Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 443 Tortus Travel Journal ? 2P Color Is Nice Isn’t It

Chapter 443 Tortus Travel Journal ? 2P Color Is Nice Isn’t It

「Aah geeez! Everyone is so horrible! This is just too much!」

Such protesting voice that was filled with uncontrollable resentment echoed deep within the great dungeon Cavern of Ice and Snow──inside one of the many wide spaces where the challenger had to fight their own fake.

「How can you force me to sleep just because I almost collapse from overwork!」

「Are you aware just how crazy your own statement is?」

Hajime was looking exasperatedly at Liliana who had completely regained her healthy complexion and energy.

She was huffing angrily. Her cheeks were puffed up like balloon. Her lips were pouting so much it was like a duck. She looked like the very picture of sulking.

After she jumped up awake from the nightmare of the mass resignation, Hajime stunned her with “Lightning Clad” to put her to sleep again, but actually that second sleep only lasted for several seconds before it ended.

「What’s insane is sleeping for more than three hours! Human life is finite you know?」

「Lily……since when did you become a short sleeper like that?」

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「Will the kingdom really be able to create the Labor Standards Act properly? Perhaps it will be better if Lily doesn’t get included into the meeting for that bill……」

Both Shizuku and Aiko sighed seeing the princess who was reaching the extreme in various senses.

Just several minutes ago, in other words exactly three hours after Liliana got thrown into the wooden coffin, the present from Lyutilis that had the good sleep function attached.

Liliana’s eyes snapped wide open and she got up. She leaped out from the wooden coffin like a resurrected ancient mummy together with a line like Sleep is a waste of human life! In the first place sleeping too much will just tire you out!

And then she learned that the sea of trees sightseeing had ended. Even the Snow and Ice Cavern sightseeing was already reaching the second half. Her complexion that was already bad at that time changed even worse into an ashen color.

After that, it was like that.

Hajime and others urged her to sleep for a bit more, but Liliana showed them a betrayed expression and backed away until her back hit the wall. She looked just like a mouse that was being cornered by a cat.

And so, in respond to Hajime and others who were worrying about her condition, she started menacing everyone while looking like she was going to yell 「A cornered rat will bite even a cat you know!」, or like a soldier who was surrounded in all directions and prepared to breakthrough with the readiness to die in the attempt.

It was as though she was saying I’ll rather kill myself rather than being put to sleep!! Please revive me later okay!

In the end of all that, she started bawling like a baby while fervently sobbing out about how much she had been looking forward to sightseeing together with Hajime and co……

As expected Sumire and Shuu pitied her and with their intermediation, her mind and body got healed with regeneration magic and soul magic and they arrived at the present time.

「Why do you all think I worked to death to finish all my works? It was because I had calculated that as long as I can reach Kaori she would be able to revive me no matter what kind of state I was in! And yet-, aaagh!」

Kaori who got furiously glared couldn’t do anything except smiling wryly.

「Because……Lily, I get the feeling that you will never rest normally again if you’re allowed to get away even once using healing magic like that……when you move to Japan one day, aren’t you going to try to live without sleeping everyday if you become like that?」

「Eh, what’s the problem with that?」

Her puzzled look was terrifying. She didn’t harbor even a shred of doubt that being able to not sleep at all was the best thing ever. She looked like she wanted to say, Rather, everyone is already living such convenient life everyday correct? I’m jealous……

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Of course Hajime and others were creeeped out. Liliana noticed everyone’s twitching expression and her gaze darted around not knowing where to look while saying.

「That’s, well, I can’t use age of god magic so I’ll need Yue-san or other to apply the magic to me everyday, so it might be a bother to everyone but……」

「……No, that’s not it.」

Yue retorted. She was massaging her temple, wondering why this princess was so reckless and hurried with her life even though she had survived the legendary great war.

