Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 437 Tortus Travel Journal ? The Queen’s Request and Present

Chapter 437 Tortus Travel Journal ? The Queen’s Request and Present

「Err, so in short, in case another challenger show up after the godslaying succeeded, you guys would be the one doing the welcoming right from the start, is that right?」

The group left the room that gave the trial of the ideal world. Currently they were passing through a hidden passage──a stair descended from the center of the room’s ceiling──that even Hajime and others who had conquered the dungeon didn’t know about.

Although, Shizuku whose consciousness was still away from reality was being carried by Koichi while Akiko was carried on Tio’s back. Only Remia and Aiko were barely able to regain consciousness but, Aiko was borrowing the shoulder of Yue whose height was close to her while Remia was leaning on Shia.

Also, even everyone else who didn’t faint was having twitchy expression.

Their gaze kept glancing at a single point. They were thinking something like It’s really weighing on the mind but, we need to get used to it a bit more to be able to look straight at it continuously……no, will we be able to get used to it? Isn’t it impossible? But still……

That too couldn’t be helped.

── Affirmative ──

After all a humanoid cockr*ach the size of a plush toy was standing imposingly on the head of al ittle girl. Furthermore its body was letting out black smoke that looked poisonous.

「……Sorry to keep asking this but, that, is the corrosive smoke for the last trial right? It’s really not effecting Myuu badly right?」

── Affirmative ──

「Geez, papa is a worrywart nano!」

「No, why are you the one so nonchalant when you’re the nearest to it huh, I’m worried about you now. After all, it’s that G-san you know?」

「You mustn’t judge someone by their appearance nano! The kindergarten teacher also said so nano!」

「Even if you tell me that kind of reasoning, and, it’s also not a person.」

「It doesn’t matter whether it’s a person or not nano!」

「You’re a real big shot.」

The scolding from Myuu wearing the humanoid G on the head……the way she was completely unperturbed invited more worry rather than admiration. Just what kind of sensitivity Myuu had? At the very least it was certain that it wasn’t an alright sense of values for a seaman.

Because, from the start Remia had been following behind Myuu looking like she was going to burst into tears. She would reach out with her hand hee~sitantly, but then she would jerk from the drifting corrosive black smoke and pulled back her trembling hand……such sequence had been repeated several times until now.

「Well, I couldst understand that it’s just using the smoke to project letters midair. But that’s an ability that mimic the apostle’s disintegration isn’t? I know just how powerful it is, so this is a bit bad for mine heart.」

「……Nn. What if you go bald in the area that got touched by the smoke?」

「Geez, Tio-oneechan and Yue-oneechan are worrying too much nano!」

Yes, the humanoid G-san was actually capable of communication. The method used was by expelling black smoke from its body and drew letters in the air.

Of course, it could only express itself using fundamentally simple vocabulary of Tortus’s letters, but it was somehow managing to communicate with Hajime and co by connecting words together along with giving affirmative-negative answer and helped with the others making their own conjecture.

Also, apparently G-san was taking humanoid form because it wouldn’t be able to project letters unless it increased its intelligence and skill by combining with a lot of other G into humanoid form.

In any case, with this it was able to ask the swarm to return back from the room of ideal world trial that was turned into a pandemonium. The group was able to learn the humanoid G-san’s name and purpose after that.

Furthermore, the humanoid G-san’s name was,

「I, never even dreamed that a day would come in my life where a cockro──G-san would introduce itself to me and even talk to me……」

「What’s more, its name is Uroboros the Third……I felt extremely strong personality from it and also nothing but discomfort though. No, well, I guess such strong character is just to be expected from the last trial’s boss.」

「There’s also the content of the last trial, this Lyutilis-san’s sense is a bit……」

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Although the last trial G-san couldn’t project long words, it could at least write its name with the black smoke properly. Everyone could nod at the impressions from Kaori and Shia, and also Aiko.

Also, although it introduced itself as the third, it didn’t mean that it was the third generation apparently.

When Hajime asked 「So you’re the third generation?」, it was because he was puzzled by the numbering that was too low considering that this trial had started from the era of the liberators.

