Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 68 — Hajime becomes a Papa II

Chapter 68: Hajime becomes a Papa II

After they left the Meerstat aquarium and ate their lunches, Hajime and Shia strolled around the maze of flower beds and street performers’ avenue. In Shia’s arm, there were many wrappers of food item bought from various stalls, and she was currently occupied with the vanilla-like ice cream.

“You ate a lot… Were they that good?”

“Nom… Yes! They are really delicious. As expected of Fhuren, even the level of their food stalls are high.”

“…You’ll grow fat if you eat too much.”

“…Hajime-san, those are words that shouldn’t be said to a woman.”

Because of Hajime’s words, the hand she was using to eat stopped for a moment as she made excuses under her breath, “I will exercise later… I will also eat less tomorrow…,” and Shia continued to enjoy the sweets from the stalls. While Hajime walked beside Shia with a wry smile, his expression changed suddenly to a dubious one. He turned around and looked down.

Shia noticed him and asked while inclining her head, “Nn? Is something wrong, Hajime-san?”

“Nn—? The sign perception perceived a worrying presence…”

“Did you use the sign perception?”

“I always activate it as precaution.”

“U~n? But, are you that worried? And even if you say a presence…”

Shia looked at the surrounding, she tilted her head and said, “There are a lot of people around, you know?”

“No, that’s not what I mean… What I perceived was from below?”

“Below?… you mean the drainage? Umm, wouldn’t it be the maintenance staff?”

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“If so, then I wouldn’t be worried about it. It’s a small and weak presence… Maybe it’s a child? Moreover, a weakened one.”

“Eh!? Th-That’s bad! I-It is possible the child fell into a hole and drowned! Hajime-san! Let’s chase after it! Show me the way!”

The moment Shia heard Hajime’s explanation, she immediately ran. Although Aiko’s words about his “lonely way of life” had been etched in his heart, but the truth was that Shia moved faster than him, which made him smile wryly. Shia’s brightness and straightforwardness seems to have been a good influence on Hajime.

Shia and Hajime chased after the moving presence underground with a moderate speed. From the town’s structure, they expected the drainage to flow along the street. When they immediately passed by the presence, he pressed his hand on the ground to transmute it. Red sparks kindled, and a hole connected to the underground immediately opened.

Hajime and Shia unhesitatingly jumped into the hole. He then used “Aerodynamic,” held onto Shia right before they fell into the drainage that released the bad smell, and they landed on the passage on both side of the waterways.

“Hajime-san, I can also feel the presence. I will jump and pull it!”

“No, it is okay.”

Hajime stopped Shia, who tried to jump without minding that her clothing would be dirtied, by holding her neck root. He then once again pressed his hand on the ground and used transmutation. A lattice was created along with red sparks in the waterway. Because the lattice was set diagonally up, the child being swept away moved towards them and stopped when caught by the lattice. Hajime operated the gimmick in his left arm. His arm extended to catch the child, and he pulled it to the passage.

“This child…”

“Well, this child is still breathing… Let’s get out of here for now, the smell is very bad here.”

Seeing child they saved, Shia widened her eyes in surprise. Hajime also had knowledge of the child’s appearance, so he was surprised in his mind. However, their current location wasn’t good physically and mentally, so they moved to another location.

Somehow, since it didn’t seem to be an accident where a child fell into the waterways and drowned, Hajime who was hesitating to return to the street from the hole he created earlier, used transmutation close to the hole and opened another hole in the drainage passage after recalling the arrangement of the buildings on the surface. Thus, while holding the small child wrapped in a blanket he took out from the “Treasure Box,” they began to move.

Red sparks suddenly appeared in a certain back alley, and a hole opened on the ground. The ones who jumped out from there were Shia and Hajime carrying a small child with him. Hajime used transmutation to close the hole and he shifted his gaze back towards the child he was holding.

From the child’s stature, he or she should be around 3 or 4 years old. With long emerald green hair, and though the child was dirty, it didn’t change her lovely features. The child should be a girl. However, the most eye catching thing were her ears. Unlike humans, her ears were fan-like fins. In addition, what peeked out from inside the blanket were maple-like small hand, and a folded thin film attached in between her fingers.

“Looks like this child came from Sea-dweller tribe… Just why is she in such a place…”

“Well, I am certain it wasn’t for a good reason.”

