Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 66 — Once Again in Fhuren

Chapter 66: Once Again in Fhuren

There was no change in liveliness of Neutral Commercial City, Fhuren.

From the other side of the tall and gigantic wall, the town’s clamor reached considerable distance, all the way to outskirts. There was also no change with the long lines on the gates. From tourists to merchants who were visiting because of business, and there were also all kinds of listless people because of the torment of waiting for their turns.

There was a man who gave off a gaudy feeling standing at the end of the line of people by the entrance where the inspection was taking place. He was accompanied by two flashy women, one on each side, who were also listless as they waited for their turn in dissatisfaction while sweating. For the time being, would it be better to ask them what happened or just watch them? — they gave off such a mood. Then, they talked about silly things such as how to improve their waiting condition to reach their turn faster when suddenly; the gaudy man heard an unfamiliar sound to his ears.


In the beginning, the gaudy man ignored it as he tried to lift the mood of the two women by his side. However, when the merchants and two women beside him became pop-eyed while looking behind him, coupled by the sound getting gradually louder, he turned towards the highway and said, “What!”

Thus he also became pop-eyed as he saw the scene of a black box running on the highway as it created raging storm of dust. The people quickly raised a ruckus. Though there were those who tried to run away as they shouted ‘Demonic beast!’, the speed of the box-like object was more than they could imagine, and it immediately reached them before they noticed it.

The gaudy man stiffened. The people in the line thought: It is hopeless already!, with despair reflecting in their eyes.

At the time, when it almost collided into them, the box-like object, creak, creak, creak, half rotating as its rear part shook, and it immediately stopped while raising a dust storm.

People were staring at the stationary object, the magic-driven four-wheeler. Within the confusion of what had happened, the four-wheeler’s doors opened. The ones who got off while ignoring and not thinking anything of the surprised people, were of course Hajime and his party. Yue, Shia, and even Tio were ignoring the gazes of the people. Only Will was saying, Sorry for the commotion!, as he bowed.

However, the people couldn’t even hear Will’s apology. It could be said they didn’t even care about the fact that people were coming out from the never before seen object. Their eyes were glued to the beautiful girls and a woman who “U~n”, stretched before them. When Yue, Shia, and Tio moved, “Hou,” sighs of admiration of the people entranced by them could be heard.

Hajime was sitting on the four-wheeler’s bonnet and said, The distance from here to the entrance, it looks like we need to wait for around an hour, huh~, as he narrowed his eyes. His muscle had stiffened because of the long time spent inside the car, so he went outside in a carefree way when they reached the gate. Because magic-driven four-wheeler was mobile with the use of Hajime’s direct magic manipulation, it was possible to move it without sitting on the driver seat, though the control difficulty was higher.

Hajime released the stiffness in his shoulders as his neck made cracking sounds. Yue got on the bonnet just like Hajime, went behind him, and began to rub his shoulders. Apparently she wanted to massage him. Hajime relaxed his body while smiling.

Maybe because Shia became lonely, she also sat down and drew closer to Hajime’s side. When Tio saw them, she said, “Muh, this one will also participate!,” as she emphasized her huge breasts and tried to cling onto Hajime’s arm but… she was slapped by Hajime and she fell down. However, there should be no problem as she displayed a very happy expression under Hajime’s feet.

“Hajime-san. Is it really okay to drive the four-wheeler until here? At the very least, I think we should hide it…”

“Nn? Honestly, isn’t it already too late? We have already rampaged so flashily. In a week, it will spread to even remote regions. Besides, I already had a thought that such a day would eventually come… It’s just earlier than what I had predicted.”

“… Nn, there is no more need for such prudence.”

Hajime answered Shia’s question as he shrugged his shoulders. Even though he planned to put a little effort, so that it will allow them to avoid any trouble, the battle in the Ul town should be spread quickly. So whatever his plan was, it should be useless now. That’s why, it was just as Yue had said, he stopped trying to not display his artifacts as much as possible, and decided to no more going about with such cautiousness.

“U~n, so that’s it. Well, because there will surely be actions by the Church and the Kingdom, it certainly is too late, huh. Though it’ll be better if we can get support from Aiko-san or Ilwa-san…”

“Well, in the end, those are just insurances. It is at the degree where it will be good if they demonstrate a good effect. To begin with, I have resolved myself to fight anything that might show up no matter what they are. Regardless what happens, I will just mow them down and move forward. That’s why it’s okay for you, Shia, to no longer act as a slave, you know? Do you want me to remove that collar?”