「There won’t be any problem if Hajime-san make an anti-sleep artifact for me, but seeing that he hasn’t handed out such thing to everyone means that creating such thing must be really difficult……」

「Anti-sleep? Anti……sleep……anti-sleep, huh? Not something to help stay awake, but removing the need of sleeping altogether. If that’s what she meant, I’m feeling a strong determination of not sleeping to the point of insanity from it. I’m trembling……」

「Her thinking that it’s only natural we will use such thing if it exist is terrifying desu.」

「Say, Goshujin-sama. How about thy just kidnap Lily from this world right away? In demon king style.」

「Myu……Myuu think it will be for her own sake to be forcefully dragged away from works for a time nano!」

「My my, please relax at our home by all means when we arrive at Erisen. It will be a comfortable vacation at the beach……if not it might become too late for you.」

「Does it feels like everyone is thoroughly dissing me!?」

Everyone had been sensing Liliana’s tendency to be a bit too devoted to her work. It could be felt from her words, countenance, and even the incident of Captain Kuzeri.

That was why they didn’t rely on regeneration magic and soul magic right from the start and normally──her being put into coffin and dragged around like a dead character in Dragon Quest should be set aside for now──made her recuperate through sleep.

It might be possible to work infinitely as long as there was age of god magic……they didn’t want her to have such thinking.

To be honest, actually Hajime didn’t want to let her used even the Hour Crystal. He made exception and lent it this time only because Lily’s earnest desire to go together with them in this trip. After all this princess was like a lump of sense of responsibility who would force herself to the limit if she was in an environment that allowed it.

Or rather, he thought that even if she force herself, she would surely used the Hour Crystal to take some rest too because of the time difference. He never imagined that she would really use it for nothing but work……

It seemed this princess had gone off the deep end until a very bad place.

「S-surely this is only temporary isn’t it?」

Kaori’s mother──Kaoruko said while pointing a gaze that was filled to the brim with pity to this teenage girl whose thinking had really gone off the rail……as though she was a salary man who couldn’t even realize that she was a corporate slave!

Then her husband Tomoichi nodded 「Of course it’s just temporary」 even while making a troubled expression.

「This must be the adverse effect of how busy she is with the rebuilding. Human can easily become high mentally when in high stake situation like in a gambling den.」

「Even if you’re completing your tasks in desperation while thinking, just let me rest already damn it! If you’re in that condition for too long……even when your works are finally finished, you’ll only feel empty for some reason……then you’ll unconsciously search for more work to do……」

Tomoichi and Shuu’s opinions were filled with sense of reality.

It would take a bit of time for the heated feeling of such people to return to normal. It would take time, but it would return back to normal.

That was why, Liliana too would surely calm down if the very busy rebuilding work was over and she returned to ordinary day that was similar to before. This time she worked even harder than usual in order to wring out some free time for this trip, which made her went out of control for a little. That’s all.

Adding to that, Hajime and others also recalled about their own condition after they somehow managed to end their life in other world that was filled with many upheavals. They got a look of understanding.

……At this time they couldn’t even imagine that nothing would change even after Liliana moved to Japan and her intrinsic workaholic nature came to light.

In any case, Tio glanced at Liliana who was making an expression of incomprehension and cleared her throat to collect herself.

「How about we continue where we left off? As expected even I am feeling slightly embarrassed with the scene being paused in such timing……」

The past replay was paused because of Liliana’s unexpected awakening, but actually they were currently in the middle of replaying Tio’s past trial.

There was a crystal that was like a tree at the center of the wide space connecting the ground and the ceiling. Two Tio were being paused near it.

Just as Tio said, the moment was paused when right when she was being punched on the face by the fake Tio, so the past Tio’s face was looking comical right now.

「……Good job, me.」

「Thou did it intentionally!?」

Apparently it was Yue-sama’s superb skill in the work. What a pointless skill.

*Snap* The sound of finger snap echoed and the past replay started again. Black and white breaths flew past each other. Wind and flame raged boisterously.

「Even so, white hair and pure white kimono……yep, it’s nice.」

Hajime’s unexpected words caused Tio to react 「Eh」 with a blush. At the same time Sumire, Kaoruko, Akiko, and Kirino were also lavishing praises to the alternate colored Tio with ecstatic look.

