Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 64 — Inside the Returning Vehicle

Chapter 64: Inside the Returning Vehicle

The magic-driven four-wheeler dashed onto the highway while raising a storm of dust, with the Northern Mountain Ranges at its back. Because it was a road treaded by many people over the span of many years, it was in far better condition compared to the road from UI town to the Northern Mountain Ranges area. Thanks to the suspensions he installed, the vibrations were dulled and the four-wheeler advanced smoothly towards Fhuren.

Shia was seated in the front seat and her rabbit ears were flapping in the wind thanks to the fully opened windows. She looked somewhat displeased since she liked the two-wheeler more than the four-wheeler. After all, she liked the feeling of her rabbit ears cutting through the wind and embracing Hajime while resting her face on his shoulder.

Naturally, Hajime was the driver. The seat beside him was, of course, Yue’s. Will was seated in the back seat.

Will anxiously asked Hajime, while slightly leaning his body forward, “Excuse me~, was it really okay to leave them like that? If you only spoke a little more about it… especially towards Aiko-dono…”

Without turning his head, Hajime answered indifferently, “Nn~? Not really, everything is okay. After all, there would be only more trouble if I stay there… Sensei can also make good decisions even if I am not there.”

“… It’s probably as you said, but…”

“You… setting aside whether or not you’re a good person… aren’t you too concerned about others?”

Even though he heard Hajime’s words, Will still wore an anxious expression, which made Hajime smile wryly. To truly be in pain and crying for the dead adventurers, not to mention remaining in an unrelated town about to be attacked by a large crowd of demonic beasts which was normally thought of as suicidal. To forgive Tio, who was the object his grudge, and now he was worried about the relationship between the one who half-threatened him; Hajime and Aiko and the others. He was a noble from the Kingdom, and he was extremely eccentric, as he was aiming to become an adventurer. However, even more than that, he was a good-natured person who cares about everything.

“… A good person.”

“A good person~.”

“Umu, a good fellow.”

Will showed a complex expression towards those words said simultaneously. Although he was praised, it was an indescribably subtle evaluation for women to think of a man as “a good person.”

“P-Please stop talking about me… I only wanted to ask you for a full explanation of your reasoning…”

“… Reasoning?”

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With no more than a subtle expression while he scratched his cheeks, Will continued to talk. However, Hajime’s eyebrows twitched in reaction to Will’s words.

“That’s right. About Aiko-dono, who was probably left with ill-feelings and about why the boy called Shimizu was killed… The reason for your actions.”

“…Didn’t I explain it already? He was an enemy…”

“That’s the reason you “killed” him and not the reason why you “can’t save” him, right? After all, he had already received a mortal wound at that time, and he would be dead in a few minutes if you just left him… There should be a reason as to why you purposely killed him, right?”

“… You unexpectedly observed the situation rather well.”

What Will pointed out hit the bullseye. He was a classmate, so the impact when Hajime killed him while Aiko pleaded for help was too strong. Thus, the fact that it wasn’t necessary for Hajime to kill him was well hidden. Will, who noticed that fact, could be said to carry the “eyes” of a noble. Hajime’s tone carried admiration towards Will who wasn’t deceived.

Even Shia, who had her face out the window to enjoy the wind said, “Now that you mentioned it, I also noticed that,” and she turned to look at Hajime, who was driving, with a knowing look. Hajime hesitated a little on how to answer the question, but Yue answered them before he could say anything.

“… Hajime is a tsundere.”



Maybe because Yue hit the nail on the head, Hajime kept a poker face and continued his silence. The other members could only parrot her.

“… Repaying Aiko? In other words, you were just worried about her?”

“… That’s just a coincidence.”

From how Hajime curtly answered and looked the other way, it seemed like Yue’s guess was right on the mark, so Shia and the others asked for an explanation.

Because Hajime didn’t want to answer them, Yue answered in his stead. In short, he tried to avert Aiko’s mind from feeling responsible for Shimizu’s death.

Shimizu had said it before. The purpose of meeting the demonic race was to kill “Goddess of Good Harvest,” Aiko. In other words, Shimizu was used to kill Aiko. Even the last attack went through Shimizu’s body to kill Aiko.

Of course, Aiko wasn’t responsible for Shimizu’s death. Shimizu sold his soul to the demon race on his own will, which resulted in his death. Because it was the result of his own decision, Shimizu himself was responsible for it. Even if he wasn’t responsible for it, it was the responsibility of the one from demon race who mortally wounded Shimizu.