He thought the troublesome preparations made against the Church and the Kingdom related to Ilwa and Aiko would be something good if they would take effect in the end. Hajime didn’t think much about it. As the topic quickly came to a close, he said it was okay for Shia to stop acting as a slave while poking her collar. Outstretching his hand, he implicitly said it was no longer necessary to hold back to avoid troublesome things.

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However Shia who quietly stroked and touched the collar, shook her head to refuse with somewhat blushing cheeks.

“No, it is okay to stay as is. After all, it was the first thing I got from Hajime-san… Besides, it is the proof I am Hajime-san’s… and I recently took a liking to it… That’s why, it is okay to stay as is.”

Shia said such things. Her rabbit ears moved about from embarrassment. Her appearance of when she was looking down, coupled with her being shy was truly cute. The men in the edge of Hajime’s view were pressing their nose as to suppress the dripping blood.

While Shia was still looking down, Hajime held her chin and made her look up. Because of his actions, Shia’s face became a deeper shade of red. That followed by the ground under the men’s feet also being dyed in red. Hajime took out a crystal with a beautiful hue from the “Treasure Box,” and placed it on Shia’s collar. To be more precise he used “transmutation” on the crystal.

Shia’s collar was to display that she was Hajime’s slave so it was of a boorish fashion. The telepathy stone and the other stones were installed without regards to any design as it was made in unostentatious manner. To begin with, it was made as temporary thing to not attract any trouble inside the town, so he disregarded the design.

However, if Shia liked it and wanted to keep wearing it, just a little, it could be said it was too boorish. Also, compared to the time he gave her the collar, Hajime’s feelings towards Shia had become gentler. That’s why Hajime thought to make the collar to suit Shia.

As the result, white and blue ornaments were geometrically installed on the black material and, the fragment of God’s Crystal was processed into a small cross that radiated blue light, installed on the front side which resulted in a mysterious-like collar… A choker even more fashionable than the ones sold on earth. There’s already no impression left of a dog collar used to restrain.

Hajime showed a satisfied expression towards his workmanship. Shia, who was entranced because of the feeling from Hajime’s fingers that sometimes brushed her neck, was startled when Hajime passed a mirror to her. Following that, she readily confirmed the choker on her neck with the mirror. There was certainly a choker with mysteriously beautiful ornaments. The cross made out of God Crystal was indeed beautiful and suited Shia’s eyes.

Shia was poking the cross with her finger and her mouth loosened in a wide smile. Afterwards, she embraced Hajime’s arm as a truly happy smile floated across her face while rubbing her forehead on his arm, and continued with her thanks. Incidentally, her rabbit ears were also nestled on Hajime.

While Shia on his shoulder raised an expression of happiness, Yue on his back smiled slightly and stroked Shia’s rabbit ears nestled on him. Tio who crept up once again received a slap.

Because of the pink-colored space that appeared out of nowhere, the people who returned from the impact of the unknown object and the appearances of the super beautiful girls, women began to pay attention to Hajime and his party with various feelings. The majority of the women didn’t even envy Yue and the others’ beauty as they let out warm sighs. On the other side, the men divided into those captivated by Yue and the others, those looking at Hajime with envy and killing intent, and those who licked their lips as they found out the commodity value on Hajime’s artifacts and the girls.

However, no one faced Hajime and his party directly even now. The merchants seemed to restrain each other as they looked for a right timing to speak. Amongst them, was the gaudy man from earlier; he displayed a mortified expression as he compared the two women beside him with Yue and the others, and clicked his tongue. Thus he recklessly approached Hajime and his party.

“Yo, ladies. If it’s okay, can— ”

“Who do you think you are trying to touch without permission? Huh?”


The gaudy man casually called out to Yue and the others while ignoring Hajime. If it was only calling them, Hajime’s “pressure” wouldn’t end up guiding him to fainting course. But, of all things, the gaudy man was trying to touch Shia’s cheek.

