue for her. Her expression was the very picture of an aghast look.

That’s why, I always told you repeatedly, how important it is to get along with the neighbors, this is because Yue-san recently a~lways turned into a sloth right away, Shia puffed out her chest *boing* with a smug expression.

Kaori and others also focused even more to the conversation after knowing that Shia’s reputation in the neighborhood surpassed their expectation.

……Without realizing that they along with Shuu and Sumire were ignoring Editor-in-Chief Mao’s vice.

「Houhou, it looks like the two of you are placing a deep trust to her isn’t it?」

「Of course.」

「Yeah, we have nothing to feel dissatisfied about from her.」

「Aah geez, Okaa-sama and Otou-sama praises me too much desuu」

「……U-umm, Okaa-sama? Otou-sama? What about me? Do you two trust Yue-san?」

Shia blushed while fidgeting bashfully with her ears and tails flapping happily. Yue pulled at Sumire’s sleeve uneasily. It seemed she had never even imagined that the way she spent her holiday would affect her reputation this viscerally. She was anxious.

However, before she could get her question answered, and also before Kaori and others could also ask about their opinion to them,

「However, how is his majesty the demon king himself thinking about it?」

The air froze solid with that one question. Ah, I have a bad premonition……Alfrerick cut in.

「You, that should be enough already. You’re stepping in a bit too far.」

「Oops, pardon me about that! Haha, as expected it just really weigh my mind as a reporter you seee. ──In the end, who is the worthiest wife among everyone? That’s the question.」

A chiiilling atmosphere swelled up. It went without saying, that the cause was Yue and others. Even Remia was fidgeting nervously. As expected, it seemed the question bothered them.

「Dissatisfaction that can only be felt for the first time after living together, a flaw that only came to light then. For example, even though she was a lover who I loved with all my heart until now, as a wife she is……perhaps there is also such feeling? How about it, everyone! Can you assert with surety that you have been managing your married life well enough!? Can you declare that you have been doing better than Princess Shia!? Is the highest number of the nightly activity is being held by Princess Shia perhaps!?」

「「「「「「T-that’s not true at all though!?」」」」」」

After getting instigated (?) so piercingly, Yue and others began to appeal just how satisfying and fulfilling their days were. The questions from Editor-in-Chief Mao that slipped in between exquisitely, making them telling even flirty stories that would make Hajime writhed if he was here.

「P-please nooo! I’m not just going to stay here listening to my daughter telling that kind of story-」

「!? S-stop! Tomoichi-dono! You won’t be able to get away unscathed if you jump out of that window!」

Tomoichi dived out from the window that Hajime, Shuuzou, and Koichi used to leave the room before.

Most likely he thought that there would be foothold outside after seeing those three jumping out without any hesitation, but actually that wasn’t true. There were ten meters until the ground from that window. There were several thick branches along the way but, that was all. Ordinary human would definitely get heavily injured or more.

The instant Tomoichi dived out of the window, Karm swiftly caught up to him and hugged his waist midair. But, that was it. The two vanished from view. 「Aa~~~~~~」 Tomoichi’s scream and 「This isn’t a big dealll!」 Karm’s voice that were filled with spirit resounded.

At least there was a rope with metal claw on its end that had been attached on the window, so surely Karm would be able to land safely with his baggage.

Kaori and Kaoruko ran toward the window in panic.

「Otou-san!? Are you alright!?」

「Dear~~!? Are you safe!?」

「Tomoichi-dono is alright~」

For some reason there wasn’t any reply from Tomoichi, but it seemed he was safe. Perhaps he was simply frozen in fear from the near death experience. His heart was definitely pounding hard right now.

Also, he was definitely feeling confused how the two from Yaegashi family could land safely and continued to hold a duel like nothing had happened. ……Though surely that was because those two were (not) ordinary people.

Kaori and Kaoruko both sighed in relief. Even if resurrection was easy to do, the sight of their father and husband throwing themselves from height still made their stomach dropped. It was the same with Yue and Shuu and others. They realized with a gasp that they all had gotten carried away and prattled about things that were a bit too private and returned to their senses.