However, would Aiko agree to it? After all, the last attack was aimed at Aiko. That was the reason why she felt strongly responsible. Aiko always thought of her students first. Shimizu died because she involved him. In effect, wasn’t it her fault Shimizu was dead?, she might think in such a way. Thus he thought, can Aiko’s mind endure it?; Hajime felt a slight fear.

Even Aiko should feel unease and fear as human who was summoned to a different world. Although she didn’t lament as she cowered and trembled in fear, the reason she could work so hard was because she had her pride as a “teacher.” In addition, there were “students” who occupied Aiko’s mind as a “teacher.”

And a student had died because of her. The impact was greater than when she had heard Hajime had died, or the time when Hajime said the cause was the backstabbing of a classmate. It would be a much stronger blade to damage Aiko’s heart. It might even break her.

Hajime calculations would be affected if Aiko was broken, but he was definitely worried about her. Hajime had felt that Aiko’s words were an impossible ideal, because they gave birth to a lot of contradictions.

Even so, the words said by Aiko made him think it was definitely be necessary for Yue and Shia’s future happiness. That’s why even if the world had changed, and even if Hajime had changed, the “preaching” of Hajime’s “teacher” made him feel indebted to her.

Therefore Hajime killed Shimizu even though he would die soon enough even if he was left alone. Making a strong impression, emphasizing that Shimizu was an “enemy”. This was followed by making an impression of Hajime being the one who killed Shimizu. Aiko’s heart shouldn’t break down. He thought it was his duty so his “teacher” wouldn’t change.

“So that’s what happened… Fufu, what a tsundere Hajime-san is.”

“So that’s what happened…”

“Indeed~, Master is unexpectedly cute.”

Yue finished her explanation to the other members, and their eyes carried warmth as they looked at Hajime, but Hajime kept looking the other way.

“… But, I think Aiko noticed it.”


Hajime silently turned his gaze to Yue. Yue returned Hajime’s glance with gentle eyes.

“… Aiko is Hajime’s teacher. A person whose words remained in Hajime’s heart. That’s why there’s no way she didn’t notice…”

“… Yue.”

“… It’s okay, Aiko is strong. The situation will definitely end how Hajime desired it.”


Apparently Yue trusted Aiko because Aiko could at least have Hajime focus on himself. Something she couldn’t do. Towards Yue who watched him with an upward gaze, Hajime responded by gently narrowing his eyes. Because of Yue’s words, his worries about Aiko and future developments which clouded his mind cleared.

“Haa~, to create the world where only the two of you existed… no matter how much time passes, I will also create such atmosphere…”

“Th-This, what can I say… I somehow feel something sweet in my mouth…”

“Muu~ this one wants thee to abuse this one, but… even this kind of situation isn’t bad…”

Will and the others felt uncomfortable because of Hajime and Yue’s sweet atmosphere. Shia in particular was puffing her cheeks and pouting in distaste.

Yue noticed Shia and shifted her gaze towards her, and once again matched Hajime’s gaze to silently appeal to him. The content was none other than “Shia’s reward.” Without Shia’s peculiar magic; “Foresight” and her desperate action, Aiko would have become someone who couldn’t return because of a hole in her head. Shia had saved Hajime’s teacher.

Because he understood, Hajime let out an “Uh,” moved his gaze away from Yue, looked at Shia and said, “… Shia. That’s, well, you saved us. Though it’s belated,… thank you.”

“… Who?”

The result of him saying his gratitude while enduring his embarrassment were those words along with astonished expression. Though veins popped on Hajime’s forehead, he endured it because it was the consequence of his deeds.

“… Well, I think it couldn’t be helped for you to take such attitude… Even so, I am seriously expressing my gratitude, you know?”

Hajime matched his gaze with Shia, who was looking at him firmly expressing his gratitude with a “Thank you.” Because of Hajime straightforward words, Shia’s body trembled as though an electric shock ran through her whole body, and she became restless. Her gaze excitedly wandered around while her cheeks were dyed in deep red. Her rabbit ears were swaying here and there.

“Th-that’s, well, i-it’s not like I’ve done something amazing, and it’s okay if you don’t say thank— A-agh! What’s with this suddenness. Somehow, it feels really embarrassing… ehehe.”

Hajime smiled wryly while looking at Shia’s embarrassed state, and he asked of the doubts he had.

“Shia. Though I was just a little curious about it,… why did you unhesitatingly jump out at that time? You had never talked about anything important with sensei, right? I also can’t remember a timewhen you got along with her…”

“That is… because she is someone Hajime-san worried about.”

“… That’s all, huh.”

“?… Yes, I think that’s all?”

“… I see.”

Because of Shia’s astonished expression, Hajime expression ascertained that he couldn’t say anything more. Certainly, Aiko was Hajime’s teacher. His classmates would be impacted if she was gone.