Just from one look, the gaudy man was quite a good looking one. Therefore, he must have thought any women would fall for him if he touched and seduced them. However, Shia’s gaze was cold and though she thought to deal with him before he touched her, Hajime’s arm grabbed the gaudy man’s head ahead of her. Moreover it was coupled with a thick killing intent.

The gaudy man immediately ducked his body and leaked a miserable scream. Hajime just ignored the gaudy man’s appearance and threw him off towards the highway. The gaudy man reached the ground in tremendous speed 30 meters away. With his face shaving the ground, he ended up in a pose just like Nagoya’s Shachihoko. And after advancing for ten meters more with only his head, he fell and was completely unmoving.

Within cloud of sand, the gaudy man laid on the earth without even twitching. The people who saw were dumbfounded because they just saw a person flew in an impossible orbit, and they turned their gazes to Hajime who created the spectacle. The two women who attended the gaudy man were timidly looking at Hajime, who glared at the surrounding with absolute zero eyes which made them shudder, and they disappeared somewhere while screaming.

The merchants who tried to restrain each other while saying, “You guys, I won’t let you go ahead,” from a while ago were now saying, “Please go ahead,” as they mutually compromised with each other. Hajime said clearly, Who’s next?, while glaring.

Because no one came forward, Hajime smiled in satisfaction, and he looked away from the surrounding people as he lost interest.

“Whoa, Hajime-san was angry for me~ Is this how he expresses his desire to monopolize me? Just one more step until that thing happens, right!”

“… Shia, do your best.”

“Yue-saa~n. Okay. I will work hard~!”

“Hmph, it is of no matter how much thou art is valued~ Master. Isn’t it okay to value this one, too? Please throw this one just like that man, please?”

Because Hajime was angry towards the one who tried to touch her, happiness spread through Shia’s whole body. Actually, Hajime just couldn’t forgive him for trying to touch Shia as though she was his thing. There was no desire to monopolize her, but it was too late to correct her, though it was true that his action was because he thought Shia as someone important to him.

Incidentally, because Tio who looked at the blown away gaudy man with envying eyes tried to nestle close to him, Hajime still responded with a slap. “Aan!,” Tio who collapsed happily after saying with a captivating voice was glared at by Hajime with a truly cold gaze. However, she became even happier as she “Haa, haa,” got excited. Hajime let out a deep sigh and said, “This fellow can’t be helped anymore,” as he gave up thinking about her condition.

Hajime and his party were flirting with such feelings, Will who was outside of this got on and sat inside the vehicle while looking at the far distance to sort out his feelings. The line from before became noisy again. Hajime turned his gaze and apparently there were guards coming running. They probably saw the quarrel from a while ago. Rather, they might be trying to confirm what had happened because the gaudy man who was planted on the ground was still unmoving.

The three men who rode on horses while wearing simple armor approached Hajime and his party after asking the situation from the nearby merchants. One of the merchant pointed at Hajime’s party, then he pointed at the gaudy man. One of the men ordered one of his companions to go towards the gaudy man. The remaining two men approached Hajime’s party who were relaxing (flirting) on the four-wheeler’s bonnet. The two men’s eyes somewhat sharpened. Not because of duty… but because they envied him.

“Oi, you! What’s with this commotion! Beside, what’s that black box? Explain yourself!”

Though the man spoke oppressively to Hajime, there’s no force at all because he kept sneaking a look towards Yue and the girls. Hajime already expected this development as he looked at the guard and briefly answered.

“This is my artifact. I threw that man away because he tried to put his hand on her. Can you believe it? How can he suddenly try to hug her? Look, she is frightened by that… Mister Guards, don’t tell me you’re going to ally with that sex offender? If so, we won’t go to Fhuren ever again… how can I be treated as a criminal while you defend the offender… right?”

Blah, blah, Hajime spoke in such manner about vague things as if they were the facts. Shia stuck to Hajime simply because she wanted to be spoiled, and she didn’t look frightened if one looked at her objectively. It was a tragedy!, Hajime warped his expression to sincerely appeal. Will on the vehicle said, “What a smooth talker,” as he stared at him but got ignored. The surrounding merchants who became the straight men said, “Rather than trying to embrace, he was thrown before he finished speaking,” or “Far from being frightened, it’s more like you’re flirting,” with small voices which were also ignored.