Especially Yue and others who turned bright red. They were horrified by what they had been boasting when not only Alfrerick, Karm, Shuu and other males were still here, but all their mothers were also present.

The culprit sensitively detected the change and reacted.

「Mu, it’s already this time. Sumire-sama, Shuu-sama, and also everyone, thank you very much for the wonderful interview! I think I’ll be able to write a good article with all these! Then I shall take my leave now!」

「Ah, oi, come back here!」

Before Sumire could finish speaking, Editor-in-Chief Mao had swiftly moved like a wind toward another window where she flapped her wings and flew away.

It was a keen movement because she had sensed that his interview targets had regained their senses, or rather, because she had sensed that a fierce predator would immediately arrive nearby.

It seemed that her danger detection ability was the real thing.

「Haa~, I’m tired. Mentally. How did I see hallucination like a flaming tiger or consecutive thunderclaps like that?」

「That’s only natural when you arrive at the territory of expert.」

「But, our techniques feel sharper than usual today. As I thought, fighting Hajime-kun is a good training.」

「Isn’t your objective changing? Also, if that was natural for expert……earth is scaryyy」

Hajime and others returned after they had just barely missed Editor-in-Chief Mao’s presence.

And then seeing the room’s delicate atmosphere──Yue and others all blushing red, the mothers looking at everyone with lukewarm gazes, Sumire and Shuu averting their gaze with a bit of cold sweat, Alfrerick and Karm sending him very sympathetic gazes──made Hajime looked bewildered.

「Eh, what’s with this atmosphere. Did something happen?」

「I-it’s nothing at all, Hajime!」

「Kaa-san? ……You’re hiding something huh?」

「Omy! This child, he is doubting his mother? Look into my eyes. Do they look like the eyes of someone who is hiding something?」

「I’m convinced that you’re hiding something after looking at those eyes though? And Tou-san has been trying to avoid my gaze since I entered.」

「T-that’s not true though!?」

The two were shaken after completely blurting numerous unvarnished memories that would absolutely caused their son to get heart attack. They perfectly fitted the description of a criminal whose crime was being pointed out by police.

Even Yue and others wouldn’t meet his gaze. Hajime tried looking at Myuu but……her ears had gotten covered by Remia at the middle. She was sullenly crossing her arms while mumbling 「Yes, yes. Myuu is a good girl after all! Myuu didn’t hear anything!」 from on top of Remia’s lap where she was sitting obediently.

The one who answered in their place was Kirino who felt slightly envious that the two men of her family were having fun with their son-in-law without her.

「It wasn’t anything big, Hajime-kun. We only listened for a bit about the cute happenings during your childhood, or your night activity with our daughters. Nothing big right?」

「That’s really big though!?」

Hajime’s gaze snapped at his parents and the wive~s but, they all averted their gazes from him while drenched in cold sweat. He got it now. He understood really well why Alfrerick and Karm were sympathizing with him as fellow men.

「Ha!? Wait a sec, the presence that flew out just now, if I’m not wrong it was the clan chief of the winged tribe……oi, stupid! What they hell were you guys telling to a gossip journalist!」

「Y-you misunderstand Hajime! That person, he really praised you up Hajime, so we unconsciously!」

「That’s right! He talked about telling thousands of people about Hajime’s adorable side, so that it will be easier for everyone to not only respect you but also feel closer to you……we couldn’t help it even we blurted out some things like that right!?」

「Don’t blurt out that kinda things! Even Yue and others, just what were you all doing……」

「……B-because! That woman said something like “who is the one worthy to be called the number one wife”!」

「That’s right! She was obviously favoring Shia!」

「That person, didn’t she interview us after we conquered the great dungeon? That time too, her misinterpretation and broad interpretation to favor Shia was also horrible wasn’t it? ……She even twisted thing up so that Kouki became a forbidden love warrior who was targeting Hajime’s ass.」

「At this rate, she wouldst write an article about how Goshujin-sama hath nobody else in his eyes other than Shia. She hath also wrote that kind of thing in her previous article. We wouldst not know what she might write if we don’t firmly insist and criticize her.」

「I……Yue-san and others started bragging about themselves so, in my defends I only got carried away by the atmosphere……r-right, Remia-san?」

「……Yeees. Really me, how can I said that kind of thing in front of everyone and my daughter……uu, so embarrassing……」

Akiko and Kaoruko were sending Hajime lukewarm gazes that were saying 「Really you Hajime, so you’re doing that kind of things with my daughter……」. It made Hajime unconsciously covered his face with both hands.