「Really, the fake Tio-chan is so pretty!」

「Her skin and the color of her magic power are also pure white. She looks really fantastical……」

「Myu! She’s like the yuki-onna lady nano!」

「It’s like a dance isn’t it? Her kimono’s sleeve and hem, along with her hair spread out each time she turned……her movement is also like a mirror reflection……so lovely.」

「This is exactly what you call a battle dance. I have this image of brute force pushing up to the forefront of mind when hearing the words dragon race, but they actually possess such finesse and technique. Wonderful.」

「W-what couldst this complicated emotion be? Even though I am being praised……I couldst not feel honest happiness with everyone’s eyes glued on the fake-」

It was just as Kirino said. The sight that unfolded in front of them was like a dance.

The black Tio and the white fake. When one side fired a blade of wind, the other caught it with an elegant hand movement before returning it with flame added. When one side twirled to dodge and firing a breath attack at the same time, the other would also twirl and fired back a breath attack.

Even when they closed the distance and used grappling, no, exactly because it was a fight in point-blank range that they both deflected, parried, or else redirected the opponent’s arm, backing away when the other stepped forward, circling to the opposite side in perfect timing when the other circled to the side, and in the end they faced each other head-on……that series of movement was increasingly looking to be like a dance exhibition in one aspect.

Hajime and others knew very well about Tio’s detailed finesse with magic, but in actuality they had almost never seen Tio’s prowess in close quarter combat. They sometimes saw her accompanying Shia’s training, but they never saw that aspect of her in real battle.

「It’s a fresh sight seeing Tio fighting like this.」

「……Nn. Because Tio’s role when fighting in a party is focused on being shield and artillery.」

「Perhaps it’s because her vocation is guardian that her fundamental action is defending and supporting. But, she’s amazing when we spar you know? Setting aside her kick or punch, she’s able to give me a good fight using locking technique and the like desu.」

「She often accompanied you with your training during our journey didn’t she, Shia. That said, don’t you think that her movement is a bit similar with Hajime-kun’s close range gun fight?」

「Certainly, like how they mutually deflected each other’s arm that tried to fire their breath attack in point-blank range, it’s similar when Hajime used Donner against sword.」

「Umm……Hajime-kun? Everyone? Is it alright to ignore Myuu-chan’s remark just now ──ah, yes. It’s fine huh. Geez.」

Hajime nodded with a vague expression, so Aiko averted her gaze with a vague expression too.

「However……I see, this is a nasty trial.」

The women were being entranced by Tio and the fake’s performance, but Shuuzou and Koichi were making a grave look.

The two’s discerning eyes were seeing through the fact that Tio was being pushed back bit by bit.

And the cause of that was the fact that the fake pointed out with her scathing words.

『What virtuous race. It’s patently absurd that someone who art rearing such ominous flame inside herself can talk about pride.』

The fake talked in ridicule as though she had seen through Tio. At the same time Tio’s reaction would become delayed. No, it was the fake’s speed that was increasing.

The past Tio was hit by a powerful blow on her stomach. Her body bent into the shape of ‘[’ as she got blown away.

She at least didn’t tumble down on the ground, but the blow must have inflicted considerable damage on her. Her feet that slid on the ground were slightly trembling. Her lips that were pressed tightly on each other to form a straight line let out a small breath 「kafuh」 to leak out.

With that the entranced women group turned their focus toward the content of the fight.

『There art no way I hath anything I can be proud of within me. Art not that right?』


『Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! To the church that trampled everything important to me, to the traitors, I wish to make them scream in agony! I wish to crucify them, just as they hath done to mine compatriots, mine father and mother-! Tell me that I am right!!』


『The raging flame of Clarus hath died in mine generation. What art inside me is──only the black flame of hatred and rage!』


『You couldst not gloss over this. Your silence couldst not serve as any shield. I am thou. I am Tio Clarus’s heart itself. Thy understand correct?』

Roar echoed through the area. A magnificent pure white dragon appeared. The dragon closed in on Tio in a single breath and swung down her dragon claw violently.

Tio dodged it within a hair’s breadth and also transformed into a black dragon. She retaliated with a body blow but……

The fake didn’t waver. Rather it was Tio who got slightly pushed back.

「Well, that’s how it is. Even now after mine longstanding desire hath come into fulfillment, the black flame art still burning inside me. Right now it hath abated to be a mere smolder, but surely it wouldst never die down for my whole life until I die. As long as I couldst not forget about that day.」

Everyone’s gaze naturally moved away from the past replay to the current Tio who was shrugging her shoulders.