However, it was needless to say what their answer was, as it was obvious which one to believe between the words of a gaudy man and the side of beautiful girls and women. “That guy is the worst,” they easily believed him without examining it further.

Then at that time, one of the guards inclined his head when he saw Hajime’s party then he said, “Ah,” as if he recalled something then he whispered to the other guard to confirm it. Unknown to what was said, the other guard said in a similar manner, “Now that you mention it,” as he thoroughly examined at Hajime’s party.

“… You, are you Hajime, Yue, and Shia?”

“Nn? Ah, that’s certainly so…”

“I see. Then, are you returning from the guild’s branch head’s request?”

“Ah, though it is so… did a notification come from by the branch head?”

The guard nodded in consent towards Hajime’s expectations. The guard immediately told them to pass the gate without waiting for their turn. They moved using four-wheeler and followed by the guards. The people in the lines were curious about what happened as they narrowed their eyes to watch them move, and Hajime’s party once again set their feet in Fhuren.

* * *

Hajime’s party were currently inside the reception room of the adventurer guild.

They were served with high-grade teas along with the cakes, and they unreservedly drank it while they waited for five minutes. The one who kicked the door open and jumped inside was Ilwa Chang who requested Hajime’s party to rescue Will.

“Will! Are you safe!? Do you have any injury!?”

Casting aside his calm atmosphere from the past meeting, he didn’t even greet them as Ilwa was confirming Will’s safety when he saw him. It might be because he was very worried about him.

“Ilwa-san… I am sorry. It was because I said something unreasonable that you were troubled …”

“… What are you saying… It was me who introduced you to a dangerous commission… You really are safe… I can’t face Greille and Sarria if something happened to Will… They are also quite worried about you. It’ll be better if you quickly show your face to relieve them. I have reported to them about your safety. That information came to Fhuren several days ago…”

“Father and Mama are… I understand. I will immediately go to meet them.”

Ilwa told Will where his parent stayed and nodded, telling him to go. Will once again expressed his gratitude to Ilwa as he bowed, then he formally greeted Hajime’s party before he, as promised, went outside the room. For Hajime, he was glad it went well, but he seemed dissatisfied because he didn’t make proper thanks.

After Will went outside, Ilwa formally looked at Hajime. Ilwa was smiling with a calm expression, then he deeply bowed to Hajime.

“Hajime-kun, thank you very much for this. I never thought you’d really bring Will back alive. I can’t express my gratitude with words.”

“Well, Will survived because he has good luck.”

“Fufu, is that so? There is certainly that… but isn’t it the truth that you protected him from tens of thousands of demonic beasts? Goddess’s Sword-sama?”

While he smiled radiantly, Ilwa called Hajime with his nickname from the previous battle against the large crowd of demonic beasts. Hajime’s cheeks cramped. Apparently, the guild’s branch head owned the method to transmit the information faster than Hajime’s movement.

“… That information spread quite fast, huh.”

“It is because of the guild executives. There’s also the artifact for long-distance report. And I also have my subordinate to follow you. Though I said that, he seemed to have been always left behind to wander around because of those unexpected movement type artifacts… It was the first time I heard him complaining. After all, he held the greatest ability to gather information.”

Ilwa said as he smiled wryly. It seemed he hired an observer since the beginning. It was a natural measure as a guild’s branch head, so Hajime wasn’t angry. Rather, he quite sympathized with the branch head’s direct subordinate when he thought of him always rushing around because of him.

“Even so, the situation was truly a serious one. I never thought the accident in the Northern Mountain Ranges area to be a sign for such great disaster… It was truly a good thing I asked you for that request. I’m also interested in the power that could annihilate tens of thousands of demonic beasts… Can you let me hear it? Just what on earth had happened?”

“Ah, I don’t mind. But, before that I ask you for Yue and Shia’s status plates… and about Tio—”

“Hmm, if those two get one, then please this one too.”

“… Is what she said.”

“Hmm, certainly, and the credibility will increase if I can see what’s in the plate… okay.”

After saying so, Ilwa called the staff and three brand new status plates were brought in.

As the result, Yue and the girls’ statuses were as followed.