At the same time, he recalled catching sight of the primogenitor rabbit race girl Kira-chan standing near the entrance when he came back into the room. Even now her presence was still near the entrance!

He whirled toward the entrance. Her rabbit ears were poking out from the side of the entrance. Her face sloo~wly peeked in……and met Hajime’s gaze. She jerked and her face instantly turned bright red like instantaneous water heater.

And then with teary eyes,

「otocchan you animalll~~」

Kira-chan muttered such thing with a very small voice before dashing away *pyuuu~~*.

Hajime froze for a little bit before sighing.

「Yueee! Space window! Target, the sh*tty bird!」

「! A-aye aye sirrr~~!」

*Fonn* A window screen opened. At the other side was the figure of Editor-in-Chief Mao weaving through trees in the off chance that there was pursuer.

「Kuhih, great info gettt. The headline will be this! 『The Great Demon King is The Sovereign of the Night!? However, There is Only One Person Who Can Meet His Demand! His Affection Belong to Princess Shia Alone! She Has Been Recognized as the First Wife in Japan!』. Tremble o world! There is nobody else who can win other than our brethren! I’m gonna make the whole world recognize our victory yeahhh~! It’s none other than the beastmen who are the closest race to his majesty the demon king! KUAHAHAHAHAHAH」

She let out a loud wicked laugh like that. Although this was something expected, it was still just too ugly. Broad misinterpretation and distortion of fact with self-interest as the driving power behind them. It felt like watching a model corrupt reporter in action.

While everyone was feeling put off, Alfrerick commented while looking like he was holding back a headache.

「At least allow me to say this, it’s well known that the sea of trees has stopped its isolation, and included among our exported goods is also our information magazine. It’s always censored first before we send it to other countries but……we can’t guarantee that there is no illicit production of a different magazine or smuggling.」

Information about the sea of trees, about Fea Bergen, and then about beastman races.

Information magazine was issued because it could be useful for human race to know more about all those matters which would help with interracial coexistence in the future. Because of that the magazine’s content was carefully screened and it would go through a strict content check first before being sent out to other countries.

But it still shouldn’t be impossible for things to slip through all that checking. Yes, like the gossip magazine that was full of Editor-in-Chief Mao’s dogmatism and bias and self-interest.

Editor-in-Chief Mao seemed to hear Alfrerick’s voice that explained that and she looked back.

And then, her eyes met the pursuing space window and the eyes of his majesty the demon king whose face looked like a man-eating fiend at the other side.



Hajime was looking at her with the eyes of murderer while staying silent. Editor-in-Chief Mao was immediately sweating bullets.

A second passed.

「……H-headline. 『The Daily Life of His Majesty the Demon King and His Wives That Are Filled With Love And Peace』」

Editor-in-Chief Mao waited for the judgment.

His majesty the demon king proclaimed.


NOOOOOOOOOOO Editor-in-Chief Mao tried to escape in full speed with such scream. The demon king attacked her through space.

She was slammed on the ground as though something had knocked her down from above. Then she was immediately restrained while lying face down. Stooop! Don’t pluck my feathers! I apologize! I absolutely won’t tell anybody elseee! So please don’ttt! Such pleading and tearful voice could be heard.

Of course, the great demon king was merciless. I’ll regenerate your feathers if I find that there wasn’t any gossip about us the next time we come to Tortus! He said while continuing to pluck all the feathers.

Editor-in-Chief Mao must have realized that she wouldn’t be able to avoid being bald anymore. She got defiant instead like a journalist who sold her soul to the devil and started screaming.

「Even if my feathers are plucked here, the second and third me will fly away somewhere in this world! Pen is mightier than violence! Princess Shia Banzai! Our brethren is number one in the worlddddddddd!!」

Shia was creeped out seeing that while speaking with a sour expression.