He was honestly glad she didn’t die. However, he remembered he didn’t show it through his speech and behavior. Nevertheless, Yue and Shia seemed to be able to read what was in Hajime’s heart; they were people who always knew his heartfelt emotions. Though he only thought of it now, they had crossed the boundaries of being companions. Such understanding had crossed his mind.

Thus, even if Yue didn’t say anything, he thought to repay Shia with something. And so, Hajime who was still embarrassed spoke to her.

“Shia. Is there something you want?”

“Heh? Something… I want?”

“Ah. You can say it’s a thanks or a reward… Well, something like that. Of course it’s only something within my ability, okay?”

Shia was a little perplexed because of the sudden words. Since she thought what she had done was a natural thing to do for companions, she thought it was a little exaggerated. “U-U~n,” she groaned and when she casually saw Yue at his side.

Yue was watching Shia with a gentle expression, and then she nodded. Her gaze told her was it was okay for Shia to honestly receive Hajime’s gratitude, Yue was urging her. Shia, who accurately read the situation, let out a forced laugh. After thinking about a little, and she turned her gaze from Yue who revealed a smile while nodding towards Hajime.

“Then, please take my first—”

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“… Why? No matter how much I think, finally the dere time has COMEEE!!! It is that kind of time, right? Right? Please read the mood!”

“I said, ‘within my ability’.”

“That’s quite within your ability! Even though you always casually keep me away, you did it with Yue-san! I know it happened! My heart felt empty whenever I found out about your liaison! Woo, when we arrive at Fhuren, I’ll once again go on errand alone, and you will make love during that time, right? Sob Again, I alone… Killing time alone,… then I’ll pretend to not see Yue-san beaming… damn it…”

“No, pl—, there’s nothing to cry about… I am in love with Yue, and about you, well, I think of you as an important companion, but it’s not love… For me to embrace someone else is…”

“… Sob… Hajime-san, you good for nothing!”

“… Oi.”

“A wuss! A bastard who tricks a maiden’s heart! A good for nothing! You perverted voyeur!”

The time has come!, and she was about to say her wish with joyful expression, but Shia became indignant because she was rejected even before she finished voicing request. She let out all of her dissatisfaction up until now as she curses Hajime while weeping.

From the back seat, “Pfft… The man who annihilated several tens of thousands of demonic beasts is… a good for nothing… Pfft.”

“Unexpectedly, Master has a pure heart, if thou still haven’t been in that kind of relationship… it means this one whose ass’s first time was deprived has a step in the lead…”

Those words were heard although it said in whisper. Hajime seriously thought, should I throw them out of this car?, for a moment. However, Yue who was sitting by his side was somehow looking at him with a criticizing gaze, and he let out a “Guh”.

Following that, he spoke to Shia again with cramped cramped cheeks. In addition, he swore in his heart to punish Will later. About the other voice… he would leave her as is because he didn’t want to be her companion.

“Shia. Please lower the hurdle. If it’s another thing…”

“… Hajime, you can’t?”

For some reason, Yue hugged Shia. Shia said with a miserable voice as she clung to Yue, “Yue-saa~n”.

Obviously, Yue seemed to allow Hajime to embrace Shia. Recently, Yue has been truly spoiling Shia. Hajime had thought it was because of a deep friendship, but somehow it became similar to a big sister helping her troubled little sister. Moreover, the elder one was a sis-con.

His beloved woman was asking him to embrace another woman. Seriously, Hajime who didn’t know what this situation meant could only hold his head with both hands. However, Hajime also had something he wanted to say.

“… I, what my heart wants is Yue, only you. I don’t hate Shia, I think of her as an important companion, but… I can’t treat her the same as Yue. You know, I carry the desire to monopolize Yue. No matter what reason it is, I won’t allow her to be beside another man. You can think of it as being a narrow-minded or selfish, but… I want Yue to think the same as me, it’s something I desire. That’s why, even if it was Shia, could you pardon me from starting a relation with another woman?”

“… Hajime.”

With Shia clinging to her arm, Yue’s cheeks blushed and she looked straight at Hajime with moistened eyes. Hajime once again gently stroke Yue’s cheek with his hand as he returned her gaze, and the two formed a sweet atmosphere anew. Even the air’s color seemed to have turned pink.

The two watched each other faces as they gradually drew closer, then…

“… It seems I… have been completely forgotten… even though it was the talk about my reward…”

Shia was scowling with a dangerous tone as she stared at Hajime and Yue who almost reached the climax. Then the two finally noticed their surroundings and hurriedly distanced themselves. Yue, who still felt embarrassed, was timidly twirling her beautiful hair to calm down.

