Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 62 — Ul Town’s Trampling Drama

Chapter 62: Ul Town’s Trampling Drama

(What’s with this… what the heck THIS IS!!)

The large crowd of tens of thousand demonic beasts came to attack Ul town from the rear side. The instantly built moat, and the boy, Shimizu Yukitoshi, who desperately shrunk his trembling body as he hysterically invoked barrier, could only flapped his mouth as he couldn’t believed the disastrous scene in front of him. An unbelievable spectacle, and the reality he didn’t want to believe, he repeatedly cursed with words that wouldn’t come out.

That’s right, the one behind the large crowd of demonic beasts was unmistakably Aiko’s missing student, Shimizu Yukitoshi. By the contract he exchanged with a certain man, he planned to frame Aiko and the others for Ul’s annihilation. However, the townspeople whom he thought would be easily twisted and crushed were still unharmed by the completely unforeseen and threatening ambush. Rather, the current progress brought forth was just like a painting of hell for Shimizu’s side.



As such peculiar sounds resounded in the battlefield, numerous flashes filled with enough killing intent speeded along the sky. The flashes reached their target without giving any time to wink. No matter how strong the several species of demonic beasts who roared and made the earth rumbled were, they were changed into lump of meat in a moment without any chance to resist. The 12,000 death per minute became a merciless “wall” as they approached and they pierced their targets without such lukewarm words of “one bullet one body” as they went through several tens of more demonic beasts in the back.

The pierced demonic beasts, ignoring the law of inertia, were burst and collapsed on the spots in general. The demonic beasts immediately spreaded out to left and right to escape the trail of deaths. But the shooter, Hajime, naturally wouldn’t let them escape as he fired the second round from Metherai just like a folding fan. The “barrage” released and it approached all of the demonic beasts just like a rampart. In the blink of time, the mountain of corpses and river of blood were built.

In addition, on Hajime’s left side was Shia with Orkan on her shoulders and shouted, “Fly however you want~,” as she pulled the trigger. Pashu rang out in succession as the rocket launcher fired.

On the contrary of those stupid sounds, the warheads passed into the middle of demonic beasts as they leave trails of sparks and caused huge explosions which blown the demonic beasts within ten meters. The demonic beasts’ bodies near the ground zero were turned into pieces while the intense shock waves damaged the bones and internal organs of the ones farther. Furthermore, the demonic beasts that were incapable of even standing up were treaded and crushed to death.

Even though she exhausted all of the ammo, Shia reloaded it with the piles of warheads on her side from Hajime and fired them successively. The fired rockets exploded overhead the demonic beast just like grenades, and numerous brightly burning flames were scattered below. Just like incendiary grenade, the liquid tars which kept burning at 3,000 oC were extracted from Flame Crystal and poured down just like a great rain towards the demonic beasts whose bodies were burnt to ashes. They screamed and struggled as the flame which carried scorching destruction spreaded and swallowed the surroundings demonic beasts. Comparing the number of demonic beasts that exploded and the ones turned to ashes, in the area Shia was in charge of… were two against one.

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Tio was positioned at Shia’s right side. Her outstretched hands were releasing black aurora which scorched the surrounding air since a while ago. It was the Breath from her dragon form. Apparently, she was capable of shooting it even in human form. The black flame which was capable to press on Hajime’s full power, defense flew and instantly penetrated the large crowds in the rear into annihilation. As is, Tio moved her arms horizontally and the black bombardment moved according to her arms and annihilated everything.

After the bombardment was stopped, nothing remained except the gouged ground. In exchange, it should be considerably exhausting. Tio’s shoulders were dropped as her body trembled. However, she immediately straightened her posture after she kissed the ring in her finger. She was taking out magic power’s stock inside the ring of magic crystallization she stone received from Hajime. Because of Breath attack, the vanguard demonic beasts around the area she was in charge of were annihilated, and Tio who could take it easy used magic with comparatively smaller consumption rate.

“Wind which blowing wildly, the torrent which burn in crimson, “Worldly Flame Tempest”.”

For the sake of suppressing magic power consumption rate, she chanted and heightened her concentration. Following that, flame tornado magic was released. Its scale was the same as F4 class tornado on earth. The swirling flame of ten meters in diameter advanced towards the group of demonic beasts and the surrounding demonic beasts were blown up. The demonic beasts thrown up into the air didn’t have any way to struggle and they jumped into the flame as is. Following that, what was thrown out from the crimson tornado were ashes scattered like gray snow. The tornado which turned everything into ashes was trampling the battlefield without reserve.