Based from G-san’s single word replies, it seemed that it was simply unable to count past three. When G-san answered that question, it brazenly made a gesture that loudly screamed 『I don’t grasp the number after three!!』.

In other words, this G-san was the extremely distant descendant of the first generation Uroboros-san. There must be a safeguard function using age of god magic here to preserve the progeny but, as expected deterioration couldn’t be avoided after alteration of generations that had gone past thousands of years. It seemed G-san’s thinking ability also wasn’t that high.

「Hajime once brought Myuu-chan to visit here didn’t he? Why didn’t you come out at that time?」

If only it came out that time, the group wouldn’t need to see such traumatic sight of a swarm of G covering the whole space which would also come out in their dream tonight……Sumire harbored such thinking in a little corner of her mind while hesitantly asking Uroboros the Third.

── Reduction ──

G-san was using its feelers in the place of hands and body language to make gesture and also writing a single word. One of its feeler pointed at itself while the other pointed at Yue.

「Aa~, you’re saying that your swarm had gotten drastically reduced because of Yue’s “Flame of Divine Punishment”?」

Hajime put his guess into words. The feelers moved up and down in affirmation.

── Return Time ──

「……Nn~. Getting your number back up? It requires time?」

「In other words, you were so busy that you didn’t even have time to greet visitor desu?」

「Well, tens of thousands of their number were exterminated all at once. It’s shocking instead that thou managed to survive that.」

── Affirmative Death…… ──

It seemed that they guessed right. Mentioning its last “death” caused it to turn its head toward Yue and it ostentatiously made its feeler shivered. Surely it really got a fright that time, fearing that it might seriously get exterminated.

While the Shirasaki couple and Yaegashi family shivered hearing the unit “ten of thousand” getting mentioned, Shuuzou’s gaze darted around a little and,

「……Anyone carrying the name of Yaegashi can also use a little acrobat against G. Therefore it’s pathetic to lose one’s presence in mind against it but, as expected the swarm just now was truly chilling. However……for even such large swarm to be only a small part of the actual last trial……」

He could understand now why Hajime and others stopped them as he rubbed his skin a little. Tomoichi glanced fearfully toward Uroboros the Third while asking.

「But, you came out, I mean welcome us this time, which means……you guys have regained your original number in less than a year even after almost getting exterminated like that, is that right?」

There is no way that’s true right? Tomoichi asked with a forced smile while supporting Kaoruko who seemed to imagine such number and almost fainted.

Uroboros the Third-san puffed out its chest proudly ehem. It seemed that it was really regaining its original number. Crap.

The expression of everyone starting from Hajime was twitching heavily.

「A-anyway, we understand now that you were super busy before to make sure of your race’s survival.」

「Sorry to say this but, Uroboros the Third, san? We aren’t used too, umm, seeing a lot of your species all at once you see? We will be very thankful if you can refrain from welcoming visitor with everyone next time.」

── Affirmative! ──

Uroboros the Third-san responded to Shuu’s extremely humble request with energetic letter. It looked like its feeling wasn’t hurt at all.

Even though it hadn’t done anything wrong at all, everyone reflexively harbored physiological disgust toward its species. What could it be thinking as an existence with its own will……

Uroboros the Third-san folded its front legs as though it was standing tall and imposingly, looking like it was saying 『Acknowledged! Don’t mind it! I don’t mind at all!』. There wasn’t any sense of inferiority or grieve that could be felt at all from its figure.

Although, it seemed a little girl was unable to accept that attitude from the adults.

「Geeez! Everyone is rude nano! Is there anything wrong with U-chan nano? Even though he is so cool like this!!」


Hajime and co all widened their eyes in shock. In respond 「There are a lot of hero modeled after mister insects nano! Why are papa and everyone so surprised even though you are an “otaku” nano!!」 Myuu said that while stamping her feet from the everyone’s lack of sympathy.

Although, Myuu’s opinion was very sharp. It wasn’t just Japan’s tokusatsu and anime, there were also a lot of live-action films of other countries that used insect as model.