The great persecution and the destruction of her home country. Those things gave birth to the negative emotion inside Tio at that time and now it had been taking root deep inside her heart. The black flame, in other words her wound. It was the wound in Tio’s heart that would never vanish for her whole life.

Knowing that, Sumire and Shuu, and the other parents too were looking worried.

But, they soon blinked their eyes.

Because Tio’s expression was bright in opposite to what she was saying.

「There art no need to worry, Hahaue-dono, Chichiue-dono. The result of the trial hath already been decided.」

「……That’s, true. Tio-chan had overcome this trial.」

「Overcoming doesn’t only mean getting over it. It can also mean accepting it, or perhaps moving forward even while still carrying it with you……is that right?」

「Indeed indeed. As expected from Chichiue-dono. It’s exactly as thou said.」

Tio’s expression broke into a smile from the two’s understanding. Her smiling face was very pretty.

In fact the development from there should only be described as Tio Clarus’s unwavering will that was just like a mountain.

Suzu and Ryuutarou arrived at that space in the middle of the fight. Their expression was just like Sumire and others just now, but the result of the fight was “overwhelming”.

「I have no words……for you to intentionally allow your heart to be read in a trial that read your heart」

Koichi was groaning just like a tiger due to his admiration. The others were also the same. Even Hajime and co felt the same. It must be because simply hearing what happened was different than actually watching it. The complete reversal in the fight was simply exhilarating to witness. Everyone even spontaneously laughed half in exasperation and half in admiration. (Note: The kanji of Koichi used the kanji of tiger.)

It was no wonder they reacted like that.

In front of the trial that used every trick in the book to make the challenger fall into their negative emotion where they would be dragged into a bottomless swamp, who in their right mind would get the idea of “adjusting their own mental state to intentionally control the fake image’s strength and weakness too”.

「E, ee? What’s going on here nano, Tio-oneechan?」

「Fumu, art this a bit too difficult for Myuu? In other words──everything happened on the palm of mine hand!」

「! A-amazing nano!」

「Umu, it was amazing!」

「Myu! In short Tio-oneechan wanted to be tormented by your own fake so you can go haa haa nano! Tio-oneechan who always sought of a new way to haa haa is the number one pervert in the world just as expected nano!」

「!!!? Haa haa!!」

To be sure, Tio’s true feeling was exactly like what she said within the past replay. She went into the trial to ascertain that she could still maintain her self even when being thoroughly provoked by her negative emotion, and to check that there was no really no subconscious negative emotion inside her that she didn’t know about.

By no means she had ever gotten fired up, thinking that Being tormented by myself, the chance of such abnormal stimulation will never come again! Ain’t no way I’ll let this chance go!……maybe.


「Wait a second! Why art Goshujin-sama making that face that seems to say “Don’t tell me it’s true?”!? There art no way that’s the case!」

「……Tio, to think that you can get ecstasy from yourself……」

「I was not though!?」

「Tio-san……what a cheap woman desu!」

「I said I was not happy!」

Hajime, Yue, and Shia’s teasing (?) made Tio-san cried and pointed at the past replay while saying 「There, look! Look!」. It seemed she used her own regeneration magic to interfere with the replay to roll it back slightly back in time. Repeat mode ON!

『Don’t thy dare look down on me. Know who I am. ──I am a proud dragon, the descendant of Clarus clan. Here be Tio Clarus!』

The past Tio blew away the fake with a figure that was overflowing with a king’s dominating aura. Projected over there was what could only be called as the climactic scene.

Her black hair and black kimono gently fluttered. The way she turned her back on the explosion with unwavering expression that possessed both tranquility and grace was so artful that it made anyone wanted to capture the moment in a painting. She was a figure on unparalleled grace.

「N-no way……even Tio-san had performed such high level royalty move? Do I need to reach such level so I can stop receiving the crude treatment even though I’m a princess?」

Somehow there was also a princess who received a great shock by herself, but let’s put her aside for the time being.

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「How’s that! I was cool correct?」

Tio puffed out her chest with a proud huff.

Certainly, the gap between the past Tio with the usual “Take this! This is mine full throttle perversion!” Tio was terrific. There was something there that made anyone couldn’t help but harbor respect toward her similar like they respected Adol Clarus.