「Do you know? In the past that person was an absolute proponent for banishing Hauria! She was someone who insisted something like “absolutely execution!” you know.」

Palm tu~rning turning back and forth. Editor-in-Chief Mao could turn the palm of her hand more lightly than her feathers.

Everyone looked put off while looking Uwaa~. Kaoruko-san unconsciously spoke up.

「Isn’t there anyone decent among the clan chi-……ah, I’m sorry! Please don’t pay me any mind!」

Alfrerick covered his face with both hands with a sad atmosphere and soundless cry of Waaah coming from him.












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The very boisterous lunch finished.

In the end, the other chiefs other than Mao didn’t participate in the lunch. The reason of that was because of the smug faces they made after calming down the riot while boasting that they would be able to attend private lunch with the demon king’s family after this. The people snapped and rioted 「You all aren’t going there even if we die-!!」.

At the end, a huge fight broke out not only among factions but also within each faction. Not only the clan chiefs who were the leader of each faction, the most fanatical people also fell victim to violence and be rendered unconscious.

Because of that, Hajime and co could enjoy touring throughout the capital really peacefully. Right now they were arriving at the last stop ──a public square that was located at the suburb.

The reason didn’t even need to be said. Because it was the important place where Shia’s feeling was rewarded.

Inside the past replay, the gentle orange light of the sunset that shined down from between the leaves was illuminating Hajime and Shia who were sitting around a tree stump that acted as a table.

Hajime’s expression looked resigned and defeated, or perhaps it was actually an expression of affection. It was the gentlest expression by far that he had ever shown toward Shia until then.

『Shia is my beloved. I don’t want to hand you to anyone else.』

「「「「Hyaa~~~h ?」」」」

「「「Kyaa~~~h ?」」」

The Hyaa~h came from Sumire, Akiko, Kaoruko, and Kirino’s cheers. The Kyaa~h came from Aiko, Myuu, and Remia who weren’t present at that time.

「Huaaa~~h, it’s true that I want everyone to see this but-, this is really embarrassingg-!」

Shia herself was also covering her eyes by folding down her rabbit ears. She was blushing while fidgeting restlessly.

「Well, of course this scene will make anyone writhe isn’t it~」

「Umu, we were also peeping at that time but, seeing it again now still caused mine chest to be really thrilled.」

「……Nn. Look, that expression of Shia. It’s too cute-」

「S-stop it pleaseee, Yue-saaan」

For some reason Yue was the one pointing proudly. Furthermore she paused the image, making it looked like a photo clip. Shown in the image was Shia’s maidenly expression that was emotionally moved from her feeling finally bearing fruit at the end of the journey.

Even Shuu and Tomoichi sighed 「Hou」 from seeing it. That was just how lovely her expression looked.

「Thanks a lot, Shia-chan. For continuing to love our son. I’m repeating myself but, I’m really glad that Shia-chan was the first girl he encountered outside of the abyss. You’re unmistakably a fortune carrying rabbit aren’t you?」

「For you to be treated that roughly……it made me felt guilty but, more than that, I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart to you as a father for staying at his side even then. Really, thank you.」

「Okaa-sama, Otou-sama……」

Shia sniffed tearfully. Sumire and Shuu once more looked toward Karm who was watching fondly.

「She is really, a lovely lady isn’t she, Karm-san. We are really blessed for being able to become her family.」

「Indeed. We are also thankful to you.」

「……That’s my line. I’m grateful that the two of you are treating my daughter lovingly. Well, he is a daughter that I can take pride of without being humble at all though!」

「G-geez, Tou-sama!」

Her father patted her head as though she was a kid. It had been so long since the last time he did that to her. Shia displayed a soft happy smile even while emotional tears were gathering at the corner of her eyes.

Anyone would also soften their expression when seeing that scene. Sumire’s words that called Shia a rabbit who brought good fortune to herself and also her surrounding entered easily into their hearts even knowing of the harsh road that Shia and Hauria clan had walked to reach this point.

Although, Hajime alone was different despite being someone involved, his expression was also smiling broadly like everyone else but……his eyes looked just slightly dead. His aura was gentle, so the discomfort from the gap felt even more horrible.