Yue’s annihilation power on Hajime’s right side surpassed them. Even though Hajime and the others started the attack, Yue stood still and had her eyes closed. The demonic beasts, who realized the attack from the right side was thinner, gathered there to escape the storm of destruction and invaded from the right-wing. The marching demonic beasts were crowding and came charging. At the moment, their distance was about 500 meters. Yue opened her eyes and slowly raised her right hand, and with two whispered words, she recited the name of the powerful magic as if declaring it to the world.

“”Threat Destroyer””

It was the trigger to invoke the Age of God’s magic. It was the magic granted by Miledi Raisen which interfere with one law of the world, “gravity movement.” For the vampire princess who held the natural talent for magic, she needed a “long time” to control her magic power and to fix the image because it was a difficult magic she couldn’t invoke immediately, yet.

Along with Yue’s chant, the same swirling, dark orb just like the one when they fought the black dragon appeared above the approaching demonic beasts. However, there were differences as the orb shape was changed. The orb became thinner and thinner until its length reached 500 meters squarely above the demonic beasts. Following that, the dark ceiling which blocked the sunlight immediately fell before the demonic beasts.

In the next moment, it could be said “the demonic beasts were annihilated from the world.” In truth, the Ul’s townspeople behind the wall could only dumbfoundedly watch what Hajime and his party did as a trampling play; there’s no other way to look at it.

The truth they seen made it looked like a simple thing. The dark ceiling fell into the the group of demonic beast, the demonic beast sunk into the ground as is, and a 10 meter crater with length of 500 meters was created. The demonic beasts that crowding and charging didn’t have the time to understand what happened as all of their bodies were crushed and became stains at the bottom of the ground. In an aspect, it became just like the dump for demonic beasts’ corpses. With only an attack from Yue, nearly 2,000 demonic beasts were killed in an instant, they were unfortunate as the demonic beasts’ bodies were turned into pieces with their entrails scattered with this above the borderline technique.

The following demonic beasts fell one by one into the huge hole where the ground suddenly disappeared. Unable to null their charging momentum, they were pushed from the back. In the blink of time, several thousands of demonic beasts fell into the huge hole, then Yue once again interfere with gravity using magic power which taken out from magic crystallization stone. Demonic beasts’ corpses were piled on top of demonic beasts’ corpses.

The blowing wind carried the smell of the trampled demonic beasts’ blood towards the town. Such strong smell made the townspeople one by one unable to suppressed their nausea, even so the townspeople raised an uproar because of the unreal “overwhelming power” and “trampling play.”WAaAAA——, shout of joy raised all over the town.

The town leaders and the guard Knights remained dumbfounded as they saw Hajime and his party’s power for the first time. The students who once again witnessed that power could strongly feel the “differences” between them as they showed expressions with mixed feelings. Originally, they were going protect the people from such demonic beasts, at leasts they first objected to defending from the same location as the townspeople where they could only see the back of a classmate that was looked down as an “incompetent.” That’s why their mind became complexed.

Aiko was only praying single-mindedly. For the safety of Hajime and his party. At the same time, her expression was distorted because the things about her had became too late to repair. With such gruesome battlefield in front of her, the contradiction with her sweetness strike on people’s hearts.

Before long, the number of demonic beasts were remarkably decreased and the northern ground which was hidden by the large crowd could be seen, and Tio finally fell. Having exhausted the magic power from magic crystallization stone, she couldn’t move because of magic power exhaustion.

“Muu, this one will stop here… already, no fireball can be made… sorry.”

While she collapsed in prostration, only her face looked at Hajime which filled with apologizes and Tio’s complexion had passed from blue as it turned white. Literally, the consumption of magic power she did could brought about her death.

“… It’s enough. Looks like you aren’t just a pervert. Leave the rest to me and sleep as is.”

“… For Master to be gentle… though I thought I’d be insulted… No, about the whipping after this over… can I expect it?”

“Just die as is.”

With her face looked like the dead whose blood was extracted, Tio’s body began to trembling by Hajime’s words. Her expression was one of a satisfaction. Hajime looked at her as if he saw something disgusting and clicked his tongue, then he returned his gaze towards the group of demonic beasts.