There was but……

「Well, certainly I can deny it’s cool but……」

「……Nn. We already saw it before.」

「Right desu. If it’s Super Tio Time then we already saw it at the great tree’s trial.」


There isn’t that much impact from it? Tio thought in astonishment. She turned her gaze toward Sumire and other parents.

It seemed that for Tio, this scene was something that she regarded as her trump card.

──So you actually have such wonderful side in you!

──Amazing Tio-san! As expected from the princess of the dragon race!

──You were completely treated like a nuisance──cough-cough-. Like you know, but you’re actually a magnificent member of the dragon race!

──So you aren’t merely a pervert!

──You really stepped up to the occasion when it was time. Then it can’t be helped even if you’re normally a pervert! Rather your perverted side is more wonderful!

She had been dreaming of getting showered with praises like that since several days before the trip and went haa haa in excitement imagining it.

But, it seemed that her prediction was completely off.

「The presentation and the timing of the show……are really important isn’t it?」

Sumire made a creator-like statement. Shuu and others couldn’t help but agreed with her with a conflicted expression.

Certainly, her mental strength that tricked even the trial here was nothing but amazing.

Her way of fighting was also beautiful and captivated them.

But, if they were asked if that managed to change their impression or perception toward Tio……

「W-well, we already know about Tio-chan’s wonderful side even before this trip, okay?」

「This isn’t something for you to feel bothered about I think?」


The considerate words from her mother-in-law and father-in-law stabbed deeply into her heart instead. Also, the way Liliana was patting her shoulder with a strangely gentle expression was plainly annoying.

Tio-san’s mental state was shaken anew after so long in this hall of trial for shaking the mind.

「Cough. Putting that aside, Hajime-kun.」

「What is it, Tomoichi-san?」

Tomoichi turned toward Hajime to change the delicate atmosphere.

「About what Tio-san, no, her fake pointed out in the past replay……」

That day at the northern mountain range, Tio decided to accompany Nagumo Hajime because she thought “This man can be used”.

She thought of him at least as a powerful piece that could be used to overthrow the god for making her revenge came true.

The fake was a manifestation of the person themselves and they wouldn’t say any lie.

In other words, the fake’s words were without any doubt Tio’s true feeling.

Therefore, the parents other than Sumire and Shuu who only heard about this calculating thought of Tio for the first time was actually feeling quiet concerned when that part played in the past replay.

It was also Hajime’s first time seeing the past replay here.

Was she still keeping this fact a secret even now? If that was the case then should they ignore it? No, doing that might actually just made things complicated down the line……

The parents were slightly fretting like that.

When Tomoichi pointed that out, Kaoruko and Akiko became slightly nervous 「Y-you’re asking him that?」. Yaegashi family was looking composed, but they too were looking straight at Hajime.

Hajime smiled brightly to blow away that worry of Tomoichi and others.

「Please don’t look awkward like that. I already knew that fact from the start, and Tio herself also confessed it to me after the trial.」

「I, I see……no, of course. It was Tio-san herself who said that she’s alright with showing this scene to us, so of course that’s how it is. We were worrying needlessly.」

「No, I’m thankful for everyone’s concern.」

The atmosphere lightened up. Meanwhile Tio nestled close to Hajime. She snugly put her fingertip on Hajime’s shoulder and looked at him with a gaze that was overflowing with love.

「Umu umu. Goshujin-sama hath seen through mine ulterior motive from the start. And not only he allowed such woman to be at his side, he accepted even mine desire for revenge and also went out of his way to give me a chance to confront the church.」

「It was when you two rescued me wasn’t it? Certainly, rather than sending Tio-san to fly until the altitude of 8000 meters, having Yue-san using “Gate” to come rescued me should be faster……」

Aiko’s words made Tomoichi and others to show a look of realization. At the same time it also made them grinned at little at Hajime, because regardless of what he said he actually had been treasuring Tio even ever since that time.

Hajime looked aside in embarrassment, perhaps because of those grinning faces from the parents or perhaps because of Tio’s gaze on him that was filled with affection.