「P-papa? Are you alright? Just where are you looking at nano?」

「I’m fine, no problem. I’m just looking at far beyond the space time in order to fight my shame for a bit.」

「Myuu think that’s not fine at all nano.」

His this and that at the night with Yue and others got exposed, his embarrassing experience during childhood also became widely known among family, and on top of that a confession scene that involved him was published openly.

From the start he had known about Yue peeping at the confession scene under the guise of watching over them and he confessed his honest feeling at that time knowing that, so the embarrassment from the scene getting watched again by other people like this wasn’t that strong but……the timing was just too despairing.

As expected he couldn’t bear it if he got teased, did you do this and that with after accepting her feeling like this? while being looked at with lukewarm gazes again.

While that was going on, the kiss scene while being illuminated under the evening sun was projected. The females were getting even more heated up. That happened while “We can’t show this part”-kun was also considerately blocking the scene from the males only.

Although, the censorship was put out just in case. Shuu and others were gentlemen, so they had automatically averted their gazes.

The females all surrounded Shia and cheerfully chattered kyah kyah kyah kyah. They nosily questioned her questions like what did she feel at that time, and Shia too excitedly and happily answered them. Meanwhile Shuu and others gathered around Hajime.

「Fuumu. Even so, it was unexpected that you accepted Shia-kun at that timing.」

「After all from watching your journey until that point, it felt like you were wholly devoted to Yue-san alone, as could be seen from how you treated Shizuku for example.」

They understood well that there had been something that had been accumulated between them until they reached that point, but they didn’t understand why it bore fruit at that timing. Shuuzou and Koichi voiced their puzzlement.


Hajime fell into thinking for a bit before sending his gaze toward the great tree.

「Perhaps, it was because I got a bit of breathing room inside my heart.」

「Breathing room……what happened?」

Tomoichi asked that really curiously. Hajime moved his gaze not toward Tomoichi, but toward Shuu while answering.

「I finally obtained it from conquering the great tree’s great dungeon. The concrete method, to return home.」

「……I see. So it’s because of that.」

Hajime looked overwhelming, with quickness and decisiveness that showed no hesitation at all. And that impression was actually too, but inside there was actually he had no leeway at all.

When would he be able to return home, how would he be able to return. While he was harboring such intense feeling of desire for his home world that was getting stronger each day instead of lessening, there was no way he could have any leeway inside his heart while he still hadn’t found the answer.

Of course Hajime wasn’t “mentally cornered” or anything with Yue and others accompanying him but……even so, he was always desperate at that time.

That was why, when Hajime managed to sense the presence of earth using the Compass and also learning about the way to return home in the form of concept magic, he finally felt a bit relieved because he now had the prospect of returning home.

「I vaguely felt that the end of our journey was close, not only about the remaining number of the great dungeons, but also about our involvement with Ehito and the demon race. That was why, I said it when there was time. You know, saying something like, “when this journey is over~” would sound completely like a flag right?」

「Hahaa, that flag huh. The “let’s marry when the war is over” flag.」

「That one.」

Even Tomoichi whose otaku knowledge was meager apparently understood that flag even without being told. He nodded with a look of understanding.

「I guess someone like you who was raised with harem education couldn’t help it but getting moved by affection with someone who had gone through that much experiences together with you……」

「Wait a second there, Tomoichi-kun. Both Sumire and I never gave that kind of education though!?」

It seemed that there was still misunderstanding. Shuuzou and Koichi had also secretly gotten told from Tomoichi that “Hajime became a harem bastard was actually the fault of the Nagumo spouses you know”, so they took Shuu’s denial as false and shook their head.

「No, I didn’t receive that kind of education you know?」

「See! Even our son said that!」

「There is a paper thin difference between education and brainwashing……」

「OK. I understand really well how Tomoichi-kun is thinking of me. Let’s have a bit of talk.」

It had been made clear that throughout the journey until then, Hajime had been taking a relatively clear stance toward the females other than Yue. And so it made Tomoichi hesitated to simply criticize Hajime as “simply a playboy harem bastard!”. But now he had found a new target to blame.

