Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 440 Character Introduction Part IV

Chapter 440 Character Introduction Part IV

Author’s note: Sorry that it’s not continuation. It’s character introduction. I also put in a little bit of the background setting.

Character Introduction Part IV

[Machine Factory World Arc]

- Jasper

Former bottom rung citizen of fortress city Coltran. 32 years old. Chosen by G10 because he was the only one with the will to oppose the rule of the world. Later on he became “mankind’s leader”. Currently he was becoming a target of a struggle for the seat to be his spouse. Feeling troubled by the multiple men and women wooing him persistently.

- Mindy

Jasper’s stepsister. 20 years old. A woman with plaited chestnut hair and gentle aura. After reorganizing Coltran, her motherhood, strength of heart, and loveliness came to light and proposal for companionship flooded her endlessly. She refused every single one so people suspected of her relationship with Jasper but……

It seemed, her preference was that of a male with strong fatherhood. Such rumor spread and currently the number of man who wanted to become the papa of Listy-chan and others was increasing rapidly.

- Listy

The youngest stepsister of Jasper family (five years old). Chestnut braided hair. Very shy against stranger but, actually had excellent eyes for judging people, and once she got fired up her personality would become belligerent and wouldn’t hesitate to supplant anyone above her. Showered by Hajime’s fatherliness, she now aimed for the daughter’s seat and trained herself everyday for a fistfight battle against Myuu someday. Also, her battle sense was high and she might got fist related job……

- Mother

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The first AI in the world that had emotion who was created by the genius Stole Harden. She killed her father equivalent Harden with plotting and built up a dystopia. Became the raw material to be a perfect combat maid after Netemp-san plundered her extremely superior body. To the very end, she regretted summoning that man and vanished while her mind kept being filled with the next question. ──Why did that man put on a sunglass?

- G10

Her official name was combat support AI - G10P55-B409. She was created during the war against Mother two hundred years ago. Originally she was an AI for supporting the operation of a space exploration ship.

She intended to self-destruct after accomplishing her mission, but she accepted Hajime’s invitation and inherited the name of the “world travelling luxury cruiseAvenst”.

Currently she was secretly aiding mankind through Jasper while upgrading “Avenst” at the holy land Shaia.


[Fairy World Arc]

- Aularodde Lea Refeat

The high grade corporate slave goddess of the fairy world. She continued working with no sleep and rest for five thousand years before she finally relied on the hero. Sunglass and mask and hoodie were her three sacred treasures. She would huff and puff heavily when equipping all three like a suspicious person. She received the shock of her life from the demon king-made energy drink. Since then, even with Kouki and Moana stopping her, she would secretly hide and drink it fondly.

Recently she was directly negotiating with Emily-chan with a will of steel that wouldn’t hesitate to pay any kind of price. Of course, Kouki and others didn’t know about it.

Energy drink is wonderful! Worship the energy drink! I can fight for five thousand more years-!

- Blau Niebel

The kind hearted and self-proclaimed chubby full muscle armored fairy who loved housework and cooking and sewing above all else. In other words, a manly woman. She became the fairy world’s goddess after Aularodde’s retirement. Brought forth the concept of manly goddess into this world.

- Rune

A wind fairy girl. Had light green long hair. Cino’s big sister. In the first group of immigrant to Hajime’s “miniature garden”. Currently in the middle of asserting, above the head is Enti’s designated spot, so the right shoulder spot is mine! She was fighting the other fairies for staking the spot.

Her power had also increased due to Enti’s blessing. Now she could integrate with wind, turn invisible, broadcast sound for long range, etc. She was making herself useful for Hajime’s information gathering.

- Cino

A wind fairy girl. Had pink bob hair. Rune’s little sister. Currently asserting that Hajime’s left shoulder spot belonged to her!


[Tortus Travel Journal ?~?]