Their prejudice and bias ran wild because of their peculiar feeling toward G but……

「This is surprising. I can feel a bit calmer when I see it like that.」

「True. Its coloring and the way its surface is gleaming slightly are still bothering me but……if you ask me if it’s alright then maybe it’s alright!」

「Myuu, you……are a genius just as I thought! The purity of your sensitivity is at the highest peak!」

Seeing their beloved daughter (granddaughter) sighing at them as though to say 「You guys are goddamn pathetic as an otaku!」 resulted in Nagumo family to act like they were receiving enlightenment.

Even Tomoichi and others were going 「W-well, if you tell us that……」「Certainly if it’s humanoid……」 and changed their attitude a little though not as drastically as Nagumo family.

── Blush/// ──

Uroboros the Third-san put its front leg behind its head and looked down shyly. By the way, it also properly projected the blushing sign “///” with its black smoke. This G apparently could also use emoticon.

The group finished climbing the stair while they were doing that. It felt like they had climbed a ten-story building. From there they went through a straight passage. It wasn’t dark. The small foliage that was growing from the wall and ceiling shined and illuminated the way.

Sumire, Shuu, and those like Kaoruko were slightly running out of breath, so they sighed in relieve that they almost arrived.

There, they heard a small moan.

「……Nnn…………this place? Eh? Otou-san?」

「Shizuku, you woke up.」

Shizuku opened her eyes. She was slightly in a daze and tilted her head in puzzlement when she noticed that she was being carried by her father.

「Nn~, why is Otou-san carrying me?」

「Mu? Could it be you don’t remember?」


As expected she was feeling safe on her father’s back. Shizuku-chan looked half-awake while speaking with lisping in her tone as though she was a small child. Her gaze looked around at her surrounding in a daze, and then──she saw what was above Myuu’s head.

『You are awake! I am Uroboros the Third! Nice to meet you!』 The humanoid G-san cheerfully lifted its leg in greeting as though to say that.

Shizuku’s eyes gradually widened while her pupils were conversely shri~~~nking into dot.



「Oi, Shizuku! Stop that-」

Shizuku kicked on Koichi’s back so hard that he got sent flying and rushed swiftly to attack Uroboros the Third-san! Kirino-okaasan caught her daughter who was turning into something like a rampaging berserker in midair. She rolled her in the air using Aikido and pressed her on the ground.

「Let me go Okaa-san! Myuu-chan’s head! Her head is in danger!」

「It’s fine just calm down.」

「A G-, a G in human form all gleaming! Cominggg! It’s cominggg!! A lot of them is definitely~ comingggg!!」

「No good. This child is deranged. Can someone use calming magic on her?」

Shizuku started humming the melody of a certain ring horror movie’s theme song. Certainly, she was in a state where her SAN parameter was still at rock bottom.

「S-Shizuku-chan, calm down! They won’t come swarming!」

「That’s right desu! Besides, Uroboros the Third-san is a rational individual! It won’t come attacking or anything!」

「Blacksesameblacksesameblacksesameblacksesameblacksesameblacksesameblacksesameblacksesameblacksesameblacksesame……humanoid? Tsu!! That kind of black sesame doesn’t exist! Then as I thought it’s a cockro──exterminateee! Until not a single one remain in this worlddd!!」

Aiko and Kaori started using soul magic simultaneously. Meanwhile Shizuku kept struggling even while her mother was pushing her down on the ground as she prattled out lines like a certain main character who fought attack titan. Myuu briskly trotted toward her.

And then, she kneeled in front of Shizuku who was huffing heavily *fushuu fushuu*. Her small finger tip pointed at Shizuku’s forehead in a snap.

「Do you think it’s alright to say something like that! Even mister cockro*ch is living being who does its best to live in this world!」

「Eh? Eh?」

「I think you’re forcing your own point of view to other!」

「U-umm, Myuu-chan?」

「How about you think more about other from where they are standing! What do you know about mister cockcro*ch? Go study more before coming again! In the first place this doesn’t involve you at all isn’t it? With what right you are saying something like that? Just who do you think you are!?」

「U, uu, t-that’s not it Myuu-chan! I’m──」

Myuu kept rattling on with a huffy angry face. Shizuku-chan was gradually getting teary-eyed.

The expression of Hajime and others who were watching that were twitching fearfully.