Now, their number with scale of 10,000 had been reduced by 8,000 to 9,000. If remembering the large crowd in the beginning, the damages could be stated as a total annihilation. However, the demonic beasts were still made reckless charges. To be accurate, it seemed some of the demonic beasts were giving them commands. The ordinary demonic beasts completely obeyed them, following the commands from the leader of various species, and they charging in perplexion. Hajime was able to noticed that because their number had fallen.

Assuming Shimizu Yukitoshi as the culprit behind this incident, even if he carried some cheats, in truth, Hajime felt suspicious about it as he thought if he really could brainwashed such large crowd just like Tio. But, not all of the tens of thousands demonic beasts were brainwashed, by brainwashing the leaders of various species, he made the subordinates followed those leaders. It was quite efficient. However, there was still the doubt on how he gathered such number in a short time…

For now, he’d put that doubt aside. Because the leaders movements were monotonous and slow, even though there were some flexibilities along with the composition of demonic beasts who obeyed the repeated reckless commands, it’d be better for him to quickly kill those leaders. If he did that, the demonic beasts that faithful to their instinct would run away into the northern mountain because the difference of force from Hajime and his party was already carved into their body.

Hajime stared at the extermination weapon, Metherai, in his hands. Two smokes were raised and it seemed the cooling wouldn’t make it in time. If he continued to attack more than this, it’d fell apart somewhere. Of course there was the possibility to restore it, but he couldn’t do it instantly because it was a delicate objects. It was necessary to took some time to work precisely on it. That’s why, because it’d be a hassle, he switched to more appropriate method of attack.

“Yue, your remaining magic power?”

“… Nn, only two of magic crystallization stones left… the consumption rate of that gravity magic was more than expected. Training is needed.”

“No no, didn’t you just kill more than 20.000 alone? That’s enough. I’ll just pinpoint attack the leftover. Please cover me.”


Even though Hajime’s words were few, Yue immediately nodded in acknowledgement and carried it out. They were in harmony. Satisfied by that, Hajime talked to Shia.

“Shia, did you understand the difference in the demonic beasts?”

“Yes, The manipulated demonic beasts just like Tio at that time and the weak-kneed demonic beasts, right?”

“Weak-kneed… yup, well, that’s right. Probably, those demonic beasts that look like Tio’s are the leaders of the groups. The others will run away if they are killed.”

“I see, because I don’t have any ammo left, it’s direct killing!”

“… Ah, aa. What can I say, you’ve become sturdier…”

“Of course. It is for the sake of being by the side of you two.”

Towards the smiling Shia, Hajime returned a wry smile which somehow feel like a gentle smile. However, he tightened his expression as he put Metherai inside the “Treasure Box” and took out Donner-Schlag. At the same time, Shia also put Orkan away and her hand reached Doryukken on her back.

The leaders of demonic beasts numbered around 100. Perhaps, because of the suicide assault, they began to lost their leadership on the subordinate demonic beasts as majority of them fall back.

The attacks from Metherai and Orkan, followed by Tio’s magic might made them thought they had lost their chance, and the demonic beasts began to march back.

To cover Hajime and Shia’ attack, Yue invoked her magic.

“”Thunder Dragon””

Immediately a dragon of thunder that created violent sparks and raised roars of thunderbolts appeared from the heaven which shrouded by dark cloud, and it infringed the frontline from the right to the left. The golden dragon opened its huge mouth, and seeing the group of demonic beasts annihilated as they voluntarily jumped, the following demonic beasts once again flinching. At that chance, Hajime and Shia charge at the crowd at once.


Hajime used “Ground Shrinker” as he dashed on the ground and successively fired Donner-Schlag. His eyes grasped the appearances from the small gap on the crowd, he fired the flashes of death and they reached the targets through the small gap as they hit right at the vital points without mercy.

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Without even glancing at the demonic beasts in the frontline, somehow only the leaders in the back were mysteriously burst open one after another which made the surrounding demonic beasts halted. Then, a shadow suddenly appeared above one of the demonic beasts. Immediately, the demonic beasts looked up at the sky and there was a girl with fluttering rabbit ears and carrying a gigantic warhammer literally fell from the sky and jumped into the scene.

That girl was Shia, she stepped on the demonic beasts’ heads and hopping just like a rabbit above the crowd. The last demonic beast’s head she stepped on was crushed as she jumped grandly and she flew at once into the sky using Gravity magic to lightened her weight.