Hajime backed up his father with a wry smile.

「If I have to say what was the cause that made me accepted Shia, then it’s actually Yue I guess.」

「Mu? What do you mean?」

「After we recognized Shia at great dungeon Raisen, Yue often told me 『Look at Shia properly more』.」

To be honest, it actually made Hajime felt complicated to be told by his beloved that he shouldn’t ignore other woman too.

「Without that, I would never be conscious of her as an opposite sex. Though of course, I was definitely putting my absolute trust to her as a person even without that.」

「……So Hajime-kun’s heart also grew only because you endeavored to look at Shia as an opposite sex.」

The explanation made them felt half understanding, but also half puzzled. It wasn’t just Tomoichi, but also Shuu, Shuuzou, and even Koichi to made confused expressions.

They understood the reason why Hajime came to see Shia as an opposite sex, however, in that case they couldn’t really understand what Yue was thinking about.

Everyone knew, just how great Hajime’s existence was inside Yue throughout this journey.

Shuu and others unconsciously looked toward Yue. Yue and others also seemed to be listening to their conversation since the middle. Everyone turned their gaze toward Yue.

「Okaa-san also want to know why, please.」

Sumire patted Yue’s head with an expression of fondness as though she somehow understood the answer.

Yue looked a bit shy, even so she said 「In that case」.

「……It’s to make Hajime happy.」

「You mean, by recommending other woman to him?」

Kaoruko tilted her head with a conflicted expression. Yue nodded 「Nn」 and began to talk stammeringly.

「……At first I thought that it would be fine with just the two of us. I don’t need anything else than Hajime. Rather, as long as Hajime is there, I won’t mind spending my whole life in the abyss. Rather, I would prefer that.」

「I get it.」


「……Uh, I can understand a little.」


The fathers sent sympathetic gazes at Tomoichi-san.

Putting that aside.

「……But, we went outside, met Shia, and she did her best to form a bond with us. We met Aiko, listened to what she said……and it made me think whether things are really fine like this.」


「What, I said?」

「……Nn. You said that the way of life by abandoning everything is lonely. Those words, echoed in my heart. As expected from the “teacher” that Hajime looked up to.」

「I-is that so.」

Aiko’s ears were dyed red. Apparently she was embarrassed. Akiko remembered her daughter at the town of Ur and patted her head in praise.

「……There were children who were genuinely relieved that Haijme is alive, it’s annoying but, there was also someone who desperately tried to search for him believing in his survival, and there was also someone who still believed in Hajime like before.」

Yue’s gaze moved toward Kaori and Shizuku, then she continued 「And then」.

「……Hajime’s eyes when he saw children during the journey, his atmosphere when Myuu was at his side, were always kind.」

That was why, she was convinced.

「……I was confident I can make Hajime happy by myself. But, to make him happier, more and more, even far beyond my imagination, it would be better if Hajime has a lot more important things.」

That was why, if it was someone with a feeling so deep that they would even accompany him to hell, she could accept even if Hajime had other “special” someone than her. She wanted him to be surrounded by a lot of important things.

「……For that, I can do anything. I’ll do anything.」

Yue finished with that. Nobody could say anything. They felt overwhelmed by how large her feeling was, just how scary her affection was.

Yue would do anything for Hajime’s sake.

Hajime would kill even god if it was for Yue’s sake.

「It’s this side of Yue-san that makes me think that I’m really not her match at all desu.」

「Fuh, it doth not matter what anyone else said, she is undeniably our prided first wife-sama.」

「Uu, it’s frustrating but, I won’t object.」

「It doesn’t matter what Editor-in-Chief Mao is going to write, in the end, anyone will see it on their own.」

Shizuku said with a chuckle. Not a single person said any objection to that.

「Yue-chan too, thank you.」

「Okaa-sama? ──Upuh」

Sumire hugged Yue tightly *mugyu* into her bosom, but she was immediately pulled away.

By Hajime. Right into his own tight hug *mugyu*.