Name: Yue

Age: 323 Years Old

Gender: Female

Level: 75

Class: Sorceress (Miko)

Strength: 120

Vitality: 300

Resistance: 60

Agility: 120

Magic: 6,908

Magic Resistance: 7,120


Automatic Regeneration

Pain Control

ements Aptitude

Compound Magic

Magic Manipulation

Magic Emission

Magic Compression

Remote Control

Efficiency Rise

Magic Absorption

Composition by Imagination

Rise in Ability to Imagine

Simultaneous Compound of More than Two Magic

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Delayed Invocation

Blood Conversion

Body Strengthening

Magic Conversion

Vitality Conversion

Magic Strengthening

Blood Pact

High Speed Magic Recovery

Creation Magic

Gravity Magic

Name: Shia Haulia

Age: 16 Years Old

Gender: Female

Level: 40

Class: Diviner

Strength: 60 - Max: 6,100

Vitality: 80 - Max: 6,120

Resistance: 60 - Max: 6,120

Agility: 85 - Max: 6,125

Magic: 3,020

Magic Resistance: 3,180



Automatic Invocation

Assumption of Future

Magic Manipulation

Body Strengthening

Part Strengthening

Rise in Conversion Efficiency 2

Concentrated Strengthening

Gravity Magic

Name: Tio Clarce

Age: 563 Years Old

Gender: Female

Level: 89

Class: Guardian

Strength: 770 - Dragon Form: 4,620

Vitality: 1,100 - Dragon Form: 6,600

Resistance: 1,100 - Dragon Form: 6,600

Agility: 580 - Dragon Form: 3,480

Magic: 4,590

Magic Resistance: 4,220


Dragon Form

Dragon Scales Hardening

Rise in Magic Efficiency

Rise in Physical Strength


Wind Clad

Pain Conversion

Magic Manipulation

Magic Emission

Magic Compression

Fire Element Aptitude

Decrease in Magic Consumption

Effect Raised

Duration Raised

Wind Element Aptitude

Decrease in Magic Consumption

Effect Raised

Duration Raised

Compound Magic

Though their statuses didn’t reach Hajime, theirs were at the level where not even a few of the summoned cheat group could become. It was at the level that couldn’t even be reached by the Hero when he uses Limit Break.

As expected, Ilwa was speechless as he became slack-jawed. It couldn’t be helped. Yue and Tio owned the skills such as “Blood Conversion” and “Dragon Form” which were peculiar skill for the races assumed to have been perished, and their statuses were too abnormal. Shia also completely ignored her tribe’s common sense. It was strange to not be surprised by them.

“My, my… I had thought there must be something, but something like these are…”

Drenched in cold sweat, Ilwa’s usual smile cramped when he saw the statuses, and Hajime uncaringly said in agreement. He listened to it normally, even if the silly contents seemed to be fixed through their lives, he could not help believing it because the numerical values and skills he just seen were proven by the status plates. When Ilwa finished hearing all of his stories, he sat deeply on the sofa with a weary look that made him seemed like he suddenly aged for at least ten years.

“… Indeed, you were able to catch Catherine-sensei’s attention. Though I had expected Hajime-kun alone was someone from different world… the actual things are far more oblique, huh…”

“… Then, branch head-san. What will you do? Are you going to hand us over to the church as dangerous elements?”

Ilwa corrected his seating as he looked at Hajime as if criticizing his question.

“That joke is too cruel. You think I can do that? To become your enemy is an impossible choice as an executive of the guild… Also, I don’t want you to take lightly of me. You are my benefactors. It is not something I can forget for the rest of my life.”

“… I see. Then that’s good.” Hajime shrugged his shoulders and used his gaze to express his sorry and gratitude.

“I have even thought, at the very least, to become your support just as promised, as guild executive and as my own self. Well, at least I will show you that now. For now, I don’t think the people from above will do anything to you as their discussion became complicated. At least I will make all of you “Gold”-rank adventurers to make it easier to support you. Normally there would be various troublesome procedures to become “Gold”… I will somehow do it later. After all, there are Catherine-sensei and my recommendation along with your fame as “Goddess’s Sword”.”

Ilwa shown a lavish hospitality as he prepared a letter with his family crest, so they could use the VIP room of the inn directly operated by the guild while they were in Fhuren. If anything, though there was his gratitude for the recent event, he seemed to also want to create a friendly relationship with Hajime’s party. He spoke of everything in seriousness without having any reason to hide anything.