Following that, she turned around as she passed the zenith, she increased her weight several times at once and fall with tremendous power. Her targeted point was of course the location where several leaders were stiffened. Her free fall speed was accelerated further as the reaction from the outburst when she pulled Doryukken’s trigger, and she used body strengthening to the limit to put the highest power into her attack. Then, the hammer that could be called the destruction incarnated fall down without even losing its momentum.



The attack which accompanied with lovely shout was just like a meteorite. The Brutal-type leader who received the direct hit was crushed to death as its head immediately reached the ground while flesh and blood were scattered by the violent impact. The flesh and blood slipped into the ground and stones which blown by the impact and returned to the ground as fertilizer. Following that, the same fate visited the crowding demonic beasts in the surroundings. Doryukken’s overwhelming impact made the ground and stones flew just like bullets and scattered the fleshes which also returned into the ground just like before.

Shia was in the bottom of the crater she made herself and she used the reaction from the outburst to pull Doryukken which buried on the ground and at the same time she used the high-speed movement to move towards the demonic beasts and once again attacked each group’s leader.

As expected, she didn’t have the heart to just naively let the demonic beasts that did whatever they please away, and Shia crushed the surrounding meat wall to death. Shia used Doryukken’s designed gimmick to further extended the handle by more than one meter and used the outburst to do high-speed revolution just like a spinning top. Following that, Doryukken which carried enough centrifugal force blown away the approaching mixed wall of meat.

Countless Brutals fluttered as they were blown away radially. The girl with delicate appearance easily blown away the many times bigger demonic beasts as if they were pingpong ball. The spectacle was just like a joke. Shia restored her body pose from the flow of gyration and she became depressed when she saw the targeted leaders were crushed from the gap of the blown away Brutals.

Then, in that moment, her rabbit ears caught a sound of something new approaching in high speed from the right rear. Without panicking, Shia timingly rotated her body and used Doryukken to intercept the ambush. But, the newcomers, demonic beasts with black-fur, four ruby-like eyes, and looked like wolves, were already expecting that as they immediately decelerated and splendidly avoid Shia’s attack.

If they were normal demonic beasts, in theory they’d continued the attack and became corpses by the swung weapon. Actually, Shia also had thought of that as she concentrated her body strengthening on her legs, and she’d won by immediately jumping overhead the raid.

However, Shia’s expectation was betrayed. Somehow the four-eyed wolves weren’t jumped at Shia but Doryukken with their strong jaws as they used all of their might to pushed the ground to seal it. Of course such demonic beasts couldn’t beat Shia’s body strengthening. But, because she was surprised by the unexpected, her movement was sealed for a moment.

Thus the black, four-eyed wolves had enough time. The same kind of demonic beast was approaching as it opened its mouth filled with sharp fangs from Shia’s back with a perfect timing. Shia opened her eyes wide and immediately released the body strengthening which concentrated on her legs towards her whole body. That because she was preparing to received the attacks.

At the moment those sharp fangs almost drenched by Shia’s blood, something interrupted between Shia and the four-eyed wolf. With length of 60 cm and width of 40 cm, it was a metallic cross which middle part was just like a round shield. That cross prevented the demonic beast’s mouth from biting Shia.

Gari gari sound resounded and the demonic beast desperately tried to crunch the foreign object that jumped out all of a sudden, but the cross that emitted weak red light wasn’t daunted at all. In the next moment, the demonic beast’s lower jaw was blown off accompanied with roaring sound.


The cross soundlessly moved overhead the screaming and writhing demonic beast and a bullet pulverized the demonic beast’s head accompanied with another roaring sound. In addition,


Hearing the firing sound, Shia lightened her grip on Doryukken. Shia looked back at the four-eyed wolves who temporary closed off her path and their abdomens and heads were also shot through as they crumbled by another two crosses which floating mid-air.

“”Shia, don’t relax your guard. Among the demonic beasts, there were some whose movement are obviously different. There’s not only brainwashed ones and the subordinates of demonic beasts. Take three of the Cross Bits with you. Annihilate the 27 on the right. The frontline will hold for five minutes for Yue.””

Shia finally caught up that she had escaped from the pinch and he received the “Telepathy” from Hajime. Hah, Shia who regained her senses was straightening herself and answered through the telepathy stone on her choker (Shia never thought of it as a collar).

“Roger! Also, I am saved. Thank you very much!”

“Ou, be careful.”