「S-sh*tty reply attack!? This is real bad, Tou-san, Kaa-san! Myuu is getting negatively influenced by internet!!」

「Kuh, as I thought it’s still too early for Myuu-chan to get into Twitter!」

「Remia-chan, I’m sorry-. This is because of Nagumo family’s education style-」

「N-no, this time she’s intentionally talking like that, but normally she wouldn’t be……」

Tomoichi was staring at Nagumo family with a fierce gaze. Kaoruko and also Akiko who apparently woke up just now from the commotion were also left speechless by Myuu’s speech even though they didn’t really get it.

「Myuu-chan! That should be enough──」

Aiko opened her mouth to stop Myuu resolutely. Perhaps her teacher soul had been lit on fire, but……

It seemed that Myuu still hadn’t run out of ammunition. Also, it seemed that she was extremely enraged by the unreasonable and outrageous hostility toward Uroboros the Third-san who had been friendly and good-natured from start to end. Myuu herself had already considered it as her friend. It was a genuine anger due to her zero prejudice toward G.

「Or rather, Shizuku-neechan is so pahetii~c! Sma~ll fry? Sma~ll fry?」

「Wwha-!? I’m not small fry!! Even if it’s you Myuu-chan, I’ll get angry if you keep calling me that!」

「Kyaaa~ I’m scaree~d? Shizuku-oneechan who lost against some small bugs is so sca~ry ?」


Myuu was putting on a perfect provocative face that normally would be impossible for her. Her 「Sca~ry?」 sounded completely intentional.

Even the usually composed and mild Shizuku couldn’t help but becoming really irritated. Conversely, it seemed her fear toward G was temporarily gone because of that.

Even more shock ran through Nagumo family from watching that exchange.

「Even sh*tty brat moveee!? This is real bad, Tou-san, Kaa-san! Myuu would get “taught her place” at this rate!!」(Note: (Shifty eye) Does anyone understand the term “wakarase” here?)

「Kuh, so it’s still too early for Myuu-chan to be tester for new game!!」

「So it’s your fault!! Remia-chan, I’m sorry-. This is the fault of my husband’s hobby slash work-」

「……N-no, she isn’t like that normally so it should be fine……but, with this the topic for the family meeting has gone up even more isn’t it?」

「Oi, Nagumo Shuu. How about sending both Hajime-kun and Myuu-chan for homestay at my house? I’ll definitely teach them about proper common sense! Staying near you is giving them too much negative influence!!」


「Get off me Okaa-san! Myuu-chan isn’t this kind of child! I need to admonish her properly!」

「Stupid. You’re the cause of this.」

*Slap* Kirino-okaasan slapped her daughter ‘s head while letting go of her.

「I-I’m the cause……」

「I know how deathly afraid you are with it since a long time ago. But as expected, you’re losing your mind too much right now. Why do you think Myuu-chan is provoking you?」


When Shizuku looked at Myuu once more, she had already stopped making the provocative face and only watched silently with a sullen face.

Uroboros the Third was on her head, looking completely unperturbed, as though to say 『Sorry for everything!』. Shizuku was startled looking at it, even so……

「See, you got your mind off from Uroboros the Third just now right?」

「Uro? Eh? What are you saying?」

「It’s his name. Uroboros the Third-san.」

「That’s absurd.」

「Setting aside the name, there is no denying that Myuu-chan’s provocation managed to break you out from your derangement. She attracted your attention to herself for her friend’s sake. Well, there’s also denying that she’s angry though.」

Is that so? Shizuku looked at Myuu. Myuu huffed in respond.

「Myuu-chan……umm……this is…」

「It can’t be helped that Shizuku-oneechan isn’t good U-chan nano. But, attacking him when he has been nothing but friendly this whole time is no good. Myuu doesn’t want to see Shizuku-oneechan like that!」


「But, Shizuku-oneechan had fought Myuu-chan and his friends in the trial, so you thought that Myuu was in danger and tried to help, Myuu understand that nano. Thank you for that nano. Also……Myuu also said too much just now, I’m sorry.」

Nagumo family was a bit worried just now of how they should admonish Myuu because they knew how deep the darkness of SNS, but it seemed it was just as Remia said. Myuu seemed capable to understand right and wrong so they let out a relieved sigh.