The Sea-dweller tribe was a tribe with considerably special position even among the demi-human races. They lived in ?Seaside Town of Elisen?, located offshore of the sea right beside ?Great Dessert Guryuu-en? in the west of the continent. Using their special characteristic, the tribe caught 80% of the marine products that appeared in the market in this continent. It was the reason why they were publicly protected by Herrlicht Kingdom even though they are demi-human race. In the end, it was all about the money, since they were protected because they could be used even while the discrimination continued.

That was why it was unbelievable for a person of the Sea-dweller’s tribe, who were being protected, to be washed away in the drainage of an inland’s big city, even more so when it was a child. The smell of crime was intense.

As they were thinking of the girl from the Sea-dweller’s tribe, her nose twitched, her eyes opened and blinked. Then, the big, circle pupils, began to stare at Hajime. Hajime, whose gaze somehow met hers, didn’t look away and stared back. With the unknown tension floating around, Shia, who seem to know something, approached her with an amazed expression. Suddenly, the stomach of the girl from the Sea-dweller’s tribe let out a cute growling sound. With her nose twitching again, she moved her gaze from Hajime and her eyes locked on the wrappers Shia bought from the stalls.

‘These?’ Shia thought as she tilted her head and moved the wrappings with skewered meats inside from right to left. Just like magnet, the girl’s gaze followed. Apparently, she was quite hungry. Shia tried to take out the skewered meats from the wrapping while Hajime began talking to the girl while transmuting.

“Okay, what’s your name?”

The girl whose eyes were captivated by the skewered meats Shia was holding was surprised and ducked her body when bright sparks suddenly appeared from the ground followed by a floating square box. Hajime asked her name once more, and after her gazed wandered around for a while, she said her name in small whisper.

“… Myuu.”

“I see. I am Hajime, and this is Shia. Then, Myuu, if you want to eat the skewered meat, first wash off the dirt from your body.”

Hajime took out clean water he saved inside the “Treasure Box,” and filled the bathtub he just transmuted. In addition, he adjusted the water temperature using a flame ore and the improvised bath was completed. It is very dangerous eat a meal with a body dirtied by drainage. Because she seemed to have drank the drainage water, it was necessary to take detoxifying and bactericidal medicines (marketed commodities).

Not long afterwards, Myuu responded by taking off the blanket along with her clothes dirtied by the drainage, and entered the bathtub. “Ekk!,” though her body was cringed as though she was frightened, she then narrowed her eyes when her body gradually got warmed up. Hajime handed the medicines and towel to Shia, passed the soap to Myuu, and he went out to the back alley to buy Myuu some clothing.

When Hajime returned from the back alley after purchasing Myuu’s clothing, Myuu had already gotten out of the bathtub and was currently being held by Shia, wrapped in a new blanket. While Shia was holding on to Myuu, she said “Ahh,” as she peeled off pieces of meat and fed it to Myuu’s small mouth — chewing to the utmost. Her dirtied hair regained its emerald green shine, and the reflected light created a halo around her head.

“Ah, Hajime-san. Welcome back. Although it’s amateur judgement, there’s no problem with Myuu-chan.”

When Shia noticed Hajime’s return, she reported while continuously stroking Myuu’s moist hair. Maybe because she also noticed Hajime’s presence, she began to stare at him again while still chewing. She might be judging whether he was a good or bad person.

Hajime responded to Shia’s words by nodding, and took out the clothes he bought. It was a milk-white, feminine one piece dress, one that looked similar to the one Shia was wearing. In addition, there was a gladiator sandal-like footwear, and underwear. Because the items were for children, he was worried about the shop clerk’s eyes when he bought them.

Hajime walked towards Myuu, took off the blanket, and put on the one piece dress over her head, quickly followed by the underwear. He knelt before Myuu and put the sandals on each foot. In addition, he took out an artifact that lets out warm air — in other words, a blow dryer — from the “Treasure Box,” and dried Myuu’s moist hair. Myuu stood completely still but although she continued to stare at Hajime, she gradually narrowed her eyes when pleasant warm air blew.

“… What can I say. Looks like Hajime-san is good at taking care of others.”

“What are you saying out of the blue…”

Although Hajime frowned at Shia’s words while he was still drying Myuu’s hair, his appearance was the evidence he was good at taking care of others, so Shia’s cheeks loosened with a smile. Hajime somehow felt embarrassed and averted the topic.

“Well, about what to do…”

“About what we should do with Myuu-chan, right…”

Because she understood the two were talking about her, Myuu alternately looked up between Shia and Hajime.