“… Fufu, recently, Hajime-san’s attitude becoming more and more softened. It is just one step away from it to become an accomplished fact!”

Having confirmed the communication was cut, Shia muttered that to herself as she smiled because the floating “Cross Bits” in the surroundings were as if they were protecting her. Following that, she psyched up and readied Doryukken, then she set out to annihilate the cautious leader which had different fur color from the demonic beasts from a while ago.

“Fuu, just as usual, she always got into some trouble, this girl…”

Muttering that, Hajime exterminated the demonic beasts with overwhelming force. There were four cross floating around Hajime.

“Cross Bit” was how Hajime called the floating crosses, they moved by the same principle as the Unmanned Reconnaissance Planes and their type specialized in attacking. Inside were loaded with gun and rifle bullet, they were operated using the bracelet where seven induction stones were installed. Moreover, the surface was covered with mineral which endowed with “Vajra” using Creation magic, so they could become strong shields as they reacted on the magic power from induction stone.

Hajime, who used Gun=Kata as he pleased while manipulating the Cross Bits at the same time, unfolded a storm of attacks without any room of escape. Already, 40 of the demonic beasts’ leaders were killed and there were demonic beasts who began to escape from the full-powered “Pressure.”

Then, a human’s shadow who screaming something towards the escaping demonic beasts in the distance was seen by Hajime at the edge of his view. Because it only put out its head from the ground, for a moment he thought it was someone’s severed head, but Hajime used “Farsight” and he certainly saw it move. That head was covered with black robe.

The black robed man, Shimizu was throwing a tantrum just like a child as he shouted at the escaping demonic beasts, then he began to recite something as he held up the artifact staff received in Imperial Palace. Of course, because there was no obligation to wait for the chant completion, Hajime fired Donner in his spare time and the staff was blown off in the middle. As the after effect, Shimizu was knocked and collapsed into the hole on the ground.

Thus although he didn’t know what Shimizu was trying to do, the black, four-eyed, wolf-type demonic beasts who were hidden inside the crowd and patiently waiting for the decisive gap around Hajime jumped at once. As expected, they had the potential of coordination ability that couldn’t be compared to the surrounding demonic beasts. It made him remembered the two-tailed wolf from before.

Actually, Hajime feel they could be a good match if they fight against the two-tailed wolf. Although they didn’t have peculiar magic to manipulate thunder and simply had inferior offensive power compared to the two-tailed wolf, sometime, they evaded the location Hajime attacked as if they knew about it, so their peculiar magic must be something along “Prediction” system. Following that, their coordination would make them the same level as the two-tailed wolf… in other words, it wasn’t strange for the demonic beasts to be in the so-called low layer of the Abyss.

Why such demonic beasts here?, though there was such a doubt, he undertaking attacks, so it was just unnecessary thought for now. Hajime temporarily averted his thought from eliminating the leaders of the demonic beasts and concentrated on defeating the 12 black, four-eyed wolves.

Front, back, left, and right, furthermore there were black, four-eyed wolves who began to attack from above, so he rotated his body like a top and successively fired Donner-Schlag. They used “Prediction” to evaded from their spots, and Hajime also used “Prediction” to attack their next location. Even so, he was surprised that there were some that still capable to evade. Similar to the two-tailed wolf, they must have a method of communication like telepathy among their companions, and there might be some who looked over the battlefield.

Avoiding Hajime’s shots, the four-eyed wolf leaped from the back because of the small gap when he reloaded mid-air, and one of the Cross Bits expanded just like flower petal and blown it away. Using that demonic beasts as stepping stone was another four-eyed wolf as it jumped, and the Cross Bit immediately became a shield to obstructed it, then he shoot out the Shotgun from the elbow of his artificial left arm.

Inside the rain of flesh and blood, two Cross Bits concentrated barrage at one corner towards the encircling four-eyed wolves. When the encirclement opened by force, he slipped through using “Ground Shrinker” and shot to death the four-eyed wolves from the back which followed by Donner-Schlag further slaughtering another two because they had finished reloading.

Then, there was one that thrown away its body since the start and hurled its attacked body as it jumped towards Hajime. Hajime evaded by jumping sideway, shot the lower part of the demonic beast that came flying and blown off the four-eyed wolf that charging from its back. Taking a passive approach, Hajime immediately stood up and the four-eyed wolves opened their big mouths as if they had waited for this moment, then they tried to crunch Hajime with their fangs. It was a perfect timing. If seen from the side, it unmistakably could be seen that the four-eyed wolves’ mouths had settled on Hajime’s body.