Meanwhile, Shizuku who became aware of how deranged she had been acting dropped her shoulders gloomily.

「Uu……I’m completely a hopeless big sister like this.」

「Yes. You’re a hopeless big sister. Even though you’re a daughter of Yaegashi family, that was really pathetic. Sma~all fry sma~all fry?」

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Kirino-san had learned the sh*tty brat move!!

Shizuku glared at her mother at the side while calming her breathing. Looking at Uroboros the Third still caused her to turn pale, but she fixed her gaze steadily with her willpower. And then,

「Err, forgive me for all my rude behaviors.」

She bowed her head apologetically.

Receiving that apology Uroboros the Third-san……lightly raised his leg and puffed out his chest.

It was clear what he was saying even without word.

『Don’t mind it! I also don’t mind! HAHAHA』 He was undoubtedly saying that.

「Oh man, Uroboros the Third-san, he is even more human than human……」

「……Nn!? Hajime attached “san”!?」

「So another unique person has obtained Hajime-san’s respect after Lee-san.」

「Hah……perhaps, it is just me who doth not know that mine grandfather actually……also possess an unique hobby?」

「That’s an absurd accusation Tio. Stop it. That person is already under intense harmful damage just from you being yourself, so don’t add insult to injury.」

The respect of the demon king, it was something that any authority from any country wanted no matter what. What would they think if they learned that a G managed to obtain it. Surely they would get a faraway look, no doubt about it.

In any case, Shizuku and Myuu thanked and apologized to each other before exchanging a tii~~ght hug of reconciliation. The group watched over them warmly while resuming their walk.

With that happening, everyone else including Akiko also became even more used to Uroboros the Third and the atmosphere had softened a lot than before.

「And, what will we find ahead of here? You mentioned a reward for the godslaying……」

Hajime asked once more while walking through the wide wooden passage.

This was the main reason Uroboros the Third met them welcomingly.

It seemed that Lyutilis had prepared reward when a dungeon conqueror visited the dungeon once more. The memory reading function in the first teleportation circle had confirmed that the godslaying had been successfully achieved.

But, the place for handing the reward was in an unknown hidden room for some reason instead of the garden at the summit.

That spacious garden should be full of space for keeping the reward, so Hajime felt a bit puzzled.

Although, it seemed that Uroboros the Third had no intention of answering. He only kept pointing his feelers ahead from above Myuu’s head, as though to say that all would become clear if they went there.

In fact, there wasn’t any need to explain. It seemed they had arrived.

「This is……surprising. This place is like the throne room.」

Tomoichi spoke in admiration. Hajime and others were also going 「Oo」 in surprise.

「This place is like a room in a palace……or rather, this is completely a palace isn’t it?」


It was a vast room. There were vines, flowers, leaves, and branches covering everywhere. The state of the room was like a ruin, but there were two lines of thick pillars that lined orderly until the back of the room. At the deepest part was something like an altar and a magnificent chair that was covered with vegetations. It was just as Yue said, that chair looked like a throne.

For the group that had seen the throne room of Heiligh Kingdom and the empire before this, this place’s atmosphere felt really similar and none objected calling this place the throne room of a palace.

Uroboros the Third flew away from Myuu’s head toward the throne. It urged Hajime and co ahead.

Hajime and co nodded to each other and followed behind him. And then Uroboros the Third landed on the throne’s back. When Hajime and co arrived in front of the throne──in front of the stair that ascended to the throne, it happened.

「Uwah, it’s magic circle nano!」

「The throne also started shining……the magic power has pretty green color desu.」

「Umu. It’s the shine of Lyutilis-dono’s magic power that we also hath seen when conquering this dungeon.」

The magic circle shined around the throne with gentle color. Countless shining particles floated up like fireflies. A second later, a half-transparent figure oozed out from inside the light……

「Waa~, pretty……」

「It’s, true……she is like a goddess.」

「It’s like an elf queen inside a tale came out to the real world.」

「Yes, it feels like I’ll turn captive to her beauty just from looking.」

Myuu blushed in fascination. Aiko was also astonished. Shuu and Sumire had their gaze stolen by the figure as they sighed enthusiastically.