Hajime, who confessed his feelings, had his heart thrown out of order because of the surprise attack. His expressionlessness crumbled, and his mouth naturally stammered for an excuse. The words of him wanting to monopolize her and to be monopolized, were heavy responsibility for a person, but Yue was extremely happy. Her heart shivered and she inadvertently forgot about everything except Hajime.

“… I see, I somehow understand the relationship between the three of you… Shia-dono has it hard.”

“Annoyed… The bond with Yue is deep… though that’ll be a hindrance to this one… Well, as long as this one will be abused, then it’s…”

Will’s expression looked as if he would vomit sugars as he tried to guess the relationship between the three. They didn’t want to know of the existence of the pervert who started panting as she imagined something.

“… Hajime, I am sorry. But, Shia is also important… I want to repay her. So, please go out with her for a day inside the town… Can you?”


Now, Yue was asking Hajime for Shia’s sake. Shia, whose heart was broken had her head patted, and was now spoiledly pressing and rubbing her face against Yue. Hajime who saw their appearance answered with a wry smile.

“That’s okay, I don’t mind if it’s just that much. It’s not because Yue asked for Shia, okay? Even if Shia was the one who asked for it, I’ll at least go out with her.”

“Hajime-san… no, there’s no need to be concerned about it, it’s okay as long as it can become an established fact!”

“… Seriously, you are…”

“Well, because that’s still impossible, I’ll endure it for now by increasing the favorability through the date. Once we arrive at Fhuren, please take me to the Sightseeing Ward, okay?”

“Ah, ah, okay.”

Because of that idea, Hajime thought to once again remind her that Yue was the only special one for him. However, Shia probably already knew, but she didn’t get discouraged. With a complex expression, Hajime thought, Well, it’s okay to let Shia do what she wants, as he acknowledged their date. There was no change to the fact that Shia was already an important existence for Hajime, and he could not be reluctant about it because it was something Yue asked of him. Thus, he confirmed he wanted to reward her for her hard work.

“What’s with this feeling of being an outsider. It’s the same feeling of slipping into another family’s get-together.”

“Hmm. This kind of ‘Ignoring play’ doesn’t make this one feel happy at all… Only lonely… Rather, isn’t it about the time someone responds to this one? Is it really okay for this one to be here?”

Will, who was sitting behind the front seat where the flirting and heartwarming scene had occurred, looked so uncomfortable. In addition, although no one talked to her, Tio whom participated in the previous conversation, unbeknownst to them, had boarded the carrier as she placed her head on the window where the carrier was connected to the vehicle.

Before the fight, she had asked permission to follow Hajime. In the end, she was left behind because her existence was forgotten, so she jumped into the carrier of the magic-driven four-wheeler in a panic. The look of her panting because of her cruel treatment, while peeping into the vehicle via the window, took everyone inside the vehicle aback, and decided to treat it as though there was nothing there.

At first, he tried to shake her off by doing reckless movements with a wild-like speed just like the one in the movies, but she used magic to her advantage to stick to them. Moreover, because she became more and more excited with ecstasy, they decided to just ignore her. The pervert: the more one reacts to her, the more pleased she became.

Because of the situation where no one responded to her, Tio was excited because she thought of it as some kind of play to ignore her. However, she began to feel the emptiness from the interaction of Hajime and the others, and finally complained to them. Even so no one respond to her, so Tio creeped into the vehicle from the window connecting the vehicle and the carrier. With her black and long hair hanging down, her appearance who slowly creeping inside was just like Sada**-san from a certain movie called ‘The Ring’.

As expected, Will couldn’t ignore the eeriness as he shouted, “Uwah!,” and retreated to the side window. Reacting to his voice, Hajime and his party looked at the back seat.

“Ah? Ahh~, th-this one is stuck. The breasts have become hindrances… Can’t get in. Sorry, Will-boy, but can thou pull this one in?”

Her breasts, which were far bigger than Shia’s, were resisting the pull as they continued to change shapes because of the window frame. Tio asked, “Please pull this one, okay?,” as she stretched her hands towards Will. Hajime, who saw the situation, silently pulled Schlag from his left holster. His hand moved over his shoulder and shot without any hesitation.



The gunshot and the projectile flew outside, hitting the Tio’s forehead, and the force of impact blew her back into the carrier. A clamoring and slamming sound resounded from the carrier.

“Wh-What have thou done. To suddenly do that… wouldn’t it make this one excited?”