- Tracy D Hoelscher

Mad dog princess. Severe case of Shia LUV LUV. As the result of wandering the boundary of life and death during the final battle, she was awakened to “Limit Break” with her own strength. A battle junkie but she would enter sage mode after venting it out once and became a normally outstanding princess.

She had the job “Sorcerer” that could handle every kind of magic tool skillfully. The user of “Magic Eater Scythe Egxess” that couldn’t be used by anyone in the empire’s history.

Also, her dream for the future was to be a miss maid?

- Ariel

Tracy’s little sister from different mother. She became a user of countless musket for the sake of Prince Randelldarling. A seven years old who didn’t fear anything anymore.

- Amandla

Ariel’s mother. After that, she ended up believing in Hajime-sama completely. Because it was duty!

- Raymond

Tracy’s nephew (the son of the late crown prince Bias : ten years old). For the sake of his beloved Myuu, he became a wielder of red light sa*er. Later he learned the style to hold the blade at low position or right beside and launched aggressive attacks (Vaap*d).

He was Randell’s rivallove rival and their relationship felt like it would develop into the relationship between the kingdom and the empire itself in the future……the surrounding was secretly observing them with such thought.

- Handler

Tracy’s younger stepbrother and an imperial prince who might be beyond saving already. An ambitious person, but his presence thinned down greatly due to Raymond’s rapid growth. Recently nothing went well for him and he was starting to think that perhaps believing in Hajime-sama was his duty.

- Myara

Tracy’s younger stepsister and an imperial princess who might be beyond saving already. A schemer, but her presence thinned down greatly due to Ariel’s rapid growth. Recently nothing went well for her and she was starting to think that perhaps believing in Hajime-sama was her duty.


[Abyss Lord Chapter Three - Onmyouji Arc]

- Fujiwara Hinata

The strongest onmyouji girl of this era (nine years old). The lord’s fifth wife (candidate). She could teleport to all over Japan if she went through Inari Shrine’s torii or spirit world and exercised her magic anywhere in the country.

After the uproar, she caused the strongest magicianYueto say that she might rivaled her if it was just in talent for magic which shocked everyone around them.

Also an unchangeable person of common senses and everyone’s conscience. She usually had the personality of putting herself out of spotlight and making someone else looked good instead, but when necessary she was an owner of guts where she would face even a legendary oni head on. An embodiment of Yamato Nadeshiko.

After the uproar, when she saw Yue’s 「arrangement based on good intentions」 that made a mess of food, she copiously preached about the importance of food without holding back at all. At the end she shocked everyone by making Yue said 「……yes. i won’t do it anymore……」.

She also kept a watchful eye on Myuu’s inhuman friends and made them went 「Eh, isn’t that little girl too strong?」「I can see oni god and divine fox behind her though……too scaryyyy」「My body is shaking just from her damn presence……」「Ghostly power and supernatural power aren’t working at all with her, seriously」. They were holding her in respect.

Because of that Remia mama went 「Myuu has made a good friend!」 with very deep feeling of relieve.

- Fujiwara Taisei

A horse racing maniac uncle who dreamed of one day getting Uma Pyoi with Tortus’s horse girl. (TN: Uma Pyoi, a slang used among players of Uma Musume Pretty Derby that alluded of what happened after a good ending with a horse girl)

- Fujiwara Chikage

Hinata’s mother. She had zero talent for magic but she was monster class when it came to business management and grasping what other was thinking. She was starting to pave the way and remove any obstacle between Kousuke and her daughter using that shrewdness.

From the start Kousuke hadn’t really got any trouble with his activity due to Hajime’s support, but Chikage made a suggestion to also use Fujiwara Group’s financial power and connection to strengthen that support exceptionally. Kousuke was feeling obliged by such support, but that too was a part of the paving of the way and the people of the group was gradually considering him as Hinata-ojousama’s fiancée already and the young man who would shoulder the group’s future.

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- Tsuchimikado Jounosuke

Alias the elderly nobleman. The current head of Tsuchimikado House. Got deceived by the scheme of Shadow Monk and became the mastermind of the rebellion against the main house the Fujiwara Clan. Right now he was Hinata’s loyal supporter. Amazing when he took off his clothes.