For now, Hajime and Shia decided to hear Myuu’s situation.

As a result, the content Myuu spoke of with her faltering voice was almost exactly what Hajime had expected. On a certain day, she got lost while she was swimming with her mother in a nearby coastline, and while she was wandering around, she was suddenly captured by a man from the human race.

After many harsh days had passed, she was transported quite a distance to Fhuren, and was then put in a dim, prison-like place. Inside the place, there were a lot of children of the human race. After she spent who knows how many days inside, several children who were with her were taken out on a daily basis but never returned. A slightly older boy said they were going to be displayed to guests and priced.

When it was finally Myuu’s turn, there was by chance a drainage maintenance that day, so the hole leading to the underground waterway was open. Myuu, who heard the nostalgic sound of the water, immediately jumped inside. Usually, there was nothing a 3 or 4 year old could do because the hurdle was too high, but fortunately, she wasn’t handcuffed. Myuu swam with all her might while enduring the unpleasantness of the filthy sewage. Though she was young, she was a child of the Sea-dweller’s tribe. The men could do nothing but run on the passageway to try and catch her, but failed to do so while she rode the current.

However, because she wasn’t accustomed to long travels, coupled by the stress of getting kidnapped, the unpalatable food, and the bad environment where she was soaked inside the drainage for a long time, Myuu finally lost her consciousness when she reached both her physical and mental limits. Her consciousness faintly returned thanks to being wrapped in a warm back, and she noticed she was being held by Hajime.

“The guests set the… price. An auction, huh. For children ranging from the human race and Sea-dweller’s tribe to be there, it should be an underground auction.”

“… Hajime-san, what should we do?”

Shia, who looked distressed, embraced Myuu closely. Her eyes were clearing expressing she wanted to do something about it. It was normal for the demi-human race to be captured and turned into slaves. Shia who was deprived of her family because of it, understood the fear and pain.

However, Hajime shook his head.

“It should be better to entrust her to the security office.”

“That’s… you’re going to abandon this child and the other children…”

When Shia heard Hajime’s words, she gritted her teeth. She closely embraced Myuu as she received the shock and looked at Hajime. What Hajime meant as security office was an organization similar to the police force on Earth. By entrusting her to the government-like facility, Myuu could be separated from them. Although it wasn’t an abandonment but a regular procedure of finding lost children, Shia didn’t think so.

Hajime tried to explain it to Shia in an easy-to-understand manner.

“You know, Shia. It is the natural thing to send the lost children you find to the security office. Even more so when Myuu is a child of the Sea-dweller tribe. She will surely be protected by them. In addition, to auction someone from Sea-dweller tribe is a great problem. They will investigate it and the other children will be saved. Isn’t that enough? Though I’m just guessing, this is probably the dark side of this big city. When Myuu was caught, she would surely placed in a location where the public officials couldn’t get their hands there. In other words, this is Fhuren’s problem. That’s why, isn’t it necessary to report it?… Considering your circumstance, I understand your feelings of wanting to do something, but…”

“Th-That… that is true… But, at the very least can we be the one who take this child? After all, we are going to the sea in the west…”

“Haa~, listen. We are going to the Great Volcano first. Don’t tell me, are you going to take her along to the dungeon? Or, are you going to tell her to wait in the desert alone? In the first place, we will be considered as the kidnapper’s comrade if we take the kidnapped child of Sea-dweller tribe without permission. So, don’t say anything unreasonable like this.”

“… Uuh, I understand…”

Apparently, in just a short time, Shia had come to adore Myuu. Maybe because she read the mood regarding her situation, Myuu clung onto Shia tightly. Myuu seemed to like Shia as well, and felt the need to resist parting from her.

However, what Hajime had suggested was the right thing, so Shia could only nod and droop her shoulders. Hajime bowed to match Myuu’s gaze, and began to explain in a way Myuu could understand him.

“Listen, Myuu, we are going to bring you to people who will protect you. Though it might take time, you will surely be returned to the sea in the west.”

“…What about Onii-chan and Onee-chan?” Myuu asked what the two were going to do with an uneasy tone.

“I am sorry but, it will be a goodbye.”


“Wait, it shouldn’t be—”



“Myuu is okay with Onii-chan and Onee-chan! Myuu want to be together!”