Afterwards, when they separated from Ilwa, Hajime’s party went to relax in the VIP room at the hotel directly managed by the guild in Fhuren’s Central Ward. On their way, they met Will’s parents, Count Greille Greta and Saria Greta, who came to greet them accompanied by Will. They were different from the nobles he had saw in the Royal Palace, since they seemed to be fairly logical people. He was convinced that Will’s goodness came from his parents.

Count Greille wanted to thank them by inviting them to his house by giving them money and goods, but he left with a message saying he’d help them if they were in trouble because Hajime firmly refused the rewards.

A wide living room: there were four other rooms beside the room, and all of them were equipped with canopied beds overseeing the Sightseeing Ward from the terrace. Hajime was lying down on the super big sofa in the living room as he sighed in relaxation.

Yue lifted Hajime’s head and rested it on her lap as usual. Shia was sitting at his feet, while Tio was looking around the room in curiosity.

“Let’s rest for today. We will do things such as shopping and buying the food tomorrow.”

Hajime narrowed his eyes as he felt pleasant from Yue’s hand that was brushing his hair, and he said the schedule for tomorrow. Shia was waiting for it. She timidly shook Hajime’s reclining body.

“That’s~, Hajime-san. The promise…”

“… I remember. Shall I take you to the Sightseeing Ward…”

As the reward for Shia’s hard work, Hajime promised to go on a date with her for a day. Shia was looking at Hajime with expectant eyes. Hajime was hesitating because it was necessary to procure the food, but Yue concluded his hesitation. Her soft hands were placed on Hajime’s cheeks and she narrowed her eyes gently.

“… Tio and I will be the one shopping. So go with Shia, okay?”

“… Is it okay?”

“Nn… in exchange…”

“In exchange?”

Yue looked at Hajime and her best friend Shia, who was truly expecting the promise, with a gentle gaze as she exuded a big-sister-like atmosphere, and she urged Hajime. Hajime tried to confirm the continuation of her words with a somewhat complex look, and Yue’s gentle expression changed into bewitching one as she licked her lip. She followed it by drawing her face closer to Hajime’s ear and…

“… I want you to love me a lot tonight.” She said.

Hajime covered his face with his hand and said, “… Nn,” a Yue-like answer. That’s all they needed. Though he was confident of being able to win against the guardian in the depth of the dungeon, perhaps for his whole life he wouldn’t be able to defeat Yue or so Hajime thought.

“… Before I notice, they naturally began to make the world of their own… not surprising from Yue-san.”

“Hmm, even so, this one feel the undiscouraged Shia is considerably strong. Well, this one has no problem because this one is satisfied as long as Master bullies this one… Shia has quite the obstacle~”

While Shia directed a, “As expected of Master,” gaze towards Yue with respectful eyes, and Tio sent an interested gaze towards Shia and Yue’s relationship where no envy could be felt. Afterwards, when Hajime managed to regain his senses that flew outside because of Yue’s surprise attack, the four of them chatted, and the day grew into the night.

* * *


Midnight that day.

As the moon approached the zenith… two shadows stealthily moved to the terrace in the top floor of the inn directly managed by adventurer guild. The two dressed in black just like assassins, slowly killed their presences as they approached a certain room’s window, and they silently look inside.

The things inside that room were…

“Fuwah! Please look at that, Tio-san! That intense… Yue-san will break you know.”

“WHOOAA! Master is so intense! H-However, Shia. Yue’s expression… is certainly bad! Even though this one is also a woman, this one can feel something strange…”

“Ack, it is definitely an enchanting expression that cannot be resisted! She looks so happy~, I’m so jealous~.”

“Mmm~, though this one is satisfied as long as Master bully this one… that kind of thing isn’t bad, too~.”

… After this, Hajime who noticed their presences, needless to say, gave the two peeping toms a harsh punishment.

* * *

Some information about the statuses:

Blood Pact — Drastic increase in status of the person whom is chosen to suck blood from.

Composition by Imagination — Magic array can be completely made just by imagining it.

Rise in Conversion Efficiency 3 — 1 unit of magic will be converted into 3 unit of physical strength.

Dragon Scales Hardening — Dragon scales can be further hardened using magic. It is possible to further increase the basic status using Dragon Form.

Author’s Note: The statuses are still tentative. There’s possibility of adjustment depending on the future development.

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