「Wait Hajime. I was hugging Yue-chan there. Give her back.」

「Ha? No way. Yue is mine.」

「Haa~, it’s unbecoming that your possessiveness is on full display like that! Just shut up and give her back to your mom!」

「Stoppp! Right now I just want cherish Yue really badly!」

「I’m the same! Give her back already! Quickly!」

「Y-you two, sto──」

「Hajime-san and Okaa-sama too! Yue-san can’t breath like that! Let’s make a compromise here with me taking her! Shaorah」

「「Aah, what are you doing! Give Yue back!」」


Shia usurped Yue by snatching her with super physical strength. Shia immediately hugged Yue into the valley of her breasts and ran away. The Nagumo mother-son chased after her.

The past replay was coincidentally playing the scene,

『Yue-sannn, Iii, finallyyy』

『……Nn. You did really well.』

『Fueeeeehn, I love Yue-san desuuu! Let’s be together forever desuuu!』

Shia hugging Yue with a happy smile even while sobbing in happiness. Yue was also hugging her back with a gaze of affection.

『……Isn’t Yue more emotional here rather than me?』

The figure of Hajime looking sour was projected.

Myuu chuckled seeing that while saying.

「As expected it’s Yue-oneechan’s sole victory! Nobody win except Yue-oneechan! Nano」

「H, h~mm. Myuu, I think you’re saying it a bit wrong.」

Just as Remia said, Myuu’s words had a slightly different meaning than saying that Yue succeeded with her backing to Shia, but when they looked at Yue who was looking happy while being contested by Hajime, Shia, and their family……

Everyone couldn’t help but go 「I see」 in acceptance.

Like that, they watched the frolicking of Yue and others for a while with warm atmosphere. Then when they decided to move to the last sightseeing spot──to the great tree Ua Alto to watch the trial there, it was then.

「Wait a secondddd! Shia, you’re unfair! Showing off only your confession scene like that!」

「Geh, Rana-san! And also Nea-chan and others!」

「Tsk, reminding us of that.」

The Hauria females who embroiled themselves in quarrel had returned.

It seemed that they desperately ended the battle and came running here in order to watch the aforementioned scene. All of them looked battered like soldiers who had just returned from battlefield.

Shia looked plainly annoyed that they got in the way of the family trip. Hajime was openly clicking his tongue and showing rejection as though he didn’t want the past replay to be played.

「It’s going to be a waste of time. Give it up──」

「Yue-chan, do it.」

「Order accepted-, Okaa-sama!」


Yue-chan who would do anything if it was for Hajime’s sake, but, she prioritized her mother-in-law!

「Tou-san, stoppp! You’ll feel itchy all over! Your heart might die if you aren’t careful!」

「Eh? What are you saying, Hajime.」

Hajime asked Shuu, thinking that if the request to stop came from him, then perhaps Yue would hesitate, but Shuu who didn’t know of how terrifying that person was could only look in bewilderment.

Meanwhile, Yue had personally witnessed the scene in question so she specified the timeline without any delay. She instantly found the past time point. Yue-san was very capable.

The taboo was released.

『Your overwhelming charm has stolen my heart. This feeling, it can be nothing but love!』

「Aaaa~~~nh, really Kou-kun, so passionate-!!」

Using the gravity magic that he had just obtained to float in the air, he turned while making a cool pose sharply!

The present Rana watched while writhing and twisting her body with both her hands holding her cheeks. Shuu and others shivered from recalling their own “cool” past and trembled! Rana as the sole normie in group was sending smug glances to her surrounding. The Hauria females were shaking in rage!!

Yes, projected there was,

『I am a Virgo man, Kousuke E Abyssgate-!!』

『No, who the hell are you!?』

It was Kousuke-kun who had fallen into abyss. After overcoming the trial of Raisen, he had become awfully “cool” that made everyone speechless like this! By the way, Kousuke-kun’s birthday was during Cancer!

『It doesn’t matter how wide the gap is between our ability! Today I’m someone who surpass even the demon king!』

『Oi oi, return to your──no, wait, that line! You fucker—, don’t you dare stealing the famous saying of Graha*-san who I respected!!』

Like that Demon King VS Abyss Lord began.

While Rana’s squealing resounded loudly, all the mothers and fathers could only watch dumbfounded from start to end by the fight that displayed “coolness” to the max.

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