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Hajime flinched because of the strong rejection. Myuu began to flail around on Shia’s lap, just like a spoiled child. Until now, they thought of her as a quiet child, but that apparently was because she was still trying to ascertain Hajime’s and Shia’s character. Maybe because she judged them to be people she could trust, she acted spoiled. However, she might still be an originally quiet and a bright child.

Hajime didn’t feel bad to be trusted by her, but it was necessary to report the situation to the official, and they could not take Myuu along as they were going to conquer one of the Great Dungeons, ?Great Volcano? on their way. Even so, “No— —!!,” Myuu rejected with all her might, so he gave up on persuading her, and just took her in his arms to bring her to the security office.

Because Myuu didn’t want to separate from the people she met miraculously and could actually trust, she strongly pulled Hajime’s hair, eye-patch, and scratched his cheeks on the way to the security office as a form of resistance. If not for Shia smiling courtesy beside him, Hajime would have likely been reported as a kidnapper. With his hair in a mess, one eye shut because his eye-patch was removed, and the scratches on his cheeks, Hajime arrived at the security office and explained the circumstances to the pop-eyed security personnel.

The expression of the security member who heard the circumstances steepened, and promised to protect Myuu inside the security office, together with the investigation and procedure to bring Myuu back to her home. Just as Hajime had expected, it was a big problem, and he wanted to excuse himself since the reinforcement should arrive immediately from their headquarters. However…

“Does Onii-chan hate Myuu?” Said by the little girl with moistened eyes together with an upward gaze, no sane person would be able to endure it, including Hajime. “Uh.” He groaned. Although he perseveringly explained she would be able to return home if she was with the security uncle, Myuu’s sorrowful expression didn’t let up in the slightest.

The security member couldn’t endure it any longer, somewhat forcefully separated Myuu from Hajime’s party while he was trying to calm her, and Myuu pulled the man’s hair while letting out a sad voice. Hajime and Shia had finally left the security office, but naturally, they didn’t feel like continuing their date. Shia’s eyebrows were wrinkling in worry while she kept looking back at the security office.

Before long, the security office was no longer in sight, and Hajime wanted to say something to make the depress Shia feel better in a place considerably far away from the office. But at that time…


An explosion occurred behind them, and black smoke could be seen. The location was,

“Ha-Hajime-san. Over there is…”

“Tch, the security office!”

That’s right. The place the black smoke was coming from was the security office where they were before. The two nodded at each other, and ran back towards the security office. The worse thing that could happen with such timing entered their minds. The organization which kidnapped Myuu blasted the security office along with Myuu to prevent information leakage.

Suppressing their impatience, they reached the security office. What entered their view were the spectacle of windows’ glasses along with the door of the office blown and scattered into the street. However, the building itself didn’t that damaged, so there’s no worry of it collapsing. Hajime and Shia entered the building and they discovered the uncle from security collapsed under a cover.

The security officer had both his arms broken, and was unconscious. Similar thing happened to the other security members. Fortunately, there was no life-threatening injury. While Hajime was looking at the security members, Shia went to investigate other places, and returned with a hurried look.

“Hajime-san! I can’t find Myuu-chan! Beside th-this!” What Shia handed over was a sheet of paper with something written on it.

“If you don’t want the child of Sea-dweller tribe to die, come to ___ ___ with the white-haired girl from Rabbit-man tribe.”

“Hajime-san, this is…”

“Looks like these guys are greedy ones…”

Hajime crumpled the paper in his hand and revealed a savage smile. Those guys probably heard the conversation between Myuu and Hajime’s party’s in the security office by some means. Afterwards, they judged Myuu was useful as a hostage, and they didn’t kill her to silence her because of the thought of obtaining a rare Rabbit-man.

Beside Hajime, was Shia who wore a resolute expression.

“Hajime-san! I-!”

“Say no more. I know it now. These guys are my enemies… No more tedious talk, we will crush them all and take Myuu back.”


Truthfully, Hajime thought it would be better to quickly separate from Myuu because he didn’t want her to have to accompany them to such a dangerous journey. After all, Myuu would only have painful times if they unskillfully gave affection to a mentally cornered child. However, he could not leave her when she has been kidnapped for the second time. There was time, and there was something he could do. So to leave such a small child while she’s in a predicament would surely be “a lonely way of life.” In addition, if he decided to abandon her with the reason of her being unrelated to them, Shia would surely grieved about it.