- Tsuchimikado Takehiko

Jounosuke’s son. Tsuchimikado Clan’s future head. Tended to got his arm taken off one way or another.

- Tsuchimikado Kiyotake

Takehiko’s son. Saved by Mina during the battle of sea of trees and his heart beat like crazy just from a single wink. He didn’t know. That she was a love hungry monster who got affected by the happy aura from Shia and Rana. If he carelessly poked at the bush, it wouldn’t be anything like a snake that came out, but a yandere who was even more yan then a certain Miss Yanderesaki Kaori. It would depend on Kiyotake-kun’s caliber whether such relationship would go well or not.

- Tsuchimikado Tsubaki

Kiyotake’s mother and deceased. Her identity was used by an agent of Shadow Monk to infiltrate Tsuchimikado clan.

- Justice.

Originally Tsuchimikado Taiga. Kiyotake’s older cousin. Made into Justice by Kousuke, he became awakened to Justice. Later he was hit by Shizuku’s pressure and be Freedom, but now he was seeking for even more Justice and travelling in Freedom while bringing Justice to Nepal. One of these days he might find a temple of wizard like a certain Strange who was a doctor and brought Justice to the Calamity where Raider was Forbidden.

- Yaya no Hidzuki

The legendary Shuten Douji of Mountain Ooe, or rather that legend’s main body in the fairy world. The sixth wife who wanted to eat Kousuke in various meaning. Her white hair, and her way of talking and attire like a high rank courtesan were distinctive. Normally she had height of more than two meters but it was possible for her to adjust it. Sometimes she would also turned palm-sized or be a little girl to serve as Hinata’s guard or tease Kousuke.

The most unreachable flower of the fairy world. Because of that enormous amount of resentment from fairy world’s men and women of all ages got sent to Kousuke everyday.

Also, recently she became hopelessly interested in Shia. It seemed she was uncontrollably thrilled that she lost against a bunny girl in pure power that apparently her challenger soul became hopelessly tickled after so long.

She often tried to go off and make a pass at her. Hinata would put her under mantrascold her then.

- Ootakemaru

An oni god. Had been mostly put in his place.

- Zhen Ying

The leader for the mission in Japan carried out by the mainland’s Taoist group Shadow Monk. Her bare face was exposed in the battle of the sea of trees and she gave her cooperation in defeating the “dragon”. As the result she lost her qualification as Shadow Monk but the organization’s kindness allowed her to be relocated to join the division for dealing with the returnees. She became someone who lived in the open now so currently she was introducing herself as Zhu.

She was a beauty at her late twenty with the distinctive trait of almond shaped eyes and black hair that was tied with jewel ornaments. Like Hinata, she was a genius who succeeded in performing “divine possession” in her youth. She was serious to an overly degree and her patriotism and loyalty to her organization were terrifyingly high.

Perhaps that was why recently her catchphrase was becoming 「Kuh, kill me!」 from being ordered to dress as maid as punishment for the uproar.

How would her relationship with Kousuke become……

The person herself was still too unstable emotionally so nothing could be said.

- Ying Hu

Zhen Ying’s subordinate. A Taoist who specialized in “words of power” and also a young Taoist who boasted the best language comprehension in the organization. In a sense she was the lifeline for her emotionally unstable ‘kuh kill me’ Onee-sama.

An adorable girl whose bob cut suited her a lot. She was more or less nineteen years old but, she got baby face so she looked like a middle school student which was a worry for her. Her name in the returnee response division was Liu.

Recently a new door had opened wide inside her from watching her Onee-sama in maid attire. Visiting a maid café during her holiday was turning into her hobby. It seemed that the café that she particularly liked was the one where a certain rabbit eared maid senpai who could use American football technique was working.