Her long straight hair that shined in platinum color reached until the middle of her back. Her skin was clearly white and smooth even though she looked half-transparent right now. It was to a degree that her skin looked like it was one and the same with her pure white dress. Her dignified and wise eyes that were looking down on them from on high shined with jade green color like gems.

This beautiful elf queen wasn’t at all inferior to Yue who was recognized by everyone as a peerless beauty. Such person was right there.

Even for Hajime and others who had conquered this dungeon, they had only seen Lyutilis’s face before from a transformed tree trunk, so they were overwhelmed by this beauty that was like the spirit of the forest or even a goddess.

A majesty that made one wanted to kneel could be felt from her just like with the chief of the dragon race Adol, but at the same time it was different from him. This figure also possessed divinity that absolutely must never be touched.

That sublime creator of the great tree’s great dungeon narrowed her eyes smilingly and spoke the hidden message for the distinguished contributors who realized her great ambition.

『Allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude to the great godslaying hero. My greeting to you once more. I am Lyutilis Haltina. One of the creators of the great dungeons and the queen of Haltina Commonwealth.』

As expected, it seemed that this great tree was originally a palace.

『How did the world turn out after its god is gone? Is free will still going strong? Are people joining hands with each other regardless of race? Is the world turning into one where the children can live with a smile on their face?』

Her small anxiety and her trusting gentle gaze that seemed to say Surely it will be fine isn’t it? softly caressed the heart of Hajime and others.

『And most of all, our leader, that girl──』

Lyutilis bit her lip for a second with a pained look. Looking at her expression, it was clear just from a glance how strongly she was feeling about that matter at that time.

『Was Miledy-tan, liberated from her burden?』


Eeh? Did she use some kind of strange way of calling!? Everyone thought with widened eyes.

Perhaps we misheard? Everyone looked at each other with that question but,

『Aa, my first human friend──the kind and strong Miledy-tan! I can’t stop praying so that you will be liberated from your long mission-』

「No good-, what she’s saying just can’t enter my head-」

「She said tan, what’s with the tan! Using a moe way of calling with that kind of look just shouldn’t be done shouldn’t it!?」

Shuu and Sumire were thrown into confusion!

This was just an image recording like with Oscar and Meiru so there was no point asking question to it. Even so it still felt extremely vexing! Also, the suspicion that Lyutilis-san might be a loner inadvertently formed up in everyone’s mind. The way Tomoichi and others looked at her was starting to change.

『Eh? What is it O-chan-san? The recording can’t be too long? There are still things that I wish to say but, it can’t be helped.』


Just what kind of naming sense this girl had? They were able to easily imagine the resigned expression of Oscar who was recording this image.

『I made the descendant of my childhood friend and my very first best friend──Uroboros who is also known as U-chan to here is for none other than』

「The tsukkomi points here are proportional with the amount of information…」

She also casually used the same way of calling like Myuu. It caused a little bit of worry if Myuu’s sense might also be problematic.

『Because of my wish to grant some compensation to you although it must seem meager compared to the great feat of slaying a god. Also, for one other thing──to ask you to make a choice.』


It seemed that her intention wasn’t purely to give a reward. Hajime’s eyes narrowed after knowing that.

『Yes, a choice. Are the great dungeons needed or not in this world without god?』

「Tsu, that’s……」

Yue and others also held their breath. They had guessed what Lyutilis wanted to say.

『To be more accurate, it’s a choice between leaving alone the right to challenge to obtain the inheritance of age of god magic or not. It goes without saying, the magic of us seven were something we left behind in order to slay the god. That’s exactly why, I can’t help but feeling concern. Should powers that can kill even the god be left behind in a world without god?』

Lyutilis continued speaking.

According to her, a “core” existed in the great dungeon in order to allow it to continue existing for eternity. As long as that “core” wasn’t destroyed, the great dungeon itself and also the mechanisms and monsters inside it would keep reviving no matter how many times.

Even the magic circle for the inheritance of age of god magic would regenerate in time no matter how directly it got destroyed.

The “core” was hidden and safeguarded using the seven age of god magic, so it wouldn’t be that easy to obtain it even if its whereabouts was found out using the compass.