Furthermore, the other party was also trying to get their hands on Shia. To want to covet Hajime’s “important” person, they are considered as “enemies.” There was no need to pardon them or hold back. These guys had crossed the line not meant to be crossed.

Hajime and Shia readied their arms, and the monsters quickly ran towards the location of the fools who had woken them up.

* * *

“And that’s happened. When we arrived at the specified location, there were a crowd of armed thugs, but Myuu herself wasn’t there. From the very beginning, they probably thought of killing me and take Shia. For the time being, we massacred everyone except several of them since we wanted to ask Myuu’s whereabouts… but they didn’t know anything. I tortured the others to find where their hideout is… and the same thing happened.”

“Not only me, they were also planning to kidnap Yue-san and Tio-san. That’s why this time, we decided to give them a warning by crushing all of the things related to their organization…”

Yue and Tio, who heard Hajime and Shia’s explanation as they moved. With an amazed expressions towards their constitution towards trouble, wondered how the normal date could have turned into something involving the underground organization of this big city.

“… So, we just need to look for a child called Myuu?”

“Yep. What I found from the questioning, was they are a considerably large organization… so there are a lot of facilities related to them. Will you help us?”

“Nn… leave it to me.”

“Hmm. This one will certainly do it if it’s something asked by Master.”

Yue and Tio unhesitatingly answered. Hajime told them what he found out in regards to the whereabouts of the underground organization’s hideouts. They then proceeded to search for Myuu and crush the organization in groups of two consisting Hajime-Yue and Shia-Tio. Hajime and Shia went separate ways because they thought it would be better to have someone acquainted to Myuu when they find her.

* * *

Nearby the outer wall of Commercial Ward, there was a place separated from Sightseeing and Craftsman Wards. It was a place where the government’s eyes couldn’t reach; a complete underworld, the dark side of this big city. It was dim despite it being daytime, and the people walked with gloomy atmosphere.

In the corner of the place, there was a seven story building. Although it was an employment agency on the surface, it was actually the headquarters of the biggest underground organization specializing in “people” trafficking, “Flithof.” Normally, the headquarters has an eerily and quiet atmosphere, but now, it was noisy with people wandering around. The expressions of the thug-like subordinates who served as messengers were perplexed and irritated, which then warped into fear.

Among tens of people that were always going in and out, two people clad in robes from head to toe slipped in during the confusion, and infiltrated Flithof’s headquarters without much difficulty. They advanced while avoiding people who were running around, and finally arriving before a conspicuous room at the highest floor. A man’s hoarse yell reverberated into the corridor through the door. Hearing him, the robed people quietly removed their hoods and moved stealthily.

“Stop fucking around around! Ah!? Say it again, you bastard!”

“Hii! L-like I reported before, the number of destroyed hideouts has exceeded 50. The attackers were two groups of a pair.”

“Then, what’s wrong with that? Are you saying Flithof will be destroyed by four sheetty bastards? Aa?”

“Th-that’s not i— hmph!?”

Inside the room, when they thinking the yell had stopped, something let out thud! sound and silence ruled for a moment. Apparently, the man who was reporting was knocked down by the yelling man.

“You guys, no matter how you do it, bring back those sheetty bastards before me, alive. I don’t care what state they are in as long as they are alive. If this keeps up, Flithof’s reputation will be ruined. That’s why I am going to let those bastards see hell while they are alive. It is necessary to show a warning to the others. I will reward the guy who can bring them here with five million Ruta! Five millions each! Tell this to all of the members of the organization!”

Because of the instructions of the man, the room became hectic. Just like what the man had instructed, all the members inside the room left to deliver the message to all of the members in the organization. The two eavesdroppers put their hoods on, looked at each other, nodded once. One of them took out a war-hammer on her back and took a pose.

The moment the person inside placed his hand on the door knob, the super-heavy war-hammer was swung with considerably centrifugal and gravitational force.


With a thunderous sound, the door was crushed into pieces. The man who was holding onto the doorknob had his right half crushed. In addition, the people behind him had their whole bodies pierced by the splinters, and were instantly had wounds them they were blown to the other side of the wall.

“There’s no need to inform your employees. The people in question have come.”

“Hmmm, this one will be responsible for people on the outside. Shia, finish this quickly, okay?”

“Thank you very much, Tio-san.”

The people who cultivated the tragedy and casually entered the room were Shia and Tio. Realizing the door had suddenly burst into pieces, and how his subordinates were blown away to the wall across the room; both done so effortlessly, the head of Flithof, Hansen, stiffened and stared wide-eyed. He regained his senses when he heard Shia’s and Tio’s voices. He then quickly took out his weapon and spoke like a Yakuza.