「……That was because she helped us at Guryuen even if she had to expose her true identity to Freed. I don’t know whether I would do the same thing if that didn’t happen.」

「In other words, Goshujin-sama hath trusted me ever since that time? So much so that thou even thought of me and gave consideration to me in the middle of a deathly battle, am I right?」


「……Hajimeee? Areee~ you shyyyy~~?」

「Hajime-saaan? Aree~ you shy desuu~~?」

「Why are Yue and Shia teasing me huh? But the way you two rolled your words are good.」

Tio jerked Hajime’s arm to her breasts and it got buried between those splendid twin hills. Tio smiled sweetly with reddening cheeks, looking exactly like a maiden in love. Perhaps it was because they were in front of the parents, she was staring at Hajime’s obviously embarrassed face from the side with nothing but happiness.

「Oops, the embarrassment also spreading to here.」

「Fufu, you two look lovely, Hajime-kun and Tio-san.」

Starting from the Shirasaki spouses, the parents were watching the two with very heartwarming look. Furthermore even Myuu, Kaori, and other girls were also chuckling with a kind smile toward them. It apparently made Hajime finally became unable to bear it anymore.

「Tio’s trial is enough with this isn’t it? Let’s go to Shia’s next. After that will be Yue and Kaori.」

Hajime took out the compass in order to teleport directly to Shia’s trial using the Crystal Key.

Yue and others looked at each other and chuckled once more.

Shuuzou spoke up while gentle atmosphere filled the area.

「But, for you to allow someone who had the ulterior motive of making use of you to accompany your group……you should still be feeling that you don’t have any leeway at that time. That was really broad-minded of you to make that decision.」

His tone didn’t contain the teasing nuance like just now. He sounded purely impressed.

「Hajime-san normally rejected her at that time though?」

「……Nn. It was more like Tio forcing her way in. I think at that time she kept yelling out how Hajime had turned her body into something that wasn’t fit for marriage anymore.」

「Can you all stop digging around about the past?」

It was horrible. In various senses. The nostalgic mood was broken……

「Even so, considering Hajime’s stance at that time, as expected it’s a bit surprising that he still allowed Tio-chan to come with him no matter how reluctant he was.」

Sumire pointed out. Hajime grimaced in respond. And then he turned his gaze to Tio who was still hugging his arm and sighed.

「No Kaa-san. Try imagining it.」


「If this fellow actually didn’t have any design to make use of me, that would mean she was just a hopeless dragon who wanted to come with me because she was unable to forget the sensation of getting pile bunkered you know?」


「What does that ah meant!?」

Tio raised her voice in protest, but the nostalgic mood had gotten blown away. 「Don’t tell me……Tio(san)……the truth was?」 Such gazes stabbed into her from all directions.

「You know, even I thought that I really screwed up that time. Who can even imagine that an unrivaled pervert would be born from getting pile bunkered.」

It was something that he didn’t want to accept. The mistake of the youth that he himself committed. Hajime shook his head as though to say that.

「She was a monster that I created by my own hands, but surely she didn’t ask to come with me just because of her perversion. There must be another reason! I wanted to think like that. And so I secretly observed Tio and from her words and action, I realized that she had ulterior motive.」

「I couldst not believe that was the reason Goshujin-sama noticed! I never heard about it-」

「But you see, I was relieved. After all her trying to make use of me for her revenge is a far more proper and healthy reason than coming with me with the hope of getting pile bunkered in the ass again.」

「Your reasoning is the same like a swindler victim when being told that he could buy a vase that was originally 1,000,000 yen only for 100,000 yen!?」

It seemed Hajime allowed Tio to come with him not because of his broad-mindedness.

It wasn’t like hearing such reason really affected anything but……even so Tio-san had a conflicted look that seemed to want to say something, but didn’t really know what to say.

「Besides, she said that originally she came to investigate the hero──Amanogawa. I thought that I could just pushed her off to him somewhere along the way.」

「Goshujin-sama hath that kind of thought!?」

When they reunited at Orcus, he completely forgot about doing that because a lot of things happened, like Kaori’s confession, and then the duel with Kouki after that……Hajime disclosed about his thinking at that time.