However, the core of this great tree’s great dungeon──located at the center that could be reached using the hidden passage right under this throne, it contained a type of key that could be inserted into the center of all the great dungeons.

If the option of destroying the great dungeons was chosen, Uroboros the Third would hand over the key.

Of course, for the current Hajime it was possible to use concept magic to teleport to the core, so it was no different than the cores having no protection at all.

『You must have never heard anything about this from Miledy-tan. For that girl, the great dungeons is the greatest evidence of our life. That girl has to live alone for eternity. Telling her that it’s fine to destroy everything at the very end…………is something that we don’t want to say to her. Surely she is even hesitating to dispose of our memorabilia. After all that girl is too excessively kind.』

The memorabilia she mentioned must be referring to the photo that Miledy entrusted to Hajime and others to dispose when they toured Great Dungeon Raisen. She painfully told them how she couldn’t dispose of it by herself.

It seemed that the guess of Lyutilis, no, of Oscar and the others was right on the money.

「What the heck, all her comrades loved her to death even though she was that annoying. Fuhn desu!」

Shia folded her arms while looking aside with a huff. But, there was gentleness somewhere in her eyes. She must have felt the strength of the bonds between the liberators. Smile was also naturally forming on the lips of Hajime and others seeing their connected hearts.

『That is why, I am asking for you to choose. Also I shall explain why I am the one providing this choice. That is because I have one request to make.』


『Even if you choose to destroy all the great dungeons, I ask that in regard to this great tree, you at least won’t lay your hand on the great tree itself and destroy only the great dungeon’s function.』

「What do you mean?」

They were told that when the “core” of the other great dungeons was destroyed, the whole dungeon would self-destruct, or the dungeon would automatically fill the passages and space inside it to become buried.

But, in the case of the great tree’s great dungeon, only the magic circle for magic inheritance and the mechanisms of the trials would be destroyed along with the regeneration function for those.

Of course the conqueror could personally destroy the whole tree. It seemed that Lyutilis was asking them to not do something like that. She also took the role of being the one to explain about destroying the great dungeons for that.

The Lyutilis projection stood up and her slender finger caressed the back of the throne.

Oddly Uroboros the Third was also there and it also looked like she was caressing him. After all her hand’s movement was just so loving.

『The majestic great tree. The protector tree of the sea of trees. The symbol of the holy ground. As someone who has been together with the great tree ever since I was born, there is something that I have been sensing somehow all this time.』

Was this just the biggest and oldest tree in the world?

Was it the center of the sea of trees?

No, that wasn’t all there was to it. This tree wasn’t something that could simply be described as this world’s symbol.

『It’s more, yes, it feels like this tree is taking root even deeper, until the core of this world……I am not talking about physically, but conceptually, it feels like the tree is connected to something that surpass human’s understanding……pardon me. I can’t really describe it well……』

Lyutilis stared at empty air as she desperately tried to put the sensation she was feeling into words, however, in the end she couldn’t find the right word and smiled wryly. She then turned her gaze toward Hajime and co again.

But there, her eyes were the eyes of a transcendental who had arrived at the highest peak of human knowledge. It was the shudderingly deep gaze of the user of an age of god magic for interfering with information.

『But, please at least remember this. That the great tree is not merely an ancient and large tree. Losing the great tree might possibly lead to a disaster that cannot be undone.』

That was why, she asked them to please refrain from destroying the great tree itself no matter what.

『Please tell U-chan’s descendant of your choice. Surely the choice you make will be the best for the world. I believe in you. ……I think, that’s what Miledy would say in my place.』

The troubled look and the transcendental atmosphere vanished into thin air and Lyutilis smiled. Only after that Hajime and co finally let out the breath that they were holding without awareness.

The Lyutilis projection then lightly hit her palm *pon* to change the atmosphere.

『Now, let’s stop with the stifling talk here. It’s time for the reward!』

Uroboros the Third started moving as though that order had transcended time and reached him. He gestured to Hajime and co to clear up some space and drew a magic circle on the floor with his black smoke.

Immediately, the floor reacted and slid open to both sides. Then a large wooden coffin was rising out from below.