“…Ya bastards are the assailants, huh… That figures… Tch, ain’t ya da ones from da list. Shia and Tio was it? Da other one is the lil’ one, Yue… Indeed y’all’s appearances are first rate. Oi, y’all’s lives will be saved if ya surrender now, y’know? Don’t tell me, ya think ya can return alive after putting ur hands on Flithof’s headquart—!?” Swiiiish “UGYAAAA!!!”

Hansen, who began to speak while looking at Shia and Tio with lust, was coldly cut off by Shia, who fired the shotgun, since there was no need for discussion. The numerous iron balls blew off Hansen’s right arm, which spun and crashed into the wall behind, while guy himself screamed and crouched.

Though the organization members who heard the commotion came running, Tio used fire magic to burn the stairs and they could only stand still because they lost the only way up. Furthermore, she used the scaled-down version of “Breath,” casually mowing them down, and everything on seventh floor turned completely charred except Hansen’s room. With that, there was an unobstructed view of the Flithof’s headquarters. Tio fired Wind Blades and Fire Bullets, just like a machine gun, towards the organization members who could do nothing but vacantly look up at the upper floor. Because of the merciless attacks, the organization members tried to disperse and scattered about in escape… but only few survived.

While Tio handled the people outside, Shia shouldered Doryukken, approached the screaming and writhing Hansen, and pushed Doryukken to his abdomen. “Guwaa,” he let out sounds of agony as he tried to move the sledgehammer away, but his right hand was useless against the super heavy Doryukken. The only thing Hansen could do was ungracefully pleaded for his life.

“P-Please. Spare me! You can take as much money as you like! I don’t want to be involved with you anymore! That is wh— Gekk!?”

“Please don’t speak without permission. You only have to answer my question, understand? If you don’t, the weight will increase every second… so I recommend you answer everything before your organs burst.”

“… Shia. Thou art Master’s companion after all… Thy speech and behavior are the same.”

Tio, who retorted from behind, was ignored, and Shia asked Hansen about Myuu. When she mentioned Myuu, Hansen showed a dumbfounded expression for a moment. But when she asked about a child from the Sea-dweller tribe, he frantically answered with an anguished expression because Doryukken getting heavier by the second. Apparently, she had been transported to the basement of a hall where the underground auction would occur this evening.

Hansen’s subordinates, who probably heard the conversation between Shia’s party and Myuu, were the ones who planned on kidnapping Shia. They probably thought that by kidnapping her, they could raise their position inside the organization since she was already in the organization’s list to be kidnapped.

Shia touched the telepathy stone on her choker, activated it, and contacted Hajime.

“Hajime-san, Hajime-san. Can you hear me? It’s me, Shia.”

“…Shia. Yes, I can hear you. What’s wrong?”

“I just got the information on Myuu-chan’s whereabouts. Hajime-san is currently in Sightseeing Ward, right? Please go ahead because it’s around there.”


Shia told Hajime the exact location using telepathy. Because of Doryukken’s weight, Hansen’s complexion had turned blue due to being unable to breathe. Shia deactivated the gravity magic in Doryukken, pulled the normal weighted Doryukken from Hansen and shouldered it. Though he was released from Doryukken’s weight, Hansen’s consciousness began to faint because of hemorrhage, and desperately asked for Shia’s help.

“H-Help me… Take me to the doctor…”

“It’s too convenient for you to use children’s lives as food source… In addition, Hajime-san and Yue-san will be angry at me if I let a human like you escape. That’s why, goodbye.”



Shia shook Doryukken that was swung mightily, to brush off the blood stuck on it, put it on her back, and faced Tio.

“Tio-san. Let’s quickly crush this place and meet with Hajime-san and Yue-san!”

“Whoa… Shia is also merciless, huh… It made this one throbbed slightly…”

“?… Did you just say something?”

“N-Nothing at all.”

The words Tio said in a whisper somehow made Shia feel a chill. Although when she asked Tio, there was nothing but her strange feverish expression, so Shia tilted her head as they continued to diligently destroy the Flithof’s headquarters.

When Shia and Tio left, what remained was numerous corpses and a mountain of rubble. “Flithof” in Fhuren was one of the three biggest underground organizations, and today, it was easily a annihilated.

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