「Aa. Actually at first when we arrived at Horuad Town……I was thinking of leaving you behind.」

「A shocking truth!?」

「Amanogawa and others were surely diving into Orcus Great Dungeon after all, so I thought that if I was lucky you would get picked up by that guy.」

「I was like dogs and cats to be abandoned!? Thou shouldst be responsible till the end once thou hath picked up a pet!」

「……Tio, can you tighten your face? You’re about to go haa haa.」

「Please don’t get excited from hearing that you almost got abandoned……」

Tio looked like she didn’t have any complain about getting treated like pets, no rather she looked happy. Everyone had a thought when they saw her being like that and Hajime who looked like he didn’t have any guilt at all. They are really made for each other.

「Yosh, find it. Let’s go.」

Hajime opened a “Gate” with Crystal Key. At the other side was a room that looked almost exactly the same like the previous place.

Yue immediately began replaying the past because they were a bit behind the schedule.

After they watched for a while.

Everyone’s heart had the exact same thought once more.

『Because of my fault, just how many of my family──』


『If only youI didn’t get found out, then no one would be harme──』


『If you’re really thinking of your family then you should be alo──』


『My existence is nothing but──oi-, wai──』


『Why are you getting stronge──!?』


『Listen to what I’m talking about alreadyyy~~~~~!!』

The musclebrained rabbit was too musclebrained that the trial wasn’t a trial at all……they thought.

The fake Shia finally started screaming complaints. She looked terribly pitiful. Because, really Shia-chan, she wouldn’t listen to her words at all!

I don’t really get it but, you’re enemy right? You’re enemy aren’t you? You’re enemy isn’t that right!? Then first thing first, I’ll crush you!! It was as though Shia was saying that with her tyrannical violence. Truly Hauria-like.

Furthermore the fake’s movement was getting duller as time passed, while in contrast Shia was accelerating even more. She was too much for the fake.

「What’s this nightmare?」

「A barbarous move that surpassed even my imagination lol」

「Kaa-sama!? Tou-sama!?」

Everyone was cringing seeing Shia’s action in the past replay, while Hajime was the only one who was staring at the fake with a serious gaze.

Shia happily ran toward him.

「Hajime-san! You must understand if it’s you Hajime-san! Although it doesn’t look like it, my rabbit ears were properly listening to the fake’s words──」

「A black haired and tanned Shia……is great.」

「It’s Hajime-san who isn’t listening!?」

For Hajime, the differently colored Shia and the other girls were more interesting than the trial itself.

「As I thought 2P color is great. Like this, for some vague reason. ……Say, Yue. Can you edit the past reply later for a compilation of only the fakes? I want to take photo of them for safekeeping.」

「……What a lovely desire. Geez, really Hajime, you dummy.」

Yue-sama gave a firm thumb up. It seemed she could. SasuYue. (Note: SasuYue = Sasuga Yue = As expected from Yue.)

「I already seen Shizuku’s fake but……yeah, I’m looking forward to Yue and Kaori’s fakes too.」

「The case of papa being the only one enjoying in a different way.」

He didn’t even pay attention to his daughter’s exasperated look. Because, I myself am in vacation right now! What’s so wrong with me having fun with it! When they arrived at Erisen at the last day, it might not be a bad idea to ask everyone to use metamorphosis magic so they could look like their fakes in swimsuit.

The past replay was still playing even while Hajime was scheming.

「Hmmm, Shia-chan is too overwhelming. It feels like I’m watching Step*en Seagal’s movie.」

「That’s it. It’s impressive to watch but there’s also no tension at all……now I’m looking forward even more to the rumored Yue-chan VS Shia-chan fight.」

The words of Sumire and Shuu that could be heard in between of the explosive sounds and screaming and the complaining of the fake were something that everyone else also greatly agreed to 「Certainly」. Like that,

『Weak-, slow, dull!! And you call yourself me like thattt!?』

『Dammit all-. This is why rabbit race is just-──nn-nn-. Have you forgotten the cries of you family? That tragedy──』

It felt like the fake showed a face that wasn’t Shia’s personality just for an instant, but in any case, Hajime and others enjoyed Shia’s overwhelming clearing of her trial with the greatest feeling of relaxation until now.

In the middle they even took out popcorn and Co*a Cola from “treasure warehouse” for accompaniment.

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