With flushed cheeks, she rubbed her forehead with a somewhat happy expression. She complained… not. Tio, from the Ryuujin tribe, said no more than a perverted remark. Maybe because she wanted to enter with her legs first, she thrusted them into the vehicle window. However, this time, her plump butt was stuck on the window frame, and her fascinating buttock somehow managed to get inside after some struggling.

Hajime silently fired Schlag in succession. And although he wanted to blow Tio’s ass out of the vehicle, she was considerably stuck and thus didn’t blown away thanks to the plump meat of her buttocks cushioning the impact. However, because she let out R18 moaning every time a bullet shot was into her butt such as “Ah, an!”, “How intense!”, or “Masterr~”. With cramped cheeks, Hajime reluctantly stopped shooting. As expected, it was better to not become an acquainted to a pervert.

Yue, who idolized the Ryuujin race, felt that the image she had of them was nothing but a fantasy, and had pushed them to the back of her head, and was now covering her eyes in shock.

Tio who guessed the gunfire had stopped, somehow held her butt and breasts, letting out a sigh “Fuu~,” as she finally got inside the vehicle.

“Haa, haa, geez… how indiscriminating. A Master who can’t be helped. But don’t worry, this one will receive any kind of love. That’s why… it’s okay to do more of it, you know? Even more intense is okay, too, you know?”

“Shut up, pervert. Don’t lean forward and do not come here. If possible, open the door and jump outside now.”

“Kh!? Haa haa… for Master to know what’s best for this one… but, this one refuses. This one has already decided to follow Master. There’s also the duty as Ryuujin race, and the thing about taking responsibility, there’s no reason to separate. No matter what Master will say, this one will follow thee. This one definitely won’t go away.”

Tio who finally entered the vehicle spewed perverted words one after another, and when Hajime coldly answered her, Tio’s expression looked like she was further charmed by him. However, she firmly insisted to remain. Though it was spoiled by her own expression.

“Stop joking. What responsibility. It’s nothing but the continuation of a fight to the death. Just be glad you weren’t killed. Besides, your duty as Ryuujin race is about that Hero. The guy is the center of this summoning, so go to him.”

“Don’t want to. Definitely don’t want to. Though this one doesn’t know what kind of person that Hero is, this one thinks he wouldn’t be able to ruthlessly and mercilessly punish this one just like Master! Beside, don’t belittle this one! This one has decided whom this one would call “Master.” This one not so frivolous to be able to change the feelings towards this one’s master.”

With her eyes fully open, Tio insisted while clenching her fists. Though it was said in a good manner, she eventually made a perverted declaration that she was happy to be treated mercilessly by Hajime.

“This one would chase thee even if thou art runs away, okay? When this one goes all over towns with the story about this one’s first being snatched away. About this one’s body that could no longer live without Master, doing different this and that kinds of things, it will be told along with Master’s description as this one walks, okay?”

“… You are~”

With veins popped, Hajime dangerously narrowed his eyes as he thought of her as a seriously annoying fellow. Though he thought to just kill her, she wasn’t an enemy and Yue would stop him, so he thought to just keep hitting her until she lost her memory. Nevertheless, she had an authentic sturdiness, and it got nowhere because she would just feel happy rather than being blown away along with her memory.

As the result, he could do nothing but glare at her with a disgusted expression from the bottom of his heart. However, his gaze only made Tio’s body convulsed even more. Her condition was already irrecoverable.

“Please don’t make such disgusted face, Master. This one will surely be useful. Though Master’s party are outside of the norm, didn’t this one has shown the proof during that fight? Even if this one doesn’t know Master’s objective, please let this one accompany Master. Please, Master.”

“That’s physiologically impossible.”

“Ah!!!? Haa, Haa… Nnh! nnh!”

Towards Hajime’s words that completely stopped the flow of conversation, Tio was embracing herself with both arms as though she was enduring something while she was fidgeting. Seeing Tio in such a manner, not only Hajime but everyone inside the vehicle displayed disgusted faces. After a while, Hajime let out a deep sigh and his expression looked somewhat exhausted.

“… Although I want to say something, but it’ll be useless no matter what I say, right? Just do whatever you want as long as you don’t become a hindrance to us. I have no more energy to think about what to do with you…”

“Oh? Oo~, that’s so, that’s so! Hmm, then please take care of this one from now on, Master, Yue, and Shia. Just call this one Tio! Fufufu, it looks like it’ll be a fun journey…”

“… Argh.”

“P-Please take care of me too…”

Hajime sighed again when he looked at a happy Tio with his narrowed eyes. Yue groaned in dissatisfaction, and the perplexed Shia returned her greeting.

A new companion. A pervert from Ryuujin race; Tio, had joined them. And the party advances towards Neutral Commercial City of Fhuren.

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