- Dao Ying

The commander of the force that attacked Kyoto. All his apparitions got taken away by Myuu and his curse got cut by Shizuku which left a trauma in him.

- Shu Ying

The commander of the force that attacked the King Tree. The sudden appearance of the sea of trees and thick mist along with the attack of countless tree monsters traumatized him.

- Zhi Ying

The commander of the force tasked with winning over the relatives of the returnees. He had already returned back to his country doing Justice when he realized it and got traumatized.

- Can Ying (※Name change from originally Ying Cong)

Squad leader of the squad tasked with securing the path of retreat for the sea of trees attack force. His vehicle’s tires were punctured by Fukube’s force and there was even illustration of anime character drawn on it, with that he obtained an enlightenment 「I see……so this kind of method also exist」. Several years later, he got designated as a dangerous guy from his organization due to his many usage of pointlessly refined hooligan tactic.

- Ying Cong

A Taoist who boasted top class amount of mystical power in Shadow Monk. He was an expert in battle of quantity with the great amount of “Shiki” that he could produce, but the quantity that the lord displayed left him shaking in his boot and he resolved himself to retrain himself. Several years later, he produced an army of “Shiki” that would laugh excessively and turned on the spot excessively frequently and got designated as a dangerous guy by the organization.

- Taidao Ying

A sword user with skill that competed for the first or second rank in Shadow Monk. He was a master of an unconventional sword that was drawn out by hardening the charms stored inside his sleeve and bisected a clone of the lord into two. After that an energetic Abyssgate-chan was resurrected. It often came out in his dream that was tormenting him in the night.

- Yun Ying

A Taoist who controlled gas of deadly poison. The lords who performed moonwalk altogether in group like a hive mind with movement so smooth it looked disgusting often came out in his dream that was tormenting him in the night.

- Fukube Koutaro (Information update!)

He was actually a powerful combatant, and a married man with kids. His distress was how recently his daughter wouldn’t talk to him. He also couldn’t help but feel that his wife’s gaze on him was cold. He was secretly consulting about it with Hajime.

Also, due to his position, he couldn’t talk about his actual work to his family. Because of that both his wife and daughter thought of him as a normal police. They had no way to know that unbelievably he was playing a part in saving the world and thought of him as a useless father who had no time except for work.

His subordinates really looked up to him, so they couldn’t help but feeling sympathy to his sorrow that was increasing each year.


[Tortus Travel Journal ?~?]

- Gil (Information update!)

A tiger man who was formerly a security captain. He got a strange bond with Hajime and there was also no complain with his actual strength so he got an exceptional promotion to be one of the warrior heads. He mastered the ultimate skill of escaping reality “Living Normally With All Five Senses Shut Out” as his ultimate move. It was all Hauria’s fault.

- Alfrerick (Information update!)

His recent catchphrase was 「I’m serving a black country but, I might not be able to keep going anymore」. His adeptness in consuming stomach medicine was at the level of a certain public safety member of Japan. His skill with bow was at godly level but, recently that skill was wholly being used for suppressing the other elders and his granddaughter.

- Altena (Information update!)

A beast of deplorable love and fetish. She was being sealed in that land by putting the honor of all elves at stake.

- Kira

An eccentric species, or rather a rare species, or rather an endangered species. Unbelievable she was a survivor of the primogenitor timid rabbit race. She unconsciously let out a slip of tongue 「Otocchan」 when showered by Hajime’s fatherhood. Must protect. She was rejecting Hauriafication with an unshakeable will. Absolutely must protect.

- Uroboros the Third

The G who managed the final trial of the great tree. She possessed her own will even now after several hundreds of generations due to the age of god magic of the liberators, but they couldn’t count pass three so they were eternally the third generation.

- Magical Girl U- ☆chan

The phantom magical girl number 2 (Number 1: Miracle Ai). It was her mission to be beaten up for the sake of the world.

- Lyutillis Haltina

The queen of the sea of trees who wanted to be Meiru-oneesama’s chair. Her only friend was a G.

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