「This looks familiar.」

「……Nn. Or rather, this is simply the wooden coffin for the dream trial isn’t it?」

『It’s the wooden coffin for the trial of entering your ideal world!』

Yue-sama hit the bull’s eye.

Lyutilis-san was grinning cheerfully. With that radiant smile, she began explaining like a salesman in telephone shopping show.

『Fantasy is wonderful. You can do anything in your own fantasy! Like having Meiru-oneesama who seem to hate me recently and start avoiding me to step on me! Or using me as her chair, anything is possible!』


Hajime heard the words, but they just didn’t compute in his mind. Everyone’s gaze turned toward Tio!

「W-what! Even I hath experienced Goshujin-sama stepping on me or using me as chair!」

「「「「「No, that’s not it.」」」」」

Just why did she sound competitive? Or rather, getting surprised to anything that came from Lyutilis-san was tiring so they didn’t want to react. The trial of this great dungeon was like “that” was definitely caused by her fetish. They were already completely convinced of that.

『Fantasy is the spice of human life! A life without fantasy is colorless! That is known! This is the fantasy artifact that I asked O-chan-san and the others to make after throwing the mother of all tantrums! Of course, its safety is guaranteed. This is the upgraded version that can judge when the user is in the verge of getting addicted and it will automatically wake them up! My, O-chan-san, please don’t make such displeased look! This is a masterpiece even among all of your creations! I shall make great use of it until the very limit of my lifespan!』

Everyone could understand very well what the past O-chan-san must be feeling while taking this recording. His suffering touched their heart……

Or rather, that meant, this thing was the second hand wooden coffin of Lyutilis-san that had seen a very thorough use……

『Come, please have your fill of the unlimited world of fantasy that is no different from reality at all.』

She said such creepy thing with an innocent smile, but a second later, Lyutilis put on a smile that was filled with affection.

『For the end, allow me to say this one more time. My deepest gratitude for granting our dearest wish. Of course, perhaps you did it not four our sake, or not even for the world’s sake, even so, great hero. You have liberated this world. And that is why, I, we offer you our thanks and prayer from our heart.』

──I pray so that your future will be filled with free will and happiness

Like that, Lyutilis vanished into thin air.

To be honest, they couldn’t keep up emotionally with the violent fluctuation of the atmosphere, even so her feeling had certainly been conveyed to them.

「Well, that’s. I know it’s pointless to say this now but…………you can just rest easy without worrying.」

Rest while fantasizing a fun time with your comrades, Hajime said in addition with a wry smile.

Shuu and Sumire put their hands together and prayed silently. Seeing that, Tomoichi and others, along with Yue and others also quietly prayed for the happiness of the ancient queen in the afterlife.

After a short while, Uroboros the Third-san stood on the wooden coffin. Perhaps it was telling them to take the thing already.

「Eerr, Hajime-kun. What are we going to do with this?」

Kaori asked whether they were going to bring the thing home with them. Her expression looked really conflicted from facing the wooden coffin that was the realization of all worldly desires.

The other people too, they couldn’t deny their interest, but taking something like this that had been thoroughly used by other was a bit……they had such disagreeable expression on their face.

Hajime made a pondering look for a bit and……

「……………………It’s for one person’s use…………but, if it’s improved……can I make that dream machine? ……I’ll need to restudy VR but……if I use this as the base then it’ll instantly…………Myuu also said that she want to train, and this is useful considering its safety and degree of freedom…………if it’s set up with RPG setting……」

He was mumbling something.

Actually, this thing would later on be used as the base of a system that used a certain game as its inspiration source, and then Yue and Kaori would bump to it but……that would be a story for another time.

「Yep, she had gone through the trouble of giving us this, so let’s just accept it.」

「……Hajime, are you thinking of creating something with your odd taste running in full force again?」

「Look forward to it.」

Yue-sama got a really bad premonition for some reason. She was right on the mark.

Hajime stored the wooden coffin into his “treasure warehouse” while turning his gaze to Uroboros the Third once more.

He was quietly waiting for Hajime’s decision.

Yue and others, and also Shuu and others were similarly watching Hajime quietly.

Hajime stared still for a bit at the throne where Lyutilis was projected until just now.

In the end, Hajime’s choice was──

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