However, at that time Hajime’s appearance started to sway and the four-eyed wolves’ mouths onlygachin!, let out such sounds as they bit the empty space. Unbeknownst to them, Hajime’s body had advanced one step. Hajime shot through the abdomens of the four-eyed wolves he just passed through.

Furthermore, another four-eyed wolves leaped at Hajime, but it became the same as before, the place they attacked was wrong by a step. In each case, Hajime shot and blown them away as they passed each other.

The black, four-eyed wolves were as if they mistaken their eyes measurement and the chain of event completely became like that. It was the skill derived from Hajime’s “Sign Interception” called “+Phantom Step”. The effect was at the time he intercepted his presence and he’d leave his presence in the spot before he intercepted it for a few seconds. Because the real body’s presence was intercepted, it’d be mistaken that he was still on his former location. Of course, because he merely shifted his presence, it was comparatively easier to notice if ones carefully observed him. But, in a fight which few comma of seconds could decided between victory and defeat, it was difficult for them to not be puzzled. The validity increased if the enemies were particularly sensitive towards presence.

Naturally, Hajime used “Light Speed” to control the Cross Bits, so no matter even if the black, four-eyed wolves were demonic beasts with Abyss-class power, they naturally weren’t enemies for him. In the end, although the four-eyed wolves were probably Shimizu’s trump card, they couldn’t even grazed Hajime and annihilated in two minutes.

Hajime scattered the Cross Bits which killed the leaders with raging force. From the information the Cross Bits he put beside Shia in separated location, only several left before it ended in the other side. Even the demonic beasts that tried to charge towards the town were completely disallowed to drew near by Yue’s thunder dragon.

After about two minutes, Hajime confirmed that they succeeded in eliminating the brainwashed demonic beasts. Then, having confirmed that, suu— he greatly inhaled and roared which coupled with “Magic Power Emission.”


The huge roar and the surge of magic power ran through the battlefield. The overwhelming pressure attacked and shocked the demonic beasts’ minds and they feel huge instinctive fear. Following that, they noticed their groups’ leaders were already non-existence. After a moment of stiffening, they began to turn on their heels and desperately escaping towards the north while making a detour around Hajime.

The groups of demonic beasts which like a water current was as if parted by a rock on the river which was Hajime. Hajime confirmed his appearance with a sharp gaze, when he discovered Shimizu who seemed trying to escape using the last four-eyed wolf in the moment of confusion.

Hajime kneeled and firmly set Donner with both hands and successively pulled the trigger. The bullets ran through the air with miraculous time lag, the four-eyed wolf sneak a glance towards the sign of turbulence felt by “Prediction” and avoid the first attack, but it collapsed as the second attack shot through its big thigh. The impact made Shimizu blown away. Because his body’s specs were high, he immediately got up even though his body was struck hard. He rushed and shouted something towards the four-eyed wolf then he started to kick its head.

He probably shouted something about it should quickly stand up. He was obviously hysteric. After a while, maybe he was hinted by something to force the wolf to move, he began to chant as he put his hand on the black, four-eyed wolf’s head.

Hajime saw that, fired the railgun without the need to discuss, and pierced where the black, four-eyed wolf was stopped. Shimizu who once again blown away because of the after effect was moving his limbs in panic, and this time he escaping by himself as he began to run towards the north just like the demonic beasts.

Hajime took out magic-driven two-wheeler, accelerated at once and caught up to Shimizu in the blink of the time. Shimizu looked back towards the KIiIII! sound behind him and he frantically moved his limbs to escape as he became stupefied by the bike which shouldn’t be existed in this different world.

“What! What the hell! That’s impossible! If it’s true, the same hero as I- GUPEh!?”

The back of the head of Shimizu who frantically running while cursing was struck by Hajime’s artificial arm with two-wheeler’s momentum as is. Shimizu’s face dived into the ground and slipped on the ground for several meters with killer whale-like posture before he stopped.

“Well then, what should I say to sensei? About this guy… and according to the situation, mine will…”

Hajime said that to himself as he tied up Shimizu using the wire from his artificial arm and return towards the town as is. The appearance of Shimizu who was dragged by the two-wheeler as he was painted by the scattered blood and fleshes of demonic beasts while creating a dust storm on the ruined ground… could be correctly said as a defeated soldier.

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